Deep justice order


Sun was rising above the four turrets of the Temple of Balance. The temple was clearly visible from a large distance as it was placed on the top of the highest hill in the Tiverhame Heights.

The cold wind was blowing through its central yard when Sister Artemise opened the door and stepped forward; she just awoke and headed towards the refectory. Sister Artemise was an experienced witch and she had been assigned important missions in the past.

“Sister Artemise, the Grandmaster Cassandra wants to meet you immediately,” a young novice ran across the yard and bowed in front of her.
“Thank you, novice,” Sister Artemise nodded and turned to the right to the sanctuary. The Grandmaster’s private rooms were located directly behind the sanctuary.

The Temple of Balance was the seat of the Deep Justice Order. Deep Justice Order was a religion-based community of female witches. Its main goal was justice and its agents lived in the neighboring kingdoms. The temple itself didn’t belong to any of the surrounding countries and it was like an independent land. However, most of the kingdoms supported it and they got peace and prosperity in return. The Order’s agents were able to discover any plots against the rulers as well as any attempts to abuse the young and unexpected rulers.

Of course, the Order’s activity was quite uncomfortable for those who were struggling for power in the kingdoms in an illegal way. The most powerful enemy was the Grey Wolf Front. The order was a real thorn in their side and the Grandmaster Norward kept hunting Order’s agents and many of them got captured and escorted to the Southern Lands where they were sold to slavery. The Grey Wolf wizards knew how to disarm the Order’s witches. However no one of the Order’s witches came back from slavery to explain what exactly had happened.

Sister Artemis knocked on the door of Grandmaster’s private room.
“Come in, sister,” she heard Grandmaster’s voice and opened the door.
“You called me, Grandmaster.”
“Yeah, sister. I’m afraid we are in serious trouble.”
“What happened?”
“Our agent in the Beslenad Kingdom hasn’t replied to my letters for almost half a year. According to the last reports King Raymond the 4-th died and his son Lambert the 2-nd ascended the throne. However Lambert is young and naive and his counselors could mislead him. If we don’t act quickly, Lambert will declare war against his neighbors.”
“What do you expect, Grandmaster?”
“Go to the Beslenad Kingdom and find Cliona. She should live in Nyshamm, the capital of the Beslenad Kingdom. Even if you don’t find her, you should use your magic and contact the young King. He should learn about his treachery counselors.”
“I’ll do my best, Grandmaster.”
“I hope so; you are an experienced witch and you have accomplished several important missions already. Anyway, I have an extra request for you. You will take an apprentice with you. Our apprentices need experience.”
“When should I set off?”
“As soon as possible. A caravan bound for Uppstad will arrive today about lunchtime and you will reach Uppstad in about two days. You can stay overnight there and another caravan bound for Nyshamm will reach Uppstad the next day.”

Sister Artemisa nodded and headed back to the door when Cassandra stopped her:
“Sister, be careful. The Grey Wolf wizards probably would know about your mission and they would try to capture you.”

Artemisa wasn’t enthusiastic about the fact that Grey Wolf wizards already knew about the mission but she could expect it. A cold chill ran down her spine if she remembered all Order witches that had disappeared. However it wasn’t any reason to refuse the mission; she only had to be more careful and pick the right apprentice.

Although the apprentices weren’t as powerful as the witches, they still were useful. Moreover, the apprentices needed experience and the only way was the missions.

Later at the refectory, Artemisa was sitting, eating breakfast and watching the apprentices. There were eleven apprentices sitting at the neighboring table and Artemisa had to pick the right one. Four of the apprentices had attended a mission already, three were novices and the remaining four had undergone the basic training only.

The decision was quite difficult; the novices without the basic training were not allowed to take part in missions but she still had eight of them left.

Daire, a young girl with blue eyes and innocent look, caught her eye. Daire just finished the basic training and she almost failed at the final tests but there was something in her look that attracted Artemisa’s attention.

“Daire,” Artemisa turned to the young apprentice, “You will accompany me in the upcoming mission.”
“It would be an honor for me, sister,” Daire jumped up quickly and bowed in front of Artemisa.
“Get ready and we’ll meet in half an hour in the yard.”

“Are you serious? She hardly was able to pass the final tests,” Grandmaster Cassandra was surprised by Artemisa’s choice.
“Grandmaster, she needs experience just like any other apprentice and I’m sure she would help me. Trust my instinct please.”
“Okay; after all it is your mission, your choice and your risk.”

Half an hour later Artemisa and Daire met in the yard. They were wearing plain dresses and each of them was carrying a small bag with her entire possessions and food for the first days. Of course, they were wearing their magic wands.

The Order’s witches were able to cast spells using words, gestures and magic wands. The spells included mind reading, telepathic communication, mind control, telekinesis and combat spells for both attack and defense. Novices needed their magic wands to perform almost every spell but advanced witches needed the wands for the most powerful spells only. Every witch was trained to make her magic wand invisible to everyone else.

Grandmaster Cassandra was waiting for Artemisa and Daire and she provided them last advice and encouragement before their mission. Daire was excited but she also was getting worried; she had the very first mission ahead.

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Part 1:

Artermisa and Daire left the Temple and walked down the narrow and curvy path leading to the main road. The trading point was located near the place they entered the main road.

The trading post was a small house located near the crossing and a single family lived there. Several horses were grazing behind the house in a corral. The owner and his wife welcomed Artemisa and Daire and offered them water and a little food. It was unclear if the owner recognized Order witches or if he was friendly to all travellers.

About two hours later the caravan was approaching the trading point. There were about a half-dozen large, ox-drawn wagons, as well as some carriages, each pulled by a pair of horses.

The caravan master greeted the trading post owner — this had to be one of his frequent stopping points. The post owner introduced the man to Artemisa and Daire. He swept his hat off, offering them a bow.

“Greetings, my ladies. It’s an honor to be able to convey you to Uppstad. There’s a bench set aside for you in one of the carriages. Can I have one of my boys load your bags?”
“Thank you, mister. Would you be so kind and show us the carriage? We’d also like to get acquainted with our fellow travelers,” Artemisa replied politely.

The caravan master bobbed his head in greeting, whistling loudly as he raised his head. A young man — boy, really, he looked to be maybe fifteen or sixteen years old — hurried over from one of the wagons.

“Perth? Get the ladies’ gear stowed in your wagon. Ladies? If you’ll follow me?”

He led them across the open courtyard to one of the carriages, and the caravan master held the door open for them, motioning for them to enter.

Artemisa’s training has taught her to constantly observe her surroundings, and it came into play as she prepared to board the carriage. At the rear of the caravan, a man was leaning against one of the wagons. He was wrapped in a dark cloak, and she couldn’t clearly see his face, but she was certain that he was watching her — very intently. She tried to focus on him. In her training she learned many magic skills, but her favorite area of magic was information gathering. Artemisa was able to achieve almost the top level of it. She always knew if somebody was telling her the truth or not. Sometimes she could read thoughts, but it wasn’t reliable in every case. In most cases she was able to read the letters in envelopes or even read the closed books.

“Legili mente” she whispered to herself.

The mysterious man walked away and he disappeared behind the wagons; Artemisa wasn’t able to read his thoughts. She even got a feeling as if his mind was blocked by some kind of wall.

The carriage itself already had two passengers — a well-dressed man nearing middle age, and a plump woman who was most likely his wife. They offered nods of greeting, smiling as the witches prepared to take their seat.

The man introduced himself as Surt Korisson and he also introduced his wife as Gudrun. Artemisa and Daire introduced themselves as Astrid and Hilde; they already had cover identities ready.

While Surt was mostly silent, his wife was quite talkative and she told the truth. Artemisa asked her about the other travellers and Gudrun provided her useful information.

“Mrs. Korrison, could you tell me more about the people who are travelling in this caravan?” Artemisa wanted to avoid direct questions about the strange man.
“Oh, it’s what you’d expect with a caravan like this. There are quite a few merchants like us, representing a number of the local kingdoms. Two of our boys are accompanying us, they’re riding with our merchandise — thievery is rare, but Surt likes to have someone keeping an eye on our goods.

There are some pilgrims, I think. Five or six of them, they’ve been walking at the back of the line. I believe they’ll be leaving us when we pass by a shrine in a few days.

And there’s a couple of travelers from Forstad. Quiet fellows, keep to themselves. Three of them, I think. Wearing cloaks most of the time, they must not be accustomed to the chill in the highlands.”

According to Gudrun’s observations the strange man probably belonged to the group from Forstad. He was wrapped in a cloak; on the other hand anybody else could wear a cloak. Artemis also couldn’t omit the pilgrims. Somebody could hide among them easily.

Artemisa already knew that Grey Wolves knew about the mission and she decided to wait until they stopped in the evening when she planned to do some investigation. When they finally stopped in the evening, she looked around carefully, told Daire to stay close and got off the carriage.

The caravan master set up a camp and there were several tents ready for the travelers. Artemisa, Daire and Gudrun were placed into a tent along with one more woman. Artemisa tried to fall asleep but she was too worried.

About midnight she heard silent steps and sneaked out of the tent. Daire was still asleep and Artemisa didn’t need her. She looked around but there was darkness in the camp except a small fire in the centre; a single guard was sitting there but he didn’t look too vigilant.

“Catnox visi,” another spell activated her night vision. All of sudden she was able to see in the darkness; however she had to turn away from the fire so as not to be blended. Unfortunately, the night vision didn’t help her; no one could be seen; whoever sneaked around the tents, they had left the camp already. Artemisa sighed heavily and returned to her tent. She couldn’t get rid of worries. Who was the mysterious person and where did they go? Finally she fell asleep but she was plagued by nightmares.

Flashing pictures appeared before her eyes. She could see Cliona and Daire wrapped in something like a spider web and a pirate ship sailing away from the port. In her dream she also was wrapped in the same way.

A man in black cloak sneaked out of a tent and headed towards the forest. The guard really wasn’t too vigilant and he didn’t notice the man.

The dark figure disappeared in the forest seconds before Sister Artemisa crawled out of her tent and headed to a small clearing; another man was waiting for him there. A whispered conversation could be heard:

“Did you find them?”
“Yeah, there are two of them and one is probably a novice.”
“Well, we set the trap as planned. Stay with them and be inconspicuous.”

The second man mounted his horse and rode off. He reached Uppstad in the morning and headed to one of the small houses in the side street.

Later in the morning the same man walked over to the local inn and talked with the owner. He gave the owner a small bag with a powder substance and another small bag with gold coins.
“The Grey Wolves will be thankful for your loyal service.”
“I do my best every time when you express your gratitude,” the inn owner shook the bag with gold coins.
“Don’t worry but be sure they will fall asleep and don’t wake up until morning.”
“Of course; you can count on my experience,”
The owner grinned and nodded. The man grinned as well and hurried up back to the house to do all necessary preparation. He had to meet a wizard and get an important item.

The next morning Artemisa tried to identify the mysterious man but the three men in cloaks didn’t show any sign of interest; they ate their breakfast and got on one of the carriages. After breakfast the caravan moved forward again.

The day passed uneventfully and the caravan stopped at Uppstad. Artemisa thanked the caravan master. This time the travellers could stay overnight in a local inn. Artemisa and Daire also stayed in the inn and waited for the next caravan.

The travellers were accommodated in a large common room and the inn owner called them to dinner. However Artemisa noticed that the three men in cloaks were nowhere to be seen.

The inn owner brought a big bowl of food and several jugs of wine. The travellers had their dinner and left for the common bedroom. However, half an hour later everyone felt unnaturally tired and they fell asleep quickly.

Later, deep in the night, four figures entered the bedroom and they returned quickly, carrying two sleeping female figures and their bags.

The next morning the Korrisons woke up and found out that Artemisa and Daire went missing along with their bags. The inn owner shook his head; he told them he had no idea what had happened. The second caravan didn’t arrive yet.

Part 2:

Artemisa opened her eyes and looked around. She was lying on a hard floor in a small chamber. When she turned her head, she could see Daire next to her. What had happened? How did they get from the inn to this room and where were they?

Her position was quite uncomfortable; she was lying on a hard surface and her arms were folded behind her back. She tried to pull them from behind her back but they were held by something. Minutes later she realized she was tied up. Her arms were tied up in a boxtie position. The ropes were tight and the knots couldn’t be found. Her legs also were folded beneath her skirt in the lotus position and tied by ropes as tightly as the arms. Daire was lying next to her and she was tied up in the same position.

She tried to recall her memories. The last one was dinner and wine. However she remembered the missing three men in black cloaks. They had to be involved in her capture. The wine probably was drugged.

Her training didn’t include magic escape from ropes; there were no spells to do it but she still had a good chance of controlling the mind of somebody and making them untie her. That was her first idea. As soon as somebody would come to the room, she would cast the mind control spell. Her bag was sitting in the corner and she could take her magic wand and escape easily.

As she tried to speak to Daire, she realized that her mouth was filled by a large ball and the ball was strapped to her head. Daire was gagged in the same way. Anyway she didn’t lose her hope; they had to eat eventually and their gags would be removed then.

Her mouth was dry; the gag made her drool. However there was another source of discomfort; her bladder was bursting and there was no chance to get to a latrine. She tried to press her legs together but the lotus position prevented her from doing it. The pressure increased and her bladder muscles gave up. She blushed and expected her skirt to get wet and the pee spreading on the floor. To her surprise the urine got absorbed in something between her legs. What should it mean? A crazy idea hit her; she was diapered like a small child. The pee flow was seemingly endless and the object between her legs got wet, warm and heavy.

Daire woke up shortly after Artemisa and she was overwhelmed by fear when she spotted Artemisa and felt the ropes on her limbs. That was her first mission and the mission started with that unpleasant surprise.

Her first idea was violent struggling but it was useless. The ropes were tight and she couldn’t move a single inch. Tears appeared in her eyes. However she tried to calm down; Sister Artemisa would help her though.

Just like Artemisa, her mouth was dry and her bladder full. She was younger and her bladder muscles were much stronger but eventually they gave up as well. She tried to clench her muscles but her effort was vain. The embarrassment made her cry and more tears were running down her cheeks. She didn’t even notice the diaper between her legs.

Artemisa noticed Daire’s condition and tried to support her. She tried to use telepathy; telepathy didn’t require speaking and the gag wasn’t an obstacle. To her utter surprise the spell didn’t work. She got worried; what happened?”

Suddenly the door opened and a man in black cloak entered the room. He was carrying a bowl, a spoon and a bottle of water.

“Good morning, witches, time for your breakfast but first I should do something else,” he put everything away and reached down beneath Artemisa’s skirt.
“Well, you peed herself,” he grinned and reached beneath Daire’s skirt. “Don’t worry; you are wearing diapers and we take care of you.” After that he removed their gags and took the spoon.

Artemisa’s heart jumped; that was her opportunity:
“Agero mens,” she whispered but the man didn’t react at all; her spell didn’t work again.

The man fed her and let her drink water, fed Daire and let her drink water, too. When he finished, he forced the gags back into their mouths and stepped back. He took a big bag and pulled two large diapers from it.

“Time to change you now,” he lifted Artemisa’s skirt and she spotted rubber pants under it. After pulling them down he removed the wet diaper, cleaned her with a wet rag and put a new diaper on her.

Artemisa blushed deep red out of embarrassment but she got a strange feeling when her crotch was clean again.

The man repeated his actions with Daire and put the dirty diapers into the same large bag.
“Do you wonder? That is a magic diaper bag. You can put dirty diapers into it and pull out clean ones,” he laughed and left.

Artemisa was disappointed by the failed spells and she didn’t know the reason. Telepathy could be used even without speaking and it didn’t work either. Anyway she decided to do another attempt.

“Daire, do you understand?” she sent a telepathic message and Daire nodded. This time the spell worked.
“We can talk together now,” she sent the next message but she didn’t get any reply and Daire shook her head.

Daire shook her head again and Artemisa realized that Daire hadn’t learned telepathy; at least not properly. However, they could communicate in a simple way when Daire answered Yes or No or when Daire should perform a command.

Her thread of thoughts was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Two men entered the room.

“Ladies, it’s time to leave for a long journey. Your friend is waiting for you impatiently and so is our loyal captain Hognisson. You get a free ride to the Southern Lands.”

The men untied the legs of Artemisa and Daire and grabbed their shoulders. Both women were forced to stand up and walk to the yard. A carriage was waiting there and their captors helped them get inside. As Artemisa and Daire sat down in the carriage, their legs were tied at ankles and knees and the carriage drove off.

Artemisa and Daire were alone and Artemisa started thinking of their options. They had to escape and get to Nyshamm in time. She also needed to find Cliona. If Cliona didn’t respond that long, she might be in danger.

She looked at Daire. The young witch was tied up in the same way. Maybe they could try to untie each other. Their bags were sitting on the opposite bench and knives were a part of their equipment.

If they handled untying each other before the next stop of the carriage, Artemisa would have a big advantage with her magic wand.

“Daire, we should try to get free. If we cooperate, we can handle it,” Artemisa used the telepathy spell to explain to Daire her ideas.
Daire nodded and Artemisa continued.
“Try to reach my gag and undo the clasp.”
Daire shook her head and looked at Artemisa.

“Oh, you’re right. You need your mouth free.” Artemisa realized that Daire was smart. Artemisa still could use telepathy even if gagged.

Artemisa lifted her behind from the seat and tried to stand up and reach the clasp on Daire’s gag. It was quite difficult but she finally undid it and Daire pushed the ball out of her mouth.

“Sister Artemisa, I’ll try to undo your gag now.” Daire stood up and reached for Artemisa’s gag. Her fingers were dexterous and she managed to undo the clasp even quicker.

“Thanks, Daire. Now we have to try to untie each other.” Artemisa felt a big relief. Their chances improved a lot. The bags were sitting on the front bench and their knives and magic wands were inside them.

Part 3:

The carriage kept jolting on the uneven road and it was difficult to keep balance. The captives were tied up and couldn’t use their limbs to support themselves.

Artemisa leaned forward and tried to stand up. She wanted to hop and reach the bag. Unfortunately the carriage jerked violently at the same moment when she was standing upright. She lost her balance and fell face down onto the floor between the benches. In her position she was unable to sit up and her upper body was wedged between Daire’s legs and the front bench and she couldn’t roll over to sit up and support herself…

Their condition changed; Daire could stand up but she couldn’t hop and get closer to the bag. They also couldn’t reach each other’s arms.

“Don’t worry, Daire. As soon as somebody enters the carriage, I can use my spell and force them to untie me. After that, we can grab our magic wands and fight against our captors,” Artemisa tried to calm Daire down.

About ten minutes later Artemisa’s bladder was getting full; unfortunately her bladder muscles were weak and she often had to pee. She started fidgeting.
“Sister, do you …?” Daire blushed when she had to ask that question.
“Yeah, the damn ropes! I can’t reach my panties … diaper.” Artemisa almost bit her lips but she was wearing a diaper though.
“Hey, try to stay calm, sister. It isn’t the end of the world,” Daire showed a surprisingly wise attitude. Maybe she was stronger than she seemed to be earlier.
“Okay then,” Artemisa shrugged and relaxed the muscles; the pee soaked her diaper. She felt wet but the pressure had gone.

Daire was younger and her muscles were stronger but she eventually couldn’t hold her pee anymore. Even worse; her bowels started grumbling after breakfast. Despite all fidgeting she filled the back of her diaper and the smell spread across the carriage.
“Sorry, sister, I couldn’t hold it.”
“No problem; you said it wasn‘t the end of the world. We still have the chance.”

Unfortunately they had to wait long until the carriage finally stopped. Artemisa peed herself once more and her diaper was uncomfortably wet already.

The door opened and a wizard peeked inside:
“Hey, what are you doing there?” He looked at Artemisa lying face down on the floor.
“Agero mens!” Artemisa whispered but the man didn’t react at all. He dragged her out of the carriage, fetched the gag and forced it into her mouth. Another wizard grabbed Daire, regagged her and dragged her out of the carriage as well. Their legs were untied and the wizards escorted them into a small wooden cabin. They had to sit down on the ground and their legs were tied in the lotus position.

“You will wait here,” their captors laughed. “Oh that reek; who has to smell it?”
One of the men knelt down, lifted their skirts and opened the rubber pants to change the diapers. His companion brought a pail with cold water. Both women blushed in embarrassment but they were glad to have clean crotches.

“Daire, this is our chance,” Artemisa sent a telepathic message to Daire when the men left, “I cast a spell and make him untie me.”
Daire nodded.
“Be ready then!”

Artemisa leaned back to the cabin wall and waited. Her bladder was getting full again but she decided to hold her pee until she would be free even if it was quite difficult.

Finally a man appeared and he was carrying a tray with food and water. He put the tray down, ungagged Artemisa and Daire and turned away to get the tray and feed them.

“Agero mens,” Artemisa whispered and the man turned back.
“What do you wish for?”
“Untie my arms and give me my bag.”
“Of course madam,” he walked over to her and started untying the knots. However he needed a long time and the pressure in Artemisa’s bladder grew up quickly.

As soon as her arms were free, she reached under her skirt and started undoing the knots. The man walked over and took her bag. At the same moment Artemisa couldn’t hold her pee anymore and peed herself.

“Here you are, madam,” the man gave her the bag. Artemisa grabbed her magic wand and aimed at him:

Nothing happened and the man stared at her: “Hey, what are you doing?” He grabbed the magic wand and twisted her arms behind her back. Before she could react, her arms were tied in the tight boxtie and he pulled the ropes taut.

“Hey, what’s going on?” his companion peeked into the room.
“I … I don’t know. I untied her arms and I don’t know why.” the man stuttered.
“You dumbass! Remember the rules! Now let’s feed them and we can go to sleep finally.”

Daire watched the scene and she didn’t understand what had happened. All of a sudden Artemisa was able to use her spell and the next one didn’t work. She desperately wanted to know what was going on but she couldn’t ask Artemisa.

The men fed their captives quickly, forced the gags into their mouths and turned both women face down at a distance about five feet from each other. The captives were helpless and they couldn’t roll over; their legs in the lotus position prevented them from any movement.

There was dark in the small room and the only sound was heavy breathing of the two captives. Artemisa was frustrated about her failure and she wasn’t able to decipher what had happened. Her spells worked sometimes and she didn’t know why. She tried to ask Daire by telepathy.

“Daire, what happened? Did you see something?”
Daire didn’t react at all even if Artemisa didn’t see her. Did the spell work or not? Her first spell worked and she almost made the man sleep. However, something changed.

Daire couldn’t sleep. Her mind was occupied by the last events. She hoped that Artemisa would contact her by telepathy. It was a hard way to communicate but Daire could answer Yes or No at least. Unfortunately she didn’t hear anything. Something was wrong.

About an hour later Artemisa felt the pressure in her bowels; she realized that she didn’t poop earlier. Her current position prevented her from any attempt to squeeze her muscles; the mushy poop filled the back of her diaper and the smell spread across the small room. Tears appeared in her eyes; she had to wait until morning.

Daire’s bladder muscles were stronger but she couldn’t hold her pee and peed in her diaper later in the night. She sighed and closed her eyes finally.

“Morning, ladies,” a wizard opened the door and almost gagged. He was carrying the tray with food and water. He turned the captives and Artemisa sat down onto her own poop filled diaper. It was terrible but she couldn’t do anything to defend herself. On the other hand she got ready and waited to be ungagged:

“Agero mens,” she whispered when the gag was removed; nothing happened and the spell failed. The man heard her whisper and grinned; however he didn’t say a single word and fed Artemisa and Daire and put the gags back.

“Well, time to get cleaned,” he left and came back with the familiar pail. Artemisa had to face the unpleasant and smelly procedure but she was glad to be clean. Daire was in a better condition but her diaper was soaked and uncomfortably cold.

The captors left and Artemisa couldn’t wait to use her telepathy spell. She was quite tired but she hoped for a short conversation at least.

“Daire, do you hear me?” She sent the message but Daire didn’t react. The poor girl was exhausted after the sleepless night and her eyes closed. Artemisa sighed only and tried to relax as well.

Half an hour later an old wizard peeked into the room and grinned when he noticed the sleeping captives. He aimed his magic wand and whispered a spell.
“Mingo amittere.”
The wizard left and closed the door. The captives kept sleeping and no change could be noticed at the first sight.

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Part 4:

As Artemisa fell asleep, she was plagued by nightmares. Her former dream returned and she saw herself on the board of a pirate ship. However, she faced another nightmare when she was desperate to pee. A sailor grabbed her, lifted her skirt and sat her onto a pail.

“Piss now!” He laughed and another sailor was watching them.

She didn’t have any option left but to obey and pissed into the pail. Daire and Cliona had to endure the same treatment. Artemisa woke up and she was breathing heavily through her gag and rivulets of sweat were running down her cheeks. Minutes later a cold chill ran down her spine when she realized that her diaper was wet. She had wet herself in her sleep.

Daire could sleep well and she didn’t have any dreams. She woke up shortly after Artemisa and felt a pressure in her bladder and bowels; it was obvious after breakfast.

When Artemisa noticed Daire being awake, she tried to send her a telepathic message:
‘What happened?’
Daire didn’t react at all; the spell failed. However Artemisa was getting desperate and tried to speak despite her gag:

“Whahph hahpffnnng?”
Daire was surprised when she understood what Artemisa said “What happened?” She shrugged at first but a crazy idea hit her; what if she could speak through her gag and Artemisa would understand her?

“Uh gon’ph ghnouh; Uh uhahmf ahmfmnnpf” (I don’t know; I was asleep)
Artemisa turned to Daire and stared at her wide-eyed; she got the message. All of sudden they were able to speak despite their gags. Daire showed better abilities than Artemisa had expected.

“I had a nightmare. We were tied up and transported by a pirate ship,” Artemisa told Daire about her dreams.
“I didn’t have any dreams unless … wait … I saw a wizard with a magic wand aiming at us.”

Artemisa was about to reply when she felt the stream of urine soaking her diaper and she didn’t feel any urge.
“Oh no; I’m peeing and I can’t control it,” Artemisa blushed deeply but she said it involuntarily.

Daire was taken aback but she recalled the dream with the magic wand. Did the witch cast a spell indeed? The dream would be real then. Would the spell cause the loss of control that Artemisa experienced?

“Maybe the dream was real,” Daire tried to find an explanation. At that moment the pressure in her bladder got too strong and a stream of pee hit her diaper. The position of her legs prevented her from any attempt to stop the flow.

“Phnfh foumg fhn ahn nfhpfmahnahphnon?” Artemisa asked Daire but Daire realized she didn’t understand anymore. She shrugged and shook her head in utter frustration.
“Uh gon’ph ungnuhmfphahng ahnumouhn.” she tried to speak but Artemisa shook her head; she also didn’t understand.

Seconds later Daire put two and two together. The spell stopped working when she peed herself. Was it the cause of former Artemisa’s failures? Unfortunately their communication wasn’t working and she had to wait until the next diaper change.

The pressure in her bowels kept distracting her from clear thinking and she decided to get rid of it; she pushed and pooped in her diaper. The smell was more acceptable than pressure and she could recall all events.

When they were captured and woke up from the drugged condition, Artemisa probably had to pee; Daire knew about her weak bladder muscles. Their diapers were wet while the wizard was feeding them. Later in the carriage Artemisa told her about her full bladder. However the most important event happened when the first spell worked and the second one did not. It was exactly the same situation she experienced minutes ago. Artemisa probably peed herself while trying to untie her legs.

The next mystery was the wizard and spell. Artemisa lost control of her bladder but Daire did not. What happened? Daire was still capable of controlling her bladder and bowels.

Daire comprehended the intention of their captors. If witches lost control of their bladders and their spells didn’t work while the diapers were dirty, the captors disarmed them effectively. That was the reason why all witches got captured and couldn’t escape anymore. She didn’t remember any single escape spell except controlling the minds of others. That spell could be used to help escape.

Daire wasn’t good at spells; she almost failed at the final exams. On the other hand she was young, strong and dexterous. She hoped for an opportunity to get untied. Unfortunately, the ropes were tight and the position of her legs made her sit in her own poop without any possibility to move.

While thinking of all the mysteries Daire felt a slight pressure in her bladder again and she tried to clench and relax the muscles. A little pee soaked her diaper but she was able to stop the flow. Actually, she didn’t lose her control. Why? The spell was casted against both of them.

Finally they got lunch and shortly after that their diapers were changed. Daire couldn’t wait until the wizards left and she could speak to Artemisa.

“Sister, I think I revealed the mystery of failed spells.”
“Really? How did you do it?”
“I was talking with you through my gag when I couldn’t hold my pee. At that moment the spell stopped working.”

Artemisa listened to Daire and recalled the last events. Daire’s theory was right. The spell worked when her diaper was dry but she didn’t hold her pee until she untied her legs and she peed herself before using the magic wand. She was glad to understand what was going on but it would be useless at that moment. She had to find a way to stay clean and be able to speak.

While she was thinking of her chances, her diaper got wet and warm; she again didn’t feel any urge. She blushed and turned to Daire:
“Sorry to ask you that sensitive question. Can you control your pee? The wizard casted the spell though.”
“No problem, sister. I can control my pee and I don’t understand why. I also didn’t learn to understand the gag speak.”

Artemisa was taken aback by Daire. The young almost-novice seemed to have much more abilities than expected. She handled a spell without learning it and she was somehow shielded against malicious spells. Artemisa realized that the novices never had to face malicious spells and nobody believed they would be immune. Those tests would have revealed Daire’s ability but they were considered dangerous.

“Daire, you have extraordinary abilities, a kind of shield against malicious spells. This is an advantage and it could help us but be careful and hide it. If a spell would be cast against us and you will be immune, pretend the opposite and behave like I will behave.”
“Yeah, sister, I understand. I will do my best. Anyway I won’t pee in my diaper intentionally while we are alone and can speak.”
“Of course not,” Artemisa smiled behind her gag.

Daire noticed the smile and smiled as well. Now they had to wait for an opportunity. In their present condition they were helpless.

Should I leave out the gagtalk?

OK, I’ll wait

It’s one thing to simulate the lisp. It’s another thing to post what appears to be random gibberish.

Here’s something I do occasionally when I write “paci talk” - put two fingers (or an adult-size paci if you have one laying around) in your mouth and actually speak the words. Listen to how the obstruction affects your attempts to enunciate, and write it just like you hear it, with the modified consonants that are clearly there.

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Actually, I used the gag translator. It is not random.

I think the translator is too obsessed with H’s. You can be much more concise and still get the point across with:

“Wha haffened?” - D’s are not affected by the protrusion, and T’s are merely silenced, not turned into F’s. That’s still readable.

As for the translator, you can choose the type of gag, like cleave gag tape gag, ballgag, panel gag and options like large/tight or stuffed. The translation depends on the chosen options.

Personally, I don’t have any idea of the translation rules and use it only. I trusted the developers.

Okay then. I can leave out the gagtalk after the first mention.

“Whahph hahpffnnng?”
Daire was surprised when she understood what Artemisa said “What happened?”

I have edited the post. Hopefully it is OK now.

Part 5:

Artemisa and Daire had to spend more days in the cabin. Their captors were careful and didn’t provide for any opportunity to escape or cast spells. The ropes were tight and none of the captives was untied.

Daire desperately wanted to keep her bladder muscles in control. Even if she was immune against the spell, the diaper was quite comfortable and she had to resist the temptation to pee in the diaper whenever she felt the urge.

‘Daire, you have to keep control; it is important for a chance to escape,’ she told herself over and over. Particularly at night she had to be careful, wake up and pee in a controlled way.

Artemisa, on the other hand, lost her control and her diaper was still wet or even messy. She kept the bowel muscles under control but the muscles weakened. She didn’t have any chance to cast spells except for short periods after her diaper change.

In the evening of the third day after their capture the door opened and the familiar wizard entered the room:

“Surprise!” He laughed and dragged sister Cliona into the room. Her arms were tied in the tight boxtie and there was a large ball gag in her mouth. She was waddling; there was a thick diaper pack between her legs.

The wizard led her towards the other captives and made her sit down; her legs were tied in the lotus position. The smell of poop spread across the room when she sat down.

“This is your last night here. Enjoy it. Tomorrow you start your journey to the harbor.” He laughed and left the room.

Artemisa looked at Cliona in utter terror. Now she got the message about what happened. Sister Cliona had been captured earlier. She desperately wanted to know more but the gag prevented her from speaking.

Daire also wanted to learn more. She didn’t know Sister Cliona but she guessed the new captive was her. Unfortunately, her diaper was wet and she wasn’t able to use the gag speak spell.

Their captors fed them and finally changed their diapers. They also turned the captives face down to prevent them from moving. The position was uncomfortable but better than sitting on their wet behinds.

Daire couldn’t wait until the door closed and she turned to sister Cliona:

“You are Sister Cliona, aren’t you?” she spoke through her gag.
“W … what? I understand you,” Cliona answered. She was taken aback when she was able to understand but she recovered from the shock quickly.
“Is it a spell?” Cliona asked Daire.
“Yeah, it is,” Artemisa answered instead of Daire, “Our young witch has got unexpected abilities. Her name is Daire.”
“Nice to meet you, Daire but I’d prefer to have met you at better conditions,” Cliona shrugged.
“Thanks, Sister Cliona. Let’s think of an escape attempt rather than doing smalltalk; I’m sorry if you consider it rude.” Daire tried to switch the topic.
“It’s okay, Daire; you are right, after all. However, I don’t have any idea how to escape. These ropes are tight and I can’t move any inch. It was humiliating to sit in my own poop.”
“I know, I’ve experienced it already,” Daire sighed and realized she made a mistake. She forgot to pee in her diaper before the change and now she had to pee badly.

“Let’s relax now,” Artemisa interrupted the conversation, “ we will need our strength tomorrow.”
“Right, our talk will be over soon,” Daire sighed.
“I have to pee badly and the spell stops working when my diaper is dirty.”

Cliona suddenly realized what was going on. When she was captured, a wizard casted a spell on her and she lost her bladder and bowels control. Her spells failed whenever she tried to cast them. She was already wet and didn’t notice it.

“Good night,” Daire said the last words before the pressure in her bladder grew and she peed herself.

Cliona and Artemisa relaxed and tried to fall asleep. However Artemisa pooped herself just like every night and the smell spread across the room.

“Get up!” The door opened and two men entered the room. They turned the captives into sitting positions, ungagged and fed them breakfast. After regagging and changing their dirty diapers two more men entered the room, untied captives’ legs and helped them stand up.

“End of your luxurious relaxation, it’s time to continue your journey. Captain Hognisson is getting impatient.” A long rope was tied around their waist and one of the men pulled on the rope: “Forwards!”

Artemisa looked around. A small cart was standing in front of the cabin and a single horse was harnessed to it. The cart was full of food and the captors put their own bags on top of the pile.

One of the captors took the reins and the second one pulled on the connecting rope. They headed towards a forest path. The captives had to be careful and not step onto their skirts; it was difficult when their arms were tied behind their backs and thick diaper packages made them waddle.

About an hour later they stopped on a clearing and their captor grinned: “Time to check your diapers, babies. Maybe we can remove your gags. You can scream if you want to but nobody will hear you.”

Artemisa was the first in the line and he lifted her skirt and grabbed her crotch. She peed herself long ago and her diaper was wet.

“Wonderful,” he removed Artemisa’s gag and moved to Daire. Daire’s bladder was full already but she still controlled her muscles. However she recalled Artemisa’s advice.

‘If a spell would be cast against us and you will be immune, pretend the opposite and behave like I will behave.’

Daire knew exactly why the captor removed Artemisa’s gag. She was helpless when her diaper was wet. Daire wouldn’t mind being gagged but she needed to hide her immunity. It could be useful later. After all, she would feel better with her mouth free. She relaxed her muscles and peed in her diaper as well.

“Okay, you are wet as well,” the man laughed and removed her gag. He didn’t notice that the diaper was warm and didn’t suspect anything.

Cliona’s diaper was wet too and all captives had their mouths free. Daire considered a scream for help but she didn’t do it; they probably would be gagged again and there was little chance to get help. However, their new captors seemed to be less careful. There was a chance to use their carelessness and escape. She had only to wait for an opportunity.

While walking Daire kept thinking of an escape plan. Artemisa and Cliona couldn’t use their spells while their diapers were wet and they weren’t able to control their pee. She could control her pee but she didn’t master any useful spells. There were few options left.

Would the captors tie their legs in the lotus position? If not, there was a chance to get close to each other and try to untie the ropes. However the arm ropes were quite tight. She had to think of a backup plan.

All of sudden an idea hit her and she smiled.

Part 6:

At lunchtime the column stopped and the captives got a few sips of water and they could relax for about half an hour. Daire and Cliona had to walk in messy diapers. Daire could control her muscles but the walking made the control difficult. Cliona pooped herself shortly after the diaper check earlier.

After a long walk they stopped in the evening:
“Time to overnight, witches. Tomorrow we will reach the port. Sit down!”

The captives squatted first and they sat down carefully. Their legs were still free but the man tied the connecting rope to a tree beyond their reach.

After dinner the captors put back the gags and changed the diapers and tied the captives’ legs at ankles and knees. One of the men sat down at the fire and kept guard while the second one lay down, covered himself with a blanket and dozed off.

Daire waited until the guard took a sip of his bottle and yawned. She turned to Artemisa:
“Would you like to escape? I know how to do it now.” she used the gag speak spell.
“Really, Can you untie my ropes?”
“I do my best but we also can use your spells.”
“How? My diaper is wet already.”
“What if I remove it? You could use the spells then.”
“Okay, it’s worth an attempt. However, I need my mouth free.”

Daire looked at the guard; he seemed to be tired and distracted. She pulled her legs to her belly and pushed herself towards Artemisa. Her fingers were not numb and she was able to unclasp the gag. Unfortunately, the arm ropes were tight and she couldn’t find any knot.

“I untie your legs and pull down the diaper now,” Daire found the knots and untied Artemisa’s ankles and knees and reached up to the diaper. It was difficult because of the boxtie but she managed it. Before pulling down the diaper she pushed on Artemisa’s bladder and felt a stream of pee soaking the package.

“Hopefully you have enough time to cast spells before you will pee again.” Daire pulled the diaper down Artemisa’s legs.
“Agero mens,” Artemisa whispered. Nothing happened.
“Agero mens,” Artemisa said aloud but nothing happened. The man was asleep.
“If he is asleep, he won’t do anything though,” Daire tried to find out the reason for the failure.

“Right, let’s make him sleep longer and the other one as well.”
“Somnum.” Artemisa said aloud to the men.
“Well, but we have to untie ourselves; they wouldn’t help us,” Daire shrugged. “Your legs are free but you are still tied to the connecting rope. Let me untie the knot.”

Daire untied Artemisa from the connecting rope.
“Try to untie my arms or legs now and unclasp my gag,” Daire turned to Artemisa. “Hurry up; my bladder is bursting already.”

Artemisa tried to reach the clasp but her fingers were quite clumsy and numb. Finally she opened the clasp and Daire pushed the gag out of her mouth.
“Just in time,” she sighed when her bladder muscles failed and her diaper got wet.

Artemisa tried to untie Daire’s legs but she failed.
“Stop and go get a knife. Take it into your mouth if your fingers are too numb. Hurry up and I will work on Cliona’s gag and ropes.”

Daire moved to Cliona and unclasped her gag first. After that she reached under Cliona’s skirt and untied her legs; she also was able to untie the connecting rope. Cliona could stand up and walk. She needed several attempts to stand up in the skirt but she managed it. Artemisa also stood up and walked over to the men.

The man at the fire was asleep and probably drunk but he didn’t have any knife with him. He had a gun but it was useless for cutting ropes.
“Hey, the knives could be somewhere in the cart,” Daire called to Artemisa. Despite her skills, Artemisa seemed to be confused.
“Right,” she walked over to the cart but she wasn’t able to open the bags with her teeth. Cliona joined her but she also didn’t have any success. Their fingers were numb and opening bags with their teeth was impossible.
Daire desperately wished she could help but her legs were tied and she was tied to the connecting rope.

“Hey, run away and find help!” She yelled at Artemisa and Cliona.
“No, sister, we don’t leave you behind though.”
“Leave me behind! You are more important!”
“Let’s run away,” Cliona realized that Daire was right and stepped forward. Artemisa hesitated but she nodded and followed Cliona seconds later. They had a slight chance though.

Walking in the dark forest was quite difficult and Artemisa’s skirt caught up to the bushes. She stumbled and fell face down. Cliona tried to help her but she was helpless with her arms trapped behind her back. Even worse, she lost her balance and fell down onto Artemisa. When she tried to stand up, her legs got entangled in the skirt.

Daire listened to the sounds and she guessed what happened. However she was trapped and unable to move; the connecting rope was beyond her reach.

The time passed slowly and the captives couldn’t do anything but wait for a miracle; unfortunately no miracle happened and the captors woke up in the morning.

“Hey, what the hell happened?” The man at the fire opened his eyes and looked around. He jumped up and awakened his companion, “Two witches have escaped!” The men checked Daire’s ropes and finding them intact they ran away to look for Artemisa and Cliona.

Cliona dozed off and she was awakened by two pairs of strong hands lifting her from Artemisa. She was disoriented and needed several seconds to realize what was going on. The captors untangled her legs from the skirt, helped her stand up and forced the gag into her mouth quickly.

Artemisa also was asleep when the men grabbed her. They noticed a wet patch on her skirt and realized she had removed her diaper. One of the men acted quickly and gagged her and the other one freed her skirt from the bushes and helped her stand up. Ten minutes later they came back to the camp.

Artemisa and Cliona were forced to lie down on their bellies, the men lifted their skirts, removed Cliona’s diaper, unclasped their belts and spanked both captives thoroughly before putting new diapers on them and tying their legs again.

“This is your last attempt! You don’t get any food today!” the captors gagged Daire, untied her legs and changed her diaper.

The captors ate breakfast, untied captives’ legs, helped them stand up, tied them to the connecting rope and loaded the blankets and dishes onto the cart. Before the set off, one of the captors grinned and pulled out his magic wand:

“Ladies, I’m sorry but I have to take another safety measure. You really are dangerous witches and we need to put you out of the way.

Silentio!” He aimed the magic wand and casted a spell.

Artemisa and Cliona suddenly got a strange feeling inside their throats but they didn’t know what happened. Daire didn’t feel anything and she realized she was immune.

The wizard laughed and pulled on the rope. The column started moving towards the harbor.

Part 7:

While walking, Daire tried to guess what happened to Artemisa and Cliona when the wizard casted the spell. She still remembered Artemisa’s advice and wanted to pretend the spell effect.

According to her knowledge the spell was linked to silence somehow. Did the wizard want to silence the captives? Of course silencing the captives would make them helpless; they wouldn’t be able to cast spells if they needed to say them aloud. Maybe the high level witches would be able to cast spells using telepathy. She had to find out if Artemisa was able to use telepathic spells.

Artemisa kept thinking of the spell, too. She was quite sure about their captors’ intention but she didn’t have any idea what they did. The gag prevented her from speaking and Daire also didn’t say anything through her gag.

The secret unfolded itself when they stopped for a short break. The captors removed their gags and offered them water.

“You don’t deserve food but we have to give you water. Your gags are not necessary anymore,” one of the men laughed.

Artemisa wanted to give him a spicy reply. Her diaper was wet already and a spell wouldn’t work but it would help improve her mood at least.

“A … a …,” she realized in utter terror that she wasn’t able to speak; her vocal chords were paralyzed.

Daire stared at her and she realized what had happened. Her former worries came true and it was difficult to play along; she couldn’t say any single word in presence of their captors.

“O … o …,” she tried to imitate Artemisa’s disabled condition and she hoped she would be able to keep her condition secret. She guessed that she would be the only chance to escape but she still didn’t have any idea how to do it.

Cliona also found out she couldn’t speak. She was able to use telepathic spells but her diaper was soaked and the spell wouldn’t work. Artemisa was in the same condition.

As the men heard the incomprehensible animal-like sounds, they laughed.
“Okay, they are secured now. We can change the dirty diapers now.”

The captives were forced to sit down and their diapers were changed. Artemisa got a short period to use her spells until she would pee again. Unfortunately, she didn’t know how much time she had left. She focused on the nearest captor and sent a telepathic message:

“Agero mens.”
“Untie my arms!”

The man looked at her and he didn’t understand what was happening but he involuntarily leaned down and started untying the knots. He needed about five minutes to free her arms completely.

“Untie Cliona!”

The captor moved to Cliona and untied her arms as well. His companion didn’t notice what was going on; he was focused on cooking lunch and didn’t hear any sounds.

Artemisa tried to untie the connecting rope but her fingers were numb. At that moment she realized her mistake. She should have asked him to untie Daire. The young witch was stronger and her fingers were not numb.

“Hey, what are you doing?” The second captor finally noticed what his companion was doing. “Are you crazy?”

Cliona started working on the connecting rope but her fingers were even more numb than Artemisa’s ones. She had been tied up for a long time.

“Why the hell did you untie the captives?”
“I … I don’t know.”
“Did somebody ask you to do it?”
“No, but … I felt like I should untie them.”
“Are the witches able to cast spells without their voice?”
“No idea.”
“Okay, let’s retie them now!” The men grabbed Artemisa’s arms and retied them in the strict boxtie.

Cliona watched the scene and hoped that she would be able to help. She guessed what Artemisa did and she tried to use the same spell. At the same moment she felt her diaper getting warm and wet. The spell failed and the captors retied her arms in the strict boxtie as well.

Daire also watched Artemisa. She was right; Artemisa was able to use telepathy. Unfortunately, Artemisa didn’t think clearly and made a mistake. Daire still was tied up and helpless and unable to help.

Artemisa was shocked by the outcome but she still didn’t understand what was wrong. She was a skilled witch but she never worked in a team. She didn’t realize that Daire was the first one to be untied. Moments later she felt her pee coming out and soaking her diaper and her opportunity had gone.

“Well, let’s continue. Stand up!” The captors packed their belongings, loaded the cart, helped the captives stand up and set off.

Artemisa was disappointed by her failure and she suddenly realized her true mistake. The next time she would help Daire first even if she didn’t know it there will be the next time. She was walking slowly but her brain was working fast.

Daire also was thinking of her options. She was surprised by her own abilities and she got curious about them. Were there other ones? She almost failed at the final exams but none of her abilities were subjects of that exam. Now she decided to be vigilant and try to find out as much as possible.

The main obstacle was blocking the spells by dirty diapers. She had to find a way to remove that blocking. Removing her diaper would be the best way but she still was tied up.

When the sun was about to set, they noticed the harbor. Fifteen minutes later they reached the pier. A boat was waiting for them already.

The captors untied the captives from the connecting rope, tied their legs at ankles and knees and dropped them into the boat. Two sailors drove the boat towards the nearby ship. The boat was lifted on board and a man with beard leaned down to the captives:

“Welcome on board, ladies. It’s an honor for me to escort you to the Southern Lands. My name is Captain Hognisson.”

The sailors grabbed all three captives and carried them below deck and put them into an empty storeroom. They left and locked the door. The captives were alone.

“Sister Artemisa, Sister Cliona, I still can speak,” Daire whispered. “I’m sure that we will escape. Don’t lose hope.”

The door opened and two sailors were carrying a tray with food and water. They fed the captives and left. Now Artemisa expected the diaper change but she experienced a big surprise.

The door opened again and a wizard peeked into the storeroom.
“Tersa sirsem.”

All of sudden Artemisa felt that her diaper got dry and clean. Instead of an actual change she was changed in a magical way.

Daire listened to the spell and felt her diaper getting dry and clean just like Artemisa. It was important information.

Cliona yawned; she was tired after the long and challenging day. Artemisa also felt tired and her eyes closed. Daire tried to think of their escape but she also was exhausted. There was darkness below deck and the captives fell asleep.

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Part 8:

The captives were awakened by screeching sounds and swinging motion; the ship was sailing off the port. The journey toward the Southern Lands began.

Daire opened her eyes and tried to look around in the dim light. Seconds later she startled; her diaper was wet and she didn’t remember to have peed in the night. It was a very bad sign. Despite her immunity she wet in her sleep. The diapers really were comfortable but she had to be even more careful about her control.

The door opened and two sailors brought breakfast and water. They watched the captives closely and one of them shook his head:

“Hey, I haven’t heard a single word from you so far. I don’t believe that you are all dumb. Maybe you have to stick up to stupid rule not to speak. I’ve heard of some monks that are not allowed to speak.”

None of the captives answered but Daire’s heart jumped. The sailors didn’t know about the spells and they possibly didn’t know about the relation between diapers and spells. The wizard that changed their diapers was a young boy and he possibly also didn’t know about it.

Their captors felt safe; it was a big advantage and she had to think of a way to use that knowledge to escape.

Escaping from a ship would be tricky but she didn’t want to take the risk to reach the Southern Lands and slave markets. However the ship had to get closer to the shore at first. Escaping on the high sea was impossible unless they were able to steer the ship.

Unfortunately they had to be patient and wait for three days when they realized that the ship stopped. What happened? Did they arrive in the Southern Lands? It would be too early. The answer appeared about an hour later when the strong wind made the ship swing on the sea and the captives could hear the raindrops falling onto the board. The captain had to find a hideout because of a storm.

Daire didn’t know if they were close to a shore but she took the risk anyway. She whispered her plan to Artemisa and Cliona and they had to wait until evening.

As soon as they got their dinner and the young wizard peeked into the room to change their diapers using the spell, Daire addressed him.

“Hey I know that I break our rules but you are a nice boy and I’d like to ask you a question.”
“Sorry miss, I’m not allowed to talk with you,” the boy stepped forward and stopped in front of Daire.
“I have to go,” he continued and aimed his magic wand at the captives.
“Tersa sirsem.”

Now Artemisa had her diaper dry and clean and she had time enough to send the telepathic message before the boy left the room. Daire lured him closer to gain time for Artemisa.

“Agero mens.”
“Untie Daire.”
“Give Daire your knife.”
“Give Daire your magic wand.”
“Leave, don’t lock the door and forget everything you have done.”

Artemisa sent the telepathic messages quickly; she didn’t know when she would pee in her diaper. The boy was a novice and he obeyed all her commands.

As soon as he closed the door, Daire cut her legs free and freed Artemisa and Cliona and removed her diaper; she hoped she wouldn’t pee herself.

“Sister Artemisa, Sister Cliona, listen to me please. I know how to escape from this ship but I need your help. The ship is anchored now and I suppose we are close to the shore. We can get out from the ship but we have to overpower the guards first.”

Artemisa shook her head; it was very risky. Daire hasn’t mastered attack spells too well and Artemisa with Cliona could get blocked by peeing in their diapers.

Well, there is another option. You have seen Captain Hognisson and the sailors. Are you able to change our outer look, sister? I will look like the Captain and you two will look like two sailors. I command the guard to drop a boat and we use that boat to escape.”

Artemisa and Cliona nodded; it was a good idea. Artemisa was about to cast the spell when she felt her diaper getting wet. She shook her head and pointed at the diaper.

“Oh, okay. Hopefully I remembered the spell and I’ll be able to use it. The boy apparently was a novice and the spell won’t be hard.
Tersa sirsem,” she pointed at Artemisa.

Artemisa nodded; her diaper got dry. She instantly cast a telepathic spell to Cliona.
“Tersa sirsem.”
Cliona felt her diaper getting dry and nodded.

Artemisa didn’t lose any second and continued:
“Muttuare aspex, Hognisson,” she looked at Daire.
“Muttuare aspex, sailor,” she looked at Cliona
“Muttuare aspex, sailor,” Cliona cast the spell on Artemisa.

“Daire, we have to hurry up,” Artemisa sent a telepathic message to Daire, “the spell is temporary and we have about two hours left at most. Hopefully the real Captain Hognisson is asleep. ”

Daire opened the door and they hurried up on board. The storm was over and the board was illuminated by moonlight. There was a guard standing on the stem and another one on the stern.

“Hey!” Daire approached the closer guard on the stem.
“Captain,” the guard turned to her.
“We need a boat.”
“Now? At night?”
“I’m the Captain here. Would you question my commands?”
“Sorry, Captain. Hey, Rallson, come and help me.”

The other guard walked over and stared at Daire in utter surprise. Captain usually slept soundly and it was quite strange.

“Guys, you are surprised by my presence. We didn’t stop here by chance. I have a secret mission,” Daire tried to dispel their worries and doubts. “However, move on!”

The guards dropped a boat and gave Daire a torch. Dropping the boat made a lot of noise and Daire hoped that nobody would wake up. The former captives climbed down to the boat and started paddling

“Hey, expect us in the morning,” Daire called at the guard; she needed to keep their camouflage as long as possible. Fortunately, the spell still worked.

The shore was close and they were able to reach it in about half an hour. As they left the boat, Daire noticed that the spell wore off. They again had their original outer look and Daire realized she was wearing her diaper again.

“Well, let’s hurry up. Somebody could wake up and reveal what happened.”

The beach wasn’t large and there was a forest behind it. The sisters hurried up and disappeared between the trees when the heard Captain’s voice:

“You dumbass! What did you do? The captives escaped!”
“Captain? Are you here? You took a boat and left an hour ago.”
“Hey, did you drink?” Captain made the guard breathe on him.
“No, you are sober. How is it possible? I’m here though, unless …”

All of sudden the Captain realized what happened.
“The damn witches; they changed their outer look and pretended to be myself and two sailors.”
“Yeah, Captain; there were three of them.”
“Let’s get boats and look for them!”

Artemisa didn’t wait any seconds and pulled Daire and Cliona deeper into the forest. She was sure that the sailors wouldn’t find them in the dark forest unless they had dogs or could use magic.

Four boats with about two dozen sailors landed on the beach an hour later and they headed towards the forest. However, Artemisa was right. They didn’t find anybody. The young wizard joined the sailors but he was a novice and he was the only wizard. His single task was the care of the captives and his abilities were poor.

The captives escaped from the ship but they were lost in the dark forest in an unknown place.

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Part 9:

Daire tried to look around but she didn’t see anything. The moonlight illuminated the treetops but there was a total darkness below them and the roots were intertwined. The sisters couldn’t walk in that darkness.

“Sister Artemisa, Sister Cliona, can’t you use the night vision?” Daire turned to her mates.
“A … a,” Artemisa replied; she couldn’t speak but she tried to answer “No”.
“Oh, do you need a diaper change?”
“Mhm, mhm,” Artemisa and Cliona replied “Yes.”
“Okay, wait a little.”

“Tersa sirsem, Tersa sirsem.” Daire aimed the magic wand at the Sisters.

“Catnox visi,” Artemisa and Cliona sent the telepathic spell to each other and to Daire. All of sudden they could see the forest and walk.

They kept walking uphill until they reached a clearing and a small house. Artemisa wasn’t sure if they should take the risk and search the house but they desperately needed a hideout. However, they were three and could use the spells against the inhabitant.

There was a dim light visible behind the window; the inhabitant wasn’t asleep yet. Daire knocked on the door and an old woman appeared in the doorframe:

“Hey, who are you and what are you doing here at night?”
“Sorry, madam, but we desperately need a place to stay overnight. We were captured by the pirates but we escaped their ship.”
“Really? How did you handle it?”
“They were a bit careless and we tricked them,” Daire tried not to reveal their true identity.
“I don’t know; your story is incredible …” She watched the Sisters and their clothing caught her eye.
“Come in.”
“Thanks, madam.”

The Sisters entered the small house and the old woman turned to Artemisa and Cliona:
“You two are that quiet. Are you dumb or do you have to stick to a rule?”
Artemisa shook her head but she got worried. The old woman was somehow suspicious.

“Legili mente,” she tried to send the telepathic message but the spell failed; her diaper was wet again. Now she couldn’t ask Daire for help.
“Let’s have a cup of tea before sleep,” the old woman smiled at the Sisters but her smile wasn’t sincere. Unfortunately, Daire didn’t notice it and Artemisa couldn’t speak.
They drank the tea and the woman ushered them to the back room:

“Sorry, but I don’t have beds for visitors; you have to sleep on the floor.”
“Thanks, madam.” Daire thanked politely and lay down on the floor. Artemisa and Cliona lay down next to her.
“Tersa sir …” Daire wanted to change Artemisa’s diaper but she suddenly got tired and her eyes closed. Artemisa instantly got the message and tried to stand up and run away but everything went black before she sat up. The tea was drugged.

“We have three Sisters here,” the old woman laughed, “The old Ingirun is smart enough and they ran into my house willingly. Let’s secure them now.”

She got a bunch of ropes and tied the Sisters up thoroughly. Their arms were tied in the reverse prayer position and their legs in the lotus position. Ingirun was a rope master and she mastered several rope spells.

“Nodis ivanescu,” she pointed at the arm ropes and all knots disappeared. There was no possibility to untie them without a sharp knife.

When she noticed their diapers, she grinned. She knew about the spell blocking but she didn’t know about Daire’s abilities. The captives were ballgagged and Ingirun lay down to have some sleep.

Daire opened her eyes in the morning and tried to stretch her limbs. To her utter shock she realized she was tied up and gagged again. Her diaper was wet and Daire got worried; she had wet herself in sleep for the second time.

Artemisa woke up shortly after Daire; she wasn’t surprised. She realized what was going on the day before but she was unable to prevent it. Their escape attempt had failed again and she got frustrated.

The old woman captured them but Artemisa didn’t have any idea who the woman was and what she wanted to do. Was she a robber or was she connected to the Grey Wolf wizards?

“Good morning; I’m sorry to have forgotten to introduce myself. My name is Ingirun but it isn’t important now. I know who you are and I know about your diapers as well. Now let’s go down to business before I give you food and change your diapers.
I don’t know who and why captured you but I will give you back and I hope I get some reward for it.”

Ingirun ungagged and fed the captives, gagged them again, brought the magic diaper bag and changed their diapers.

“Excuse me ladies, I’ll look for the pirate ship now,” she left. The captives struggled desperately but the ropes were tight and they couldn’t move any single inch.

About two hours later she came back and sighed: “I didn’t find the ship; they have sailed away already. What would I do with you? The pirates won’t pay for you anymore.”

Artemisa suddenly got worried about their fate. She was glad that they wouldn’t be returned to Captain Hognisson but she was afraid about what that woman would do to them.

“Hey dear; you are staring at me as if I wanted to bake you and eat you up. Don’t worry; I’m not a cannibal. I’ll send you home.”

Artemisa kept staring at Ingirun wide eyed and a question could be read in her eyes.
“Of course I know where your home is. However, you will walk on foot.”
Daire and Cliona sighed in relief but Artemisa could not. She didn’t believe the old woman and she was right.

Ingirun untied captives’ legs, helped them stand up and tied them to a long connecting rope. She pulled on the rope and led them to a forest path.

“Begone from my sight!” She took the magic diaper bag and hanged it onto Cliona’s neck. “Find somebody who helps you. Hopefully they give you food and water and change your dirty diapers,” she turned away and headed back towards her house.

The Sisters were in a hopeless situation. Their arms were tied up in an uncomfortable position and they were connected by a long rope. The path was narrow and they had to be careful not to step onto their skirts.

Daire wanted to speak through her gag and tell Artemisa and Cliona where to go. Unfortunately, her bladder was overfilled and the pressure in her bowels was growing too.

“We have to head north and away from the shore,” she turned north and stepped forward slowly. Artemisa was the first in the column and she nodded. They started a very long and unpleasant journey.

Artemisa and Cliona had wet themselves before Ingirun led them to the path. Daire tried to hold her pee and poop but she wet and messed herself about fifteen minutes later. Now she was unable to use her gag speak as well as any other spell. Ingirun took her magic wand and knife.

The path led them through the forest and they kept heading north. Artemisa hoped that they would reach a village or somebody who would free them. Unfortunately she wasn’t aware of the danger. They were approaching the Lawless Lands. It was a large territory controlled by criminal gangs. There were no villages there and people usually avoided that territory except robbers, kidnappers and slave traders.

Of course, Ingirun knew about the territory and her house was the last one on the south side of Lawless Lands. She sent the Sisters directly into the claws of the criminals. They were easy prey and it was unclear if Southern Lands were not the better option.

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Part 10:

The Sisters were walking down the path for several more hours and they were getting tired. Their throats were dry, their stomachs empty and their diapers full. Cliona messed her diaper shortly after Daire. Unfortunately they didn’t encounter anybody; there was no living soul around.

They approached a small creek when Artemisa noticed a movement among the bushes. She didn’t know if she should worry or not; nevertheless she couldn’t do anything.

A young girl emerged from the bushes. Her arms were trapped behind her back and her mouth was filled by a large ballgag. She started at the Sisters and walked over to them.

Daire reacted quickly and mmmpfed through her gag. She couldn’t use her hands but she still could use her teeth if her mouth was free.

The girl stepped towards Daire and looked at her tied arms. There was no chance to untie the ropes but she still unstrap her gag. She leaned her head down to notify Daire. Daire got the message and squatted down to put her gag close to the girl’s bound hands. The girl unstrapped her gag and Daire’s mouth was free.

“Wait, I will try to unstrap your gag with my teeth; walk around,” she turned to the girl and waited until her mouth reached the clasp. She undid it quickly.
“Thank you, I’m glad to have found somebody. Where are you coming from?”
“We were captured by pirates but we managed to escape the ship.”
“How so? Were you able to escape a ship tied up like this?”
“No, but somebody set a trap and escorted us to this path. What about you?”
“I was captured by a slave traders gang but I managed to run away.”
“Well but what will we do? We all are tied up, we need to eat, drink and …”
“It is embarrassing but I’m wearing a soaked diaper.”
“So are we. Let’s try to untie your wrists at least and you can untie us then.”
“Sorry but your ropes seem to be magical and they don’t have any knots.”

“I will squat down and untie your wrists with my teeth,” Daire squatted down and started working on the knot. Fortunately it was simple and the girl’s wrists were free.
“Thank you, let’s find a hideout. This place is quite dangerous.”
“How so?”
“Didn’t you hear about the Lawless Lands?”

Artemisa nodded instantly. She knew about the territory but she didn’t have any idea that they got into it.
“Oh, unstrap the gags of my mates, please,” Daire turned to the girl. “Sorry, my name is Daire and these are Sisters Artemisa and Cliona.”
“My name is Ingrid,” the girl answered and walked over to Artemisa and Cliona and unstrapped their gags.

“A … a,” Artemisa tried to thank Ingrid.
“The Sisters have been affected by a malicious spell and they can’t speak,” Daire explained Artemisa’s reply.

Ingrid untied the connecting rope and they headed towards the creek. Ingrid led them behind the bushes and away from the path.
“Let’s hide here first,” she stopped. “We have to get rid of the damn diapers.”
“It isn’t that easy, Ingrid,” Daire sighed, “Sisters Artemisa and Cliona can’t control their pee and poop and I’m tied up. It would be simpler to go in my diaper and ask you for a change.”

“Okay, sit down and I’ll do my best but … where do we get clean diapers?”
“Use the magic diaper bag hanging on Cliona’s neck. Put the dirty diapers into it and you can pull out clean ones.”

Artemisa, Daire and Cliona sat down on the ground and Ingrid lifted their skirts, removed the dirty diapers, cleaned them and ptu clean diapers onto their crotches. After that she removed her own diaper but she found out she didn’t have any panties except the rubber ones.

“Maybe the diaper will be more comfortable than rubber pants alone,” she pulled out another clean diaper and inserted it into the pants.

“Well, the first task accomplished, let’s have some water and food,” Ingrid helped the Sisters drink from the creek but food was a bigger issue. She found several fruits but it was too little for four people.

“Maybe we’ll have more luck tomorrow. Let’s find a safe place to stay overnight,” Ingrid stepped forward and the Sisters followed her slowly. The forest was dense and the sun was setting slowly.

About an hour later when they could hardly see, Ingrid noticed a small cave and led the group to that cave. There was a spring nearby and they could drink water at least.

Ingrid changed their diapers, helped them drink and lay down. The Sisters were tired already and they dozed off.

In the night Ingrid woke up when her bladder got full. She wanted to get up but she grinned and pee in her diaper; after all it was comfortable but she blushed. The poor Artemisa and Cliona didn’t control their bladders and bowels and she peed in her diaper willingly.

The next day they got up early, Ingrid changed their diapers, helped them drink from the spring and found some more fruits but everyone was hungry. They desperately had to find food. There were animals in the forest but Ingrid wasn’t a hunter and the Sisters were still helpless.

In the evening Artemisa spotted a distant fire and stopped. Daire turned to her:
“Did you see something, Sister Artemisa?”
Artemisa pointed at the fire and Daire got the message:

“This is a chance to get food and weapons but we have to be careful. Let’s get closer and Ingrid will change Artemisa’s diaper then.”
“Why?” Ingrid was surprised by the request.
“As soon as her diaper is dry, Artemisa can cast spells telepathically.”
“I see, let’s sneak closer.”

Four women were sneaking closer to the fire and they recognized a small camp and three figures sitting around it.
“Now,” Daire whispered to Ingrid.

Artemisa sat down and Ingrid changed her diaper; fortunately the diaper was wet only. Artemisa didn’t waste any second and looked at the figures:
“Somnum,” she sent the telepathic message.
All three figures lay down and they apparently were asleep.

“Wait, there could be a guard nearby,” Artemisa sent a telepathic message to Ingrid.
“Catnox visi,” the night vision revealed the fourth figure on the opposite side of the fire. It was a man and he kept looking around.

“We will distract him. Ingrid, take several stones and throw them away from the fire. The guard will walk there and look for the source of the noise” Daire whispered.

Ingrid nodded, taking several stones and throwing one of them as far as she was able to. The stone landed on the opposite side and the noise made the guard look away. Ingrid repeated her action several times until the guard stood up and walked over to find the source of the noise.

“Hurry up and sit down at the fire. Ingrid, you will find a knife and cut the ropes quickly. I have to stay in the shadows,” Daire explained.

A minute later the scene was almost the same. Two figures were sitting at the fire and the third one was browsing the bag. The guard returned but he didn’t notice the difference; he didn’t have any reason to watch the figures closer.

Ingrid cut the ropes quickly and turned to Artemisa: “Are you still dry?”
Artemisa nodded.
“We should knock the guard out now.”

Artemisa nodded again. Her night vision was still active and she looked at the guard.

The guard suddenly felt tired and his eyes closed.
“Hey, Daire, come here.” Ingrid called Daire. As Daire walked over to the fire, Ingrid cut the ropes.

“Well, let’s tie up these men and take their resources. We shouldn’t stay here overnight. I propose that we continue our journey and find a hideout later. As long as we can use night vision, we can walk at night and find a safe place to sleep during the day.” Daire took the command.

“Yeah but we could eat at least. My stomach is grumbling.”
They found food in the bags and could eat proper food after two long days. They also took knives and two crossbows; now they could hunt the wild to provide food. Artemisa was a good hunter and so was Cliona. Their chances to get back home improved a lot.

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