Dee and Ted - A Cautionary Tale Of Our Time - Completed

Dee and Ted - A Cautionary Tale Of Our Time

Chapter 1

Dee and Ted had been married for nearly four years when Dee met Tom. Again.

Tom had been the hero of Dee’s year in medical school. He had won every academic prize, and for good measure, captained a couple of the university’s sports teams. He was a master debater, and the chess champion too. Of course. He was the only student in their molecular biology class who had been published before he graduated, and he was dating the most beautiful, kindest, girl in the medical school.

Dee had lost touch with Tom when she went overseas after graduating. She had seen and heard his name crop up in bio molecular circles now and then. He seemed to be doing pretty well, and was now in Switzerland, she’d heard.

Good for him, thought Dee, and kept working on sunscreens in the small local laboratory which had employed her after graduation.

A week later, Dee had met Ted. A quiet law major from another university, Ted was the antithesis of Tom. Ted was not a jock. He wasn’t even that much into sports. Nor did he shine academically. Socially, he was a little shy, to the point of awkwardness, in fact. But he got on well with Dee’s little nieces and nephews at the barbecue where they met, and Dee was moved to strike up a conversation with the retiring young lawyer.

It turned out that they had a few interests in common, and as Ted got to know Dee and gradually lost his shyness, Dee, at 25 and becoming concerned, though without real reason, about her biological clock, found herself drawn increasingly to him.

One night, after Ted had cooked a stunning dinner of fish, Dee proposed. That is, they talked about the future, about marriage in general as an advantage emotionally, physically, economically and socially, and Dee more or less said, ‘Well, what about it?’

Ted, who tended by this stage to be led by Dee even if neither quite realised it, agreed. And so it was.

Now Dee was alone in a distant state, attending a conference on the same obscure branch of molecular engineering as her old heartthrob, Tom, who was staying in the same hotel. On the same floor, in fact. And now single.

Tom wasn’t too forthcoming about the details of Kate’s unexpected death, but she felt both a twinge of sadness and a stronger sense of irony that now she was unavailable.

‘Ted!’ Tom was saying as they sat over coffee after spending the previous evening together and both enduring an uncomfortable and I satisfying farewell at Dee’s door.

‘Ted Mitchell!’ Tom went on, smiling.

‘He’s got a lot of good qualities,’ Dee said defensively.

‘Like what, he does what he’s told?’ Tom asked with a slight smirk.

‘Ted, he’s a nice man. Not as, well, accomplished as you are, perhaps, in some areas,’ Dee said.

Tom laughed.

‘Did he wet the bridal bed?’ asked Tom, looking at Dee.

‘Tom!’ said Dee.

Ted had had a famous accident one night during a medical school trip. He had explained that he had an intolerance to alcohol, which he had, but that didn’t stop the jocks in the year from joking about it.

‘No, he didn’t, if you want to know,’ said Dee firmly.

She didn’t add that Ted’s enuresis still surfaced occasionally, usually at times of stress. It was none of Tom’s business.

‘I’m sorry, Dee,’ Tom said, seeing Dee’s anger rising.‘That was cruel of me. It’s just that the guy never seemed quite comfortable in his own skin. If Ted did have any sort of problem, he couldn’t be in better hands than those of the class angel.’

Dee blushed.

And that blatant compliment was where it started. Ted was just as adept at wooing as he was at everything else, and by the end of the conference he knew Dee’s still attractive 29 year old body as well as the brilliant paper he had delivered.

The pair attended the closing dinner, with Dee blushing again as Tom received an accolade for the best paper delivered.

‘You must be so proud,’ people at their table told her of her impressive ‘husband’.

‘If only it were true,’ Dee found herself thinking, feeling a bit like a rat in a trap.

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A great start SallyKat. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

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Looking forward to “The Rest of the Story”, a great start to the story and I can’t wait for future chapters.

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Dee and Ted Chapter 2

“If it’s a trap, it’s a sweet one,” Dee thought to herself as she lay back in the big bed in Tom’s hotel room.

She hadn’t been able to help herself. She would never have thought she could be unfaithful to Ted, yet here she was, watching Tom’s toned abs as he came to the bedside with a couple of cups of coffee. He seemed to read her mind.

“Don’t think of it as being unfaithful, Dee. Think of it as just trying out another product for a change,” he said, putting the cups on the bedside table and standing up, looking at Dee with a smile.

Tom was wearing a fluffy white hotel towel which was stretched taut across his loins. The bulge of his semi-erect penis dominated Dee’s vision, and she moved her legs, feeling the still sticky residue of the previous evening’s energetic love-making spread over her inner thighs. She flexed the muscles around her groin in pleasure, and reached out with one hand to caress the low arch in the White towelling.

Tom didn’t say a word, but gently moved Dee’s had away and flicked the tucked towel away from his stomach and let it drop to the floor. There he stood, his thick member facing Dee. Tom’s pubic hair was dark and abundant. The cock which looked and felt large the night before looked even larger in the morning light that streamed through the window onto the bed. Dee thought for a moment of Ted’s modest equipment and his sparse blonde pubic hair. Dee had begun shaving hers soon after they married, partly to save Ted the embarrassment Dee thought he might feel at her own thick bush. She gazed at Tom’s equipment again. Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own as her fingers closed around the thick shaft. Slowly, she began to stroke, pulling the soft skin against the stiffening muscle beneath. She drew the sheet that half wrapped her away, and pulled Tom towards her as she lay on her back. Tom obliged by climbing onto the bed, and sliding into her. Dee was in heaven.

Tom took Dee to a beautiful waterfront diner for lunch. The conference had finished and it was time to go. Dee had been shopping after breakfast, and on a whim had bought a pair of dressy jeans and a tight top. They weren’t the sort of clothes she would normally wear, but Dee felt a little different now. She had wanted Tom, but he had wanted her just as much. And she had satisfied him, she felt. She felt sensuous and attractive in a way that Ted had never made her feel. The jeans were tight, and emphasised her curves. She was a tall woman, but very shapely. She generally wore conservative skirts and jackets, but now she had an urge to show off what she had. The top was quite supportive, and she had foregone her bra. Her full breasts felt free and she loved the way they swung gently as she moved. The jeans hugged her close, and fitted smoothly over her prominent mons, a feature of her physique that she had always felt self conscious about until Tom had told her how perfect she looked from her waist to her knees. She felt so good as she walked into the diner with such a specimen of manhood. She knew the looks she was getting from the female staff. Jealousy. She loved it.

Sorry about the snippet. More to come, and the diaper content will come, I guarantee it.

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Adding a little jealousy to heat up the story, great move. Loving the story.

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This is a different fun direction. Thanks SallyKat

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I like this beginning, we are getting to meet the characters, and learn some of their history. I also like that Dee and Tom are developing an adult relationship, Whish one would think, in time will leave Ted as their surrogate child. Take your time with the story and let it develop naturally on it’s own. There is no need to rush into diapers and regression… I think that there are going to be some good transitions for Ted as these two medical professionals regress him.

In one of your comments last week, you mentioned not really knowing where to go once diapers are introduced. There is a lot more to age regression than being demoted from undies to pull ups to diapers. Or going from bed wetting to daytime wetting to messing. there is oral fixation stuff like transitioning from sippy cup and thumb sucking to pacifiers and bottles to breast feeding. you can transition from a bed to a bed with safety rails to a crib to a full nursery, you can include the introduction of a stroller and a walker once the regressed character has stopped walking… Really you could write about the activity’s of daily life, and introduce new characters like family members, baby sitters or a nanny… I actually think that most ABDL stories are too rushed, or that they are only about the journey getting there… But really there could be so much more to write about after they get there.

My only actual critique, is that you accidentally used Ted’s name in place of Tom’s in the first sentence of the second chapter.

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Dee and Ted Chapter 3

Dee was feeling very special as Tom escorted her through the lobby of the hotel after lunch. She had been a quiet girl at school and at her university. She had always lacked a little confidence, in spite of her good looks. If a guy had shown interest, she had gently rebuffed them. Why would they want her, she asked herself. She knew she had a quiet personality, and she was’ sure there were many better looking girls around, so it could only have been for sex, and she didn’t consider that a sound basis for a date, let alone a relationship.

So she went through her university years taking refuge in study. When she attended a social event, it never occurred to her that she was making any sort of impression. She had long, shapely legs, but she saw them as skinny. Her hips and flat tummy looked sensational in jeans and indescribable in the little two piece swimsuit she had worn every summer for several years, but she only saw her ugly, slightly prominent mons and what she imagined was a big bum. Her breasts were magnificent, but even they appeared fat and shapeless to Dee.

It wasn’t all Zdee’s fault. She had been brought up by a busy, somewhat Puritan mother. Instead of celebrating Dee’s emerging beauty as she grew from an awkward child into an attractive young woman, mother seemed appalled at every development.

“Dee, put a bra on!” her mother would say when young Dee removed her uncomfortable training bra to sit around at home in a t-shirt. Anyone else would have found the girl’s budding breasts charming.

“We don’t show our stomachs!” and so on. Dee developed the distinct idea that whatever her body was, it was nothing to be proud of, and the idea of it being a source of pleasure never occurred to the poor girl.

Dee’s father had died on active service while Dee was only months old. She had no idea about men.

In short, she grew into a very attractive young woman with needlessly poor body image and low self-esteem.

It wasn’t until she ran into Ted after graduating that she really responded to a man, and then she did so for all the wrong reasons.

Ted was shy and lacked confidence too. To Dee’s inexperienced mind, this gave them something in common. But Ted’s lack of confidence was grounded in reality. Dee’s was not. Dee needed a man to bring her out of herself, to make her flower. In Ted, she found a man with poor emotional development, a man who needed a woman not to proudly complement and temper his masculinity with her feminine softness and insight, but a man whose behaviour did not encourage her to bloom. Ted’s behaviour encouraged, prematurely, only Dee’s caring, nurturing instincts. She cared for him and wanted to protect him from the harsh world, even if she didn’t admit it. Ted wanted that too, and was also in denial. They both used to say they preferred to ‘live quietly’. Ted loved the cocoon of comfort Dee afforded him, and Dee imagined that she was lucky to have found such a womanly role in life. After all, she wasn’t one of those vibrant types who enjoyed ‘living life to the full’. She was something of a plain little Jane, and with Ted, she achieved the goal of loving and being loved. Surely, that was success?

Yet here was this man Tom, who smelled of sweet sweat and had hairy, muscular arms, and that… that divine thing that did things Ted had never done for her. Dee looked up at Tom, not down, and her eyes were met with a smirk, or knowing smile, or whatever it was that made Dee think that he was thinking of having sex with her again. And again.

Dee worried for a few seconds that she was somehow turning into a slut, but then she realised, looking around and seeing for the first time the joy in other women’s dyes as they ‘lived life to the full’ with their own ‘Tom’s’, that she had at last joined that happy crowd that she had felt excluded from all her life. It turned out that she had the price of admission after all! And that price was very affordable.

Tom carried Dee from the elevator back to the hotel prom. He had organised cold drinks. Of course. Two big, fancy glasses. And in a moment, Dee was lying back on the big bed, laughing, pulling off her panties, thrusting her loins towards Tom as he stripped and approached the bed.

Half an hour later, sipping the delicious punch, Dee was overcome. She began to cry. Not with shame, or sadness or regret, but with the realisation that this could not last.

It wasn’t a big step now for her to realise that being married to Ted was not a route to a happy life, but an assurance that she would have to live in a state of denial from now on. Self-denial, of things like the thick penis which she had been sucking and whose tumescent form she now held tenderly in her fingers, and denial to the world that she had made a huge mistake throwing in her lot with Ted.

Tom, for all his swaggering machismo, was a sensitive and intelligent man. He hadn’t met Ted, but from talking to Dee, pespecially after sex when she seemed more open and realistic, he had formed a fairly good idea of what was wrong with the relationship,she had described to him.

Dee and Tom had both begun to feel that their liaison was something special. Dee had realised that such pairings up in exotic places were just part of living life to the full, but she sensed something more, too.

The pair decided to stay a few days more after the conference. Tom was single, and didn’t need to lie to anyone, but he helped his conflicted partner out by coaching her a little, and alluding, quite honestly, to the special nature of their relationship that warranted further investigation. As medical scientists, that was an inducement neither could really pass up.

Ted readily agreed to the extension of Dee’s little sabbatical. If she and one of her colleagues had unearthed something new and exciting, he wanted her to have every chance of getting to the bottom of it. Poor Ted.

He had a few issues of his own. With Dee away, he had spent most of the time role playing on his computer. The game he was involved in had stretched out over days. Ted was finding his own excitement. In the game, a spell had turned him into an elf, and he even had a master, or more correctly, a mistress. The spell caster. The powerful female character now controlled him in the game, and he was loving it.

The long hours at the keyboard had affected Ted’s usually conservative sleeping patterns,mand his old bogey, enuresis, had returned. He had wet the bed three times since Dee had been away, and had even arranged a plastic sheet for the matters until she returned. He had even wet while playing the game. One more minute, he kept telling himself as his elven character did the witch lady’s bidding, until heis bladder rebelled, and he found he couldn’t stop until he was done. He even messaged the dark queen about what had happened.

“That’s ok, little elf,” she had replied. “Lots of little elves like you have accidents in their panties. That’s why they wear little tunics. Little boy elves do too,” the lady added, after Ted had felt a frisson of excitement. She thinks I’m a girl elf, Ted thought. He couldn’t remember establishing his gender in the game. Then he began to worry. Was it ok to play a little girl elf? What there was of Ted penis was now erect in his soaked underpants and tracksuit. He begged off to get changed.

“Put something pretty on,” suggested his mistress. “Do you need a diaper, honey?”

Ted responded by excusing himself, and masturbating himself where he was to a powerful, for him, orgasm.

He wasn’t at all sure afterwards that he knew what had happened. His head seemed filled with strange concepts. Not articulated thoughts, but whirling ideas. Had he been a little girl elf all this time? Why hadn’t he noticed. Was it different anyway, being a girl? Surely it would be. But what if it wasn’t different for him? What would that mean? What he did know is that he wanted to keep playing.

Ted put his clothes in the washing machine, after taking out last night’s sheets. Then he had a shower, and went to the bedroom. He opened his underwear drawer. Then he looked at the adjacent drawer, Dee’s, and slowly opened it. His hand was shaking slightly.

To be continued.

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ababy, stop being clairvoyant. You’ll give away my super-secret plot! ;D

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I hope to see this story last for a while, Sallly. But bring t forward as the muse directs.

I say that because I have come to expect only the best from you.

Please keep writing for us and I will hopefully keep enjoy the work you release.

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Yes, This is a great chapter… We really got a much closer look at Dee, and her emotional make up, I think this is awesome. many times writers focus too much on the regressing character, while leaving the other characters as shallow mysteries. Developing all of the characters, is part of what makes stories fuller.

I like that we are getting to watch this part of Dee’s womanhood blossom, every woman deserves to be a fulfilled goddess. But at the same time you have shown us, enough of her back story, to understand how such a magnificent woman, settled into a quiet little life, with her quiet little husband. And how her strong maternal feelings, towards her husband developed… in a very natural and believable way… Though she may not understand that her feelings actually are maternal yet.

I also enjoy the confliction that she is feeling between her developing adult relationship with Tom, and her love for her husband… many of the stories that you write, seem to explore themes of poly-fidelity and alternative lifestyle family’s. These types of situations are of particular interest for me. I understand that people can love more than one person at a time, and in varying ways… I like to believe that some time in the distant future, as mankind evolves further from hunter gatherer primates, and closer to true spiritually evolved love… That our models for societal roles will also evolve…

I think that we are already living in a time, when some women are the more masculine heads of households… And where some men are the more effeminate home makers and care providers… But I also believe that we are heading towards a day, where an older member of the family may live as the youngest… I do not think that this will be the rule of thumb, But I do think that society will evolve to accommodate personal identity, and alternative lifestyle family structures… All of us are actually the earliest pioneers of such cultural advancement… I am happy and proud that we can be a part of all of this.

As I mentioned in one of my earlier reply’s to one of your stories… Even though there is a natural D/s dichotomy in a parent child relationship… It is generally a very loving dichotomy also… So I can see Dee and Toms regression of Ted, being loving and nurturing… Which would be in tune with Dees love for her husband, and both Tom and Dee’s hippocratic oath.

It is my actual belief that many infantilist’s and other age regressives, carry a lot of shame and guilt over our child like or infantile feelings and associations. And I also feel that a lot of us use the mechanisms of BDSM and dominance and submission, to remove responsibility from our selves, or to use as a justification for out true natures… Mistress Or Master made me do it… Instead of admitting the truth, that Mistress/Mommy or Master/Daddy merely facilitate as a conduit for allowing us or giving us permission to express our true feelings or nature.

Even with the little bit that you have exposed us to Dee’s mom. You gave us enough of her personality, to project how she may fit into the mix… I love how you lead us readers along… Have you ever noticed how so many of us readers, become bummed out when you discontinue a story? It’s because we have become personally invested in them… And that is a testament to your style of writing, and how you relate your characters and their situations to us… It’s like you are a zen mistress of age regression stories… Taking the natural path of least resistance… That leads us all on a relatable emotional journey.

I do however have one major inconstancy to point out to you Miss Sally. Though I do believe that it could help you in developing Tom’s character… In this chapter you mentioned that Tom has not met Ted yet… But in the first chapter you wrote like they all know each other from medical school…

‘Ted Mitchell!’ Tom went on, smiling.

‘He’s got a lot of good qualities,’ Dee said defensively.

‘Like what, he does what he’s told?’ Tom asked with a slight smirk.

‘Ted, he’s a nice man. Not as, well, accomplished as you are, perhaps, in some areas,’ Dee said.

Tom laughed.

‘Did he wet the bridal bed?’ asked Tom, looking at Dee.

‘Tom!’ said Dee.

Ted had had a famous accident one night during a medical school trip. He had explained that he had an intolerance to alcohol, which he had, but that didn’t stop the jocks in the year from joking about it.

‘No, he didn’t, if you want to know,’ said Dee firmly.

She didn’t add that Ted’s enuresis still surfaced occasionally, usually at times of stress. It was none of Tom’s business.

‘I’m sorry, Dee,’ Tom said, seeing Dee’s anger rising.‘That was cruel of me. It’s just that the guy never seemed quite comfortable in his own skin. If Ted did have any sort of problem, he couldn’t be in better hands than those of the class angel.’

Dee blushed.

@Miss Sally… I really like that they would all know each other from school, and that Tom would have a sense that Ted is uncomfortable in his own shin, or maybe even social role?… Tom’s knowledge of Ted’s toileting issues, could lead to some great scenes between Tom and Ted as their interpersonal dichotomy develops in the future.

I also like the ways in which you are describing your characters physical descriptions and attributes. From Tom’s tall, strong, endowed masculinity, to Dee’s statuesque femininely mature curves… and Ted’s diminutive or petit stature and under developed immaturity, that lends it’s self to a sense of femininity, or perhaps gender neutral androgyny? Again this is something that I relate to in my own personal experience…

While I generally present as my birth gender, which is male, Due to my personal self identification at a very young infantile level… I feel that I am actually gender neutral, in the most infantile of ways… This is coupled with my sexual identity of being asexual, or really pre sexual… While enjoying a more pronounced level of infantile sensuality… ie : attachment/affinity to potty diapers and strong suckling reflex/oral fixation and emotional need to form surrogate maternal and paternal bonds.

When you wrote about Tom carrying Dee from the elevator to the room. It helped to establish the physical pecking order… Earlier in the story you mentioned that Dee was taller and physically more mature than Ted, You also mention her long legs in this chapter… Which establishes in my minds eye, the vision of a statuesque goddess of femininity… Now in this scene you have established Tom’s even larger physical being… In a world of continuity, it will not be any stretch of the imagination for Tom to be carrying little Ted as easily as any child.

Miss Sally if my insights and connections to your stories, are really too clairvoyant… Please just let me know and I really will stop… I am not trying to take away from what you are doing… Honestly, I hope that my attentiveness inspires you… I also hope that my relating personal stuff about my self and my insights into regression and infantilism… can also help to inspire that sense of realism that many of your readers look for in these types of stories… Really, I feel blessed to be able to interact positively with you in this way… But really if you need me to stop, so as not to give away the farm, I will.

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Thanks, ababy. I had forgotten that Tom knew Ted from med school! I’ll make the appropriate changes.

And do stop fussing about whether or not I’m really worried about your amazing clairvoyance. I’m not, but I am flattered that you careen ouch to think so.

Your inner self may be considerably younger than your chronological age, but your perception is quite mature. You are right, babies, even toddlers, are asexual, or presentable, as you point out, unless we want to sexualise them. When you are diapering someone, it hardly matters if there is a penis or a vagina under the diaper. It may matter to the owner, of course, but it’s not really important to anyone else. In general terms, someone in a diaper has lost their sexuality. Someone may still wish to have sex with them, but in our society being in a diaper is a clear signal that the diapered person is no longer in control of their bodily functions. At the same time, such a person is generally regarded as no longer adult in some or many respects. To many people, they have also lost their sexual autonomy. It disappeared when their genitalia disappeared beneath the thick folds of their diaper.

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Dee and Ted. Chapter 4

Ted must have gazed for minutes at the contents of his wife’s underwear drawer.

Dee was not one of those women given to folding neatly every feminine item and placing them in rows like men’s ties curled in orderly ranks in a shop display. Instead, her smalls lay in colourful confusion - bras, lacy briefs, thongs and… Ted’s prying fingers found their mark - full cotton briefs. Gorgeous pastel knickers with a little lace at the leg openings and waist. Ted held them up. They would certainly fit him.

First, though, he reached to the top of the chest of drawers for the baby powder Dee always used to dust herself with. Ted lay back on the bed, the briefs in one trembling hand, while he liberally applied the talc to himself. Oh, it felt so good, and the smell! All kinds of memories came flooding back. Ted was almost in heaven.

He stepped into the garment and pulled the waist up his smooth legs. He had never had much body hair, and had almost none on his legs and only sparse growth around his little penis, which was now waggling for attention.

Breathing heavily, Ted pulled the full briefs up tight and looked at himself in the mirror. He saw his slight, pale, flat-chested figure standing uncertainly, the white briefs dominating his view. There was only the slightest protuberance below the soft mound of his little pot belly. His eyes swam, and he saw, not Ted, but a little girl elf looking back at him. His longish blonde hair completed the picture, framing what had always been his youthful, slightly effeminate features. He smiled, and the little girl smiled back. Ted felt a rush of pleasure suffuse his body. He had never felt like this before.

He ran back to his computer, and typed in the still open chat box.

“I’m back!”

There was a pause, then the mistress lady replied.

“Good girl. I was worried about you.”

Ted grinned at the screen, and inserted a smiley face.

“Does your mummy know you are paying this game?” came the reply.

Ted was dumbstruck. Mummy didn’t know, and Ted felt a surge of real guilt.

“No,” he typed.

“OK,” read the letters. “It can be our little secret.”

There was a pause.

“I have to go now, but I want you to be a good little girl for mummy until we speak again. Can you do that? Do you promise?” read the text box.

“Yes,” wrote Ted.

“And will you wear your diaper if you need to?” the lady asked.

Tom swallowed hard.

“Yes,” he typed.

“You’re a good little girl” said the text box, and closed with a little bell sound.

Ted sat for a long while with his thoughts. It was as though a secret box inside himself had been open for a few minutes, and this magical, unknown woman had been talking to the little girl who lived in the box. The little girl had gone now, but Ted could still feel her presence, closed up inside her secret box. Tom’s hand went to his groin, and for a moment, he felt nothing there but the gusset of the cotton briefs. He experienced no shock or surprise at the discovery. After all, he was really a little girl, and little girls have nothing sticking out down there. Then he moved, and realised that his penis and little balls were tucked underneath him as he sat. He stood up, and felt the small bulk held close to his body by the soft cotton, which was wet, he realised. In fact, the whole front and crotch of his panties were wet. With a gasp, Ted ran to the bathroom, peeing as he went, the warm pee running down his legs and over his feet as he ran.

In the bathroom, he tore the panties off and sat on the toilet while the last few dribbles escaped him.

I should have had my diaper on, he told himself as a matter of course. He rinsed out the panties and squeezed most of the water from them before draping them over the chair by the bed. His mind was full of many thoughts, and rather than address them, he climbed naked into bed and tried to go to sleep. His makeshift plastic sheet crinkled as he moved this way and that, and he eventually fell into a dreamless sleep.

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I like the way “magic” is catching our little elf girl by surprise.
Little elves that place too much trust on Dark Queens are deemed to get lost in the colorful mists of LaLa Land and never get back to Adultville.

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Dee and Ted. Chapter 5

Dee lay back on the bed where Tom had gently tossed her after carrying her bodily into the room. She had been wearing a short, sheer summer frock, which was now gathered around her waist. Tom was smiling at her from the end of the bed, looking into her eyes rather than at the satiny ver of her panties exposed in front of him. Dee put one arm behind her head and let her other arm drop, her hand coming to rest on her stomach. She smiled back at Tom and lazily spread her fingers, tracing them lightly over her satin-encased vulva. She applied a little pressure with her fingertips, and shivered.

“Go on,” said Tom.

“Go on what?” Dee replied coquettishly.

“Carry on,” said Tom.

Dee smiled happily. Everything felt so natural with Tom.

“Are you going to give me a hand?” she asked quietly.

“I’m lazy,” said Tom with a grin. “You start without me and I’ll join you in a minute.”

Dee continued, using two fingers now and arching her back slightly to increase the pressure on her clitoris.

“You are lazy, Tom,” said Dee.

Tom looked down at Dee. He was well over six feet tall, and Dee felt like a little doll by comparison.

“I thought you were a good Catholic girl,” said Tom as Dee gasped softly and gyrated her hips as her fingers worked away.

“I am,” she replied, closing her eyes.

“Did they let you do that at the convent?” Tom asked, still grinning.

“We did nothing else,” replied Dee dreamily as she stopped for a moment and slid her hand underneath the waist of her panties.

“Oh, really?” said Tom, dropping his pants to reveal the big bulge in the front of his boxer shorts.

He sat on the bed next Dee who was starting to lose touch with the here and now.

“I think,” she said, pausing to moan involuntarily, " It’s time for you to stop… being… lazy!"

Dee reached out, her eyes still shut, with her free hand and grasped Tom’s now rigid cock. She fumbled as she pulled it free of his shorts and tugged him towards her.

Tom put on knee onto the bed, then the other, straddling Dee. Then he pulled down her pants to reveal her shiny, wet crotch.

Dee stopped for a minute and waggled her legs about to rid them of the panties, then puller Tom onto and into her.

Oh God, she thought, as waves of pleasure pulsed from her groin to the tips of her toes and her fingers.

Some time later, who knows how long, she came. It was a crescendo of intense joy which echoed again and again as she lay back, her whole body twitching occasionally. She could feel the liquid products of their mutual pleasure running down her buttocks to the sheet below. Tom stood up again and Dee rolled to one side.

“What a messy little girl you are!” said Tom.

“That’s your side,” Dee said, her eyes still closed.

“It’s bang in the middle,” said Tom. “When you’re ready, we’ll have to change the sheets.”

“With what?” asked Dee, now wide awake.

“With whatever room service brings us,” said Tom. “Can you call them?”

Dee blushed bright red. She really was a good Catholic girl.

“You ring them!” she said, her eyes wide.

“OK,” said Tom, picking up the phone and dialling zero.

“Hello,” said Tom when it was answered. “This is room 209. We need the lower bedsheet changed please. Oh, and can you bring a chilled bottle of Krug and a couple of dozen oysters naturale please. Yes, thanks. Goodbye.”

Dee sat on the bed, wrapped in a towel. It was a little much for her. But then, she thought, this is just how that same group, the in crowd at uni, behave as adults.

“What’s up?” asked Tom, seeing Dee’s pensive face.

“Nothing,” she said. “It’s just, you’re so… confident. But then, you’ve done all this before,” she added, a little sadly.

“No,” said Tom.

Dee smiled in relief.

“I’m dying for a leak,” said Tom, and moved past Dee on his way to the bathroom. He shut the door behind him.

Dee was musing over the schoolboy turn of phrase ‘dying for a leak’ coming from this big man, when there was a knock at the door. Dee jumped a little, and looked towards the bathroom door. The knock sounded a second time.

“Just a minute,” said Dee, and secured the towel across her breasts as she opened the door to the hall.

One of the housemaids stood there with a neatly folded sheet. Next to her stood a young man in a white uniform with a small trolley containing the champagne, oysters and a vase of gardenias whose scent was already filling the room.

Dee motioned towards the bed.

"We, er… " she began.

“Of course, ma’am,” said the housemaid with a friendly smile.

Expertly, she changed the sheet, and turned to Dee again.

“Where would you like the flowers, ma’am?” she asked.

“Er, over there, please,” replied Dee.

The housemaid arranged the flowers as the young man pushed the trolley into the room and left.

“I hope you’re enjoying your stay,” said the housemaid with a smile as she finished her work and stood at the door.

“Oh, I am,” said Dee, turning to the girl just as her towel fell open, revealing her nakedness and her still shiny tummy.

Dee clutched wildly at the towel, embarrassed not only by her nakedness but by what she had just said.

“I’m glad,” said the housemaid with the most understanding of smiles and gently pulled the door closed as she left.

Dee stormed into the bathroom to find Tom in the shower. She threw off her towel and climbed into the big glass enclosure with him.

“Just in time,” said Tom, taking her hands and guiding them to his soapy cock and balls. After a minute, he turned Dee around and reached around to caress her breasts and crotch. For the second time in a few hours, Dee was transported well beyond the earthly plane. She wondered if it were possible to die of pleasure.

“Dee,” said Tom a little later, still standing behind her and slowly massaging her soapy clitoris in a meditative sort of way, “I’ve been thinking about Ted.”

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Re: Dee and Ted - A Cautionary Tale Of Our Time

Oh, how right you are, Bonsai!

Re: Dee and Ted - A Cautionary Tale Of Our Time

Very nice chapters Miss Sally… I really did not see some of that coming. The mesmerizing dark queen, is a very nice angle to play… maybe the little girl in the box was always inside Ted?… Or maybe she is a subliminally planted exercise? Regardless of why or how… I think that it is sweet that likes the little girl and identifies with her…

That was a very nice save that you performed in chapter five. Exploring Tom and Dee’s growing adult intimacy, bringing the story back to…“they all know each other from school”. And leaving it on a cliff hanger…

I think that descriptively you are doing a very nice job, of adding enough detail, to help in forming mental pictures… I really liked the bit about men’s ties in a store front window… Exposing Dee’s wetness as the towel slipped off of her, in front of the chamber maid… Nice work Miss Sally, and thank you for sharing with us.

Re: Dee and Ted - A Cautionary Tale Of Our Time

Looking forward to more when you can as the bits so far have been quite lovely :slight_smile:

Re: Dee and Ted - A Cautionary Tale Of Our Time

Dee and Ted. Chapter 6

“Oh?” said Dee. “Do tell.”

Tom sat on the end of the bed, and looked at Dee for a moment. He spoke carefully and seriously, and Dee listened to every word. She was amazed at how much thought Tom must have given this, and how much he seemed to have deduced about Dee and Ted’s marriage.

When Tom had finished expressing his thoughts, Dee stared into space for some time. What Tom had told her was partly a revelation, partly a conformation and partly a direction for a new life. Dee felt both embarrassed, that she hadn’t seen over several years what had been obvious to Tom simply by what he knew of Ted, regretful that she had missed the years of pleasure she might have had by marrying… Tom, she supposed. And then, she felt something else. The idea that Ted was as strange, or potentially odd, or wanted what Tom had suggested, gave Dee feelings that the all-knowing Tom had not talked about. Illicit, exciting feelings, which Dee knew were bound up one one hand with the maternal feelings she got around helpless babies, and on the omhther hand, with darker, not even articulated, feelings from deep within her, feelings that occasionally came towards the surface when she masturbated. Despite her growing tenderness for Tom, Dee didn’t mention the deeper feelings to him as they discussed Ted. But Dee did agree to try some of Tom’s ideas with Ted, and even to consider the medication he had mentioned if his ideas were correct.

And so Dee arrived home from her extended conference leave to an unsuspecting spouse. As usual when she returned from an absence, Ted was happy to see her home, and was as attentive as an excited puppy. Dee saw this behaviour with new eyes now.

She guessed from the freshly laundered bottom sheet that Ted had wet the bed again, and he didn’t deny it when she asked. She was also interested to see what he had been up to left to his own devices. It wasn’t much, Dee could see. Playing computer games, a jigsaw puzzle and Ted’s old box of trains from the garage was in the corner of the living room.

“Did you have your train set out while I was away?” Dee asked him as she prepared their breakfast on her first day back.

“Oh, I was fixing it,” said Ted.

“I see,” said Dee. “Ted, when we’ve had breakfast, there’s something I want to talk to you about in the bedroom, please honey. OK?”

Dee knew that she had fired the first tiny salvo towards her new life. While she habitually gave Ted instructions that she expected him to follow, she had referred to the couple’s bedroom as ‘the bedroom’. It would soon be ‘my bedroom’, and if Tom were right, there would be no objection from Ted. Dee have ‘her bedroom’ would be quite natural.

After breakfast, Dee led Ted to ‘the bedroom’. She patted the end of the bed and told Ted to sit, which obediently he did. She stood in front of him a few feet away, but now towering above him. Ted was look directly at Dee’s denim-clad crotch. He glanced up at Dee as she spoke.

"Ted, in a minute, I want you to get up and strip to your undies. There’s a reason for this. But before you do, I want you to look at the panties on the bed next to you.

Dee had deliberately used the word panties to describe the little pile of Ted’s boxer shorts and jockey briefs next to him in the bed. It was all part of Tom’s plan.

Ted didn’t object to the terminology, and looked down at the little pile.

“Pick up a pair, please Ted,” said Dee.

Ted picked up the top garment, a pair of white jockey briefs.

“Show me the crotch, please Ted,” said Dee.

Slowly, Ted stretched the underpants between his fingers. The crotch was disfigured by concentric dark yellow circles. Ted looked up at Dee like a dog who’d been found eating the cat’s food. Or, as Tom would have said, a guilty child.

“Now,” said Dee sternly. “What is that on those knickers, Ted?”

Dee was implementing Tom’s ideas of the crucial importance of how things are named in how we perceive them.

“It’s urine,” Ted said softly, looking from the underpants to the floor.

Dee reached down and cupped Ted’s chin in her strong fingers. She directed his face upwards so she could look him in the eye.

“That’s right, Teddy,” she said, using the diminutive name she had only ever used jokingly before. “It’s pee, Teddy. It’s wee wee. Now, whose wee wee is it?”

Dee could see the tears forming in Ted’s eyes.

“Mine,” said Ted softly.

“And what about these other panties, Teddy?” Dee asked, showing Ted one by one the soiled garments she had kept from the wash for soaking separately. “Who wet these?”

“I did,” said Ted, almost inaudibly.

Treat him exactly as you would a child, Tom had said. If I’m right, he had said, you’ll get a child-like response. Because that’s what he really is, Dee. That’s why he struggles so much in the adult world. And I don’t even think he wants to be in that world.

Tom’s words resonated with Dee S she listens to her husband, on the verge of tears, owning up to wetting his pants.

“What did you do, Ted?” prompted Dee.

Ted looked down, definitely crying now. Dee took his chin in her fingers again, and lifted his head.

“Teddy, I know this is hard, baby, but it’s for your own good. I want to help you, you know that, don’t you, honey? I want to help you, and look after you, and be your… and just be your best friend,” Dee said, glad that she had stopped herself saying ‘mummy’.

That wasn’t in the script. Not yet, anyway.

Ted was nodding through his tears. Dee noticed that he seemed to be squirming.

“Teddy,” she said, “Stand up please baby.”

Ted stood, and Dee pulled down his track pants. Ted was wearing a pair of jockey briefs, and sure enough, the crotch was wet.

“OK, Ted,” said Dee, pulling down Ted’s briefs to expose his almost hairless little genitals. Dee was amused to see her husband’s little willy pointing straight out at her. She smiled. Tom’s ‘little willy’ in that condition would have made it almost impossible to remove a pair of running pants from him.

Dee ignored he unimpressive little display and sent Ted off to the bathroom, telling him to shower as well.

Meanwhile, Dee picked up the collection soiled undies and took them to the laundry.

Once Ted was showered, Dee sat him on the bed again. She had laid out on the bed a few pairs of brand new underwear for Ted. They were all full cut cotton briefs.

“I want you to listen, Ted,” said Dee. “This is how we’re going to handle this. I have some new knickers for you here. They are very comfortable, and you will see that they have a double lining ni the gusset here, in the crotch, to help absorb any little leaks you might have. So, which colour do you want to wear first?”

Tom had joked that it was a ‘one egg or two’ question. No eggs was not a a option. Ted had to choose between pastel pink, pastel yellow, past blue or a pair of briefs with a flower print on them. It hardly mattered, they were all going into his underwear drawer to replace what was there at the moment.

“Those,” said Ted in a slightly quavering voice, pointing at the pale blue briefs.

“Right,” said Dee. “First, though…”

Dee spread out the towel her husband had arrived with on the bed, and settled Ted’s on it, with his bottom on the centre. Dee picked up a container of baby powder from the bed and gently pushed Ted back until he was lying flat on his back. She smiled again at Ted’s little ‘package’. Now that she had a reliable alternative, she saw Ted’s equipment in a new light. His flaccid penis was about half the length of her little finger, and a little bit thicker. It lay on top of a small scrotum that held Ted’s tiny balls up tight to his body. Dee realised that she had never seen Ted’s sac ‘hanging’ like Tom’s did. In fact, in cold water, Ted’s scrotum contracted to became a mere pinkish bulge behind his little penis.

“What are you doing?” Ted asked from his prone position as Dee dusted has groin with powder, lifting his penis between her thumb and forefinger to spread talc beneath it.

“I’m just putting a little talc on you so you will stay fresher if you wet, honey,” Dee replied.

She finished with the baby powder and, noting Ted’s little penis stirring, hastened to pull the briefs over Ted’s feet.

“We’ll point this down to make sure any leaks go into the double padded area,” said Dee.

Ted didn’t reply as Dee pushed Ted’s penis downwards and tugged the panties up tight to his waist.

“There we are honey, how is that?” Dee asked, standing Ted up and propelling him towards the cheval mirror in the room.

Ted stood silently in front of the mirror.

His reflection looked back. The full briefs contained him fully from thighs to high up his waist. From the front, Ted could hardly see anything of his genitals, and above where there might have been a discernable bump the panties were stretched over the mound of Ted’s pot belly, the result of a soft lifestyle and too much sweet food. If it weren’t for the slightly ambiguous area at the very lowest part of he crotch, anyone would have mistaken Ted, from the knees to the waist anyway, for a narrow-hipped girl.

Ted was still staring at his reflection when a smiling Dee moved behind him and started brushing his hair.

When she had finished, and one would have said that the creature in the mirror, and the one in the flesh, looked ‘pretty’.

“Turn around, honey,” suggested Dee.

Ted turned. The big crescent at the back on the panties where the double gusset was sown was very clear, Dee saw with pleasure. She could feel the crotch of her own knickers getting wet now.

Ted was crying now.

“Ted,” said Dee, putting a consoling hand to her husband’s shoulder, I’m sorry to have had to talk about your wetting, but I think this is a good solution. Lots of children, and some adults too, have problems with staying dry all the time. it’s not an easy skill to master. Some people never do. And lots and lots of people wet at night. I know two little girls who wet their beds at night, just like you do. Only they wet every single night. Not like you, you’re often dry at night, aren’t you Ted?"

Ted nodded.

“Good boy,” said Dee. “Now, we need a top. You can’t go running around in just your panties, can you, no matter how nice they are.”

Ted nodded again.

“Go and find a t-shirt in your second drawer, honey,” said Dee. “I know, there’s a yellow one there. It’s very long. You could wear that and not have to bother with pants. It’s just around the house. Grab the yellow one, baby.”

Ted duly arrived back in the bedroom wearing the long yellow t-shirt. The hem was three or four inches below his pantied bum, and the clinging material, and Ted’s soft flesh, meant that the panty lines of his knickers were very visible.

“You look lovely, honey,” said Dee, “and you’re safe next time you wet a little bit. Now I have some paperwork to do. Do you want to do another jigsaw puzzle, or do you want to play with your train some more?”

It was another one egg or two question. Ted was glad to do either. He spent the rest of the morning playing with his train.

Dee interrupted him at lunch time, and stopped him before he sat down to check his panties for wetness. Ted objected, but Dee insisted on the basis that Ted was often too busy to notice whether he was wet or not. Tom gave in without a murmur, and stood quietly while Dee checked his panties.

So far, so good, thought Dee as they ate lunch. Every single word I have said to Ted this morning, she thought, I might have said to a five year old. And Ted has responded exactly like one.

Dee wondered at Tom’s perception. How could she have lived with Ted for so long, she thought, without realising that she was sharing her house, and her life, with a man who was so obviously childish in his ways?

Dee wondered about the medication Tom had talked about. A ‘biomolecular cocktail’ to ‘bring things into line’ for poor Ted, she recalled him saying. And even something for her. Some tapes made by a colleague of Tom’s who was investigating ‘psychosexual responses’. Tom said his woman might have something that we’d help her accept Ted better. Dee certain,y didn’t want to lose Ted, whom she loved dearly, although she didn’t want to lose her new found source of extreme pleasure - Tom’s extensively equipped body, which he had said was hers now that they were colleagues in the reconstruction of dear Ted.

After lunch, Ted went back to work on his trains. He seemed perfectly happy. When Dee checked his knickers again in mid afternoon, he was wet but not soaked. His excuse was that he was too busy with the train set to notice he needed to go to the bathroom. Dee didn’t make a fuss, and decided to change him range than let him loose with the talc. Ted was again happy to submit. His reward was a little surprise. Dee noticed that he was erect again during his change, so with two fingers and her thumb, she brought him off after about a minute of rapid movement before putting him into a clean pair of full briefs. Ted seemed in a very strange mood after that, alternately crying and clinging to Dee. She decided the best place for him was bed, so she put him in the single bed in the spare room, where he sniffled for a few minutes before sleeping quietly.

Dee woke him an hour or so later, and cursed herself for not thinking of a plastic sheet. Ted had wet in his sleep, soaking the sheets and mattress. Dee stripped both the bed and Ted, and sent her husband off for yet another shower. Things were moving along at quite a pace.

“Ted,” she said once she had him sitting in front of her again.

Ted t on his towel on the end of the double bed and looked up at Dee. She could see in his eyes this time fear as well as a kind of longing, she thought. Well, she decided, here goes.

“Ted, I don’t have to tell you how cross I am that you have wet your bed,” Dee began.

Ted shivered. He was naked and sat with his hands pressed into his crotch.

“It’s not so much that you’re a bedwetter, Ted,” said Dee, using the term about him for the first time, “But that you didn’t ask for some sort of protection.”

Ted looked as though he were about to speak.

“Shh for a moment, Ted, this is important. It’s my fault too, Ted. I should not have put you to bed without making sure you would be ok if you wet. Now I bought some things which I know will help you. I wasn’t sure you’d ever need them, but I know now that you do need these. Will you please go to the linen cupboard in the hall. On the middle shelf you’ll find a pack of what you need, please bring them here,” Dee said.

Tom stood up and silently trotted off to the hall. He returned with a large green and White plastic package. Dee could see his hands trembling as he gave the big package to her.

If Tom were right, this was a crucial moment for Ted. This was like someone opening the door to the forbidden world he coveted, and helping him through that door.

“Ted,” said Dee as she opened the packet and took out a thick white pull-up. “You have clearly reached a stage where you need to wear these, at least at night or when you’re asleep, or when you’re very busy.”

Dee thought she’d add the last little bit to Tom’s prescribed script. It couldn’t hurt. Besides, the idea of having Ted in diapers while he was awake during the day was irresistible to Dee. She was beginning to feel quite excited about it. Whether Tom had simply awakened in her something every other woman with a normal life realised, or whether Tom, or she, for that matter, was unique, Dee found her thoughts increasingly focussed around her sexuality. Not that she minded, but she seemed to be increasingly preoccupied with her breasts and her crotch. She knew Tom was interested in them, but it was odd how she now checked how her breasts looked before she checked her makeup, and how much pleasure she got now from wearing tight pants that showed off her once-despised pubic mound.

Meanwhile, Ted had sat on the bed, dee knew she had work to do. After dusting Ted with talc again, she tugged the thick pull-ups over Ted’s bottom and made sure the garment was as secure as it could be. Tom had warned her that if he wet at night wearing a pull-up, it would probably leak. All the better excuse to get him into proper diapers, which according to Tom, was what he needed and wanted, but could not ask for.

“There you are, baby, all ready for bed,” said Dee, patting her handiwork. “How do they feel, honey?”

To be continued.

Re: Dee and Ted - A Cautionary Tale Of Our Time

Great story SallyKat. I look forward to more as soon as the ideas gel