Decisions: Melina's Side

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Decisions: Melina’s Side

Chapter 1

Sun beaming through the window, Melina slowly wakes up. Groggily wiping her eyes, she sits up. As she sits up, she’s reminded of the blissful already wet diaper on her waist. She thought she may have wet herself in her sleep, but then remembered she did it before she did go to sleep. Despite how much she liked the feeling, it did start to itch.

Now her thoughts started concentrating on making her diaper warmer. But despite to her thought, she didn’t feel the urge to go yet. So instead she got up and felt her pink flowery patterned diaper slush back into position. The weight of her urine in the diaper caused it to bulge out being visible through her white pajama pants. She knew she should go and get changed by her mother. Checking the clock on her phone indicated 10am, Tuesday, which meant her mother should be up.

As she walked out of her room and was nearing her sister Ashley’s, she began to wonder if her poor sister suffered another accident in the night. And just as her thought filled her brain to see her sister’s yellow stained blue diaper, the door opened. Ashley stood behind the door with her left hand still on the knob. One thing stood out immediately, the bulge on Ashley’s blue pajama pants. This bulge was very much like her own, which must have meant Ashley had a night time accident, or went on purpose or possibly both.

“Did you umm, you know?” Melina tried asking politely. Even though the two of them didn’t have any fears the day before about the usage of their diapers, Melina still felt a bit bad for her sister’s bed wetting.

“Yeah, I had another night time accident,” Ashley answered back with no stumble. But Melina could only help give a concerned look. “Well, we should get changed.”

“Alright, you can take a shower first then,” Melina smiled back.

“Um, sis,” Ashley stumbled her question. Melina could only turn her head a bit sideways not knowing what she could say. “When did you, you know?” It now made sense with Ashely’s staring at her waist.

“Oh, I ended up going sometime last night before I went to bed,” Melina said with a pat to her diaper.

“Oh jeez, you know you don’t have to use it at night too?” Ashley stated.

Even though that was obvious to Melina, she still can’t help but smile at how it feels to go. “Well, this way was easier.”

“Maybe you’re still a baby or something,” Ashley stated. This caused Melina to blush and give a slight chuckle.

“Hehe, maybe you’re right,” Melina replied. “But wouldn’t that make us both babies?” Melina quickly fired back. Her hand reached out to touch the front of her sister’s swollen diaper.

This caused Ashley to blush a bit at the statement. “Maybe so, but I was thinking how weird we must be.” Ashley began to hang her head down. This caused Melina to feel fairly bad as well. “Just, there can’t be anybody else who’d enjoy this like us.” Melina began to feel for her sister who must have been deep in thought about the whole idea.

“Well we should get changed at least,” Melina stated to break the atmosphere. After stating that, Melina let Ashley walk in front of her towards their mother’s bedroom.

Since Ashley was going to be getting changed and take a shower first, Melina decided to go back in her room to think about what Ashley just stated. She is quite right about it being weird. I don’t think I could even imagine my friends doing this nor anyone else. But it just feels right to me, shouldn’t that be all that matters. As long as it feels welcome to us, we shouldn’t have to care about how weird it’d be. I suppose I should take a look into this later tonight to relieve her doubts.

Soon after she was done thinking, her mother walked into her room. “How you doing baby?” Melina smiled at her comment.

“I’m feeling excellent,” Melina’s face beamed. This caused her mother to smile brighter.

“That’s wonderful, now how about your diaper?” Her mother asked quickly. Before Melina could even reply, her mother was sticking her finger down her waist. She felt even more like a baby to not announce her status. Despite how weird it seemed, she quite enjoyed the feeling.

Her mother pulled her fingers out almost as fast as she had put them in. “Looks like someone’s needing a change. Ashley’s done in the shower, so you can take one first.” She began to walk out of Melina’s room and turned around before exiting. “I almost forgot, are you wanting to wear a diaper today as well? I should have asked you instead of assuming you would.”

Now came Melina’s chance to continue her diaper dream. Before she could speak though, she could only think of her sister Ashley. “Did you ask Ashley already?”

Her mother nodded, “I asked her when she came to get her diaper removed to shower. And she said she wanted to. In fact, I just changed her into another diaper already.”

This gave Melina all the more reason to respond, “Then I would like to as well.”

Her mother smiled in return, “Okay baby, after you finish your shower come into my room.” With that said her mother walked up to her and stripped her pajama pants off and quickly untapped her swollen diaper. Melina had no choice now but to get in the shower.

Despite her realizing the repeated usage of the word baby towards her, she didn’t feel bad. She quite enjoyed her mother calling her a baby in fact.

Melina always enjoyed taking her time in the shower, especially when it’s nice and warm. She had stopped taking baths now that she had been a bit busier with school. Since then she’s had a bad habit of not being able to take a bath at night. And with both Ashley’s and her summer vacation coming to a close after this weekend, she felt taking a bath wouldn’t be happening soon.

After her shower, Melina dried herself with a fresh white towel and wrapped it around her. Even though it was only girls in the household for the time being, it’d still be poor practice not to wrap oneself.

She never had to worry about walking into her father as their father was usually away. He was a fairly well ranking business man who made travel plans for business all the time. Melina misses him many times, but whenever he would be home for more than a night, they’d spend the day together as a happy family. She always felt like she was a little girl again around him, and felt Ashley’s the same. The four of them would always smile when they were together. Even though they can’t experience it all the time, Melina believes at least they have these moments to remember. Otherwise they could end up being too spoiled and bored of that love.

Melina pattered through the hallway into her mother’s bedroom wrapped in only a towel. There she spotted on the bed the same changing mat and her pink diaper as well as her mother waiting in anticipation for her. Melina wondered if her mother lived in her room or something as whenever she’d go in there, her mother was almost always there.

“You ready for your change sweetie?” Her mother smiled.

Melina nodded, and was then led to lay down on the changing mat. First her towel was removed reveling her well rounded breasts as well as her bare bottom. However unlike the last time, Melina wasn’t feeling as embarrassed showing everything to her mother. Her mother then made quick work with applying the powder and lotion putting her in another diaper. It has her disbelieve how fast the process goes, which seems faster than a toilet break would be.

After she was lifted up, she could get up and move about then. “I’ll check on you two during the day okay?” her mother spoke. Melina replied with a nod and wondered if that meant she was going to be checking their diapers during the day. The thought of it made her feel more babyish and giggly.

The thought of her mother always being in her room came about her mind again. “Hey mom, I was wondering why do I seem to always find you in here?”

“That’s simple sweetie,” her mother smiled. “It’s because we meet here coincidently every time.”

“Alright,” Melina still wasn’t sure if that was the truth or not. She decided to not ask any further and walk to her room to get ready for the day. Each step along the way feeling delightful with her padding making her waddle.

For today, Melina decided to be lazy and go with a pink shirt with a logo and a pair of jeans. She looked at her bum, and found that the diaper wasn’t too obvious but did pop out a little. After changing she decided to see if her sister was down stairs.

Walking towards the TV that was off she could see her sister sitting on the couch reading on her tablet. Ashley was wearing a white frilly skirt and a blue shirt. She also put her hair in a ponytail with the help of a blue ribbon. Melina was starting to be a bit jealous of Ashley having longer hair than her. Her hair only went to her shoulders while Ashley’s would commonly hang halfway down her back. But what took Melina’s mind the most was what could be underneath her sisters skirt—a diaper.

Ashley noticed her sister and smiled. “Did you say yes today too?” Melina nodded quickly in response. “Oh good. Can I see it?”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” Melina shot back quickly.

“Okay, then on the count of three,” Ashley said grabbing the hem of her skirt. Melina nodded and started to undo her pants. “One, two, three!” As she said three, Melina quickly pulled her pants down to her knees revealing her diaper. At the same time, she saw her sister raise her skirt up revealing her pink diaper.

“Not blue today?” Melina was shocked to see her sister in a different color.

“I was feeling extra girly today,” Ashley said with a slight blush. This made Melina just want to jump on her sister and hold her tight. “You’re looking cute, and I mean in a babyish way,” Ashley smirked at her. This only caused Melina to smile.

“Well, should we help mother with breakfast?” Melina asked.

“Sure, only if I get to help with the pancakes,” Ashley replied.

“Alright,” Melina nodded with a smile. She would never turn down that offer as Ashley was the household’s master of pancakes. The only thing she could think of was how the next batch could taste. And with that thought, the two girls waddled off into the kitchen.

The breakfast the three of them prepared both smelt and looked fantastic. Scrambled eggs, pancakes with fruit on top, bacon and French toast. As the three girls chomped through the delectable goods, smiles filled the room. Nobody could talk about the weather, nor the news as this was the only thing on their minds. With the non-stop eating, it wasn’t long before all the plates were cleaned. They all looked happy as well as being full. After Ashley and Melina helped with the dishes, they walked back out into the living room.

“What would you like to do for today?” Melina asked.

“I think I’m going to try and finish this series up,” Ashley replied.

“Alright, I guess I’ll watch something then.”

After lunch the two of them continued doing what they were doing. Ashley reading on her tablet and Melina decided to play a game. Their mother decided to join them as well, except she’d just watch whatever it was they were doing. Though Melina has had their mother try playing with them, but she never did as well as they did.

It wasn’t long till she started to feel a tinge on her bladder letting her know of its need to relieve. She ignored it and got back to her game.

The more she played the more her urge kept growing. She began crossing her legs and started to fear if her mother could tell if she needed to use the toilet at that instant. While crossing her legs she could feel the familiar padding that she knew she could go in, but in front of her mother was a different story.

She continued playing more when she started to feel a bit more desperate, and starting thinking to ask her mother to take her diaper off so she could use the toilet like a big girl. Then she realized the truth. If I used my diaper right here right now, it’d be very babyish. It would be even more babyish if I went in her lap. The real question would be, how do I get in that position? Knowing that it would be impossible to get into her mother’s lap, she decided she might as well just let it go then. She was wearing a diaper after all, and should have just gone from the start.

Melina then uncrossed her legs and began to relax. She could tell she really had to go as she could feel it starting to come almost immediately. It’s fine, I’m wearing a diaper and it’s perfectly fine for me to use it like a baby. After that thought, she instantly began to feel even more relaxed as it started to stream out into the diaper. She felt the warmth spread all around her bum as she smiled and continued to play her game. See, just like a baby. And didn’t even have to get up from my game.

About the same time she had just finished going, she felt a tug at her waist. She realized it was her mother sticking her fingers down her diaper. Her mother must have been able to tell she used her diaper. This thought inevitably caused Melina to blush.

“Looks like someone needs a change,” her mother smiled.

This caused Ashley to look over, “Uh oh, did my sister have an accident?” Melina couldn’t help but turn even redder with the announcement. “It’s fine, I mean that’s what the diaper is for.” After she said that, their mother nodded. This helped calm her down.

Their mother quickly then went and checked Ashley’s diaper under her skirt. “Looks like you are still dry.”

“Yeah,” Ashley said with her legs crossed. Melina wondered if she needed to relieve herself as well.

After she finished up the stage she was on, she followed her mother upstairs. The changing process was as speedy as ever and she was then able to go search and destroy some more not having to worry about the breaks in between.

Once they got back down, her mother quickly checked Ashley again but this time had a different result. “Oh, looks like someone’s wet now,” her mother announced. Ashley looked very red.

“It’s okay Ashley, didn’t it feel better to go?” Melina attempted to cheer her up. Ashley quickly flashed a smile.

“Yeah, it did,” Ashley said calming down.

“You should get a change now sweetie,” their mother said.

“Can I bring my tablet with?” Ashley politely asked. Their mother quickly responded with a nod. After that, Melina watched the two of them walk up the stairs.

Wow, can continue to read and still use the bathroom. Really is the ultimate hands free mode. Though, mostly is due to us having our mother change us.

It almost seemed like seconds after and Ashley was back on the same spot on the couch that she had left. She was followed by their mother who looked like she had something to say. So the two of them stopped and payed attention to her.

“I wanted to let you know, that we should probably tell your father of this,” their mother spoke up. Melina didn’t realize this dilemma. They completely forgot about their father in this picture. “He’ll be home for just tonight, so I’ll let him know then.” She couldn’t picture their father accepting them becoming babies again. This caused Melina begin to panic. “Don’t worry though, you know how open of a man he is. Trust me, I should know. Should I tell you the time I told him of a strange interest of mine?” her mother smirked. She felt like she could almost laugh at this statement. But she also felt like she could picture her mother sitting back with her leg over the other and snapping her fingers—the epiphany of sassiness. The feeling she felt definitely felt like she could indeed trust her father and could only laugh at the disbelief she originally had. But what had her very curious was their mothers “strange interest.” “So don’t worry, I’ll work it out with him, and he won’t even mention it for a while till you get more comfortable around him with it.” Melina now felt like she had the world’s greatest parents.

“Alright, I understand,” Melina replied.

“Oh good, I’m glad you did,” her mother said with a smile.

“I’m still a little afraid,” Ashley said.

“It’ll be fine, remember the time he acted as a princess so you could be a prince for the day?” Melina said hoping it’d calm her down.

“Oh yeah, I remember that.” Ashley said with a laugh.

“So you girls shouldn’t have to worry about it, just relax and continue with what you like okay?” Melina’s mother stated. She wondered if her mother stated a bit more than what appeared, and that maybe it has something to do with that strange interest of hers. Melina could only help but continue to think on it.

It was soon time for the two girls to go to bed, so they got another quick diaper change and went off to their rooms. Melina went to see how Ashley was holding up since she seemed to have some dilemmas of bad thoughts that day. Once she entered her sister’s room, she could see her sister wearing a pink nightgown. She really is trying to be extremely girly today.

“How are you doing tonight?” Melina quickly asked the girly girl.

“I’m feeling fine, you?” Ashley replied.

“Ah I’m doing great, just wondering, well good night.” Melina said with a smile.

“Good night sis,” Ashley replied back with an equal smile.

Melina walked into her room and decided she was not going to lose to her sister. So she put on the frilliest pink night gown she had. With a quick twirl, she could feel herself being powered up with girly powers. She then remembered she was going to look to see if she could find out more about whether they truly were weird or not. And there was only one way to find out, and that was to look it up.

She knew that the library was usually the best idea to look something up, but she didn’t think a library would have this kind of research nor would they be open at this time. So her only other option was to look on her computer. Both the girls had a home computer in their rooms.

Once she got on and saw the same space background on the Mac desktop, she quickly pulled up Safari and went to Google. There she entered some key choices that seemed to fit what they were and was astonished to actually have found many results. She quickly found a website with a post filled with others who also liked diapers. Melina now knew that they weren’t entirely weird and that there were others like them. After reading this, she closed it and went to see her sister to tell her right away.

She quickly knocked on her sister’s door making sure she was up. “Yeah?” Ashley said while being muffled behind the door. So Melina proceeded to enter.

“I just looked up whether we were weird or not,” Melina quickly said. Ashley gave her a strange look. “There are several others who are like us.” After hearing this, Ashley began to blush. “So don’t feel bad, were not weird. Even if we seem strange to others, we are who we are and nothing can change that. If it makes us happy, then we shouldn’t need to worry. It’ll just be a part of who we are.” After her speech, Ashley quickly went to hug her.

“Thank you sis,” Ashley said with a slight tear in her eye. “That really makes me feel happy!”

“I’m glad!” Melina held her tight.

Almost at the same time as the two were done hugging, the front door sounded. Either a robber was breaking in, or it was their father. Melina frolicked out and down the stairs. Once she saw the man, she couldn’t help but jump into his arms.

“I missed you daddy!” Melina shouted. The man in turn squeezed tighter. This started to make her feel like a little girl, though this this time she really was if you counted her diaper. Realizing this, she worried that her father may figure out on his own.

“I missed you too Melina!” Her father replied. He wasn’t all that much taller than their mother, but always held a serious face next to his pair of green eyes. The dark hair definitely showed that there was little chance that Melina and Ashley could not have the same hair color.

After kissing her on the cheek, he set her down. The sounds of footsteps down the stairs showed both Ashley and their mother coming to see the man.

“How was the trip dad?” Ashley asked while hugging him.

“It went alright, I wouldn’t mind if any of the other employees actually looked up what they were supposed to do, but just another day at work I suppose,” he replied. After releasing her and kissing her on the cheek he looked at their mother. “Oh, hello there. Just who might you be?”

“Me?” Their mother looked both ways as if there were others around her then looked at him. “I might be a princess, but I’m in love with my prince in shining armor.” After stating that, the two proceeded to kiss. Melina felt they would almost put on a performance for a play right then, but they only continued to hug. But she also felt a little shocked to hear her mother say “princess.” I guess grown woman still like to be princesses too.

Melina certainly knew what was probably going to happen in their bedroom that night after they talked. The two of them were always romantic when they had the chance. Plus she could understand that they probably longed to have a good time together when he would be away for so long.

She once asked their father if he was faithful to her and not cheating while he was away. And he replied with, “If I did such a thing to her, then I would be wasting the feelings I have for her.” Melina then came to learn about how their father actually never dated other woman before he met their mother. She couldn’t believe that from the pictures of him in the past and how he looked, but apparently was the truth. Which had meant that their father had never slept with another woman, besides their mother.

After stating all their stories, Melina went back upstairs to go to bed. She wished she could be with her father longer, but knew it was growing much later than she’d normally go to bed at. So she got under her pink covers and began closing her eyes. She then began to feel the front of her diaper under her gown. Starting with pokes, then slipping her finger inside.

Re: Decisions: Melina’s Side

Chapter 2

It was Wednesday and the sun was shining through the window as Melina checked her phone to see it was 10am. She felt a tinge at her bladder telling her it was time to go to the bathroom. But the diaper under her gown told her otherwise. It told her that it was time to be free and just let go without a care. And with that thought, she stood up but still sat in her bed and just relaxed. It took her several seconds before it started trickling out into her diaper. The warmth that she just can’t seem to get enough of.

The day proceeded like it did before, though her mother didn’t come see her in the morning. Melina decided to just get in the shower and save her mother some trouble of having to check on her. Therefor she decided to just walk in for a diaper change after her shower.

As she walked into the bedroom something looked different than usual. There isn’t any diaper changing supplies out! Melina was now wondering what was happening, was she going to be wearing a diaper for the day or not? Did her mother’s conversation with her father turn ugly? She then started thinking if this was for the best, after all she’s too old to be doing such a thing. However, Melina can’t deny she enjoys wearing diapers. This turn of events so quick after she had just found something she liked made her almost burst into tears.

Before she could even shed a tear, she felt someone approach behind her. In that instant arms were wrapped around her with a tight embrace-- Melina was being hugged. She thought it may have been her younger sister, however the person hugging her was taller and had a larger bust. This must have meant it was her mother.

“Where were you mother?” Melina asked.

“I was thinking of getting a head start on today, so I was making some breakfast,” her mother said tightening her grip. After she said that, she let go.

Wondering about getting changed into a diaper, she turned around in her towel still wrapped around her body. “Hey mother,” Melina started. Her mother turned her head wondering about what she was going to say. “What about me getting changed?”

Knowing what she meant, her mother quickly answered. “Oh about that, I have to talk to you two girls about that.” Melina feared for the worse now, as what her mother said sounded quite bad. “Can you just get ready like you would regularly for today and wake your sister up to come down?”

Melina had no reason to decline this simple request, “Sure.” She sounded somewhat disappointed.

“Hehe,” her mother began laughing. This confused her as to why would her mother begin to chuckle like so.

“What is it?” Melina wondered.

“I was just thinking how flat you used to be is all,” her mother said. After hearing this, Melina couldn’t help but blush and cover herself.

“Oh mom,” Melina said as she dashed back to her room.

Back in her room, Melina decided to compete with her sister in the cute outfit competition. Thus for her day, she decided to go with a light blue shirt with a pink skirt with several frills. Then she remembered today she would no longer be diapered, so she pulled a pair of pink underwear out and slid them up. While brushing her hair she walked over to Ashley’s room.

Quickly knocking on her door, she could hear several groans indicating life awakening.

“What is it?” Ashley asked. Melina took this as her cue to enter.

“Mom was wanting to talk to us,” Melina answered.

“About what?” Ashley questioned while wiping her eyes.

“I think it’s about our diapers,” Melina stated. This instantly caused Ashley to blush. She wasn’t sure if she was overthinking it, but she could have sworn to see Ashley hiding her hand under her blankets to feel herself. Well, she’s wearing a diaper, I wonder if she wet during her sleep again? “Oh and umm, did you know?”

Ashley looked her in the eyes, “Seems so.” Melina felt happy that her sister seemed quite alright with telling her casually. It made her feel closer to her younger sister.

“I’d say get up and get ready before hand, but I don’t think it should matter.”

“Alright.” After Ashley glanced at her phone for emails and more importantly the time, she got out of bed and followed Melina down the stairs.

They were all sitting down on the couch, Melina fully dressed and Ashley still in her nightgown while their mother wore a long black skirt with a sleeveless shirt. Melina was wondering if this discussion was going to be about what her mother and father talked over the night before.

Their mother took a quick breath, “As you may wonder what I wanted to talk to you two about, I’ll make it short.” This started to make Melina worry now whether she was going to be able to continue to wear diapers or not. She even started to feel jealous over Ashley who was still in hers. “I decided that for today you two should get ready normally, meaning no diapers for the day time.” There it was, Melina’s worst fear. Part of her just wanted to melt into nothing, and the other part wanted to cry and run. But before she could even move, her mother continued. “The reason for this is because I didn’t think you two would want to wear in front of your friends for the rest of the week. So rather than stop tomorrow, I thought it’d be better to halt it today.”

Melina could feel herself feeling relieved almost like she had just wet herself in fact. She completely agreed that it was probably better for them to halt earlier than later especially if their friends were going to be coming over for the week.

“That’s all I really wanted to say, so don’t worry if you thought I was wanting you to stop completely,” her mother smiled. “You can continue again after they leave, which actually makes me think I should have asked you two first. So I’ll ask you real fast, do you want to wear diapers during the day while they are over here?” Melina and Ashley shook their heads in unison. No way did Melina want her friend to see a diaper on her. “That’s what I was thinking, which also makes me believe you most likely won’t want to wear them to school either.” Melina was now in shock, was her mother really going to let them wear to school if they wanted to?

“Yeah, that’d be kind of embarrassing,” Melina said blushing. Ashley nodded with the same expression.

“That’s why I was going to ask you two again, do you want to continue wearing during the day?” Their mother asked. Melina didn’t quite understand what she was saying. “If you do then I could just have you come home to a warm diaper after school then.” Now Melina got the idea. Rather than wearing the entire day, they’d just wear after school then. “I’ll ask you two later individually alright. So think about it and make your decision then.”

The two young girls nodded and stood up thinking the conversation was over then, but were stopped by the open palm their mother held out. “Hold it, I have one last thing to say. For night times, we’ll be doing the same thing as usual. No escaping Melina, I think if your sister has to wear one during the night with your friends over, you should too,” her mother smirked an almost evil grin.

“Alright,” Melina responded instantly. She was sort of wondering about the nights, now she had her answer. In fact, she was glad to wear one at night along Ashley despite their friends being over. After all, she did promise her that she would join her and she was willing to risk it all for that.

Her mother began to pat her on the head, “That’s my good girl, I’ll even help you two escape anything unnecessary if it comes to it.” This made Melina glad to know their mother was on their side.

They began to walk away meaning the conversation was over, but one thing felt missing. Melina wondered how the conversation between her mother and father went.

“U-um, I was wondering,” Melina stumbled her words. This got her mother’s and Ashley’s attention. “How did the conversation with dad go?”

A joyful expression came upon her mother’s face, “Oh that, I almost forgot about that.” They stood there in silence for a few moments, just dreading what possibly their father could have said. Was it going to be something rotten, like “my two girls are doing what?!?” or something more dreary like “so,” takes a sip of hard liquor, “it’s finally come to this, the time they screw themselves up.” “Well, here’s what he said. It took him a few minutes to adjust to what I had told him.” Now both Melina and Ashley’s eyes appeared like they’d pop out from all the suspense their mother kept up. Then she held a finger up like a light bulb just appeared, “No wait it was actually a few seconds. Anyways, all he said was…” She heard her mother clear her throat and put her hand up in front of her chin and laid it flat with her fingers pointing towards the floor. This was most likely her impression of their father she likes to put on. “If they found something they like, as long as it’s harmless, let’s nurture it.”

“Oh, so he’s alright with it then?” Melina felt relieved and happy at the same time. She saw Ashley sighing behind their mother, she must have been relieved as well.

“Yup, though he thinks that changing your diapers is a mother’s job.” With that, they all laughed and left to the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen they took their seats, Melina on one end with Ashley to her left and her mother straight across. On their plates was eggs, sausage, toast and hash browns with a glass of milk.

As she grabbed the fork to her right, her mother spoke. “Oh before I forget, I was wondering if you’d like to run to the store with me Melina.”

Melina didn’t give this much of a second thought, “Sure.”

“Alright, just was wanting to get some things ready for when your friends come over.” And with that they began to eat.

While they were eating, Melina heard her mother give a slight chuckle. She didn’t understand what that was for. Ashley was also blushing, but it still didn’t make sense to her. She decided to brush it off and continue eating.

After they finished and put the dishes in the sink, Melina and her mother proceeded to get ready to out. They didn’t need to take that long as it wasn’t someplace special other than the grocery store.

“I’ll see you later then,” Ashley waved them off.

“Yup, see ya later,” Melina waved back. And with that the two got in a silver van and drove off.

The grocery store wasn’t that far off from where they lived, so they arrived rather quickly. It was a standard grocery store, nothing too fancy, but it had everything they needed at least.

While walking down the second aisle after entering, Melina felt a need to relieve her bladder. Before she started thinking to relieve herself right then and there, she knew she was no longer in a diaper. Not only that but she was out in public, no way should she do such a thing here. So she decided to hold out till they get home.

The more items that added into the cart, Melina felt more pressure adding onto her. She tried her best not to cross her legs, as she didn’t want her mother to know she needed the restroom badly. The only thing she could hope for is for them to finish soon.

They were now finished getting everything on the list, and then proceeded towards the counter. The aisle they passed along the way had adult diapers, which made Melina stare wishing she were in one right then and there.

After purchasing all the items, Melina made quick work on getting everything loaded in the car so they could get home sooner than later. Once she got her seatbelt on she began to cross her legs. Her mother started the car and now she could only tell herself to keep fighting till they got home.

Along the way she felt like she could burst about any second, biting her lip and crisscrossing her legs just didn’t feel like it’d help at all. That was when her mother took notice of her predicament.

“Do you have to pee sweetie?” her mother asked. Melina could only help by nodding. “You could have gone in the store silly.”

Melina felt embarrassed for not wanting to, “I know, it’s just I thought I could hold out till we got home is all.”

“Well, try to hold out as we are close to home anyways,” her mother said with a concerned expression. “But if you are struggling to hold it, where you think you could burst any second, then do me one favor and not hold it any longer. Just let it out okay, if it feels really bad, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. I don’t mind if you have an accident in the car sweetie, just do it if it’ll make you feel better okay.”

Melina could only continue to blush and nod. She now had confirmation that it was perfectly fine for her to wet herself even though she wasn’t wearing a diaper. Now she only wished she was wearing a diaper as she’d have gone ages ago. But imagining that feeling almost let her lose it. This was definitely the situation her mother just stated where if she were to feel bursting any second to not worry and go. But their home was not that far off so she wondered if she should try to hold out until then.

She decided to try her best to hold out as long as she could to make it home. They weren’t that far off after all. So she continued holding herself hoping that they’ll make it at that moment.

It was only a couple minutes away when they pulled into the drive way, Melina felt victorious. But the battle wasn’t quite over yet, she still needed to make it to the restroom. Before the engine was turned off, Melina flew open her door and began running for it. Quickly opening up the front door, she waltzed through taking her shoes off and then continue to run up the stairs. Hoping her sister wasn’t in the bathroom. However, if Ashley was in the bathroom, Melina knew she better give up then and let it go.

Thankfully, Ashley was not in the bathroom and was completely emptied for her. It must have been the gods at play, making the bathroom un-occupied at this dire time. With that in thought, she rushed in and quickly lifted the lid of the toilet. The anticipation got to her and she felt herself starting to leak into her underwear. She caught herself though and quickly shut the door at the same time as pulling her underwear down. Pulling her skirt up she sat down on the toilet and felt immediate relief. All her hard work paid off, she had made it.

The rest of the day proceeded like the day before. Melina playing games with Ashley joining in as well. It didn’t take long before it was bedtime. After the two girls were diapered for the night, Melina felt happy and wished she was in this state some time ago.

Her thought was broken up by her mother knocking on her door and entering. She came in with a smile, “I was coming to ask the question I gave before.” Melina now remembered what it was before that she wondered, and realized she didn’t think about it too much. “I was wondering if you wanted to continue wearing during the day?”

Melina then realized, she had already made her decision ages ago, “I would love to.”

Her mother beamed a smile back at her, “Alright, I’m all happy to help with you then. So after school next week we’ll get you in a diaper. Though, you already are in one huh. Well, this’ll be for the day then.”

Melina started to wonder just how her mother took her two daughters wearing diapers as if they were babies. “Hey mom,” Melina spoke. Her mother twisted her head showing she was listening. “I was wondering, how do you feel about us wearing diapers?” She was almost afraid to ask this and to hear what her mother had to say.

“Well,” her mother started. “At first I thought it was rather strange, but at the same time I sort of liked the idea of my two babies being babies again. So don’t you worry, I love you for who you are and I want you to be happy. Plus, I actually understand your general interest in diapers, so I sympathize with you. I know there’s no harm, so I’ll only want to continue loving you like a mother should.”

This shocked Melina, hearing how her mother completely accepts her and wants her to continue if it would make her happy. “Thank you mother,” Melina felt slightly embarrassed by how sappy she must’ve sound. Then she wondered what Ashley said. “Oh, what did Ashley say?”

The next thing she saw was her mother’s finger sticking out, “You’ll find out soon enough.” And with that she left her room wishing her good night.

One thing her mother said stuck out to her like glue. She said she understood out interest in diapers, but how exactly would she? This must be something to deal with that special interest she has. I only wonder, what exactly that is. Melina decided to not think too much more on it and drift off to sleep. She had a lot to look forward to when her best friend came over.

Re: Decisions: Melina’s Side

An interesting concept in the diverging pair of stories. It got a bit repetitive to hear about the same complete set of circumstances from two points of view and having quite a few identical passages in both. I think it might have worked better to split off the events a bit, and only show the same event from both points of view where there is something important happening for each of them, and otherwise choose different moments to show the thinking of each girl.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here by now, but I couldn’t find a good way to comment without mentioning it.

Aside from that I did enjoy the stories. Do continue if you think of more to add.

Re: Decisions: Melina’s Side

I know it probably did seem somewhat repetitive but I couldn’t really see a better way to write it any other way for the first two chapters. The next one’s to come is what I’d like to describe as the branch off where the two girls will not be converging so much like they did in these two chapters. I suppose I could’ve just written one section of chapters before reaching that point. Though I feel it wouldn’t give too much into seeing the character and how they thing such as Ashley whom is more in thought than Melina.

Chapter 3

Waking up, Melina couldn’t believe how fast time goes. The day was when her friends would be coming over before school started. Something that was planned months in advance. Her biggest worry was the fact school was within a day. Little did she want it to; time was moving on, and she was closer to being an adult.

While sitting up, she was reminded of what didn’t make her quite an adult. The thickness of her diaper touching her skin made her touch the top of her pajamas. Feeling the thickness between her fingers and a need to pee caused Melina to sit up while relaxing. Breathing in and out, with her fingers still on her diaper, warmth spread throughout her legs. Not worrying about causing leakage to her bed, she just smiled and let go.

With the routine in place, Melina’s mother came to change her once she had finished. Melina would then ready herself for the day. However, Melina couldn’t help wishing to wear another diaper. What if I wore one? My best friend wouldn’t find out, would she? The thought of her friend catching on caused Melina to shake her head. Maybe I should play it safe.

Now that Melina and Ashley were both ready and in underwear, they turned on the tv to wait for their friend’s arrival.

“Ding dong,” the doorbell sounded. Melina was the first to act, rushing off the couch. Once she gave the sleek black door a firm swing, the door revealed a younger girl standing with a shy smile. She was around Ashley’s age, with chest-length red hair and brown eyes, though she wasn’t the most expressive. Today her attire appeared to be a white graphic tee with a pair of jeans.

“Ashley,” Melina called out, despite Ashley already behind her. “Emily’s here!” The young girl was Ashley’s best friend—named Emily. Emily was a rather sweet girl, so Melina was happy that she was her closest friend. They’ve all spent time together for several years, so even Emily felt like a close friend to Melina.

“I’m right here!” Ashley pouted. “Hey, Emi!” Melina always thought the nickname was cute, so she sometimes called the younger girl by the same title.

“Hey Ashley,” Emily tilted her head with a smile. She was a little too proper to find a cute nickname to call Ashley, or so that is what Melina thought.

“Looks like you got here first,” Melina announced.

“I did? So, Lisa isn’t here yet?”

Melina nodded, “Yeah, but you two can have fun.”

“Okay,” Emily nodded before entering and taking off her white sneakers. “Ashley, we have to talk.”

“Okay,” Ashley responded, guiding her friend up to her room.

Melina was happy for Ashley, though she would have to wait a little longer for her best friend. Speaking of which, once Melina stepped away from the front door, the doorbell alarmed once again. Giving a vibrant smile, Melina turned around with a skip straight to the door. Once opened, a slightly taller girl with shoulder-length black hair and a gentle smile. She stepped in like this was her home, wearing a black striped shirt under an unbuttoned magenta shirt with a pair of dark leggings. Slipping off the black slip-on shoes, she gracefully grinned towards Melina.

"I’m so glad you’re here, Lisa!” Melina beamed.

“I am too,” Lisa returned her glance. She stepped onto the carpet and gave a demanding look. “Shall we talk in your room for a while?”


“You seem well since we last visited,” Lisa smiled gently. Melina had finished giving Lisa the rundown of her past couple of days, excluding the padded content.

“Mhm, it’s been quite fun!” Melina thought back to the diapers once again before shaking her head, giving Lisa all her attention. “How have you been?”

“Oh, you know, just the usual. Sitting back and reading my book.” Lisa wasn’t the extremely outgoing type; thus, she would recline and read a book or watch a show. Melina was elated to know she was a good friend to Lisa ever since she accidentally knocked the book out of the girl’s hand when they were about ten. This allowed them to talk about the movies that had come from the series. Lisa was the type to have been bullied, which caused Melina to cry just remembering those days. Thankfully, due to Melina’s influence, the present was a much different time for the mature girl.

“Ah, gotcha.”

“You didn’t watch the show yet, have you?” Lisa’s question was about a particular show the two enjoyed watching together; correction: watching together with Ashley and her friend. This show was on the cartoon side, though the four of them enjoyed it.

“No, I haven’t. I made sure Ashley didn’t as well. We can only hope Emi hasn’t either.”

“I’d like to watch it now then,” Lisa stood from Melina’s bed.

“Sure, I’ll go and get Ashley and Emi then.” Melina walked out first, followed by Lisa. She walked over to find Ashley and Emily giggling while sitting on the floor. The sight caused Melina to smile. “Hey, want to watch the show now?”

Emily smiled as if a light bulb went off in her head, “Yes!”

“You haven’t seen it either?” Ashley smiled.

“Nope, I made sure not to,” Emily replied.

“Good,” Melina nodded before helping the girls on their feet. She couldn’t help but wonder if Ashley told Emily about her bedwetting…or about her time in diapers.

Thankfully, with the current settings, Melina was able to retrieve the latest episode for their show. Once retrieved, it began to play automatically, starting with the intro. This cartoon series was about a group of individuals, magic creatures, and their adventures.

Given the four girls enjoyed watching it together, they always made time during the week for it. Sometimes Ashley would visit with Emily and watch the latest episode. Doing so provoked Melina to watch it with Lisa and vice versa. Melina and Ashley would watch together on the rarest occasion, only to notify their two friends to watch it themselves. However, that has rarely occurred.

Over halfway through the episode, Melina felt an urge to use the restroom. Despite wanting to sit there and use her pants as the potty, she’d have to get up once after the episode finished its course. She took a glance over towards Lisa, who curled her lips back. What would Lisa say? Would she no longer want to be friends with me? Just because I have worn diapers recently…I cannot tell.

Melina shook her thoughts to return her focus back to the cartoon. However, she couldn’t help be curious about what Lisa’s reaction would be, to tell the truth.

With the episode over, Melina swiftly relieved herself on the potty. What she didn’t expect was to find the other three girls all had found themselves rushing to a bathroom of their own. Given there were only three functioning bathrooms in the household, one had to wait their turn. Despite not knowing who that may be, Melina went to converse with Lisa once more.

“Hey Lisa, good episode, am I right?” Melina opened up.

“Mm, it was indeed a good one,” Lisa gave nodded. “I personally liked when they jumped out of the hole.”

“Oh, that scene was great!” After bouncing back a few scenes they enjoyed, an idea came to Melina’s head—a non-padding related subject. “I was wondering if you’d like to go for a walk?”

“A walk?” Lisa appeared confused.

“Yeah, it’ll be before we eat dinner, so we’ll be nice and hungry after. But I was thinking about Ashley and Emi.”

“I see, a walk with all of us. I thought you meant just us at first.”

“Haha, yeah. But I was thinking how Ashley and Emi are fast approaching adulthood.” Melina had to inhale and exhale for a second, thinking how she, too, was practically an adult at this point. “I wanted to revisit some of the nearby playgrounds we used to go to.”

“Aw, that’s sweet of you. Sure, we can do that, though I won’t be going down old green tube now.”

“Haha! Yeah.” Melina couldn’t help recalling the many times Lisa went down a green slide that has aged over the years; hence she deemed it “old green tube.” “Well, we should get Ashley and Emi then.”

“Ehehe, yeah,” Emily giggled. Melina didn’t think about knocking as she overheard the two girls, Ashley and Emily, laughing about Ashley’s room. The two appeared shocked to find Melina enter, and both girls turned red.

“Huh?” Melina smirked. “You two sound like you’re talking about something good?” Perhaps Ashley told Emi about her diapers and are both wearing one now? Nah, it couldn’t be.

“It’s uh, nothing!” Ashley stared. “What is it, Melina?”

“I was wondering if you’d two would like to go on a walk with us. We could revisit some of the old parks nearby since this might be your last time.”

“I’d like to swing again,” Emily blushed.

“Yeah, me too,” Ashley smiled with a similar pair of crimson cheeks.

“Well, then. We should get going before dinner time!” With activity in mind, the group followed Melina with putting on their shoes, telling her mother where they were heading, and walked out the door. It had been some time since the four of them went out as such, given two of them were a few years older. But it didn’t stop Melina from wanting to revisit some good memories. As the time before, Melina took her younger sisters’ hand, causing the girl to blush but not reject. Aw, I bet she’s embarrassed since we’re not children anymore. Hand-in-hand, the sisters and their friends walked the sidewalk.

“Weee!” shouted Emily. Ashley and Emily were both swinging side-by-side on the swing set. Melina couldn’t help smiling, watching over her sister.

“Didn’t you want to swing too?” sounded Lisa to her right, also on a swing. Melina couldn’t help but laugh internally at the sight the two of them made as their legs had to really arch to properly sit on the swing made for younger kids.

“I suppose I may,” Melina nodded. She raised her legs, causing her to be suspended on the swing free of the ground. Shifting her weight about, she managed to get her to swing forward and back. Lisa also was doing the same, though what appeared less effort being put forth.

Once Melina felt an odd balance come about from the swing’s rope, she stopped herself. Oof, maybe I need to lay off some extra pounds? Though this swing is made for younger kids, I can’t believe it’s holding my weight to this extent. Despite not enjoying the swing herself, she at least could smile seeing Ashley and Emily cheerfully swinging about. The two newly teen girls entering adulthood appeared as if they were moving into elementary school. I’m glad we got to come here one last time.

With the walk, playground, and dinner to fill their stomachs finished, the girls turned on the gaming console. They enjoyed playing a family-oriented party game that they all could enjoy. At least, that’s what Melina thought.

“Lisa won again!” Melina cried out. The other two girls were consistently competing with her, but Lisa was just miles out of their league. “This just isn’t fair!”

“Haha, you just have to practice more,” Lisa chuckled.

“We don’t play this one too much,” Ashley commented.

“I don’t either,” Emily added.

I see, so we just have to practice more? I remember the time Lisa would always place behind me, but boy, have things changed. Melina couldn’t help thinking Lisa must have dedicated her side-time to improving on simple tasks just to show off to her friends. Quite frankly, despite the frustration it caused, it was impressive.

“Girls,” Melina’s mother walked in with a smile. “I know you are all having fun, but remember you have school in the morning. It’d be best if you got ready for bed now.”

“Okay,” Melina and the girls chimed.

“Ashley, Melina, I’d like some help with something first if you don’t mind.”

Help with what? Melina wondered before coming to a swift conclusion. “Oh, sure. We can do that, right Ashley?”

Ashley’s eyes blinked several times, “Um, okay.”

Melina rose off the couch first, “I trust you with cleaning up the game.” Giving a wink towards Lisa, who nodded, Melina took Ashley’s hand, helping her up.

“Uwah,” Ashley blushed. “I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“I know. I kind of miss it, though.” Melina heard a slight murmur come from Ashley before taking her towards their mother.

“Perfect, now we’ll be going to my room then.”

“Oh!” Ashley looked surprised before following Melina’s pace. Perhaps the light bulb in her head went off and finally put the puzzle together.

Within the master bedroom, Melina’s mother closed the door behind the girls. “Let’s get you two changed real fast, not to worry your friends.”

“Yeah,” Melina nodded, hopping on the bed first. Ashley nodded, joining her sister.

“I was going to change you one at a time, but I guess this works too.” Melina’s mother gave a big smile before stripping the two girls’ shorts and undies off. As per change, she applied the usual steps, just simultaneously using it to both girls at once. She finished with a smile as both were safely taped in place.

Melina brushed the front of her pink diaper and smiled at its embrace. Feels great to be put back into a diaper! She began to blush as she wondered what her family might say if she blurted her thought out. They didn’t mind her wearing them, but was this indeed a decision she should be making?

“I went ahead and picked your pajamas out. So, let mommy help change you into these as well!”

“Okay!” Melina swiftly pulled her light blue shirt off, leaving her in a pink diaper and a pink bra. On the other hand, her mother assisted Ashley first by pulling her pink collared shirt off and leaving her in her training bra and diaper. Melina smirked towards Ashley, stroking her hands at the young girl’s chest. “Hmhm! Pretty soon, you’ll be moving up in sizes.”

“Melina!” Ashley pouted, covering herself.

“Arms,” Melina’s mother ordered to Ashley. With a beat red face, she turned the other way while raising her arms. Their mother proceeded to pull a light blue nightshirt over her head. “Your sisters right, though hehe.”

“Not you too, mom!” Ashley turned an even brighter shade of red.

Melina’s mother made quick work putting the two girls in their pajamas. Ashley wore a matching pair of a light blue shirt and pants tailored towards nighttime. As for Melina, she was given her pink pajama shirt and pants. Unable to resist, Melina rubbed against her rear to feel the extra padding.

“You can’t tell, right?” Melina asked.

“Nope,” Melina’s mother smiled. “Not at all.”

Melina gave a smile before looking towards her sister’s rear end. There was a slight bulge it gave, though unlikely to be noticed. We should be fine.

Walking hand-in-hand once more, Melina and Ashley rejoined their friends. They appeared to have changed already into their night outfits. Lisa wore a pair of lime green pajamas while Emily wore a white with a unicorn over the shirt.

“I see you got ready too,” Lisa gently smiled.

“Yup!” Melina answered. She turned to look at her sister, whose face beat red.

“Is something wrong?” Emily asked.

“Everything should be fine, right dears?” Melina’s mother walked behind them. She must be trying her best to make sure her daughters’ secrets were kept safe—or so Melina thought.

“I…” Ashley froze in place.

Melina couldn’t help but wonder what was on her sister’s mind. Ashley was contemplating something, but it’d be a mystery unless she announced it. She doesn’t need to go potty, right? I’m sure she went before we got changed like I have…unless she needs to poop? Maybe I should take her upstairs so she could do her business in private? Wait…she should probably use the toilet for tonight, haha. She proceeded to hold her sisters’ hand with that thought in mind.

Ashley smiled towards her sister before exhaling. “I feel bad for keeping secrets. The truth is…” She looked down towards the floor. “I wet the bed…”

Ashley… Melina held her sisters’ hand even tighter as the young girl began to sniffle with tears. This has to be so hard on you…You had to have been thinking about telling our friends…What can I do to help them understand… “I-it isn’t that bad, though, right?” Please understand! “S-so what right? I mean, you have to wear…protection, but it isn’t bad, right?”

Emily walked up first towards Ashley. Her arms wrapped around the girl with a peaceful smile. “I don’t mind. That has to be tough to deal with, but I don’t mind. I don’t care if you wet the bed. You’re still my best friend!”

“Emi…” Ashley proceeded to drench her cheeks.

Melina began to look towards Lisa, who gave a soft expression. “I don’t mind either,” Lisa responded. “You’re still like a cute little sister to me after all.”

“Aw, Lisa!” Melina smiled brightly. Our friends don’t mind! They care about you!

“Aww, and here I was going to try and help keep it a secret,” Melina’s mother smiled. “Looks like we don’t have to, huh?”

“Mmm, yeah,” Ashley wiped her teary face.

“You wear protection, at least. That’s good,” Emily held the girls off-hand. “It’d be bad not to since you know hehe.”

“Emi…” Ashley turned red once again. “I do cause, yeah, it’d be a mess every morning…”

“I uh,” Melina voiced out. Oh, I want to help her not feel so bad! “I wear them too…” Melina turned red as she announced it. “I-I mean, I wear them, so she doesn’t have to feel so bad about being the only one to wear them.”

“Ah, I see,” Lisa gave a smile. “That’s a nice sister. I’d do the same if I were you.”

“Mhm! I would too!” Emily stated.

“Haha, thanks,” Melina blushed. Thank you two for not thinking me weird!

“Umm,” Emily turned red. “On that thought, would it be okay if I helped too? I mean, I don’t want to waste your supplies, but…”

“I’m delighted to hear you want to help,” Melina’s mother smiled. “We have enough supplies, so you don’t have to worry. Just let me know in a short bit if you want to wear one of Ashley’s dia—protection, and I’ll supply you one.”

“Okay, I’d be glad to.”

“Well then, follow me.” Emily smiled towards Ashley before following their mother.

She’s not going to actually change Emi into a diaper, is she? Whether Melina’s mother changed the girl or not, Melina never thought to question again.

Minutes later, Emily walked back down with a cheerful grin. Melina, Ashley, and Lisa finished setting up their blankets and pillows, given they would sleep in the living room. Ashley flashed a smile back towards Emily.

“Look, Ashley!” Emily pulled her pants down slightly to reveal a matching diaper to Ashley. “Hehe! They aren’t that bad, huh?”

“Mmm,” Ashley shook her head. “They aren’t at all. Thanks!”

“That’s what friends are for, silly! You are wearing one too, right?”

“Mhm,” Ashley pulled her pajama pants slightly down, revealing a matching diaper.

Haha, I guess they have the experience to share then.

“It’s like we have two younger sisters huh,” Lisa chuckled to herself.

“Yeah,” Melina nodded back.

Lisa began patting Melina’s bottom, “Maybe three?”

“Haha,” Melina blushed.

“I’m just kidding. It is nice what you are doing for your sister.”

“Vzzzt,” sounded Melina’s phone, followed by a song. This announced to the girls that it was officially time to get ready for their first day back to school.

Giving a groggy yawn, Melina stretched her arms. Feeling the urge on her bladder, Melina blushed, remaining under the covers of her pink blanket. A not so audible “hiss” flowed throughout her waist. Her diaper expanded while it grew in warmth.

Melina smiled as she looked over to her sister, who currently was engaged with Emily. Though she was distracted by her urge to have heard their conversation.

“Did you sleep well?” Lisa asked.

“Mhm, yeah,” Melina nodded.

“I’m not looking forward to getting up at this time from now on.”

“Haha, same. It really is a pain, isn’t it.” Getting up early hadn’t been too rough to do near the end of the previous school year. Now that she was getting adjusted to the break schedule, sleeping in had been a real treat.

Melina stood up, feeling the soaked diaper weigh down. She was now worried Lisa might be able to tell that she didn’t just wear one, but also used one.

“Ashley,” Melina held her hand over to her sister. “We should get ready.”

“Okay,” Ashley nodded, taking her sister’s hand.

Melina leaned in to whisper to her sister, “We should get changed first.”

Ashley gave a blush and a smile, “Hehe, okay.” The two sisters told their friends they’d be visiting their mother to report Ashley and secretly Melina’s “accident.”

Melina felt the warmth around her waist each step of the stairs. Diapers have felt rather nice these last few days. I know I’ve agreed to not wear them due to school, but I wonder how much longer I’ll get to wear them during the day. Though, maybe I shouldn’t much longer?

Chapter 4

“Class, welcome to Composition one…” the male professor went on. On the other hand, Melina had trouble focusing on the introduction, given how early in the morning and coming straight out of summer break. Several other classmates were in a similar predicament or were attuned to earlier in the morning. In either case, the professor continued handing out his syllabus.

The syllabus had your necessary details outlining grading, assignments, tests, and policies that nobody read in full detail given it didn’t apply to them. Melina understood from her experience from several classes she’s had that the syllabus day was day one. That should mean the algebra, biology, and other courses she was currently taking for the year should also do the same. Most of the classes “actually” start the following day unless you have that specific professor who pictures their study as the most important.

“As you may have had me before, you can call me Tucker,” continued the instructor. Instructor Tucker was instead laid back in terms of instructor standards go. Although Melina never has seen the other sides to him than what she’s had in the past.

Judging from the lecture she was currently engaged in, the class began the following day. This meant there wasn’t going to be an essay about one’s summer due the next morning. Though, Melina couldn’t help picture outlining her experiences that involved diapers.

I pushed and began to poop my pants; hehe! Melina began curling her lips at the thought. Despite the one in a million experience, there’d be no chance of it being marked to paper.

Time marched forward thirty minutes away from noon. At this time, Melina was scheduled to have a lunch break. Melina hadn’t ever had a lunch break before noon till now. With this newly adjusted time, Melina made her way to the cafeteria in the school.

The cafeteria was a decently sized building capable of housing a third of the student body. Given there were roughly six hundred current students, the room was more extensive than your standard gym.

Despite this being the new year, she saw old things never changed as several of her friends sat in the usual spot. I guess even with a new routine, we’ll still cling to this habit.

Once she retrieved a tray and food consisting of a sub-sandwich and an apple, she sat next to Lisa.

“Girl!” voiced a cheerful blonde across from the table. This cheerful girl was known as Mary. She was somewhat open and vocal about everything, which sometimes annoyed others. But Melina thought it was a rather unique trait about her. Including Melina and Lisa, the group consisted of five decently close girls. Though Lisa was the best friend, the others served as friends instead. “I hadn’t heard from you all week! I was about ready to storm over to your place and find out!”

“Haha,” Melina chuckled. Given they weren’t as close, she didn’t feel the need to keep in touch regularly like she would with Lisa. Though, she still at least sent messages to her other three friends from time to time. “Sorry about that. I was just a little busy with something.” She averted her gaze, giving a slight smirk with padding at the thought.

“With school resuming, I could see that,” voiced a bright brunette. Sandra was their light brunette’s name and often appeared out of touch with reality.

“Yeah, I was too,” spoke the dirty-blonde-haired girl called Kath. Unlike the others, Kath was rather serious about the effort she put into things. Thus, she had started a part-time job during the summer.

“You were working at that restaurant, right?” asked Mary.


“I still haven’t gone there yet. We’ll have to all go at some point.”

“That sounds fuun,” Sandra stated with her eyes glued to her phone.

Melina nodded, “Yeah, I haven’t been there since you started.”

“That’s right, you’ve been there first! How is Kathy?”

“Um, she messed up…just a little.”

“Meli!” Kath shouted with a blush. “But I’ve been doing much better now!”

“The more reason to visit.”

“Yeah. Lisa, you’ll come tooo?

Lisa nodded, “Why, of course.”

“Yay! Sounds like a fun plan.”

Melina began feeling a midday urge for the potty with the plan set in place without an exact date. She crossed her legs as her cheeks filled with a blush.

Ugh! If only I was wearing a diaper right now! I wouldn’t have to worry about going to the potty right now. But I suppose it’d be bad if I did…pretty sure Mary and them wouldn’t like me if I were a stinky butt after all.

“Something wrong, Meli?” Mary asked.

“Oh uh,” Melina was caught off guard. “I need to use the potty.” Melina grew an even brighter shade at the realization of calling her need “potty.”

“I neeed to goo too,” Sandra chimed in, pocketing her phone.

“Well, let us all go then!” Mary stated. It didn’t appear the term potty gave them the wrong idea.

“You need to go too? Lisa?” Kath asked.

Lisa shook her head, “I’ll head to my locker first then.”

“We better hurry then before Meli wets herself!” Mary announced.

“Mary…I can still hold for longer!”

After time jumped past her previous relieving at lunch, Melina felt her urge growing again during her last class of the day. It was close to the end of the day, so she could hold for longer. However, Melina began thinking how convenient it’d be to wear a diaper at this point.

If I were wearing a diaper right now, I wouldn’t have to worry about that urge anymore. Plus, it’d be really comfy to wear during class. Oh gosh, I can’t wait to get home! Melina began to cross her legs to try her best to stave off the current urge. She may be returning to a pleasant diaper later in the day, but that didn’t help her now. But if I did wear a diaper right now…all my fellow students around me could tell, couldn’t they? Diapers at home and diapers at school are entirely different.

“Finally!” Melina cheered with glee. “We’re home!”

Ashley gave a big yawn, “Today sure dragged on.”

“Yeah,” Melina agreed. “The potty breaks were a little annoying.” She saw her sister turn red and look the other way. I wonder if she agreed?

“Well, they won’t be anymore!” stated a third voice approaching. As expected, Melina and Ashley’s mother stepped in, giving a twirl as she greeted her daughters with a smile. “Hey girls! How was your day?” She held her hands out for each of the girls to hold them.

Melina was the first to grasp her mother’s hand. “I’d say it was about as typical as your first day would be. No homework, thankfully. But I’m happy to be able to see my other friends more now.”

“That’s good,” came her mother’s reply that burst with a smile.

On the other hand, Ashley appeared to be reluctant to take her mother’s hand. But with a blush, she took it before giving a smile and turning away. “It was pretty much that.”

Ashley has other friends aside from Emi, doesn’t she? Melina knew her sister had other friends, though they never hung out or anything of the like as far as she was aware.

Their mother, with adroit speed, swapped her hands by crossing her arms. This allowed her to flip around and hold her daughter’s hands as they walked forward. “With that day out of the way, I bet you’ll want to relax. A good thing I made some snacks for you, huh?”

“Yay!” Ashley cheered at the sound of snacks. However, her cheeks went bright red, and she sunk in.

“Aw,” Melina awed in a babyish voice. “It okay. I happy too!” The sudden voice pitch caused the young girl to turn a brighter shade.

“Heehee! You two are so cute! I’m so blessed to have such adorable daughters. But why don’t we get you both into something a little more comfortable.”

Melina smirked at that proclamation. She means to put us back into diapers, I bet!

That thought came true, with Melina and Ashley both sitting down on the couch with a diaper tapped around their waist. Their mother declared that both of them wore no pants to feel even more comfortable. Thus, both girls snacked on homemade cookies that were freshly made. Each bite was soft yet delightful. This was the definition of relaxing in Melina’s mind.

While Melina’s eyes were engaged on the cartoon that was currently showing—ala Ashley’s choice, an urge surged throughout her body. The freshly made juice and cookies must have now kicked in that she could vegetate with a clean padding. Thanks to that soft padding around her waist, an urge such as this meant nothing.

Melina kept her attention towards the show but relaxed her body. A warmth slowly spread around her legs. The now soggy padding had slightly expanded with the liquids she expelled. She followed that up with a smile before leaning forward. The urge unfinished, Melina turned red as she gave a push. “Mmm,” Melina gave a slight noise as her push intensified. “Frrbt,” sounded from her rear just before the padding expanded once more. She relentlessly pushed as much as she could, causing the diaper to inflate further with the waste of her body.

She exhaled, feeling relieved at the full package she just made. Adjusting back into her seat, the mess squished. Taking a complete whiff, it’d be a matter of seconds before everyone in the room, let alone the whole house, would become aware.

“Hehe!” Ashley giggled. “Sis, you went poo-poo!”

Right on queue. Melina adjusted her voice to match her sisters, “Hehe, yup! I made a big stinky! I bet you’ll be making one soon too!”

Ashley blushed but nodded. The two girls proceeded to giggle at how childish they felt.

Loud crinkles filled the room of Melina’s mother. Melina laid back on a mat set on the bed with her legs spread apart. Her diaper untapped and unfolded its contents to her mother.

“You really made a big stinker, hon!” her mother commented. “Just imagine if I hadn’t changed you when you got home.”

“Ehehe! That’d be a big mess to clean up.”

“Why don’t we get you into a clean diaper now.” Her hands swiftly wiped the contents on her rear and legs as the change initiated.

The question in Melina’s head resurfaced. I couldn’t wear diapers at school or anywhere else, could I? What would mother even think?

“Is something wrong, sweetie? Was it actually rough? Did you get bullied?” The line of questioning told Melina that her worry was transparent.

“No,” Melina shook her head. I might as well ask mother what she thinks. “I was just thinking about wearing diapers outside. Like if I were to wear them at school or in public. It’s been on my mind today, and I don’t think it’s a good idea, but I’m not sure at the same time. I don’t know what you’d think about it either…” Her cheeks blushed red as the clean diaper was placed under her.

“I see,” she tilted her head. “I haven’t changed my mind from before. If you feel like you need to, I will be fine with it. Though I can imagine how much of a challenge it’ll be to actually wear them in public. But any challenge can be overcome with a good plan. We’ll just have to think about how to overcome the obstacles. Just let me know if this is what you want, and I’ll help you set it up.”

“Okay,” Melina nodded with her eyes wide open. The reasoning gave a sense of clarity. “I’ll think about it and let you know. But that does make sense. Maybe I just wouldn’t poop or something?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want you hurting yourself if the urge arises. So, we’ll have to come up with a plan that’d work even for that case.”

“Wow! Thanks, mommy!”

The tapes on the clean diaper strapped in place, her mother patted the front of the padding. “With that, you have a clean diaper. If you’d like, I can check on you later. I trust the powder will keep you from getting a rash, so don’t feel the need to automatically come to me for a change. Just focus on relaxing for the day, okay?”

“Okay, Mommy!” She’ll check on me like a baby then? Her lips curled at the thought of her mother walking into her room and checking her diaper as if it was normal. She stood off the bed and hugged her mother. “I love you!”

“Hehe! I love you too!” she returned the embrace.

Maybe I should consider it? With a good plan, I could be in first period and just let my poop go ehehe!

After Melina’s nightly change, her mother approached to nonchalantly check on her. Though was more like, “Oh, how is my girl doing?” leading to an expected check. She changed into her blue pajamas afterward. Instead of formulating a plan for her classes using the syllabus as a guide, she attempted to develop her own strategies dealing with her diapers. Her list thus far contained the following: Making sure the bathroom was clear, practice cleaning herself, being quick about going to the restroom if poopy, wearing different clothes, and being careful to not get a rash.

“Bzzt,” her phone vibrated. The screen contents showcased a text message from Lisa stating, “I’d like to visit tomorrow. Will that be fine?”

Melina smiled, replying on her phone, “Sure! Can’t wait!” She had confidence that her mother would be alright if the girl would come over without prior planning—as they’ve done so in the past. This had Melina believe her mother didn’t mind surprising visitors too much.

I’ve been planning about it…I just can’t stop thinking about it…I think I want to…to wear diapers in public. In school. But just in case, I think I should test it…

Melina’s day at school proceeded just as she’d expected. The second day provided her with some homework she’d need to accomplish. Thankfully, Lisa followed her home as the two of them conversed they’d help each other in this visit. Melina’s mother came to greet the two girls. Ashley appeared to have made plans with Emily, much like Lisa and herself. Thus, she went over to Emily’s house.

“Hey Melina,” her mother started. “Can you help me with something real fast?”

“Sure!” Melina smiled, following her mother. “I’ll be back down fast.”

“Okay,” Lisa replied.

She laid down on the bed, spreading her legs. Melina’s mother lifted her white skirt and proceeded to pull her underwear down. This was the idea Melina came up with and told her mother within the morning. She wanted to try it but thought it’d been safe to test it with her closest friend first.

Her plan also depicted the wardrobe for her day. Usually, Melina had moved on into pants and shorts much like the other near grown-up girls her age. Though, the skirt wouldn’t hug her waist as much, which was why she picked it out. It wasn’t like she thought the skirt was cute, just pants were far simpler.

With Melina’s diaper changed, the skirt over the top, she was ready to greet Lisa.

As Melina eyed Lisa on the couch, her heart began to pound. It’s okay. She won’t be able to tell. The diaper really is unnoticeable under this skirt. The skirt did hug a portion of her rear, but it’d be impossible to know that it was a diaper.

“I’m back,” Melina announced.

“Oh good,” Lisa smiled before tilting her head. This caused Melina to turn red with embarrassment. “What did you help with exactly?”

“Oh, that, haha. She just needed my opinion on something she purchased.”

“I see.” Despite the white lie she gave, Lisa stared daggers right at her.

C-can you tell or can’t you? Which is it?

Lisa gave a gentle smile, “Well, want to play a game?”

“Oh, sure!” So, she can’t tell, huh? After moving closer, Lisa gave no noticeable sign that she was aware of underneath the girls’ skirt. Phew, I feel relieved now.

The two girls played a platforming game that Lisa showed superior skills compared to Melina. Though, they were both having fun. This came off to Melina as a distraction because she wore a diaper next to her best friend. Though each stage cleared, Melina returned to that space, causing her to turn red each time.

“Is something wrong?” accused Lisa.

“Oh, nothing…silly!” Melina did her best to cool it off, though she went a brighter shade of red. She stood up, hoping to change the subject very fast. “Why don’t I get some snacks.”


Phew…this is really difficult. I know she doesn’t know, but the fact I do makes it so tough! Melina lost focus on where she was as she walked in front of her friend. She walked through the end corner before hitting a solid object on the floor that didn’t belong there initially with her foot. Unable to keep her balance, Melina began to fall forward. She put her hands out to stop her fall, which succeeded in reducing the tumble. However, she looked back, finding Lisa’s backpack being the culprit and a disturbing revelation it brought. Not only did her foot get caught on said object, but so did her skirt. This caused her skirt to pull forward as she reared back to regain her composure. With her skirt in that situation, the padding on her rear was wholly exposed. A bright shade of red returned to her face as she looked towards Lisa. Lub-dub, lub-dub, her heart pounded from the sight of her friend. Lisa was clearly looking towards her, especially her rear end.

“I-I have to uh get snacks!” Melina bolted from the spot. S-she saw me! There’s no escaping! Gah! What am I going to do! Lock myself in my room, perhaps? Her heart fluttered as she proceeded to hyperventilate from the panic of the situation.

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Chapter 5

Melina, true to her action, barged into the kitchen as tears fell down her cheeks. She frantically looked about the room, trying to find snacks. Several jars filled with different treats were in plain sight on the counter or the fridge with soothing juices.

I-I shouldn’t be looking for snacks! I-I should be hiding! Melina dashed forward through the kitchen and out into the hallway leading to the stairs and front door. Her legs followed her eyes towards the stairs. Once she’d make it up, she could swiftly lock herself in her room.

Before Melina’s first step up the stairs could be made, her right arm was pulled. “!!!” Melina gasped at the realization. Her arm was yanked by Lisa, who currently gave a sullen expression.

No…Please don’t yell at me!

Despite Melina’s worries, no voice of anger or reason echoed into the room. Only the silent sniffles Melina made.

Lisa’s arms swiftly wrapped themselves around Melina, bringing her close to Lisa’s warm body. Her best friend tightened the grip she held Melina by—locking her into a friendly hug.

“I understand why you’re afraid,” Lisa initiated. “I’m honestly really surprised myself.”

“!!!” Melina shuddered in place.

“I thought you just wanted to help your sister, but I guess it’s a little more than that? But I don’t mind, so you don’t need to be afraid. I’m…just a little curious is all.”

Lisa loosened her grip, allowing Melina to turn around and hug Lisa instead. “Waah!” Melina proceeded to cry on her best friend’s shoulder.

Once Melina dried her tears and relieved her curious mother of her worries, she sat back on the couch with Lisa.

“I’d like to say some things first,” Lisa stated. “I think it is a little strange to um…wear diapers and all. But I don’t want to make you upset. Though, it is a bit different than what I was expecting my best friend to be doing. It isn’t wrong to like anything ‘weird’ though. I, for one, have um…found a liking to ‘BL…’” Lisa turned slightly red, releasing said secret. Melina wasn’t exactly sure what that translated to, on the other hand. “It’s a little more normal…but there isn’t anything wrong with liking weird things. I’m curious how you got into them? I don’t mind if you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to tell me, but I’d like to be your best friend still!”

Lisa’s determined expression caused Melina to smile, “Sure. But I want to know what this ‘BL’ is.”

The returned question caused Lisa to turn red, “…K…” was all she could muster.

“Well, it was rather recent…” Melina began explaining the story of how her curiosity for the padding grew. She may have been telling the truth but left out the parts that’d end up putting her sister in the same boat.

“Hmm, I see,” Lisa curled her lips. “Judging from what you told me, I’m guessing you have peed in it?”

Melina began to blush, “I have.”

“What is it like?”

“It’s really warm and nice, hehe. I guess it’s a little strange at first, but once you get accustomed, it’s a really nice feeling.”

“I see. I don’t think I could picture myself feeling the same. But umm…have you uh gone number two?”

Melina turned red and nodded in return.

“Oh my…”

“Well, can you tell me about ‘BL’ now?”

The change of subject caused Lisa to share the same red blush as Melina.

The two returned back to their game. Melina felt embarrassed in two regards—one on her secret and the other on “BL,” meaning “Boy Love.” She found it hard to believe her friend be fascinated by that content but did her best to accept Lisa like Lisa tried to accept her diapers. Plus, Melina thought her interest in diapers was just a little more innocent of an interest to have.

Melina felt content with a smile now both secrets were out. The two worked progressed together on the game they played. An urge surged through Melina as she would have to soon make a trip to the bathroom. That was if she weren’t wearing a diaper. Despite Lisa, her best friend, sitting next to her, Melina didn’t have to be afraid.

She’s already accepted the fact I wear them and even use them! I have nothing to fear! Just let it all go, hehe! At that thought, the warm liquid began pouring into her diaper.

“Uh oh!” Melina commented, having just relieved herself. “I just had an accident!”

“You did?” Lisa’s eyes went wide. The game also froze with the text “pause” appearing. “Can I see it?”

“Uh-I-I guess.” Melina turned red as she stood up and put her hands on her skirt. However, Lisa appeared to be impatient as her own hands yanked on her skirt—pulling it up.

“Oh wow! You really did go. It must be really warm right there?”

“Mhm, it is.” Melina squeezed the warm saturated padding. “I don’t mind if you want to touch it.”

“Um…okay.” Lisa turned red as she gave the soggy diaper a couple pats. “It is warm…” A contented expression grew on her best friend.

Back to the game, Melina told Lisa it’d be fine without a clean change. Melina began to wonder what Lisa would think about her wearing them in public. Sure, this attempt ended in failure (or success in disguise), but she still felt eager to try again.

“Hey Lisa,” Melina started while her eyes glued to the game.

“Yeah?” Lisa began to sniff the air. Perhaps attempted to gauge whether or not Melina had just crapped herself.

“I-I didn’t poop…”


“But I’ve been thinking recently about wearing diapers in public like at school.”

“You mean you haven’t yet?”

“No. That’s why I decided to try wearing them with you over to see how it’d go, and…I guess it’s obvious what happened.”

“I see. Well, to be fair, you could have worn shorts too.”

“Ahaha, yeah, I probably could have. They do pop out of my shorts and pants a bit, though.”

“Hmm, that does make this a challenge. Although, I doubt I’d have made the connection looking at your butt with shorts on under the skirt.”

“I see, that does make sense.”

“Either way, we’ll have to be extra careful.”

“Mhm.” Melina nodded along before realizing her best friend added the word “we’ll” in her sentence. Thank you, Lisa, for wanting to look out for me! “Thanks!”

Through the rest of the day and night, Melina was beaming with a smile. No matter what other subject they’d converse about, they’d somehow bring diapers back up to discuss. Even when Lisa went home, they texted back and forth about them. Lisa may have said she thought it was weird. Still, she appeared curious about the different types that existed, how they felt, and suggested various public wearing ideas.

As for Melina, it was an unusual topic to text about but brought her a smile nevertheless.

A couple weeks had passed since Melina’s “padded” secret was revealed to Lisa. Due to Lisa’s initial curiosity, the best friends had been able to converse about diapers with relative ease. Melina hadn’t been afraid to embrace her secret whenever Lisa would travel to her house.

Today was a somewhat special day for Melina. She shifted in her seat during math, like she had done the previous day. A different feeling embraced her waist than the weeks before.

An irritation itched at her bladder to release. Melina was thankful for the secret at her waist. She smiled before the warm liquid emptied itself out. The warmth spread around her waist rapidly, though not spilling out into her pants.

Melina smiled as she continued to follow the lecture of the instructor. Pleased that she could continue to trust the padding around her waist, even at school.

After class let out, Melina walked to the nearest little girl’s room. There she claimed an opened stall and undid her pants. Pulling her pants down revealed the soaked pull-up style diaper currently wrapped to her waist.

Melina was thankful for Lisa’s suggestion a week prior. It started off as a joke towards Melina that she might need pull-ups to become a big girl again. Lisa eventually thought it might not have been a bad option for public places. Though she laughed at the comment, Melina did ask her mother to help find quality pull-ups for her—which her mother also made the comment of “big girl.” It took several types before they found a real winner.

She proceeded to pull the used object off her legs before putting it into her bag. Melina simultaneously pulled out a clean pull-up from the same secret compartment. Within this opening, she could hide her diapering supplies from everyone.

Once she stretched the less-than-padding-of-a-diaper up her legs, Melina felt content about the results. This may not have been a diaper, but it was the closest thing without revealing too much. Plus, Melina was a bit awkward taping her own diapers.

“Ugh,” Mary groaned. “I just don’t get what to do for chemistry.”

“Haha,” Melina laughed along. She was seated at the usual location the group was at in lunch. “Yeah, it is confusing.”

“Lisaaa, will you hellllp us?” Sandra cried.

“We’ll have to make a study plan then,” Lisa suggested.

“That sounds good,” Kath nodded.

“Hey, Meli?” Mary started.

“Yeah?” Melina blushed.

“You’re doing well in composition, right?”

“I am.”

“You’ll have to help me then!”

“Me toooo!” Sandra chimed in.

“Haha, we’ll have to plan for something soon then.”

The day before, when Melina wore the pull-ups at school for the first time, she felt her heart racing. Many thoughts such as “will my friends find out?” or “will everyone know?” flowing. However, to Melina’s knowledge, the opposite was true. Neither of her friends at this current point was aware. Though given Lisa’s acceptance has Melina curious how her other friends would react to something so infantile.

“We’ll have to plan an all-day hang-out this Saturday,” Mary exclaimed.

“Suuure,” Sandra agreed though eyes glued to her phone.

“I’m fine with that,” Kath nodded.

“Yeah, that sounds like fun!” Melina smiled. Though Lisa didn’t respond, her gentle smile told them she accepted.

“Great! I can’t wait!”

Haha! I can’t wait either! Perhaps I should wear pull-ups over to their house as well? Maybe a diaper if I’m extra careful. Oh gosh! I just love that I don’t have to be so afraid to do this now! Melina continued to smile with a blush.

“Something good, Meli?”

“Maybe a boooy?”

“Haha, nah,” Melina shook her head. “Just something to look forward to is all.” The padding between her legs allowed her to be content for what she wanted, though she knew she couldn’t be careless.

Once school was dismissed, Melina asked Lisa over. Lisa had already intended to go over, thus was gladly accepted. Before Melina could walk any further into her house, a feeling came over her rear.

“Do you need a change?” Lisa asked.

Melina began to turn red. The soft padding of the pull-up was still warm from her recent wetting. Given she was wet, she began to nod.

“Perfect!” Lisa gave a gentle yet bright smile. “Allow me to help!”

Melina’s hand was snatched on the spot and brought to a slow tug. She smiled as she followed her best friend up the stairs and into her room. From there, she laid on her bed, and Lisa began to strip her pants.

The wet pull-up was now in Lisa’s sight, “You certainly did.” Her unskilled hands began pulling the garment down. Lisa went over to Melina’s dresser and opened the bottom drawer. There she found secretly stashed on the bottom a clean diaper to change Melina. She proceeded to unfold the diaper and place it under Melina. Her skill wasn’t comparable to Melina’s mother, but she was trying her best.

Ever since last week, Lisa sure has been wanting to change me. Melina began recounting the prior week, and Lisa asked if she could change Melina’s wet diaper. Given her mother’s assistance, Lisa had managed to clean Melina. Thus, ever since she’s come over, she always asks Melina if she needs a change or not. Each necessary change resulted in a diaper change via Lisa. Though Melina hadn’t dared poop herself in front of her best friend, she was happy how far their friendship has gone. She says this is “weird,” too, hehe. But right now, she looks like she enjoys changing me!

“Done!” Lisa smiled. “How does it feel?”

“Excellent!” Melina beamed back. “Ehehe! Tanks fo changing me!”

“Hehe, you’re welcome!”

The two best friends found themselves on the couch watching a show. Given Melina’s trust in Lisa, she went without pants. Her padding exposed to her friend, who hadn’t run away. Lisa glanced at her waist several times a minute but returned Melina’s eyes with a smile.

Melina began feeling an urge flowing through her body that told her it was about time she made a mess. Given her time with Lisa within the past week, she’d hold this the best she could. Melina told herself to use the toilet if it came to it. However, she managed to wait just until Lisa left—resulting in a stinky change immediately after.

She wasn’t sure how Lisa would take her best friend messing her padded pants, but Lisa appeared to have grown closer to her interest. Perhaps…now is the time to test it? Melina proceeded to adjust herself by sitting forward—giving ample room for her rear. No need to hold back now! “Ngh…” Melina slowly pushed on her innards as well as turning red. Her diaper gradually expanded as the mushy mess expelled.

There was no way to deny it at this point—the stinky mess she just made. Her diaper contained a prominent bulge, and a raging scent notified a baby was in the room. She didn’t even wear pants, thus when she gave Lisa a blushing grin, Lisa returned a blush of her own.

“Y-you…” Lisa shyly looked at the messy Melina. “You sure crapped, huh?” She shook her head, forcing a gentle smile to her lips. “I-it’s fine.”

“Are you sure?” Melina questioned. “I mean, I’m a big stinky girl, ehehe!”

“Umm, yes. I mean, I feel quite off about it, but I want to be your friend…and I’d like to do better…”

“You don’t have to force yourself.”

Lisa looked down to the floor, “But I’d like to…”

The two of them remained silent for a few minutes before the stench reminded Melina of the situation. “I’m sorry, let me go get changed by mama.”

Melina’s change was swift and cheerful as always. Though, when she reclaimed her seat, Lisa smiled towards her again.

“All clean!” Lisa tilted her head.

“Hehe, yup!” Melina replied. “I sure enjoy wearing really comfy diapers again, ehehe!”

“Haha, I’d say you just love them.”

“Yup, I sure do!”

“I’ve been a little curious over this thought. Are you going to wear diapers? Like, for a long time or forever?”

“Hmm, that is a good question. Though I have thought about it myself. I’ve decided that I think I’ll wear diapers for a good long time, though, hehe!”

“Ah, well, your secret is safe with me.” Lisa began to whisper to herself, “maybe one day I can change you like your mother…”


“Haha, I think that’s a good decision for you. They do make you look rather cute.”

“They do?”


“Hehe!” Melina leaped into Lisa, giving her a hug. “I wove you!”

“I love you too!”

The two best friends continued to hold each other before Melina moved into Lisa’s lap. Lisa felt Melina’s padded rear as she snuggled up to her.

“They are rather soft…”

“I know, right!”


After a couple months had passed, Melina, alongside her younger sister and friends, sat on the couch. Unlike the many times, the four spent time together, Ashley and even Emily were like Melina—wearing a diaper! Given the time that had passed, they each had grown aware of the other’s secret.

Melina was the first to break the secret that Lisa knew of her diaper by telling Ashley one night. This way, if the three spent time together, this would allow for Melina to wear diapers. Ashley asked for Melina to help break her padded secret to Lisa as well. In return, she’d help break Melina’s to Emily. This surprised Melina that Emily was aware of Ashley’s secret but was happy the two friends had accepted them.

She scanned the room and looked towards Ashley and Emily, who wore an obvious diaper under a short skirt. Melina hadn’t dared to ask Emily herself the full details, but Ashley explained that she enjoyed them.

Either the case may be, Melina was pleased Emily was her younger sister’s best friend.

Melina felt a need to go potty—precisely number two. With the girls in the room, she knew she had no worry to hold back. Plus, Ashley and Emily had done such a deed plenty of times.

She adjusted herself as the poop slowly caused her diaper to expand. The stench swiftly entering everyone’s nose.

Lisa was the first to act, “Which baby made the mess?”

“Ehehehe!” Melina began to giggle.

Lisa smiled, “It is alright. Let us get you cleaned up then.” She took Melina’s hand and walked her up to her room.

Melina laid on a mat on top of her bed. Lisa proceeded to remove the tapes of her dirty deed.

“Someone sure is stinky.”

“Hehe!” Her best friend was capable of changing the girls’ diapers just as well as her mother could. Every day felt brighter as long as she wore a diaper. I’d say this was a well-padded decision! Ehehe!

The End.


It has been a relatively long time since I first started Melina’s curiosity. But here, it is finally coming to a close. Due to a request, I had also written from the perspective of Ashley. Though, much of the same events occur (same as the next few paragraphs in both the afterword).

Now I must be honest, I do not regret writing both sides, but it wasn’t fun to write them both. Taking one portion of the story and rewriting it, so it was in the perspective of another character, was mainly done. Changing a lot of the text and presentation makes one side more or less unique from the other. However, the story isn’t any different, so it ends up being the same regardless. I’m also keeping in mind the fact not everyone will read both sides. One side will be favored more than the other to some. Regardless of that, if you combine all the chapters, I wrote 12 chapters, including the prologues. A lot of time really was spent making an effort to write both sides.

I’ve learned from this that I don’t want to write two perspectives simultaneously in the future. If anything, I’d do it for a story that was well completed just to give it a new flair. So, for the readers who are doing their best to their own writings, seeing this, I don’t recommend writing two perspectives. You’ll get a lot more mileage in writing two unique stories. Not to mention it’s a lot more enjoyable!

A detail I’m willing to share is the order these chapters were written. It went as such:

Melina’s Curiosity

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 1

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 1

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 2

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 2

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 3

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 3

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 4

Decisions: Melina’s Side Chapter 5

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 4

Decisions: Ashley’s Side Chapter 5

Ashley’s Bedwetting

After chapter 3 of both sides, I decided to dedicate my time to one before the other. This helped make it more enjoyable and flow. Also, to note, I did write Ashley’s Bedwetting last. So, in a way, I finished off where I began.

As for Melina, I first pictured what it’d be for a girl who was constantly told how great times were when she was an infant. Thus, leading to an eventual desire for her to become one herself.

There are a couple of things left to take care of in this story—or at least what I’d call left open. The first open door being their mother, who seems to understand their interest to a certain degree. Whether or not their mother is an ABDL herself or has some other wacky secret herself is left to the reader.

Second are Melina’s friends. I introduced them in chapter four, but nothing much amounted to them. They were mostly just friends you’d converse with within school, though never go on beyond that. It makes you wonder if they really were friends or just acquaintances—at least how I see things. I guess I have a rather strict higher concept of “friends.” I perceive most of the friends I had in high school as just acquaintances. I could cry in a corner. None of them would be there for me despite the numerous times we spent together.

Unlike my case, I’d say Melina’s friends would be there for her if the time came to it. Though, whether they appreciate Melina’s secret is up to the reader. I could picture Sandra, being the laziest, wearing a bit of protection to help her be lazier.

At first, I’d like to say that I intended for Melina and Lisa to end up being gay for each other. Though, their relationship, I will say, is also left open in that regard. But they definitely got a lot closer, thanks to some padded events.

Anyways, I’d like to close things out by saying thank you! Thanks for being patient with me for this story. I never like leaving things left unfinished unless I really have to. And I hope you have enjoyed the story for what it is!

Thank you, keep your comfy padding, and may we meet again in another story!


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