Just wanted to say hi to everybody.

I have been lurking (though that sounds so nefarious) on this board for quite a long time, back from the xsorbit days…
Was there not another board before that …possibly? I Could be wrong.

I am 29 and live in Canada where I am an electronics store manager (which also makes me a bit of a geek). I can’t live without my computer and video games and I dabble in photography but my biggest passion is playing guitar.

I do want to apologize to all the great authors who have written many great stories that I didn’t post my feelings on over the past years, and I also want to thank all the great authors that have created enjoyment in the form of a well written story.

P.S. I never realized how many more features there are to this board once you register…

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I got nothing. You’re too damn normal.

Welcome to the forum.

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You totally seem the nefarious type. But that’s okay.

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Yay another computer nerd!