“Daylily” will focus on regression and babying, and will have little to no actual sexual content. This series features the same main character as my earlier story, “Delilah.” It will also be publicly available on my patreon. All characters are adults. This is still fetish content, so 18+ readers only please.

Delilah’s Daddy unsnapped the straps of her booster seat and helped her out of the car. She put her arms around his neck and allowed herself to be lifted out and set on her feet. Her pink and white sneakers crunched on gravel as she touched the ground.

He kissed her cheek and handed her her sea-turtle plushie, which she clutched to her chest. He went to fish her backpack out of the back seat.

Delilah smoothed the skirt of her onesie against her slim thighs and fiddled with her pacifier clip. Daddy had let her pick out a new onesie for the occasion, and she’d chosen sky blue with a pattern of yellow flowers. They had both had fun getting her ready; her hair was up in pigtails, and Daddy had chosen blue and yellow hair ties to match her onesie. She had loved how she looked when they left the house that morning, but now she felt anxious and self conscious.

Being babied in public was new to Delilah. She knew that this secluded house, shielded from the road by a thick row of evergreens, was hardly “public.” Still, she felt exposed, standing in a stranger’s driveway dressed like a little girl.

They were parked in front of a board fence that separated the driveway from the yard. “Daylily” was painted in cheerful yellow letters on the sign that hung from the gatepost.

She stood on tiptoe to see over the fence. Fruit trees obscured the house, but the yellow siding was visible through the branches. Dandelion yellow. Daylily yellow? She wasn’t sure. Delilah did not know much about flowers.

She heard Daddy behind her. “Here, let’s get your backpack on, sweetie.”

Delilah let her Daddy slide the straps of her jellyfish backpack up her arms. The main compartment in the bell of the jellyfish held her snacks and an emergency change of clothes, as well as the gameboy and three bags of candy she’d shoved inside when Daddy wasn’t paying attention. Plush tentacles hung down her back and swung as she moved, brushing her bum.

He took her hand and smiled at her. “Ready baby?”

Delilah nodded. Her small hand trembled in his steady one.

The gate creaked as Daddy opened it and lead her through. She held her sea-turtle firmly by one flipper, swinging him against her leg as she walked.

A path of stepping stones led them through the fruit trees and towards the house. The leaves whispered in the breeze as they passed under them and Delilah could hear insects buzzing. Outdoor toys were sitting in the shade of the trees; a playhouse, a blue plastic rocking horse, a toddler slide. Swings hung from the largest branches.

As they stepped out from under the trees, the house came into full view. Delilah stopped. It was large and sprawling, and spilled over the slight hill that it sat on like a riot of yellow daylilies, daffodils, dandelions. Behind the house, Delilah could see the tops of playground equipment and something shining - was that water?

Her heart was beating fast. What would they be like? How was she going to handle being little without Daddy there?

Daddy let go of her hand and rubbed the small of her back, making the tentacles of her backpack sway. “Are you still nervous, sweetie?”

“Little bit.” Delilah laughed uneasily and sucked in air through her teeth. She turned around to hug him, wanting to hide against him. Which wasn’t easy - she was four inches taller than he was.

“You’re gonna have so much fun.” He squeezed her gently, rubbing her hips. Her diaper rustled under his palm. “And you’ll have lots to tell me about tonight.”

“But I’ll miss you."

“I’ll miss you too.” Daddy scooped her up, holding her against his hip. Although Delilah was tall, her build was tiny and birdlike. Her Daddy, short and heavy-set, could lift her easily. “But it’s just for the day.”

“I know.” She put her arms around his shoulders, her sea-turtle flopping against his back. His beard tickled her cheek and her diaper squished under his hand as he supported her butt.

Delilah blushed. She hadn’t realized she was wet already.

He carried her the rest of the way to the house. Flowerbeds flanked the front door, and lilies and peonies looked up at her as Daddy climbed the steps. She reached out and trailed a hand along the railing. It was warm under her fingers. It was going to be hot today. She could already smell it.

They had reached the top of the steps. Daddy kissed her and tickled her tummy, and she giggled and smiled despite her nervousness. He picked up her pacifier from where it was hanging against her ribs and placed it in her mouth. “Do you want to ring the doorbell, baby?”

Delilah nodded, suckling her pacifier to help calm herself. The doorbell was shaped like a sunflower, the button was the black seed head. She took a deep breath, and rang.


“Good morning!" The door was opened by a small woman who almost looked like a sunflower herself. She wore her pale red hair in a half ponytail, and wisps of it haloed her small angular face. "Is this Delilah?”

“This is her.” Daddy bounced Delilah gently against his hip. “Can you say hi, sweetie?”

“Hi.” Delilah whispered around her pacifier.

“Hi Delilah! What a pretty name!” The woman seemed to be brimming with frenetic energy, and she spoke to Delilah in a voice usually reserved for precocious toddlers. “My name’s Angela! I’m a caregiver here." Her voice dropped back into a normal register as she spoke to Daddy. “Oh, she is such a cutie. Look at those freckles! Come inside, please.”

Daddy carried her through the doorway, Delilah squeezing herself against him so that they could fit. He set her down on a bench just inside the door and she let go of him reluctantly.

Daddy knelt in front of her and undid the velcro straps on her sneakers. She had never been good at laces.

Delilah shrugged her backpack off and held it in her lap like a shield. She fiddled with the tentacles, running them through her fingers as she looked around the room.

It was almost as bright and vibrant as the outside of the house. On the wall opposite from her was a row of square cubbies painted in a rainbow of colors, holding shoes and backpacks. A scattering of clipboards hung from the wall above them, and a large bulletin board displayed completed coloring pages and paper crafts.

“Big day, huh?” Angela asked her, squatting beside the bench as Daddy tugged off her right shoe. “Your daddy told me you’d never been to daycare before?”

Daycare. Hearing the word out loud made Delilah blush. She shook her head shyly, glad that her pacifier gave her an excuse not to use her words.

“Are you excited?” Angela asked. Her smile was warm and radiant, and her cheerful kindergarten teacher voice made Delilah squirm.

Delilah nodded, although she wasn’t sure if excited was the right word for the bubbly anxiety she was experiencing.

Daddy pulled off her other shoe and one of her lace trimmed socks came away with it. He picked it up and reached for her foot. Instinctively, Delilah tried to yank her feet away, worried he would try to tickle them. He grabbed her by the ankle before she could, and slipped the sock back onto her tiny foot.

“Has she had breakfast already?” Angela asked Daddy as they both stood up.

“She has. And she has a few snacks in her backpack. I know you provide meals, but just in case she’s fussy about the options.”


Daddy opened the backpack in her lap and pulled out her waterbottle and the reusable bag that contained her snacks, thankfully not looking under her clothes to find her contraband. He handed Delilah her shoes, trading them for her sea-turtle plushie. He leaned down to her level and pointed to the cubbies along the wall. “Can you pick out a cubby to put your stuff in?”

Delilah jumped up and crossed the room to the cubbies, eager to get out from under Daddy and Angela. Being talked about like she wasn’t there made her feel flustered and small.

“Any medications that we should be aware of?” Angela asked Daddy.

Delilah picked a sherbet orange cubby and shoved her shoes inside, pushing her backpack in on top of them. She almost wanted to climb inside one and hide.

“Just her hormones, and she’s already taken those this morning.”

A handful of the other cubbies were also full. The one directly beside hers - robin’s egg blue - held a Hello-Kitty backpack and a pink fisherman’s hat. She wondered how many clients Daylily cared for, and how many other littles she was going to have to meet today.

“Great! If you can just fill out our registration form then-”

Delilah suckled her pacifier and worried the clip in her fingers. She kept feeling herself slipping in and out of littlespace; her eagerness pulling her in and then her shame dragging her back out.

She smoothed her onesie and tried to calm the fluttering in her tummy. She wanted to be here, she wanted this experience, and she knew Daddy needed to be sure that she was safe and cared for while he was busy. But she was still ashamed to want it, too be this little and need this much care. She hoped she could stay out of her head long enough to enjoy it.


Delilah hurried back over to Daddy. She tugged her sea-turtle out from under his arm, pressing it against her chest. Resting her head on his shoulder, she peered down at the clipboard in his hands.

He had just finished with the emergency contact section and was going through the yes or no questions. She watched as he circled “N” for “Has your little attended daycare before? Y/N” and then “N” again for “Is your little potty trained? Y/N.

Daddy handed the clipboard back to Angela, who studied it carefully.

“So she’s not using the potty at all?” She said, looking up at Daddy for confirmation.

“That’s right."

Delilah shuffled her feet, pressing her sea-turtle against her small breasts. The way Angela looked right past her as she spoke to Daddy was almost more embarrassing than listening to them talk about her.

“Oh, good. Changing diapers is so much easier than dealing with littles who are still potty training.” Angela set the clipboard on top of the cubbies. “Is she good about coming to you if she’s dirty?”

“Sometimes." Daddy tickled Delilah’s tummy, who squealed and squirmed away. "She already had a big poopy this morning, but she usually has another one sometime in the-”

Daddy!” Delilah spat out her pacifier and tugged at his sleeve sharply. He didn’t need to tell Angela everything about her diapers.

Ignoring her fussing, Daddy slid his arm around her waist, squeezing her gently. He handed her snacks to Angela. “Is there anything else you need for her? I have her diaper bag in the car.”

“As long as she has a change of clothes, we should be all good. We’ll give you a call right away if anything comes up.”

“Thank you.”

Daddy turned to Delilah, handing her her water bottle. “You be a good girl today, okay?" He instructed, as he put a hand on the doorknob. "Drink lots of water, it’s gonna be hot out.”

Delilah nodded, putting her arms around him for a last hug. “Bye bye, Dada.”

“Bye bye, baby. I’ll see you this afternoon, okay?”

Delilah felt the panic rising in her as soon as Daddy closed the door behind him. Why had she agreed to this? Now she was alone here, in a strange house with strange people, who were going to treat her like she was two, and Daddy wasn’t here to give her a hug if it got to be to much.

She blushed as she thought of everything he did for her in a day, that today someone new would have to help her with. Feeding her, checking her, changing her… Why had he even brought up her messy diapers, now she was going to worry about having one all day and-

Angela took her hand. "Do you want to come up and see the playroom, Delilah?”

Delilah looked up into Angela’s face, startled by the sudden contact. She realized that the other woman was probably around her own age, if not younger. Someone who in her adult life, she could have easily been friends with and had grown-up conversations with.

For a second Delilah plunged into her shame, wondering what Angela must think of her. Almost thirty and still in diapers, still getting dropped off at daycare because she couldn’t be trusted to take care of herself.

But Angela’s smile was kind and reassuring, and Delilah relaxed again, sliding back into regression.

"Yes please.” She said quietly.

Delilah let Angela lead her up the stairs and out of the porch. As they stepped into the windowed hallway, the morning sun bathed them in light.


“This way, cutie.” Angela pushed open a set of double doors and guided Delilah inside.

They entered a massive circular room, in the centre of which was a pillar made up to look like a lemon tree. On the couch that ringed its base, two littles were snuggled together reading a book. On the other side of the room, a little dressed entirely in pink was doing something complicated with some cushions.

“What would you like to play with?” Angela asked, gently steering Delilah over to the toy bins along the outside wall.

“Um…” Delilah looked around, overwhelmed by the options. A plastic ring stacking toy poked out of one bin, another was filled with soft toys, another held toy cars and trucks…

“What kind of toys do you play with at home?” Angela coaxed her.

“Uh…” Delilah fiddled with her water bottle, twisting the baby bottle nipple between her fingers. Truthfully, she didn’t really play with baby toys. Even with Daddy’s help, she’d never been able to get little enough to enjoy them.

“I like Lego?” She offered hesitantly.

“Oh, well…” Angela’s tone was apologetic and slightly condescending. “Lego is just a little too big for you. Lots of little pieces. But…” She took down a bright red bin full of baby blocks and set it down on the rainbow playmats that surrounded the toy bins. “How about these?”

Delilah nodded shyly. It didn’t really seem like she was being given a choice.

“That’s a good girl. Now,” Angela straightened up and smiled at her. “I’m sure your daddy just changed you, but I’m just going to quickly check your diaper, okay honey?”

Delilah stood still, almost frozen with embarrassment as Angela lifted the skirt of her onesie and felt between her legs. She was much more thorough than Daddy usually was, and her hands moved with businesslike and practised motions as she squished and prodded Delilah’s diaper.

“Alright,” Angela patted Delilah’s butt, making her jump, and pulled down her skirt again. She sat down beside the blocks. “Come sit, cutie.”

Delilah’s diaper crinkled as she sat down awkwardly on the mats. She obediently followed Angela’s lead and picked up a block with the letter “L” on it. She was feeling silly and almost panicky; baby toys were… well… pretty boring. How was she going to survive a whole day doing stuff like this?

“Good girl! How about we build a castle together?” Angela suggested, arranging some blocks into a foundation. “Here, you do the next layer.”

Delilah scooted a little closer to Angela, feeling her diaper mush against the play mats. She picked up another handful of square letter and number blocks, hoping Angela wasn’t going to use these to “teach” her counting or the alphabet.

Angela leaned over and picked up Delilah’s pacifier from where it was dangling against her ribs. “Open!” She said, and placed it back in Delilah’s mouth. “There, that’s better, huh?”

Delilah blushed and nodded, thankful that at least now she wouldn’t be expected to answer any questions. She suckled her pacifier and carefully placed another block.

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