Day at the Beach (Chapter 2 added 1/21)

Chapter 1

“Towels?” Amy called out, going through the checklist in her head

“Check” Justin called out, putting the 2 large beach towels in the bag.

“And finally, sunscreen?” Amy made sure to ask for the most important item last.

“And…check” he searched the room for a second and eyed the spray, tossing it in the bag.

“Looks like we have everything we need to have tons of fun at the beach. All we need to do is get into our swimsuits. Can you wait here while I get mine on?” Amy asked, knowing that he will listen to anything she says.

“Yup” Justin replied.

“Excuse me?” was all the response that she needed to get his attention.

“Sorry. Yes…mommy” he replied sheepishly, looking down at the ground.

“That’s better baby boy” she replied with a smirk as she headed back to their bedroom to get changed.

It had been a year since Amy and Justin have turned their relationship into a MD/LB relationship with AB/DL mixed in. Not that this is the first time they had been kinky. They had been heavy into the Dom/Sub scene ever since they met. However, one day, Justin brought up the idea of a lighter side of their dynamic and told her about MD/LB. Instead of rejecting the idea, she was interested in starting it almost immediately and they have been a happy mommy and baby boy ever since.

No matter how many times he had to call his girlfriend mommy, it would make him blush every single time. However, he was fine with that. The humiliation was one of the things that turned him on about this dynamic. Men, in general, are supposed to be the lead in the relationship and having to take a back seat to his partner was both erotic and embarrassing at the same time.

A big plus in their relationship is that they are not exclusively in this dynamic. They go out dinner as a couple, go to movies, argue about bills, and all the normal stuff couples do. Justin thought that he would have gotten burnt out if he was forced to be mommy’s little boy all the time.

5 minutes later, Amy emerged from the bedroom and nearly made Justin’s jaw drop. Her beautiful blonde hair fell down her shoulder blades and drove all the boys wild. The bottom of her hair landed on the back of her black bikini top which did not leave much to the imagination. Neither did the cutoff jean shorts she looked like she was poured into. Completing the outfit was a pair of yellow sandals that showed off her beautiful feet, complete with yellow toenails to match.

“Wow mommy, you look sexy as hell” her little boy said, which kinda seemed a little odd coming out of his mouth. Normally the compliments he gave her were “pretty” or “adorable”, but never sexy.

“Thanks sweetie. Now it’s time to get you ready. Let’s go” she announced as she took his hand and guided him into the bedroom. Once they were both in and the door was shut, she wasted no time with taking his shirt off, leaving his hairless chest bare. Even though he was 22, she had decided that he was going to be hairless from head to toe. It was one of the things that she made sure he kept up with in their relationship.

Justin, on the other hand, was embarrassed by his lack of body hair. Whenever he would wear shorts, he would get looks from other guys. Having no chest hair is no big deal, but no leg hair made him a little self conscious.

Noticing that look in her baby boy’s eyes, she ran her hands up and down his soft body. “Such a smooth baby boy. Mommy loves it when her baby follows her directions” she whispered in his ear as continued to rub her hands all over him. “Now, let’s get those pants and big boy underwear off.”

All he could do was stand still as the women he called mommy unbuttoned his shorts and slid them down his legs, making sure to grab his black boxers as well. While he stood in front of Amy, he was so embarrassed he just wanted to melt into the floor. He knew what was coming next.

“Can you be mommy’s helper and go get your supplies?” Amy cooed at him, knowing full well he knew what she expected from him.

Walking as slowly as possible by shuffling his feet, Justin walked to the closet to get the supplies. Reaching to the top shelf, he grabbed the baby powder as well as a PeekABU diaper with a stuffer inside. Those were mommy’s favorite diapers to see on him and, honestly, he thought they were pretty cute too.

Once he brought the items back to her, Amy helped guide her little boy’s bottom onto the extra towel she placed on the floor as a makeshift changing table. “Let’s get you all padded and comfy” she cooed like a mother talking to her toddler. Making sure to use a liberal amount of baby powder, she slowly taped the thick diaper onto her baby. “Oh my goodness, you just look adorable! Yes you do!” Amy used her sappy tone that she knew turned Justin into jelly. “Now, why don’t you go pack your baby bag and go get some clothes to wear to beach…unless you just wanna wear your cute little diaper” she concluded with a smack to his padded butt.

As if on auto-pilot, he made his way to the Winnie the Pooh backpack he used as his makeshift diaper bag. On his way there, he noticed that his walk had turned into more of a waddle as the diaper combined with the stuffer was thicker than he was used to. He made quick work on pack a couple extra diapers as well as the powder and wipes into the bag. Justin double checked his bag to made sure he had everything and added two extra diapers just to be safe. If he didn’t have enough diapers, Amy would make him stay in the last diaper until he got home. His mind went back to a car ride 2 months ago when he had to sit in a full diaper for 2 hours because he thought he had enough padding to last the whole trip. Nope, no way that was going to happen again.

Once his bag was packed to his satisfaction, he began looking for clothes. After a couple minutes, he decided on a dark blue pair of swim trunks and a white tank top. It was his go to attire when going to the beach. This, however, was going to be the first time he wore a diaper to the beach. He was slightly worried, but he knew mommy would not expose him to any bad situations. They were very discreet around vanilla people with their lifestyle. When they were alone in public, however, all bets were off.

“Alright sweetheart, it looks like you got some clothes. Let’s get you all dressed and ready to go swimming!” Amy announced that with an excitement in her voice that would have normally been used by someone who just won a prize on a game show. She couldn’t help it. When she got to be a mommy to her precious little man, her maternal side kicked into high gear. Everything had to be the most exciting thing ever and she made sure to make it seem like that to Justin.

The red cheeks returned to Justin when mommy asked him to step into his swim shorts. Once they were pulled up and tied tight, he looked down at his waist and was glad he was going to be wearing a tanktop. At least 3 inches of white plastic was poking over the top of his shorts.

“Stick your arms up like Superman baby” Amy stuck her arms up to show him just how to do it. She smiled as he mimicked her and she was able to put his shirt on. Once his head poked out of the head hole, she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek. “There’s my little man! Why don’t you grab your Pooh Bear bag and let’s head out” Amy cooed at him with a tushy pat to entice him.

In no time flat, Justin had his backpack slung over one shoulder and was at the front door. Slipping both his sandals on his feet, he went through a checklist in his head to make sure he had everything to make the day as fun as he could. “Mommy, we are forgetting…”

“The sand toys!” Amy finished his sentence for him. Getting a firm grip on his hand, she walked with him into the garage and put the sand toys in the trunk of the car. “Good memory Justin, you would have had a lot less fun at the beach without those” she told him with a tussle of his short brown hair. “NOW, do we have everything?” the women he called mommy asked, going through the inventory herself. Finding everything they needed, she opened the back door of the sedan and smiled at Justin. “Looks like everything is here, let’s go buddy.”

The diaper clad 22 year old hopped in the car, actually pretty excited to be going to have some fun at the beach. Over the last couple weeks, work has been really stressful. Couple that with the normal stresses of paying bills and everything else that comes with being an adult and he was happy he got to let all of that go for the afternoon.

Justin looked out the window for a little while, but then got bored. He needed something to do. His mind, as well as his eyes, wandered down to his waist. After he untied the swim trunks, his hands want to exploring the crinkly diaper underneath. While he was a huge fan of his diapers now, they were probably the most nerve wracking part of going to this lifestyle. His first couple times wearing them were about as uncomfortable as it got. The more he wore them, however, the more he got used to them. He loved the safeness and security he got by both mommy putting him in them and just wearing them in general. Plus, when he was playing games, he never had to stop to use the potty and that was awesome!

As Amy was driving along, she looked in the rearview mirror and saw her little guy playing with his diapers. “Well well, looks like a certain someone is happy to be in his diapers.” Once he started taking his hands out of his pants, she spoke up again. “It’s ok sweetie, babies love being in diapers and waiting on mommy to change them. Since you are my little baby boy, it’s perfectly natural for you to love your puffy diaper.”

While Justin was blushing, he couldn’t help but agree with her. He loved his diapers and, in the short time he has been interested in them, would never want to give them up!

After about 20 more minutes of quiet alternative rock from the car radio and crinkles from the back seat, Amy pulled into the parking lot. Both her and Justin noticed that they were the only people there. “Perfect” Amy thought “This should let my little guy be himself and not have to worry about being judged by onlookers.” Mommy hopped out of the car and opened the backdoor to see her little boy smiling back at her. “Let’s get your shorts tied back up” she said as she reached for the swim trunks, making quick work of getting them tied tight.

“Thanks mommy” Justin thanks his girlfriend, trying to not let the embarrassment show on his face. While he has been embarrassed about almost every step of their MD/LB journey, Amy was almost the complete opposite. Ever since she could remember, she has wanted kids. Since they are not ready for that step in the relationship, this seemed like a perfect plan B.

Unbuckled and out of the car, Justin walked to the trunk where his mommy was waiting.

“Alright buddy, how about you take your baby bag and the sand toys while I take the beach bag?” Amy made it seem like a suggestion, while making it a demand. She smiled as she saw Justin grab his Pooh Bear backpack and the huge bag of sand toys. He looked like Santa as he slung the huge bag over his shoulder. Little did he know that the bag was holding his shirt up, exposing some diaper. She had to do her best to hold in an aww as they started the walk down to the beach.

Cute story :slight_smile: I don’t have much more to add then what I said earlier, but from a writing perspective I like the pacing and description of this. Might like to see more development of Amy’s character.

Nice to see you here. Someone must have given you good advice :wink:

This feels well-constructed. The pacing, grammar, and spelling are all good. Thank you for sharing!

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__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Chapter 2

On their walk down to the beach, they had to make they way through the woods, where they saw plenty of creatures. Justin had to stop and look at the squirrels, raccoons, and even a deer as they walked across the path. His childlike wonder was one of the reasons she fell in love with him. He was always interested in everything and never gave up on a chance to learn or see something new.

After plenty of heartwarming moments for Amy and fun adventures for Justin, they were finally at the beach. As they suspected, they were the only ones there. While it was a pretty nice day, it was also 11 AM on a Tuesday. Not only was it a pretty secluded beach, it was also their absolute favorite. There were no rocks on the beach or in the water, which was a huge plus for Justin and his sensitive feet. Amy was glad that there was never any garbage on the sand. There was also an amazing view of some mountains that both of them loved. There was also the little detail of them having their first date here and making out under the stars. It was a perfect place.

“Alright baby, why don’t you go find a spot for us to sit” Amy said almost immediately followed by her little man bolting off to find the perfect spot. A smile grew on her face as she saw the way he toddled around the beach. She was glad she put that stuffer in his diaper. He looked much cuter when he had a toddler waddle.

His head darting left and right, Justin’s eyes finally settled on a great spot. There was a huge mound of sand, perfect for building a sand castle! “Over here mommy” he waved his hand frantically as if someone was going to come over and take the spot any second. Once Amy got to him, she plopped the beach bag down in the sand. Justin then unzipped it as fast as humanly possible and grabbed his towel. Last time they went to the store, mommy let him pick out his own towel and, of course, he went for the Spider Man towel. He was the coolest superhero ever!

Once they both had they towels laid out, Justin’s hands darted for the sand toys. Amy, however, had other ideas. “Before you get started playing sweetheart, why don’t you have something to drink?”

“But mommy” the little boy whined “I wanna play. I’m not even thirsty.”

“I know you don’t think your thirsty, but I want you to have a drink so you don’t get dehydrated. How about if you have a drink now, you can cuddle with mommy?” Amy knew he could not resist mommy cuddles.

“Well…ok” he felt like he was defeated, but with the silver lining of cuddles with Amy. He felt so safe in her arms. Add the bottom pats to that and it was pretty close to heaven. He felt bad that not everyone knows what diapered butt pats felt like.

“Good choice baby” Amy cooed at him as she grabbed a baby bottle filled with water from the beach bag. She knew that he had forgotten to pack any bottles, but a mommy always came prepared. She also had a couple more things to make her baby boy’s afternoon more fun, but she didn’t want to tell him about those just yet.

Having cuddled with mommy, he knew to assume the position.He crawled over to her blanket and laid his head in her lap. Opening his mouth, he accepted the rubber nipple and, once it touched his tongue, he slowly began nursing. While he did want to get to playing quickly, cuddles with his mommy was time he did not want to take for granted. Once he felt her hand reach down and slowly start rubbing and patting his puffy bottom, his brain went to mush. Justin was fully in little space and had no problem with it whatsoever. It felt amazing to not care about anything but the present. All he wanted right now was more cuddles and more water from his bottle and that was it.

Amy looked right into her cuddle buddy’s eyes and saw a kind of glazed over look to them. She smiled as she knew he was now nothing more then her baby. No more big boy Justin. “You are such a good baby. Mommy loves you so much” she used her most syrupy tone as she whispered sweet thoughts in her little prince’s ear. These were the moments she lived for as his mommy and she never took them for granted. Taking a quick glance at how much water was left in the bottle, she noticed it was almost gone. Just then, an idea popped into her head. “Let’s see how much more I can regress this little baby.”

A minute later, Justin was nursing but nothing was coming out. “Bottle all gone?” he asked around the nipple in his mouth.

“Yes baby, your drink your ba ba dry. You are such a good baby boy. I have another surprise for you” mommy cooed as she pulled the bottle out of his mouth and quickly replaced it with the rubber teat of a pacifier.

“Binky!” was the only thing that his baby brain could get out of his mouth. He figured not to fight it anymore and just let that part of his brain have total control.

“That’s right buddy, mommy brought your binky. Now, let’s get your sunscreened quick before you start playing” She stood up and helped her little one up. She was happy his brain was at least in toddler mode so he could stand up and walk around. “Now reach your arms up to the sky like Spider Man trying to spray his webs.”

Wanting to be just like his favorite superhero, Justin immediately shot his arms up in the arms, making sure his pinky and pointer finger were extended. He felt his shirt being pulled up his body and giggled as it went over his face.

Now was the moment of truth. “Good boy! Now, let’s get those shorts untied and off so you can be much more comfy” Amy smiled at her baby as she reached down to his waist and untied his shorts, noticing nothing out of the ordinary on his face. Once they were loose enough, she pulled them down his legs and told him to step out of them, which he did with no argument.

While he did feel a little weird about taking his pants off in public, he knew that mommy knew best. Plus his mommy always told him he looked cutest in just his diaper and he wanted to make mommy happy.

“You just look too cute little boy” Amy giggled as she got another good look at her diaper clad little guy. “Before you get to playing, we need to get you sunscreened.” Mommy heard a slight whine come from Justin’s way as she reached into the beach bag to grab the sunscreen. “I know you wanna play, but I wanna make sure you don’t look like a lobster once we head home. Arms out” she commanded as her little one’s arms slowly went out. Spraying down his arms, she went down to his feet and went up his legs, finishing with his thighs. “All done baby, now it’s play time” Amy cooed, making sure to get two fingers in the leg cuff of his diaper before he left. “Good boy for staying dry so far!”

Justin showed his mommy a smile, feeling like he had won some sort of dry diaper contest. No diaper announcement, however, could stop him from turning around and opening up the sand toy bag. He had no idea what he wanted to play with first, so he just decided the easiest option was to turn the bag upside down and pour everything onto the warm sand. His eyes slowly gazed over the toys, making sure to get a look at everything. Once Justin saw the pail and shovel, he knew that was exactly what he wanted. Once he had all his tools, he waddled his way over to the sand mountain a little way down the beach with visions of the best sandcastle ever dancing in his head.

Every time she saw her little man toddle anywhere, it made Amy’s heart melt. She had grown to love diapers just as he had. When he first introduced the idea of diapers into the relationship, she was a little apprehensive about the idea. Why would she want to change someone’s used diapers all the time? She allowed him to wear them when he was around her, but she wanted him to change himself. After about a month or so of seeing how happy it made her baby boy and doing some research, she decided to give a diaper change a try. She loved it! The closeness she felt to her little guy was amazing. Plus, watching her baby boy be vulnerable enough to allow Amy to change his pee soaked diaper was both heartwarming and erotic. From that moment on, Justin was never allowed to change his own diapers, even the rare messy ones.

Just thinking about that first time made Amy all hot and bothered. Instead of calling her baby over to cuddle with her, she figured to just let him play. Besides, she needed to work on her tan. She unbuttoned her jean shorts and kicked them off, knowing that Justin would have loved to see that. Well, big boy Justin at least. Reaching into the beach bag, she pulled out the finishing touch: sunglasses. She didn’t need to sunscreen because she had already done it at the apartment. As she laid on her back, she figured “why the hell not” and took her bikini top off. “Better tan lines” she told herself as she closed her eyes, the last thing she saw was her little prince playing in the sand like the toddler he was. “I love my life.”