Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Two: Chapter Four


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Dawn Of The Diapered: An Invasion Of The Adulthood Snatchers Story
By: Dementia’s Knight

Part II: The Kid’s Aren’t Alright
Chapter IV: Field Medicine

The midday sun beat down on the town as Kisa steered the SUV into the parking lot of “World Of Ammo!”. Several cars were still parked in the lot of the moderately sized building which worried them all after their experience at Grandma Nelly’s house.

“What if one of those things is inside?” Kisa asked Toby as she parked the car and parted the wires that she’d tied together to start the car.

“Well, then we’ll kill it before it can kill us.” he told her as he opened his door.

“I just don’t like it. I think we should try another place.” she said, stepping slowly out of the car, surveying the area as she went.

Toby got out of the car and went to the backseat door to get Sarah out. “I’m not thrilled about it either, but we can’t fight these things off with bad words and sarcasm.” he told Kisa as he pulled Sarah out of the car and saddled her on his hip.

“Yeah, no shit Captain Obvious.” Kisa said angrily.

Toby smiled widely at her. “Doesn’t work on me either, sweetheart.” he said.

As he made his way around to the front of the car he handed Sarah off to his sister and took the lead position at the door of the gun shop. “I want you guys to stay close but make sure you’re behind me.” he told the two older girls. Kisa rolled her eyes as a response while Brenda nodded her understanding and both watched Toby pull the door of the store open and slip in.

The gun store was much larger on the inside than it appeared to be from the outside. The store was set up with rows of waist high storage cabinets, the cabinets had metal grated doors on them so customers could see the weapons inside but were unable to access them. In the back of the shop was a counter that ran the width of the store that had various antique weapons for diehard collectors to peruse inside of it, and behind that was a wall of glass storage cases that housed the large selection of rifles and shotguns.

“Damn, this place is loaded.” Kisa muttered as she took in the countless dozens of full shelves within the store.

“Looks pretty deserted.” Toby whispered. “Stay alert just in case.” he added.

The small group walked forward into the shop, they entered a narrow aisle flanked by cabinets holding small pistols and revolvers. Despite the chaos outside, the interior of the store seemed unaffected by the fall of society. It looked as though no one had come into the store besides the small group, and that provided a small bit of relief to the young travelers.

As Toby reached the end of the small aisle a gunshot rang out in the store. The young boy cried out in pain and dropped to the floor as a bullet struck his right leg in the meat of his thigh.

“Stay down!” a man’s voice shouted as Toby attempted to rise to his feet.

The pain in his leg was searing. With every movement of his wounded limb he felt sinew and muscle grind against the foreign object. He looked over and saw a frazzled looking man stooped over at the far end of the store half ducking behind the counter.

“You one of them things?!” the man asked, his voice panicked and deranged.

Kisa held Brenda back with an outstretched arm as the girl tried to go to her injured brother’s aid. Sarah squirmed in Brenda’s arms and bawled loudly from the scare she’d received from the gunshot.

“We’re normal, we just came to get something to protect ourselves!” Kisa called out to the man as she watched Toby writhe on the floor clutching his injured leg.

“Put your hands in the air and come out slowly!” the man ordered.

Kisa started to put her hands up but was halted by Brenda who grabbed her arm and looked at her pleadingly. “Don’t.” she whispered, her eyes wide with fear and brimming with tears.

“It’ll be alright.” Kisa told her before she put her hands up and slowly and crept out from the aisle and into the open. “We have a child with us.” Kisa told the man before she gestured Brenda toward her with a cock of her head. Brenda set Sarah down and took the girl’s hand and walked with her out of the aisle and next to Kisa.

“She’s one of them things!” the man shouted as he pointed his pistol at Sarah.

Kisa moved herself in front of Brenda and Sarah. “No! She’s just a little girl. Please, we’ll leave, just don’t hurt us.” she said.

The man stared at Kisa for a long while, sizing her up and taking mental stock of the situation. “Get outta here before I change my mind.” he said as he set his gun on the counter top.

Kisa eyed the man warily for a few moments and then knelt down to Toby and helped him up from the ground and supported him by draping his arm across her shoulders. Toby winced with every limping step, the leg of his pants was marred by a sizable stain of blood and the floor was dotted with drips of the crimson liquid as he moved with Kisa out of the shop.

“You’re gonna be alright Toby, just focus on something besides the pain.” Kisa told him as they exited the store and she helped her injured companion into the car.

,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø ,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤ºº°º¤ø,¸¸,¸¸,ø¤º°°º¤ø,¸¸,

The trip to the hospital was halted abruptly by the multicar pileup in the large intersection a few blocks away. An SUV lay on its roof in the middle of the road, judging by the crater that the passenger side had become, the vehicle had been struck by a very large truck or bus before flipping onto its final resting position.

A red sports car sat against a power line pole nearby. The pole had become fused with the front of the car in the collision between the two. The front of the zippy little vehicle now resembled a lobster claw as it pinched itself around the thick metallic pole jutting from the concrete. The woman in the driver seat sat back against her seat while her head rested on the cramped dashboard of the car held in place by shards of glass that were jutting inward from the smashed remnants of the windshield.

“This is crazy.” Kisa said as she stopped just in front of the wreck in the middle of the intersection. She looked frantically for a way around the mess of destroyed cars. As she scanned the wreckage she saw a sign that made her feel much more at ease.

“Where are you going? The hospital is back that way.” Toby asked as the vehicle backed up and veered around, heading partway back down the road.

“I’m taking you somewhere where I can get that leg fixed up.” she told him as she turned the car into the back lot of a veterinary clinic.

“I’m not an animal.” Toby said. His face was extremely pale, and every time he spoke his words were strained as if he were about to explode from the great amount of pain he was in.

Kisa parked the car near the back door of the clinic and hurried out and over to Toby’s side so she could help him out of the car. “I know you’re not an animal, but the quickest path to the hospital is blocked, and I don’t want you to bleed to death before I find another route.” she explained.

Brenda got out of the car with Sarah in tow as Toby allowed Kisa to help him out of the car and the group made their way to the door of the clinic.

The small clinic was like the gun store in that it was deserted and un-molested. Kisa helped Toby back to the exam rooms and helped him onto the table in the middle of the room. Brenda sat in the chair against the wall with Sarah on her lap. The young girl was getting sleepy, and as soon as Brenda got adequately settled in her seat Sarah curled up and rested her head against the older girl’s chest with her eyes closed.

“Alright, take off your pants.” Kisa commanded as she began sterilizing her hands in the sink in the corner of the room.

“Why?” Toby asked.

Kisa sighed as she shut the sink off with her elbow and quickly grabbed a clean towel from the large stack near the sink. “Because I can’t get the bullet out of your leg with your pants on.” She explained.

“And what makes you think you can get the bullet out of my leg? You’re not a doctor.” Toby asked.

“Look, my dad was a doctor before he died. He wanted me to follow in his footsteps when I grew up so he showed me all kinds of books and training videos on surgery and procedures. I can do this, but I need you to do what I ask.” She explained as she put a pair of latex gloves on.

Toby sighed and began removing his pants, wincing and groaning with every movement of his leg. He lay back at Kisa’s request and watched her move about the room gathering up the items that she needed. Kisa opened a refrigerated cabinet against one wall of the room to find a sedative that would work for Toby. A small vial near the back of the cabinet for sedating dogs up to two hundred was selected and added to the supplies already in her arms. Kisa brought the boxes of gauze, the various medical tools, and the vial over to the small instrument table next to the exam room table.

“Alright, I’m gonna give you a sedative and we’re going to stay here for the night.” She explained as she began to fill a syringe with a foggy liquid inside of a small vial.

“No. I don’t want to be knocked out. I need to be awake to protect you guys.” Toby argued.

“The only other way is to do it without drugs, and the pain would be so bad that you’d pass out anyway. Not to mention the fact that your screaming would attract every infected person within a five mile radius right to us.” She explained. “So, I think you’d better just lay back and let me give you this injection.” She added with a smile.

Toby sighed and nodded as he lay back down on the exam table and winced as the needle penetrated his skin. The last thing he saw before sleep overtook him was Kisa smiling at him, but at the same time she had tears in her eyes, it was something that had he not been so ready and willing to pass out he’d have investigated it.

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Kisa placed a damp washcloth on Toby’s forehead as he slowly woke up several hours later. She stroked his hair gently with her other hand as she softly dabbed his forehead with the wet cloth. “Try not to move around too much until the shot has had a chance to wear off a little more.” She whispered to him so that she didn’t wake up Brenda or Sarah.

“Was the operation a success?” Toby asked groggily.

Kisa bit her lip and looked away. “I got the bullet out, but I had to amputate your leg.” She explained quietly.

Toby sat up quickly and tried to focus his vision on his injured leg. As his sight became clearer he could see that his leg was still attached and thick gauze was wrapped around his wound. He looked up at Kisa and saw that she was suppressing a giggle. “That wasn’t funny.” He told her.

“I’m sorry, I know it wasn’t but I couldn’t resist.” She said.

“So I’m guessing that everything turned out alright since you’re making jokes.” He said.

Kisa nodded. “You’re gonna have a limp for a while, but other than that you should be fine.” She said, placing her hand on his.

Toby covered her hand with his and pulled it up to his face, kissing the back of her hand gently before he lay back on the table. “Thank you.” He said simply.

Kisa put her free hand to Toby’s cheek and caressed it gently. “You’ve got to stop nearly getting yourself killed.” She said. “I don’t want you to leave us.” She added with tears forming in her eyes.

“I’m not gonna leave you.” He told her.

Kisa nodded. “Can I lay with you?” she whispered, her blush barely visible in the dimly lit room.

Toby smiled and scooted over with a wince. Kisa climbed onto the table and rested her neck in the crease of his armpit with her head nestled against his shoulder. Laying on her side, Kisa draped her arm over Toby’s chest and clung to him gently.

“I love you.” She whispered to him before she buried her face in his chest.

Toby guided her to look up at him with his hand on her chin and kissed her on the lips. “I love you too.” He told her before they resumed their kiss.

In the dim light of the veterinary clinic exam room the two young lovers shared passionate kisses and some heavy petting while still trying to keep quiet enough so they didn’t wake Brenda and Sarah.

To Be Continued…

Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Two: Chapter Four

Nice going D. Knight, this chapter was worth the wait!! The romance at the end of the chapter was a cute touch!! Great job!!

About the story idea, go for it!! It should be an interesting read!!

Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Two: Chapter Four

Yay! I expect to see another chapter soon!! And the smoochy biz is a good touch!