Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Three: Chapter Three


Hey all! I come to you with another new chapter. :slight_smile:

This chapter seemed to be very reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead for me if only because it’s inside a mall. This chapter came together very nicely and easily, which is always a plus.

I really love this story, which is something I don’t believe I’ve ever said about one of my stories. This one just seems to be a lot more in tune with something I would read myself, which is rare for works of mine as they are usually written to please others.

As always, I thank you all for reading and commenting and I hope you continue to enjoy my story.



Dawn of the Diapered: An Invasion of the Adulthood Snatchers Story
By: Dementia’s Knight

Part III: Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Chapter III: Fourth Floor: Guns, House Wares, Death?

The mob outside the elevator was a surprising sight to the people inside to say the least. The mall was devoid of any sign of life besides the group of six that were in the elevator, and yet a second large mob of infected individuals was now standing before them, seconds away from clamoring for a fight.

The time between when the elevator doors slid open and when the first infected person attacked seemed to stretch on for hours. Everyone inside the glass walled conveyance thought the same exact thing in that moment, they all thought about how unfair it was for the group of enraged attackers to be standing in front of them. A mere half a minute later and the group would be well armed and ready to handle a group as large as the one they were staring down, unfortunately for them, life has a way of working out for the worse sometimes.

With lightning quickness, that startled everyone inside the elevator, the infected person nearest the doors leapt at the open with a thrash of its limbs and an almost guttural roar. The occupants of the elevator clamored for the door to be closed before the inevitable happened.

“Oh God, close the fucking door!” Tria screamed at Douglas as she tried to push her way to the buttons to accomplish the task herself.

The doors slowly closed as the infected man flew at them. Reaching the door in plenty of time, the man wedged himself between the doors and held them apart while he snarled and bit at the people mere inches away from him.

“Back up as much as you can and cover your ears!” Douglas shouted at the rest of the group.

The bodies inside the glass box moved back as much as humanly possible, squeezing together like college kids attempting to fill a phone booth with as many of their drunken brethren as possible. Douglas leaned back into Richard and Fidel and pointed his shotgun up at the intruding man’s face; a second later the shot was fired. Many of the glass panes that made up the walls of the elevator shattered as the shotgun went off, the man that had been perched between the elevator doors was gone, his headless body had fallen to the ground and now rested halfway between the elevator’s interior and the outside area.

“Push him out and shut the door!” Tanya screamed as she looked outside of the elevator at the mob that was now moving toward them.

“Yee Haw!” a voice shouted somewhere a little further down the floor.

Everyone in the elevator looked over toward the shout and saw two men riding dirt bikes down the corridor of the mall just a few dozen yards away from the elevator.

“Heads up you zombie assholes!” one of the men screamed before he dumped his bike onto its side and sent it sliding at the mob. The second man followed suit and lay his bike down to send it skidding at the bloodthirsty attackers ahead.

The bikes slid nearly side by side at the group and impacted with deadly force. Bones cracked audibly as the heavy vehicles plowed through sending the entire mob crumpling to the ground. Many of the infected people tried to get back up but found it hard to accomplish with broken legs or ankles, not to mention the head injuries they’d sustained when they were yanked to the ground.

Everyone inside the elevator watched the scene play out in mute awe, many with their mouths agape with confusion caused by not fully believing they’d actually just witnessed what had happened.

“Anytime you folks wanna get outta that box, feel free!” one of the cycle riders shouted as he pulled a lighter from the pocket of his racing jacket and flipped open the metal lid.

The group inside the elevator piled out and ran past the downed mob as they feebly reached out to grab at the legs of the passersby. As they ran toward the two bikers they saw the man with the lighter spark a flame with it before dropping it in front of him. The lighter hit the ground on its side and did nothing for a moment, then, as if by magic a flame erupted from the ground and ran down the linoleum toward the heap of injured monsters. The fire leapt to another invisible track next to it and the twin snakes of fire raced to their destination.

As they ran, the group watched the fire race past them, they reached the two men and stopped to watch what was about to happen as the fire reached the gas tanks of the two downed cycles and exploded. A fireball engulfed the grounded mob and shattered store windows as well as the glass beneath the railing that lined the edge of the walkway. The group ducked as the explosion sent human debris and shrapnel flying at them with deadly force, and stayed down until they were certain everything was safe.

“Damn, that was awesome!” one of the motorcycle riders said with a chuckle.

“I know! It was like a fuckin’ movie, dude!” the other agreed.

Douglas and Tanya looked from the burning wreckage and bodies to each other, they both had the same exasperated look on their faces as they listened to the two bikers prattle on about how awesome they were for making such an amazing explosion.

“God, shut up!” Tanya screamed at the two men, silencing them instantly. “You could have killed us you fucking idiots!” she added as she shoved at one of the men angrily.

The two men looked at one another for a moment before one of them started chuckling. “Chillax woman.” He said as he shoved her back mockingly.

Douglas pulled his shotgun up to the man’s face and held it mere inches from his nose. “You touch her again and I end that goofy face.” He threatened.

Both men put their hands up to either side of their heads to illustrate that they had no weapons and no intention of fighting back. “Damn nigga, it’s all good.” The second man said.

The shotgun moved from the first man’s head to the second man’s. “Are you some kind of retard, boy?” Douglas asked as he stared the man down from behind the large weapon.

“Alright, let’s just calm down.” Fidel said as he gently placed his hand on the top of the shotgun and gently helped Douglas lower it. “We’re all safe, nobody is hurt, and these two gentlemen did just save our butts back there.” He said.

Douglas sighed and let the shotgun drop. “You’re right.” He said as he noticeably relaxed. “But you two need to think about what you say before you say it.” He added.

The first man scoffed loudly. “You guys need to lighten up. I mean we got fuckin’ zombies running around and you’re all pissy about the “N” word? Get real man.” He said.

Douglas started to say something when an injured wail came from the bonfire of infected people. The group looked toward the blaze and saw a large woman stagger out of the flames toward them. The woman had to be about three hundred pounds, patches of polyester were melted to her skin, which had once been white but was now nearly charcoal black. The woman’s hair was nearly all burned off except for a few sparse patches that were still on fire. Her movement was stilted because of her obviously broken leg which had a large white shard of bone puncturing through the skin, her right foot was turned inward so that it was facing her left one, and she drug the useless appendage sluggishly along the linoleum with what looked like great energy.

“Holy shit, she’s the Energizer Fucking Bunny.” One of the bikers said with a nervous chuckle.

The two men opened their jackets with tandem zips and each pulled out two large handguns. As if they were action movie stars they both aimed their guns at the woman and began screaming loudly as they walked toward the shambling woman. Once they passed the people standing between them and the woman they opened fire on her.

The woman kept coming as the bullets impacted all over her body. The only sign that the shots were even hitting her was the fact that she staggered back slightly every few seconds and howled in pain and anger at the two shooters. A few seconds after the two men had opened fire on her, the woman’s leg finally gave out and she staggered to her left violently. The large women hit the support railing near her and bent the thin metal with her weight, snapping it a second later and sending her falling four stories to the ground.

Everyone walked over to the broken section and looked down to where the woman had fallen. She’d landed on the indoor ice skating rink which now had a small car sized pool of blood surrounding the woman’s burnt corpse.

“Jesus.” Tanya said as she immediately looked away from the ghastly sight.

“Well, that’s about the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.” Bethanne said, her face almost chalk white.

Richard put an arm around her and helped her away from the railing.

“Day ain’t over yet darling.” Douglas muttered as the pair walked away. He too turned away from the railing to the two bikers. “Alright, where’d you get those guns?” he asked.

“The gun shop is just down the line of shops.” One of the men answered as he pointed in the direction of the shop.

“And the bikes?” Tanya asked.

“There’s a shop a few doors down from the gun store, we stole the gas from the generator behind the mall.” The other biker explained.

Tanya looked at Douglas. “We hit the gun store and then we leave?” she asked.

Douglas nodded. “That’s the plan.” He said. He turned to the two bikers, “You two with us or on your own?” he asked.

“Safety in numbers bro.” one of the bikers answered.

Douglas smiled and chuckled for a moment before his face faded from amused to enraged. “Then you need to know a few things. First, I’m not your bro, nigga, or your homey. Second, if you two wanna stick with us you need to learn not to be so reckless. We’re not running around looking for people to kill, we’re looking for her kids.” He explained pointing to Tanya. “You respect those rules and we’ll get along just fine.” He added with a toothy smile that was unsettling to the two young men.

The two bikers nodded. “Yes sir.” They said in unison.

“What are your names?” Fidel asked.

“I’m Marv and this is my brother Rob.” The taller of the two men answered.

Tria cleared her throat. “I hate to break up this heartwarming scene, but how are the eight of us gonna get around town?” she asked.

“Oh, I’ve got a van.” Marv answered. “I drive the airport shuttle when I’m not blowing up zombies.” He added with a smile.

“Stop calling them zombies, their infected people, not the walking undead.” Tanya chided.

The group dispersed and began walking toward the gun shop, leaving Marv and Rob standing alone for a second. “Dude, they looked like zombies to me too.” Rob said before they followed the rest of the group.

To Be Continued…

Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Three: Chapter Three

Hee-Hee! Marv and Rob are awesome :smiley: Your writing rocks!

Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Three: Chapter Three

Yay, the use of a mall & the word “zombie”!! Way to go, D. Knight!! Great chapter by the way!!