Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Three: Chapter Five

Dawn of the Diapered: An Invasion of the Adulthood Snatchers Story
By: Dementia’s Knight

Part III: Miles to Go Before We Sleep
Chapter V: …And Then There Were Seven

Douglas checked his watch as he sat on the long counter inside the gun shop. He glanced up at the metal security gate hoping he’d see the girls return from the restroom, but the walkway outside the store was still devoid of any persons.

“I wouldn’t worry,” Fidel started. “I’m sure they’re fine.” He said with a reassuring smile.

Douglas nodded. “They still got six minutes before I worry.” He said stoically.

“Dude, they’ve got that Tria chick with them, they’re fine.” Rob said with a knowing smile.

Douglas stared at him for a second with a puzzled look on his face. “What does that have to do with anything?” he finally asked.

Rob looked at his brother and then at the others for a second for some sign that they knew what he was talking about. “Well, because she’s a badass.” He said. “And she’s smokin’ hot.” He added.

Douglas smiled. “Come here.” He whispered to Rob as he motioned the younger man over with his hand.

Rob returned his smile and walked over to hear what Douglas was going to tell him when he was suddenly struck up the side of his head by the policeman’s opened palm.

“Sit the fuck down and keep you’re retarded mouth shut.” Douglas said.

Marv pulled his gun out and pointed it at Douglas’ head. “Don’t do that shit man. I hate when people hurt my brother.” He said.

“Son, I’m gonna give you exactly three seconds to put that gun away before I put you down.” Douglas said.

Marv pulled the hammer back on his handgun and glared at Douglas. “Seems to me you aren’t in the position to be giving orders chief.” He said.

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“So, were you and Tria friends before this whole thing started?” Tanya asked Bethanne as they walked down the hallway to the other bathroom.

Bethanne snickered. “No. Tria is a bitch, not my choice of pleasant company.” She said.

“She seems like a very strong willed girl.” Tanya said, not wanting to outright agree that Tria was a bitch.

Bethanne held the door of the bathroom open for Tanya and waited for her to go in before she followed. “Strong willed is one word for it. Basically, Tria has issues with everyone, herself especially, and if she feels threatened by you she’ll be sure to let you know.” She explained.

“Maybe she just needs someone to talk to her.” Tanya offered. “I mean, maybe she’s looking for attention anywhere she can get it even negative attention.” She added.

Bethanne nodded as she opened one of the stall doors. “One of your kids a teenager?” she asked with a smile.

Tanya smiled and held up two fingers. “They have moments where they act out for attention.” She said, tears forming in her eyes as she thought about Brenda and Toby. “They’re great kids.” She said with a sniffle as she struggled to maintain her composure.

Bethanne shut her stall door and embraced Tanya. “We’ll find them.” She said as she comforted the older woman.

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Tria shut off the faucet and went to the paper towel dispenser to get a sheet to dry her face and hands off. As she was balling up her used paper towel she heard the quiet sobbing inside the bathroom stall. Instinctively she reached behind her to grab her gun, but found the area where she’d left it empty.

“Come out of there slowly, I have a gun and I will use it.” She commanded, hoping that the person was in control of their faculties.

A small whispering voice came from inside the bathroom stall a few seconds later, and Tria felt a chill run up her back.

“Speak up!” the blue haired girl shouted angrily.

“Stop yelling.” The female voice whimpered.

Tria suddenly felt very afraid. She looked at the closed door that led to the hallway and then back at the closed stall door in front of her. As slowly as she could, she dropped to the ground and looked under the door of the stall. All she could see was a pair of shoeless feet and the beginning of the legs attached to said feet. Eager to discover who the girl was, Tria crept forward and continued to examine the figure within the stall.

Suddenly the feet swept back and a young girl no older than fifteen at the most was on her stomach on the floor almost face to face with Tria. “Peek-a-boo, I see you!” the girl said with a childish giggle.

Tria screamed and pushed herself off the floor backward from the stall and smacked the back of her head on the edge of the counter top behind her. With terror in her eyes, Tria watched the girl inside the stall stand up slowly and open the door, revealing herself fully.

The young girl had a tight pink t-shirt on that was stretching against her, very healthy for a girl her age, breasts. The girl’s designer jeans had a dark wet spot around the crotch area with twin trails of dampness running down the inside of each leg. Her shoulder length blonde hair was mussed and her eyes were doll like in their vacancy.

“You need to use your inside voice.” The girl said. “Otherwise you’ll get a spankin’.” She added.

Tria’s head ached, and she felt a tickle on the back of her head as blood trickled from the cut there and over her scalp. “Look, just leave me alone, please.” She pleaded to the child minded girl.

The young girl giggled. “You had a accident too.” She said, covering her mouth to stifle her giggles. “Now we’s twins.” She added.

Tria looked down and saw a similar dark patch on her pants as was on the younger teens. “Please, I don’t want to play with you, I just wanna get out of here.” She said as she struggled to get up despite the throbbing in her head and the spinning of the room.

The young girl giggled and skipped after Tria, catching up to the older girl easily and clamping her hands onto her shoulders and spinning her around to face her with alarming strength.

Tria started to scream when she saw the thick wormlike creature protruding from the younger girl’s mouth, but soon found the wriggling parasite filling her own mouth and shuffling to the back of her throat. Within moments darkness began to overcome her vision as her oxygen supply was cut off and she passed out.

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Tanya and Bethanne turned the corner in the hallway and continued to walk back to the restroom where they’d left Tria, both surprised that the blue haired girl wasn’t waiting for them in the hallway.

“I hope she’s alright.” Tanya said, worry and fear creeping up from her gut.

“She’s probably just cutting herself to relieve the pressures of life.” Bethanne commented. “All the Hot Topic girls do it.” She added.

When they reached the bathroom door Tanya rapped on it gently. “Tria, you alright in there?” she asked.

No answer came, and Tanya wasted no time in shoving the door open. As she entered the room she saw Tria lying on the floor, a thin trail of blood coming from the back of the girl’s head, filling the grout lines in the tiled floor. She also saw another girl laying near Tria, the girl was uninjured except for small cuts in the corners of her mouth that were bleeding only slightly.

“What the hell happened?” Bethanne asked.

“I don’t know, but whatever it was, it wasn’t good.” Tanya replied as she pulled her walkie talkie out and adjusted the channel to two. “Guys, Tria and another girl are unconscious in the bathroom, we need help getting them back to the store.” She said into the radio.

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The radio on Marv’s belt crackled to life as Tanya’s transmission came through; the young man looked away from Douglas for a split second to grab the radio and was struck in the side of his head by the butt of the policeman’s shotgun.

Fidel secured Rob as Douglas moved forward to get Marv’s gun and the radio. “Copy that, we’re on our way.” He said into the walkie. Looking at Marv and Rob, Douglas let out a loud sigh. “You two are gonna stay here.” He said as he pulled out his handcuffs from the small case on the back of his pants.

Marv and Rob were handcuffed together and locked in the back storeroom before Fidel and Douglas went to the front of the store and lifted the security gate.

“You’re in charge till we get back kid.” Douglas told Richard as they passed him.

The young man nodded and went back to the storeroom door to keep watch on the two captive men within.

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A short time later, Fidel and Douglas returned with Tanya and Bethanne, and the two unconscious girls who they gently set down on the floor.

“Any idea what happened?” Fidel asked.

Tanya and Bethanne shook their heads.

“Worst case, they’re both infected.” Douglas said. “Best case, Tria isn’t.” he added solemnly.

“How do we know if they’re infected if they’re unconscious?” Bethanne asked.

“We wait till they wake up.” Tanya said quietly.

Douglas shook his head. “We can’t wait for that, we take them with us.” He said.

“No offense, but screw that.” Bethanne said. “I don’t even want Tria near me when she’s normal, if she’s infected I’m putting a goddamn bullet in her head.” She added.

“There are enough of us to keep an eye on them for signs of infection.” Fidel offered.

Bethanne shook her head. “You know that part in the zombie movie when someone is infected and nobody else in the group knows it and when everything else is going bad the infected person turns on them and kills like five people? This is that part.” She said.

“This isn’t up for discussion. We need to get out there and find her kids.” Douglas said with a gesture to Tanya. “These two aren’t a problem at the moment, and the second they become one, we deal with them.” He said ominously.

“How do we transport them? It’s risky enough walking around this place when everyone is a hundred percent, with two people carrying two other people, it’s gonna be worse.” Tanya said.

“I can carry Tria and shoot if I need to, and Richard can carry the other girl so Fidel is free to fire.” Douglas explained.

Bethanne looked around. “Where is Richard?” she asked. “And Marv and Rob?” she added.

“Marv and Rob aren’t coming with us; they’re too much of a liability. Richard is watching them in the back room.” Douglas explained.

Tanya sighed. “If we’re gonna do this we should get on with it.” She said, looking nervously at Tria and the other girl.

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Once Rob was knocked out, Douglas placed the handcuff key inside the small lock and turned it, releasing the two men so they weren’t trapped in the mall to be attacked. Douglas and Richard each picked up an unconscious girl, and the group gathered up the weapons they’d picked out and started to make their way to the mall parking lot to steal the airport shuttle that Marv drove.

“I feel crappy about stealing their car.” Bethanne said. “I mean they did save our lives.” She added.

“They were too reckless and stupid to be useful.” Douglas told her. “Besides, if they’re really as good as they claim to be, they’ll get out of here and steal another car.” He added.

Reaching the van with no resistance, the two unconscious girls were loaded into the back of the large van while everyone else got in. Douglas got behind the wheel and looked back to the sleeping girls. “They start to turn, I want all of you shooting.” He said.

No one in the van said anything as the vehicle started up and began to drive out of the parking lot, but the somber looks on their faces showed that they would do what was required if the need arose.

To Be Continued…

Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Three: Chapter Five

That was SO worth the read! I can’t help smile with how awesome this story is and how its coming together so smoothly. Yay you! :slight_smile:

Dawn Of The Diapered: Part Three: Chapter Five

D. Knight, I love this story!! You are doing such a great job, I can feel the stress level in the story rising!! Keep it up!!