Dawn Of The Diapered: Chapter Six (End Part One)

~Mini Commentary~

sigh I seem to remember saying that the writing of this story up to the conclusion of the first part would be simple…oh how wrong I was! This chapter was frustratingly difficult to write for some reason. I’m not sure why, but for some reason the bringing together of previously separate characters and their story lines was exceedingly hard for me.

Anyway, this chapter ends the first part of this story and provides a glimpse of things to come. I have nothing to say about the second part, because it’s a surprise, but I do have some pretty cool ideas for it. Again, if anyone is interested about my musical inspiration while writing this chapter:

Nirvana: MTV Unplugged In New York; A.F.I.: Sing The Sorrow; Amy Winehouse: Back To Black; HorrorPops: Bring It On!; Jane’s Addiction: Up From The Catacombs; Johnny Cash: The Many Sides Of Johnny Cash; Queens Of The Stone Age: Lullabies To Paralyze; Reverend Horton Heat: Holly Roller; Sahara Hotnights: Jennie Bomb; Unwritten Law: Elva




Dawn Of The Diapered: An Invasion Of The Adulthood Snatchers Story
By: Dementia’s Knight

Part I: A Life Less Frightening
Chapter VI: Something New And Dangerous

“What the Hell is wrong with you?!” Fidel shouted at Tanya as the shotgun blast blew out the plaster wall behind him, the shot narrowly missing his head.

Tanya tried to fire another shot, but found the gun to be out of ammunition. She tried feebly to swing the butt of the gun at Fidel, but her head was still throbbing from her fall, and the older Hispanic man was able to grab the weapon from her.

“Please don’t kill me!” Tanya screamed as she put her arms up to her face to shield from the blow she was anticipating.

Fidel sat down on the opposite side of the bathroom from Tanya. “What are you talking about?! Why would I try to kill you?” he asked.

Tanya lowered her arms. “I saw some blood in the hallway.” she answered.

Fidel looked toward the hallway and sighed. “That’s why you tried to kill me?” he asked.

Tanya nodded slowly but said nothing.

“That blood,” Fidel started to explain, pausing to try and keep himself from crying. “was my wife’s. She turned into one of those things and tried to spit some squid thing onto me. I panicked and pulled my gun on her. When she kept coming I pulled the trigger, God help me, I pulled the trigger and killed her.” he told her before he broke into sobs.

Tanya sat up slowly and moved cautiously to Fidel, keeping her eyes focused on his gun. She took a seat next to him and put a hand on his shoulder to try and console him. “I’m sorry.” she told him, unable to think of anything else to say.

Fidel sniffled his sobs away and put his hand onto Tanya’s. “Thank you.” he told her.

The somber and tender moment was quickly interrupted by a loud banging from the front of the store. The banging increased in it’s intensity until it reached it’s apex when the front window of the store smashed open.

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The trio of teens turned at the intersection as Toby looked over at the grocery store down the block to their right. “We should head in there and get some more food and water.” he said.

Kisa looked at the store and noticed the large mob of people flooding in and out of the entrance. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea. What if someone in that mob is crazy and tries to attack us?” she asked.

“We don’t really have a choice. We need more supplies if you’re gonna come with us.” Toby explained to her. “Besides,” he started as he lifted his shirt to reveal the pistol sticking up from the waistband of his pants, “if anything happens I’ll protect you.” he said with a smile.

Kisa grudgingly nodded and followed behind Toby and Brenda, nervously glancing behind her, watching for some phantom attacker that may be following.

Pushing past the throngs of people entering and exiting the store frantically, the three young teens made their way into the vast market floor. The aisles were trashed from hours filled with groups of panicked people tearing through them for the desirable items and casting the less necessary items aside haphazardly.

“Alright, we need canned food and water. We’ll grab as much as we can and keep moving.” Toby said as he guided his female travel partners to the canned food aisle.

The shelves were disheveled husks of what they’d formerly been as the trio entered the aisle. The floor of the aisle was littered with discarded cans and various forms of litter, and showed a mere glimpse of what had happened in the store in the past few hours.

Brenda began picking through the remaining cans of food that were left on the shelf, she cast aside the cans whose contents were less than palpable and stuffed the more pleasing ones into her bag. Kisa was a bit further down the aisle with Toby doing the same, but also distractedly looking around for anyone that may be approaching them.

When the bags were each about half full the three kids left the aisle to search for bottled water. They looked in different directions for a sign that would guide them. Brenda pointed out the sign that proclaimed ‘WATER!’ and led the way to the area. As they made their way to the back corner of the store Toby noticed a familiar face walking awkwardly past the end of the aisle.

“Sarah?” Toby called out to the young girl.

Sarah Archer paused when she heard her name called. The young child pivoted her stance to look at Toby and smiled when the slow recognition of his face crawled into her infantile mind. Kisa looked at the girl and immediately went into a fervor.

“She’s one of them!” she screamed as she pushed Brenda aside and reached for Toby’s gun. She managed to grab the weapon from it’s resting place and point it toward the small girl before Toby managed to grab her by the wrists and shove her aim off of Sarah and to the shelves beside them.

“No!” Toby shouted just before the gun went off, the shot ringing out deafeningly in the confines of the narrow aisle.

Toby wrestled the gun from Kisa and put it behind his back to keep her from snatching it back. Kisa tried to grab it back from him, shouting angrily at him as she reached around him to pluck the gun from his hands.

“She’s infected! She has to die!” Kisa screamed at him.

Brenda pulled Kisa off of Toby and quickly slapped the hysterical girl across the face. “Settle down! Nobody is killing anyone.” she yelled.

Sarah had taken a seat on the floor at the end of the aisle and started crying from the scare she’d received from the gunshot. The young girl stifled her sobs with her thumb as she looked up at the three older people shouting and fighting in front of her.

“Look, I don’t care if she is infected. We know her and she’s just a little girl, nobody is going to shoot her.” Toby said as calmly as possible as he put the gun back into the waistband of his pants and walked over to Sarah.

The small girl looked up with wide eyes at the older boy and followed him with her eyes as he knelt down to meet her face to face.

“What happened to your parents?” Toby asked as he reached out and stroked the girl’s hair gently to soothe her.

Sarah said nothing and continued to stare at him as she sullenly suckled her thumb and stifled her sobs.

“We’re taking her with us.” Toby said without turning back to Kisa and Brenda.

Kisa shoved Brenda off of her and rushed over to Toby and Sarah. “Are you out of your fucking mind?! Why don’t we just lay down in the street and wait for some insane driver to plow over us?” she screamed.

Toby stood up and forced Kisa against the shelf behind her and pinned her there. “Look, if you don’t like it then don’t come. I’m not leaving a helpless little girl to starve to death or get killed by someone as bloodthirsty as you.” he said through clenched teeth.

Kisa looked into his eyes and then down at Sarah. “Fine, but the second she flips out and tries to tear our throats out, I’m taking her out.” she said before she shoved him away and moved back to Brenda.

Toby went back to Sarah and bent down to pick the now calmed girl up from the floor. As he gently bounced her on his hip he turned to his sister and Kisa. “Let’s grab some diapers and stuff for her and get moving.” he said.

The group quickly grabbed the small amount of water that was left and then went in search of baby supplies for their new party member…

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Douglas drove down the street slowly as he scanned the area for his daughter. He’d circled the block around their house a few times before he branched his search area out to include the adjoining block.

“Where could she be?” he wondered to himself as he turned the car onto another street.

The neighborhood had deteriorated drastically since he’d last seen it. Several houses had broken windows and smashed in front doors, and a few were actually on fire. He feared the worst for his daughter as he saw the various frightened people running down the street, their faces were painted with various shades of terror and worry.

The car continued down the road, heading out of the groups of houses and into the small area nearby that included numerous strip malls and liquor stores. As he scanned the streets he saw a small mob of people standing outside a liquor store shaking the security gate beyond the smashed storefront window.

The police officer instinct inside him took control as he pulled into the small parking lot in front of the store. He quickly grabbed his shotgun off the passenger seat and exited the car, cocking his gun before he spoke to the gathering of people.

“Alright, everyone disperse immediately!” Douglas commanded.

Several members of the mob looked to Douglas, as they did he noticed the wild, almost feral look in their eyes. Many of the people in the mob had tattered clothes hanging uselessly from their frames. One woman near the front of the mob had a white shirt on that was bibbed with dried blood. Upon further inspection of the woman, Douglas saw that the blood was coming from the woman’s mouth where several teeth were missing and one was hanging over her lower lip by a single sinewy nerve.

The mob, almost in unison released a guttural roar that shook and frightened Douglas beyond anything he’d come in contact with to date. As the mob rushed toward him, snarling and thrashing their arms at him Douglas aimed quickly at the woman with the hanging tooth and fired. The shot hit her in the nape of her neck, sending her head flying backward over the mob before her body crumpled to the ground where it was quickly trampled over. The next shot struck a teenage boy in the leg, pulping the limb at the thigh and bringing him to the ground.

Douglas backed away and continued firing on the people as they got ever closer to him. One man managed to reach him, but received a blow to his temple from the butt of Douglas’ gun for his trouble that sent him to the ground where he moved no more. The shotgun was dropped to the ground, and two of the holstered pistols were removed and promptly emptied into the advancing ghouls.

As the last body fell limply to the floor Douglas slumped against his car with a sigh. He stole a glance at the heap of bodies and suddenly realized what the group had reminded him of.

“It can’t be, those things don’t exist.” he thought to himself. As he re-holstered his guns, the metal gates of the liquor store slid open and Fidel and Tanya emerged from within.

“Douglas!” Tanya called out as she ran over to him.

“Tanya! Oh thank God.” Douglas said, his hope for his daughter being safe and secure renewed with the sight of his neighbor.

Tanya hugged Douglas when she got to him and began to cry as he hugged her back. The frazzled woman began to frantically babble out her story to her barrel chested friend.

“Whoa, whoa, calm down. Where’s Sarah?” he asked as he pulled Tanya away from him and looked her square in the eyes.

Tanya stammered for a second before she managed to get out her reply. “She,” Tanya began to say as her voice faltered, “she’s one of those things Doug, I’m so sorry.” she said.

Douglas pushed Tanya away from him angrily. “You were supposed to protect her!” he shouted at her.

Tanya started to explain herself but was quickly silenced by a wild eyed, red haired man that leapt into Douglas from behind, knocking him to the ground face first. The man clawed at the back of Douglas’ head and pulled up on the collar of his bulletproof vest and quickly slammed his victim back to the pavement.

“Douglas!” Tanya screamed as she ran toward the man slammed herself into his torso, knocking him off of the unconscious policeman.

Fidel rushed over to Tanya as the deranged man managed to position himself on top of her and began to thrash his fists into her head and chest violently, spittle dripping from his gaping mouth onto her. Fidel struck the man in the face with the butt of his gun and hoisted Tanya up as he fell backward into the car.

“We need to get back inside!” Fidel said as he went to Douglas and helped him to his feet with Tanya’s assistance and scooted him inside where the security gate was once again closed and locked, and the first aid kit was opened for the second time that day.

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Toby blew onto Sarah’s stomach, producing a loud fart noise as he lay her down on the changing table in the men’s room of the supermarket, getting the desired giggle from the young child as he removed her soiled clothes and went to work cleaning the filthy girl up.

Sarah sucked on a pacifier that Brenda had found for her as Toby gently cleaned the filth from the girl’s lower half before he powdered her and taped a diaper onto her.

“There you go sweetheart, I’ll bet that feels better doesn’t it?” Toby asked, smiling pityingly at the girl as she looked up at him vacantly, her pacifier bobbing slowly in her mouth.

Sarah’s shirt was quickly removed and one of Brenda’s extras was put on her, draping down to the girl’s knees as he hoisted her from the table and back onto his hip.

Exiting the bathroom, Toby rejoined Kisa and Brenda before they made their way out of the store. Sarah snuggled into Toby as they walked, her eyes closed slowly and she breathed a small contented sigh as she slowly fell asleep.

“She doesn’t seem very dangerous.” Brenda said as she noticed the tender actions of the infantile young girl.

Kisa scoffed. “Yeah, right now she’s adorable. Mark my words though, she’ll turn into one of those things and you’ll both be sorry you didn’t listen to me.” she said tersely.

Toby sighed. “Look, if she does become dangerous, I promise you that I won’t hesitate to stop her to keep you both safe.” he said.

The sun began to lazily droop toward the Earth as the hour began to grow late. The road to Toby and Brenda’s grandmother’s house was long and with Sarah, who was not only essentially a baby, but also a potentially ticking time bomb, the road was sure to seem much longer than it normally would.

End Of Part One

Dawn Of The Diapered: Chapter Six (End Part One)

This is a really good chapter~ I like the fact that there is some attack mode to them! I like Sarah too - shes cute :slight_smile:

Dawn Of The Diapered: Chapter Six (End Part One)

Nicely done, D. Knight!! I love the cliffhanger, it is well done!! Can’t wait for part two!!

Dawn Of The Diapered: Chapter Six (End Part One)

Not too bad Knight, kinda reminds me a lot of Diary of The Dead, which I watched again the other night. NOT BAD. I love it. It’s fresh, a unique take on the zombie world. George A. Romero would be proud, man.


Dawn Of The Diapered: Chapter Six (End Part One)

Thanks Chris! I’m choosing to believe you’re referring to Romero forty years ago and not modern Romero…I think he’s lost his edge/mind with some of the things he’s putting out nowadays. But please don’t think I’m not thankful for your praise….I’ll just be going now.


Dawn Of The Diapered: Chapter Six (End Part One)

That was what I was referring to. The early Romero works. This has the hallmarks of Dawn of The Dead, Diary of The Dead, Night of the Living Dead, and so forth. All of the original zombie movies, and not the cheesy remakes.

You have a twist that would probably make Romero smile. Trust me, as a fan of zombie movies, you have it goin’ on, dude. I am impressed. I can’t wait to see more.


Please, don’t leave us hanging. I love this.

Dawn Of The Diapered: Chapter Six (End Part One)

I’ve watched many a Romero film, and MANY zombie films in my short time being alive. I think it’s one of my favorite sub-genre’s simply because of the fact that, in most cases, zombies are just people like you or I…with less breathing and a ton more staggering and groaning yes, but otherwise no different.

That’s what makes these movies and novels so scary for me, because anyone that you know and love could turn up undead and wanting to eat your face. :slight_smile: It provides a hearty and real feel that you don’t get with other “monsters”.

On a related note, have you ever read “The Zombie Survival Guide”? It’s a book written by Max Brooks, Mel Brooks’ son, and it’s simply amazing. It’s only like $10 at Borders or Barnes and Noble, and it’s humorous and very well written. Check it out if you haven’t already.


P.S. Thank you for your kind words about my writing and my story.