Davy's Tale

Here I go again. I have other stories to finish, but this one’s been rolling around my empty head!

Davy’s Tale

Chapter 1

Monday 2nd March.

It had been one of the worst days in David’s 30 year old life. As bad as all the other worst days, he thought miserably as he waited for his wife to pick him up outside the packing company where he had been, well, a packer. Packer number 1484, in fact.

It was a simple sort of job. Not that David was a simple guy. It was just that he had trouble coping with things. With everything. The world was such a demanding place, and everything was expected so quickly. Packing was no exception. What went in today’s boxes was different from what went in yesterday’s boxes, and the day before’s. It was so hard to keep up, to do everything the way they wanted. There wasn’t even time to think about things. Like the day that everything that was to go into some box was blue except one thing, or when the things were all round, or whatever. Didn’t anyone else want to think about that sort of stuff as they worked?

What did they all think, thought David. When he had been told to finish up, it wasn’t as though he didn’t expect it. It always happened. This time was worse because Jen’s mother, his mother in law, had got him the job.

No one had said anything to him when the supervisor told him.

She hadn’t even said anything herself, except, ‘I think it’s time to go, David.’

He had taken her letter and left. Now he stood outside the building in the light rain, waiting for Jen. Outside yet again. He thought of the his workmates, all inside. He was always outside whatever it was, looking in and wondering how all the happy people in there could stay there so easily, while he was always on the way out.

Jen’s car came around the corner. David shut his eyes. How did other guys do it? David even felt outside his marriage. Jen had found him, and brought him inside for a while, but then his old demons, or imps or whatever they were, returned. As if it weren’t bad enough being short, and baby faced. And hopeless at everything, even keeping Jen happy.

Jen was an interesting woman, everyone said so. A women who made interesting choices. David supposed that he was one of her interesting choices. She certainly knew more about the world than David seemed to. His own decisions, even the carefully worked out ones, were often so bad that Jen just laughed and told him they were doing whatever it was some other way.

Like sex. For David, sex was very strange territory. He was never sure what he was meant to do, and when he did do it, he usually screwed it up. He’d fumble around while Jen seemed so relaxed and happy. David would either ejaculate suddenly and unexpectedly, on Jen’s tummy or even in his pants. On the rare occasions he got as far as penetration, he slid out or kept going until Jen said, you’re not inside me, silly.

Maybe that’s what he was, silly. Retarded, even. Once, he thought he was having a super long orgasm. He wasn’t, he was wetting all over Jen, the bed and himself. Jen was so cross she reminded him of his horrible aunt to whom he was farmed out for a year while his parents were away. He was six, and his cousins were three, but David had such trouble at school that his aunt kept him at home with the twins. She simply added him to her brood as a triplet.

Then a miracle had happened. David had found a way of dealing with his aunt’s temper and, magically, fitting in for the first time in his life. He often thought about that time, although the memories had got fairly warn with use, and it now just seemed a period of hazy happiness.

David found that the girls accepted him completely. After all, he wasn’t much bigger than they were, and he wet his bed and his pants sometimes, made a mess when he was eating and enjoyed the same games and cartoons as they did. Consequently, the twins treated him as one of them, and so did his aunt. David found that in going along with them, he was actually happy for the first time he could remember.

After the golden period with his horrible aunt and her warm and friendly daughters, his parents were shocked to find that his behaviour, had changed dramatically. David’s responses and language, even his movements, not to mention his toileting skills, had changed so much that he was put into intensive therapy for two years to undo the ‘damage’ that being treated like a toddler had done him. David had tried to tell his therapist how much he missed his life at his aunt’s, but the therapist would have none of it. Every time he mentioned it, she would make life hard for him. He remembered sitting in dark room and being given electric shocks when he was shown pictures of toddlers playing.

It was electro therapy. Now, at 30, David still thought with longing of his days at his aunt’s house, even if he was no longer sure exactly what was good about them. The crude aversion therapy had mixed up his memories of what had happened so long ago. He knew that he didn’t mind when Jen ordered him around. He actually liked it, but he wasn’t sure why. He still wet himself occasionally, and even that gave him a strange kind of pleasure.

So here he was, hopeless at life, but with abiding, if hazy, memory of a time and place when he wasn’t hopeless, when his peers respected him and when they enjoyed his company. He was aware of the need to find the key to the door to that place. He had no idea such a key it might be, or where the door was. The rain continued, more heavily now, as Jen’s car slowed and pulled up next to David. He was watching the rain run like quicksilver over the road, separate rivulets of water joining forces and finding the way to the kerb. David watched in fascination as rivulets flowed over his shoes and onto the road. He didn’t realise he was peeing. It sometimes happened when he was thinking about the key and the door.

Jen took her husband’s accidents as just another thing to be organised and dealt with. She managed a team of nurses in a hospital, and she knew most of the details of David’s past. She would have preferred finding out before she had married him, but it didn’t really make much difference. He had issues, just like most of her patients, and her staff, for that matter. Better a little stress incontinence than alcoholism or violence, she thought.

‘David, your pants,’ she said in greeting.

David stopped thinking about the rainwater, and realised that he had wet himself. He looked down at his soaked crotch and began to cry. Jen had seen the behaviour before. She simply helped him into the car and sat him on folded towel.

‘Big boys don’t wet their pants, do they David?’ she asked him.

It was as close as she could get to scolding him on a day when he had lost yet another job.

David shook his head and stared out the window, silent for the rest of the short trip home. It was always like this when he had an accident. He felt divided. He thought of the water again. Part of him felt he was heading in the right direction by wetting himself, but how could that be? Another part of him,the part so carefully constructed by his childhood therapist and others though his life, told him that wetting himself was wrong and that he had to overcome it.

But how could he overcome what he couldn’t control? He was even aware of it happening most of the time. Certainly not at night.

The trouble was, his accidents were never isolated. If he had one, another one or more usually followed.

He hadn’t wet at all for ages. He remembered how embarrassing it was for him to hear Jen telling both her mother and his mother that he seemed to have grown out of the problem, and how proud she was of him. That afternoon, at his mother-in-law’s house, he had soiled himself. The imps at work again. Or was it revenge, or his subconscious acting out?

With no real friends except Jen, there was no-one with whom David could even discuss the matter. Talking to Jen about it was like talking to his mum, or a schoolteacher. She would listen, nod, then tell him what she was going to do about it. That wasn’t the among the questions he wanted to ask, the principal ones of which were, ‘Why am I different?’ Followed by ‘How can I be happy?’

This particular worst day was about to become even more dramatic. David followed up his daytime wetting by soaking the bed. The next morning after finishing breakfast, David soiled himself as he stood up from the table. He had one idea it was about to happen, nor could he control the tears that came after.

His performance earned him a trip to a new therapist, a very serious lady much older that David and Jen. She talked to David for an hour, then talked privately to Jen. Jen then took David to another clinic. She wouldn’t talk about it as they drove between the clinics, except to say that what was happening was for David’s ‘long term benefit’.

‘What was?’ asked David.

Here he was, on the outside again. Everyone else seemed to know what was happening but him. Feelings of confusion overwhelmed him as he followed Jen into another medical suite. Everyone seemed to be expecting him. Then he felt it happening again. He thought he was wetting, but it was worse than that. He wet a little, but mostly he soiled himself again. He even crouched a little, in the middle of the reception area of this place, and grunted as he did his business. In a flash of realisation, he knew that it was not a good thing to have happened. But he couldn’t help it. Then he cried again.

He remembered another older woman coming out of a side office, then a nurse appearing. She led him away and soon he was under a shower. When he got out, the nurse was still there. She asked him to lie on a couch, and she gave him something to drink. Whatever it was, after a few minutes it took David’s mind off the current situation. He could feel it happening.

He seemed to be watching what was going on as if he were someone else. The nurse asked him to lie down, which he did. She then produced a large diaper. It seemed so matter of fact. Jen had occasionally suggested that he wear something at night when he had wet a couple of nights in a row, but David had felt so scared of being diapered that he had refused point blank. When Jen had said one more wetting and he would have no choice, he had had so little to drink all the next day that he could hardly sleep because his throat was so dry. But he had avoided being diapered. Now, it seemed like the normal thing to do. He was given some loose pyjama like clothing, and was told to rest for awhile.

When he woke, he had a long talk with the older lady. Then Jen arrived. David had no idea how long she had been away, or how long he had been asleep, but he was glad to see her. He was also dry, and hoped that meant the end of this visit to the doctor. But it didn’t. David went back to the room for a while, and then the nurse and Jen came in.

The nurse went with him and Jen for a longish drive into the country. David thought it might be a surprise holiday, and wondered why the nurse was there. They arrived at a sort of hotel, and Jen explained that he would be staying there for a while.

‘How long?’ asked David.

‘Just until, well, until we get things a bit sorted out,’ said Jen.

‘Until you’re feeling better,’ said the nurse. ‘It won’t be too long.’

Jen said she had to go, and gave David a long hug. David thought she was crying.

Jen left quickly, and David followed the nurse down a long, strange-smelling corridor.

He suddenly thought of clothing. He was still in the bluish pyjama clothes he had been given at the clinic.

‘Won’t I need clothes?’ he asked the nurse as he followed her brisk footsteps.

‘Oh, no honey, everything you need is here,’ she said, and swung into a brightly lit room off the corridor.

‘David Moore,’ she said to the girl at a desk there. ‘Dr Linley’s placement.’

The girl typed into her computer, and stared at the screen for a minute.

‘Ah,’ she said. ‘Here we are. David,’ she added, looking steadily at David, then smiling.

‘You’re in Brice. I thought so.’

David had no idea what that meant, but it rhymed with nice, he thought. He smiled back at the girl, then was suddenly self-conscious about the diaper under his thin cotton pants. He instinctively put his hands to his crotch.

‘Are you ok, David?’ asked the nurse, seeing his sudden movement.

Gently, she moved on of David’s hands away and pressed lightly on the dry diaper.

‘He’s ok,’ said the nurse, and the girl smiled again.

‘Come on, David,’ said the nurse.

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Davy’s Tale

Chapter 2

The place seemed very quiet.

David followed the nurse. She was quite tall, but everyone was quite tall to David, who at 5 feet 2 inches was used to looking up at people when he talked to them.

The nurse stopped outside a door, and took David’s hand as she opened the door. David was quite happy to have his hand held. He and Jen usually held hands when they were out. It was more than just a romantic notion for them. On one memorable occasion, David had been engrossed in something as they were walking along and had stepped in front of a bus. It was only quick thinking by Jen, and David’s loose jacket which Jen was able to grab hold of to pull him back that saved him. From then on, it was hand holding. David was even expected, whenever they parked the car, to wait outside his door until Jen had walked around and taken his hand before they moved off. It could have been demeaning, but David knew it was for the best. He was easily distracted, and he did like the feel of Jen’s slender, cool fingers entwined with his. He sometimes thought Jen’s fingers were like the cool fingers of canned asparagus she served him for lunch sometimes.

David was thinking about fingers, and how this nurse’s fingers were thick and strong-feeling. They were more like warm wieners than spears of asparagus. He gave her hand a little squeeze, and was delighted when he felt a squeeze in return. The woman laughed.

‘Aren’t you a little cutie,’ she said, and patted David on the bottom as she ushered him into the room off the corridor.

David smiled at the compliment, but flinched as the woman patted his rump. He was still diapered under his blue pyjamas. However the nurse made no comment, and pulled the curtains aside in the small but sunny room.

‘This will be your room, David. It has a lovely view of our garden,’ she said.

David looked out of the window at the lawn and duck pond below.

‘Why are there bars?’ he asked, pointing to the white painted vertical bars in front of the window.

‘Oh, to keep out, you know, robbers and bad people,’ she said.

'Oh, ’ said David.

He assumed that there must be climbing robbers, as they were on the first floor.

‘What actually is this place?’ asked David.

The question had been worrying him. Jen had told him that she had found a brilliant place where David could have a good break. Fair enough, he thought. He supposed such places existed, but where was everyone? Why weren’t there other people like him around, having their breaks. He thought of a movie he had seen with Jen years ago, about a madman in an empty hotel. He wondered if there was a madman here.

‘It’s a place for people to relax and be comfortable,’ said the nurse. ‘Speaking of that, why don’t we get you into some comfortable clothes,’ she added.

David nodded his agreement, and held out his hand again to be led somewhere else.

The nurse laughed.

‘You can get changed right here,’ she said. ‘You were expected, so we’ve even got your size.’

The nurse pulled open a drawer in a small chest near the bed in the room, and took out a folded, pale yellow garment.

‘You’re going to be a yellow,’ she said, smiling at David. ‘Aren’t you lucky?’

‘Where is everyone?’ asked David.

He wondered who the other ‘yellows’ were, and where they were.

‘They out on an excursion,’ said the nurse. ‘They’ll be back. But we give anyone who is new some special time by themselves to settle in.’

As she talked, the nurse helped David out of his cotton pyjama clothes. She soon had him stripped down to his disposable diaper.

‘These are just in case,’ said David, trying to sound confident and adult as he put his hand to the crotch of his thick white and blue diaper. ‘I don’t really need them. I can just wear underpants.’

‘That’s ok, honey. We’ll leave these on just for now. Are you dry?’ the nurse asked.

‘Yes,’ he answered.

‘Good, then,’ replied the nurse. ‘Well just pop one leg in here.’

She unfolded the yellow garment and held a leg open for David. He stepped in. Soon the nurse was tugging the garment this way and that, finally pulling up the front and clipping up some fasteners.

Jen sometimes helped David dress at home, to hurry him up. He didn’t mind. It gave him time to appreciate how good she smelled, for example. He liked watching her breasts swing in front of him too. This nurse’s breasts were not swinging. They were as big as Jen’s, but they were held tight by her uniform.

David looked down at himself. He was wearing what he found later were called shortalls. Everyone wore them, boys and girls, and everyone looked similar in them. With his diaper and the upward pull of the bibbed garment, David thought his crotch looked like Jen’s when she wore her one piece swimsuit. He put his hand to the flattened bulge curving up from between his legs. David thought it was obvious he was diapered. At least there was no-one around to see. He decided he would wear proper underpants tomorrow.

The nurse closed the drawer and moved towards the door. David followed, and found that he had to waddle slightly.

‘Are you ok?’ asked the nurse, noticing his unsteady gait.

‘Yes,’ said David.

It was nice of her to ask, thought David, she seemed interested in how he was, which was better than the criticism he usually heard from people. He looked up at her and smiled.

‘Oh,’ said the nurse. ‘I nearly forgot. I’ve got to label you.’

‘Label me?’ asked David.

The nurse laughed.

‘It’s ok,’ she said. ‘It doesn’t hurt. Now,’ she said producing a thick felt pen. ‘What do they call you?’

‘My name’s David,’ David replied.

‘Yes, but do you have a nickname?’ she asked.

David thought. No-one really called him anything but David.

‘What about Davy?’ asked the nurse, standing David in front of her and preparing to write with the indelible marker on a white panel on the big of his shortalls.

David flinched slightly. His aunt and her daughters had called him that when he was little and had stayed with them. The memories came back, along with a need to pee. He opened his mouth, but couldn’t find words to say. Instead, he heard himself make an odd little noise.

‘That’s good,’ said the nurse. ‘Davy it is. My name’s Ellie, by the way. See,’ she said, holding a badge on her uniform so he could see it. I’m really Elinor, just like you’re David, but Ellie is better.’

Ellie wrote carefully on David’s bib.

‘There we are,’ she said, ‘All done. Now I’ll take you to the big room and you can meet Sue.’

Ellie led the way. David took one step and lost his balance with the unfamiliar bulk between his legs. He fell to the floor, and felt himself peeing as he did so. He looked up at Ellie, slightly stunned.

‘Oh, honey, it’s ok, up you get,’ said Ellie.

She took him firmly by the hand and led him along the corridor again. David was glad of the support as he waddled along, getting used to the padded feeling around his loins. He didn’t dare tell her he was wet after saying he didn’t really need the diaper.

They came to a set of double doors, and Ellie led the way in. The room was large, with a huge mat on the timber floor. There were benches and boxes around the room between the tall windows, and things scattered around the floor. It was obviously a children’s playroom. David wondered why he was there. At the far side of the room there was a desk, behind which sat an attractive young Asian woman who got up as Ellie and David walked in.

The woman introduced herself as Sue, and smiled at David. At least she wasn’t so tall, thought David. But she seemed quite young. Probably about 22, thought David.

‘Davy,’ said Sue, looking at David’s bib.

She was only about three inches taller than he was, thought David. She had on a lovely spangly brooch which flashed in the list coming through the windows. David thought it looked like a starfish covered in diamonds, he moved around to make it flash some more.

‘Davy arrived this morning,’ Ellie was saying to Sue. ‘I’m sure he’ll fit in at Brice very well.’

Ellie turned to David.

'This is the Big Room, ’ she said. ‘People like Sue are called ‘leaders’. She’s here to help if you need anything, or if you need assistance.’

‘OK,’ said David.

He wasn’t sure what sort of help he might need. He thought of his wet diaper, which he could now feel cooling in a slight lump between his legs. He thought he’d keep quiet about that until he was back in his room, when he would find some underpants.

‘Well, then, I’ll leave you to it,’ said Ellie. ‘Goodbye, Davy. Have fun, honey.’

‘Bye,’ replied David and watched her leave the room.

‘OK, Davy. I’ll be here if you need me,’ said Sue.

Sue settled back to her desk work, and David looked around the room.

‘Er, what do I do?’ he asked.

Sue laughed.

‘You can do whatever you want to do, sweetie. There are things in all the boxes. Just find something you like. Remember, I’m right here if you need me.’

David was confused. Sue seemed to think it the most natural thing in the world that he would want to, what, spend his time playing on a rug in front of her? David felt the confusion and anger rising in him. He looked at Sue, then took half a step back and fell with a thump on his diapered bottom. Try as he might, he couldn’t stop the tears of frustration coming, and he began to cry.

To be continued

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This is another nice beginning… It’s seems a bit straight forward, and not as intertwined or complicated as Dee and Ted, or When a Husband Needs Diapers….

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Hmm. I’ll see what I can do.

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Davy’s Tale. Chapter 3

David watched as Sue stood up from her desk and began to walk towards him with a look of concern on her face.

He felt a chill and blinked. An odd but familiar feeling washed over him. It happened occasionally. David thought of it as a kind of ‘super real’ feeling, and when it happened, he suddenly seemed to see things in a cool, clear light. It was as if he were seeing things as they really were, instead of through a kind of haze of acceptance.

The reality of which he was now acutely aware was that he, a slightly built, 30 year old man had been left by his wife at a kind of deserted hotel. He had been stripped, dressed in a diaper and a childish shortall, and taken to a large room scattered with children’s toys and supervised by a young Asian woman at a desk.

Instead of approaching the woman and discussing his situation, he found himself sitting on the floor, crying. He could feel that his diaper was soaked. This clearly wasn’t right. He couldn’t think why he needed to be here. What was Jen thinking? David remembered seeing some doctors, although he couldn’t recall what he had said to them. Had they recommended this? Why? There was nothing wrong with him. David gulped back his tears as Sue approached. She was holding out her hand.

‘Oh, honey,’ she said. ‘Are you ok?’

David instinctively took Sue’s offered hand and she helped him to his feet. He straightened his back and could feel the upward pull of the shortall compressing the wet diaper against his crotch.

‘I shouldn’t be here,’ he said.

With her free hand, Sue felt David’s padded groin.

‘Sweetie, you need a change,’ said Sue, leading David towards a door in the side of the room.

‘I have to go home,’ said David, looking around and seeing his surroundings as if for the first time.

‘You’ll be fine,’ said Sue as David waddled after her through the doorway.

They entered a big, brightly lit bathroom. There was a large window on one wall, with cupboards and shelves either side of it. There was also a bath and a large, open shower cubicle. Next to the cubicle was a steel and plastic invalid shower chair. The only other furniture in the room was a long, low bench, like a narrow bed, covered in a disposable paper sheet. It looked as if it were part of a hospital.

‘Is this a hotel?’ asked David.

‘Sort of, honey,’ replied Sue. ‘Just stand still for a moment and we’ll get this off.’

David stood still while Sue undid the buckles above his bib.

David looked down at Sue’s rounded tummy under her tight pastel green uniform. It reminded him of Jen’s tummy.

The super real feeling began to subside. This woman was going to change his diaper, like Jen did. David began to feel the strange dichotomy that affected him whenever his ‘super real’ state was ending. He tried to hang on to the ‘real’ feeling, but he never seemed to be able to. He would feel himself being pulled back, as if by a magnetic attraction, to his ‘hazy’ state, where someone else was in charge of his life and he just went along. That person was usually Jen, or even his mother-in-law, but now, it was this chubby young Asian woman. David resisted the pull, but only because he felt he should. A part of him always wanted to go with the pull, and that part always grew stronger.

‘I don’t think I should be here,’ said David as Sue tugged his shortall to his knees and instructed him to take out first one leg then the other.

‘Shhh, honey. You’ll be right as rain in a minute,’ said Sue.

David was now standing in front of Sue in his diaper.

‘Up you hop,’ said Sue.

She helped David onto the low bench, and settled him on his back. He felt the paper sheet sliding over the padded vinyl of the bench top. Sue began to undo the tapes on the front of the diaper.

‘I don’t need to wear these,’ said David. ‘They’re just for in case,’ he added, using his wife’s term when he had made the same objection. ‘Just in case of accidents,’ he said for clarification.

‘Of course they are, honey. Just in case of accidents,’ said Sue kindly as she patted the side of his buttocks.

David reflexively raised his bottom so that Sue could pull out the wet diaper.

‘It was only an accident,’ said David. ‘I don’t need to wear them. I have to go home. I want Jen.’

David voice was breaking now. He was flailing mentally, lost between his ‘super real’ world and the other world, where he was so dependent. He was doing his best not to cry again.

Sue was an expert at ‘breaking in’ new residents, as they referred to the process in the staff lunch room. She looked a lot younger than her 28 years, and related well to her troubled charges. She was the eldest girl in a family of eight children, and she new how to distract new residents who were uneasy in their new home.

‘Davy,’ she said, pausing after she had removed David’s diaper. ‘You’re going to meet some new friends soon. Some really nice people, and I think they are going to like you. Won’t that be nice for you?’

David’s swirling thoughts stopped. He didn’t have many friends. Not any really, apart from Jen and her mother. He remembered having friends years and years ago. He remembered playing with them. Not like any of the people he worked with. Or the busy people he saw all the time when he was out with Jen.

‘Proper friends?’ he asked Sue uncertainly.

‘Of course proper friends!’ Sue replied. ‘Boys and girls just like you,’ she added with a laugh. ‘Now, just lie there for a minute, I have to get some special cream to make you feel all nice.’

David lay still, thinking that maybe this wasn’t such a bad place to be if he was going to have friends here.

Sue returned from one of the cupboards with a white jar. She turned it slightly in her hand so David couldn’t see the label, which read ‘DEPILATORY’ in large letters above a block of smaller text under the word ‘WARNING’.

Sue slipped on a pair of disposable gloves and carefully distributed the cream over and around David’s naked genitals. David had already had a modern version of a bromide drink, and there was no reaction from his soft little penis to Sue’s fingers. His pubic hair was thin and sparse anyway, thought Sue. And what a cute little willy. She was amazed at the large size of the penises on some of the residents she cared for. This boy had the smallest she had seen on an adult resident. She didn’t think there would be much point doing this boy’s bottom, but she asked him to raise his legs anyway. As she thought, his backside was already quite bare. David lowered his legs again and Sue turned to a shelf behind here and picked up a thick, white folded towelling diaper.

‘Up we go again, honey,’ she said, putting her hand under David’s calves as he raised his legs again.

David raised his bottom, and felt Sue slide the opened towelling diaper under him. The feeling of the diaper beneath him brought back old memories. Gently, Sue pushed his penis downwards as she brought the towelling between his legs and used two diaper pins to secure the towelling around his waist.

David had shut his eyes. It occurred to him that when he opened them he would see his mother’s face bending over him. It felt like this when she used to diaper him. He was in a hotel now, and this other woman, not Jen, was diapering him. It felt not right, and right at the same time.

‘It’s just for accidents, isn’t it?’ he asked Sue again.

‘That’s right, honey, just for accidents,’ said Sue.

He was too old to have to wear diapers, except for accidents. That wasn’t really wearing diapers.

Sue helped him off the bench, then held open a pair of pants for him to step into. David realised that he wasn’t going back into the shortalls. That would be ok, he thought. He would get a shirt, and maybe some shoes.

He put his other leg into the pants and Sue tugged them up and over his bulky diaper. He could feel the legs of the pants tight around his thighs. He looked down to see the pants billowing out from his body. They were light blue with playful looking cartoon bears on them. He put his fingers on the material. It felt rubbery and plastic.

In his mind, David looked into the distance. The super reality world was now represented by a tiny circle of light. The magnetic pull had drawn him far from it. He caught his breath and felt the tears coming again.

His body language warned Sue of the moment, and she drew him towards her.

‘It’s just a cover to make sure everything’s ok, if you have an accident,’ she said.

David felt Sue’s warmth against his skin. He loved being hugged, and hugged her back out of pleasure and gratitude. Sue held him against her with one hand in his bottom and the other on the middle of his bare back. David didn’t seem to want to let go.

‘Hey, you’re a real little hugger,’ Sue said, laughing.

David snuggled up against her neck.

‘Come on, mister,’ she said, extricating herself from David’s embrace. ‘We have to get you dressed.’

At least it got him past worrying about his plastic pants. Sue couldn’t stop smiling at David as he looked up at her with big, trusting eyes. This one really was a little cutie, she thought. She remembered little Dana, a dear little girl who had had a big crush on her until she left a year ago. She’d been adopted by a couple of ladies who already had one adoptee. For those with long term, basically untreatable issues, adoption was the best outcome. Either that, or return to their former carer, albeit sometimes in a different, but happier state. David was here for assessment. How long he’d be here was uncertain. His committal papers indicated a permanent stay, unless his wife Jennifer agreed to his return or his adoption out. Sue was glad there were people, often childless couples like the two ladies who had adopted Dana and the other little girl, who were prepared to take on people like Dana, and David, she thought.

Sue had been dressing David as she was thinking, and finished by tugging his bib up and fastening the clips on the straps. He looked so sweet. He was very short for a male, Sue thought, but a little chubby and had almost the proportions of a toddler in his shortalls and bulky diaper. His face added to the illusion. It was round and childlike, and he had such big blue eyes. Sue looked into his eyes, wondering what he thought of her big, brown Asian eyes. There was such trust in those eyes, thought Sue. She pushed his longish blonde hair away from his face. She spun him around slowly, to be rewarded with a giggle from David. He really had soaked his disposable diaper, and his towelling diaper was doubled. She hoped he could walk without much trouble. Sue turned him back to face her. He giggled again, and Sue wondered what he was thinking. The taut front of the shortall below his plump tummy curved away in a smooth vee between his legs. He could easily have been a plump little girl, especially with that face. His hair was almost long enough to put into a little ponytail, too. Sue smiled again and led David back out into the Big Playroom, as they called it. Now that he seemed to have accepted her as a friend, she hoped he would settle in there better.

David felt better about having some clothing over his diaper. He didn’t want people to know he was wearing one. Sue knew, obviously, but she was nice, like Jen. It was new people, like these friends he was going to meet. He still wanted to see Jen, but at least Sue was warm and friendly. He trusted her.

Sue took him to the middle of the big rug, where someone had left some blocks and plastic toys around.

‘Do you want to sit down, honey?’ Sue asked.

‘Yes please,’ said David, letting Sue hold his hands as he sat carefully on the floor.

He didn’t want a repeat of his earlier fall.

His diaper felt awfully big under his rump as he sat on the floor. It was like sitting on a big cushion. He turned to look at some of the things on the floor around him and nearly toppled over

He looked up at Sue, who smiled at him and said,‘Careful sweetie. I’m going back to my desk. Remember honey, if you need help, I’m right here.’

David felt the hazy feeling again. He kept his eyes on Sue. She was very pretty, he decided. He wanted to hug her again.

‘When are the friends coming?’ he asked.

It gave him a warm feeling to think friends were coming. He’d be able to think, ‘My friends,’ and actually have pictures of real people in his mind. He’d been so lonely, even working with lots of people around, or out with Jen. So lonely. And now he would have proper friends. He wanted to hug Sue so much. He wasn’t crying aloud, but he felt the tears running down both cheeks.

‘Soon,’ said Sue from her desk. ‘Are you alright, Davy?’ she added, seeing his tearful face.

Impulsively, David got up to run to her. He managed a couple of steps, lost his balance and fell heavily on his backside again. Startled, he took a couple of deep gulps and began crying aloud.

Sue got up and squatted next to him.

‘It’s ok, Davy,’ she said. ‘If you want to walk, just go slowly.’

David buried his face in her chest. Sue held him for a moment. He was so sweet. She’d be happy to adopt him herself. She thought for a minute. Until he was through his assessment, they weren’t supposed to encourage changes in behaviour, but this poor boy was heavily diapered, and Sue had some idea of what his ‘behavioural age’ might be assessed as anyway. It was only a slight bending of the rules.

‘Davy,’ she said. ‘If you want to move, you can crawl if you want.’

David looked at her. Sue couldn’t read his eyes at all.

‘It’s ok. In this room, lots of people do that,’ Sue said.

She couldn’t resist kissing him on the forehead. Another rule bent, if not broken, she thought.

‘I’m not a baby,’ David said slowly.

‘No, honey, but… but it’s easy to fall over if you don’t take special care. You don’t have to walk if you don’t want to. Just to move a little way,’ said Sue.

Sue wasn’t sure she should have said anything. But it wasn’t a big deal, she told herself. In fact, it was a safety issue, she thought, and felt better about it.

She needn’t have worried. David said nothing, but dropped his hands to the floor and crawled over to a red plastic train which he picked up. Then he turned and smiled at her, with his big eyes as well as his lips.

‘This,’ he said, turning the plastic train over in his small hands, ‘Is a steam train.’

He sounded so serious that Sue burst out laughing.

‘Oh, Davy,’ she said. ‘You’re precious!’

David blinked at her. He wasn’t sure why identifying a steam train should make him precious, but he was grateful for the warmth in Sue’s voice. He saw a red boxcar of the same set, and crawled over to that.

‘Boxcar,’ he said, looking seriously at Sue, who despite herself, exploded into more laughter.

‘Davy Moore,’ she said. ‘You are a jewel.’

David grinned, whatever she meant. He hadn’t felt so happy in ages.

‘Davy Moore,’ he repeated. ‘Davy Moore.’

Sue grinned back at David sitting on the rug, a plastic train component in each hand, with his legs splayed and his puffy, diapered bottom swelling out around his loins.

‘Davy Moore,’ she said, ‘Welcome to Brice.’

To be continued.

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Love this tale, Love Davy, would love more when you get a chance. Terrific. Thanks :slight_smile:

Re: Davy’s Tale

: )

Re: Davy’s Tale

Davy’s Tale Chapter 4

It usually took Sue some time to acclimatise to the regressive behaviour of the chronologically older residents in Brice, despite the staff in the Brice division of the institution being well trained to cope with age-inappropriate responses from their patients. The residents had officially stopped being ‘patients’ some years ago, although the staff routinely referred to the Brice residents as children, for obvious reasons. Amongst themselves, the residents were happy to be divided into ‘boys’ and ‘girls’, not that there was much difference between the two given their medication.

However, Sue saw Davy as a toddler almost immediately. She was perversely pleased to see that his assessment delivered a ‘social age’ of 3 to 5. Sue was rarely wrong in her judgement, but it was the rapidity with which she found herself thinking of Davy as a 3 or 4 year old that surprised her.

People adapt quickly, she knew. After only a few days in her home town, to which she tried to return every year or so, she readjusted to having to carry domestic water supplies, cook in an open kitchen and share life with hens and piglets. Even the occasional guests she took home adapted without much trouble.

But even for experienced carers like Sue, it took a bit of time to accept that a woman, for example, in the prime of her life and beauty, spilled her food, cried because she wet herself or bawled uncontrollably because another apparent adult had taken her doll. Even the chronologically younger children were sometimes surprisingly difficult to adjust to. Asking a young teen to pass an apple might result in the child picking up a banana, then forgetting what to do with it, and drifting off to do something else. There was no point getting cross with them. After all, most of them were still in diapers.

The hardest ones to deal with were those who fluctuated between regression and maturity, or even managed to display both traits at once. Sue thought of Wendy, a pleasant woman of about 35 who would write articulate letters as to why she should not be at the facility. The letters were written in a round, childish hand on the big sheets if paper they used for activities, in crayon. Most were even illustrated with stick figures of the staff and the woman’s friends, not always complimentary. If her efforts ever got her as far as an interview with the head of Brice, she would invariably wet herself, cry for her favourite floppy old doll, and become once again an intractable 5 year old with no toileting skills.

Sue wondered about Davy. After his assessment, during which he’d soiled himself, he asked Sue if he would be going home, despite what he called his ‘one little accident’. There had been from Jen only one phone call in the two weeks Davy had been at Brice, and no visits from anyone. Sue almost cried when Davy told her that Jen would be missing him. Jen had only rung to ask if Davy was competent to sign over his equity in their joint account. Sue had referred her request to the board of trustees, who had put a lock on Davy’s interests.

Some time later, Sue was sitting at her desk, watching Davy play with Sarah. Sarah was 25, a bright girl, apparently, who had had a very bad drug trip. The cocktail her boyfriend had given her was so mixed that it had not been possible to identify much beyond a couple of powerful psychotropic ingredients. Still she was better off as a child than a howling psychotic. She had a lovely figure, although like most of the residents, she had become a little chubby, despite the active lives designed for the residents of Brice. She hated wearing clothes, and unless there were visitors, most of the staff gave in and allowed her to run around in only her diaper. She was spanked if she took that off. Corner time was used in preference to spanking, but for the younger children, corner time often meant no more than a chance to doze off, or in some cases, just zone out as some of them did. Sue sometimes wondered what they were thinking about when the did that. Former days, perhaps? It wasn’t wise to ask. The response was sometimes tears, or anger. The light spankings that were applied were more symbolic than painful, but they had more effect in most cases than time in the naughty corner.

Sue was glad that her promise of real friends for Davy had come true for him. His new friends, most of them just as heavily diapered as he was, never referred to their toilet training unless it was to ask for a change, a request which went unremarked. From the way Davy would waddle up to her, crane his neck up and whisper in her ear that he needed a change, Sue assumed that he still thought that no-one knew he was diapered. For her part, Sue was always discreet when she checked Davy’s pants.

Davy was very fond of Sarah particularly. It wasn’t sexual, of course. The drugs took care of that, but it was still touching. The pair would waddle around hand in hand. Sarah was around 5 feet 10, but the difference in height did not seem to concern them. One afternoon, during a severe thunderstorm, Sue had the children in the playroom with the curtains drawn, lying on their nap mats playing a game identifying animal noises to distract them from the frightening thunder and lightning. There was a very loud, very close crack of thunder. Davy’s mat, as usual, was next to Sarah’s. Most of the children burst into tears, but Davy’s instant reaction was to fling his small body over Sarah’s, cradling her head in his curled arms. They were near Sue’s desk, and she could see how hard he was trying not to cry himself.

Sue was very touched, and realised how courageous Davy had been, whatever his ‘social age’. She asked him, gently, if he liked Sarah. Davy grinned, and said he did. Sue probed a little. Why do you like her, she asked him. She’s nice, Davy had responded simply. ‘Like Jen’.

Sue had turned her head away. Jen had not visited or called since her only phone call, now several months ago. Davy had cried all day when she did not ring on his birthday. Staff weren’t supposed to lie to the children, but Sue had been so upset that she told Davy that Jen was far away on an important job, where there were no phones or post. Sue wasn’t sure how much of that Davy understood or believed, but it calmed him down. Sue and Sarah and a few of the others had made a special fuss of Davy that night at dinner time for his birthday, but he still slept clutching the old handkerchief with a red ‘J’ in one corner that had been scrunched in his fist when he arrived.

On the night of Davy’s birthday, Sue was lying in her bed, thinking about her life. There were no men in it, she was thinking. Then, unbidden, an image of Davy came into her mind. She couldn’t sleep after that, and read for hours before finally dropping off. She woke late, with the sun streaming in her window. It was a good thing she was on late shift, she thought. She rolled towards her bedside table, and realised that she had one hand in the panties she wore to bed. She blushed, despite herself. She never touched herself at night like that. Then she remembered, with increasing clarity, her dream. Rather than blush, she felt the colour drain from her face. She remembered lying on the floor of the playroom, with brave Davy protecting her from the thunder. She remembered wetting her diaper in fear. Warily, she slid her hand beneath her bedclothes. She already knew the answer to her frightened question from the clinging feeling of her nightie. She had soaked her bed and her nightclothes for the first time since she was a small child.

To be continued.

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Thanks Sallykat. I don’t know how you keep coming up with these amazing stories.

Re: Davy’s Tale

Tea leaves, nia. I interpret them. ;D ;D

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The last two chapters were more inspired than usual, so all involved characters came out more lively.

Do you feel for this story more than for the others you have written recently?

Re: Davy’s Tale

Short answer, yes.

Re: Davy’s Tale

Yes, the last two chapters were very nice… I promise to not bother you about the other stories, and to follow along, as you write the one that inspires you… As always, Thank you for sharing with us Miss Sally.

Re: Davy’s Tale

No, you are right to complain. Not to finish stories is inconsiderate and annoying. I do feel guilty about it, and do plan to finish them eventually!

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Davy’s Tale. Chapter 5

Sue felt quite unsettled about what had happened. She showered carefully, then stood looking at her naked body in the big mirror in her bedroom. She saw a not unattractive, healthy looking woman. She squared her shoulders a little, and was pleased that her breasts didn’t sag much. They’d never been regularly suckled to pull them out of shape, and she took care to wear a well-fitted bra. She ran a hand over their full roundness, letting her fingers dance a little on her small brown nipples. That made her think of her vagina, and she ran her fingers down her slightly chubby body. Her tummy was a little fuller than she would like, and she spread her hand over its little bulge. She closed her eyes as she ran her fingers through her luxuriant black bush. She thought of all the Brice residents she’d denuded down there. She thought of Davy’s light little growth. They used a strong depilatory cream, and he had only needed one application.

Sue smiled as she recalled Davy’s reaction when he found himself as bald as a baby during his first shower and diaper change at Brice. Sue was still looking after him in isolation. He had stood looking up at her in the bathroom, holding his little willy in his fingers.

‘You took my hair,’ he had said, quite accurately.

Sue had replied that it was to keep him healthy. Jen had ‘big hair’, Davy had told her. Sue had tried to assure him that it was ok for him not to have hair there any more. It was quite an issue for some residents, especially in their settling in period. Particularly the boys who, despite their regression, still seemed to put great store by their pubic growth. At least Davy hadn’t seemed too fussed.

‘All gone,’ he had said as he stood there naked, holding his flaccid little cock in his fingers.

Sue realised with a start that her own fingers had found their way to her vagina, and she was absentmindedly running a finger up and down between her well-lubricated lips.

What was she doing, she asked herself. She had been brought up to regard masturbation as distasteful, at the least. After this morning’s episode, and she could hear the washing machine still rumbling away along with the fan blowing air onto the mattress in the bedroom, she wondered about herself.

Sue wiped herself with a tissue, and got dressed. She chose her usual big, comfortable knickers, hoisting them up snug over her little tummy bulge. Having second thoughts, she took a panty liner from her drawer, and with her legs apart, stuck it to the gusset of her panties then pulled them back up. She turned this way and that in front of the mirror, patting the little bump of the panty liner. She thought of the bulk of the diapers the children wore. No wonder so many of them crawled around the playroom.

She wondered about Davy. Since she had suggested he try crawling that day, he had become quite adept at it. He spent a lot of time on the floor, or on the lawn if they were outside. If he did walk, it was usually holding Sarah’s hand, or a staff member’s, or the low rail that was fitted to most of the walls at Brice. Sue wondered a little guiltily if she had set Davy off on the wrong path.

Most children stayed happily at their assessed ages. Occasionally, one would begin to mature, which was fascinating to watch. Usually, the first indication was the extra awareness of the needs of the other children, and the extra care they would begin to take of them.

Sometimes, a child would regress, temporarily as a result of a trauma or sometimes permanently. The trauma was usually not physical. The departure of a close friend in the group was sometimes enough. Sue thought of poor little Emily, whose best friend Amy had been adopted out. The girls had arrived together, and we’re close allies. The adoptive parents considered taking both girls, but couldn’t manage it. Emily had become quite depressed, then had begun sucking her thumb and talking less. Her behaviour and movement had continued to regress and she was eventually reassessed as ‘infant’ and moved to the pink clothed Smith ward, known as the ‘littlies’ unit’. She no longer talked or walked, and Sue had seen her there, happily babbling as she sat in one of the playpens.

As Sue sat on the bus on her way to work, she found herself thinking about Davy again. She imagined him as an infant, unable to walk. Staff were discouraged from bonding with patients, and Sue made an effort to stop thinking about Davy. She shifted in her seat, and knew she was becoming aroused again. She was glad she had thought of the panty liner, and of slipping a couple of spares in her bag. She wonderd what was happening to her, and tried to concentrate on the scenery slipping past the window.

Arriving at work, Sue went through the empty lunch room to the staff bathroom, where she hoisted up her pastel yellow dress and pulled down her pantyhose. She pulled her panties to her knees and unpeeled the thin pad from the crotch. It was soggy, and Sue didn’t even want to look at it as she folded it and tossed it into one of the receptacles in a cubicle. She wiped herself again and put in place another liner before pulling everything up again. The thought struck her that it was the adult equivalent of a diaper change.

The first person Sue met as she walked into the playroom was Sarah. The girl seemed to have been already staring at her through the big doors before she entered the room. She was standing naked but for her diaper in the centre of the room, with Davy as usual nearby. He was on the floor, playing with some plastic dinosaurs.

Sue met Sarah’s slightly unnerving stare, and stopped as the girl approached her. She had a strange smile on her face, and strode steadily towards Sue, then put her hands on her shoulders, inclined her head down and slightly sideways, and planted a kiss full on Sue’s surprised mouth. Sue felt an odd surge race through her body, ending with a spasm in her groin. Sarah stood back, still looking directly at Sarah, and laughed. Sue felt for a moment quite helpless and scared.

She heard another laugh, and saw Ellie approaching.

‘Don’t worry,’ Ellie said, noting Sue’s bewilderment. ‘She’s been odd all morning. She woke up dry this morning, first time ever. She didn’t even want her diaper. I had to smack her to let me put it on.’

Ellie stretched out her hand and felt the front of Sarah’s puffy diaper.

‘She’s still dry now,’ Ellie said, turning to Sue. ‘Good girl, Sarah,’ she added, giving the girl a warm smile. ‘All dry!’

Sarah seemed to revert to her usual childish self and sat down and began to join in Davy’s game with the dinosaurs.

Sue felt a wave of relief pass over her, and wondered what she had been frightened about. What a strange start to the day!

She had a few words with Ellie, then made her way to her desk. She knew before she got there what was happening. Behind the security of her desk, Sue widened her legs a little, and felt her thighs. Then she moved her hand to her crotch. Her pantyhose was wet on both her inner thighs, and her crotch was soaked. Shocked, Sue stood up and after a glance around, put a hand behind her. She could feel a damp patch on the back of her dress. She glanced up to see Sarah, sitting with Davy but giving her that same unnerving stare and steady smile.

Sue looked away and walked quickly to the bathroom.

What was wrong with her, she thought, realising that she had not gone to the staff washroom but into the children’s changing room. She heard Sarah’s silvery laugh outside and felt tears welling in her eyes as she quickly kicked off her white uniform shoes and stood in the centre of the bright, white room, helplessly wetting herself until the golden urine pooled around her stockinged feet and ran away towards the drain in the floor.

To be continued.

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I’m guessing your regressing Sue? Well I don’t like it. Even if its closer to reality then a full grown man regressing. So you stop that right now Ms. SallyKatt or maybe I’ll have to give You a spanking! >:(

Re: Davy’s Tale


Re: Davy’s Tale

Wholeheartedly DISAGREE i can’t think of a story where you regressed a female of hand. give it a go let’s see if you do as well as normal!

Re: Davy’s Tale

Now just behave, both of you - pins and ababy. Just sit quietly and let the nice lady finish her story.

And orderedchaos, I have regressed women. In my first story, ‘Sally and the Bottle’ and in one or two later ones at that time. I recall Meg in Meg and the Meteors soaking herself once or twice.

I’m not sure how good I am at it. Ironically, it seems like writing with my left hand. It’s true that I don’t really derive the same personal pleasure from regressing women as from making big strong men regress. Isn’t it a good thing there aren’t real magic wands, guys? ;D