Dante's Infanzia 2: Electric Bugaloo

The following is a free excerpt from my brand new story, Dante’s Infanzia 2: Electric Bugaloo. You can by the rest on padded-pencil.com. This is my first sequel, so please go easy on me. No negative comments, please. I only want to hear how awesome this story is.

Dante’s Infanzia 2: Electric Bugaloo


Dante- 18 years old. 5’11, light brown hair, blue eyes, size 36 waist size, size 12 shoes, and really really really likes music. He accidentally killd himself when he od’d on the day before his 18th b-day. Went to limbo where he found out that everyone is treated like a baby. He didn’t like it so he escaped to hell. But hell is hell so he’s being treated as a baby in a baby body now. He’s got a really nice personality.

Lysa: I don’t know how old she reely is but she looks 16. She died a long time ago and since you’re kinda stuck at the age you died in in limbo, even though you’re treated like a baby, she might as well be 16 (except for dante who is now in a baby body but he’s in hell right now). She’s about 5’8, and has blonde hair that she keeps in pig-tails (so cute) except when she’s tryingto look like a big girl. She’s about a b-cup but her diaper makes her padded butt look bigger. She wears pull-ups now tho cuz she got promoted to purgatory preschool. Oh yeah, and shes a teen mom with a real baby in limbo. Weerd. She has a tendency to make things up but she’s got a really nice personality.

Midori- Asian teenage chick. Has C-cup sized breasts but has the mind of a baby. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that limbo tends to make people think their babies. She’s really cute. She can’t talk no more and isn’t potty trained (lucky) but she’s got a really nice personality.

Mama Judy- The name of every angel in limbo whose job it is to treat people there like babies. They all look the same except for their clothes and hair color and styles. They’re all 5’9 and have c-cup breasts and are the perfect mommies to their little ones. Their experts in playtime and cuddling and changing diapers and bottle feeding and high-chair feeding and putting their precious little ones down for naps. They’re really good at their jobs. They named themselves after Saint Jude, whose their boss and runs the place but they do most of the day to day work of taking care of the big babies. They’re very strict about following the rules of limbo but they all got a really nice personality.

Mama Lucy- The angel that got knocked into hell by Dante. She changed her name to Lucy because now her boss is Lucifer cuz she’s working in hell. She looks like all the Judy’s but now she calls herself Lucy because now her boss is Lucifer cuz she’s working in hell. She’s 5’9 and has c-cup breasts and she wears nursery scrubs for her clothes and has brown hair that she keeps back in a pony tail, except sometimes she does a cool SnM bit (hot). She is the perfect mommy for her little one (Dante). She is an expert in playtime and cuddling and changing diapers and bottle feeding and high-chair feeding and putting her precious little one dante down for naps. But dante hates all this stuff and is really embarrassed by it so it’s still torture in hell. She’s really good at her job. She is very stict about following the rules of hell but she’s got a really nice personality.

St. Jude- He’s the st. of lost causes and runs limbo where everyone is treated like babies cuz otherwise they go to hell. He’s old looking cuz that’s what sants look like, and he’s about 5’10 with gray beard hair and bald. Really bald with a big santa clause beard and robe but he don’t have to look like that all the time cuz he’s a sant. He promoted lysa to purgatory preschool so she’s not in diapers no more (booo!) and runs limbo with a padded iron fist, but he’s got a realy nice personality.

Chapter 1

Dante woke up in his crib wearing a super thick disposable night-time diaper with insert it. “oh no” he thought “I’m in hell and I’m trapped as a baby this is so embarrassing!” he tried to say the same thing but he was in a baby body so all of it came out as “googoogaga”. How embarrassing! “How’s my baby dante doing?” asked mama Lucy as she came into the nursery wearing a maids outfit on and her breasts suddenly gorging to size double d. “googoogagaga” was all dante could say but he was thinking of naughty words as his pee-pee got hard. “time to change your diapey!” Mommy lucy said. She picked Dante up and placed him on the changing table and changed his diaper. She opend the diaper up and wiped his little pee-pee and sprinkled baby powder on his butt and private parts. Then she reached under the changing table and pulled out an old 1990’s style pampers diaper with the awesome plastic backing. She put the diaper on baby Dante. “now baby Dante is all nice and clean.” She said. “Googoogagaga” Dante said. This was so embarrassing! She then picked baby Dante up and held him to her now giant sized boobs her nipples were already gorging milk “time for numnums” Mama Lucy said as she shoved Dante’s face into her big titties. “Oh no!” Dante thought as he began to suck against his will and creamy breast milk filled his tummy “This is so embarrassing!” Then he was burped. Then ML took BD over to a chair and started bouncing him on her knee just like a real baby. “uh oh!” dante thought. Then dante pooped. “Uh oh!” ML said “you pooped Baby Dante”. This was the most embarrassing moment of dante’s entire life. ML took him over to the changing table. “I think its time for a change” she said. She then took off his baby blue onesie and and changed his diaper. This time she took off the 1990’s pampers diaper and put on three really thick cloth diapers and plastic green plastic pants and a green t-shirt . “Maybe if your good I will put you in a blue for boys Luvs next” she said.

Chapter 2
Dante was super embarrassed at all this. Hell was not a good place but Mommy Lucy or ML as he had started calling her in his head was really hot. Next she put him in a stroller and walked him around and around hell man was it hot? He sucked on a pacifier and cuddled with a bunny as every demon they walked by told him how cute he was. He didn’t want to be cute but he blushed and felt loved anyways.

Chapter 3
“looks like you wet your three cloth diapers and green plastic pants” ML said to BD when they got back to the nursery. Oh no he had wet without even realizing it this was so embarrassing! “Looks like you need a change” she said. “Since you were a good boy I’ll change you into the gender specific blue for boys luvs diapers” And she did then she put him over her knee. “hey what gives?” “it’s time for your spanking you still need to be punished” “but I didn’t do anything wrong” “I don’t care this is to show you how bad of a baby you are and if you keep wetting your diapers then you should be treated like a baby and babys get spankings.”. She then spank dante 666 times till dante was crying like the baby he was. This was the worst day of Dante’s life. He was so unhappy he hoped lysa would be okay without me and I cried myself to sleep.

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This is absolutely brilliant, PA. Far outstrips the original Infanzia by leaps and bounds.

The use of repetitive phrasing gives it a beautiful poetic flow, between the “a really nice personality” closing to the intro paragraphs and the constant appeals to Dante’s “embarrassment/embarrassing/embarrassed” state of mind.

Not to mention the spectacularly economical expositions in the second and third chapters. Truly epic storytelling here. This has inspired me to an overhaul of The Panda’s Ashes to a form more suitable for modern reading.

Re: Dante’s Infanzia 2: Electric Bugaloo

What an unbelievably and completely stunning tale told in uttermost perfection. This literary masterpiece have undoubtedly set a new standard for the Abdl genre. The other stories on this site are not worthy to stand alongside Personalias84’s chef-d’oeuvre, and I ask for all of them to be removed while locking the board for further topics so that we won’t waste more time reading inferior stories and see this one as the pinnacle of ABDL fiction.

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“I laughed, I cried, I fapped myself raw!” - Deeker

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Ah yes even ilustreus names such as deeker kno i am gr8 :slight_smile: u can reed the rest of the storys on padded-pencil.com and by a memberCHIP for the prise of 2 internets and a box of 1990’s style pampers diaper. no immitashions pleese. i hav proved that u can rwite a realy good story wif only one hand.

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(Sigh). Ok guys. Thanks for the laughs. Happy April Fools Day everyone.