Danny and Lauren 2

Danny and Lauren Chapter 2

For the next six hours they cuddled up in bed and slowly drifted off to sleep, Lauren was the first to fall asleep and Danny stared lovingly into her beautiful face, before closing his eyes and meeting the sweetest sleep he had in years.
Danny woke up, suddenly, surprised, but he couldn’t quite figure out why.
Lauren woke, quickly, shocked, she turned to Danny with horror on her face.
“Umm, did you a leak your uh, nappy last night”, asked Danny, cautiously, not wanting to upset Lauren, oh how he hated to see Lauren upset, but he had came to the realisation of what was wrong, the bed was wet, sticky and had the tell tale scent of urine.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking, I should have had you put a proper nappy on me, but I didn’t think you’d know how, and I’m not used to doing it by myself and now you’re wet, I’m so sorry, oh, and now you don’t have any clean clothes to go home in”, Lauren mumbled, faster then Danny had ever heard her talk before, he couldn’t stand to hear her this upset, this stressed. So he hugged her, just leant towards her, over the now soaking wet bed and hugged her.
“It’s okay, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, calm down my beautiful baby, there there.” He gently whispered into her delicate ear.
“But what about your clothes”, she said after a short pause
“Well when do your parents come home”, he asked.
“Not until next Thursday”, she replied
“Well I’ll go put this in the washer, and you go take a shower”, he said and began to strip naked, she did the same, with the exception of her wet pull up, which Danny could now see was completely yellow, and still dripping slightly.
Lauren looked over to Danny, who was looking at her nipples, which were pointy in the cold morning air, and looked down to see his penis erect, at a forty-five degree angle.
“Kiss me”, she begged, a beg which was quickly responded to, they pressed together and she felt Danny’s erection push against her soaking wet pull up, once again he groped her breasts, this time both of them as they shared a passionate French kiss, what Lauren did next took Danny by surprise, she knelt down, slowly slipped her tongue out of her mouth and began to make slow circles against Danny’s foreskin, then she opened her mouth wider and began to suck gently on Danny’s penis, his eyes rolled back, she began to get faster, faster, faster, his libido was going crazy by this point, and in his excitement he yelled something he couldn’t believe he could say to this beautiful creature,
“That’s it baby, suck your dummy, suck it for Daddy Danny, yes, yes, yes”, and then it was done, warm, sticky sperm was thrown to the back of Laurens mouth, her nipples now even more erect then before, this time not for the cold. She pulled her mouth away, but stuck out her tongue and proceeded to gently lick away at the excess sperm left on Danny’s penis.
“Yummy, tasty treat Daddy”, Lauren finally stated in baby talk, which Danny found very appealing.
Lauren was in the shower, she couldn’t believe her luck, not only had she found a guy who loved her, not just her boobs, but one that actually accepted her for who she was, even the nappies, she began to think while she showered and soon began stroking gently her vagina, taking special notice of her clitoris, which was growing large as she stroked, soon one of her fingers was inside of her, soon followed by another, she had only done this once before, but could not help but to do it again, she pushed her two fingers in deeper, and pulled them back a little, and in again, repeating this getting faster and faster as she went, all the while clenching one of her breasts as she went, grabbing it harder with every thrust, soon she was yelling, moaning.
“Mmmpppp ahhhh ohhhh mmmmmm”, she yelled in ecstasy.
Danny heard from downstairs, and had a feeling he was going to have a very interesting week.
Lauren was surprised to feel a trincle of urine flowing down her thigh, but quickly flicked it off and washed her leg again, thinking no more of it.
Once they were both showered and dried, Danny gave a “helping hand” to Lauren with the latter, making sure to be very thorough, caressing her beautiful breasts in particular.
“Need a hand with your nappy again”, offered Danny.
“Yeah sure but we wont…” she needn’t say anymore Danny got the idea. She lay down again and he went through the thorough ritual of oiling and powdering her sweet shaven genitals are backside, and slipping another pull up over her, Danny stood her up and playfully patted her behind, and once again they hugged, Danny still naked and Lauren just a pull up above that.
When their clothes came out of the washer/dryer Danny put his shirt and boxers back on, leaving his trousers, as it had turned out to be a rather hot day, Lauren picked out a sexy bra from her top drawer, and put on a white blouse with little frills on the edges, it suited her figure and defined her curves. They went to the lounge and stood next to each other and hugged each other, closely, lovingly, he took his left hand and cupped her left breast from the side, she smiled and kissed him, quickly on the lips, and he leant forwards and kissed her, slowly, passionately, and he felt the tickling prickling sensation of her tongue, twisting, massaging against his own, his right hand had now found its way to cupping her beautiful nappied bottom, suddenly without warning it got warm, and he knew that she had just wet herself, for most this would have been a shock, and a turn off, but not for Danny, he didn’t release his kiss, or the grip of either of his hands, then it happened, he felt the back of his seventeen year old girlfriends pull up push suddenly outwards, forcing his hand back a considerable distance, and putting obvious strain on Laurens pull up.
“Oh, my god, I can’t believe that just happened, I haven’t done that in months” she sobbed, angry and upset with herself; she thought that she was over this, and now this happens, at the worst possible time.
“Baby, don’t worry, I told you, I will always love you, no matter what, ok, you want a hand changing?”
“No, I’ll do it myself, but thanks anyway”, she said, still quite visibly upset.
She waddled off to the bathroom again slowly and carefully, with her pull up straining to hold the massive mound of soil, she had just created.
A good ten minutes later, Danny saw Lauren walking down the stairs, wearing a denim skirt and a much larger disposable nappy, with tapes which he could see, up her skirt as she walked slowly, sadly down the stairs.

More to come soon I hope