Dance of the Water Drakes Chapter 3

Chapter 3- The Prophecy is in Motion

In the hot summers of Charleston, South Carolina, a creature made entirely of water disguised as a human has risen up from the oceans to help a single woman, Debrah J. Alexander. Although his intentions are selfish, they are not without reason. That fateful encounter with this man aptly named Shawn, the most contemporary name he knew considering a member of the Tribunal was once a normal human who fought in a war in a country known as Vietnam.

Shawn, the real one that is, was actually left for dead in Vietnam, but only had a small leg wound in a thick part of the jungles. Even though he was a trained surgeon, working with materials covered in blood, dirt, and various other unsanitary items there was a high chance for infection as he removed the bullet. He was exceptionally lucky to not get infected after cleaning it as best he could, although he was rather close to starving to death as he traveled. He was getting by on the bare essentials, various fruits and other greenery around most of which he didn’t know were poisonous. This only made things worse for him. Probably about an hour or two before death from various poisons, starvation, and dehydration, four monks in Laos near the edge of Vietnam found him. They barely managed to save him, although in his current state, it was highly likely he would have preferred death.

They did not save him out of pity or heart though. Three of these monks were the original tribunal members, and they told him about the Tribunal and how they were four of the eight current members. The original three meaning the first three who found the fountain of miracles, and hid it from people until such time they may need it again. Much later in the seventeen hundreds, they decided that a Tribunal of nine would be more effective than three, and sought six other members, each of different time periods and backgrounds. Shawn was indicted the latest.

They gave him the waters of permanent health to grant him immortality, although this was not an informed decision as he was unconscious from the strain on his body. He was grateful for his restoration, but has his doubts that he would have wanted immortality. Many years later in the tribunal, in the discussion of the prophecy and the woman who has the near perfect genetic imprint, he seemed rather eager to help in this case, at least in the eyes of the water drake taking his name.

After the meeting was adjourned of who to send up to the surface, Shawn Kepner approached the war veteran water drake when all other members of the Tribunal went to their quarters. He whispered something in the ears of the water drake, and slipped something into the drakes claws before retreating to his own quarters.

Back to the present day, the water drake stares up at the window of Debrah J. Alexanders mumbling, “I have work to do I guess. Shawn, I hope you know what your doing by asking that of me.” After that, the water drake retreats into a small vent leading to the sewers. Although impure and quite sickening, the sewers seem to be the best place to remain incognito, especially since many of the pipes lead straight to her apartment.

After finding the most habitable spot nearby, he grabs his cell phone and makes a quick call. “Winston, it seems as if the husband is rather violent. How shall I deal with him if necessary?”

A voice on the phone replies “Do not kill him. Obey the laws set forth by the Americans, but if necessary, you may use force to drive him away from her. Terrorism works extremely well against the more ignorant Americans, you may be able to use that to your advantage by threatening him with an image of your true self.”

“Understood, I’ll contact you if anything else is required.” He says right before hanging up. “Hmm, humans are not aware of any other sentient beings other than themselves, although I’d rather not show my true self in front of Debrah, not yet anyways,” he mumbles to himself. He notices a sewer rat scurry across his foot probably trying to find food somewhere. He quickly snatches the rat by the tail and ponders as it squirms. “You may be of some help to me, I will give you food if you aid my endeavor.”

Oddly enough, the rat responds. “Hmph, food? That’s all ya got to offer? Believe me, with how much garbage humans send down the sewers every day, there are food gold mines all over the place,” it squeaked in a high pitched voice. “I’m gonna need somethin’ better. A stone from the essence of your body, war monger.”

“And what would a creature of earth want with that?” Shawn asks hesitantly.

“We need it to develop a spell to purify a section of the sewer waters here. We have plenty of food, but the water is undrinkable. Danalla sensed your presence, and asked all of us to seek you out. Did you think it was mere coincidence that I ran by you after you mumbled you needed help?”

Shawn places the rat on the sewer floors, and pulls out his vial, pouring another drop of that liquid out onto his hand. His skin sizzles and burns for a moment until a small circular stone fissions itself from his skin. After picking up the stone, he cracks it in half, placing one of the halves in his pocket. “Take this half to Danalla. Tell her she can have the other one when you finish your job. I’ll wait for you in this spot.”

“It’s a couple days of travel there and back, the sewers are a maze and not all of it is simple walking. So you’ll be waiting for a while, but this will do for now.” The rat squeaks, scurrying off with the coin.

“My power must be fading here being so far from the ocean. The rat should have been able to speak just by looking at me, but I actually had to pick him up and transfer some of my power into him just so he could speak. This may not bode well for me,” Shawn thinks to himself as the rat scurries off.

Elsewhere, two days later, Debrah prepares for work as she makes breakfast for everybody while ensuring Jeremy is ready for the bus for school. As she cooked she began to feel a bit nauseous just from the smell of bacon and eggs. This kind of nausea brought back memories of when Jeremy was conceived, which started to worry her. Sure enough, as she looks down at her breasts, they were slightly larger and heavier. She thinks to herself that this can’t be possible considering that she had sex two days ago for the first time in two months. If she was pregnant two months ago, she notes that she’d notice it by now, easily. However, this was clearly not the case. “Maybe this is something else,” she thinks to herself. “Maybe I just ate something bad yesterday and I’m a bit bloated or somethin’, and my breasts only look bigger. I just really hope it’s not what I think it is.”

After taking care of the dishes as her commanding and domineering husband demands her to, she grabs a sack and makes a lunch to put in it, and then heads off for the Deli again. “It’s gonna be a long day at work if I’m nauseous like this all day, god I hope Beckerman is in a good mood today.”

Back in the sewers, Shawn sits in the dank and damp sewer floors meditating as best he could considering the smell of the place and the sounds of things rattling in the distance. The rat sprints back to Shawn, looking up at him and squeaking trying to get his attention. Grabbing the rat, Shawn infuses it with another sample of his power to allow it to speak. “The proposition was agreeable with Danalla. I’ll help you with one task in return for the other half of the stone. Whaddya have in mind anyways?”

“Diplomacy,” Shawn exclaims. “Before I came here, I noticed that in the window next to my target, there was a small cage built by humans for creatures similar to you. I will disguise you as the same creature in that cage and keep safe the real one down here. I will also try and infuse you with the ability to speak for a longer period of time, and I need you to try and convince Debrah that I am not her enemy, and that her impregnation is no coincidence. Her husband may try to interfere with the birth, through something humans call an abortion. Do anything you can to get her to stand up for herself or him to leave her.”

“Are you insane? Nevermind the fact that you want me to actually talk to humans, what the hell makes you think they’ll trust me? What makes you think that they’d trust YOU for that matter?” The rat debates.

“Tell them Shawn sends his regards, and that he is alive despite what happened in Vietnam. They will trust you after that. Remember, you’ll be getting an eternity of pure water in return for your aid. I picked you because humans occasionally see small animals as gentle and even lovable creatures, and they might be far more willing to trust you if you appear to be their “pet” as they call it. Many humans consider pets a part of their family.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll see what I can do. By the way, do the other elemental factions know about this? You realize that giving birth to a god could be considered an act of war against the Tyrants of the Sun and Sky?”

“Hmph, they may be our enemies, but they know well of the prophecy and would not dare defy the teachings of the gods by interfering. Just remember whose side your on earth elemental. Get to work, you’ll get your stone once the task is completed.”

Dance of the Water Drakes Chapter 3

Anybody? Like it, hate it? Just a note, the main reason I post stories here is to improve myself based on others critique. Now I’m not whining, if no one is genuinely interested in this story or for that matter anything I might write (I usually go for fantasy based stories anyways), then I won’t write here. So again, if no one gives a shit, I won’t write on this forum, and that’s not me complaining, it’s me asking if I should bother; I don’t care either way.

Dance of the Water Drakes Chapter 3

I really like this story. I am eager to see where it leads to.

I hope that you continue on with it.

It would be sad to see a story with so much potential abandoned.

Dance of the Water Drakes Chapter 3

I wouldn’t abandon it, I’d just post it on a different forum as a Non-ABDL story. That’s why I’m only 75% sure it’s even gonna be an ABDL story.