Dad's Pads (full story)

by Topsy Turvy

Thomas was a 37-year-old man who had raised his son by himself for more than ten years. Now 18, Dan was an athletic young man who was sometimes a challenge to live with. Dan was energetic, impulsive, and rambunctious. He was also taller and more muscular than his dad. Thomas himself had played football in high school, but he now managed to stay just active enough to maintain his weight. He was a busy man, managing a business he ran from home and trying to keep up with his son. All the stress in his life had caused him to have anxiety, which was taking its toll on him. He sometimes had panic attacks, and, perhaps more embarrassingly, he suffered from incontinence.

It had developed in the last couple of years and progressed to the point that Thomas now had to wear guards in his underwear to keep his pants dry. His leaks were unpredictable in both frequency and severity. So far, none of them had been so bad that his guard couldn’t absorb it, but he was afraid of his condition worsening and his leaks growing beyond the pads’ capacity. Thomas was embarrassed by his incontinence and sometimes worried about people finding out. He always hid them in their package in his bathroom and carried a couple of spares in a backpack whenever he went out just in case he needed to change. The threat of exposure loomed over him constantly, but through careful management, he’d managed to avoid that.

Then one day, Dan came home from playing football with his friends and found Thomas tidying up the living room. Dan walked in just as Thomas was standing up after straightening some things on a low shelf, and, still in a playful mood, the young man grabbed his dad’s shoulders and started grappling with him. He loved to wrestle, and the two of them had a long history of wrestling together, although Thomas had avoided it more and more over the last two years. But on this day, Dan caught him off guard and wouldn’t be dissuaded. As his son tripped him onto his back, Thomas felt a burst of warmth in his crotch and hoped his already-wet guard could take it. Dan was on top of him, pinning him to the floor, and he was struggling to get loose. They grappled for a minute or so before Thomas finally broke the hold, and as he did, he felt his shorts ride down, exposing the top of his briefs. He immediately reached down to pull them back up, but Dan caught his wrist in an attempt to re-pin him, planting his foot on the leg of Thomas’s shorts. The sudden thrust of Dan’s lunge pushed Thomas backwards and his shorts down his thighs, fully exposing his underwear. Thomas frantically fought to get free again, feeling more pee trickle out in the process, but Dan had the leverage and pinned him for the count. At the count of ten, Dan jumped up, cheering his victory. As soon as he was free, Thomas reached down to pull his shorts back up, and Dan noticed his dad’s hurry. He looked down just as the shorts slid up his dad’s thighs and, believing he’d seen something unusual, quickly reached out and yanked them back down. The bulk in Thomas’s briefs was unmistakable. “What the fuck?! Is that-- Are you wearing a maxi pad?!” Blushing in embarrassment, Thomas blurted out, “Of course not! It’s a male guard.” Dan grinned with the realization, and he said, “You mean a pee pad. My dad wears pee pads?!” He laughed at the idea, and Thomas took the opportunity to tug his shorts up again. “No, wait, lemme see,” Dan said, tugging them back down. “That’s, like, the funniest fucking thing I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe you piss your pants! Hey, is it wet? Did baby go pee-pee in his sissy maxi pad? I bet you did, didn’t you?” Thomas only blushed even harder in response, which made Dan laugh even more. Thomas stood up, pulling his shorts on in the process, and Dan yanked them down again, this time along with his briefs, saying, “Come on, let’s see that thing.” They both looked down, and there was Thomas’s guard, soaked and yellowed with pee. “Holy shit, you really did wet it! Damn, Dad, you need to go change it or something!” Thomas, at a loss for words the entire time, finally managed to say “I think I’ll go do that.” Dan roared with laugher as he tugged his pants back up and walked off.

With his secret out, Thomas’s worst fear was realized. Dan stopped listening to him and lost all respect for him. Any time Thomas told him to do something, Dan would scoff and say something like, “Oh, does the little sissy think she can still boss me around? You can’t even keep your pants dry, little girl!” When Thomas persisted, Dan grabbed his crotch, cupping his guard through his pants to remind him of his weakness. It worked, and Thomas backed down. He’d been shamed into submission, which made him feel even more ashamed. He knew this was a turning point in his relationship with his son.

Dan certainly wasted no time. He thought his dad’s incontinence was hilarious, a mark of a weak man, and Thomas’s solution even more so, a feminine, girly thing to do. He immediately began occasionally asking Thomas, “How’s your maxi pad, sissy? Do you need to go change it?” He would blush every time but especially when his guard was wet. Thomas usually waited as long as he could to change it for reasons of convenience and frugality. After all, the whole idea of wearing them was that he didn’t have to constantly change his pants. He tried to argue and correct his son that they were male guards, not maxi pads, but Dan refused to listen. Every morning, he would stumble sleepily into the kitchen and smirk, “How’s your maxi pad this morning, sissy?” At night, he would say, “Don’t forget to change your maxi pad before you go beddy-bye so you don’t pee-pee on your sheets!” That was actually not bad advice because Thomas’s guard had leaked a few times during the night, something he’d noticed was happening more often lately.

Before long, Dan got even more interested in his dad’s incontinence. He began to check the package of guards Thomas kept in his bathroom to see how many were in there and keep track of how many he was using throughout the day. When Dan realized that he was consistently going through at least three a day, he said, “Damn, Dad, you really DO have a problem! What, are you pee-peeing in your pants, like, constantly?” Thomas weakly argued that it was none of Dan’s business, but his son fired back, “It is when you might wet on the furniture!” The next day, he caught Thomas by surprise, pantsing him in the kitchen and saying, “Let’s see what we have here! Hmm, no leaks yet.” Dan then tugged on Thomas’s waistband and peered down at the guard. “Just a little wet. You can wait a while before you need to change it.” Thomas was humiliated at the experience of having his son check his guard like he was a little kid, but he found himself unable to protest. Dan’s constant shaming had worn him down, eroding his confidence, and he no longer had the nerve to resist his treatment. Random checks like that one immediately became the norm, Dan announcing “Pants check” or saying “Let me check your maxi pad” when he and Thomas were at home. It became rare that he changed his guard without Dan first telling him to do so.

He wasn’t sure if it was the stress of being constantly humiliated and having his privacy invaded, but Thomas soon saw his incontinence grow worse. He started wetting more often and more at a time when he did wet, causing him to go through more guards during the day. He also began to leak more overnight. Dan noticed and increased the pants checks and told his dad to “go use the potty” more often. It was interfering with his business as he took more breaks from work to either use the bathroom or change his guard. He started to feel like his whole life revolved around his incontinence. As if things weren’t already bad enough, Thomas’s guards started to leak into his pants during the day, Dan discovering the first leak during a random pad check in the afternoon. Wet spots started showing up on his pants from time to time, and he would have to change everything: guard, underwear, and pants.

It wasn’t long after that when the doorbell rang one day. Dan answered it and walked back into the house carrying a rather large cardboard box. Thomas asked what was in it, and Dan said, “Don’t worry about it right now.” He walked away and was gone for several minutes as Thomas turned his attention back to his work on the computer. He walked back into his dad’s office and said, “Okay, sissy, let’s get that soggy maxi pad off you.” Blushing, Thomas turned around, saying, “Get it off me? Do you mean–” He was going to ask “Do you mean you’re going to change it for me?” But he stopped once he’d spun around in his chair. He already knew the answer because there in the doorway was his son holding a large disposable diaper. Dan grinned, “Maxi pads aren’t enough anymore, so I’m gonna have to put you back in diapers to keep you dry.” Shocked, embarrassed, and scared, Thomas was now to meek to put up any kind of real fight. Instead, he found himself begging, “No, please, please don’t! I don’t want to wear diapers!” Dan just shook his head, “Too bad 'cause you don’t get a say in this. Now, come on in here.” Sadly, slowly, Thomas stood from his chair and followed his son out to the living room, where he was made to lie on the carpet while Dan unfolded the pink and purple diaper. “I got you these because I know how you like girlie things, and this way, you can keep being a little sissy,” Dan said. He unfastened Thomas’s jeans and pulled them down, followed by his briefs. He inspected Thomas’s guard, and it was soaked as usual. Dan just smirked and shook his head before lifting his dad’s ass off the floor by his legs with little effort and sliding the diaper under him. He then sprinkled on some powder and taped it shut. Tossing Thomas’s pants aside, he said, “Okay, now get back to work. You should be more productive now that you won’t need bathroom breaks anymore. Daddy will check your diadee in a little while.” He swatted his padded ass as he turned to go back to his office, and all Thomas could do was blush furiously. He’d already felt like a little kid, having his pants checked for accidents all the time, and now, he felt like the baby he was being treated as. That feeling only grew several minutes later as he realized he was already wetting his diaper.

Thomas effectively became a baby that day, and his son became his daddy. Dan started staying home a lot more so he could check and change his big sissy baby’s diapers. He’d been right about Thomas’s productivity, though, as his business became much more profitable after that. Unfortunately, his incontinence continued to get worse. His wetting became so frequent that he stopped noticing when it happened. But the worst part was that after he’d been in diapers for a few months, he stopped noticing when he had to poop in time to have Dan take him to the potty. The first time he messed his diaper, he actually cried as he laid on his new changing table and stared up at his son cleaning him up. Dirty diapers soon became a daily reality for him, and the potty became a distant memory. So did his adulthood as he got used to his son calling him Tommy and treating him like an infant.

The End

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