Daddy Loves me?

:dizzy: Joey

Lifting my feet, my head swarmed with thoughts. Fired, unemployed, kicked out and living with my parents who already want me out the house. My life is down the hill, and nothing is working in my life anymore. My little sister who’s about seven years old likes to come in my room and cuddle me, we share many stories, whenever I leave she gets upset and whines, my parents have to distract her a lot. She’s the person who I care about as well, helping her and taking care of her. She’s my little sister. Yawning, I got out of bed, and put on some regular casual clothing not wearing anything fancy or too revealing. But dealing with a shirt and some shorts showing my legs. Putting on socks, I rushed outside my room and head downstairs seeing my mother and father speaking to each-other, then they look to me.

“You really need to find a job and get a house by your own. You aren’t staying here forever,” My father said annoyed, “If not, I am sending you to your aunts and cousins house.” A frown hit me, not them… They bullied me when I was younger, they pushed me around, and left me alone locking me in a closet room for two hours without food. But I haven’t seen them in so long because I declined to go over there for a while.

My stutter was noticeable, “N-No Dad. you wouldn’t… you know I hate being there. I am trying my best.” I look at them hurt, but my mother didn’t care except groan.

“Stop that nonsense, now you better make it quick.” He hissed before I walked off into the bathroom and wanting to cry. My stress was over the roof. I looked at myself in the mirror and frowned deeply, my parents are strict and mean, they were never nice. They got mad at me when I was twelve because I couldn’t pay their bill and told me just because I am a child doesn’t mean a thing. So she forced me, to clean the entire house while she watched television, and told me to do every single bill line up teaching me how too, I hated it. I wanted my child-hood and I never got that growing up.

Silently I walked out to see my parents talking about me.

“We made a decision, your mother cannot wait… So someone very special is going to pick you up. Now grab the stuff you need and wait outside the door.” My father hissed.

“W-What…?” I stutter but my father and my mother never seem to care, my little sister watched from the hallway frowning. She ran over and hugged me tightly, I rub her back.

“P-Please don’t go.” She looked up stuttering with tears.

My little sister… I hugged her for the last time, and sighed.

“I will be back someday.” I mumbled and headed outside the door, I have nothing here I need, I put my phone in my pocket and shut the door behind me feeling the cold air hit my skin, waiting I sit on the step. Who is picking me up?

Worry overfilled me.

I lift my knees and hid my face in my legs wanting to cry everything out, but I held my sadness in, trying not to cry more. Hearing the door open behind me.

“Just stay out there pathetic bitch.” Mom threatened, and walked back in and slammed the door shut. What did I do wrong? I never did anything to them and they are so fucking mean towards me and abusive.

A little while, I heard a car pull up. Looking up, it’s my aunt. My aunt Lena. My heart sunk, oh no… I frowned as lifting myself walking over and getting in the back of the car and relaxing.

“I am sorry your parents did this to you. Your mother is just a bit… tensed up these past of days.” My aunt says calmly as if nothing happened.

“You mean years?” I asked sadly.

She stayed quiet and just drove off, of course she stays quiet. She knows what I’ve been through with them and never even helped me, a sigh escaped my lips as I relax my head back.

“Love, I am sorry. I wish I could’ve helped you back then but I was stuck with your cousins.” She told me as I sighed, yeah, my mean cousins. They are older than me though, in their 40’s and some near 50’s. I am just thirty years old.

Silence passed and she’s been driving for about an hour. She’s far away from my parents house, as I took a small mini nap…


:dizzy: Joey

Waking up, my aunt parked in the drive-way as she got out the car and opened the back car door, my eyes were open already as I stretched and got out the vehicle groaning tiredly. She helped me out and slammed the car door shut behind me, and helped me up the concrete steps and to the front door of her two story house. She opened the front door and I trailed in sighing hearing some chatter coming from the living room, the familiar voices rang to me, making my eyes glance side to side nervously. My aunt went off into the kitchen as I walked slowly to the living room seeing my three cousins, Kyle, Tomson, Lana. My cousins… I frowned and tried walking back but a manly cough was behind me, my eyes widen as I turned to them, and see the main one… Kyle. He looked at me with stern, dominance, but fatherly but with fierce.

“So, So, So… Joey. You are finally back here with us, or should say, with me…” He says while Tomson looks up snickering with Lana. Kyle is worse out of all of them, he just has this horrible bond with me, he hates me for some reason and picks on me, but never explains the reason why.

“Kyle please, it’s been years. Haven’t you moved on from. . being rude towards me?” I asked trying to stand up for myself. Lana looked shocked but Tomson wasn’t impressed. Kyle stood there and laughed strongly but coldly, walking away I head upstairs and hummed to myself ignoring their nonsense talks. Finally I walked inside a room, with my name on the door, which is on a hanging cardboard, and saw my room still the same as years ago when I was a child. Rolling my eyes I plopped on the bed and looked outside the window seeing the pool was clear and perfect to swim in still.

Turning away I see Kyle at the door, I jumped and looked frightened but more annoyed.

“You did not walk away from me? You know that’s selfish and rude, I was speaking to yo–” As he was saying that I just sat on my bed and hummed loudly not caring. Looking outside the window avoiding his presence, but I can feel the anger heating off of him, looking like he has had enough of me. Good, I want him to leave me the fuck alone for once.

Silence came about, and I stayed like this, but instead he glared at me as I look back at him wanting him to leave.

“Can you leave my room?” All I asked, before he sighed and walked out slamming my door shut. Finally, I take a deep breath and looked outside the window more seeing the beautiful sky. The dark sky glimmering with the white pearled stars. My favorite thing to look at whenever I am frightened or having bad anxiety.

Then my aunt paced into my room, “Time for supper. Get downstairs and eat.” then she ran out after hearing her strict anger tone. Getting up I walked out and down the stairs hearing some laughing as I went to the dining room and sat down seeing Kyle, Lana and then Tomson. They ate and chattered, I sat down and ate slowly as my Aunt Lena was eating and smiling seeing all of us, I hate eating dinner with my cousins, it’s the worse thing ever. Surprised they haven’t even moved out.

“Lana I heard your moving out tomorrow, why don’t you tell Joey about it,” Lena talked loudly making them quiet as Lana made a disgust expression on her face, “Moving to New York city and finally getting your own fifty five thousand dollar house, huh?” a frown appeared on my face, not the bragging.

She snickered, “Oh of course. Well, Joey. . something you can never afford,” She laughed as Tomson laughed as well except for Kyle who was distracted on his phone, “This house has every beautiful marble floor, a spiral staircase and everything you could imagine, a hot tub in the back and a big garage with a Chevy the car in it. Besides that, it has also a indoor pool just incase. I own a big land on it with a pond in the back with a waterfall that’s mini and I am near the city as well,” She bragged and smirked, “You’ll probably be homeless soon. You can’t be like me.” A smirk went across her face, but I just sat and ate.

After dinner, I was in my room and took my dirty old shoes off, and laid down sighing silently to myself. I slowly drifted off to sleep sadly.


:dizzy: Joey

It was morning and I was sitting down on the couch watching cartoons, as Kyle came down with Tomson laughing and bitching about something as Lena was in the kitchen doing something that I can barely see. I giggled at the cartoons like a child as Kyle and Tomson looked at me, and laughed louder at me, as I groaned but blushed instead.

“Awww wittle wittle baby…” Kyle mocked and laughed as Tomson left and walked off but leaving me and Kyle alone together. Sitting here, I watched cartoons avoiding Kyle’s presence hoping for him to walk away and not even speak to me. He sat beside me, and spread his legs lazily and looked at me, as I payed more attention to the cartoons more than him. Until I heard his small growls that are easily to be heard next to me, I flinched as I look at him,

“What are you doing?” I asked as he turned to me and smiled.


I rolled my eyes. His dumb lies once again, he knows what he’s doing. He wrapped his arms around me and pretended to yawn as my eyes widen widely. I blushed easily before I push him away, he lifts me onto his lap and kissed my neck nipping as hurryingly I got off and looked at him.

“Kyle! we are cousins! don’t touch me like t-that!” I yelled but stuttered, damnit me.

He chuckled before getting up and walked off, I blushed hardly but somehow I liked that. Was he joking with me? He never done that before, he’s acting strange. . He must be playing me and trying to prank me with something, I am not falling for his lies.

:sparkles: Kyle

Tomson looked at me as we headed out near the back area near the big pool in the back with many memories of me, Joey and Tomson and Lana but Lana moved away at six AM in the morning. He looked at me and grinned.

“So you and your little crush with Joey. You should tell him.” Tomson told me, as I sighed. Daddy instincts get to me easily, I hate being rude to him but Tomson’s idea when we were about seven years old. He told me it’s obvious I’ll like him the easier way but it’s not getting in Joey’s head and it seems false. Now. . Joey is upset with me and doesn’t like me around him, a feeling like Tomson is trying to push me away from him it seems like.

I sighed, “Maybe but he hates me now Tomson, because of your idea.” I said angrily but tired. He looked at me but did a big sigh as he knew what he did was wrong.

“Wasn’t trying too. Learned that information by someone in the family.” He said before Lena came outside and ate a hot-dog and smiled holding a plate of hot-dogs.

“Take one you both.” She said.

Tomson took one but I denied and walked back inside not seeing Joey. I frowned, and walked upstairs figuring he’s upstairs upset. I walked into his room and seeing him on his bed writing in his note-book.

“Joey…?” I questioned as he lifts his head and looks at me with his sweet sparkly eyes.

He looked back down and continued writing ignoring me completely.

I deserve the silent treatment after treating him like shit.

“Look, I wanted to come talk with you important-” I was gonna say… before he interrupts me,

“To bully me more? to prank me? to lie to me? what else more do I need from you?” He asked lifting his head shotting me with his eyes of hurt but annoyance.

My heart was shaking, but I had to keep my strength except for losing it.

“No Joey. I promise that’s not going to happen baby.” I said admitting before he looks in shock, he blushed and turned away.

“K-Kyle… were cousins. We can’t do this.” He says to me, just because were cousins doesn’t mean anything.

:dizzy: Joey

He called me baby.

He. Called. Me. Baby!

How is this possible?

Why did my body twitch?

why did my heart… like that?

my stomach is full of butterflies.

“Oh we can. It’s not like were brothers and sisters. Trust me.” He pleases with the eyes of love. He sat close to me, and pulled me in his arms but somehow I felt safe in his arms and stayed. He held onto me and kissed my head.

“I-I trust y-you.” I stutter nervously with fear. But hoping he doesn’t trick me and hurt me, I know him very well. He tricks and pranks easily. .

He smiled widely but lovingly, I look down shyly and sighed.

How is this possible?


:dizzy: Joey

As I sat out in the back with my swimming bottoms on only, I hopped in the pool slowly but not that slow, feeling the water surround me, Kyle and Tomson were chatting and sitting down while the sun beamed through, as my aunt made some stuff on the grill. I swam around and grabbed a floatie and hung onto as Kyle eyed me, I can’t believe he tried flirting with me earlier, but hopefully this isn’t a joke. We haven’t spoke much after that but I stayed my distance unless something happens. I swam and enjoyed the water, as I seen my aunt pass out some food and smile at me, Tomson has left me alone for some reason. Ever since Lana left everything has changed really. Maybe she was the problem.

Resting for a bit, Kyle looked and walked over and puts his feet in the water, and watched me. For some reason I swam over and looked at him, and enough my little-space kicked in.

I am a little. It helps me, because I never had a child-hood. So I act like a baby.

“Kyllee! join waters wit me?” My voice was like a baby. Kyle looked down confused but he smiled widely with the confuse expression fading. Kyle lifted me and brought me to his lap, while I snuggled close to his chest… feeling safe.

A blush appeared on my face, when he pat my butt and chuckled, he kissed my forehead, seeing my aunt and Tomson seeing.

“Oh alright baby boy. But I am gonna hold you and make sure you can swim so you don’t drown.” His voice seemed fatherly as he took off his shirt revealing his skin, his muscles showed through. My eyes widen, a blush easily could be seen on my cheeks. Kyle got in but held me close, and lifted my arms and I can see Tomson and Lena chatting while watching us. My flushed cheeks were noticeable.

Kyle held me still and hummed in my ear while swimming around slowly.

“Da-Kyle what are you d-doing?” I stuttered while putting my head down, seeing the clear light blue water.

He chuckled louder, “Oh baby. Making sure that you don’t drown, baby doesn’t need to drown. Daddy will be upset.” His voice strengthened. I squeaked and hid my face in the crook of his neck embarrassed, my other cousin and aunt could hear us easily and even see. He held me close and rubbed my arm, but I felt safe and wanted to stay in his arms forever.

“D-Daddy…?” I admit, he stops and looks at me, “A-Are you going to make fun of me” Fear overcomes me, his smile faded and he sighed loudly.

“No baby boy. Never, I wanted to talk to you about that,” He says as he carries me out the pool as he sits me down on the chair with a towel around me, he was in front of me, “Tomson had this idea a long time ago. . that if I was mean to you, you would know I liked you. He got the example from someone, ‘You know when someone’s mean to you, you like them’ so I believed him but instead made you feel more worse. I have liked you growing up but instead made it worse. Lana and Tomson were just there to make it look believable. But I will never prank or do any of that on you again because I… Love you and Daddy will take good care of you.” His sweet voice melted in my ears.

A huge smile was on my face, I wrap my arms around you and smiled widely.

“Daddy… that sweet of ywous.” I replied in my baby tone, I was in my little-space.

He smiled happily but lovingly,

“Lets go in and change you,” He tells me, “there’s a room I want to show you importantly. Your own very room I have planned with your Auntie. I decorated and built the furniture, and she even got you some prizes, toys.”

I giggled happily as I put my hands out, grabby sign. He immediately picked me up and put me on his hip. He took me inside after drying ourselves, and took me upstairs. I was shivering from the cold but I didn’t mind, as long as he’s holding onto me.

He took me down the hallway and then into the blue door, that was always locked. He unlocked it and he walked in.

A nursery.

A beautiful decorated nursery for a baby. I can see there’s a white cozy crib in the middle with two windows on the walls each side with light blue curtains, and one side of the wall has some animals on it with a light but darkish blue on it, it was beautiful. Near the crib there was a toy box full of toys and such, and then at the end a changing table. Turning there was a huge rug on the floor for babies, designed with patterns and animals, then a nursing chair in the corner comfortable and pretty. With a foot stool at the end of it, on the side a mirror and storage, it was humongous and pretty. I see my name written with blocks on the wall as I smile, he did this just for me?

I see many diapers below the changing table, and then hampers and a trash on the side. He did this just for me? thoughts blew my mind. As I see, there was a small nightlight plugged into the wall, it was a yellow moon. Then a baby mobile on top of the crib which was the moon and the stars. He knows I love looking at the sky, wow… The corner of a crib, shows a baby monitor. So he can hear and make sure I am asleep. Pretty sure you can see me as well.

“Daddy! I wuv’s it!” I yelled smiling widely as he chuckles and sets me on the changing table and undresses me carefully. He tosses off my big boy clothes, and then my big boy boxers. Leaving them in the hamper. The straw beautiful hamper design.

“I am glad baby boy. Let’s make sure to put you in the right clothing and make sure to put a diaper on you so you don’t make any accidents in your pants,” He says while wiping my butt and my private parts with baby wipes, after he grabs some lotion and rubs on me and makes sure it’s all there and nicely done, and then he lifts me and puts a diaper on me and slides the tabs and taping the sides, and then lifts me up seeing me shirtless and with only a diaper on with no pants, “Ah there’s my baby boy. Oh look how adorable you are!” I giggled and put my head against his neck, hiding my face. Then I see my aunt walk in and smile hugely.

She seemed pretty happy and not mad about this.

“Now you are here in a loving home sweetie, your daddy is going to love you and your parents aren’t ever going to bother you again,” She tells me, as he nods agreeing, “I knew the whole time, I knew he liked you but you didn’t seem to get it. Now your gonna be happier and taken good care of. You need a better child-hood baby.”

I nod and stay close to daddy and snuggle close. He grabs one of the stuff animals on the shelf handing it to me, It was a blue dinosaur with wings and cute eyes, I cuddled close and smelled, smelling daddy’s scent.

“Smwels like you daddy.” I told him and he smiled,

“Well I made sure it did smell like me, so whenever you miss me. You can cuddle it and smell me whenever you miss me when I am away.” He tells me, I smiled widely.

Is this how my life is going to be?


:dizzy: Joey

Later on during the day. . Daddy was downstairs speaking to my aunt, as I sat on the floor near his feet and looked giggling as I hug his leg and hang on. He looked down and pat my head as I smiled widely. I cuddled the dragon close to my chest too, and seen Tomson on his phone on the other couch laughing loud. He is a big talker, and laugher. You’ll never miss his voice a mile away from a distance. He lifted me on his lap and held me close and cradled me and then bounced me as a smile was on my face, why do I like this? My aunt came over and smiled dearly.

“How adorable you guys are, put him in the baby bouncer and do your job offering work Kyle.” My aunt hissed before walking away. He seemed more annoyed at her. He lifted me and put me in the bouncer, Tomson looked while I frowned.

“Daddy has to do some important papers, stay here and bounce while he gets some things done.” He tells me as he walks off. It was just me and Tomson, alone in the living room together. My trust issues always go down for him.

** , ***

:dizzy: Joey

Laying in my crib, I heard my diaper crinkle as it was wet and had shit inside of it, I whimpered hating the feeling as my whimpers turned into big sobs. It was four AM in the morning and I don’t need a rash. Rashes hurt badly. Kyle paces in and looks at me, he looks tired as he turns on the light as I did grabby hands and cried louder, he looks at me and cradles me trying to calm me down.

“What’s wrong baby boy?” He looks as he sniffs and did a disgust face, “Oh someone did a stinky that’s why. Don’t worry daddy will change you.” He put me to the changing table and undid my diaper and threw it out while grabbing wipes and cleaning me up. Then he put a new diaper on me, the same diaper routine, and carried me back to my crib putting me down, as I laid down and he tucked me in, “Goodnight baby boy. See you in the morning.”

Before then, I fell asleep.


Waking up, I heard crying from Joey’s room. He’s crying again? I get up and walk to his room seeing him cry there and gripping the bars, I check the time to see it’s ten thirty. Oh shit, the poor thing hasn’t ate anything. I hurried and lifting him, he quickly hung onto me clinging to me as he stopped crying and I can hear him sniffle.

“Oh baby… did you make a messy?” I asked, but he shook his head. I took him downstairs and saw Lena and Tomson chatting. I hurried and sat him down and opened the fridge grabbing a milk bottle and hurried to Joey and put the bottle of the nipple putting it in his mouth as he gripped it and sucked.

“What happened? what’s with the rush?” Tomson asked.

I sighed, “Slept in late. Forgot to feed my baby boy.” I said feeling guilty. Lena turned and sighed seeing Joey sucking the bottle fast and quick. Chugging it down, “Be careful baby boy. You can choke.”

He looked at me mostly and sucked slower as he didn’t let go of it. He was really hungry, poor thing.

“Having a little is hard to take care of mostly really. Are you sure you can be responsible for him?” She asked me.

“Yes. I want him and I am responsible.” I told her with a strict tone, he’s mine. I will NEVER let him go.

Joey let go of the bottle and did grabby hands at me once again, as I pick him up and he hid his face to the crook of my neck, Lena awed seeing.

“Dada… cuddles.” He told me, as I held him closely. I smiled and kissed his cheek. He’s smaller than me, he’s easy to carry and everything.

After a bit, I took him outside and saw the pool.

“Daddy put me downs!” He asked giggling as I did,

“Be careful. Do not fall in the pool and do not go near it!” I told him as he nods. I put him down as he waddled around giggling and grabbing the pool ball playing with it and bouncing it around.

I walked over and sat on one of the chairs minding my business.

:dizzy: Joey

As I was playing with the ball floatie, I forgot how I was close to the pool and fell in the water. I screamed and cried, lifting myself seeing my daddy run over and risk going into the pool as I cried and he grabbed me and got out the pool, I clung onto him and cried deeply.

“What did I say not to go near the pool!” He yelled, he wasn’t happy. I shivered, it was freezing.

“I sowwy! I didn’t… look clowwwwsseee” I cried and sobbed as he rubbed my shoulder and took me inside, my diaper was soaked, as he took it off me, showing my butt as I kept my privates hidden close to him.

I whimpered.


:dizzy: Joey

After that incident, I was warmed up on the couch with a binkie in my mouth, watching cartoons. Tomson lifted his head and turned seeing Lena smile. Kyle was chattering to them as well, but kept watching me too to make sure I am okay and not doing anything. I sucked the binkie and curled up with the dragon that smells just like daddy. I never had this before, not this type of love. My parents never seemed to care about me. They hated me and abused me all of my life but finally having this love, by my own cousin makes me happy.

“Thanks Lena, I am going to take my baby on a trip. See you guys when I am back.” he tells them loudly making me curious, trip?

He walked over to me and picked me up as I clung onto him with my blankie and still a binkie in my mouth, as I hung onto my dragon as well.

“I have everything packed up. I am going to put you in the car while I grab the suit-cases okay baby?” He tells me, I just nod and he takes me outside and opening the back of the door of the car, and puts me in the booster seat, strapping me in and smiling kissing my forehead as I hung onto the blankie and dragon, sucking the binkie.

He shut the car door and walked back inside the house, seeing Lena watch me from the door and Tomson walking away.

Then the feeling came. I miss Daddy. Looking outside the window, I didn’t see him. I frowned deeply while seeing the binkie fall out my mouth, I cried a little and put the blankie beside me and the dragon, putting my hand on the window seeing Lena watch.

She looked back like she was talking, as I kick the back of the seat in front and sobbed wanting Daddy, then he walks out holding some of the bags and went to the back of the car opening the trunk putting the bags in.

“Hang on baby. Daddy’s right here,” He says sweetly and closed the trunk door heading to my door opening it and seeing me, “What’s going on baby?” he saw my binkie on my lap as I nuzzled close to him, he smiled.

“Daddy… you… want you.” I tell him as he kisses my nose.

“I am right here, I am going to be in the front. Okay baby?” He tells me and puts the binkie back in my mouth, as I suck and look at him. He puts the blankie over me and puts the dragon in my hands and closed the door and got in the front, and started the car. He put the bottle of milk in the cup holder.

I made baby noises and looked outside.

Lena waved to us and smiled, I held my dragon and waved giggling back as she smiled, as he went backwards and then drove away. I put my arms down and calmly rested my head back. Here we go, I have no clue where we are going but I am curious.

I laid here, and sucked the binkie as he was driving.

“I can’t wait to take so many photos of you, and can’t wait to see your cute giggles and you having so much fun!” He says excitedly. I giggled as he smiles seeing him through the mirror on the top.

Then I closed my eyes to take a nap, everything felt okay.


To be continued…

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