Daddy and Leelee femal abdl story

I am posting this in the completed section since this part of the story is complete and can be read as a story by itself. However I am still working on parts one and two. They give more background to the characters as adults, but are not essential to be known in order to enjoy this part alone.

I am currently complaining to Literotics since they heavily criticised my story. They said it was full of spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. They also said the content made it inadmissible. Since they feature stories of incest and rape, and rely on disclaimers stating it is fantasy, I do not see why age play is any different.

I am not a professional writer, however, I do not think that my story is poor in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar. I have seen FAR worse stories posted and accepted. This has not been edited in anyway shape or form since submitting to Literotica. I think I have experienced prejudice if I am honest. I have emailed them and told them I think they are discriminating against a whole fetish. It would be nice if I could make them see that it’s no different. I really did expect better if them!

Please, if anyone can see why they said it was so bad in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar could they please contact me? I am at a loss as to why they think it is such poor writing??

I would welcome ANY feedback whatsoever on the story. This is the first ‘erotic’ story I have ever completed. I am completely new to the ABDL scene too - in the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for reading.

From here down is literally word for word what i submitted with no editing apart from removing my email address:

This is the third chapter of Daddy and Leelee, however, I am still working on the first and second. This instalment just seemed to write itself. The first instalment covers our background and history so apologies for that not being explained here. I believe that each chapter can be read and enjoyed separately therefore I decided to post this first without the prior ones being ready.

This is the first story I have ever posted or written in full. This is also a completely new area of interest hence the lack of equipment mentioned. Feed back or suggestions would be very much appreciated please - thank you.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed excitedly “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” I had my thumb in my mouth with blanky trailing down from my fist and scamp flopped in the crook of my arm.

“What is is poppet?” he asked turning around from his breakfast preparations as I toddled into the kitchen full of enthusiasm.

“Wee wees” I lisped through my thumb whilst tugging at my nappy

“You did wee wees?” Daddy replied in the high pitched tone that you talk to little people in. “you’re a clever girl aren’t you?”

“Yes Daddy I am” I agreed proudly. I loved it when daddy praised me. It gave me a funny feeling in my tummy.

I stretched my arms out and made a whiny noise.

“Come here sweetie” he said and picked me up “let’s get you changed”

I shook my head.

“What? You not want changing?”

I shook my head again.

“Ok baby, but let daddy just check how wet you are” He put a finger into my leg band and said “that’s not too bad now is it? Although I don’t think it will take another wetting will it poppet?”

I shook my head again.

“So we must get you changed before you wet again huh? So I will let you stay in your nap nap if you promise to let daddy know before you wet again? Ok?”

“Yes daddy” I said happy to get to play in my wet squishy nappy for a little longer.

“Good girl”

He went to put me down and I started to whine.

“Kissies daddy!”

“Does my little princess want kissies??” he exclaimed faking surprise.

“Yes daddy”

“Well I never!”

I giggled at daddies silliness.

He brought his mouth up to my cheek and did kissies (‘kissies’ is a series of little kisses made quickly one after the other on the same spot often delivered with with silly noises) whilst I giggled all the way through. He then did ‘kissies’ on the other cheek and lastly on my neck during which I squirmed and giggled even more. I couldn’t explain it but daddy made me feel funny when he did kissies. Funny in my tummy but a different funny to when he praised me. It was a mixture of feelings that I was too little to understand.

“I love you daddy” I said almost sadly with big eyes looking up at him. I leaned my head on his shoulder and sucked on my thumb.

“I love you too princess” he replied “I will always love you princess”

My little heart swelled with joy. I could listen to daddy praise me and tell me he loved me all day and I would never get bored of hearing it.

“C’mon poppet, sit down and let daddy finish making brekkies”

I sat on my chair like a good girl and watched daddy preparing our food, washing the dishes as he went, humming along to the radio.

I was hungry, and having no concept of time, I started to fret. I had seen the toast pop up but daddy hadn’t seemed to notice it.

“Daddy have you forgotten my brekkie?” I asked with concern

“No sweetie of course not!” he laughed. “It’s not ready yet.”

“But daddy” I said swinging my legs “I want my breakfast now. I’m hungry”

“Well pumpkin you will just have to wait a bit longer”

“Well pumpkin, well pumpkin” I repeated, liking how the words sounded. “Well pumpkin, well pumpkin” I was giggling by now

“What are you doing?” Julian laughed at me

“Well pumpkin . .” I started looking ‘all very serious’ and put my hand on my hip just like daddy did sometimes when he was making a point.

“You’re adorable” said daddy whilst he put his arms around me and and gave me a big kiss on my cheek, followed by a raspberry. Daddies kisses always made me giggle and I giggled so much that I suddenly lost control

“Oh no daddy!” I exclaimed with panic “wee wees coming out”

In my fear I jumped down form the chair and my hand automatically pushed at the front of my nappy to try and stop the flow - but I couldn’t.

I looked at daddy then down at my wee wees and back up at daddy in horror, as my wee wees over flowed my saturated nappy, ran down my leg and puddled onto the floor. I felt scared because I couldn’t control any of it. However much I willed the wee wees to stop, they wouldn’t.

“I’m sorry daddy” I cried with big round eyes “I didn’t mean to. It just came out and I couldn’t stop it!”

I looked back down at the floor. My tears welling.

“I’m sorry daddy” I whispered, ashamed. I quickly snatched up blanky and scamp and put my thumb in my mouth.

Daddy hadn’t said anything and that was worse than him scolding me! He had stood looking at me for a few seconds before striding off to the other end of the kitchen. I couldn’t bear to look at his face and see how cross he was. I was just staring down at the floor whilst anxiously rubbing blanky on my nose and pushing my face against scamp. I saw daddy return, throw an old tea towel over the wet patch, use another to wipe down my leg and then say

“C’mon then sweetie, let’s get you changed”

I looked up sharply, hopefully, trying to read daddy’s face. He didn’t sound angry but I was unsure? I couldn’t bear the thought of him being angry unless I was being bratty and ‘pushing my luck’ as daddy called it.

“Daddy I’m sorry” I repeated

“I know sweetheart. You’ve already said so. You don’t have to keep saying sorry. It’s only wee wee poppet isn’t it? Daddy will take care of it and make it better. Don’t worry”

I was so relieved that my eyes filled again but this time they overspilled and several tears slid down my cheeks.

“Daddy do you still love me?” I asked my little voice quivering looking at the floor

“Of course I do you silly sausage. Come here!” he held out him arms. I toddled into his arms and laid my head on his shoulder.

“Sweetheart don’t be scared that daddy will stop loving you. Daddy will NEVER stop loving you ok?” Julian was familiar with my fears and often had to reassure me.

He pulled back to look at me, wiped my cheeks and I lifted my big blue eyes up to meet his. Mine were still half full of tears.

“'k” I said as I sucked on my thumb and rubbed blankie on my nose watching at him intently, searching for any sign that he didn’t mean what he was saying.

Daddy held my gaze for a few seconds as make a point, carried me onto the changing mat and started to un tape my nappy.

“Well pumpkin ther . .” he started

I began to giggle

“Well pumpkin! Well pumpkin!” I shouted over him, thinking how funny the words sounded

“You’re a silly Leelee” daddy laughed and tickled my tummy.

I was giggling again now. I had forgotten all about my wee wees on the floor and my fears that daddy was going to stop loving me. Well nearly. That was always a fear somewhere in my head.

Daddy cleaned me up with wipes, powdered me and put me in a fresh nappy. I loved the way he did them up all snug. He made me feel safe and protected.

“Are you ready for brekkies now sweetheart?” he asked whilst patting me on my freshly nappied bottom.

“Yes daddy” I replied delighted at the crinkly sound that my new nappy made especially when daddy patted it.

I ran ahead of daddy and kept wiggling my bottom, enjoying the feeling and sounds. Daddy was laughing at me and kept chasing after me, tickling me when he caught up. He caught me one last time in the kitchen, picked me up and swung me into the chair. Within ten minutes we had breakfast. I had toast cut in soldiers and dippy eggs (which daddy had to re do since the first ones had been ruined.) There was orange juice in my tippy cup and daddy had coffee in his ‘best daddy’ mug.

Daddy had bacon, sausage, egg and beans on his plate.

I looked at his plate and noticed how different his breakfast looked to mine.

Daddy was reading the news paper and even though I was having fun making a mess with my dippy eggs, I didn’t like it that he was ignoring me.

I decided it was unfair that his breakfast was different to mine and I must be missing out on something.


“Yes sweetie?” he said distractedly not looking up from the paper

“Why have you got bacon and sausage and I’ve got dippy eggs?”

“Because you like dippy eggs and daddy likes bacon and sausage” he replied patiently still reading

“But I want bacon and sausage too” I demanded

“Leelee” Daddy said in a warning tone and went back to reading the newspaper

Being ignored made me cross. I frowned.

"Daddy I want wh . . . "

“Leelee, stop it now!” Daddy snapped.

I blinked. I didn’t like daddy snapping

“You don’t even like bacon and sausage otherwise daddy would have made that for you as well”

“I do” I retorted childishly swinging my legs

“You don’t” daddy replied impatiently sighing and turning the page of the newspaper.


“You don’t” he said and looked straight up at me. Something about how he said the word and looked at me made me cautious about pushing it too far.

“Do too” I whispered, determined to get the last word whether daddy heard me or not.

I saw daddy shake his head in frustration. He clearly did hear but decided to ignore me and carried on reading. He had nearly finished his breakfast by now.

I had enjoyed my dippy eggs. It was great fun to dip my soldiers in them and pretend they were real soldiers. I would gallop them along my princess plate pretending they were running away from me ‘Oh no don’t eat me!’ they would cry, and I would chase them across with my mouth, missing several times until I caught one. I would usually end up giggling and chattering to myself fully absorbed in my play. Daddy always let me play with my food. He said it was how I learned.

But now I was finished and I was bored. I could feel I had egg yolk, butter and toast crumbs all around my mouth. I could see that they were all over my hands and I didn’t like the way it felt. Suddenly it became super important to get the mess off right away. I wanted daddy to wipe it off me but he was still too busy reading.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed impatiently

“If I have to tell you again there is going to be trouble!” he shouted " you DO NOT like bacon and sausage Leelee!"

I burst into straight into tears. It wasn’t fair. I’d forgotten all about daddies breakfast by then. The urgency of wanting my hands wiped had taken over. Why was daddy being so mean?

‘He had shouted at me!’ I thought indignantly. I didn’t understand. In sheer frustration, anger and hurt I picked up my tippy cup and threw in on the floor. It bounced along before landing at daddies feet.

“Young lady that is just about ENOUGH. .” Julian shouted again getting up from his seat

“Daddy I wasn’t asking for bacon and sausage” I cried “I just wanted my hands wiped. Please daddy?” I pleaded with tears running down my face holding out my now trembling, messy hands.

Daddy’s face fell.

“Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry. Here look I will get the wash cloth now for you.” He kissed me on the forehead and hurried off to the sink.

“Leelee don’t cry now. Please don’t cry darling. Daddy is sorry for shouting”

“You scared me daddy” I sobbed

“Darling I’m sorry” he said as he soothingly stroked my hair “Stop shaking sweetheart. Don’t take any notice of daddy. He didn’t mean it”

He wiped trembling my hands followed by my face and playfully bopped my on my nose with his finger

“Bop” he said

“Bop” I repeated.

“But Leelee you mustn’t throw your tippee cup. That’s naughty” he scolded gently as he walked over to the sink to rinse out the cloth and picked the cup up on the way.

“I’m sorry daddy” I said. My nose was running from my tears and I made a couple of sniffles.

Daddy brought a tissue back a held it under my nose

“Blow” he instructed gently

I blew and he wiped my nose. He then kissed me once on each cheek followed by my forehead.

“All better now?”

I nodded.

“Do you want some more juice sweetie?” he asked

“Yes please daddy”

“You ate everything up Leelee didn’t you? You such a good little girl aren’t you pumpkins?” he said as he started clearing my plate and soaking the dishes.

“Yes daddy” I said beaming with pride.

“Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!” I shouted repeating daddy’s words.

“Do you want to go and play?”

“Yes please daddy!” I exclaimed and began to bounce up and down.

“Come here and give daddy cuddles and then you can play in the garden”

I ran over to daddy, all excited, blanky and scamp in tow. He sat down, pulled me onto his lap and kissed the top of my head. I laid my head on his shoulder and put my thumb in my mouth. I was full after eating up all my dippy eggs and feeling a little bit sleepy. I was content just laying there whilst daddy rubbed and patted my padded bottom. I was listening to the crinkly sound whilst sucking intently on my thumb and rubbing blanky. I felt warm, safe and happy that daddy wasn’t cross with me any more. However, the urge to play in the garden was taking over.

In the end I started to move around too much so daddy called me a ‘little wriggly bum’ and put me down.

“Off you go then sweetie” he said patting my bottom on my way out the door

I toddled into the garden dragging blanky on the ground and holding scamp in the crook of my arm.

“Darling please pick up your blanky!” Julian shouted after me in depair

I turned around and shrugged at daddy and then ran behind the beanstalks where he couldn’t see me. I could just imagine rolling his eyes hopelessly at this response.

I hated blanky being washed and kicked up such a fuss that daddy had now given up trying to do it weekly. He didn’t smell the same after being washed and no amount of bribes would ever get me to give in. I would get devious and hide blanky if I suspected daddy was going to wash him. Julian had to accept that, despite being clean in every other area, my blanky was never quite going to be up to standard. However it didn’t stop him trying to persuade me to stop dragging blanky on the floor or telling me off for doing so. In the end we agreed that I would let him wash blanky every six months. It was still far too little for Julians preferences and far too many for mine. However, because I got so distressed when he tried to wash it more frequently, Julian had learned to leave it. We both had healthy immune systems and he was one of these parents that actually believed a little muck was good for children. There were so many issues nowadays through being too clean. Although Julian suspected that blanky harboured more than ‘just a little muck’ . .

I was running around the garden playing and shouting happily. I liked Molly the next door neighbours cat. She was cute and would rub around my legs. I thought she must love me very much to rub her head on me all the time. The thought pleased me and I decided loved her too. I would always encourage her in the house even though daddy said not to.

I had been around the garden several times pretending to be an aeroplane, a choo choo train and finally daddy looking at his vegetables. I was in the middle of a full on impersonation of daddy showing Blanky, Scamp and Molly how to check for green fly on the tomato plants when Julian crept up on me.

“Boo” he said

“Boo daddy” I repeated not really getting it. Daddy laughed

“Did you have fun sweetie?” he asked

“Yes daddy. Did you?” I asked looking up at him with my big eyes. Daddy laughed again at my seriousness.

“If you call cleaning fun then yes I did”

“What are you doing sweetie?” he asked my noticing my interest in the tomato plants.

“I’m you daddy - watch” I said whilst I enthusiastically pretended to be daddy checking his plants, putting his hand on his hip looking all serious and tutting at the green fly.

Julian found this very amusing and couldn’t help but laugh as I pranced around showing off. When I had finished daddy said to go back to the house, that we would have lunch after he wor . .

However I wasn’t listening at this point because I had just seen Molly going into the house and I wanted to play with her. I ran off leaving daddy and chased Molly round the kitchen.

I was all dizzy and out of breath when daddy came in the door

“Whoa, slow down darling. You’ll break something” he said scooping me up and putting me down in the lounge. “Like I was trying to tell you. I’ve made lunch already but I have some paperwork to do and then we can eat. Do you want a bottle and cartoons whilst daddy works?”

“No daddy” I sulked

I was overtired by now and in reality needed a nap but I too overstimulated to realise it.

“I want daddy to play with me” I exclaimed excitedly tugging on daddies sleeve.

“Daddy has to work sweetheart. Why don’t you have your bottle and play with your toys for a bit?” Daddy suggested knowing I would probably fall asleep with my bottle and he could get some daddy things done before a late lunch.

“No daddy!” I shouted flinging down my arm and stamping my foot in unison. “I won’t”

“Leelee” Julian said in his warning tone.

“I want my daddy to play with me” I wailed “Daddy! Please!” I shouted after daddy who had left the room. He came back with my warmed bottle.

“Come on sweetheart, have your bottle . . .”

Before he could finish I snatched the bottle out of his hand and threw it across the room.

“No daddy” I screamed " I don’t want it. I want you daddy!"

“I want my daddy” I cried and sobbed whilst picking up my toys and throwing them all over the lounge, kicking anything that got in my way.

“Leelee” daddy shouted “stop it right now before I smack your bottom”

I didn’t care that daddy was shouting at me now. I was consumed with the unfairness of it all and I could only see within my own wants. I didn’t care that daddy had to work. I wanted to be with him and would be rejecting every other option until I got what I wanted or I had exhausted myself trying.

“No!” I shouted and went to throw another toy across the room. I was in full paddy now and I was screaming crying.

Daddy ripped the toy out of my hand and said

“I can’t do anything with you when you are like this. Stop it! NOW!”

“I want my daddy!! I want my daddy!! I want my daddy!!” was all I could manage to scream at Julian

Julian hated seeing me like this. He didn’t like it when I was bratty obviously but I was now making him feel guilty. He knew I was over tired and we had agreed to spend the day together with no work. However he had a project that taken far longer than anticipated. He had really wanted to get it out of the way but now he was feeling guilty for neglecting his little girl

“Sweetheart PLEASE stop” he begged whilst picking up all the toys I had hurled around

“No I won’t! I hate you daddy! You don’t love me! You don’t love me!!” I sobbed and sobbed.

My goodness Julian thought to himself. Baby Leelee was being absolutely foul. He decided to take a chance. He decided to give into her instead of punishing her. His guilt had got the better of him and even though he realised that rewarding paddies was bad parenting, he decided it wouldn’t hurt just this once.

By this time I was so upset that I couldn’t think straight and I couldn’t stop hysterically crying. I couldn’t remember why I had gotten so upset in the first place but along the way I had managed to convince myself that daddy didn’t love me any more and he was leaving me. It was breaking my little heart.

“Leelee, calm down darling please, daddy will stay with you and play. Please sweetheart, come here” he opened his arms.

I rushed into my daddies arms knowing that it was the only place in the world that could ever make me feel good when I was this upset. It took me about 15 minutes to calm down but I didn’t stop crying for much longer. Afterwards I felt exhausted. I didn’t want to play.

“Bottle” I managed between heaves of sobs

Daddy had picked me up and laid me his bed with him. He had wound up the mobile so it’s calming music tinkled, he held me, rocking me back and forth

“Shhhh now, little Leelee, it’s OK. Daddy is here now. He will make it all better” he repeated several times, stroking my hair and my nappy, occasionally stopping to pat my bottom.

He placed the bottle in my mouth and made sure I had blanky and scamp. As I drank my warm bottle and the formula filled my tummy, I began to feel very very sleepy. My eyes closed whilst daddy laid behind me comforting me with words and strokes. I could feel him rubbing my nap nap soothingly. I listened to the crinkly noises, sucking on my bottle. I was utterly worn out and too tired to speak. I needed wee wees but was too tired to tell daddy. I swapped the bottle for my thumb and rubbed blanky on my nose, scamp as usual, laying in the crook of my arm. My tears had quietened and the room was full of daddy’s soothing sounds. Daddy made me feel so warm, safe and comforted. If I had any tears left I would have cried with contentment. Instead I make a few contented noises and knew that daddy understood exactly what they meant. I was just drifting off, daddy still rubbing my bottom when I finally lost the battle to hold back my wee wees. They flowed into my nappy, around my bald noo noo and bum. The warm wee wees felt wonderful against my bare skin and I let out a little sigh of relief mixed with pleasure. I realised daddy was still rubbing my bottom through my nap nap despite it now being wet. I felt like everything was utterly perfect.

“I love you Leelee” Daddy whispered as he caught a whiff of my fresh urine filled nappy.

I really couldn’t imagine how I it was possible to feel more more happy in that moment than I did. I drifted off into an exhausted but contended deep sleep.