Daddies Little Girl [Short Story]

Mandi woke up in the morning to find the sun brightly shining through her pink lace curtians. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. Once all the sleep was gone, she patiently waited for her daddy to come get her, as she was still to little to get out of bed alone. If she wanted to, she could just hop over the safety bars that were hooked to her single bed, but she didn’t want a spanking, and she would be sure to get one if she was bad. She grabbed her pink stuffed bunny called ‘Candy’ and started to play with her. “Candy nice bunny. Hop hop goes bunny.” She said to herself, while Candy jumped across her lap.

“Well I see my little girl is up already. Did you sleep good sweetie?” The man asked in a sweet voice.

“Daddy!” Said Mandi enthusiastically, dropping Candy and waving her hands in the air, waiting for her morning hug and kiss.

He came over and picked her up. He placed her on his hip and procedded to walk downstairs into the kitchen. He put her down on the floor, her Barbie nightgown riding up just enough to expose a throughly soaked pampers. Mandi looked at her daddy and decided to be silly, so she started to run away.

“You little monster.” He said, laughing. He chased after her until she was in his grip.

“I’m gonna eat you all up!” He said to the giggling girl. He kissed her all over, giving her raspberries on her tummy. She tried to wiggle free, but the four year old just wasn’t strong, or slippery enough to escape.

“Daddy!” Mandi said through her fit of giggles. “Your tickling me!”

He stood her on the floor while he got her seat ready. He pulled out the chair and moved the buckle out of the way. He lifted her into the blue and yellow booster seat, buckled her in and pushed the chair towards the table, so she could reach.

“Daddy? When do I get a big girl chair like my sisters?” She asked, her green eyes looking straight into her daddy’s.

“When you are big enough.” Was the anwser, it ceases to amaze him how she can ask the same question at every meal, every day.

“Awwe! But I wanna try now! I will be a big girl daddy, I promise.” She said, with a pouty look plastered on her face.

“Not going to work sweetie.” He said as he placed a bowl of oatmeal in front of her.

Mandi went to dig into it with her hands when she remembered she had to use a spoon, like a big kid. She picked it up, scooped a big spoonful and, amazingly, got most of it into her mouth. Breakfast procedded like this, with him just watching her, as he already had his morning coffee and egg sandwich.

“I’m full.” She said, with her mouth full of oatmeal.

“What did daddy tell you about eating with your mouth full?” He asked, giving her a warning look.

“Sowwie daddy, I forgot.” Was her response, but only after she swallowed what was left in her mouth.

Once the dishes were in the sink, and Mandi’s hands and face were cleaned with a wet face cloth, she was led by the hand back up to her room. She sat on her little Barbie couch and waited for her daddy to get her outfit ready for the day. “How about this?” He asked, holding up a pink jumper and a plain white t-shirt.

“Nuh uh! I want my bunny shirt!” She said, stomping her foot.

“You better watch your temper, you don’t want a spanking do you?” He asked. “No, I’m sowwie.” She said, standing up to go give him a hug.

He hugged her back and then he went in the top drawer to pull out a white shirt with pink ruffled sleeves, with a picture of a pink bunny on it. Mandi liked the shirt so much becuase the bunny reminded her of Candy. He got out a simple pair of white socks and then turned around after he set the outfit on the floor.

“Hmmmm.” He pondered. “What are we missing here?” “My undies silly!” Mandi said.

“Undies? You get undies today?” He asked, looking confused.

“Yeah! I’m four now, 'member?” She said, holding up four short, chubby fingers.

“Oh yeah. That’s right, I must have forgot.” He said, with a grin on his face.

“Your a silly goose daddy!” She giggled.

He placed a printed change pad on the grey carpeting and got out a pair of Dora the Explorer panties from her dresser. He pulled out the box of babywipes and told Mandi to lay down. He un-taped her wet pampers diaper and wiped her off. After she was all clean, with just a small amout of babypowder applied to keep her skin fresh, he helped her stand up.

“Step.” He said, as he held out her panties, so she could put them on. She put her legs through the holes they belonged and looked down, as proud as ever, to see her big girl undies. He finished helping her get dressed and then put everything where it belonged.

“Now one more thing, what did we forget to do?” He asked her.

“I gotsta brush my teeth!” Mandi said, running across the hall to the bathroom. She took the stool and put it in front of the sink while her daddy got the toothpaste on her toothbrush. Once Mandi was on the stool and leaning above the sink, he gave her the toothbrush.

“EEEEEEEEE!” She said while she brushed her baby teeth.

“Good girl, all nice and sparkly.” Came from her daddy as she spit and rinsed her mouth out. Once everything was back in it’s place they headed out of the bathroom, and procceded down the hall.

“Cartoons?” She asked, as they were walking down the stairs.

“Sure sweetie, let’s go turn them on.”

He held Mandi’s hand the entire way down both sets of stairs, until they reached the den. He sat in his favorite chair, and she followed, placing herself on his lap. He turned on the big screen tv and flipped through the channels, finally stopping at Blues Clues. She rested her head on his arm and watched tv, getting involved with the show.

“On the mirror!” She would yell, when Steve couldn’t find the paw print.

When she got bored Mandi got up and pulled out, with all the effort she could muster, a big tupperware container.

“Daddy help please.” She said, remembering to use her manners.

He opened the bin for her, exposing at least 50 Barbies, all complete with outfits, hair accesories and even a car. She grabbed her favorite two, Teresa and Kelly, and walked over to her big dollhouse. Becuase she was so engrossed in what she was doing she didn’t even realize that her daddy went upstairs to clean up the house a bit. After an hour of playing she had to go pee, so she relaxed. Catching herself just in time, she squeezed her legs shut and put her hand there to stop the oncoming flow. She had big girl panties on, not a diaper. She got up and ran down a hallway that branched off of the den. Running to the very end she slipped into a bathroom. She got the stool that was next to the toilet and tried to drag it in front so she could reach the potty. Once she was done she pulled down her undies and sat down to go pee. She looked down, and saw only a tiny wet spot. Daddy would never know, which was good, becuase Mandi knew if she wet her panties that meant pullups for the rest of the day.

Once her hands were washed, the toilet flushed and the stool put back where it belonged she shut the bathroom light off. She looked at one of the 4 doors down the hallway. She glanced around, and with no sign of her daddy, she sneaked into the room. She jumped to turn on the light and walked to a night stand. She saw it laying there, a game boy. She wanted to play with it, even though she didn’t know how. All her big sisters, and even her brother had one, but not her. Daddy said she was too little, but she didn’t think so. She moved her fingers to the button and slid it to the right, and it turned on. It started making a funny noise so she just watched the little screen in amazment. After hoisting herself up on to the double bed she lay down on her tummy, her upper half supported by her elbows. Mandi pressed all the buttons, and finally she was led to a world and she got to move around. It was Yoshi, she knew that because her brother told her once.

“And just what do you think your doing?” A voice said at the door. Mandi looked up to see her daddy standing there, looking down to her with very angry eyes.

“I’m sowwie daddy. I just wanted to play.” Mandi said, putting the game down and sitting up.

“You are in big trouble young lady.” He said walking towards her. He grabbed the game, clicked it off and put it in it’s original place.

“Four minute time out, now.” He said, in a firm voice.

“But daddy, I w–” She tried to explain.

“No but’s Mandi, unless you wanna make it ten minutes, like your brother gets when he’s bad.” Her daddy said, placing her on the floor and taking her hand.

She grabbed her hand away and crossed her arms, walking out of the room and down the hallway. She went to the far corner of the den and sat down on the little purple stool that was there.

“Good girl, I will tell you when your four minutes are up.” He said.

He really hated to punish her, as she was such a darling. He knew that if he didn’t, she wouldn’t learn. She is a good kid, and learns pretty quickly, all except for potty training. For some reason she just can’t get that down. Mandi sat in the corner and hummed twinkle-twinkle little star to pass the time. Once the four minutes were up, which seemed like four hours to Mandi, daddy came to get her.

“Okay all done. Now what did we learn?” He asked her, making sure she knew why she was there.

“Not to go in to any of my sister’s room, 'cuz they’re not mine. I’m sowwie daddy.” She said.

“It’s okay sweetheart.” He anwsered.

Father and daughter hugged, like they always do after a time out.

“Would you like to bake cookies?” He asked her.

“Yes please!” Mandi yelled a little too energetically. That was her favorite thing to do. Make chocolate chip cookies with her daddy.

They both went to the kitchen and got everything ready. Mandi sat on the counter and watched her daddy mix everything together, but she got to pour in the chocolate chips. When her daddy went to the fridge to get a couple eggs, she took a couple chocolate chips and shoved them in her mouth before he saw. Although, the big grin and the chewing gave away everything. She was having fun though, so he failed to say anything about it. Once all the ingredients were mixed together he got out a bin of cookie cutters, in all shapes and sizes.

“Butterfly!” Mandi yelled, pointing to the green cookie cutter shaped like one.

“Okay, but we have to rollout the dough first remember?” He asked her, as he started to make the dough nice, smooth and flat on the counter.

Once he was all done rolling it out, Mandi selected a few cookie cutters, and with her daddie’s help, pressed them into the cookie dough.

When the cut out cookies were on the tray and in the oven her daddy told her:

“Okay sweetie, now we have to wait, how about we have a sandwich for lunch?” He asked her.

“Mmm peanut butter and jelly?” She asked, as that was her favorite sandwich. He got busy and made her sandwich, cutting it into four pieces, without the crust. He strapped her in, gave her a sippy of milk and watched her eat. When she was done he wiped her hands and face off with a cloth, and put the dishes on the sink.

“Go find something to keep busy, cookies aren’t ready yet.” He told her.

“Okie Dokie!” She said as he lifted her off her booster seat. She ran downstairs and started playing with her barbies again.

The dinger went off and Mandi immediately jumped up and ran up the stairs.

“COOKIES!” She squealed.

“Not yet, remember, they have to cool off first. They are very hot.” He said to her.

“Awwe!” Was the only response she could come up with.

“You just have to wait a little bit.” He re-assured her.

“Okay daddy!” She said as she skipped back down the stairs to get back to her barbies.

After asking ‘are they done yet?’ over 10 times, the thirty minutes were finally up, so both Mandi and her daddy went to the kitchen.

“Which one do you want?” He asked her.

“I want the butterfly!” She said, pointing to the big cookie in the middle of the tray.

He lifted it up very carefully, as to not break it and put it on a napkin. After placing it on the table, and getting Mandi strapped in he watched her face light up as she picked up the cookie. She took a big bite and already managed to get chocolate on her face.

“Mmmm this is so yummy!” She said, taking a bite right after.

“Well you helped make them, of course they are good you silly goose. Do you want a drink?” He asked her.

“Yes please, can I have pop like everyone else?” She asked, repeating another daily question.

“No, you are still too little for pop. How about you have some green juice?” He said, he knew he wouldn’t get any argument out of her now, as green juice is Mandi’s favorite.

“Yay! I like green juice!” Was barely heard through the bits of cookie that was in her mouth. She swallowed and got wide-eyed. “Oopsie! Sowwie daddy, no talking with my mouth full.”

“That’s right.” He said, walking to the fridge to pour some juice into her sippy cup.

After finishing her cookie, and drinking all of her juice, she was wiped off and let out of her booster chair.

“Can I go play outside please?” She asked her daddy, looking out the screen door to see a big jungle gym and a sandbox.

“Of course you can, do you have to go potty first?” He asked her.

“Nope. I already went today.”

“Are you sure?” He said, double checking that she didn’t have to go. “Do you want to go try for daddy?”

“Awwe daddy! I wanna play! I don’t hafta go potty!” She whined.

“Okay fine, but you know what happens when you have an accident. Go get your sandals so I can help you.” He said to her.

Mandi skipped to the front door and got her barbie light up sandals and brought them back to her daddy. She sat on the floor and he procedded to slip them on to her tiny feet. Once they were on she went outside and immediately ran to the sandbox. She made a city of sand castles and got bored with that, so went over to the swing to play on that.

“DADDY! DADDY LOOK! MY LEGS ARE PUMPIN! I’M DOIN’ IT!” She yelled, as he walked by the door.

“That’s great sweetie!” He yelled back before he went back to doing grown-up stuff.

When she was going high enough, Mandi jumped off and landed on her knees in the grass. She giggled to herself and went to the jungle gym, to the highest point.

“I’m the king of the castleeee!” She sang to her invisible subjects beneath her.

She sat down and pretended to be the princess of everything, and felt the need to go potty. But she didn’t want to go inside becuase she was having too much fun, besides, she could hold it. After another ten minutes she felt a puddle form beneath her, and it was warm. She ignored it and continued sitting there playing.

“TIME TO COME IN MANDI!” Her daddy yelled to her from the house.

“Five minutes?” She asked.

“No. You have to come in now, it’s nap time!” He responded.

“But daddy! I’m not tireeeed!” She whined.

“I’m going to count to three,” He said to her.


Mandi still sat there and just watched him.


That got her to get up, she didn’t want a spanking. Mandi climbed down the stairs and ran to the front door.

“Daddy please no nap?” She asked him, giving her best ‘puppy’ face.

“Now you know the rules Mandi, you don’t need to be cranky tonight.”

“Oh fine.” She said, and started to walk up the stairs to her bedroom, but was stopped by her daddy when he saw her backside.

“What happened?” He asked, full well knowing the anwser.

“I sat in a puddle.” Was her response, but daddies always know when their little girl’s are lying, so she wasn’t off the hook yet.

“Tell the truth, or your going to be in big trouble.” He said to her, giving her ‘the look.’

“Okay I had an accident. I’m sowwie daddy!” She said.

“You know what this means right?”

“Pull-ups after my nap.” Was grumbled, with a frown on her face.

“Okay, go upstairs, you can have your bath early, I will be right there.” He told her.

Mandi climbed the stairs and went to stand in her bedroom, becuase after she has an accident she would get in trouble if she sat on anything.

Her daddy came up and undressed her and led her to an already filled tub with bubbles.

“Yay! Bubbles!” She said, hopping into the big white fluff.

After her body was cleaned she was allowed to play for ten minutes while daddy got her clothes ready. He went to her room and got out a

Disney’s Princess nightgown, which was purple and a night time diaper, which was a size 5 Pamper’s. He brought everything back to the bathroom and set it on the counter, and went to wash Mandi’s hair. He took some Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and lathered her long, blonde curls.

“Okay lay back.” He said while pulling the plug in the tub.

The water drained and he ran the taps, so it was nice and warm. He gave Mandi a washcloth to put over her eyes and she leaned back on his arm. He put her scalp under the running water and rinsed out all the shampoo. She stepped out and he wrapped her in a towel. While she sat on the edge of tub he took another towel to dry her hair, becuase it was so fine and thin, the towel did the job, and it was less than damp when he was done. He got her brush and carefully brushed it.

“Ouchie!” Would come from Mandi every once and a while, when the brush caught a knot.

He put the changing pad on the tile floor and lay her down on it. He powdered her and taped up her diaper.

“Daddy, how much longer do I gotsta wear these?” She said, referring to the padding on her bottom.

“As long as it takes, don’t grow up too fast on me munchkin.” He said, slipping the nightgown over her head and picking her up. He left everything the way it was, planning on cleaning it while she was sleeping.

“Now,” he said, when he brought her back to her room. “Pick a story book while I get your bottle”

He walked downstairs to the kitchen, and she kneeled in front of her bookshelf, finally picking out ‘Piglet Does a Very Grand Thing’ By: A.A. Milne. When Mandi was sitting in bed with the book, and her daddy came upstairs with a bottle of warm milk, nap time was offically started.

“Okay let’s trade” He said to her, and Mandi gave him the book, and she got her bottle in return.

He sat on the side of her bed, with his back against the headboard, and Mandi snuggled up next to him, and listened to the beginning of the story.

“Half way between Pooh’s and Piglet’s house was a Thoughtful Spot where they met sometimes when they had decided to go and see…” He began, but didn’t need to finish, as she was already sleeping, with hardly any of her bottle gone.

He put the book down, got up and kissed her on the forehead, pulled the covers up, placed her bottle next to her, shut off her light and walked out of her room. He cleaned up the mess in the bathroom and sat down at the computer desk to surf the web. An hour went past so he figured he better go get dinner ready. Looking in the pantry, he found box after box of kraft dinner, as that was a popular dish among all of his kids, especially Mandi. He grabbed a box and put it on the counter, right after putting a pot of water on the stove to boil. Because he had to wait for that, he went downstairs back on the computer.

When the noodles were boiled he set a place for the two of them, mixing the cheese, butter and milk into the noodles, and then dishing it out on two plates.

During this Mandi was up in her room, and heard the clanking of pots and pans in the kitchen. She drank her bottle, waiting for her daddy to come get her, and finally he popped up in her room.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” He said with a grin, “your favorite is ready, Kraft Dinner.”

She jumped out of bed and into his arms, and he procedded to carry her down the stairs, into the kitchen, and then he strapped her into her chair.

“Mmmm. It looks yummy!” She said, picking up her spoon and digging in.

“Daddy? When do I get a big girl chair?” She asked between mouthful’s.

“Your still a little girl, when you get older you get a big girl chair.” He said, for the third time that day.

“Awe!” Was all she could say, before getting back to her Kraft Dinner.

When she was all done eating he wiped off her face and hands and put away the dishes, while Mandi sat there finishing her milk.

“Do you want another cookie for desert?” He asked her.

“Yes please!” She said, excited that she was getting two cookies in one day.

Her daddy went to the tupperware container on the counter and pulled out two cookies, one for himself, and one for Mandi. They both ate them in silence with the occasional lip smacking.

“M-m-m-m-m. We good cooks daddy.” She said, licking her fingers.

“Yes, we definately are.” He complimented. “How about we go get you changed, then we can watch a movie.” He let her out of her chair, took her by the hand and led her up the stairs.

“Which movie?”

“How about Madagascar?” He suggested.

“What’s that one?”

“You know, the one with all the animals.” He said.

“Oooh yeah! I wanna watch that one!”

She lay down on the change mat that he placed on the floor and he untaped her soggy diaper. Once she was all cleaned up she stepped into a pullup and was content in that and the nightgown she wore for her nap. She put her diaper in the diaper pail, and he put everything else away.

“Okay, let’s go watch the movie!” He said.

He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

“Oh man, your a heavy sack of potatoes!” He said to her.

“Daddy! It’s 'cuz I’m Mandi! Not potatoes!” She giggled, watching the stairs dissapear behind her.

They walked downstairs and he put her down. The movie was placed in the dvd player, and start was pressed.

“This looks like a funny movie!” She said as she plopped on her daddy’s lap, getting comfortable. She put her legs over the side of his chair, and her head on both the other arm of the chair, and his arm.

They watched the movie, and for the first half Mandi managed to giggle at everything she could find even remotely funny. But during the second half she started to get sleepy, and with the way her daddy was rubbing her back, it made the need to close her eyes even worse. He knew this would happen, even though she just had a nap, if she watches a movie she can always find some way to fall asleep. Before it was even done he picked her up and carried the sleeping girl upstairs to her room. He lay her down on the floor and lifted her nightgown. He saw that her pullup was wet, so he pulled it down and slipped a night time diaper under her. He wiped her off, powdered her and taped it up. He went to pick her up and lay her on her bed when her eyes opened just a tiny bit.

“Daddy?” She said drowsily.

“It’s me sweetheart, goodnight.” He said, kissing her on the forehead.

“But I’m not tired.” She said, with her eyes closed, and a yawn following soon after.

“Your still little Mandi, and my little girl needs her sleep.”

“But I’m four now.” She said while rolling over.

“Even so, you will always be my little girl.”

Mandi didn’t respond this time, as she clearly fell asleep. He slipped a pacifier into her mouth, gave her another kiss on the forehead, moved her hair out of her eyes and pulled the covers up. He put the wet pullup in the trash and closed her door, leaving it open just enough for a sliver of light to pass through. The man walked down the stairs, leaving the sleeping child in bed to dream sweet dreams.

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I really liked this.

Hey I just wanted to tell you I really liked it.
I hope to see more of your stories, looking forward to reading more.