Dabny Vs. Everything, Round Two

For those of you just joining us…read the first chapter, lazyass. I’ll start doing recaps when I’m on chapter 417 or so, ok?

“I don’t even know what to say,” Dabny said as calmly as she could muster. “I don’t know what you mean, and I don’t think it would even make sense if you tried to explain it to me.”
“Goddamn right it wouldn’t,” said Dabnee confidently. “It took me a while to wrap my head around it too.”
“No offense, but I’m checking out, guys. I’ll have to explain this to Mrs. Ellerby somehow…I don’t even know how…then, I guess, I’ll have to find a new place to live.”
“That won’t be necessary, Dabny,” spoke Borm.
“Oh, and why is that?”
“Mrs. Ellerby won’t matter in the near future, when you’ve joined us.”
“Yes, that’s right, Dabny,” spoke Dabnee. “It’s for your own good.”

Dabny went to sit down on her couch, only to find that the couch had been split in half during the explosion.

“You know how to use a door, right?”
“Er…well…sure,” stammered Dabnee. “I just wanted to make an entrance like that. Just once.”
“Oh, of course. That makes perfect sense,” Dabny replied in the most sarcastic tone.
“All explosions and confusion aside, though,” Dabnee continued," we have some very serious things to discuss."
“I can only imagine.”
“There are millions of dimensions in the Multiverse. And that’s an understatement.”
“I still don’t get the whole Multiverse thing, but whatever. Go on.”
“Anyways, the one thing that every single dimension has in common, regardless of how different they are, is that there is a Dabny.”
“It’s strange, I know, but it’s true. There is one of you…or me…in every single dimension in the Multiverse. There isn’t anyone else that could say that.”
“That doesn’t exactly sound like a bad thing though.”
“It’s not, per se. But,” Dabnee paused for a brief moment to swallow before starting again, “there is something out there…in the Multiverse…that seeks to assimilate every single Dabny, Dabnee, Dahbnie or Dabbnnyy.”
“Assimilate? I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean…not that this should be suprising.”
“Of course, of course…Borm, could you try and explain this?”

Borm turned his head to Dabny.

“She’s called the Omnidab.”
“Who is called the Omnidab?”
“Who is she?”
“She is a Dabny, like you or Dabnee. But in her own dimension, she made the discovery that she absorb the souls of Dabnies from other dimensions.”
“Not that I believe you,” started Dabny, “but how does one go about discovering such a thing?”
“Just because such a thing isn’t possible in your own dimension, it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible in other dimensions.”
“Of course, of course. How narrow-minded of me.”
“This Dabny, over time, managed to travel from dimension to dimension, absorbing the souls of every Dabny she could find. Her intent is to become the one and only Dabny in the Multiverse.”
“That’s the most ridiculous goal I’ve ever heard in my life.”
“Yeah, well, she’s on her way to this dimension, Dabny,” stated Dabnee.
“So, let me get this straight… There is this version of me from another dimension that is trying to kill all the other versions of me so that she is the only version of me?”
“Yes, that sounds about right,” nodded Borm without missing a beat.
“And so now there is another version of me, a hairless alien, and some girl who is supposed to be a robot….who all want to save me?”
“Correct as well,” nodded Borm again.
“Don’t forget, Dabny,” Dabnee added, “we’re not here just to save you. We’re here to save me too. And countless other Dabnies.”

It was at this time that Nursa 5 stepped forward from behind Dabnee.

“Dabnee,” she spoke in a cold emotionless tone, “I’ve detected that you need…”
“Uh…right, right,” Dabnee interrupted her. “Lets take care of that.”

She glanced over to Dabny.

“Do you have any room where we could have some privacy for a moment?”
“Privacy? For what?”

Dabny’s eyes wandered down from Dabnee’s face to her diaper. She had been trying to avoid looking at it or even thinking about it, as it was almost too weird for her, on top of everything else that was weird. Not to mention that looking at Dabnee in a diaper was almost like looking at herself in a diaper; something that she really didn’t want to think about.

After all, she thought to herself, it had been so long since… Her thoughts trailed off.

“Oh…okay,” Dabny finally said, realizing what likely was about to occur between Nursa5 and Dabnee. “I guess you could use my bedroom over there. Just…try not to blow anything up.”
“It wouldn’t matter anyways,” interjected Borm.
“Please…try not to blow anything up,” Dabny repeated, ignoring Borm.

Meanwhile, upstairs, there was a knock on the front door of Mrs. Ellerby’s house. There was no answer, of course, as Mrs. Ellerby has stepped out for some errands. After three sets of knocks, there were a few moments of silence, followed by the door being kicked off of its hinges and knocked to the ground.

In the doorway stood a woman. She had short brown hair, freckles, and she had a pair of goggles on. If Mrs. Ellerby had been there, she probably would’ve wondered why Dabny had just kicked down her door and was wearing goggles.

“Dabny,” she spoke in a sinister voice, “I know you’re here somewhere.”

To be continued…

Dabny Vs. Everything, Round Two

That’s more like it, entirely sensible and logical :slight_smile:

I love the dialogue and the whole premise. Certainly can’t accuse this one of cliché.

Dabny Vs. Everything, Round Two

Since nobody else has noticed this I will go ahead and point it out. This is actually a direct theft of the underlying plot-line in Jet Li’s “The One” in which an evil Jet Li has been killing off all the other Jet Li’s in the multi-verse and two multi-verse agents have been sent to try and stop him from killing the final Jet Li and becoming all powerful. Don’t believe me google it.

Dabny Vs. Everything, Round Two

Interesting premise. I want to see where it goes from here

Dabny Vs. Everything, Round Two

Direct theft, eh? Oh, well I can’t say that I care. At all. I wikipedia’d the movie, as I wasn’t familiar with it (I’ve heard of it, I just didnt know what it was about). I figured when I started writing this story that I wasnt the first to do it (Fuck, I was inspired by years upon years of comic books telling extremely similar stories).

Basically, this is a stepping stone to a bigger story. If it bothers you that its so similar, my apologies. But I could still care less.

Dabny Vs. Everything, Round Two

The Jet Li movie certainly isn’t the only movie to use the “clashing universes” or “multiple realities” premises. Your story just bears enough similarity to it without making any direct mention of the movie (via author’s note or what have you) to appear as “theft”.

Not a big deal though. How many stories have we read where the main character is punished into diapers via an authority figure? How many of those stories have a main character named Katie?

It’s still a decent read seventy.

Dabny Vs. Everything, Round Two

This story is a lot funnier than the Jet Li movie anyway.

“I just wanted to make an entrance like that. Just once.” Great line, and I’m sure I’ll be stealing it at some point in the future.