Dabny Vs. Everything, Round 3

[size=9px][i]So, figuring that it has been about a week (more) since the last chapter, lets refresh what this story is about:

Dabny is some girl, right? Suddenly, she’s visited by a weird guy who might an alien (Borm), a girl who looks exactly like her, except she wears a diaper and seems to be a superhero of somesort (Dabnee) and her assistant, a pretty blonde woman who is supposedly a robot (Nursa5). On top of this, there are billions of Dabnies, apparantly, in the “multiverse” (whatever that is, right?) and there is one in particular (The OmniDab) who wants to kill all the other Dabnies. Soooo, Dabny is trying to come to terms with all this while Nursa5 takes Dabnee aside for what one could only assume is a diaper change. Oh, and OmniDab has just showed up on her front porch. Yay. Okay, that should be enough to get you through.[/i][/size]

Dabny twirled her hair with her finger for a moment as she stared into space, her mind trying to make sense of the past few minutes. So much that she didn’t even see as possible had happened in such a ridiculously short amount of time.

“I would bet that this is a strange experience for you,” spoke Borm, in his calm manner.
“That’s a slight understatement,” Dabny responded, turning from whatever distraught thought she was pondering at the moment.
“You’ll adjust. Eventually.”
“Well that’s quite reassuring.”
“Is that sarcasm?”
“Would it matter?”
“The concept of sarcasm is lost on me. I really couldn’t say.”

That’s when the room shook again, in a way that was very similar to when Dabnee made her appearance by blasting through Dabny’s wall. It was another explosion, and this one was coming from Dabny’s bedroom.

“Oh come on! My bedroom? I thought I wasn’t asking a lot for them not to blow it up!”
“No, Dabny, look!” Borm pointed to the cloud of smoke billowing out from the remains of where her bedroom once was.

There was a single figure in the doorway, shadowy and obscured by smoke. But the person’s hands were on its hips, in a way that Dabny imagined super villains did on cartoons, when they confronted their archnemesis.

“Don’t be afraid,” the voice said. It was a very familiar voice. Dabny wrinkled her nose in disgust. It was a voice very similar to hers. Again. It was either Dabnee, or…

“You have been chosen to join me, Dabny,” said the figure. “We’ll become one, and we’ll become unstoppable within the multiverse.”
“If I’m not mistaken, and I might be,” started Dabny, in a deadpan tone, “you must be that other Dabny who is eating all the Dabnies?”
“Well, that’s one way of putting it. You can call me the Omni-”

She was cut off by someone suddenly leaping onto her back.

“Dabny, get back!” Dabnee hollered.
“Who the…what the…” Dabny didn’t even know what the right question to ask was. She just dashed backwards towards Borm.

The two figures clashed in the smoke for a moment more before the smoke dissipated. It was just as Dabnee and Dabny had suspected: The OmniDab, the collector of Dabny souls, was here.

“I’m afraid we’ve arrived too late,” spoke Borm softly. “She’s already here.”

Dabnee and The OmniDab grappled with each other in the hallway. The OmniDab looked just like Dabnee, which looked just like Dabny, with the exception of her purple uniform that was really too bizarre to explain. Dabnee, on the other hand, was looking like her usual self (or, as usual as Dabny had been used to for the 15 or so minutes that they knew each other). Well, almost.

Dabnee and Nursa5 had been interrupted in the bed room in doing whatever it was that Nursa 5 did for Dabnee, and the result was that Dabnee was fighting the OmniDab without any sort of pants on at all. No diaper, no nothing. She was completely nude from her waist down to her ankles.

This, again, embarrassed Dabny only because it was like looking at herself fighting nude.

“Borm…don’t look, please,” said Dabny.
“At what?”
“That fighting! Dabnee is…er…”
“I don’t understand, Dabny. I think its best that I observe the combat. In fact, I am currently building a battle strategy for myself…in my mind.”
“Ok…great. But I…I mean, Dabnee, is naked out there!”
“I fail to see what the issue is.”

Dabny was tempted to ask Borm about his sexual orientation, but figured that this was probably a bad time for it.

“Two Dabnies on one dimension?? This is my lucky day,” proclaimed OmniDab in a proud proclamation.
“Yeah, well, consider this a real treat. This is your last day seeing another Dabny ever!” Dabnee punched OmniDab square in the face, knocking her backwards and toppling over a rack holding DVDs.

“Hey!” hollered Dabny, without really knowing what else to say.

“Dabnee…I’ve heard a lot about you,” said OmniDab as she stood up. “You’ve been zipping across the multiverse, saving Dabnies that you meet from my clutches. Following me and predicting my next target. You’re such a smart girl.”
“Yeah, I try,” said Dabnee."
“You’ll make an excellent addition to my collection,” OmniDab said with a grin.

Dabnee heard enough. She rushed at her with her hands formed into firm fists. She was about to get close enough to punch her again when there was a flash of red. Dabnee fell backwards and when she sat up, she saw OmniDab on the ground, holding her head.

“What the…” Dabnee started.
“It came from my bedroom,” cried out Dabny. “Or…what used to be my bedroom. It was like a laser or something.”
“That’s exactly what it was,” stated the cold feminine voice of Nursa5 as she walked into the living room with Dabnee’s laser-blaster in hand.

“I should’ve brought that with me,” Dabnee said.
“We don’t have much time,” stated Nursa5. We’re going to have to escape into the Shuffler while the OmniDab is still down."
“Why don’t we just finish her off?” asked Dabnee, with a look that said: “I wanna fight!”
“She’s too powerful. The best we can do is escape while she’s recovering.”

Nursa5 and Borm ran ahead to the whole in the wall that led to the outside. Dabnee and Dabny stared at each for a moment.

“You have to come,” said Dabnee.
“No I don’t. What I have to do is wake up.”
“This isn’t a dream. And you’re going to die if you don’t follow me.”
“I…but…I can’t leave! This is my home! I have a job! And my family…and my friends…my landlord…Mandy Moore albums…I can’t leave all that behind!”
“You can come back, you know. Maybe even soon. But not if you don’t follow me!”

OmniDab was beginning to come to.

“Are you in, Dabny?”
“I’m in,” Dabny said with a sigh. At this point, she figured she’d seen it all anyways.

But she hadn’t. When Dabnee turned around to lead Dabny away from the apartment, Dabny’s eyes found themselves focused on Dabnee’s bare bottom. She shuddered when she realized that it hadn’t exactly been fully cleaned up yet. She wanted to say something, but bit her tongue and followed her.

In her mind, now she had seen everything.

To be continued…