CyberBaby (Steaminess 4/5)

I’m going to try and start tagging my stories with a steaminess chart - While not comprehensive, this’ll hopefully make it easier to tell which of my stories are more cutesy, romantic, or PG, and which ones are just straight up hardcore kink.

Also, this story has an illustration by Rinonno! I put it at the end of the post.

Lucky plunged down onto the company’s roof, landing with a roll in almost perfect silence. The only sound was a subtle whirr of fans as her coolant systems kicked into place, displacing heat as her body ramped up to high gear.

The only thing barring entrance from the roof was a single locked door. Pitiful. Certainly, they hadn’t planned for an airdrop from fifteen hundred feet, which was their mistake, and Lucky’s gain. Stepping up to the door, she placed the metal palm of her hand to the locking screen, her consciousness dipping as she began the hack.

She expected a challenge. NanoCorp wasn’t a pushover, generally, even if their software tended more towards user end programs than cybersecurity. Still, it took her digital interface only a few moments to fight past the firewall and unlock the door.

‘Like candy from a particularly helpless baby,’ Lucky thought, waltzing right on inside.

With the information gained from the hack, her HUD visor began displaying relevant information. The location of hostiles was overlaid in wireframe, letting her see the position of guards and NanoCorp employees through the walls. Incredibly handy, for staying unseen.

She stayed geared up for a fight, but it looked like she wasn’t going to need one. The blueprints of the tower were displayed on her visor, routing out a map to her goal, and the coast was clear.

Sound-dampeners embedded into her cybernetic feet let her sprint down the hallway like a ghost, faster than any un-modded person could run, almost completely undetectable. Darting past the one guard who might have seen her, she slipped in and out of his possible field of view so fast that he didn’t get a chance to notice her.

Too easy. She pushed open the security door, waltzing into the server room to claim her prize.

The server room was empty. Not just empty, but barren - open, plain, white walls.

While she looked around at this, the door slammed shut behind her. Lucky whirled, placing her palm against the access panel, but this time the firewall didn’t budge - It wasn’t that she couldn’t defeat it, she couldn’t even get a foot in the door.

She was trapped.

‘Stay calm, you’ll find a way out of this,’ she told herself, backing up a few steps. If this was a trap, they’d have soldiers or guards coming to apprehend her shortly. She had enough weapons implanted into her cybernetics to fight a small army, she could take them. It’d be a hard fight, but all she had to do was get out to the roof and she’d be free.

“Pondering your escape?”

The deep, rich voice was familiar to her, and Lucky spun, confused as how Victory had walked into the room when there were no other apparent exits. “It’s been a while,” Lucky said. “You planned this for me?”

“The bait was too easy,” Victory said, waltzing towards Lucky with a swagger in their step. “We thought you wouldn’t fall for it, but here you are.”

Lucky was the only freeknife to have ever outsmarted the shared consciousness, Victory. An experiment in AI, the machine hybrid had a legion of bodies that it could inhabit, but they were always identifiable by Lucky’s HUD. This particular Victory was in a sleek, curvy body, a form that seemed overtly sexual.

“I could kill your body and use the authorization chip in your head to get out of here,” Lucky said. “You didn’t even bring a combat form to deal with me?”

Victory laughed, and one of their more malicious voices spoke. “Do it, then. I won’t even resist.”

It was a ploy, then. Victory would just have another body ready to go, and Lucky wouldn’t get a chance to take the authorization chip before the new Victory came in. Still… Lucky raised her arm, powering up the energy cannon embedded in her wrist.

Nothing happened.

“What?” Lucky said, frowning at her metal arm.

“Offmarket equipment,” Victory tsk’ed, their voice shifting to a version that was more mocking. “Untraceable, but it’s a shame that you lack proper antiviral software of your own. It makes it so easy to get inside.”

Lucky swallowed. If Victory had implanted a virus in her cybernetics, then she wouldn’t have access to any of her weapons. She might not even be able to use her heightened abilities.

As she thought this, she started taking off her clothes. It took Lucky a moment to realize what she was doing, and another moment to try and fight the effort and realize that she couldn’t. Her body was acting under someone else’s control.

Or… that wasn’t right. Her limbs were acting under someone else’s control. She could still turn her hips and neck, rotate her right shoulder, and generally move the parts of her body that were organic but all of her cybernetics were out of her grasp. Those little bits of control were not enough to stop herself from disrobing in front of Victory, even as she squirmed and tried to shake off the control.

Victory laughed. “I’m looking at your inventory of new toys, and it’s delightful. If you think you humiliated me before, you’ve got absolutely no idea what’s coming for you, but I’ll give you a hint.

On Lucky’s visor, a word appeared, huge in her field of view. HELPLESS.

“What do you want?” Lucky asked, swallowing as she slipped out of her panties, leaving herself totally naked. She thought she knew, but maybe there was a bargain here. “I can do any job you ask.”

“You can’t even walk under your own power,” Victory said. Their voice changed again, this time to something soft, sweet. “I just want the truth of the situation to sink in, dear.”

“And what truth is that?” Lucky asked, as her legs decided it was time to sit down - no, to lay down, thighs spread apart. She had a feeling that Victory was about to do something horrible to her, and she was starting to panic.

Victory held out a hand, and a panel on the floor slid to the side, so that a servo arm could rise up and deliver a parcel to her. “That you’re just a little child in the world, and that nobody should take you even the littlest bit seriously.”

Lucky stared at the parcel. It was puffy and rectangular, rustling as Victory unfolded it, revealing the object to quite obviously be a scaled up baby diaper. She blinked. “What’s that?”

“It’s your new potty, Lucky,” Victory said, their voice still in the strangely soft, mothering tone. “Only big girls get to use a real toilet.” Their voice shifted, then, back to the more mocking one. “I can’t wait for everyone to see you wearing these.”

Lucky tried to squirm, but her arms and legs wouldn’t let her do much except lie there as Victory walked over to her prone form, knelt, and slid the incredibly thick diaper beneath her hips.

“‘Ou can’ do fff…” Lucky said, eyes bulging.

“Oh, that’s right, you’ve got an enhanced voice box so you can modulate your speech,” Victory commented. “Well, then. It’s baby babble for you. I’ll let you make grown-up words if it’s really important, I suppose.”

“Ba-baah!” Lucky protested. “Ah mama buh!”

Victory giggled as they finished applying the diaper to Lucky. “I’m going to give you back your legs now,” they said. “Partially. You don’t need to be able to walk, but I don’t think it’ll do any harm to crawl.”

Lucky felt her limbs come back to her, but it was different than before. She felt weak - flopping over, it was a struggle just to get up onto all fours. Her body was capable of lifting a car over her head, so it was a matter of limits on her strength, imposed by Victory.


Lucky’s cheeks turned bright pink as she heard herself fart, rather loudly and unexpectedly. Again, Victory laughed.

“I’m going through your biological systems,” they explained. “This is just delightful. The way you can store calories and then enhance your metabolism at will - it explains quite a bit. Still, I have to wonder, what would happen if we burned through a week’s worth of nutrient storage at once?”

“Nuh-” Lucky started to say, shaking her head emphatically. “NuhnuhnuhNUH!”

She couldn’t stop it. Her enhancements whirred to life, burning off energy to no end and converting the stored biomass in her body to waste. A week’s worth of waste, at that.

She tried to resist - at least that part of her body was under her control - but while she had command of her potty training, the pressure just built and built as her body processed more and more energy. She scrunched up her face, trembling, desperately resisting as the tension grew worse and worse.

“You can’t stop it, Lucky,” Victory taunted. “Just let it out, and stop pretending you ever had an opportunity to keep from using your diapers.”

They were right. Lucky fought anyways, her face screwed up in effort, straining to her last.

It wasn’t enough. Finally, the effort was too much for her, and her body gave up fighting. Her voice box, though it filtered any words, still let her grunt and squeak as she started to helplessly fill her diaper. Muck, solid and firm, pushed out into her diaper in a tidal wave, quickly making the seat of the diaper bulge outwards. It swelled, more and more, muck squelching to every corner of the diaper, front and back, and then causing the material to stretch outward to contain it all.

Bending a little to whisper a taunt, Victory spoke in their most condescending voice, “We had these diapers made specially, because we knew there wouldn’t be anything out there that could handle a poopy-pants baby like you.”

Lucky could only blush, glare, and let out another soft ‘mmph’ as she wave of mush continued to fill her diaper.

Victory paused. “Ah, I just noticed the chemical filters in your nasal system. I’m sure that’s just there to keep out any toxic gas, but I’m curious…”

Something switched inside her, and Lucky suddenly got a whiff of the mess in her diaper, smelly and unmistakable. She wrinkled up her nose, but it did no good, and a second later the stink only got worse. It seemed unreal, totally dominating her senses with the smell of her mucky, still-swelling diaper.

“I thought I’d just turn up the sensory input so you really get a sense of how pathetic you are,” Victory explained. Their voice switching to the more soothing tones, they added, “Did the baby have a little accident? Well, that’s alright. She couldn’t help it, after all.”

Lucky sniffed, regretted it, and let out a sigh of relief as the accident finally ended. She felt drained, exhausted to her core, and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Her legs started moving again, and her eyes widened. “Nuh, nu-don-” Sitting up, she sat down right in her diaper, the weight of her cybernetic body sinking into the mush and making it squelch everywhere.

Victory giggled. Coming from them, the sound was unsettling. “I own you,” they said. “I can see through your eyes. I control your body. You can’t do anything unless I allow it. Do you understand that? I know you struggle with adult concepts, but surely that’s something you can follow along with.”

Lucky nodded.

“Then say it,” Victory commanded.

Lucky opened her mouth. “Goo gah buh,” she babbled.

Laughing, Victory waved her hand. “Good enough. You can leave.”

The door opened behind them.

Lucky blinked. “Huh?”

“I’m not just going to stand here and humiliate you forever,” Victory said. “I have my own work to do, and besides - my control doesn’t have a limited range. I want you to leave, so that’s what you’re going to do.”

Lucky raised her eyebrows, but she was able to control herself again, and she fell back onto her hands and knees. Her diaper, enormously full and sagging almost to the floor, still held on snuggly with no sign of leaking, but it was so heavy that it made her weak limbs strain just to stay on all fours.

“Oh, and as one more reminder…”

On her HUD, the word BABY appeared in big block letters, replacing all other information on the visor.

Lucky couldn’t feel much, except the enormous mess squelching between her legs and hanging heavily off her waist. All she could smell, intensely and inescapably, was her own stink. And now, the word ‘Baby’ was just as impossible to avoid.

“Once you’re out of the building, I’ll give you your voice back,” Victory said. “And once you go buy new diapers for yourself, if I think they’re humiliating enough, you will be allowed to use your arms to change your own diapers, walk, and generally pretend you’re a grown up. Until I decide I want to play with you again, that is.”

Victory smiled.

All Lucky could do was crawl away.

Illustration by Rinonno:


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Steaminess factor would make more sense with steam punk versus cyberpunk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, a fun little romp.

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Well I’m not going to start using a cyberness scale for all my stories! :rofl: