Cutie Baby

(In case anyone is wondering, “Cutie” is the ABDL name of Kota, a 22 year old girl who requested these stories. Most of the other characters are people from the community or my other stories)

Part 1: The Birthday Party

I sit on the couch, reading the newspaper as Cutie played with her toys. Or so I thought.

“Rawr!” I heard a little voice say.

I look up to see cutie on all fours. She’s wearing a yellow baby onesie with a picture of a cartoon lion on the chest. She had tucked her blanket into her pampers and had it coming out of the flap on her onesie like a tail and wore a set of cat ears in her thick, curly hair. She smiled and looked at me with big eyes, then raised one hand in the air like a paw.

“Rawr! I is gonna get you Dada!” she says again, and jumped up onto m. I play fight her with my left hand but hold her tightly with my right so she does not fall off. She grabs my hand and puts it in her mouth, pretending to gnaw on it. “Mmmm tasty!” she says between mouthfuls. She starts crawling over me and pawing at my face, repeating “Rawr” over and over.

“Oh no! A scary baby lion!” I say, faking panic. I keep play wresling with her as she pretends to gnaw on my limbs.

"No Daddy! Is a tiger! RAAAWWRRR! " Cutie screams, jumping at me and wrapping her arms around my shoulders.

“Haha ok, baby tiger.” I role her over and lay her on her down with her back to the couch. She keeps trying to fight me, repeating ‘rawr’ over and over. “But you know, that’s a lion on your onesie, not a tiger.” I point to her chest.

She looks down on it in confusion. “Uhhh… I is a lion! A fewocios lion twying to eat Dada! Sees? I gots a mane!” She pushes up her hair, showing me that it’s her mane. She starts struggling against me with renewed energy, nibbling on my ears and making munching noises.

I let her play around a bit to wear herself out, then I lay her on the ground and hug her tightly.

“NO! Dada got’s me!” she cries.

“Uh huh! And now I’m going to get my revenge!” I start tickling her around her ribs as she shrieks with laughter. I tickler her all over her stomach and feet. She starts kicking and pawing at me, but I keep going. Then, I undo the flap on her onesie and pull it over her head. With her stomach exposed and her arms stuck in the onesie, she lays helpless as I blow raspberries in her stomach. She laughs even louder, flailing around helplessly.

“Stop! Dada stop! I suwenda!” she pleads.

“Alright alright alright. But I don’t know. I’m not sure if I want a scary lion running around…” I tease.

“I no longer a lion! Lions scawy, Is a good giwl.” She reaches above her head and takes out the cat ears.

I look at the toy cat ears. They are white with pink lining. “You know sweetie, these aren’t lion ears, they are cat ears. You can still wear them and not be a lion.”

“I can?”

“Yes sweetie.”

Excitedly, she puts the ears back into her hair and starts pawing at me again.

“Meooowww! Dada I is a kitty! I is a good kitty!”

“Awww such a cute little kitty cat! Do you like being a kitty cat?”

“Uh huh Daddy! I is a good kitty!”

“Alright sweetie. You can be a kitty.” As we speak, I run a finger through her diaper, checking for wetness. She doesn’t seem to notice and keeps meowing and hugging me with her hands held like paws. When I see that she is dry I redo the flap on her onesie and sit her on my lap.

“You know Cutie, today is a very special day. Do you know what day it is?” I ask.

“Uhhh…” She the question for a moment, staring up at the ceiling. “No I don’t Dada. Wha day is it?”

“Why it’s your birthday silly! I told you that yesterday!”

“Yayyy! Is my biwfday!” she screams excitedly.

“Uh huh. Do you know what that means sweetie?”

“Uhhh…… yes….”

“Really? What does it mean?”

“Uhhh… I no know Daddy.”

“It means that this is the day you were born.” She looks at me in confusion. “The same date, but a different year sweetie. It’s not your first birthday. You get lots of cake and presents!”

“Yayyy! I wike cake. Dada? When was my first birthday?”

“One year ago sweetie. Or twenty-two, but that’s ok. Anyway, some of your friends are coming over for a party tonight. But I want to give you your presents first, ok?”

“Hehe yayayaya!” she screams and claps her hands excitedly. I pick her up and carry her up the stairs to her nursery.

Once there, I blind fold her so she can’t see what I’m getting and sit her on the ground. I take off her onesie, noticing with a sigh that she wet herself it on the way up. I take off the sodden diaper and throw it away. No matter. Cutie sucks her thumb and wiggles around as I clean her up. I powder her heavily. Then, I reach behind me. Part of her gift were packages of new diapers I had custom made for her. I had them made in bulk, and had enough for a few months. They were far thicker than her usual ones, crinkles loudly, and were held on with one resealable tape on each side. Each had a cute print on it, ranging from pictures of teddy bears to Disney princesses and characters from her favourite tv shows, mainly Sponge Bob, Power Puff Girls, and My Little Pony. Each was lined in pink and had “Daddy’s Baby Girl” written across the top. Finally, the backs had three balloons drawn on them, a symbol she took to be her “Cutie Mark,” based of Pinkie Pie, her favourite character from MLP. I knew she would love them. I take out a Power Puff Girls diaper and tape it on to her. She smiles and squirms, realizing it was different then the diapers she usually wore. I sit her up, facing a mirror.

Next, I take out her new dress. It is white and pink with pictures of the characters from My Little Pony, featuring especially Pinky Pie. Each pony wore a diaper with their cutie mark on it, like the one Cutie was wearing. I put the dress over her head. It fits well, though the skirt ends less than an inch below her new thick diapers. I’d say she would have to be careful walking around or bending over if she didn’t want everyone to see her diapers, but I knew she wouldn’t mind or even notice. I place a bonnet over her head with MLP written across it, made to match the dress. Next, I take out a new pink pacifier and place it on her lips. She had lost hers a few weeks before and had been hoping for a new one. She recognizes the feeling, smiles, and opens her mouth excitedly. I place it in and she instantly begins suckling, giggling to herself.
I’m not quiet finished with her presents yet. I take out a new teddy bear then and sit it in front of her. I put a stuffed monkey on her shoulder with its armed raped around her neck. Finally, I take a stuffed pony, make it kiss her nose, and place it on top of her head. She giggles but remains seated straight, anxious not to disturb anything so she can see her new toys.

“Ok Cutie, are you ready to take off the blindfold?” I ask.

“Uh huh!”

“You didn’t peak?”

“Nu uh Dada, I is a good baby!”

“Yes you are sweetie,” I say, kissing her cheek. I undo her blindfold.

Immediately, she shrieks with pleasure. She begins admiring her new dress in the mirror. She picks up each of her new stuffies and hugs them. She roles over on the ground with them in her arms, and her skirt lifts up above her diaper bottom. Noticing for the first time the new diapers in the mirror, she laughs and claps her hands. She searches through the piles of padding I got for her, admiring the characters. Finally, she turns to me, jumps into my arms and hugs me. She kisses me over and over.

“Tank oo Dada! I wuv oo!” She says, still hugging me.

“And I love you too sweetie. Now, your friends will be here soon, so why don’t we go downstairs? You can wear your new dress for the party, alright?” I ask, and she nods smiling. I carry her down the stairs.

I leave her to play with her new toys while the guests start arriving.

First up is Sarah and her husband (or Daddy) Eric. She is wearing cute baby blue overalls, decorated with teddy bears and complete with a back flap and footies. Her diaper bulges out clearly from underneath her clothes. Eric pats her on the bottom and sends her to play with Cutie, who is waiting in the living room. She crawls over, hugs Cutie, and begins to play.

Next through the door is Squeekie with her caretaker Bowser. Her outfit consists of a pink t shirt with diapered ballerinas drawn on it, a pink bonnet a tail, and fox ears. It is clear she is not entirely happy to be a baby today. Her shirt lock closed with a collar at the neck, and she pouts glumly as she is led in by a leash. Her diaper is covered with locking pink plastic pants. From the smell, it is clear she hadn’t been changed in a while and probably wouldn’t any time soon. Finally, a pacifier is secured in her mouth with a ribbon.

Bowser shakes my hand and speaks to me. “Sorry about the smell. She was acting up, so I decided some time in diapers would be good for her. She argued of course, but a spanking and a few locks took care of that. She isn’t allowed out of them until tomorrow.” He turns to Squeekie, unties her pacifier and attaches it to a string around her neck. “Now listen, you be a good baby girl. Play nice, don’t talk back, or you are going to get a spanking, ok?”

The fox eared girl nods her head sadly, then runs into the next room where Cutie and Sarah are waiting for her.

She is followed by Phil. Though actually male, his caretakers preferred keeping him as a baby girl, and his outfits were usually the most effeminate of them all. Today is no exception. He is wearing a dress in an even brighter pink then Cutie’s. The short skirt does little to hide the ruffled pink plastic pants over his diaper. He is wearing mary jane shoes and knee high socks, and has his log hair tied with pink ribbons. He happily sucks a pacifier as he crawls towards the party room.

Three people arrive in a group. Maggie, Taylor, and Jimmy walk in in matching pink onesies and bambino diapers. New to the idea of ABDL, they are a bit shy about their padded behinds, and scurry in quickly before anyone can see. They all crawl to play with the group.

A few more people arrive. Joshua, wearing only a blue t shirt, pacifier, and his diaper, skips in happily unaware of Albert’s efforts to slow him down. Carissa came in wearing a green jumper over thick cloth diapers with her caretaker Brandon holding her hand.

Each of the babies meet in the living room, where I set up all of Cuties toys. At the same time, I have the tv running on the cartoon network. I watch as the group plays around and has fun under the watchful eyes of their parents. A few of the babies tease Squeakie for her messy diapers, holding their noses and repeating “eww stinky baby!” until their parents put a stop to it. Sarah, one of the girls doing the teasing, is found herself to have a full diaper. The blushing and pouting girl is brought off for a change.

The remaining babies keep playing together, improvising games of tag, piling blocks, and making their stuffed animals dance. Once in a while a parent steps in to change one of them or feed them a bottle.

At one point during the afternoon, Joshua and Phil begin fighting over a stuffed cat. They both went to grab it at the same time. Joshua didn’t seem to notice Phil wanted it to, and turned his back before talking with him. Phil then grabbed it from his hands, and Joshua cried and tried to grab it back. They ended up wrestling for a few moments on the floor before being pulled apart by the parents. Both are taken by their respective parents and spanked, then sat in high chairs facing opposite corners for a time out. After fifteen minutes, their parents take them back in, and they resume playing.

At 6 o’clock we take the babies into the kitchen for supper. I sit Cutie in her high chair at the centre of the table. The others are sat in their own, or on the laps of their parents. Though she normally eats baby food and oatmeal, today I let Cutie try eating pizza. I cut it into tiny pieces and hold each one to her mouth.

“Hehe yummy Daddy!” she says gleefully. She eats quickly and sloppily, swallowing it as quickly as she can.

When they are done with the pizza I take out a chocolate cake I had been saving for Cutie. The other kids sing happy birthday, though most of them sing off key and forget the words. I slice up the cake and hand it out to each of them, then turn to feed Cutie.

I put the spoon to her lips, she stops me. “Dada, I wan to feed myself” she says, eyes pleading.

“I don’t know Cutie. Are you sure you know how?”

“Uh huh! I knows! And is my biwfday, I almost a big giwl! Can I, pwease? For my birfday? Pwease?” she repeats please over and over until I relent and hand her the spoon.

She stares at the spoon for a moment, trying to remember how it works. She holds it clumsily in her fist and lowers it to the cake. After a few attempts, she manages to get some in the spoon, then proceeds to drop it into her lap. She tries again, this time getting closer but mushing the cake on her face. I try to hold back my laughter as I watch her slowly get more and more covered with chocolate. Finally I take the spoon back from her. She pouts, but doesn’t argue and opens her mouth to be feed. Soon she is smiling again and enjoying the chocolate cake.

When she is finished the parents take out gifts for her. She gets some new clothes; pink footed pyjamas and a baby blue onesie. She gets several several stuffed animals and dolls, box sets of cartoons, and a dvd of despicable me. I take her out of her high chair so she can admire her new toys. Forgetting she is still covered in chocolate, she walks around to hug and kiss each of her friends, saying thank you to each one. They hug her back. However, as she hugs Maggie, Maggie plugs her nose and shouts “someone’s stinky!”

Cutie looks at her for a moment in confusion. I walk up behind her and pat her bottom, finding her to be very messy. I take her by the hand.

“Come on Cutie, let’s go get you changed” I say.

“No!” she shouts and stomps her foot.

“What? You don’t want to get your diaper changed?” I ask, bewildered.

“Uh huh. I wans to pway now. Diapie changed later.”

“Sweetie, are you sure? You know you have a stinky diaper, right?”

“Yes. I wans to be stinky. Is my bifday, and I say I stay stinky and change later! Pway now!” to emphasise her point, she mushes her own diaper around with her hand, then sits down in the mess.

I give up trying to convince her. She is too eager to play with her friends, and doesn’t want to waste time on diaper changes, even if it means wearing a messy diaper all night.“Ok, if you want to be a stinky girl…”

"Uh huh! I is a tinky giwl! Lets pway! "

The other babies crowd around her laughing, and they go back to playing their games. I put on Dispicable Me, and slowly each of them is drawn toward the cartoon characters. Once the movie is finished, the parents start taking their babies home. They say their goodbyes and hug each other. Each one is exhausted from the day’s activities, and eager to get home to rest. Joshua even falls asleep in Albert’s arms and is carried out of the house. Soon, me and Cutie are left alone.

I pick her up and sit her on my lap. “Ok stinky girl, did you have fun today?”

“Uh huh!”

“Are you ready for bed?”

“Uhhh… wes Daddy!”

“Alright sweetie. First let’s get you into a clean diaper and some pyjamas, then I’ll tuck you in, ok?”

I carry her up the stairs and into her nursery. I lay her on the changing table and undo her diaper. I clean her off carefully. After having been in the messy diapers for a few hours already, the skin has started to turn red, and Cutie moans in pleasure as I clean it off and spread oil on it. Then I powder her and tape her into a double thick night time diaper and plastic pants.

“Bob Bob!” she squeals, recognizing Sponge Boy on the cover of her diaper.

“That’s right Cutie! We have some with all your favorite cartoon characters!” I show her the piles of diapers.

“Das a wot Dada. Dere are a wot of diapies.”

“Yes, well, I’m sure you will have no problem using the all,” I tease. I dress her in white footed pyjamas with teddy bear pictures and put her dress in the laundry.

“Daddy?” she asks.

“Yes baby?”

“Can I sweep with you tonight? For my bifday?”

“Well… Ok Cutie.” I carry her to my room and lay her under the covers of my bed. I lay down behind her and hug her close to me, making sure she won’t roll over and fall off.

I kiss her. “Good night Cutie. Happy birthday.”

“Good night Dada,” she says quietly before putting her thumb in her mouth and drifting off to sleep.

Re: Cutie Baby

Part 2
As mentioned earlier, these were all written for Kota as a request. This isn’t necessarily a single story, but a collection of shorter stories written with the same characters.

I watch as Cutie plays happily in her play pen. She moves the stuffed ponies back and forth, making them dance as she smiles to herself. She giggles loudly as she sucks on her pacifier.

After a little while she stops. She makes a funny face and sticks out her thickly padded rear. She grunts. I hear a loud noise followed by a squishing sound. Seconds later, she seems oblivious to what happened as she sits back down with another squish and keeps playing.
I shake my head, laughing to myself at the silly AB girl. I walk over to her, and she glances up from her toys, smiling at me.

“Dada!” she squeals.

“Hmmm… sniff sniff…” I smell the air loudly so she knows what I am doing. Even from a distance, it the smell is obvious. “Hey Cutie, do you smell something funny?”

“Uh… I no know.”

“Really? Try sweetie. Do you know what that smell is?”

“uhhh… nuuuu…”

“Are you sure? I could have sworn some little baby had a stinky diaper around here. Do you know who that might be? Whose stinky?”

“I dunno”
“Think, Cutie.”

“Is Dada tinky? I tink Dada has a tinky diapie.”

I shake my head. “No no silly. Daddies don’t wear diapers, babies do. Do you know any babies who might have a messy diaper?”

“Uhhh… nuuu?”

“Are you a baby, Cutie?”

“Yep! Is Dadas baby!”

“That’s right sweetie. Do you think maybe you have a messy diaper?”

“I no know. Dada check pwease!”

“Alright you silly girl.” I walk over, pick her up and sit her on my lap. I undo the flap to her flowered onsie and open the back of her diaper.
“Yep! It looks like you made a nice big mess in your diaper! Didn’t you?”

“Nuuuu!!! I tink Dada did!”

“Are you sure? Are you sure you didn’t fill up your pampers?”

“Uh huhs. Dey clean.”

“Because I think you are a stinky little girl. I think your MY stinky little baby. You made a messy in your diapers.”


“Hmmm… Well, alright sweetie. But remember, if you aren’t stinky, you don’t get a diaper change either.” As I say this, I rub the load in her diaper, making her uncomfortably aware of the mess.

“Uhh… I uhhh…” She shifts her eyes nervously. “I just baby! I don know! Dada know!”

“Well, how about we go find out, alright? Well go to out neighbour’s house and see if they think you are a stinky girl.” I pick her up and carry her toward the front door, with the flap of her onesie still open, leaving the messy diaper visible.

“NOOO!!! I tinky! I tinky!” Cutie struggles in my arms. It was night, so not many people would see her, but she was still embarrassed. Though the neighbours had seen her in her baby clothes countless times, and even thought it was cute, she was always embarrassed to be seen outside in her diapers. Especially when she was messy.

Ignoring her, I carry her out the front door to the neighbouring house. I ring the doorbell as Cutie pouts quietly. Soon the door is opened.

“Well well well, what do we have here? Is this little brat giving you trouble?” Sarah, our neighbour, says as she laughs loudly.

“Well we were having a bit of an argument. Cutie here doesn’t seem to think she has messed her diapers. Do you think you and Eric could settle it for us?”

“Sure! No problem!” Sarah leans in and sniffs the back of Cutie’s diaper loudly, then makes an exaggerated ‘whew’ noise and waves here hand in front of her nose. “Yep! That is one stinky diaper! What do you think Eric?”

“Definitely a stinky baby. Really used those diapers.” He says as he pulls open the back of her diaper and looks down. He then pats her diaper loudly. “You should change her before she gets a rash. Oh! And send us photos of her new outfit!”

“Haha I will. See Cutie? I told you you were a stinky baby.” As I say this, Eric takes out a camera and snaps a picture of her diaper as proof of her babyness.

“Uh huh.” Cutie pouts as I carry her back to the house. Once there, I take her into her nursery and lie her on the changing table. I remove her onesie and diaper, throwing the later out. I clean her carefully with baby wipes as she stares at me with wide eyes, sucking her pacifier and cuddling a teddy bear. She must have grabbed it on the way in without me noticing. I finish cleaning her and tape her into thick MLP diapers. Instead of the onesie, I put her into pink footed pajamas. Cutie smiles up at me. She always enjoys getting changed, it makes her feel helpless and dependent on the care of her daddy. But most of all, since I am doing it for her, it makes her feel loved and lets her know I will always take care of her.

“Alright sweetie. I think its bedtime for babies.”

“Nuuu!!! Dada, pwease! I wants to pway!” she looks up at me pouting. Though her display is adorable, we both know the rules.

“Now now, babies need their sleep. 9 o’clock is bedtime. Now calm down and let me get you in your crib.” I pick her up and lay her down in the crib, covering her with blankets. She whines quietly, looking up at me pleadingly as I leave.

I turn out the lights and shut the door behind me as I leave. However, I don’t move away from the door. I walk in place, getting quieter and quitter, making her think I am walking away. Then I wait a few minutes. Sure enough, I soon her the sound of her climbing out of the crib. I smile and shake my head. Silly girl. She knows she is going to get caught, she just wants attention from her daddy. It is cute, really. Well, she will get the attention she wants.

I open the door and turn on the lights to see her on the ground, surrounded by her toys. She had knocked over one of her toy boxes and spread them out across the floor.


She squeals loudly and tries to crawl back toward her crib, but I catch her. I smack her once on the bottom hard and sit her down.

“Alright. It is too late to clean this up now, but you will tomorrow. From now until the end of the week, you are grounded. No tv shows and no video games.” I say as I place her back in the crib.

She stares back up at me, biting her bottom lip and glaring. Just being grounded wasn’t enough. She wanted more. The attention seeking ABDL glances quickly, but noticeably, toward the closet where we keep the ropes and paddles and looks back at me with a mixture of nervousness and rebellion. I glare at her, daring her silently to do more.

After a few seconds of watching, she slowly reaches to her side, picks up a plush Pinkie-Pie pony, and throws it at me. Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to show she was being bad. Alright, if that is what she wants.

“BAD BABY!” I yell and reach down toward her. She squeals as I pick her up and through her over my lap. My hand comes down on her diapered rear, and she begins to squirm and whimper as I spank her again and again.

“NO! I sowwy Dada! No pankings!” she squeals and kicks her legs. Soon she is crying and begging to be let down.

“Wait here” I command before walking away. She sits glumly, sucking her thumb as her pacifier flew out of her mouth during the spanking. I return a minute later with a bottle, some rope, and a new outfit. She looks at them all, recognizing what they are for.

First, I tie her hands behind her back and her ankles together so she can’t struggle against me. Then I sit her on my lap and put the bottle in her mouth, making her drink. She can tell from the taste that it is filled with a triple dose of laxatives. She glances angrily at me but keeps drinking. She is in for an uncomfortable night.

When she is done, I dress her up further. The new outfit wraps around her tightly like swaddling cloth, leaving no room for her to move her arms or legs. She giggles “hehe Dada! I is a wormy!” She says, probably hoping to get back on my good side.

I kiss her cheek. “Alright sweetie. As long as you are a good wormy.” I put the pacifier in her mouth and tie it in place, effectively silencing her for the night. Next, using the rope, I pull her knees up toward her head and tie them in place, leaving face as close to her diapered butt as possible. Then I lie her down in the crib.

She looks up at me pleadingly, tears forming in her eyes. She knows exactly what this position will mean. It is very uncomfortable to begin with, and she can hardly move. When she messes again, and she will mess because of what she just drank, the smell will be unavoidable with her head that close to her diaper. The pacifier in her mouth will keep her quiet, and I can replace it with a bottle if need be, meaning I can feed her whatever I want and keep her there indefinitely if I want to. Finally, her padded rear is turned up and displayed; ready for any additional spankings should I decide she needs it. Essentially, she is completely under my control.

“Alright Cutie, you knew this was coming so I guess it’s what you wanted. Be a good baby! I love you sweetie, and good night.”

I hear her yell a muffled “wuv oo!” as I turn out the light and shut the door.

Re: Cutie Baby

Part 3

I walk over to Kota’s crib to find her sleeping peacefully. I stop for a second to admire the scene. She is simply adorable in her pink pjs, cuddling with a teddy bear. The pacifier fell out of her lips as she slept, her thumb taking its place. Though she sleeps soundly, the smell of her diaper tells me I should wake her up soon, before she gets a rash. I put a hand on her head and bend down to kiss her gently. Her eye lids flutter open, and she looks up at me with groggy eyes. A cute smile splits her face.

“Dada?” she says, sitting up in her crib. She lifts up both her arms toward me. “Hugs!”

I reach down and pick her up, one hand around her shoulders and the other under her cute diaper butt.

“I hungwy dada” she says, looking at me as I kiss her.

“Alright baby. But lets get you cleaned up and out of that stinky diaper first, ok?”

“Huh?” she blinks at me in confusion, not realizing she messed during the night. I pat her bottom to show her, and she looks at me again and smiles. “Uh huh dada. Wan change pwease!”

I carry her into the bathroom and lay her down on the changing table. I take of her pajamas and untape her diaper. She sucks her thumb again and looks at me with big eyes as I clean her up. Before I re-diaeper her, I carry her to the bathtub and run the tap.
She begins splashing around in the crib as I clean her with soap. Though her playing is cute, she begins to splash me and I get annoyed. “Alright, that’s enough Cutie. Cutie, stop that. CUTIE!”

She looks at me again in fear. “Stop splashing or your going to get a spanking!” I tell her.

Immediately tears begin forming in her eyes. “I’m sowwy dada!” she cries, shrinking back.

I feel guilty, and reach down to hug her. “Its ok sweetie, I’m not going to hurt you. Just be a good baby, ok?”

“uh huh” she nods.

“Alright then.” I go back to cleaning her and shampooing her hair as she settles down. “Theres a good baby!” I hand her a rubber ducky, and she starts playing with it. Soon Cutie is happy again.

I pick her up out of the tub and dry her off with soft towels. Then I put her in thick Pinkie Pie diapers and a cute pink baby dress. Matching pink booties, hair bows, and a paci complete the outfit. I can’t help but smile at her and kiss her again. She looks adorable as always.

Her stomach grumbles. “Dada, I hungwy!” she whines.

“Alright baby, its breakfast time.”

I pick her up, cradling her in my arms, and carry her to the kitchen here I sit her in a high chair and lock her in place.
I give her a bowl of mushy fruit and a bottle of formula and begin to feed her. She keeps reaching for the spoon, trying to take it herself, despite my warnings. Eventually, she knocks over the bowl.

“Awww BAD BABY!” I say as she looks at me in fear. I tie her hands to the sides of the high chair and take out more food, feeding her again.

When she is finished, I take her out of the high chair and bend her over my knee. She begins to whine through her paci, which I tied behind her head, as she knows what is coming. The first spank lands on her diaper with a load smack, and is followed by a dozen more. I want to discipline her, but I don’t want to hurt her, so I try not to hit to hard.However, she keeps struggling against me, trying to get away. I end up having to tie her ankles together and her hands behind her back. I stop as she sniffles and sit her on my lap.

“Now we are going to watch your shows, ok? Just rest her with daddy and be a good baby, and I might untie you to play later.”
She nods, unable to speak through the pacifier gag.

We turn on the tv, going through the MLP, Sponge Bob and Powerfuff Girls. Cutie gets more and more excited with each show, bouncing on my lap and laughing through her paci. She tries to get my attention to it. Though she can’t point with her hands behind her back, she looks at me while making noise and back at the tv.

“I know Cutie” I say, patting her head “its Pinkie Pie!”

We watch the rest of the morning cartoons, and as promised, I untie my now happy baby and lock her in her playpen, surrounded by toys. She starts playing with plastic ponies, content to be my baby girl.