Curse of the Crinkle Crate!

Chapter 1: The Box

I… Want… Couch Time… Now… were the thoughts of a certain blonde-haired fox, as he absentmindedly fumbled with the keys to his small, cozy home. His shoulders were slumped, and his eyelids half open in a vacant stare as he maneuvered his key into the lock of his front door.

The day had been absolutely miserable, all of his clients had been in a bad temper when he spoke with them about their problems, and one of them even seemed to believe that the fox didn’t really know what he was doing. Of course, he knew what he was doing! He’d graduated top of his class by no small miracle, the fox was very talented at his work, but the lack of appreciation and frustration that was thrust upon him by his clients was not something studying could have prepared him for.

At last, the key turned, and the door swung wide open, shouldering his bag he strode inside and carelessly dropped it in the front hallway, kicking off his shoes and closing the door behind him with a click, locking it once more.

Give… Me… That… Couch… thought the fox once more, as he strode into his living room. However, his couch did not seem to be on the agenda just yet, for the fox almost tripped over a wooden box in the center of the room.

Kaz was taken aback, how had this gotten in his home? He didn’t remember lugging a rather plain, heavy looking wooden box into his home. Its dimensions were around two feet by two feet, and a foot and a half tall. Kneeling down, his tail now twitching with apparent interest and curiosity he inspected it closer to find that its lid was hinged, with the front opening to the container facing towards him.

What on earth… Did somebody break in and leave this here? He thought to himself, as he reached forward with a paw and tentatively opened open the strange box.

The lid thumped onto his carpet as he gazed into what was held within the strange item, and was even more confused to see that the box only contained two items in it. A thick square of plastic upon closer inspection Kaz found to be a white, adult diaper, and a note next to it, written in fancy cursive. He picked it up, his eyebrows furrowing as he perused through a short poem, a strange feeling of warmth he didn’t recognize bubbling up in his insides as he did so.

For a year and a day obedient shall you be,
To the rules and whims of the box at your knee,
Letters and rules shall be provided from these wooden confines,
Giving you instructions, tasks, items, and lines,
And lest you not listen to my behest,
Shall you not have your day-to-day be the best!
For control and independence are no longer yours
From now you’ll be clad always in diapers!

Diapers? Control? Is this all some sort of prank that got delivered into my house that one of my friends managed to sneak in? He turned the note over and found that more was written on the back of it, this time not in the mysterious cursive font as on the front.

The rules are simple, Kazard. For a year and a day you will be completely unable to control your bladder nor your bowel, making it that at any time whatsoever, you will completely and utterly mess and wet yourself anywhere you are.
Within this box, you will find your solution to this new conundrum in your life, which you have agreed to participate in by opening this box. Whenever you open this box you will be supplied with plain white diapers perfectly matched to handle whatever punishment you give them.
It is recommended that you also invest in other supplies related to padding, such as powder and anti-rash cream, but those are up to your discretion.
You may try and not wear your diapers, but you will find that it is wiser to comply with the rules and keep yourself nice and secure; your continence will not return either if you do not obey the rules set before you.
If you wish to communicate with the box, you must do so through a bargain written on a note to express your wishes. However, be warned: the box is liable to interpret and balance any request or boon as it wishes if whatever you offer is not of equal value, so it may be wisest to obey as instructed and keep yourself diapered at all times of the day, otherwise, the consequences will be severe.
With that, we hope you enjoy your next trip around the sun padded up!

This has to be a joke… Boxes that interpret poetry and supply diapers whenever opened? This isn’t even a funny prank, this is pathetic. The fox dropped the diaper and note back into the box with contempt, what a stupid thing to waste his time with. He got up, couch now forgotten as his stomach rumbled its hunger aloud to the room. He padded over to the kitchen, turning the kettle on and rummaging through his dry food cabinet, retrieving a large bag of chips.

He held the bag in his maw as he stretched, reaching up to the higher shelf to grab himself a chocolate bar. It was just out of his reach, and he strained, leaning against the counter to support his weight as he grasped after his sweet. The counter must have been wet, however, for he looked down as he felt something damp against him.

The bag of chips dropped out of his mouth and onto the counter below him. The counter hadn’t been wet, no. It was he who had gotten wet.


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Chapter 2: Distressed in Diapers

Kaz looked down at himself in slight horror, he placed a shaky paw on the front of his work pants, patting around to feel the warmth of his own urine now soaking down his legs and dribbling onto the floor tiles of his kitchen.

What the hell is going on?! I haven’t had an accident like this since I was three! His thoughts swirled around his head and so did his surroundings, he turned around and leaned against the kitchen counter, his breath coming in short gasps.

“This isn’t happening… This isn’t happening… This isn’t happening!” he spoke aloud to himself, his voice cracking at the last statement of denial. Grabbing a roll of paper towels he carelessly unrolled a pawful of them and began to clean up the pee now pooling by his pant leg while also attempting to dab up his wet clothing.

Having completed his rather futile attempts at drying his soaked clothing he unbuckled his pants and balled them up. Now only clad in his soaked tighty-whities, his tails tucked between his legs in shame, he scuttled into his laundry room and stuffed his pants into the washing machine. He peeled off his underpants and threw that in too. Standing in nothing but his work shirt and tie, he threw in some cleaning detergent, closed the lid, and started the machine.

As the sounds of water gushing into the interior chamber of the machine filled the room Kazard hopped on top of the machine and placed his head in his head, kneading his hair into his head as he stressfully thought over what had just happened to him.

He had found a box, containing a letter with a strange poem and a very specific set of instructions detailing that he had somehow been cursed, he’d been provided with a diaper in the box, and then almost immediately after he had put those two things away he had completely and utterly wet himself, without any sign of him needing to relieve himself whatsoever.

The fox leaned over, peeking around the doorframe of his laundry room and gazed into the living room, suspiciously eyeing the corner of the brown box just visible from his point of view.

He spoke aloud, his voice quavering only a little bit as he said indignantly, ”I don’t know who you are or what you want, but I’m not finding this funny! If you’re drugging me or cursing me or whatever this is not cool!”

The box, unsurprisingly, did not reply to his outburst.

Harumphing, the fox slid off of his washing machine, and padded back over to the box. Kneeling down, he hesitantly lifted the lid of it once more, looking nervously inside.

A gasp caught in his throat, as he saw what he had dreaded would be in the box. Opening it fully he revealed several neat stacks of thick, white diapers, as if freshly delivered to his doorstep in this very box.

I can’t believe this is happening… Is this a dream? He pinched himself, hard, and closed his eyes tightly shut. He found that no matter how hard he hurt himself he did not wake up. He whimpered, feeling helpless and defeated, as he picked up one of the diapers in the box, bringing it up to his nose and sniffing at it disdainfully.

The scent of the diaper hinted at his nostrils, and he opened it to examine the interior. The unfamiliar item lay in his hands, as he dejectedly stared at the strange absorbent underwear in his paws.

A sigh of resignation and humiliation left the sniffly maw of the fox, as he laid it down on the floor unwrapping it. He clumsily sat his naked bottom onto the seat of the diaper, shifting and adjusting to get himself properly positioned.

Awkwardly, he pulled out the back tabs of the diaper and slid the front over his crotch, bringing the tapes from the sides over and taping them over his front. His face cringed slightly as the diaper back pushed against his trapped tails, and he twisted around to loop them through the tailhole, one after the other. As he placed the last tape over his protruding tails he completed diapering himself, albeit a little sloppily. He gingerly stood up.

The padding spread his legs apart several inches, and looking behind him they thickened out his behind quite a bit. He realized that he’d probably struggle with putting on most of his work pants, and they would do a poor job of hiding his abrupt change of wardrobe. The note was right, the diapers were designed to handle anything he could give them, however they had absolutely no points selected in discreteness.

A frown appeared on his muzzle as he thought about what he could do to avoid being detected at his work the next day, a feeling of apprehension bubbling up in his mind at the potential scenario of being discovered. He would definitely wear his baggier work pants, and he would have to be careful about keeping his shirt tucked in properly. The only thing he was really worried about was the possibility of waddling, but he could probably be able to just squeeze the diapers into a more walkable shape with his legs.

He walked over to his couch, and sat down on his new crinkly underwear, a small poof of air rushing out as he put his full weight on his bottom. He reached over for a remote and flicked the television on, snacks forgotten.

Kaz needed something to get his mind off of the fact that the next day of work was going to be quite the unpleasant one. His face grimaced slightly, eyebrows furrowing with worry. How am I ever going to wiggle out of this one?

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Chapter 3: The First Day

Kazard nervously pulled down on the fabric of his pants near his inner thigh, feeling highly paranoid about his current, crinkly predicament. He had woken up that morning feeling refreshed, albeit having fallen asleep on his couch with a myriad of snack containers and bags of chips strewn around him. It was the dampness around his crotch that had ruined his morning, the memory of the progression of events from last evening flooding back in his mind.

Although his memories were not the only thing that had been flooding apparently, as he squeezed the front of his diaper with his paw. He grimaced as he noticed that they were quite thoroughly soaked. He had pressed his legs together, or at least tried to but found that it was difficult with the large, soggy padding serving as his new underwear.

He had sighed, disappointed that it all had not been a dream and walked, or more accurately waddled, over to the box which still lay still in the same place he had discovered it the previous evening. With an annoyed expression on his face, he had opened up the box to reveal once more the neatly stacked, fresh looking diapers and retrieved one.

Waddling over to the stairs of his house and up into his bedroom he had lain across his bed; his tail twitching and a little embarrassed he had changed himself out of his wet diaper and into a dry one. A little awkwardly, he untaped the wet padding and raised himself onto the fresh diaper, having to turn around the diaper a second time after he realized he placed it under himself backward.

Fiddling with the tapes for a minute, he rediapered himself to his satisfaction. He stood up and walked in front of a mirror. To his dismay, the diapers seemed to be much poofier and obvious that he had not noted the previous evening. He began to seriously worry if even his loosest work pants would be able to properly conceal them.

Pulling said work pants on, he was greatly perturbed to find that he had difficulty pulling them up and over his padding. Finally, he had completed the task, and saw a quite significant bulge from his front and, as he turned around, his behind giving away his situation.

For added measure, he pulled a windbreaker around his waist and tied it around with its sleeves, which seemed to better hide the noise component of his new underwear. Putting on his coat and grabbing his bag he considered stopping by the pharmaceutical store to perhaps purchase some thinner, more practical diapers.

Checking his watch, he saw that he was already running late for work. Drat! Of all the days… he had thought to himself, as he ran from his front porch after locking the front door to his car.

His boss had not been happy at his untimely arrival, the surly raccoon had raised an irritated eyebrow as the fox burst through the front door, and to the fox’s humiliation his eyes almost immediately drifted down to his waist, noting the awkwardly tied windbreaker but not seeming to make any conclusions besides it being an odd choice of apparel for such a pleasant day.

Nevertheless, it left Kaz wondering whether he had noticed that his awkward gait as he shuffled awkwardly past him was now subtly hindered by his padding.

His cheeks flushed from running and slightly from embarrassment, he had stuttered out an apology before checking in at a computer terminal and swiftly walking towards the back of the facility to resume his work on his projects, not wanting to meet anyone else while his slightly crinkly movements and bulging behind would betray his current incontinent state.

He had not seen any of his other colleagues. He was especially thankful for not seeing Aaron, an almost overly muscular horse that always seemed to tone all of his comments and sentences to him as belittling. As if the fox and he were nowhere near the same level of competency even though the fox usually ended up fixing up the horse’s sloppy work.

But now, as he sat on his stool fiddling with a particularly tricky circuit he saw out of the corner of his eye the same equine that he loathed interacting with so much sauntering over to his little corner.

Smirking, the horse leaned over his project and inspected it with a feigned, well-trained eye. He looked to Kazard, giving him his toothy grin as he spoke, ”Heya Kazzy! Looks like you got your work cut out for ya with this particular job! Need any help or tips from Mr. Aaron?”

Reflexively Kazard brought the circuit board down and over his padded crotch, shaking his head and not looking up at the horse, replying curtly, “No thanks, I think I’ve got this one under control.”

The horse’s eyes wandered downwards, but his annoying grin didn’t leave his face as he seemed to pick up on the nervous movements near the fox’s waist.

“Are you sure? It looks like you’ll need to reboot the motherboard on this one, I could definitely spare a little of my busy work schedule to give my little fox a hoof with that.”

Kazard was about to report with a withering reply that he, in fact, did not need the horse’s expertise or lack therefore at all. He was perfectly fine with performing the job he trained for all by himself just fine when the gates to his bladder blew open right at that moment.

He heard a small, but distinct hissing sound come from the front of his thick padding, and his cheeks flushed as he realized he was uncontrollably wetting himself in front of the last person on earth he would want to be aware of his current situation.

The horse’s ears flicked and started to rotate towards the direction of the fox, a curious expression crossing onto his long face. Panicked and mind racing, Kazard raised his voice and gesticulated with his arms to draw attention away from his crotch. “Don’t you have work to be doing too? Or did you just come over here to distract me?” he accused loudly trying to cover the noise.

The dumb animal had a bemused expression on his muzzle at the little fox’s visual tirade but the distraction had clearly worked, he shrugged his shoulders casually, ”I’m just trying to help out those who need it! You know, get my good deed for the day in and all.”

As if you’ve ever cared about good deeds in your entire life, thought Kaz annoyedly, as he responded curtly, “I”m just fine, thank you. But I really need to concentrate on this project and would appreciate it if we could save this conversation for later, thank you.”

Kaz’s voice was strained but serious as he looked down again at his work,

“Okay then, Kazzo! I’ll see you around I guess.”

Mercifully, thought Kazard, the dumb hunk had then turned around and strode away from him, probably to find somebody else to bother, and left the poor fox to his work and a now very soaked diaper. One that he realized he was stuck in until his work ended. Looking up at the clock that hung near him, that would not be for another six hours. It was going to be a very long day.

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Chapter 4: The First Day, Continued

The rest of the day did not go up from there. After Aaron had sauntered away, Kazard had found concentrating on his work difficult with the warm, slightly squishy presence of his soaked diapers pressing against him.

It felt odd and unfamiliar to be sitting in one’s own wet diapers after not needing them since… well… infancy.

He gritted his teeth, shaking his head as thoughts of how embarrassing his ordeal started to enter his mind. I have a job to do, he thought to himself, not wanting to fall behind on his work that day, just because I’m wearing some different clothes today doesn’t make things that different.

For a few hours, he was able to stay focused on the task at hand. He lost himself in the work as he hummed absentmindedly to accompany his tool fiddling and wire soldering.

A gentle, almost unnoticeable gurgle from his tummy all the warning he had before he found himself bending over forward, unable to stop himself as his face reddened. He looked around confused. What… What am I to do… his thoughts were cut short as he began to empty his bowels into the seat of his diapers, his mess immediately pressing up against him as he performed a number two while seated at his workstation.

Kazard’s face flushed bright red, and his behind spasmed and pushed more of his mess into the seat of his padding. He grimaced, feeling the now messy diapers squish and spread against his butt.

He felt helpless and incredibly humiliated. He was only grateful that nobody had witnessed his great moment of weakness, but now he realized with a sinking feeling he’d have to spend the rest of the day in his soiled diapers until his shift was over.

As if to add insult to injury, he heard a quiet hissing as his bladder released and gave yet another donation to the now swelling front portion of his padding.

He looked up and around him, and to his relief nobody seemed to be near him or paying him any attention.

The smell of his deed now drifted up to his nostrils, and he cursed under his breath.
The fox had not thought of the issue of the potential olfactory distraction that his newly acquired incontinence might bring about; he regretted not taking the advice of the note and going out to purchase something to lessen or at least mask the smell.

Shifting uncomfortably, he sighed exasperatedly and resumed his work once more, each small movement or act of fidgeting furthering the spread of his accident against his behind.

Lunch hour came and left, and he just barely managed to keep his voice straight as a soft-furred vixen, Arya, stuck her head around the corner of his work station and asked him sweetly what he would have for lunch since she was getting rounds.

He stuttered out,” O-oh, uh, can I take the ham and cheese as usual please?”

She had smiled, bemused at the fox’s awkwardness and nodded saying that she’d be happy to fetch him that.

“Is that really everything? You really ought to eat a little more, you know, all that work you do and I rarely see you eat more than a few crumbs!”

Her concern seemed genuine, and her thick, orange tail had flicked up behind her. Although clad in dirty overalls with a few streaks of oil in her fur on her face and arms, she was stunningly pretty.

Aaron had been attempting to work his magic on her for ages now the moment she had been hired as a mechanical and electrical engineer, but she had warded his advances off, not interested in engaging in romance at the workplace.

For Kazard, however, she seemed to reserve a softer relationship and he had always had the hardest time trying to tell whether she was indeed flirting or just being nice to him since he had helped her with a few tricky circuits she had been struggling with.

Kazard cleared his throat, straining his smile a little bit as he consolidated, ”I think that should be enough for right now, maybe if you find an apple or a piece of fruit along the way I’d like that, I’ve been craving something a little juicier lately.”

She giggled a little bit, giving him a look like,” Uh-huh, nice save attempt Mr. I-Don’t-Eat-Enough,” and had turned around, the teasing tail of hers wafting behind her like a soft, lively pillow.

A different kind of wafting came from his padding and did not improve even when he remembered the bottle of cleaning spray underneath his desk. Not even a large number of sprays from the container totally eradicated the smell, and when the vixen walked back over to his little place he thought he saw her crinkle her nose just a little bit, but she did smile at him sweetly when she handed him his sandwich.

As three o’clock finally arrived Kazard was beginning to feel a distinct itchy feeling on his backside and crotch after sitting in his soiled state for so long.

Carefully adjusting his windbreaker to make sure it covered his backside and now a rather bulgy front, he locked up, clocked out, and slipped out the front door as sneakily as he could, noticing with irritation that his gait now displayed a slight waddle between every stride of his thickly padded rear.

He had hopped in his car, cringed as his soiled diaper pressed up against him once more, and sped off home, the only thing on his mind was getting out of his soiled diapers and taking what he planned to be the longest shower in his life.

Chapter 5: The Bargaining

The grey fox stood underneath the warm, hot water cascading down onto him from his shower head. A slight sense of relief crept inside him along with the warmth of the water as he let out a small sigh. His arms were crossed and hugging his chest, head leaning against the wall of his shower stall. As the water dribbled down his arms and created stringy rivers down his legs he allowed himself to close his eyes to think.

The day at work had caused him no end of grief, as he had been constantly distracted from his work due to his newly acquired crinkle underwear and his constant paranoia that his coworkers might notice something off about him that day. He had kept telling himself that as long as he behaved like everything was normal nobody would probably even suspect anything different about him, but he still struggled to believe his logical reasoning.

Getting home that day he had shrugged his bag off onto the floor after locking the door behind him. Immediately, he had stripped off his pants to inspect his now well-used diapers. Although sagging slightly now due to the punishment his incontinent body had delivered to them, he found that they had held up surprisingly well after so many uses throughout the day.

He had reluctantly admired how the tapes held his diapers securely around his waist, as well as the well-designed plastic lining around his legs and absorbent material on the interior. After a few minutes of inspection however the smell of the accident in the seat of his pants hit him, and he had shivered slightly from disgust.

Striding over to the box which still lay in his living room he had picked it up, finding it to be quite heavy he lugged it up to his bathroom and awkwardly cleaned himself up with toilet paper. Grimacing the whole time, he realized he may well have to follow the box’s advice on acquiring incontinence supplies.

After he had used up an entire roll of toilet paper he had decided that simply showering and using soap to get the mess out of his fur would be the best solution. After a good few minutes of fervent scrubbing, he had at last cleaned himself to his satisfaction, only to have his slightly raised morale crushed once more as he had realized that some of the water dribbling down his legs had a suspicious yellow tinge to it.

He had once again wet himself without warning, this time thankfully while in the shower and his accident was flushed away down the drain immediately. He had pinched the bridge of his muzzle with a paw, tails flicking irritatedly as his frustration grew.

Can I seriously not get a break from this? How do I go from being a perfectly functional, toilet trained adult to having the potty abilities of a two-year-old!

As he allowed himself to bask in the warmth of the water showering onto him he remembered back to what the note in the box had mentioned, that if he wished he could attempt to bargain with the wooden receptacle but that it might lead to unforeseen consequences.

What is this thing anyway, some sort of anthropomorphized wooden genie? Do I make wishes only to have them backfire?

Kazard reached for his bottle of shampoo and started working on cleaning his fur. Concluding by giving his headfur a proper scrubbing he rinsed and shut off the water. Tentatively, he opened the box and retrieved another white diaper from the box’s seemingly endless stash.

After once more awkwardly rediapering himself, gingerly looping his tails through the tail hole and bringing the front over his crotch to be taped up.

Kazard hefted the box once more, and with some effort brought it into his bedroom before practically dropping it next to his bed. Grabbing a pen and notepad from his office he half-walked, half-waddled back into his bedroom before sitting in front of the box, placing pen and paper and on top of it.

He tapped his chin with a paw, gazing to the side at nothing in particular, lost in thought of what he should write.

What exactly do I even want? I want to not have to wear diapers at all period, but I doubt that this box will allow me to request such a thing… I keep getting distracted and bothered by the fear of other furs finding out that I have to wear diapers due to this problem…

The fox began to write, creating and then crumpling several drafts until he finally arrived at what he found to be an appropriate and well-structured request.

Dear box, I am following your instructions to remain diapered well, but I am finding it
rather unpleasant at work when I use my diapers and have to also interact with my
coworkers; I am distracted from being productive by worrying about others finding
out about my incontinence. Would it be possible to receive diapers that are more
discrete and less likely to be detected by others?

He read it over several times, this really does not seem too unreasonable to ask… after all, I’m stating that I’m being cooperative with the wishes of the box which seemed to be what it wanted judging by its original note, it can’t be too much to ask to have the stress of discovery by others lifted!

Satisfied, he ripped the note from his notepad and lifted the lid of the box, depositing the piece of paper gently on top of the stacks of white diapers held within and shutting the lid.

He paused for a few seconds, kneeling and waiting in front of the box for something to happen. Nervously he lifted the lid once more, and his eyes almost bulged out of his head as he saw that his note was gone and was replaced by one with the same handwriting as the previous note from the box had been written in.

How on earth did it even reply so quickly?! Kazard wondered to himself, as he picked the note up with one paw, the other still supporting the box’s lid open with the other. His eyes fervently perused through the message.

Your anxieties and fears have been noted,
And time has been spent and devoted,
Towards easing your thoughts and apprehensions,
With serious and kind intentions!

Find you now that when wearing your diapers,
Subtly hidden they be with the confines of your clothes,
Your feelings of discontent and lack of pleasure,
Are things that your diapers will no longer ensure!

Rest well tonight and feel no self-sorrow,
For the effect shall begin tomorrow!

Kazard squinted at the message, trying to figure out what the box’s rhyming lines were trying to say. He had never been much for poetry and found himself gritting his teeth annoyedly at the container’s rhyming couplets. Could nothing with this wretched thing be simple? What did I ever do to deserve such an inconvenience!

One thing did stick out, however. The box seemed to be saying that his diapers would appear to be better concealed underneath his clothes, which brought a greater sense of relief to the fox. He looked down at the open lid of the box and set the note aside and picked up one of the diapers.

His eyebrows raised in surprise as the white diapers now appeared to be slimmer, although equally as heavy if not more so to the ones that had previously been stored within the container.

He unwrapped one, realizing to himself that he would probably be able to just take one to his study to inspect and perhaps learn more about his new, still unfamiliar underwear seeing how the box promised an unlimited supply of them.

Well then… That wasn’t as difficult of an ordeal as I had expected… The fox stood up, feeling as if at last he had acquired some measure of control over his situation. He pushed the box underneath his bed, securely storing it there.

Still clutching the new, slimmer diaper in his paws he walked with his slightly shifty gait, due to his diapers, back into his office and sat down in front of his computer with a sound like he had landed his behind on a pillow coming from his padding.

Ignoring the noise, he booted up his computer and began to inspect the diaper as closely as he could. To his annoyance, he could find no distinguishing marks or company logos on it. It was as if the creator of the diaper had simply wished to create a well-functioning product for the sake of itself, and not for profit.

Kazard spent the next hour googling various companies which specialized in incontinence products but found no images or brands that matched the appearance of the diaper he wore and held in his paw, unwrapped and now a little disheveled from his thorough inspection.

Although finding no product that matched the box’s, he found himself reading through several guides and instructional graphics discussing the logistics and tips on incontinence.

Feeling slightly defeated, he created an account on one of the websites he found to be quite professional and discreet with its delivery, and added anti-rash cream, baby powder, wipes, and after some deliberation a pair of blue plastic pants to the cart before checking out, reading the projected delivery date as only a few days from now.

Annoyed that his expenses were now increasing because of the demands of the wooden vessel, but feeling better and more informed about his situation Kazard stood up from his desk and padded downstairs into the kitchen. Feeling something damp between his legs he looked down, and placed his paw on his padded front and squeezed.

He felt a distinct squelch between his fingers and realized that he had wet himself without even realizing it while he was perusing the internet. Whatever that box did seriously took away my control… I didn’t even realize at all that I was urinating, I could wet myself at any given time without warning…

Adjusting his glasses on his face he decided to move past dwelling on his diapers for once and fix himself something to eat. Padding into the kitchen with his diapers rustling, he quickly created himself an array of snacks before padding back into the living room and laying himself down on the couch with his array of delectables.

Turning the television on, the rest of Kazard’s evening was spent in relative undisturbed quiet, save for the occasional flooding of his diapers that seemed to remind him of his incontinent state just after he was able to take his mind off it.

Even when he had decided that the best way to distract himself from his diapers was to go to bed, he found himself uncontrollably messing into his diapers a few minutes after he had curled up underneath his covers.

Kazard couldn’t help it, he whimpered out loud as he gingerly extricated himself from his covers, trying to minimize contact with the mess in the seat of his padding with his backside. Grabbing a diaper from the box, he retreated into the bathroom once more to clean and shower the mess from his backside. Twenty minutes later, an extremely tired and freshly diapered fox collapsed on the top of his covers, falling asleep almost immediately without even covering himself, padded rear raised up in the air as his mind descended into an exhausted sleep.

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Chapter 6: The Bargain

Kazard opened his eyes to the sound of his alarm blaring through his bedroom, almost immediately he reached a paw down to inspect the front of his padding. Dismayed but not surprised, he found the front of his diapers to be significantly squishier between his paw fingers and against his front.

Internally he rolled his eyes and then threw the covers off of himself, stopping his alarm with a tap on its cease button and padding over to his bathroom to change and quickly shower away the smell of urine from his fur.

Shortly afterwards he returned to his bedroom, withdrew his newly slimmed down diapers and rediapered himself slightly quicker than usual. Opening his wardrobe he put on a pair of baggier jeans and examined himself in the mirror.

Unless one was looking particularly closely, he saw to his relief that it proved to be as the box had said, he no longer had to worry about being discovered visually. He shifted around, wriggling around in his diaper and jeans to see if excessive movement might produce any incriminating noise.

Not a sound, whatever the box had done to his diapers it had ensured that their discretion in both appearance and noise was sound. He smiled, maybe I might actually be able to get used to this routine sooner than anticipated he thought to himself, as he gathered his things together for the day’s work.

He hopped into his car and arrived without a second thought about his newly conveniently made plastic pants, even managing a cheerily wave at his boss who merely grunted back in response, which was his usual response to any attempts at small talk the fox made when the occasion struck.

Sighing contentedly to himself he sat himself down at his workstation and set to work, humming absent-mindedly to himself.

Soon enough however Aaron was making his rounds bothering all of his coworkers that day and he rolled on over to Kaz’s little corner, shattering his concentration entirely as he did best.

“What’s going on with you today buckeroo, you found yourself a new crush or something?” He laughed obnoxiously at his own joke as if he’d made the wittiest crack he’d ever heard.

Kazard rolled his eyes but didn’t take his eyes off of the screwdriver he was attempting to delicately fit into a particularly small and stubborn screw.

“Sure, Aaron. I found the loveliest girl in the world and tomorrow she’s whisking me away into a magical land where I’ll never have to perform a day’s work again.”

Aaron tilted his head to the side, nostrils flaring and his eyebrows raising in surprise, ”Wait… Really? You found someone and you’re leaving? Damn… I didn’t think somebody like you would actually find someo-.”

He was abruptly interrupted by Kaz looking up his own eyes wide with annoyance and his jaw set in a grimace, ”No, Aaron. I was kidding, I didn’t find anyone, I just happened to be in a better mood this morning. That’s until I met a certain person that is…”

Aaron’s confusion did not dissipate as he frowned and looked around, attempting to apparently figure out who this unpleasant sounding person was.

“Uhh… Who did you meet, Kazzo?”

“Nevermind Aaron, now I need to concentrate now because I’ve got a lot to get finished today-AHHH!”

A sharp, intense feeling of pleasure reverberated through the grey fox’s body and his member sprang to attention inside of his diapers. He felt his stomach gurgle before his bottom began to heavily deposit into the seat of his diapers in a now more familiar fashion.

He gasped and gripped the edge of his desk, shivering as the feeling of intense orgasmic pleasure rocketed through his body and mind and he came into the front of his absorbent underwear. He panted, feeling a string of saliva leave his lips as he felt a cold sweat suddenly against his back and pressing against his clothes.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! He thought to himself panicked, he looked up to find an absolutely flabbergasted looking horse. His normally jovial, cocky persona had disappeared and the horse appeared to look slightly terrified at what he had just witnessed.

“Kaz… What was…”

“A seizure!”

Kazard thought quickly, his mind whirling in its post-climaxed state to quickly recover from the humiliating situation, his cheeks flared red as he continued, ”That was a seizure, I’m sorry I guess I never told you. I have this rare condition where sometimes I thrash around a little bit and can’t control myself completely and act adversely sometimes. It usually happens when I’m stressed out.”

Aaron nodded slowly, appearing to at least understand a little bit but his disturbed facial expression did not leave his muzzle as he backed away slowly, retreating back into his own work area as he said, ”Uh… I see… Well uh… I hope you’re okay Kazzie… I’ll talk to you later…”

Kazard placed his face in his hands as the horse fled, and he let out a deep, frustrated sigh. Can I seriously not get a break? I bet that stupid box did this to me! GOD! I knew it was talking about pleasure and all that crap wouldn’t bode well. Seriously, what do I have to do to just live normally again without all these horribly humiliating experiences! Now Aaron is going to tell the entire office I had a freakout at my work desk… At least they’ll probably think he’s exaggerating what happened but still, that was so embarrassing!

He shifted around in his diapers, grimacing as not only his backside felt sticky as he realized he had deposited a fair amount of seed into the front of his diapers, which now felt wet and sticky as though he had already wet them.

Or perhaps he had, the fox realized that he was having a seriously difficult time noticing when and where he was peeing, he presumed that the box’s conditioning of his incontinence was settling in further, not a fact that he was happy with.

Just as he looked up from his paws, wearing an emphatically dejected face, Arya appeared around the corner and rushed over to his work desk, a look of serious concern on his muzzle as she half cried, “Kaz! Are you alright? That stupid oaf Aaron was telling us around the water cooler what happened and he said he didn’t even try and see if you need help!”

Kazard’s ears flattened at her distress and he raised his paws up, the redness from his cheeks remaining as he felt touched if not distraught at her concern.

“No no! I’m quite alright, it’s a condition I’ve been living in for a long time I guess, nothing serious happened at all, just a bit of a spasm!”

By now the vixen was by his side, a fact that made him especially apprehensive about the smell of his freshly soiled diapers potentially reaching her muzzle, but thankfully she didn’t seem to notice his messy state.

She half-grinned, and laughed awkwardly, “Oh thank goodness you’re alright, I thought I’d have to call the ambulance for you! You made me worried!”

Kaz smiled, sheepishly scratching the back of his head and he responded in kind, ”No it’s my bad, I should have been more transparent about my condition so it didn’t come off as such a shock. If anything, I owe you an apology!”

The vixen shook her head, visibly relieved that there apparently was no fire to put out, but she still looked slightly concerned as she asked, ”Don’t you want to go home early today? I don’t think anybody would blame you and I could explain to the boss!”

Kazard hastily shook his head and grinned nervously, ”No no! I’m very much fine now, I’d just like to get back to work, that’s all, really I’m fine.”

She nodded, understanding, ”Well… if you change your mind just tell me, I can talk to Rick better than most of our fellow employees… Certainly better than Aaron can when he’s not licking his boots.”

The two shared a smile, and the vixen winked at him slyly as she padded away, leaving Kazard with a dry feeling in his mouth and his heart pounding.

Arya… Gosh, what a fox… If only I were in a state to actually have the confidence to make a move on her, but how on earth can I do anything remotely related to something like that when I just literally got off pooping my pants?!

Such unpleasant thoughts tormented the poor fox until the end of his day of work arrived, during which he had wet several times. Although not providing the same amount of forceful feelings as his mess, he felt jittery and excited every time he peed into his diaper, as if a slight, erotic electric current were running through his veins.

Not to mention during each episode of urination he was unable to concentrate on his work, but thankfully no one else came to chat with him, and he was able to just barely finish his day’s projects before 5 o’clock struck.

He stood up, having not done so since he had arrived that morning and stretched. The back of his messy diaper was practically glued to his behind, and he realized with dismay that he would have to repeat the same process as yesterday and completely scrub himself down in the shower.

He grabbed the front of his pants and squeezed, feeling the soaked material squelch and press against him. It took all his will power not to let out a loud whimper there and then. He couldn’t help but feel a little helpless being unable to control when and where he relieved himself. He realized just how incredibly dependent on the diapers he was.

Had he not put one on that morning he would have thoroughly destroyed the jeans he wore over them today. God, I hope I’m not driving when I have to go number two next time were the thoughts that accompanied him glumly as he padded over to his car, unlocking it and sitting down once more in his own mess as he entered on the driver’s side.

After a thankfully uneventful drive home, he once more dropped off his bag and locked his front door before immediately proceeding into his bathroom to shower and clean himself off.

There goes another roll of toilet paper… God this is disgusting, I’m really hoping those baby wipes are going to be more effective. Hell, am I going to have to get a diaper pail too? I can’t just keep cleaning out my bathroom trash bin literally every day… I’m beginning to feel like I live with an actual baby in this house.

The scrubbing this time took longer than previously as if his fur was refusing to be clean. But at last, he turned off the shower and toweled himself off, feeling glad that he was at last free from his mess.

As he placed the last tape of the new, fresh diaper into place on the landing area, the shiver from earlier that today returned to him in an unexpected rush. His three tails raised up into the air and he bent over onto his bed, inadvertently and passionately bucking his front onto his mattress as the seat of his new diaper bulged out from the mess he pushed into it.

Yet again he climaxed, panting loudly and his eyes crossing from the pleasurable experiences flowing through his mind. After a minute his sensual euphoria drained out of him, and he was left once more in thoroughly messed and wet diapers.

Kazard let out an angry groan, ending on an angry yell and pounding his fist into his bedding repeatedly. He couldn’t think of anything else that could put him in a fouler mood than having to clean off his mess from his backside for the second time in a day, just after he had finished doing so.

Chapter 7: Fair

The following few weeks progressed with several more close calls and intense moments where Kazard was sure the jig was up. Thankfully, the supplies had arrived over the weekend. He had spent most of his time off in his home, too nervous to actually go outside and get any of his errands done for fear of having an orgasmic episode as he had had at work.

Instead, he had waited patiently until another one struck with his messing and attempted to keep himself composed as much as possible during the spat of immense pleasure. He found that, although difficult and requiring a great deal of concentration, he could remain upright and tense various parts of his body such as his buttocks, arms, and thighs and keep himself from shaking too badly.

Was he in mid-sentence during such an attack, he planned to pass it off as a coughing fit, or at least attempt to? He found it immensely difficult to withhold a moan of pleasure during each session of sensual messing into the seat of his diapers.

The supplies had come as a slight relief to the fox, and after scouring the internet for tips and tricks he found that massaging the creams and powders into his fur not only slightly reduced the amount of mess that clung to him but it even made the experience of sitting and wearing the diapers much more comfortable, a small but welcome pleasantry.

At least I smell more like a well taken care of infant rather than one that smells like pee, he had thought to himself, as he slid up the pair of plastic pants that he had also purchased. They fit snugly around the diapers and, he hoped, would serve well in perhaps containing the smell that he found was becoming less and less distinct to his nostrils. He had needed to air out his bathroom during his changes and was beginning to worry that his own olfactory decay would cause him to be less adept at telling when the smell was obvious.

The wipes did little to take care of the mess caked to his backside, he found himself wondering why to bother with them at all when he could just hop in the shower and invest in some drain declogger instead.

As the weekend progressed he’d spent most of his time mentally preparing for returning to work that Monday, he found himself indulging in the fact that the box provided him a seemingly endless supply of diapers.

He had knelt down in front of the box, wearing nothing but a t-shirt which barely covered the top of his diapers and had taken out all of the diapers contained within the box and set them aside. He shut the box and reopened it to find it magically refilled with another dozen or so diapers.

I could probably save money on paper towels and dish sponges by just using these diapers. Maybe they might even serve as decent insulation… I might be the first person in the world to have to deal with the dilemma of what one could do with a literal limitless supply of diapers.

His musings were cut short when at that moment he noticed his tails were lifting instinctively behind him, and he had barely enough time to brace himself against his kitchen table as another orgasm thundered through his body, making his nerves all feel icy and burning at the same time as the waves of pleasure flowed through him.

He gasped as he felt the backseat of his diapers droop slightly, their now more subtle composition pressing themselves against him despite the mess he deposited in them.

As he felt the front of his diapers expand as another wetting accompanied them he sighed in resignation and padded up to the stairs once more to change himself into another pair of diapers, grateful at least that he had now set up a small stash of them alongside the supplies he had purchased underneath his sink.

My water bill is going to be through the roof this month, he thought to himself, as he turned the water on for yet another thorough cleaning. And I’m out of shampoo too…

The following few weeks at work were just as stressful as the first week when he had started his diaper dependence. Aaron had only given him space for a few days before he was at his regular old shenanigans again, bothering him just when he had begun to concentrate and get in the zone with his work and attempting to pathetically flex the slightest talents and ‘skills’ that he apparently possessed.

He had blessed the stars above however that he hadn’t had any more moments of orgasmic ecstasy around him, but his luck hadn’t been as good with Arya as on Friday that week she had popped in to ask him as she usually did what he would like for lunch that day.

He had a feeling that she was doing so just to get an opportunity to talk to him since
his reply had not changed once in the time that he had spent working there. Her face had turned from her normally cheery expression to one of concern and worry when she had seen him, panting and grasping the edge of his work station firmly, his eyes closed firmly as he tried to keep himself from making any noise.

He had almost jumped a foot into the air when he felt her paw on his shoulder, causing him to push out the rest of his mess rather abruptly into the seat of his pants. Thankfully, the plastic pants and subtle diaper had contained the noise and did not give away his infantile state through a droop in his pants. He merely prayed that the smell would not be picked up by her sensitive nostrils.

She had definitely been frowning slightly and her nose did twitch a little bit upon coming closer to him, but she seemed to be more focused on the state of his mind as she had inquired if he was okay and if he needed her to do anything.

He chuckled and smiled, trying his hardest to remain nonchalant but finding it very difficult as the last few dregs of lust were still in his mind, making it difficult to keep thoughts of just how much he was attracted to her at bay.

His heart fluttered at her sweet attention and he had done his best to set her concerns aside, telling her that it was just the stress of the past week getting to him and that he’d be quite all right.

She had offered to drive him home as well, which he very much wanted to accept but realized that if he invited her to his home, the chances of her discovering his need for diapers were set quite high, as well as the smell factor that he was now beginning to pick up with his own nostrils.

Thankfully she had soon relented and let him be, but not without him promising her that if anything else happened he would allow her to take care of him for the day and ensure he was all right.

God damn it! She’s even kinder than I had imagined her to be and I’m being totally cock-blocked by diapers of all things! This is ruining my life…

He had looked down at his pants as if to look through them and glare angrily at his already soaked, and rather smelly absorbent underwear that he had been wearing for almost three-fourths of a month now.

That’s it, he thought to himself, I’m getting home and I’m attempting to strike another deal with the box, this has to stop!

Perhaps… Perhaps I could ask the box to work some magic for me? I’ve been so obedient these past few weeks with everything, I haven’t even resisted by not wearing diapers! Surely I could ask for a favor now since I’ve been so dedicated to obeying its instructions…

That evening he had driven back home, now almost used to the fact that he arrived home in a well sat through the mess and had immediately ventured over to the wooden box with a pen and a pad of paper, not even bothering to change before he had composed his bargain with the box.

Dear Box,
I’ve been obediently following your instructions down to the line and I have been keeping myself in these diapers for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, they’re beginning to seriously intrude on my abilities to socialize with other furs, especially since you’ve added the pleasure aspect through sexual euphoria when I mess. Would it be possible for me not to have to use my diapers when in potential social situations like at work? It would really relieve the stress of having to be incontinent quite a lot!



Hastily, he signed off on the note and deposited it in the box before shutting it quickly. He waited for a second and then opened it.

Nothing. No note in response, not even the note he had placed there by himself was there, just more neatly stacked diapers.

The grey-furred fox tried again, running a paw nervously through his headfur as he opened and shut the heavy wooden box lid over and over again, but found that no matter how many times he tried the box did not seem to have any intention to respond to him.

“AAAARGH!” he yelled aloud to nobody in particular, alone in his bedroom as he was. He paced back and forth, thinking furiously and not even caring that the added movement only further spread the mess in his diapers, the thickness of his soaked front constantly reminding him of his diaper-dependent state.

I seriously cannot catch a break with this thing! First I make a small request to have the diapers be a little bit less conspicuous and what do I get in return? ORGASMS DURING SHITS I CAN’T EVEN CONTROL! THIS IS SUCH AN OUTRAGE!

His anger getting the best of him, he sat down and furiously wrote another letter to the box.

Dear box,

This is literally a living hell, my life has been turned upside down because of the incontinence you’ve given me and I find it to be incredibly unfair. I want all of this to stop right now and this instant, you have no right to take away a basic ability like being able to control when I use the bathroom. Return my continence at once!

He didn’t even bother signing and slammed the lid of the box on top of the note before kicking it under the bed. He got up to clean himself from his soiled diapers. Just as he took a step outside of his bedroom he heard a distinct, booming thump come from under his bed, seemingly exactly from the area where he stored the wooden box.

Swiftly he turned around and kneel before the box once more, sliding it out from under his bed he hastily opened the lid.

His jaw dropped, as he saw what appeared to be a small, pink chastity cage next to a note written in the box’s handwriting.

It would seem your days are filled with stress and strife,
Thus there shall be a new addition to your life,
Disgust and displeasure come from your diaper usage,
Thus now you have been given a cage.

If you do not wish to have your experience enriched,
Then shall you have a lock and cage on your member, bewitched!
Lock into place this small appendage of charity,
Lest you fear your relationships fall into disparity.

It didn’t take Kazard too long to figure out what the box was demanding now, and he felt his heart sink as it came to mind.

Sure, he figured he wouldn’t experience those insanely pleasurable orgasms every time he messed, but now, he realized, he wouldn’t be able to enjoy himself at all.

He ran a paw over his face, feeling almost like crying. He felt so helpless.

He picked up the cage, noticing a heart-shaped lock with no key supplied with it. He looked down at his diaper front, hidden from view as it was with his work clothes over it.

He whimpered out loud, knowing full well that he had made a mistake writing that angry letter so hastily to the box that now seemed to, quite literally, have him by the balls.

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Chapter 8: Lock and Key

I’m not putting this thing on… Kazard thought to himself, as he inspected the cock cage he held in his paws closely and checked the box for the third time just to see if a key had been included along with the cage.

The silver fox set his jaw, he was sick and tired of being bossed around by this alien box who had just appeared in his life with the apparent intent to ruin it. I may be incontinent, but I’m not going to deny myself sexual pleasure just because this thing isn’t happy I got uppity with it.

He took the cage and a fresh diaper with him to the bathroom, and set it next to the soap on the sink before he began his familiar routine of cleaning the mess off of himself, showering and shampooing, and then rediapering himself with the full knowledge that he’d have to do the same thing again quite soon.

The fox found that weekend to be a rather nerve-wracking one, as he waited for a consequence to occur after his obvious refusal to use the cage. However, nothing seemed to have changed, except his messy diapers. He still experienced the vivid orgasms that he was beginning to hate whenever he messed, delivering a surprisingly large amount of stickies into the front of his diaper. Whenever it happened to leave his member feeling quite sore afterward too.

His anxiety climaxed that Monday, however, when in the morning he followed his routine of changing out of his wet diapers and into a fresh pair underneath his work clothes, he was feeling surprised that the box still had not given him any consequences to deal with.

That day was rather quiet, Aaron had called in sick which caused all the people working in the building that day to internally sigh with relief. Kaz was cheerily working away at his project, pleased to be able to finally have a day of concentration where perhaps only an orgasm and messing might briefly interrupt him when suddenly, he felt his stomach gurgle and his tails raise.

He braced himself for the wave of sexual fervor that he expected to grip him but was taken aback when he felt his mouth open as if it had a mind of its own and he exclaimed loudly and clearly.

“I’m making big stinkies in my diapers, mommy!”

His paws clamped over his mouth in shock as his rump obeyed the infantile prophecy he had just proclaimed.

WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?! He thought to himself in a panic, looking around fervently, praying that nobody had heard the incredibly embarrassing sentence that he had just loudly announced.

I have to leave before somebody walks in here and discovers that it was me who yelled that…

Shifting in his now messy seat he started throwing various tools and bits of his project into his bag, getting up he walked swiftly out of his work area and out the door, thankful that his boss seemed to be taking a break from sitting at the front desk.

He looked back briefly, and his heart sank when he saw Arya standing in his office, looking confusedly at his abandoned desk and then following her gaze to meet his.

He blushed and turned back around, quickly scurrying over to his car and throwing his bag before hopping in himself, turning the key in the ignition and speeding out of the parking lot towards his house.

Breathe Kaz… Breathe! He swirled in a panic as he replayed what he had just done over and over again.

Is this how the box is punishing me? Making me announce when I have to go in my pants?! This is ridiculous and it’s even worse than the orgasms! How do I explain to furs that I can’t help saying such incriminatingly embarrassing things like that? There’s no way to hide anymore!

His mind went back to the cock cage, still sitting on his bathroom counter and something clicked in his head.

I’m going to have to put that thing on… If I don’t, who knows what the box might do next. Hell, it might not even stop here, it could keep making things worse! No… I’m going to have to listen to it or I might lose my job… But chastity? Really?

Within a matter of minutes he had arrived at his house, the sun still not quite yet in the middle of the sky, he had left just before the afternoon.

There goes today’s productivity… he thought glumly, as he hurried inside of the house, his mess still pressing up against his bottom.

Entering his house he immediately strode up the steps into his bathroom. Grabbing baby wipes and rash cream he set to work at cleaning himself up, showering quickly before stepping out naked and picking up the cage.

It seemed to be perfectly tailored for his member, and he found that placing himself in it held onto his parts firmly but not uncomfortably. Stealing himself, he closed his eyes in a grimace and clicked the lock into place, sealing his member within the plastic confines of the cage.

The fox frowned slightly, pondering. Was this some sort of power play that the box wanted to try on me? Am I still going to have to say aloud every time I’m going to go in my pants?

He shook his head and moved to grab a diaper from under his bathroom counter.

This is new…This feeling… I can’t feel myself at all! God… communicating with this thing is worse than trying to tell Aaron to stop bothering you…

He grabbed the powder and lotion, in addition to the diaper and padded off to his bedroom still naked from his shower to diaper himself up. He squirmed around a little as he applied the powder around his cage, carefully rubbing lotion around his member as best he could.

Kazard went to prepare some food, wanting to hydrate and snack up to see what would happen were he to mess again that day. I hope now that I’m apparently going to get absolutely no sexual relief I can at least stop announcing myself… he mused to himself grumpily.

His thoughts were grim as he flopped in front of the couch, flicking the television on and digging into the chips and dip he had prepared, guzzling down an entire liter of soda in almost one go.

He had been drifting off a few hours later, when a familiar feeling entered his mind. A second later he sprang upright, his tails lifting behind him and loudly he proclaimed with great confidence in his voice.

“I’m making very big poopies in my baby diapers right now!”

And with a grunt, he followed through with his exclamation, depositing a large amount of mess into the seat of his diapers, the white front darkening slightly as he wet himself helplessly.

IT DIDN’T WORK?! He thought to himself, shocked as he felt the last bits of mess plopped into the backseat of diapers.

With a disgusted expression on his face, he walked gingerly over to his bathroom and swiftly cleaned himself up, glad that little of his mess had gotten a chance to cling to his fur after his accident.

Once cleaned up he sat down on his bed, grabbing a pen and paper off of his bedside table. He sat there, his back against his pillows and thought for a few minutes, mulling over exactly what he wanted to say to the box.

Dear Box,

I would like to apologize for my outburst earlier and wish to request a more humble bargain to be able to stop the vocal punishment that you have me under. I would like to trade the vocal outbursts with something else. I would like to make it so that I cannot change out of my diapers for 30 minutes after I defecate in them as a trade-off. Thank you, and I’m sorry once again for uncontrolled anger. I hope that you can forgive me and please release me from this punishment.


Slipping off of his sheets, and kneeling he pulled the box from underneath his bed before opening the lid. Gently, he laid the note inside it and closed the lid before immediately opening it again. To his immense relief, he found that the box had responded promptly.

Your apologies have been accepted and released,
For you have behaved better and the box you have pleased,
Find you now your diapers locked,
But not too much should you be shocked,
They’ll keep you nice and dry throughout your play,
For now, you may only change them twice a day!

Kazard sat back down forcefully onto his behind, cushioned; he knew by his diapers he cared little for the slight shock as he let himself plop onto his padded behind.

Only twice a day? Does that mean I’m going to have to spend HOURS in messy diapers? God… If this box’s goal wasn’t to make me feel like a baby then it certainly has decided now that it is… Still, I guess I got what I wanted…

He looked down to give his diaper a withering stare, only to find to his surprise that there were large markings now on the two top tapes of his padding.

Examining them closely he saw now a key symbol on each tape, perplexed he placed his paws over his face, and let out an exasperated groan.

I swear as a kid I always thought finding out that magic was real would be the coolest thing but this genuinely SUCKS.

As if to further darken his mood, he felt a warmth spreading around the front of his diaper, now slightly harder to detect through his caged member but still distinct enough to tell him that he had just proceeded to flood his diaper.

This cannot possibly get any worse…

Sliding the box back underneath his bed after he checked to see that the other diapers in the box now too sported the same key symbols on their top two tapes like the one he was wearing currently, he got up and sat down in front of his computer with an almost audible squish.

Deciding to ignore his wet diapers he began to look up the logistics of long-term diaper wear as well as any health risks that he might be concerned about.

Shifting around in his chair, he glanced down at his padded crotch once again. At least these things absorb more than you expect them too… Still… I might have to work on thoroughly powdering myself down there… God, I’m going to get sick of the smell in the mornings…

After a few hours of idle browsing, he got up and readied himself for bed. The silver fox climbed into his sheets, already having wet and messed his pants again. As he shut off the lights and buried himself further into his blankets and pillows, he allowed himself one small whimper.

How can I fall asleep knowing that I won’t be able to change more than once during the night? Spending 12 hours in used diapers… God that prospect is so daunting I almost wish I just invested in a gag to cram in my mouth and just pray I can get it in there in time before I say something stupid again.

Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, awakening only once during a particularly large round of depositing into the seat of his diapers.

I shouldn’t have eaten so much…

In the dark, he crept a hand down to feel the state of his diapers. He groped his front and was dryly reminded of the cage still securely holding him chaste in his absorbent underwear. He was soaked, and the diaper was bulging in the front and back quite significantly.

Knowing he could do nothing about it but wait until morning, he shook his head and once again laid on his pillow before drifting off to sleep once more.

Chapter 9: Arousing Suspicion

The next work day started off and felt off, at least to the well-diapered silver furred fox who rolled up to work wearing a pair of diapers with no keys on the top two tapes the following Wednesday. He had discovered through experimentation over that Tuesday which he had called in sick on, that once the diaper was completely untapped, one of the keys from the tabs disappeared. This comforted him only slightly, as he realized that he could at least readjust tapes and modify his diaper slightly.

Still… Once I put one on… I can only change twice, and of course the reset time comes at midnight…

During his day off he had decided to exhaust the number of changes quickly as an experiment to see how the twice every day rule worked. Once he had exhausted the number of changes, he found that he couldn’t pull off the tapes or tug the diaper down his legs no matter how hard he tried.

Whatever magic is in that box it really doesn’t like to budge at all…

As he walked into his work building and settled down at his workstation, he ran a paw absentmindedly over the front of his padding, squeezing it gently. He had picked up this habit over the days of wearing the chastity cage, still unfamiliar with the lack of feeling and stimulation he experienced when touching himself.

He started as a voice shook him out of his reverie.

“Hiya Kaz! I’m glad you’re looking better at least, did you do anything fun on your day off?”

Kazard looked up to meet the gaze of Arya, who stood leaning against the wall close to the corner. She stared at him, her usual expression of kindness and concern painted across her face. Something nagged in the back of Kazard’s mind, a sneaking suspicion perhaps? He wasn’t quite sure what the emotion was.

Quite smoothly he replied, ”U-Uhh n-no nothing interesting in particular… J-just did some shopping and stayed at home mostly…”

Damn it… I didn’t even bargain the box for anything for it to inhibit the way I talk but I’m so damn nervous about this whole diaper situation I can’t even speak straight!

Arya’s brow furrowed slightly, a small smile forming on her muzzle. Was that a look of confusion or bemusement? Kazard was not sure whether he read the expression correctly. He watched her tail swish behind her almost flirtatiously as she padded away from him, leaving his head in a swirl of turned on emotions of confusion.

Naturally, Aaron decided to enter the scene at that point along with his boss, and Kazard got to enjoy a ten minute session of being chewed out for leaving work early the previous day and calling in sick the following. He was only able to stammer out a few pathetic excuses about feeling extremely ill which his boss thoroughly ignored, much to the apparent amusement of the horse standing next to him.

The rest of the week was hardly smooth sailing from there, Arya always seemed to be hovering around Kaz when he least expected it, she had dropped by while he was messing twice, unbeknownst to her he hoped. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him, but he could swear her eyes wandered to his oddly raised tails and fixated on his slight grimace the second time. It didn’t help that his voice was often rather squeaky when his body took him by surprise and emptied his bowels into the seat of his diapers. Still, her face didn’t betray any realizations which was the only thing that comforted the silver fox.

One day he had used his diapers so much he had to consciously remind himself not to waddle out of the door at the end of the work day as to not give himself away. This further pressed the mess against his fur, making the clean up after work an incredibly annoying ordeal.

He was pretty sure that Arya had caught him absentmindedly waddling at one point when he went to the break room. He had caught her eye, a bagel in his mouth, and turned his face completely crimson which was poorly hidden by his pink tinted glasses.

Why is she suddenly everywhere? I understand that she was concerned before about my lies about my health but now… I know I like her back too but can I really handle getting her attention in the current situation I’m in? What if she finds out I’m being forced to wear diapers… God… I’d never be able to live it down…

That Friday things seemed to reach a climax when Arya had strolled into his work space on her round of grabbing lunch for everybody and he had had a paw on his diapered front, squeezing it slightly as he was attempting to feel himself through his cage while nobody, in his mind, was looking.

He had gasped in surprise and quickly drew his paw away, but he feared the damage was done. Although he believed that she didn’t see him groping himself, her eyes did seem to wander to and linger the faint outline of the diaper underneath his work clothes.

Her eyes had narrowed briefly, but only for an instant. She spoke of nothing out of sorts and deposited his sandwich on the top of a desk with a sweet smile. She had even winked at him, causing him to visibly gulp.

Once more red in the face with shame and filled with embarrassment, excitement, and not a small degree of frustration he could barely focus on his work and had sat down in his car against a very mushy diaper seat with his thoughts chasing themselves.

Does she know? Why did she stare down at my crotch like that? Did she smell anything? GOD WHY AM I SO FLUSTERED!? Do I want her to know? Would she be okay with knowing that and still interested in seeing me? Can I even had sex anymore with this box controlling me? God what if I messed during sex! What if she finds me repulsive?

After almost running through several red lights, and blowing quite a few stop signs, he arrived home and threw his bag aside after shutting and locking the door. He stormed upstairs, and spent the next half hour cleaning himself up.

Before putting on his fresh diaper, the silver fox picked at the cage around his cock, examining it closely. Eyebrows furrowed, he peered at it through his glasses. With a claw he raised up a latch, and to his utter confusion the cage dropped off of his penis, freeing him from its stiff confines.


He looked around in complete confusion, feeling a little sheepish at not thinking to try and take it off sooner. The device that prevented him from cumming during his messes could actually come off for him to be able to pleasure himself?

At least now I know I have to wear it for work…

Instinctively he picked up a diaper before he peed on his own bathroom floor. Once more, however, a change came over his diapers. Not only were there keys on the tapes, but now right on the front of the crotch area of the diaper was a pink heart with a keyhole on its front.

More magical pictures on these things? But… What does this one mean?

He glanced down at his member, completely flaccid and hanging rather pathetically after being confined for almost over a week. He tried playing around with it, filling his mind with erotic thoughts and ideas. Nothing.

He reached over to pick up his phone and quickly brought up some of his most visited pornographic content. Still nothing.

That’s odd… I’d think after such a long period of nothing I’d be stiff almost immediately…

With a degree of suspicion he rediapered himself. As soon as the last diaper tape had landed, and the second key symbol vanished for today, he felt the blood rush into his penis, within seconds he had a raging boner.


He exited the bathroom, sat down in front of his computer and booted up a web browser. Soon the fox was staring transfixed at the pornographic imagery displayed on his monitor.

He looked down, and tried to grope himself a little bit more aggressively than he had previously. He felt his cock throb.

“Oh you can’t be serious!” the fox yelled out loud, as he finally figured out what the box’s intentions had been with the cage.

The damned thing hadn’t actually decided to have him live chastely, it had determined that his only option to get pleasure would be through his diapers.

The fox harrumphed and began to paw at his now stiffened member anxiously, staring at the images on his computer and occasionally moving down to gaze at others further down the page.

He clicked through several categories of fetishes on the website, eager for something particularly exotic that afternoon to allow him to finish in front of his diapers, something that he worried might even be impossible for him to do.

His mind became lost in the lustful imagery and he found himself approaching climax.

Click. Click. Click. His mouse perusing the website, looking at various female furs in bondage, being used in various subordinate positions, and to his slight surprise he found a tab dedicated towards diapered furs.

This is an actual fetish? He thought to himself, as his curiosity got the best of him. He didn’t cease groping and stroking the front of his diapers as his eyes scanned the various infantilized adult foxes, cats, and canines.

With a sudden throb he gasped and found himself finishing overwhelmingly forcefully into the front of his diapers, his hips instinctively bucking forwards as his eyes fluttered before he slumped in his chair.

Faintly, his mind formed the words, what is this box doing to me? I just came across pictures of furs in diapers! It’s almost as if it’s getting into my head…

He stood up, feeling slightly guilty at what pleasures he had just indulged in and walked over to his bedroom.

I just need to sleep this off I think… Today… is not a good day…

As he fell into bed, wearing nothing but his now slightly stickier diapers, his mind went back to Arya’s look as she had been standing by his desk. He suspected that she might have suspected his odd behavior wasn’t all that he had told her and had come to investigate.

I haven’t been caught directly just yet… But still… What if she asks me about it next week? What if she asks me if I wear diapers? What if… What if…

His mind drifted, and he felt himself sinking into sleep. The front of his diapers swelled and grew warmer as he helplessly wet into his diapers.

His mind remained uneasy in his dreams as he saw himself standing in his office, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and his diapers. Aaron was grimacing and nudging his colleagues and pointing at him, while Arya stood in front of him as well, holding a paw in front of her face to hide an obvious amused smile.

He whimpered, and looked down to realize what they were all snickering about. He had soaked the front of his diapers, and to his horror, was leaking out of the sides. He tried to cover himself with his paws, even trying to pull his shirt down over his padding but found that no matter what he did he couldn’t properly hide himself from those who stared at him.

He woke up in a cold sweat, the day’s occurrences flooding back into his mind, before he sighed wearily and slumped back down into his pillows. This time, he wasn’t bothered by dreams, and allowed himself to rest properly.

Chapter 10: Arya!

Arya had noticed the light silver furred fox with the cute pink-tinted glasses the moment he had walked in on his first day, appearing slightly apprehensive during his first day of work.

She’d quickly picked up on his existence, and from how flustered he acted during their first conversation and the flush that rushed to his cheeks she knew that he found her attractive.

This greatly pleased the orange fox, for Arya loved indulging herself in domination of others. Her outward appearance gave little hint as to what her true pleasures were, as she was always perky, attentive, and ready to help those around her.

Although caring and generous on the outside, her lust for the subordination of others often crept into the fantasies crowding her mind when alone by herself, able to indulge in her wildest fantasies.

That’s why when that cute little helpless fluff ball of a fox started working there, she set her sights on him early.

She’d always made sure to sneak up on him, always keep him second guessing himself and perhaps even allow him to gaslight his own senses whenever she caught him while he was distracted.

However, things started taking a turn that even she didn’t expect. During the week where she had decided to approach the fox about potentially inviting him over to her place or going out for lunch sometime, she had noticed some odd behavior.

After first, after Kazard had explained his medical malady, she was greatly concerned for the fox. She had begun to wonder whether all of the kinky ideas she had in store for him, were he to be willing, were really the best idea for him to experience. She didn’t want something that was fun for her and hopefully humiliating for him escalated into something serious.

But things continued to get stranger and stranger as she observed him more and more.

For about a week she noticed that he seemed to make a particularly uncomfortable looking face when sitting down, as if the chair he were about to recline on had thumbtacks glued to its surface. But almost as suddenly as she started to notice this weird mannerism it disappeared, but she found out later that it was to be replaced with an even stranger one.

After she had checked herself in to work that following week, she padded up quietly to his work station, finding that he was already quite occupied with the circuits that he was attempting to fix. She stood in the doorway, watching him unnoticed by the silver fox as he let out a small growl of frustration as his project seemed to behave in a manner unsatisfactory to him.

She watched with curiosity as he raised one of his paws to his mouth, and then to her confusion she saw his frustration suddenly disappear from his face almost immediately as he slipped his thumb in his mouth and began sucking on it in earnest, a small whimper coming from his throat as his eyelids drooped.

Baffled, she walked up to him and asked pointedly, “Hi Kaz! What are you doing?”

The fox looked up at her, still dazed, then down at his thumb lodged in his mouth. His eyes widened with realization and fear and he quickly pulled his thumb out of his maw with a small popping noise, looking thoroughly embarrassed. He sputtered out an excuse.

“I-I uhh nicked my thumb on the motherboard so uh… I was just getting some saliva on it that’s all… It hurt…”

Arya smirked, and in a joking tone replied, “Awww poor baby, here let me see how bad it is.”

The fox stiffly shook his head now, a nervous laugh coming out choked out of his throat as he replied shakily,”N-No no I’m fine! Really I was just kind of half lost in thought about my project anyway and I just was biting my thumb as a nervous habit as well… I really am totally fine!”

Curiouser and curiouser… thought Arya, as she smiled and shook her head in amusement at his nervousness. He seems to be pretty intent on being left alone these days… In fact I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed it earlier… But what on earth could this total twig of a fox be hiding?

Out of the corner of her eye that following week she had caught him suckling his thumb several times, but decided not to approach him directly about it again.

I don’t want to scare the poor thing after all… Plus I have a feeling if I come on too strong he wouldn’t like that anyway… Still…

The following week she caught the fox in the break room, reaching up on a higher shelf to grab a bowl. She padded past him, bumping into him in a friendly manner and reaching up next to him to help him acquire the bowl.

She had expected to feel the stiffness of his thighs and perhaps the firm softness of his buttocks as she bumped closely against him. But instead she felt a distinct squish of some sort of material that was on top of his behind.

What on earth was that? What is he smuggling mashed potatoes into his pants or something? And why did his underwear feel so thick… Does he get cold down there easily or something? It’s not even that cold in here…

A few days later she arrived at work to hear Aaron’s obnoxious laughter echoing down the halls and through the rooms. After signing in she had come to investigate after realizing that the laughter was coming from Kaz’s workstation.

She walked in as the horse let out a guffaw.

“You mean to tell me that you weren’t sucking your thumb? Nervous habit, schmervous habit that’s still the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever heard about Kazo!”

Seeing Arya in the room Aaron walked over and placed a hoof on her shoulder, supporting himself as he continued to laugh boisterously.

Arya grimaced, and picked the horse’s hoof off of her shoulder with her finger and her thumb, like she were handling a particularly nasty looking banana peel.

She glanced over at Kazard, who as usual sat stiffly in his work station chair, trying to keep himself composed.

Upon seeing her in the room as well he had blushed profusely, doing little to steady his voice as he replied,”L-look Aaron I don’t come over to your corner and bother you about your own work quirks so stop getting off at mine! And… Hi Arya…”

She smiled back at him cooly, giving him a wink and turning over her shoulder to tell Aaron, “Hey by the way, the boss needs you. He told me nobody’s sucked up to him in the past ten minutes and he was getting antsy, that sounds like something you could help with.”

Aaron shook his head, and staggered out the door, still laughing loudly. Ironically though, as Arya heard his hoofbeats fade away as he drew further away, he did seem to be headed in the direction of their boss’ office.

Turning back to Kaz, she smiled at him knowingly, before walking off in the direction of her own workstation.

The look of slight panic and desperation on the fox’s face as she had turned to face him amused her greatly. She knew he was afraid that she would ask why he suddenly became so fixated with sucking his thumb, but she knew better than to ask so directly. Even if it took every ounce of her self-restraint, for she was emphatically curious as to why he had so suddenly picked up this habit.

That afternoon though, a plan started to formulate in her mind. She had finally decided that she would have to do a little bit of investigation herself, feeling as though any direct approach would only warrant the fox more discomfort and awkward feelings between the two, something she didn’t want to happen quite yet.

She still wasn’t sure what she wanted, did she want him as a boyfriend? A friend? Just a coworker? A sex slave? Fuck buddy? She didn’t know. The burning curiosity inside of her as to why the fox had suddenly begun behaving so suspiciously prevented her from seeing her desires clearly.

By the third Friday since the thumb sucking had first been noticed, she had made up her mind.

She had clocked out about 15 minutes early that day, and sat waiting in her car like a bird of prey, unmoving and waiting to see her shy silver furred fox come out of the building and into his car.

His gait seemed awkward, as if he were… Is he… waddling? It was true that his head and shoulders seemed to shift from side to side as he walked, as if he were carrying something particularly unpleasant between his legs.

Is this about that strange thing I felt when I bumped into him the other day? Is he smuggling drugs to work in his underwear or something? What if he’s doing something illegal…

Arya started up her engine, and following just far enough away from Kazard’s car followed him home that way, her heart racing every time she lost vision of him through the sea of traffer.

Her luck won out however, and she was able to stay far enough away from him to prevent suspicion yet close enough to be able to see what turns he made.

She circled around his block once, twice before parking it a ways down the street and sprinting silently up to his front door.

Her tail swished excitedly behind her, the only bit of movement her body displayed as she crept around the front and peeked her head over the window sill, kneeling behind the bushes underneath his living room window.

What met her eyes widened them like dinner plates. Standing there in the living room stood the silver fox, carelessly stripping his clothes off and dumping them on his couch unceremoniously.

He leaned forward, pulling his pants down and shamelessly displayed what appeared to be a thoroughly used white diaper.

Arya crouched down once again and turned her back against the wall, leaning on it and sliding down until she landed on her bottom, her eyes still wide and her mouth slightly ajar.

Of course! She thought excitedly to herself, That’s why it felt like he had mashed potatoes in his pants!

She drew a paw over her muzzle, and giggled to herself silently. Ewwwww… she thought, grinning widely, no wonder the poor thing always seems to be so on edge… he’s obviously severely incontinent! But wait… she thought further, her eyebrows furrowing as her mind raced, He never used to be this awkward before… His incontinence must be a recent occurrence… Maybe that condition he was talking about also included incontinence and he just didn’t tell me the full details?

She got off of her behind and brushed a few bits of dirt and leaves off of her pants and crept over to the door again, peeking around the corner of the front porch. She now saw that his living room was now empty along with the clothes he had flung on top of his couch.

Experimentally, she wrapped her paw around his front door knob and tried turning it. To her surprise, the door silently swung open.

She caught her breath, mentally steadied herself and entered his house.

Hearing noises from upstairs she silently crept up to the second floor, soft paw pads landing delicately on each step as she turned her ears from side to side, trying to figure out in what room Kaz was in.

Come on fox… I know you’re in here… Show me your secrets! She thought to herself, and rounding a corner once up the stairs, she slowly pushed open the door to what she discovered to be his bedroom. The silver fox sat kneeling next to his bed wearing nothing but a large, white diaper as he scribbled away on a notepad set atop an old looking wooden box.

Arya licked her lips and then, in a clear, no nonsense voice asked, ”Kazzy, why didn’t you tell me that you were such a big baby?”

The fox practically shrieked as he turned around, dropping his pen and pad of paper as he scrambled backwards away from the orange fox, bumping his head hard on his bedside table.

The fox stood in the doorway at her full height, a good three inches taller than Kazard, her arms on her hips and a stern expression on her face, with just the hint of a sly smile pulling at her lips.

The fox grabbed his head and grimaced in pain at the impact, breathing quickly. It poured out of him, all of it.

He spluttered how it wasn’t his fault, how one day he just found the box in his living room, how he didn’t know he was agreeing to anything but opening the box, how he had tried to reason and bargain with it, and how no matter how he tried to play his cards the box always seemed to get the better end of the deals and further humiliated him, one way or another.

The orange fox’s mind whirled. Magic? Diapers? A sentient box? Did the silver fox go mad?

Strangely enough though, she believed him. His odd behavior, his aversion towards placing his paws anywhere near his crotch, that one time she caught him when he thought no one was looking pawing at his crotch, how he had rushed home early that one time, and how at times he seemed to have a slight waddle when moving from place to place.

The orange fox grinned, and gears began turning in her head. Even if he’s just trying to make up silly stories about the box, I’ve got him where I want him now. Whatever the truth is he definitely has some sort of fixation with this situation. And now I’ve got all the cards in my deck!

Love the fantasy themes, and speaking of which-

“For a year and a day obedient shall you be”

You ever read “Wheel of Time?” Might be a coincidence.

Funnily enough, the year and a day concept came from reading the Septimus Heap books as a kid. Though I believe that that particular amount of time is pretty commonly used in many pieces of fantasy.

Also, thank you so much! <3

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Chapter 11: Message from Arya!

The world around Kazard seemed to slow down, and he fumbled for the mattress of his bed. He eased himself down on top of it, his diapered butt serving as further cushioning as he allowed himself to rest for a moment, his heart still pounding.

How… How had she… When did she… Why had… Will she tell… Shit, fuck fuck fuck…

The past five minutes slowly replayed in his mind as he sat there, trying to calm himself down. His coworker, Arya, had somehow gotten into his house, she had seen him in his diapers, maybe she’d even seen him changing and cleaning himself up.

For all he knew, she could have recorded it happening as well. He shook his head slowly, feeling as if the world were spinning around him a mile a minute.

Then she had revealed herself to him, letting him know quite obviously that she knew his secret.

She’d crept forward, until she was in front of Kazard and leaned in close to his ear, and had whispered seductively to him, “Wouldn’t it be a funny thing If people around the workshop found out that you were a big baby who used his diapers during the day, while at work, hmm?”

He’d lost all the color in his face, paling at hearing those words. Letting loose a giggle, she had smacked him playfully on his padded behind, eliciting an embarassed whimper from out of Kazard’s lips, which quickly brought the red color back into his cheeks.

She proceeded to then turn around, allowing her tail to run over and gently caress his muzzle as she walked away from him and out of the bedroom.

Sarcasm dripped from her words as she called over her shoulder, “It’s a good thing that I’m not much of a blabber mouth, isn’t it Kazzy?”

And that’s where she left him, standing and blushing pathetically wearing nothing except the almost comically white diapers around his waist, his pink-tinted glasses slightly askew on his muzzle.

His phone buzzed, and he groped for it on the nightstand. Lethargically, he brought the screen up to his face and gazed down on it, still feeling dazed.

To his slight trepidation, he saw Arya’s name pop up along with a message notification. Shaking slightly, he opened it and began to hastily read the message.

Hello Kazard, it would seem like I discovered a little secret of yours. Now if you’d like to keep it that way, you’re going to be doing exactly what I say from now on.

Don’t worry, I’m not interested in your money or your possessions. I’m interested in you. I want you to obey me and follow through with my commands.

I don’t think you’ll be disagreeing with that particular rule, after all somebody who can’t even keep his pants dry and clean probably doesn’t have enough authority to make his own decisions anyway. Or perhaps should I say, her decisions?

I’ll keep in touch, for now just keep going about your life normally until I contact you again by the end of the work week. Stay dry piddle-pants~ <3

Kazard read the message over and over again. She wants me to obey her commands? What is she going to want me to do, her share of projects at work? Do chores for her at home? And what does she mean by ‘her decisions.’ Is she referencing herself there or what?

A frown formed on his face, and he shook his head lost in reverence. Her statement about not wanting his money or possessions brought him a bigger sense of relief than he imagined he would feel, but he still did not know whether he should believe her.

He checked his phone once again, it was a Monday evening. 4 more days of work where I’m going to have to face her until the weekend… What is she going to want? And how come she believed him so readily about the box and its magic?

He had blubbered out pretty much every letter and exchange he’d had with the strange container to the intruding vixen, who seemed to eat up every single word with glee.

Kazard suspected that she probably didn’t believe him, but understood enough that his situation with the diapers was complete and utter dependence.

Great… She knows all about the embarrassing details but doesn’t realize that apparently magic actually exists… Well if she keeps letting herself into the house she’s going to find out sooner than later.

Having completed wallowing in self pity, he got up, only to find that the padding around his waist seemed to be sagging much heavier than it tended to start out.

Once again the fox was in shock, Oh no… Did I wet and mess myself in front of her and not even notice? When did this happen?!

He let out an exasperated sigh, not only had he endured his secret being revealed but he had only gotten to enjoy a mere few minutes of dryness and cleanliness.

Knowing that he would only get to change the next morning since his allotted changes had been used up for the day, he waddled out of his bedroom and down the stairs to lock and shut his front door, shuddering at the thought of furs, even if it was Arya, sneaking into his house.

Of all the people to sneak into my house it has to be my crush from work…

After he had locked and deadlocked his front door, Kazard padded over to the kitchen. He bent over to rummage through the refrigerator.

A great way to display my messy backside, Kazard thought to himself as he retrieved a bottle of liquor and container of apple juice.

Grimacing at the infantile choice of juiced fruit he poured himself a drink, gulped it down, and then poured himself another.

He considered briefly whether to call in sick for work tomorrow, and spend the rest of the evening drinking his sorrows away. He shook his head, No… this isn’t a valid way of dealing with this. Arya might be blackmailing me, but if this gets too out of hand I could call the police… But then my life will get turned upside down and I’ll still probably end up losing my job… I think I’m just going to have to wait this out…

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that makes sense :slight_smile: I bet it would be

Chapter 12: Back to work

Kazard pulled the last of the four tapes into place, his skill at diapering himself in the morning had improved significantly. Now the padding around his crotch and adorning his behind felt snug and secure, and he realized he was slowly becoming used to the bulk around his midsection and between his legs now to the point where he hardly noticed it when he put a fresh one on.

It would become significantly more noticeable as the day would progress, he thought to himself annoyedly, as he found himself wetting more and more often throughout the day, making a dry diaper a rare sight in his life.

In fact, the moment he placed one of the tapes back into place, he could feel the front of the absorbent undergarment growing warm, and he clicked his tongue in disgust as he started to adorn his work clothes.

One of these days I’m going to start wetting in the middle of a change! At least that hasn’t happened yet… I have better things to do than to scrub my own urine out of my carpet or have to do extra wash cycles…

The previous evening’s happenings came flooding back to him as he clambered into his car, and instinctively his ears pinned tightly against his head, tails wrapping themselves around his thighs.

He hoped nobody could see him putting on such an obvious display of anxiety and fear, and he tried to shake himself awake and out of his reverie as he sat in the car, elevated slightly due to the padding underneath his bottom.

Time to face the music… He thought to himself, almost gloomily, as he started the engine in his car and pulled out of his driveway before merging into his lane.

Work felt tense that week. Kazard had arrived that Tuesday morning and didn’t quite know what to expect from Arya.

Was she going to be hiding behind the dumpsters, beckoning him to come over? Was she going to confront him at his workstation and gloat over him? Had she already outed his secret, and were his fellow employees already inside waiting to mock him?

His worried thoughts chased themselves around his head as he strode into the front door of his work building, nodding curtly to his boss at the front desk who didn’t seem to be paying him any attention.

He either knows and is too disgusted to respond to me, or he doesn’t know at all. God that fur is hard to read…

Within a few moments he had reached his work station and opened up his bag and set to work on his projects, hoping to get out of work a little early that day for fear of interacting with or even seeing Arya.

He had expected Arya to approach him as soon as he walked in the door with some ridiculous request or question, but he received no such thing.

The entire morning went by uneventfully, and she even deposited his sandwich on his desk with a sweet smile, her face revealing nothing of what had transpired between them the previous evening.

Did… Did I dream that up yesterday? No no that definitely happened. Then… Why is she acting all… normal?

Kazard was so occupied for the rest of the afternoon wondering what was real and what wasn’t that he was very much surprised when his boss rapped his knuckles against his desk.

“It’s six o’clock and I’m not paying you for overtime, go home Kazard.”

Kazard let out a sharp yelp, and felt his diaper growing warmer and thicker as he wet himself.

His cheeks flushed as he realized what he’d done, and the raccoon who was walking away from him suddenly stopped, noticing the fox’s expression.

“Everything alright?”

Kazard floundered in his own head, yelling at himself, “DID YOU REALLY JUST PISS YOURSELF IN FRONT OF YOUR BOSS OUT OF FRIGHT? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

He cleared his throat, and then adopted what he hoped looked to be a nonchalant, slightly tired smile.

“Yes boss, just a little bit tired from last night still…”

His boss raised an eyebrow. A gesture that Kazard had only seen him do a few times before, and it usually was the equivalent of a normal person jumping up and down and yelling, “Tell me what you did! Tell me what happened! Tell me all about it!”

“Oh? Busy night Kazard? Who’s the lucky lady.”

Alarm bells rang in Kazard’s head as he thought quickly for an answer, knowing that telling his boss the truth, even just about the identity of the person, would not bode well for his future at the company.

“O-Oh you don’t know her… I met her on Howlr and we just spent some time with each other…”

To his immense relief, this seemed to satisfy the raccoon, who nodded curtly and turned around, leaving Kazard to his anxious thoughts and a very, very thoroughly used diaper.

For the rest of the week, Kazard was on edge. His close run-in with the boss’s rare interest with his personal life and the fact that Arya was behaving normally around him, if not talking to him as much as she usually did.

She hadn’t spoken a single word with him the entire week. And when, on Friday, Kazard had finally worked up the courage to say something she had looked back and simply smiled at him, walking out of the room and away from his questions.

What is she doing? Why won’t she speak to me? Did I actually imagine what happened? Has the crate gotten to my head? Does the crate even exist? Maybe I need to go get checked out…

On Sunday night his questions were answered to a degree, and he felt a mixed sense of relief and renewed anxiety when he opened his smart phone and saw that Arya had sent him a message.

A sinking sensation occurred in his stomach as he opened the message, cold sweat already pricking him in the back of his t-shirt as he read the message.

Hi Kazzy!

Hey hun, I was wondering whether you would be able to handle the lunch orders for the next week, it’s been my turn to do it for quite a long time now, and I’d like to be able to get that time back to work on my projects!

Also, speaking of my projects. I was wondering whether you would be able to help me out with a few little things~

I’ve got a question or two that I have a feeling you would be the perfect furson to ask!

See you on Monday!

The message is loud and clear, Kazard thought to himself. From now on, I’m on lunch duty. And most likely, I’m going to be picking up her projects and getting zero credit for it… Great…

Out of frustration Kazard threw his phone onto the bed, which bounced off and landed with an unpleasant noise on top of the wooden crate which was sticking out slightly from underneath his bed.

He realized he must have failed to push it back under entirely, and with dismay he picked up his smartphone to assess the damage.

He tapped the screen a few times, and saw that it had cracked brutally. To his slight relief, it still worked, but he knew his recklessness had just cost him around $50.00 in replacement fees.

God… fucking… damn it…

At work on Monday, Kazard found himself sneaking apprehensive glances over to Arya, who was either ignoring him quite well, or wasn’t even picking up on his nervousness.

His phone buzzed, and he looked down to see the reminder notification he had set for himself to grab lunch for everyone.

At least I get a two hour lunch period because I’m doing this… Although that’s only cutting into the time that Arya will probably take from me to help her with her projects… When will she pipe up about that, anyway?

Kazard gingerly raised himself off of his seat, feeling his backside caked with his own mess in his diapers. He prayed that the smell wouldn’t slip out, and he felt his front only grow thicker as he further wet himself while moving towards the exit of the building, feeling as if his messy behind were on display to everyone in the workshop.

Thankfully, everyone had their lunch favorites posted in a group email that had been sent out a week ago, so Kazard was able to grab everything using the company credit card without too much of a hitch.

At least I don’t have to pay for my own lunch since I’m delivering… and that’s right! I forgot! They pay for your gas too! Wow… 5 days a week you get free lunch AND they fill up your tank? Why is Arya making me do this now… She must have loved this arrangement!

That all became too clear when he realized that, in his now very sodden and messy diapers, he’d have to personally deliver all the lunches to all of his colleagues while clad in an infant’s undergarment and hoping that they didn’t notice.

Most of his colleagues to his relief ignored him. Aaron made a few stupid comments about how he was the lunch girl now, his sexist manner of speaking causing one of Kazard’s ears to flick in annoyance, which the horse pick up on and laughed.

As he left Aaron behind him, who was now singing in a raspy voice something about a white knight, Kaz went to deliver to the last person on his last, which he also dreaded the most.

Arya smiled up at him, the attractive fox’s looks were not lost on Kazard and he blushed vividly as he realized that his member was beginning to fill with blood at the sight of her.

Arya graciously accepted her brown bag filled with her afternoon meal, and cocked an eyebrow at Kazard who stood awkwardly beside her workbench, unconsciously waiting for instruction.

“What are you waiting for foxo? I got what I wanted, you better get back to work, shouldn’t you?”

A small meep of surprise escaped his throat, and he nodded shortly before exiting the room. He could feel the fox’s eyes staring at his behind as he left.

She didn’t give me any instructions? I thought she wanted help with her work? Did I misread her text message somehow?

Kazard found his mind occupied with how Arya was seemingly finding every possible way to avoid talking to him or even interacting with him when a flash of reddish-orange fur flashed in his peripheral vision.

Knowing full well who was by his desk, Kazard looked up to gaze into Arya’s eyes, which he could not help but find striking.

“Hey Kazard, I’ve got a circuit here I’ve been trying to fix but with no luck as well as another few at my workstation. You’re not too busy to help me out are you?”

His mixed feelings of revulsion, fear, attraction, anger, and unwilling complacency battled each other in his head as he got up, nodding silently and packing together a small tool kit to bring with him.

I’ll play this game for now, Vixen. But if you push it too far I’ll take this to the police and I might even call up some family to see what our lawyer connections are. If you want me to fetch lunch and do some extra work for you, that’s fine. But this isn’t over.

He comforted himself with these thoughts of rebellion as he padded dutifully behind her, noticing to his chagrin that his diapers had swollen to such a size now that he was unable to help the slight waddle that accompanied him as he walked behind Arya.

Fetching a rather uncomfortable looking stool, Arya looked at him and gave him a half grin.

“Sorry, I’ve only got this wooden stool here with me. It’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, but I have a feeling that you of all people won’t mind that too much, huh Kazzy?”

The fox gulped, but nodded slowly, accepting the stool and setting himself on top of it, feeling the mess press against and into his fur further.

Kazard didn’t know whether he was going to be able to make it to his evening shower and cleanse tonight without blowing a fuse, literally or figuratively, he didn’t know.

Chapter 13: Under New Management

Kazard flopped down onto his bed feeling exhausted. He had not had an easy time dealing with Arya. He felt that at any given moment her eyes were on him, plotting some new scheme to take advantage of his subservience.

The fox whimpered into his pillow, burying his muzzle into his soft bedding as he squirmed, feeling the weight of the used padding between his legs pressing down on him.

He had not bothered to change yet, normally his level of disgust would have caused him to make a beeline for the bathroom every time he got home but today he just wanted to lay in bed for a few minutes.

His phone beeped. Groaning, he moved pawed blindly in the direction of his bedside table before grabbing the phone, opening a single eye to peer at the message he had received.

Don’t forget, next week you’ve got all of the lunches covered, oh and I’m requesting some assistance with the next project that’s coming up.

You’ll get to enjoy a whole hour extra after work with me, I’m looking forward to working with you.


So I get to waddle around every single day in the middle of work in my big poofy diapers and then have to endure after-work detention with none other than the person currently running my life for me…

The fox whimpered a few times into his bedding, as he felt the front of his diaper grow just a little bit bigger as he wet himself.

Pushing himself off of the bed he toddled over to the bathroom, making sure to run the shower as hot as it could possibly go.

Unbuckling the belt holding up his pants he gazed down at the snuggly fitting diaper that hugged his waist, the weight of its contents causing the tapes to cling to the landing zone with a stretched desperation.

A rumble ran through his lower abdomen, and he only had a few seconds of warning before he felt the first few cramps hit and cause him to bend forwards reflexively, his handpaws gripping the edges of his bathroom sink as he felt his bowels void themselves into his already caked rear.

The slight sag of his diapers now turned into a quite noticeable droop, and he silently thanked the gods above him that this time at least his uncontrolled bodily excretions had come at a convenient time.

Reaching down beneath the sink for the container that held all of his cleaning supplies, he opened a trash bag and began the delicate process of scrubbing as much of the mess and smell of ammonia from his fur before his shower.

Kazard sneezed a few times as the scent bombarded his nostrils, reaching over he turned on the bathroom fan before returning the attention to his furry backside.

Satisfied that he had cleaned most of what he had access to, the fox discarded the last wipe into the trash bag before entering into the awaiting stream of water.

The fox felt the muscles in his back and shoulders relax, his eyelids drooping half closed as the tension left his body. For a few minutes he simply stood there, letting the tension and anxiety of the day become washed away with the slightly brown water draining away at his feet.

I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this… No matter how long I’m prey to the whim of Arya or the stupid box…

Reaching for the industrial sized bottle of shampoo labeled, “Shampooch! Head-to-toe Shampoo!” he squirted a generous amount of it into his handpaw before beginning to rigorously scrub it into his fur.

At first he had loathed the amount of time he had to spend cleaning his diaper area everyday to the point of ideal hygienic standards, but after weeks of sitting in messy diapers with no choice other than to endure his own accident in his pants he felt grateful at this one opportunity of taking back some measure of control.

Just as he was leaning forward, his three tails lifting and pressing against his back in order to allow the shower head to wash away all the bubbles, his phone began to ring in his bedroom.

Earlier that week Arya had requested Kazard hand over his unlocked phone, “to tweak a few settings.” These changes, fully against Kazard’s will, included a parental lock on any explicit content, the ability to adjust any settings in his phone related to parental controls, and as a final touch she had changed the ringtone for her number to the ABC’s theme dubbing it as, “A more appropriate jingle for someone like you.”

After helplessly standing there and watching her tap through his phone like it was her own, during which the front of his padding had grown a little bit tighter in his pants from a poorly timed wetting, she had handed the device back with a smirk.

“Oh, and one more thing, if you don’t pick up within the first few rings when I call you, you’ll regret it.”

Now as the first few chimes of the xylophone sung merrily in his empty bedroom, Kazard swung back his shower curtain in a sweeping motion and bolted for his bedroom door.

Soap suds and water dripping from his damp fur he rushed over to his phone, ensuring that he clicked the green answer button.

As his still damp finger pads desperately tapped the phone screen, he opened the call.


“Hello Kazzie, I’ve got a little errand for you to run for me. Run to the store and pick up a bag of marshmallows and be in my house in, let’s say, 20 minutes. Don’t be late, unless you want the boss tomorrow to get a particularly detailed insight on what kind of underwear you’re wearing these days. My address will be in your text messages, see you soon, hun!”

“But what about…”

Before Kaz had a chance to properly respond, Arya had hung up the phone. The fox groaned, staring dejectedly at how now black phone screen.

A small hissing noise caught his attention, and he glanced down to his utter horror that he was currently peeing on the carpet of his bedroom.

And of course, he only had twenty minutes to dry, put on a fresh diaper, clothes, drive to the store, buy marshmallows, and drive over to Aryas giving him no time to clean up the now growing puddle.

Swearing, he rushed back into the bathroom, clumsily rubbing the soap out of his fur and frantically unfolding a diaper and laying it down on the tiled floor.

As the lock symbols appeared on the sloppy tape job, securing his diaper for the next 24 hour period he half waddled half sprinted over to his bedroom to put on some clothes.

About 7 minutes later he pulled into the parking lot of his local gas station, praying that there would still be some s’more making supplies on sale inside.

The ding of the front door ringer met his ears as he strode with purpose over to the snack eye, his eyes landing on the cheerful coloration of a package of marshmallows as he felt a slight sense of relief.

Grabbing it, he thrust his other paw into his pocket to take out his wallet.

“Hi there, just this please.”

He fidgeted, idly glancing at the row of candy bars as he waited for the cashier to scan his item. He was greeted with silence.

Curious, he glanced up to gaze at the cashier’s face to see what was wrong. The teenage raccoon behind the register wearing a shirt with a name tag displaying the name, “Ray” was staring dumbly at Kazards’ crotch.

The fox glanced down, only to find his cheeks burning as he realized he had failed to properly zip up his pants.

The top of the diaper was exposed for all to see, the thickness of his underwear holding his pants up regardless of his open fly.

Hastily, Kazard stuffed the front of his shirt into the front of his pants, zipping them up clumsily as he managed to stutter out.

“S-sorry… Check me out please, I’m in a hurry.”

The raccoon reached for the marshmallows, scanning the barcode and Kazard shoved his card into the reader without waiting to be prompted.

On the way out, he glanced up at the television screen displaying the security camera footage from the perspective of the cashier.

A few minutes later, his cheeks were still burning as he felt utterly humiliated. He tried to just focus on stepping on the gas pedal. Nervously glancing at from his GPS to the clock on his phone.

After almost blowing through several stop signs, the fox pulled into the driveway of Arya’s residence.

He hurried to the front door, knocking and kneading the packaging of the marshmallows in his paws nervously as he waited for Arya to answer the door.

The door opened slowly, Arya standing in front of it wearing a pair of mom jeans and a t-shirt.

Kazard could tell with just a quick glance at her that she was not wearing a bra, and for the first time since his ordeal with the box had started to feel grateful for the thick cushioning pressing down on his crotch as he thought of what she was wearing.

Lazily, Arya glanced down at her watch and noted the time, her eyes locking with Kazard as she commented dryly.

“You’re a minute early, I said be here in twenty minutes, not nineteen, didn’t I?”

Kazard felt sweat prick at the back of his neck as his thoughts raced, wondering whether to laugh at the absurdity of her comment or apologize. She had caught him off guard with her sudden domineering gaze, so he went with the latter.

“I-I’m sorry… I’ll… I’ll try to be more on time… next time…”

Arya cocked an eyebrow at him, opening her palm and indicating that he handed the marshmallows over.

He complied, gently placed them in her palm. After he did, Arya spun around her white tail swishing elegantly behind her. She called behind her back.

“Shut the door behind you and follow me, make sure to lock it.”

Kazard complied, turning and making sure to flick the lock into position as he turned around to follow the white fox up the stairs. His heart beating in his chest as he began to slowly put together what the fox had in store for him.

A few seconds later they entered Arya’s bedroom, a cleanly looking bedroom with a vase of roses sitting on her bedside table.


Kazard looked at her, his jaw slightly agape as he hesitated.

“I said, strip.”

The fox fiddled with his zipper, pulling off his pants and allowing it to bunch around his ankles as he pulled off his shirt.

He stood there, one arm gripping the other in a nervous posture as the white fox looked up at him and down.

Once again, for the prevention of his embarrassment he felt grateful that the ample thickness between his legs hid the sense of attraction he felt towards the fox’s figure.

Striding forward she pushed him onto her bed, his arms sprawling above him as he looked at her apprehensively.

Kneeling down on the bed, she rummaged around in her shirt until she withdrew a key, using her free paw she undid the locked tapes on Kazard’s diaper.

The lock symbols faded away as she did so, a pang of envy went through the white fox at the ease with which Arya took off the diaper he was cursed to be trapped in.

Revealing the cage hidden underneath the bulge of his padding, Arya expertly unlocked
it, a rush of cool air soothing his slightly sore penis.

“Now then, this will have you chirping a little bit more cheerily during our little session.
Now stand up.”

The fox did as he was told, sheepishly pushing himself off of the bed and standing up once more.

With an almost menacing glint in her eye Arya ripped open the bag of marshmallows with her teeth, pointing a finger at him and commanding once more.

“Alright, now turn around.”

His three tails bunching up nervously around his thighs, he complied. Kazard felt apprehensive as he turned his naked bottom towards her, knowing full well what was about to happen.

“Bend over.”

Kazard whimpered, looking back at her as if to ask for mercy. The fox’s icy gaze stared back at him expectantly as he stood, unwavering.

Taking in a shaky breath, Kazard bent over and closed his eyes.

He felt the female fox probing his behind, at first gently prodding and poking until she began to drive the marshmallows against his sphincter.

He gasped, grimacing as the sweat began to gather on his brow as she continued to plunge marshmallow after marshmallow into his rear end.

“Please… oh God… it feels… Ah…”

Kaz continued to let loose little whimpers and cries as marshmallow after marshmallow went into him, feeling surprisingly unphased as Arya continued the ritual.

“Hold still, or do you want me to add a spanking in addition to this?”

The fox bit his lip, shaking his head side to side as his fists clenched the sheets on Arya’s bed.

At last, Arya tossed the empty bag onto the bed. Kaz stared at it bug eyed, unable to believe that she had actually managed to shove an entire bag’s worth of marshmallows into his asshole.

He felt a dull ache in his lower abdominal region, yet besides a feeling of bloatedness near his stomach he could not feel any desperation to release that his bottom undoubtedly needed to go through.

Man… This might be the only time the curse has come in handy, I don’t actually feel the need to go…

“Now then, let’s get the baby all diapered up again so he can fill his pants, shall we?”

In a brutally teasing tone, Arya pulled the diaper up against his bottom, leaning around him to fasten up the tapes. The locked symbols appeared once more, indicating that only Arya would be able to take them off again before the 24 hour period was up.

Arya continued to command him with impunity.

“Now then, I want you to squat down and tell me what a pathetic little baby you are and how much you need your diapers to protect you from accidents. Now.”

Kazard shakily bent his knees, feeling apprehensive as he began to feel a passion grow in the front of his pants. He could not help but feel slightly aroused by the situation he was in, as much as he disliked being at Arya’s complete and utter mercy.

Like the little bitch that Arya now considered him to be, he knelt down in front of the bed and squatted.

He whimpered, his cheeks flushed with red as he managed to stutter.

“I’m… I-I’m a pathetic little… baby… And I need my diapers to protec-”

He was cut off by his rear end letting out a large ‘splort!’ as the shifting in his position caused his bottom to release all of the stuffing Arya had put into him.

He felt the coagulated sugar thunder out into the seat of his diapers, ballooning the diaper out to a near comical extent as he continued to vacate his large intestine.

His regular inability to feel any warning of the need to go number two was still at play as his cheeks burned, feeling as though he would not be able to live down the moment of pooping out marshmallows in front of his former workplace crush.

“I’m… I-I’m…”

He continued to speak, his mind in a haze of relief and exhaustion as he slumped forward on the bed, suddenly feeling tired from the ordeal. He could feel his behind completely caked in the marshmallow enema, most likely giving his behind the appearance of surgical augmentation.

“You look like an oversized toddler who’s determined to fail potty training, how pathetic. And I got it all on camera too!”

Feeling weak, Kazard turned his head around to look at Arya. Her phone was held up in one paw, as the other was held against her cheek.

Arya grinned, a sadistic smile that did not reach her eyes as she zoomed in on Kaz’s face, switching the camera view between that and his swollen behind.

“What a messy little kit we have on our hands, this will ensure that you continue to do each and everything single thing I say down to the letter. We would not want this circulating back at the workshop now, would we?”

Kazard let his head fall onto the mattress face first, heaving a sigh of exhaustion and frustration. He felt utterly helpless, pathetic, and almost angry enough to start crying.

This just keeps getting better and better… doesn’t it…