Currently Writing A Story

Hello everyone!

I’ve read a lot of stories on this site and that has inspired me to write my own to post here. I am going to make it a very long story, quite possibly novel length at the rate I am writing.

I am not by any means a professional writer but I’m very good with spelling and fairly good with grammar so it should be easy to read. As of this post I have just over 9,000 words and I haven’t finished Chapter 2 yet.

Basically it is a story based on my own ideas and some fantasies. If you’ve read the book Fifty Shades of Grey, you will see a lot of inspiration and ideas from there; mainly because I enjoyed the overall idea behind it though not the direction it ended up taking, plus it lacked diaper content and that just won’t do!

It is a lesbian themed story and I’m curious about some possible ideas for the story like things you would like to see in it, situations that may arise, etc. I will consider all ideas and if I like them I will add them into the story. Obviously it’s going to be some time before it is finished. I would much rather wait and post the whole story at once so there is no delay in the reading but that could probably take a few months to a year to finish. I would like it to be anywhere from 12 to 15 chapters long and I’m considering making it a series of 3 books so as to get more in depth and make a better story. These are all just ideas and we will see where it takes us.

I’ve written about 4 stories including this one but I have deleted them all after re-reading them myself as I felt they lacked detail and excitement. I promise to write this story all the way through and making this post is a way for me to commit to that. Like I said I am not a professional writer so it takes time for me to decide where I want the story to go without making it seem corny. I won’t ever publish it but I still want to do a good job on it.

Anyway please comment with ideas, encouragement, or things you would like to see and if I like the ideas, they will be put in the book if possible. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear your ideas!

Re: Currently Writing A Story

In the future, you may want to reconsider deleting your work, even if you don’t like it. Bad stories can be revised or re-written, and knowing where your writing has come from can help it continue to improve. Plus, you may have some nuggets of good ideas that don’t work out well in the first or second story, but fit nicely into the third, and you won’t want to reinvent the wheel every time.

As you’ve probably seen around here, it’s entirely fine to post in installments, rather than having a finished product. Sometimes the feedback you get during the writing can make the whole story better as a result. You may be less likely to want to go back and fix things or make improvements in a story once you’ve mentally ‘finished’ with it.

Re: Currently Writing A Story

Seconded. I subscribe to the programming policy of never deleting, instead moving it somewhere else in case I find a better place to put it. No matter how much you hate your stories/drawings/notes/whatever-it-is now you will want to look over it later on to see what can be salvaged.