Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter III, 11/26]

Well, I’ve actually been working on this one, more off than on, for quite some time. I have a few chapters written, and the general outline of the plot. This is the first chapter, and the second is coming “soon, man, soon”.

Dedicated to the authors whose work I have enjoyed over the years.

Chapter I

The display was an inconspicuous set of card hangers in an aisle. What they promised took me by surprise. “Bladder Incontinence Nanobots” read the name on the small packages. I pulled one off the hanger and read the description more closely.

…This next generation technology uses a tiny robot to deliver a
muscle relaxant that will temporarily stop the urethral sphincter
from closing. Available in one week, one month, and six month

The asterisk led to a footnote reading:

*Actual duration of incontinence may vary by a factor of 1.5.

Turning back to the front of the package, I saw a small syringe and a folded instruction sheet inside the sealed blister pack. The package in my hand was marked one month. Bladder incontinence. That would mean…? The thought of wetting myself flashed through my mind. Gross.

‘Gross?’ That startled me. Why was I even thinking that? ‘Why was I looking at this at all?’ was the question I should be asking. Who would be mad enough even to buy such a thing, let alone use it?

I put the package back and walked through the aisles to find the cough drops I had remembered needing to replace on seeing this small pharmacy while poking about the city.

My route back to the cash register took me past the Incontinence Nanobots again, and I couldn’t resist stopping and looking again. This time I picked up one marked “one week”. Could they even do this? They were certainly some remarkable experiments that had been carried out, but nothing near ready for release even in controlled conditions that I’d heard of, to say nothing of something like this sitting on a random pharmacy shelf. Hype and tomfoolery, no doubt.

I moved to put the package back on the rack, but some subconscious thought process caught my hand for a moment. Turning the package over I read the beginning of the description again.

Find out what incontinence is like. Perfect for those who must
try everything for themselves.

Still not really believing it could be true, I wondered how bad could it really be? What, wet myself? Nah, they couldn’t really do that with something like this. I looked at the price. A little expensive I thought, but some traitorous part of me added, ‘Not for what it claims to be.’ I stood the for a minute looking at the package without really seeing it before curiosity aided and abetted by disbelief won out.

I walked up to the cash register and handed the two items to the gentleman behind the counter. The cash register was in pristine condition, but looked like it must be nearing a century old, even featuring a marble bar above the cash drawer. The type bars could be heard marking the receipt as he entered the price of the cough drops. Then he picked up the Incontinence Nanobot.

“For you?” He asked.

I could only nod, feeling a bit of warmth in my cheeks.

“Do you have supplies already, or are you just starting?”

I found my voice, or enough to reply, “Starting.”

“Ah. In that case might I recommend a few supplies to make your experience more enjoyable?”

Sense was screaming for me to leave the nanobot there on the counter and flee, but the curious and the disbelieving sides of me left no room for it to be heard. Something, perhaps the absurdity of it all, even let my voice stabilize to something approaching normal.


He walked around the counter and started down the aisles and I followed.

“Well, for starters, you will want some good incontinence wear. Here, as in the rest of the store, I take pride in stocking only the best and ensuring that everything in the store is honestly advertised. Usually products good enough for me to carry are labeled honestly enough, but sometimes I have to add notes.” He pointed to a card by a display that appeared to disparage some of the claims of the product it was placed by.

This should have told me that curiosity could be satisfied that the Nanobot worked as advertised, and would have been the moment for sense to make another attempt at stopping this whole thing. Such an attempt would probably have been successful. Unfortunately, sense missed the opportunity.

“When it comes to incontinence protection even some of the good ones don’t work for everyone, but you can rest assured that everything here is a good choice to try.”

We reached the aisle and he turned and looked at my waist for a moment before speaking again. As he did so I noted that with his eye level a trifle above mine he appeared to be a little over six feet tall.

“Well, you look just big enough that a medium should fit you well. I believe you had a one week trial in mind?”

One part of me was screaming that this was foolish, soon to be horribly gross, and that I should tell the gentleman that I’d changed my mind and get out of there. Unfortunately this was the wrong way to handle a traitorously curious cat, especially when the curious side was in control. Curiosity beat sense into a small corner and replied with a calm that redoubled the alarm sense felt.

“Yeah, that seemed about right.”

He pulled a purple and white package off the shelf and handed it to me.

“These diapers are a good starting choice for daytime wear. Thin enough to not be obvious under most clothing, but absorbent enough that you don’t need to be constantly afraid of leaking.”

‘Wearing diapers? Leaking? What are you, an idiot?’ Came the faint thoughts from sense, but curiosity was now well settled in, and aided in keeping sense from taking control by disbelief in the nanobot that I should have recognized by now was unfounded.

I nodded and accepted the package. It was heavier than I expected, but not so heavy that I betrayed my slight surprise. The shape and feel was sufficiently unfamiliar that it elicited no hidden memories to threaten unseating curiosity.

He pulled a second package from the shelf, this one a clear plastic with blue writing that left the folded diapers inside visible, and handed it to me.

“These are better for many as an overnight diaper. While those can work well for many, others tend to find that something a little thicker is better for avoiding leaks at night. One package usually isn’t quite enough for a week, and this lets you try something else as well. These also can be useful if you are going to be far from a restroom or other place to change for a long time.”

I nodded again. “OK.”

He turned back to the shelves. “I think I also still have a sample package that will let you try the other diapers…ah, yes, here it is. This is a special sample pack I made up to offer a trial of the other diapers I sell,” He said as he offered me the sample pack.

I looked at the diapers in my hands and moved to transfer one package to the other hand as I said, “What you’ve suggested seems as good a starting place as any.”

He waved aside my motion and said, “I can carry this for you. Do you keep baby wipes around?”

“Yes, but it’s getting time I need more anyway.”

He turned to the opposite side of the aisle and indicated his selection of baby wipes.

“You might get by with one package, but you’ll likely end up needing two.”

I looked at the display, and found that he actually stocked the wipes I liked. I transferred one package of diapers to the other hand and picked up the wipes.

“These are what I usually use.”

He glanced at the package I held, and said as he reached for a different package, “Those will work, but will probably find larger wipes to work better. These are fairly similar to what you are used to, so they should work well for you.”

I put the wipes in my hand back on the shelf and took the pack he held out to read the label. Though I’d never seen them before, they looked like something I might have tried on my own had I run across them, just to satisfy curiosity.

“I think I’ll take two of these, and one of the other, so that I have what I know as well.”

He nodded, took the package from my hand, and put it and the specified wipes from the shelf with the sample pack of diapers. I moved one pack of diapers back to my now free hand, noting that he was right about carrying anything more being a little awkward.

“For wearing all the time like you’ll be doing a barrier cream is helpful in preventing rashes,” He said as moved down the aisle and picked up a tube. “If you were to wear for a long time you might come to find it less important, but it is a sudden change for your skin and a cream helps the transition a lot.”

I nodded agreement, and he added the cream to his load.

“The last thing I would advise now is a protective sheet for your bed, unless you already have one.”

“No. I’ve thought about it to protect against carelessness or an unruly cat, but haven’t gotten one yet.”

“In that case you might prefer the waterproof quilted mattress pad version. It’s more expensive than you might want for only a week, but you might find it more pleasant to sleep on. I do also have simple plastic covers as either fitted sheets or full zippered covers.”

He indicated the selection to me and went on, “What size bed do you have?”

“A queen,” I said as I looked at the options. I hemmed and hawed for a moment at the price of the mattress pad option, then, considering other reasons to protect my bed, sighed and said, “I’ll get the full mattress pad.”

He pulled a queen mattress pad off the rack and I followed him back to the cash register where he started ringing up the collection of stuff.

“Seems a bit odd to have such an old style cash register in a place like this.”

He laughed, “Well…To be perfectly honest this is actually a computer with all the modern inventory conveniences, but I like the old fashioned appearance, so I took the trouble to interface the two. Always fun to watch new customers wonder at it, too.”

“Nice to see the past appreciated so well, even if times have moved on and the old won’t quite do the job.”

He smiled at me, “And it’s nice to see someone young who appreciates the artifacts of bygone times.”

Before I could reply to that he named my total. More than I expected, and enough for sense to get in a feeble cry. Curiosity still stamped it out with a vengeance and I pulled out my wallet and selected some bills. He took them, punched the amount into the register, and counted my change the way I expected from the appearance of his register. I looked at the receipt. Despite being a modern thermal print, it had typewritten item numbers on it in a purplish ink. I could even make out the faint indents in the paper from the type bars.

“You must have put some work into that printing mechanism.”

“Thanks. And thank you for shopping here. My name is John. Come on back if you have any issues or questions. I’m usually the one here, but if I’m not here then my assistant is quite knowledgeable.”

I extended my hand. “Thanks. I’m Dale.”

He shook my hand, and then handed me a bag. “Here are your small items. I have larger bags for the other things, but I think you would prefer to put them in your backpack if you have room.”

I glanced at the other things mentioned and said, “Indeed, and I should have plenty of room. Sometimes a larger pack ends up being more comfortable even for a small load.”

I took my pack off and opened it. Everything fit neatly inside, hiding the contents much more effectively than any bag he might have given me. I put on my backpack and fastened the straps, absently noting that he hadn’t tried to use a gendered pronoun. It’s a game I played with myself to see how narrowly I could define the pronoun gender line, and he had so far evaded committing himself to a guess.

“Have a good day,” he said as I walked to the door.

As I walked through the door I replied, “Thanks, and you too.”

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Hmmm, quite different from your offerings of the past… Still, your old stories are some of my favorites and I’m sure this will come through as well. I look forward to seeing more.

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Hmmm… I think you must have me confused with someone else (apparently I’ve managed to have a duplicate name with someone from before, as you aren’t the first to wonder). I have only one other story posted, but I can’t link it right now because attribution is currently barred by its being an entry in the Halloween contest.

In any case, I hope you enjoy where I take this.

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Chapter II

I closed my door, walked into the kitchen, and took off my backpack. That sort of pack might be more comfortable to carry, but after a whole day I was still glad to take it off. Well, I had taken it off for the train ride and the drive home from the train station, but somehow it still felt different to take it off in my house.

I was also glad to get inside my house where no one had a chance of seeing what I was carrying. The trip home had gotten more uncomfortable after sense had managed to assert itself. For mysterious reasons sense had refused to acknowledge the fact that my backpack was not only completely opaque but capacious enough that even the shape of the diaper packages could not be seen, little that would likely have done to advertise what I was carrying. Well, to be honest sense wanted me to turn around and return everything, but curiosity was having none of it. Though it got nowhere, the internal debate kept me occupied for the trip home.

I got a glass of water and then carried my backpack to my room to unpack curiosity’s new toys. The diapers and wipes I brought to the bathroom, then took the mattress pad out of its package. I sniffed the new scent, and glanced at my watch. Still early enough to launder it before bed. I checked the instructions and carried it to the washer.

After starting the washer I thought about the nanobot, but my stomach told me dinner was the first order of business. While I could have eaten before coming home I hadn’t been hungry then, and restaurants of sufficient quality that I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth tend to be rare. A look in the refrigerator reminded me of the chicken I had marinating. That, together with a couple potatoes, a few vegetables, and some seasonings made a quick meal few restaurants could better.

The washer finished the quick cycle just as I put the greens in, so I moved it to the dryer while the greens wilted, and returned to serve myself. I considered a small glass of wine, but decided that it wouldn’t quite fit with the spices.

I settled with my dinner out on the deck under the faintly illuminated sky of astronomical twilight to watch the stars in the crisp evening air. With the moon stil new enough to have set the stars were bright and Pisces was just above the horizon.

Shortly after I finished eating my phone rang. I ignored it in favor of the sky until the voice on the machine proved the caller to be Jane inviting me to a girls’ night the following evening. There was probably enough time to reach the phone, so I got up and went for the phone.

“Hi Jane,” I said.

“Hi Dale. A few of us girls are gathering at Erika’s tomorrow to make dinner and enjoy ourselves. Are you free?”

“Is there anyone else coming who really cooks, or do I make my directing the cooking a condition of my coming?” I half-joked.

“Picky, picky. I invite you to a fun evening and you just moan about lousy cooks?”

I held my tongue.

“Well, I shouldn’t complain. Not when you’re twice the cook of the rest of us put together. To answer your question, Erika mentioned someone I don’t know, but I doubt you’ll have trouble taking over cooking, if you don’t get voted cook first.”

“In that case, I’ll be there, but I don’t want it to run too late. Even if I don’t have to work in the morning, I still tend to keep an early schedule.”

“We were going to meet at four. Dinner time to be determined, but if you’re cooking you’ll probably have a good deal of say in the matter.”

“OK. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Great. I always look forward to your cooking.”

“Then you’ll get a chance tomorrow. Good night.”

“Good night.”

I hung up the phone and went out to collect my dishes. Before I brought them in I stood gazing at the stars again for a moment. Cetus was now about a third above the horizon. I thought about nanobot I’d purchased and realized I probably ought to wait until after tomorrow night to try it, but curiosity was eating at me. With a last look at the stars I took my dishes inside, cleaned up, and fed my cat Puma.

A short while later I found myself in my room looking at the bed I needed to make. I collected my sheets and the mattress pad from the laundry and set about making the bed. For a moment I considered whether I needed the waterproof mattress pad, but reminded myself that I had chosen it for other reasons as well. Puma had once tried to eat a rather large rat on my bed before I evicted her, and although I didn’t think she would try that again, protecting my mattress couldn’t hurt.

After making my bed I went to brush my teeth, and curiousity reared its head on seeing the bag with the nanobot. I pushed aside curiousity while I finished brushing my teeth and using the toilet by studying my light complexioned face in the mirror. Long light brown hair, now caught up in a single braid exposing my ears that stick out quite noticably. Eyes nearly the color of my hair looking comfortably set in their sockets with my eyebrows just above my eyes and connected by scattered hairs. A moderately sized nose with full cheeks on either side above a full mouth and rounded chin.

Needful tasks done, my attempts to stave off curiosity failed, and I pulled the nanobot from the bag to look at it again. There it was, just the same as it had been in the store, with its audacious claim of rendering the user incontinent for a week.

With a mind seemingly of their own my fingers separated the plastic bubble from the cardboard backing and pulled out the syringe and the folded instruction sheet. I opened up the instructions and quickly read them through. With plenty of verbiage and assorted diagrams to try to make the operation foolproof it said to uncap the syringe, insert the tip of the syringe into the urethra, and press the plunger.

Sense offered one last objection that this wouldn’t help me find a partner to have children with, but by this point curiosity was so firmly in control that there was probably no possible objection from sense that I would have heeded.

I got out my mirror, sat on the edge of the counter, and looked down. With a moment’s looking in the mirror I found my urethra, and, with my hands trembling slightly, I removed the cap from the syringe and inserted the smooth rounded tip. There I paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and, as I let it out, pressed the plunger. Though the feeling of the cool carrier gel entering my urethra felt rather strange, there was nothing more. I removed the syringe and looked at it, feeling oddly disappointed that nothing seemed to have happened. Still holding the syringe I hopped down from the counter, picked up the package it had come in, and threw both in the trash.

I picked up the package of night diapers and started to open it but, still feeling the disappointment in what had just happened, curiosity failed me for once. Sense, overlooking the course that truly would have been sensible in this situation, came to the fore. Noting that nothing had happened when I emptied the syringe, and that the whole claim of the nanobot was foolish, sense convinced me that I shouldn’t be wearing diapers at my age and persuaded me to just go to bed. I left the bathroom and climbed into bed while Puma curled in my arm.

Despite, or perhaps because of all I’d done today I fell asleep quite readily. Before drifting off I recall noting that it was an interesting day to try the nanobot, as today there were exactly twelve hours between sunrise and sunset.

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Oh, that’s not going to end well.

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter II, 11/16]

It won’t? How sure are you?

I hope the lack of commenting is the traditional reason for this site: Good enough to enjoy and nothing found to critique :slight_smile:

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It’s a bit early to say too much yet, but I like to see where this is going. There could have been more motivation for why Dale wanted to try giving up her continence. She though it might be gross as well so maybe she did it for other reason than just being curious to try things?

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter II, 11/16]

I like this story. I initially skipped it because I thought Dale was a boy name. I can’t wait to see what happens next. How will she react on her get-together with friends?

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter II, 11/16]

That’s probably correct.
I’ve just found time to read this and the last couple of contest entries.

As ludib said; it’s early on.
So far nothing looks terribly wrong. A couple typos are barely worth mentioning. Dialogue feels fine.
You’re doing a great job of showing, not telling, who Dale is. Her observation of constellations, commitment to chores and own cooking, interest in raising children, etc… I’m gathering a mature, and mostly responsible adult. Which is a nice change of pace from the usual focus on the younger set, and the oh-so-frequent ‘powerful business woman as claimed by description in the first paragraph.’

I’m definitely looking forward to more.

For a split second I thought “How daft do you have to be to have trouble finding your urethra? It’s right on the end of your-”
Then I realized the MC was female. ;D

I’ll go back to praising how Ally is “showing, not telling.”

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Okay, random moment, you don’t have to read this crack, it’s all up to you, so please don’t blame MEEEEEEEEEEeeeeee. ;D
Curiosity killed my cat.
Curiosity killed my cat.

Curiosity killed my cat cause it wanted to learn about rats.
And that’s all I have to say on that!

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Thanks all. I’ve got the third chapter very nearly done (turns out I wasn’t quite as far along as I thought). I’ll probable get into the fourth chapter a bit to try to avoid problems.

Ludib, looking back I see what you mean about not enough reason to try. I’ve got a paragraph to add to the opening that may not be perfect, but I think helps at least. Then again, where is practically any story in this genre without at least a little suspension of disbelief? The reason I haven’t added that here yet is I don’t connect the computer I write on to the internet very often when I feel I can access the board at the same time.

Vearynope, thanks for the detailed observations. I certainly have been trying to show rather than tell. Even if this is a very early story for me, it probably helps that the vice likely to take time from writing (and did, yesterday! Soorrrryyyy… :stuck_out_tongue: ) is to read good novels.

W&L, Dale is a boy’s name? It can be, but if that’s set in stone, it’s news to me. I know both men and women named Dale, with a preponderance of the latter. In any case, I’m glad you came back again, especially since you should count yourself among the authors I hope to entertain as thanks for the entertainment I have received.

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter II, 11/16]

It’s probably more a case it depends on location. I went to elementary school two people named Dale(one male, one female), and the same last name (though not related). Was quite hilarious the year they accidentally assigned them both to the same teacher. :slight_smile:

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter II, 11/16]

Sorry. I didn’t realize Dale was a unisex name. But my childhood was Disneyified.



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Well, I finally have the next chapter ready to post. Hope it will meet with approval.

On why Dale went through with purchase, I’ve added a paragraph to the original:

This should have told me that curiosity could be satisfied that the Nanobot worked as advertised, and would have been the moment for sense to make another attempt at stopping this whole thing. Such an attempt would probably have been successful. Unfortunately, sense missed the opportunity.

See it in context in the first chapter.

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Chapter III

The sounds of the dawn chorus came through the crack my window was open. Listening to the friendly song I opened my eyes to see the grey light of early dawn in the sky. I lay there for a moment luxuriating in my cozy, warm bed before I moved to get up.

As I rolled over I felt hot liquid start to flow over my leg. For a brief moment I held position in shock before I realized what it was and tried to stop wetting my bed. I succeeded briefly, but the moment I moved the flow started again. I froze again, but this time the flow just continued. I moved to get up, but then remembered the mattress protector I had but on the bed last night. Not wanting drips all across my oak floor I lay there in the growing unpleasant puddle and let my bladder finish emptying before I tried to get out of bed, cursing the curiosity that had driven me to this indignity. At least with the mattress protector I’d been smart enough to put on the bed last night I didn’t have to rush about making a mess.

When I was sure I wouldn’t drip all over the place I crawled out of bed and headed for the shower. Though I started out warm, the cool morning air was quickly cold on the urine soaked part of me. While hurrying into the shower, I told myself that this would be the last time I ever let curiosity get the better of me.

I turned on the shower and let it warm up while I shed my nightclothes. The urine grew colder and clammier in just those few moments, and I was glad to step into the hot shower. In a few minutes, feeling clean again, I stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and hurriedly dried myself off. That left me free to face what I knew I must do, but now devoutly wished I did not need to: with ponderous steps I made my way over to the packages of diapers still sitting on the counter.

I found the recommended opening for the daytime diapers, and pulled the seam apart. Visible underneath were a few stretched purplish plastic folds with purple stripes across them and a few numbers that looked to be dot-matrix printed in the middle. I reached in and worked one diaper free of the package and unfolded it. Looking at it, I figured that the tapes must go in back and come to the front, since that way they would be easier to reach. Attempting to put the diaper on this way seemed to indicate I was going about this correctly.

I was leaning against the counter with the diaper pinned behind me and had pulled the front up when I remembered the barrier cream that John, the proprietor of the shop, had recommended. I turned and reached into the bag behind me for it. The label said to apply a thin layer onto the skin, so I opened the package, then the tube, and squeezed a small blob onto my finger. After spreading it around I pulled the front of the diaper back up and brought the wings around to the front.

Slowly, I made myself tape up the diaper, silently cursing the curiosity that had brought me to this point as I affixed each tape. When I was done I turned to the mirror to assuage curiosity as to what I now looked like. The diaper certainly was different, but somehow in the mirror it didn’t look all that bad. There was certainly some bulk between my legs, and it felt odd, but experimentally lifting my legs suggested that it probably wouldn’t interfere with walking. The surprisingly soft plastic crinkled quietly as I moved. Perhaps the week wouldn’t be too terrible after all, I thought, and looked for my clothes so I could get warm after all the time it had taken to put the diaper on.

“Bah.” In my distaste at wetting myself on waking I’d run in to shower without collecting clothes, which meant that I would have to leave the cool bathroom for my even colder bedroom to find clothes, and I was wearing only a diaper. At least I lived alone, so no one would see, but that didn’t make the room any warmer. I took a breath, opened the door of the bathroom, and hurried around my bed to the closet. Quickly I put on a green t-shirt with tigers on it and a long grey fleece skirt, followed by a warm blue sweater. While thinking about dressing for the cool weather, habit carried me through turning to my drawers and pulling out a pair of panties. I made to lift my foot and step into them before I realized that made no sense. Disgustedly I threw them back in the drawer and considered a pair of tights, but decided I wasn’t going out and it was warm enough inside that the long skirt would suffice.

Now dressed and starting to warm up I had more attention to pay to my diaper as I walked back to my bed and stepped into my wool house boots. There was certainly the bulk between my legs that I wasn’t used to, and even aside from that the coverage and fit felt very different from panties, but if I was honest with myself it really wasn’t bad. Under the skirt I couldn’t even make out the rustle from gentle walking.

My upper lip curling in distaste, I set about stripping my bed. More laundry. How delightful. And it was only yesterday I’d washed all this in the first place. Fortunately my beige, rose festooned down comforter had escaped damage. Next I inspected the cotton blanket underneath, and found it to have gotten a little bit of urine onto it. I freed and individually bundled the deep rose colored sheets, grimacing when I failed to avoid touching the urine soaked parts, then took off the mattress pad and wrapped it arount the rest of my bedding in need of washing. Although having to do laundry was annoying, and the reason disgusting, at least the mattress protector had done its job and kept even so much as a detectable trace of urine from seeping through.

Arms full, I carried the damp bundle down both flights of stairs to the laundry and set it atop the washer. With a grimace at having to touch the soiled parts at all, I carefully loaded my sheets into the washer, considered the space remaining, and stuffed the blanket in with them. The mattress pad would have to wait for a second load. I measured detergent into the tray, started the machine, and climbed the stairs to the kitchen. Now that I could pay attention to it, the diaper felt odd between my legs, but indeed seemed to have no real effect on walking. With luck, that was a sign that the rest of the week would go easily.

I got a glass of water, and halfway through drinking it I felt a warmth in my diaper. A heartbeat later I recognized the warmth for what it was: I was peeing in my diaper. I clamped down and the flow seemed to stop. I set the glass down and walked to the bathroom. As I walked it seemed that my bladder slowly released a few more trickles of urine. Once inside the bathroom I closed and, out of paranoia, locked the door. I even looked out the windows with sills a foot above the counter to make sure there was no one outside, though there was no one who had any business anywhere they might have been able to see even my upper body through a telescope.

My privacy thus assured, I lifted the hem of my skirt and looked at my diaper. Near the bottom of where I could see the writing had disappeared from the middle of the diaper, and it looked like it might be a little thicker. Prodding and squeezing the spot proved it to be a slightly squishy, almost like a gel cushion. The outside remained completely dry. Further prodding and squeezing showed that the wet part ended just past what I could see of the diaper. I reached for the tapes to take it off, then remembered that my spare diapers were in the upstairs bathroom.

I let my skirt fall and headed upstairs to my bathroom. After even this short time, walking in the diaper felt scarcely different than before I wet it. Well, if I was really honest I’d probably have to say that I couldn’t tell that it was even wet at all.

On reaching the bathroom I closed and locked the door, though living alone I would normally only bother to close it at most. I pulled a clean diaper from the package and set it and a package of the large wipes on the counter before I took off my skirt so it didn’t get in my way. As I draped my skirt over the counter I remembered how little time had passed since I put the diaper on. Looking at the package of diapers I realized that there was no way it would last me a week if I changed this often. I looked down at my diaper again and my lip curled in disgust. Trying to be honest, I had to admit there was no way the diaper I was wearing was used up. However much I wanted to take the diaper off, if I changed my diaper the new one would surely soon be in the same state as the one I now had on, and the way my morning had gone so far indicated that going without a diaper would be a very bad idea.

Feeling as if my arms were weighted, I put my skirt back on and trudged out of the bathroom, looking longingly at the meager improvement of the clean diaper sitting on the counter where I had left it before I turned the corner and slowly descended the stairs.

Back in the kitchen I finished my glass of water and opened the refrigerator to look for a decent breakfast. After a moment of consideration I decided to make waffles, something I seldom made a single portion of. I hoped the task of making a fancy breakfast would distract me from the unpleasant situation my curiosity had gotten me into.

In moments I had the requisite ingredients on the counter and began preparations. The work didn’t fully take my mind off things, but it helped. At one point I was sure I felt myself wetting my diaper, but by the time I could focus on it the moment passed and I found myself wondering if I had really wet or if I had only imagined it. Despite wanting to check my diaper and see if I really had wet, the demands of cooking took precedence. When I finally did have a lull when I could have checked I was distracted by putting things away just long enough that I dared not leave the food alone for as long as it would have taken to look at my diaper.

When the first waffle was ready I sat down at the kitchen counter and applied fixings. Sitting down reminded me of the diaper again, and that I thought I’d wet it again while making breakfast. I couldn’t feel anything that seemed different about the diaper from before, so I turned my attention back to food.

I started in on my breakfast. Moments later, just after I’d set my glass of orange juice down, I felt a trickle in my diaper and a small patch of warmth. I made to get up and go to the bathroom to see, but as I shifted my weight I heard the quiet click of the waffle iron thermostat and saw the light go out. Settling back in my chair I took the waffle out and poured the last of the batter in.

Despite the urge to go find out how much I had wet, the hot waffle seemed more important. I broke it into two pieces along the line and set half aside for later. The other half I spread butter over, dripped maple syrup across it, and topped with additional fresh blueberries and whipped cream. A short while later, my belly sated and the food gone, I left the dishes for a moment and finally went to the bathroom to inspect the damage to my diaper.

It was indeed wetter than before. The wetness extended about a third of the way up the front, and I could feel it reaching about to the back of my legs. I considered changing, but in the end had to admit that it probably was perfectly fine for a little while longer. My skin crawled a bit at the idea, but I reminded myself that it hadn’t been all that long since I had put it on, and there were only so many diapers in the package. Resolutely I washed my hands and went out to clean up from breakfast.

When I was most of the way through cleaning up I began to feel the need to go to the bathroom. I finished the last of the kitchen cleanup, went down to change the laundry, and then went upstairs to my bathroom to do so and change my diaper.

The diaper came off easily enough for me to take care of business on the toilet. To my dismay I left a sparse trail of drips walking from the toilet to the counter where I had the diapers. Hurriedly I got another diaper under myself before cleaning myself properly with the wipes - or at least as close to properly as I could manage. I still felt less than perfectly clean when I finished, but it would have to do. That done, I applied the cream, before I pulled the back of the diaper up, leaned against the counter, spread the front and fastened the tapes. Somehow, now that the diaper was on, I didn’t feel quite as inadequately clean as before, or perhaps that was just that I had sealed off the uncleanliness.

Feeling at least cleaner than before I washed my hands and put my skirt back on. Before leaving the bathroom I remembered to clean the drips I had left. While unpleasant, after dealing with a wet bed and diaper the drips at least didn’t seem too nasty to deal with.

With a dry diaper on I made a large mug of tea and settled down to lose myself in a world of magic and gryphons.

Seemingly moments later by real world wall time I closed the now finished book and set it aside. The rumbling from my stomach indicated otherwise, and the angle of light through the South-facing picture window said the time was about noon. A glance at my watch gave me the time as five past, a suitable time for lunch.

Getting up I felt something odd around my seat that I quickly realized was the diaper I was wearing. Feeling it through my skirt showed it to now be decidedly wet, so I went to the bathroom to check it. On the way, I could feel the now somewhat bulging and squishing diaper between my legs. The reason for it was rather worse than the diaper itself. As for the latter, I’d survived some foolish things before, and I would surely get through this too.

On taking off my skirt, I found that the wetness had crept most of the way up the front. Definitely time for a change.

As I took off the diaper, I was surprised by the weight of it. In order to distract from the uncleanliness while I cleaned myself, I pondered how many times I would have had to go to the bathroom if I hadn’t been wearing a diaper. I soon realized that since I didn’t know how much I usually peed and wasn’t entirely sure how much I had peed in the diaper, I didn’t have enough information to answer the question.

A few minutes later I was again in a clean diaper, though feeling less clean than the last diaper. At least this time I didn’t have a mess on the floor to clean up. After a thorough handwashing, I went downstairs to take care of my stomach.

While eating, I remembered that I was to go over to Erika’s in just a few hours, and thought that might not be wise. Leaving my partially eaten lunch, I went to call and say I wouldn’t be going after all.

I had the handset in my hand with my finger poised over the keypad when I realized that I couldn’t hide all week. I stood there pondering my options, scarcely noticing the dial tone buzzing in my ear, then jumped when the receiver off hook tone blared in my ear. Hurriedly, I put the handset back on the hook, and reluctantly took that as a clue that I might as well try to pretend everything was normal. If they noticed, at least it wouldn’t be the first time they’d seen my curiosity get me get into a strange situation.

Thus decided, I slowly returned to my lunch, noticing the sensations of my diaper as I walked. The soft plastic rubbed the inside of my thighs slightly, and it certainly was warmer than I was used to, though that wasn’t a problem at this time of year. Sitting down on the firm dining chair, I could readily feel the effect of the padding. It might be something of an improvement on a hard seat, but felt a bit odd.

With my lunch in my belly, and the dishes cleaned, I went to the bathroom to check my diaper. I thought I might be feeling that it was a little wet, but I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination or guessing that I must be after this morning. If I was stuck wearing diapers for a week, I might as well try to find out as much as I could or, however much I hated them, curiosity might find a way to have me back in them sooner or later.

That I was a little wet, but not terribly so, I had been correct about. The writing was gone from the bottom few inches of diaper that I could see in the mirror. With my upper lip curling I felt the diaper, which showed that the wetness extended to near the back of my crotch, and didn’t seem overly wet to begin with. Mumbling to myself, I washed my hands carefully before leaving the bathroom.

As I walked out of the bathroom I looked at my watch. A bit more than two hours before I needed to start getting ready to go. Well, with my diapers I’d best leave time for a decent shower. If I couldn’t avoid them right now, I could at least start clean.

Feeling less than properly clean, but knowing I couldn’t reasonably do anything about it, I went to my music room to practice before heading over to Erika’s. On the way in I carefully set the alarm I kept by the door.

I was in the middle of Dona Nobis Pacem from Bach’s Mass in B Minor when I was rudely interrupted by the alarm. I blinked. Two hours? It scarcely seemed any time had passed at all, but my watch agreed with the clock, and now, thinking back over the work I had done, I could remember where the time I didn’t remember passing had gone. Somewhat reluctantly I got up to get ready, only to mumble something incomprehensible about fools and curiosity when the movement reminded me about the diaper I was wearing, no doubt now wet.

As I walked, I could feel the slight dampness of the diaper and the now thicker and squishier padding, though it still wasn’t enough to noticeably affect my gait. After stopping by the kitchen for a glass of water, I climbed the stairs to my room.

Avoiding the mistake I’d made first thing this morning, I picked out a pink top, barely long enough to qualify as a tunic, with a slight vee neck and long sleeves. Unlike many tops, this one actually fit well over my rather broad shoulders. Half the time I found it easier to just buy the nicer shirts from the men’s department, but the color and style selection left something to be desired. A deep purple broomstick skirt would go with it, and be long enough to balance the top well. I carried my clothes into the bathroom and set them on the counter beside my diapers.

I started the water running in the shower, and then stripped off my clothes. The diaper was definitely wet, but less so than my last diaper. I untaped the diaper and rolled it up, trying to enjoy it coming off and ignore the fact that I would be putting another one on in a few minutes.

Since I was still mostly clean from this morning, my shower was quickly done, and I soon stepped out and picked up my towel.

Clean and dry, I did what I very much did not want to do, but had no real choice about: walked over and put on a diaper. While I did so, I asked myself why I couldn’t have realized that everything in that store probably did work as advertised, and left the nanobot well enough alone. Now my need to verify for myself had me stuck in diapers for a week. Then again, their advertising was just the sort to hook me.

Protected against the ravages of my current bout of curiosity, I put on the rest of my outfit and re-braided my hair.

Next, I picked up my larger purse and went to the kitchen. Erika might have decent cookware, and I could expect a reasonable set of basics to work with, but her spice collection left something to be desired at best.

Armed with the means to make something good, rather than merely edible, tried to think if there was anything else I needed. Not coming up with anything, I walked out, picked up my coat, and opened the door to the garage. I hesitated before walking down the steps, still reluctant to go out in diapers. I again thought about cancelling, but the time to do that had passed. What I did remember was that, given how many times I’d already had to change it, a spare diaper would be a prudent idea.

Back in the bathroom, I pulled a diaper out of the package and slipped it into my purse. I looked at the space available and, dismayed at how fast I was going through the diapers, put another with it, then put the package of wipes with the diapers and closed the pocket.

Hoping I now had everything I might need, I returned to the garage, got in my car, and drove to Erika’s.

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter III, 11/26]

I’m in no major rush to prod the story along, this is fun enough as it is.
You’ve taken great care in crafting each step of her day, and it shows.
The details are there, and juicy enough that I’m enjoying them on their own.

I almost feel a bit creepy for watching Dale. And perhaps that’s because each step, each event feels very real and realistically handled.

Though, with the amount of details such as the description of the phone and kitchen appliances, this seems to be set in current times. (unless I missed something) Which leaves things like nanobots sticking out as a bit of an oddity. I hesitate to say that I’m waiting to see how or if they fit in. If the direction this went, kept it in current times, and just had them in there for a plot device, I’d be okay with that. My suspension of disbelief is empowered by good writing. :smiley:

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter III, 11/26]

I mean, I think I understand your feelings of near-voyeurism due to the way the story is sort of told. But, the thing that is often in the back of my mind when reading or posting here is that to most people out there, everyone on this site is pretty firmly in the creep category…

Anyway, please carry on with the story as soon as you feel ready to do so. I may be a creep, but I’m a creep who knows what he likes.

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter III, 11/26]

I only meant that in this case, it’s very detailed, and for the most part, very grounded in reality. I feel like I’m just watching someone go about their day. It’s a good feeling, and then I’m like “people don’t usually watch someone else go about their day.”


Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter III, 11/26]

Vearynope: Thanks for the feedback. I suppose I must be doing something right if I can invent a person and a day in their life well enough that you feel creepy looking in. Then again, I think reading some real FB and Twitter feeds are all to close voyeurism.

As for the technology issue, no I don’t think you’ve missed anything yet. You can expect things to become more clear over the next chapter or three.

I’m working on the story, but it takes me time to generate the movie in my head and then describe it.

Re: Curiosity Killed the Cat [Chapter III, 11/26]

At least it didn’t start out with an introduction explaining where the technology came from and it’s impact on society.