Crystal's Hide Away 5/10

“Hello! Earth to Crystal!” Sasha said. She waved her hand in front of the other girls face, but received no response in return. Crystal it seemed was off in her own world. Sasha eyed the last piece of uneaten bacon on her friend’s plate before looking at her spaced out companion. Go Time.

Sasha pretended to be interested in the conversation across the table. Her palm rested by her tray before it ever so slowly inched towards her goal. Her blue eyes darted back to check if the coast was clear. Crystal was mentally gone. She could jump on the table and hula and she wouldn’t blink an eye, it seemed. Almost there…just a few more inches…

“OWW!” Sasha yelped. She glared daggers and nursed her injured hand in her palm as Crystal retracted her plastic fork. Damn her, she was faking it! Sasha sulked as Crystal shoved the last piece of bacon in her mouth. Mission failed. Crystal soon returned to staring off into space. “Whatcha thinking about?”

“Hmm?” Crystal mumbled in response. “Oh, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Sasha frowned, but let it go. Crystal had been acting strange lately and even more stand offish than usual. Sasha had even found a wet patch on Crystal’s pillow this morning which led her to believe her roommate had either been crying, or she drooled in her sleep like a St. Bernard. Sasha hoped the latter. But why? What had her normally stoic roommate so upset? It was so unlike her. Sasha didn’t think she was even capable of emotions other than indifference and annoyance.

She’d just have to take her out and have fun. Did Crystal even have fun? “So we have the day off tomorrow, you want to go to the arcade?”

“Huh? Sure whatever.” The other mumbled. Sasha beamed. She’d get her to open up somehow. It was almost unnerving seeing her like this.


Sasha kept a close eye on her throughout the day. Crystal had been out of sorts all through conditioning, classes, and work assignments. She hardly ate, and didn’t respond when called. Was she sick? Could they get sick in VR?

“What?” Crystal snapped, as they were getting ready for bed. “You’ve been staring at me all day.”

“So you noticed.” Sasha replied, not bothering to deny the accusations. “I’m just worried about you. You seem…out of it.”

“I’m fine.” Came the curt response as Crystal got into bed with her back towards her as a signal of conversation over.

“You…wanna talk about it?”
“Go to sleep.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m fine.”

“You want a hug?”

“Touch me and I’m shoving you out of bed.”

“So that’s a maybe?”


Sasha awoke to an unfamiliar sound coming from the space next her on the bed. At first irritated at being awoken at the crack of dawn on her only day off, her anger quickly morphed into concern when she recognized the noise. Sniffling. She wanted to roll over and confront Crystal, but she knew it would only scare her off. Resisting the urge to reach an arm out and pat her on the back, Sasha kept her eyes closed and listened while pretending to still be asleep. It was too early and cold to get shoved out of bed.

When she heard Crystal grab her shower bag and leave, Sasha sat up, noticing right away the tear streaks on Crystal’s pillow. She’d just have to try and cheer her up today. She waited until her roommate returned. She tried to ask if anything was bothering her, but once again her questions were dodged. Sasha pointed to the pillow, but it was mostly dried.

“Sorry, I was dreaming of an ice cream cone.” Sasha gave her a doubtful look, but Crystal shrugged and said, “What? I’ve seen you look at food, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t drool dreaming about a bacon cheeseburger.” Sasha could already feel her mouth salivating.

“So, what time you want to go to the arcade?” Sasha asked. Crystal frowned.

“Sorry, I…kind of have something else to do. Another time?” Sasha did her best to pry, but Crystal ignored all her attempts with " it’s classified" or “SPP business.” Did this “classified training” have anything to do with why she was upset? She was going to get to the bottom of this.

Were they going to lock her in the fear chamber? Sasha imagined a terrified Crystal huddled in a corner while a giant, hairy spider with large fangs hovered over her. No wonder she was so upset! She was scared! Determined to save her friend, Sasha watched as Crystal walked off the grounds, before following her a few feet behind. While Sasha hid behind buildings and lampposts, she couldn’t stop herself from humming the theme song from Mission Impossible 58.
Sasha narrowed her eyes when she realized where they were heading. The hotel! She was going to do her “usual”, whatever that was.
She remembered how flustered Crystal had been when the lady at the front desk mentioned it. What was serious and professional spy Crystal hiding? What would cause her to be so embarrassed? When she watched the green haired girl enter the hotel, she doubted more and more that Crystal was in any danger. This was personal for her. Propelled more by curiosity than worry, she stepped into the hotel and kept her head down. If she got stopped by security now she’d lose Crystals trail.

She hung back and watched her target check in, before she stuck her face in a scanner. Maybe she was telling the truth. Maybe this was a fear simulator. But why would she willingly jump into one? It didn’t look like anyone was forcing her. Suspicious…

She looked to her left; a bell clerk was coming her way. She ducked behind a rack of brochures. While she was over the age of eighteen and it was perfectly legal for her to be here, she hated the confrontation. She picked up one of the pamphlets and looked it over. Busted. She stuck in her pants pocket.
When the bell clerk was busy with another patron, Sasha slipped out just in time to see Crystal heading down the hall. She followed a few feet behind and watched her press her finger on a panel to the door, before it opened and she disappeared as the door closed and locked behind her.

Sasha tried to peek in the window, but she couldn’t see anything. Instead it was an advertisement and reminded her to please respect other people’s privacy. She felt a tad bit guilty, but it was quickly replaced by annoyance. Then why have a window?

“You there, stop! I see what you’re doing! You can’t be here, please leave.” The bell clerk from earlier said. Damn it, she was so close. She couldn’t leave now.

“But it’s my room.” Sasha lied. He didn’t look like he believed her.

“Then put your finger on the scanner and prove it. You can’t fool that scanner. It takes the print of the user not the avatar.” He said, with his arms crossed. He was expecting her to leave with her head hung low caught in an obvious lie. Instead she smiled wide. It took Becca’s fingerprint, not Crystal’s. She put her finger on the scanner and the door unlocked. He looked stunned and a bit disappointed.

“I was just checking to make sure you couldn’t see in.”

“Sorry, ma’am, enjoy your stay.”

She pulled the door open and walked in. She hadn’t been quite sure what to expect. Whips and chains? Some kind of secret kinky sex dungeon with a dom telling her to quack like a duck? But nothing could have prepared her to see this. It…It was a nursery. Did…Did Crystal want to be a mom? Did this mean there was a part of Becca that wanted kids? No, it couldn’t be! It was against everything she was fighting for! Feeling a stab of guilt, Sasha tried to slip back out through the door she held open, but she was caught.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? DID YOU FOLLOW ME?” Sasha turned around. Her eyes widened as she took in the scene before her. If she was surprised by the nursery, it was nothing compared to what she saw now. Crystal was…she was dressed in a… what the hell! It caught her so off guard she let go of the door and it slammed shut with a heavy clank.

“I…I was just leaving.” Sasha stuttered out. She had never seen Crystal looked so pissed.

“The hell you were! Great job, moron, you just locked yourself in here for the weekend!”

“The weekend! This is supposed to be an hour!”

“Yeah, an hour on the other side of the door! Time works differently on this side! This side is 48 hours until the door re-opens! That’s how the fear chamber works!” Sasha gulped. She was in trouble now. She pinched her eyes shut before looking back up.

“What are you wearing? Is that a…?”

“Shut up. It’s training.” She insisted, with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Training for what? The hell this is a fear chamber! What are you afraid of? Cuddly stuffed animals? This is a trucking pleasure room!” Damn auto correct! So hard to be serious when you can’t swear. She held up the brochure from her pocket.

She watched as Crystal’s face burned bright red. “If you knew it was a pleasure room WHY DID YOU FOLLOW ME?” Crystal yelled back after she got her bearings.

“I… I was…”

“Snooping.” Crystal glared. “Ugh! Might as well make yourself comfortable, you’re going to be here for a while.”

“So this is where you sneak off to? Why…why are you dressed like a…” She looked Crystal up and down. Her hair was tied up in a fountain on the top of her head. She wore a purple shirt with monkeys on it holding hands, which snapped in between her legs and purple socks. And she was wearing a… She shook her head in disbelief. She would have been less surprised to walk in to find her tied to a bed.

“Look it’s… just…I don’t want to talk about it. " Crystal said, as she hung her head down. " Sometimes I like to just…be little.”

“Look, it’s whatever, you’ve got a fetish, big deal.”

“It’s not like that; it’s-”

“Crystal, honey, who’s your friend?”

Sasha turned around to find a giant woman leaning over them. Her mouth hung open. “M…mom?” She looked back at Crystal for answers to find her with her head down. The pieces were starting to come together. “You sick, fudge!” Sasha tackled her to the ground. “How dare you use my mom to fulfill your weird sexual fantasies!”

“GET OFF ME!” Crystal yelled. She over threw Sasha and dug her elbow into her stomach. Sasha grabbed onto Crystal’s hair and began to pull. “Oww oww oww, Let go of me!”

“You let go!” Crystal grabbed one of Sasha’s legs and bent it at a weird angle. “AHH!!”

“KNOCK IT OFF, BOTH OF YOU!” Sasha felt herself get picked up in the air by the giant Heather, and saw Crystal thrashing around in the other arm. “You leave your sister alone!” They both stopped fighting and looked at each other. Sister? Wasn’t she just asking who Sasha was? “I think a time out for both of you is in order.” A time out? Was she serious? She looked around the room. Suddenly there was now two cribs instead of one. Sasha felt herself get lowered into one of the cribs and watched Crystal put into the other. She stood up and looked. The bars were high over her head. How was this possible? She tried to jump, but she wasn’t even close. The bars seemed to stretch to impossible heights.

“If I hear either one of you fighting, you’re going over my knee.” And with that, the giant Heather left the room.

“Did my mother just threaten to spank me?” Sasha asked, to break the awkward silence that fell between them.

“Yep.” Crystal said. “Look, about what’s going on.”

“Do I really want to know why my mom’s here?” Sasha asked, as she rolled onto her stomach.

“She’s my mom too.” Crystal mumbled. “Remember?” To be honest, she hadn’t really thought of it that way. “The only memory I have of her is rejecting me. She was scared of me, Sasha. She chose you and got rid of me. So sometimes, I like to pretend I was chosen.”
“Why as a baby? Why couldn’t you imagine hanging out with her as just you?”

“I didn’t know what to expect when I first came here to be honest. I thought we’d just sit down and have dinner and talk. But when I opened the door the first time. It was this. And I…like it. It was awkward at first, but I don’t have to stumble over trying to think of what to say. In a weird way, I find it comforting. It’s not some sexual fantasy, it’s just, I’ve been so…”


“Yeah,” Crystal mumbled. A few minutes passed by in silence.

“Hey, Crystal-”

“Please don’t,”


“I know this is weird for you, but-”

“Crystal! I have to go to the bathroom!” Sasha yelled.

“Oh, umm. Yeah, there aren’t any of those here.” Crystal said, as she sat up in her crib. “MOMMY!”

“Seriously? Mommy?” Sasha asked.

“She has selective hearing.” Crystal explained with a shrug. “Won’t come unless you call her that. It’s almost like she can’t understand you unless you say it first.”

“Are you two ready to behave now?” Heather asked, reappearing in the doorway. The both of them nodded. She came and grabbed Crystal first and set her on the floor. When she grabbed Sasha, she tried to ask about a bathroom, but she was ignored and set on the floor.

“I told you that won’t work.” Crystal said. “Mommy, she’s not wearing a diaper.” Sasha sent her a dirty look.

“Of course she is, honey, no one would send a baby without a-” She stopped mid sentence when she patted Sasha’s butt. “Oh, dear. Thank you for telling mommy before she made a mess! We need to fix her before she has an accident.”

“I really don’t need a diaper! A toilet would be fine!” Sasha insisted, but she was once again ignored. She thrashed when she saw the changing table coming into view. “Crystal, help me!”

“Just go with it!”

Sasha pouted as she was laid down on the table. She drew the line though when she felt her uniform getting taken off. Oh no no no! She squirmed and trashed, but all that did was earn her getting strapped down. “Please stop!” She begged. She shivered in the cold when her uniform was completely pulled away.

“Oh no, you’re much too young for these. Looks like someone was trying to play dress up.” Sasha moaned when she felt her underwear getting pulled down her legs.

“Please no!” Sasha begged. The woman bent down to grab something from under the table and appeared with a plastic puffy looking thing. Next thing she knew her legs were in the air, before being set back down. She shut her eyes tight and waited for it to be over. There was lots of crinkling and hands near places she wanted no hands. And then it was over. She felt the straps around her come undone and she was helped into a blue shirt that stopped on the edge of the diaper. She frowned as Crystal smirked from her place on the rug.

“It’s what you get for following me.” Crystal said, once Sasha was sat down. She stuck her tongue out, but heard her butt get smacked.

“You play nice with your sister.” Heather said before sitting on a nearby couch. Sasha sighed and looked at the toys on the floor. Little kid stuff. She picked up a stuffed lion and squeezed it as she rocked back and forth.

“What now?” Crystal asked, looking up from her coloring book.

“Gotta go.” Sasha moaned.

“Yeah, so what’s the problem?”

“No way, NO WAY!” Sasha said. “I’m getting out of here!”

“Good luck reaching the door.” Crystal said, as she went back to coloring a picture of a garden. Sasha looked to the door. What did she mean, it was just on the other side of the room. She took a few steps, but she felt no closer. She quickened her pace, with the diaper on her waist swishing with every step. She broke into a run, but the door stayed just a few feet in front of her. Exhausted, she stopped to catch her breath. It felt like she had just run a mile straight! This wasn’t possible!

“You done?” She looked behind her to find Crystal on the floor only a few feet behind her, the garden now colored in. Sasha moaned as collapsed next to her. She felt like she was going to burst! She looked around the room, with her hands planted firmly between her legs as she shuffled about. The potted plant in the corner of the room was looking more and more like a viable option. “You still trying to hold it?” Sasha grumbled in response. “It’s really not that bad.” Sasha gave her a horrified look.
“Did you really? When?”

“While you were running in place. You’re just going to make a mess if you let it all out at once.”

Sasha let out a moan as she stood up and bent over. No way, she hated being wet! She moved towards the plant in the corner of the room pleased to see it was coming closer with each step.

“Seriously? Not the fichus! What did it ever do to you?” Crystal said, sounding amused as she watched to see how it played out. Sasha tried to undue the tapes, but her hands were shaking too much. She squirmed and moaned as she danced from foot to foot.

“No, honey, don’t touch!” Heather said, once she saw what Sasha was trying to do. Sasha let out a yelp as she moved about in the woman’s large arms. Argh! No! She was holding her in place! She whimpered and tried to grab herself. Heather saw Crystal watching and said, “Don’t worry, sweetie, your sisters fine. She’s just too young to realize what’s wrong. Babies get fussy right before they go potty. She’ll feel better in a minute.” Crystal smirked as she saw the horrified look on Sasha’s face as Heather put her knee between her legs and started lightly bouncing her.

No! At this rate she was done for! Should’ve peed in the fichus when she had the chance. They say those things need lots of watering.

“It’s alright, sweetie, you’ll be all better soon.” Heather whispered in her ear. Her knee bounced her rhythmically. The pressure was too much! She was going to lose it! She let out a strained whimper as she felt herself start to pee in the padding under her. She felt the diaper growing warm and expanding as her fake mother’s knee kept the material pressed against her. It felt so weird! “There you go, that’s a good girl.” She said, as she stopped the bouncing and rubbed her back instead as she waited for her to finish.

“Don’t look.” Sasha begged, barely over a whisper.

She stared ahead of her with dead eyes and a blank expression. Just be over already, she thought. “Uh-oh” she heard before she was suddenly lifted into the air and held away at arms length. She could feel liquid leaking down her legs and saw drops fall onto the floor underneath her. She wasn’t even done yet! She couldn’t stop it! It continued to leak and fall into the floor in a steady trickle as it pattered softly onto the hard wood floor. When all was quiet she reluctantly made eye contact with Crystal. She was sprawled out laughing her ass off.

“I…I told you not to let it out all at once,” Crystal said, when she finally caught her breath.

“Oh my. Someone sure had to go!” Heather said. Kill me now. “Well, now I know not to use disposables on you!” Sasha was laid back down on the table, the soaked padding squishing under her. She turned her head and saw the damage she had done to her mother’s dress. She couldn’t help but let out a snicker.

“Oh you think that’s funny, do you?” She said, before her fingers attacked Sasha’s sides. She squealed as she tried to fight it off. What was she doing to her? Why did it feel so funny? Was she…laughing? Finally she stopped and Sasha was able to catch her breath. What in the world was that?

“Wait till she scratches your back, then you’ll see why I come here.” Crystal said.

Heather took out something different than last time from underneath the table, before stuffing the insides full of a white material. “This should hold things better.”

After she was changed, Heather set her down on the sofa and Crystal crawled over and climbed up next to her. “What’s in your mouth?” Crystal took it out and showed her. “What is it?”

“You suck on it.” Crystal explained. “Kinda nice, but hurts your mouth after awhile.”

“Would you girls like to watch a movie?” She held in her hands two bottles before handing one to each of them. Sasha inspected it while Crystal shoved it into her mouth and started drinking. She really does like it here. Sasha shrugged and started drinking it as well. It was slow going, but finally she managed to get a mouthful of milk. When Heather turned on the tv she nearly spit it out. “Enjoy your movie, girls.” She said before leaving. Sasha let out a whimper.

“You gonna be ok?” Crystal asked, a bit worried. She turned her head to find Sasha’s eyes full of tears before she ducked and hid in a ball. “Sasha…c’mon…I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was going to put on My Little Pony.”

Re: Crystal’s Hide Away

I read it and overall liked it, but it left me with a few questions…

Is this a part of your other series, “The Sphere”? Because I haven’t read that, so if this is related to that story, then I basically just read the entire thing here with no context. Which is fine since I liked it anyway, but… I’m still interested in knowing if there’s a connection.

Also, it seems like it’s unfinished, but I figured I may as well ask just in case: Are we going to be seeing more of this at some point? I know I want to read any possible continuation.

Re: Crystal’s Hide Away

Yes, it is related, and yeah, I totally see what you mean by “lacking in context” I wrote this as a request, so it doesn’t fit with the main story line. Wasn’t quite sure where to post it :confused: I just kind of figured most people would skip to what they want to see, if you know what I mean.

And yes, there will be more, probably just a part 2, I’ll try to fill in some gaps as I go.

I can give you a quick run down plot wise. This all takes place in virtual reality. As a child, Becca (user) played a My Little Pony game that was tampered with which resulted in PTSD and whenever she goes into VR, her personality splits between her child half “Sasha” and adult half “Crystal” resulting in the ability to have two avatars. In an attempt to have her daughter be “normal” Heather, Becca’s mom, tried to get rid of Crystal fearing that Becca had split between good and evil instead of child and adult.

Re: Crystal’s Hide Away

Crystal sat in silence on the couch and watched unsure of what to do. Sasha had curled herself into a ball. Her hands were plugging her ears and she was whimpering. Crystal got off the couch and tried to figure out how to turn off the tv, or at least change the channel. Of all the children shows, it just had to be My Little Pony.

“I hear an upset, baby.” Heather called, before entering the room. She took in the scene before her. Sasha cried even louder when she felt a hand on her back.

“I’m sorry!” Sasha yelled. “I’m sorry. I’m fine, it’s nothing!” Sasha’s body shook like a motorboat. She was far from fine. The flashbacks had already begun to set in. The sounds of screaming and war. The sights of the bleeding eyes and melting faces. The fear. It was all coming back bit by bit. Everytime she closed her eyes she saw the skin slipping off their faces and landing on the ground with a plunk.

“Becca, grow up! It’s just a show. It can’t hurt you!” “You’re 10 years old! Did you really expect the other kids not to laugh when they found out you’re afraid of ponies?” “You’re too old to be waking up the house every time you have a bad dream!” “Did you seriously wet the bed again? This needs to stop!”

“I’m sorry!” Sasha sobbed into the couch cushion. She shut her eyes tight when she felt herself get lifted into the air. She was sure she did it now. Heather would scold her for acting so childish. She was 18 now. 18! And still scared. Still just as weak as the day it had happened.
She was startled when she felt herself get cradled in the giants arms. She wanted to say she was fine, but she couldn’t stop crying. Tears obscured her vision and fell from her face. Snot dripped down her nose. She couldn’t get enough air no matter how hard she tried.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you.” Heather whispered. “You’re safe now.” Sasha buried her her head in the crook of Heathers neck. She could feel large hands rubbing up and down her back. The sounds from the tv were drifting farther and farther away. She didn’t care where they were going as long as they put enough distance between them and the tv. And Crystal. She didn’t want Crystal to see how pathetic she was.

She felt Heathers weight shift as she sat in a rocking chair. One hand continued to rub her back and another was holding her up by her padded butt. Had her mom ever held her like this? Was there a time before the fighting? Had she ever comforted her after a flashback? Heard her crying in the night and come to her side?

Sasha’s breaths soon became less erratic with every pat and whisper of, “mommy’s here.” She could feel Heather’s arms gently tighten around her periodically. The tears were subsiding. Her breathing was evening out. Her chest was untightening. “That’s it. You’re okay.” Heather moved her off her shoulder and cradled her in her arms while she set her on her lap. Sasha rested her head against the woman’s stomach and closed her eyes. A mixture of the gentle rocking of the chair and the soothing sensation of fingers sliding through her hair was lulling her into a trance.

Sasha quickly lost track of time with every rock. How long had she been back here? 30 seconds? 30 minutes? When a strange object was pressed into her mouth, Sasha realized what was going on. No! This wasn’t right! This woman was not her mother! It wasn’t real! She wasn’t a baby! She pressed her palms against the woman’s stomach in an attempt to push herself away.

“What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?” Heather asked. “Someone’s getting fussy.” Sasha continued trying to escape the woman’s arms, but the giant stood and picked her up with ease. She felt a hand pull back the top of her diaper. "Not messy. Oh, you must be hungry; it’s about yours and your sisters’ lunchtime. "
Sasha clung to the woman and buried her face in the crook of her neck as they walked back out into the room; only relaxing when she realized the show had been turned off now. She could feel Crystal’s eyes on her as they walked past towards the kitchen.

Sasha grimaced when she saw where she was getting put. A high chair. This was all too much. Once she was buckled in and secured with the tray locked in place, her “other mother” left, before quickly returning with Crystal in her arms. If she weren’t so shocked she would have thought the sight was kind of cute. It was still odd though that the “don’t touch me,” queen looked more than content to be carried in on someone’s hip. Sasha was beginning to suspect it was all a farce.

“You okay now?” Crystal asked, once Heather turned her back. Sasha grimaced and looked away in an attempt to avoid eye contact.

“It doesn’t happen every time.” Sasha mumbled to her tray. “Most times I’m fine. Sure they still creep me out, but others…” She left the thought drift off into the air. “I just…didn’t want to be seen having a flashback. I can’t control when they happen. It’s just so embarrassing and-”

“It’s fine, really. It’s, it’s not like I’ve never, I mean, I come here when I’m at my worst.” Crystal said, looking a bit flustered herself.

Their conversation was disrupted when Heather brought back two bowls of apple sauce. Sasha suddenly felt something odd hanging from her neck. She looked down to find a bib had been tied around her. When had she…? Her curiosity was quickly replaced by surprise when a spoonful of sauce was stuck in her mouth without her consent. She whimpered and moved her head side to side to avoid the next spoonful. When she peeked over, she was surprised to find Crystal willingly being fed and even looking like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She was even giggling when Heather made noises or praised her! Sasha didn’t think she had ever seen Crystal look so happy.
What did this mean for Becca? Crystal was supposed to be her split off adult side, but here she was acting like a toddler! Was there some part of Becca’s adult consciousness that wanted to be a kid? Wasn’t Sasha supposed to represent Becca’s inner child?

“You’re only going to make this harder if you fight it.” Crystal said, as she watched Sasha try to avoid her turn. Sasha looked at her dumbfounded, but Heather took the opportunity while she was distracted to stick another spoonful in her mouth. It wasn’t that it tasted bad. She even liked applesauce. It was the act of being fed that drove her up the wall. “The sooner you eat it the sooner we can get down.”

“What’s the hurry? You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Sasha grumbled, but willingly opened her mouth for another bite. Crystal let out a soft, dark chuckle. Her once smiling face had quickly turned into a grimace. The two of them sat in silence each taking turns being fed mouthfuls while Heather cooed at them until both bowls were empty. Sasha worried her eyes would roll out their sockets. She was more than relieved when they were freed from their prison. Her relief was short lived when they were set in the playpen in the living room with a couple bottles.

Sasha groaned and sat with her back against the cage. Escape was impossible. It was just like the crib. It didn’t seem very high when she was sitting, but when she stood up, it suddenly became impossibly out of reach. She looked over to find Crystal with a deep frown seemingly lost in thought. Her earlier happy-go-lucky demeanor was replaced by one of worry. She sat hunched over hugging her knees in the far corner of the playpen.

“What’s with you?” Sasha asked, as she began scooting towards her.

“Don’t come any closer!” Crystal yelled, making Sasha freeze in place. She rocked back and forth slightly and let out a moan. Sasha backed away as far as she could.

“Aww, what’s the matter, honey?” Heather asked. Her tall figure leaned forward over the playpen casting a shadow over them. “Do you have a tummy ache?” Crystal sat still for a moment, before she reluctantly nodded. Sasha watched as an arm came down and patted the back of Crystal’s diaper. The woman leaned down and whispered something in Crystal’s ear that made her face glow red. After another pause she nodded her head again, before reaching her arms out to be picked up.

Crystal looked very displeased to learn she was only being carried a foot away to the couch. She was set on the edge of Heather’s knee as she rubbed her back. “Go on, honey.” Crystal whimpered and shook her head. She pointed her finger to the backroom with the rocking chair and changing table. “That’s right, sweetie, I’ll change you when you’re done.”

“Not here.” Crystal mumbled, but her pleas were ignored.

Heather frowned and said, “I hope you can go on your own soon, I’d hate to have to give you another enema.” Crystal quickly shook her head before sending Sasha a pleading look. At first Sasha thought she was upset about using a diaper, well because who wouldn’t be, but soon realized she had been sitting there watching how the scene played out.

“Right,” Sasha said. She quickly turned her back to them and began to look through the toys. It seemed Crystal had her limits to what she was willing to do in front of a crowd. She found a ball to bounce against the cage. She tried to see how high she could throw it, but it still didn’t come near the top even throwing it at full strength. She tried to ignore all of Heather’s coos and praises. How could anyone go with an audience cheering them on?

Apparently it hadn’t stopped Crystal… When Sasha sat up to retrieve the run away ball the smell hit her like a ton of bricks. It was as if the room had been filled with 100 stinky babies. Sasha hit the floor and covered her nose while muttering, “Holy Ship!”

“Sorry,” came the reply. “She was threatening me with an enema! What was I supposed to do?”

“It smells like a herd of dead cows collided with a truck of fertilizer that tipped over a bus full of old people!”

“Uh, thanks?”

“Or like a rotted beached whale…”

“Yeah, I got it.”

“Or a skunk that took a bath is sour milk and-”

“Shut up, Sasha…”