Crossing paths (Teen titans/Inuyahsa crossover)

Feudal era, Japan.

“Wind scar!”
Kagome meeped and shot up, looking around and blinking in the black night, and then by the light of Sword on sword sparks, saw Inuyasha battling what looked to be a monk, but one with a sword almost like Inuyasha’s.
“Back Half breed! I will drive out your evil and leave you purified!” The monk yelled, then with a downward slash sent Inuyasha stumbling back.
“of all the times for it just to be the two of us…” Kagome muttered, grabbing her bow and arrows.
the others had decided to give them some alone time, Shippo trying to hint that it was just what the doctor ordered.
Pulling the bow taunt, She unleashed one of her holy arrows, Just as the Monk had knocked Inuyasha’s Sword from him and gasped as the monk caught the arrow.
“Interfere not woman. what i do is for his own good and yours.” The monk said again.
the clouds that had hide the stars and moon passed, and Kagome got a good look at the monk.
he was dressed in the usual robes of course, dark blue, but this one had no hair on his face or head, and a long ragged scar ran down the left of his face, over a eye patch.
His sword was thin but long, and looked like the tessaga should of snapped it in half but instead it had sung out every-time the blades met.
“Damn it…What’s wrong with me.” Inuyasha grumbled, and Kagome could see he was trembling.
“the song of Natu weaken the evil in all men, demons and beasts hearts.” The Monk replied, casting the arrow Kagome had Shot.
“Now you are able to heard it’s sweet music into your soul.”
As she watched in horror, the Monk seemed to move in slow motion, as he took aim before moving to plunge his Natu as he called it, into Inuyahsa.
the half Demon however had a few tricks left and bounce back, and reached into a shoulder wound he had taken during the fight.
“Blades of blood!”
The Monk made no effort to move, but made a series of holy sighs and the demonic blades vanished before even coming close to him.
“Please, lay down your weapon and let me help you. I can remove the evil and let you be good.”
“Right, because I trust everyone who tries to stick a sword in my chest.” Inuyasha shot back and then ran in.
“Iron reverse soul stealer!”
Even as his hand came close, Inuyasha saw his error, as the sword was lifted up and impaled him. he shut his eyes, and waited for the pain.
he felt the sword leave him and collapsed to the ground, still not in pain, but Sometimes sword wounds were like that.
“INUYASHA!!” Kagome screamed and ran over to him, but found no wounds.
“What the…” Inuyasha grumbled, opening his eyes and looking at himself , then up at the monk.
“Natu has saved anther soul.” The monk said happily.
In the blade of the sword, was the full demon Inuyasha, thrashing about and struggling.
“You may find yourself weak, and needing the help of others for quite awhile.” The monk said, sheathing his sword.
“I suggest you work on that attitude problem if you want that help free of hassle.”
The monk turned to leave, but Inuyasha started to get up.
“Wait! what did you just do to me?!” He demanded, but was surprised when Kagome, who had been trying to hold him back, seemed to have a Iron gripe.
"I have taken away all of your demon power. while I can’t make you human, i can remove that which makes you a threat to yourself and others, and if you lead a pure life from here after, you will go to hevan when you die."The monk said.
“Wait! Whats your name? why did you go though all of this trouble?” Kagome asked, getting up and moving towards the Monk.
“I am Gal-yor…And i discovered scrolls that indicate that his demon blood line, will dilute itself till it reaches a great great descendent. By nullifying his powers now, i have helped saved the world in the future, from a half demon who would be know as Raven.”
“Raven? I know of her…she’s one of those super heros from America.” Kagome said and then stopped and sniffed. “What is that smell…”
she looked over to a blushing Inuyasha who had a growing wet spot on the front of his pants, and judging by the smell, the same would be true on the back.
“There are some changes he may experaince…” Gal-yor spoke up.

Present day- Jump city

Raven stopped, she had been in the middle of reaching across the table for anther slice of pizza, when a sudden weakness overwhelmed her, as well as something else.
“Dude, does anybody else smell crap all of a sudden?” Beast boy asked, as a tred face raven wished for a portal to swallow her.

Crossing paths.

“I still don’t understand all of this.” Kagome said, as she helped change Inuyahsa.
It had been two days since the attack, and Inuyahsa still hadn’t recovered, and Kagome had grown tired of washing his pants and had managed to get some old cloth and made diapers for Inuyahsa.
the dog demon had growled and refused, till Kagome flicked him in the forehead and made him bawl.
The really interesting thing was that Shippo seemed to be hitting a growth spurt, and getting more powerful by the moment.
Inuyahsa, red faced and still pouting after being forced into diapers, spotted Shippo, now as tall as Kagome and well muscled, running around with the tessaga.
“Hey! That’s my sword brat!” Inuyahsa yelled out and shook a fist, then squeaked as Kagome took a cold wet cloth to his nether regions.
“Oh be quiet Inuyahsa, it’s not like you can even use it right now.” She said looking annoyed, and then giggled,as she wiped his tiny manhood.
“I still can’t belive how tiny you are!”
“I hate you so much right now.” Inuyahsa muttered, as Kagome finished up and pinned fresh diapers on him.

when Raven woke up, she was greeted by a foul oder and muddy feeling in her diaper.
only two days ago this weird illness had start, leaving her feeble and incontinent.
she rose, thankful to be on her belly and tried to keep the mess from shifting about too much, and trying to keep Starfire, who’s room she was in, from waking up next to her.
Raven tried to maintain her pride,that she could at least change herself, but three leaky diapers later and the others had taken to helping her.
Finally, she asked that if someone was going to change her, it be Starfire.
that had turned out to be a mistake, as some sort of mothering urge had arose, and she was treating raven more and more like a baby.
She had gotten off the bed, dressed in a simple white shirt, her puffy white diaper brown and sagging in the back, and making faces she took baby steps towards the bathroom
She was almost home free, and in the bathroom when Silke brushed over her foot, making her yelp and fall onto her messy rear.
she sat there for all of five seconds, as the disgusting mess almost came out the diaper before starting to wail.
Starfire said up in a instant, and flew over and patted Raven’s back and went to get her baby girl changed.

“So Inuyahsa…I was thinking…” Kagome said, as they were eating dinner.
she had been forced to chop up all of his food for him, and help him drink so he wouldn’t spill.
“I was thinking…that monk mentioned a hero from the united states in my time. maybe we should go back and try and find her?”
“There’s a change, you’re using your head.” He said in a snotty voice.
“I’ll remember that next time you’re messy.” She said with a annoyed look.
“I…er… i meant, good idea Kagome!” He said blushing and forcing a smile on his face.
“Don’t worry about things back here…I seem to be even stronger than you were Inuyahsa.” Shippo said, a handsome young man, with firm toned muscles.
he was covering his food with dark energy and floating it up to his mouth.

Raven sniffled, as she was placed in the tub, now clean and waiting as Starfire turned on the water.
“Don’t be sad raven, you can not help it.” Starfire said, testing the water and finding it almost cold to her, it was almost too hot for Raven’s skin and the goth sniffled.
Starfire would walk off to dispose of the soiled diaper, and sprayed some air fresher in the air.
Raven waited for Starfire to be gone and then slowly reached for the ducky Starfire had put in the tub.
she wasn’t really interested in it, but a study of why so many babies thought ti was amusing was in order.
she squeaked it and broke into a toothy grin and then made a little quaking sound and moved it along the water.
Starfire had long returned, but stayed in the doorway, watching Raven had her fun, before ducking back.
“Is the tub full?” She called.
I’ll be right in!" Starfire called.
She didn’t want to just walk in, as she knew how much it would bother Raven to be seen playing with the ducky and the poor girl deserved a little bit of fun at least.
Starfire walked in and shut off the water, and looked at the ducky floating.
“Are you sure you don’t wanna play with him?” she asked Raven.
“I’m not a baby Starfire!” she said with a pout.
“Of course not…” Starfire said and then kissed Raven’s forehead, making the goth blush and then walked out.

A few days later, Kagome was still saying sorry to the flight attendants for having to put up with Inuyahsa.
She was in her usual schoolgirl attire, while Inuyahsa wore a white diaper shirt, with long sleeves under a pair of green overalls. his waist bulged out from his diaper butt, and there was a slight pee smell in the air.
Girls pointed and laughed at him, and he tugged down his baseball cap more and blushed.
“Kagomeee! their laughing at me!” He whined, holding onto her hand like a toddler.
"after the fit you threw on that plane, you’re lucky i didn’t spank you!’ Kagome said and then lead him out of the airport.
he whimpered and she sighed and then turned around and patted his head.
“Sorry for snapping., but look!” she smiled and pulled to titans tower, visible even from the airport.
“I’ll bet you almost anything that your cure is there!”

Crossing paths (Teen titans/Inuyahsa crossover)

keep going this is pretty interesting by the way note ravin’s powers come from a alain one haritage so she still gots them just a note and idea booster

Crossing paths (Teen titans/Inuyahsa crossover)

I wish I could pronounce their names.