Crinkling in the rain

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Kevin’s eyes fluttered open, slowing waking from his nap on the couch. The sound of rain made that harder, considering that was the sound he would turn on his white noise machine to fall asleep at night. But wait, he hadn’t turned on his white noise machine. Where was that rain noise coming from? He slowly sat up, wiped the sleep from his eyes, and rested his body against the top of the sofa. Rain came down from the sky and lashed the windows. It wasn’t a hard rain, but just enough to ruin his plans for the day.

“Darn it!” the 20 year old shouted, the implications of this rain storm just now hitting.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked as he walked into the living room from the kitchen. He used the dish towel over his shoulder to dry his hands from the dishes he just washed.

“Look outside daddy, it’s raining” Kevin answered, sounding dejected. He didn’t even look back at his boyfriend, just staring out the window and silently cursing the rain.

“Yeah, I know buddy. What’s wrong with that?” he asked back, already knowing the answer. He often asked those type of questions and allowed Kevin to answer. Jason knew things like that were subtle ways to slip his little boy further into little space.

“What’s wrong with that?!?!” Kevin asked, flabbergasted. Did daddy really forget our plans today? “We were gonna go to the park today and now our day is ruined…”

As 26 year old Jason slowly walked up to where his Kevin was in front of the window, he made sure to give his bottom a couple pats, which were followed by a couple not so subtle crinkles. With his baby boy only wearing his thick diaper, there was nothing to quiet the plastic backed padding. “Our day is not ruined buddy, we can find lots of other stuff to do. How about we play a board game?”

“No, that sounds boring” Kevin pouted, slipping around and flopping on his padded tushy with his arms crossed. He wanted to go to the park and that’s it.

“What about a puzzle? Maybe some coloring? A Disney movie marathon with yummy popcorn perhaps?” Jason just wanted to throw as many ideas out as possible in case something sounded interesting.

“NO, I WANNA GO TO THE PARK!” Kevin screamed, looking daddy straight in the face.

“Well, looks like I know what you are going to be doing. Writing lines” Jason told him, meeting his gaze.

Kevin just realized what he did. “No daddy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you!”

“Well, you did buddy. It’s either you can write some lines or daddy will take you over his knee and spank your butt until it hurts to sit” Jason used a tone he knew sent shivers up his boyfriend’s spine.

He know there was nothing he could do. Kevin stood up silently and waddled his way into the kitchen. Just before he sat down, he felt Jason grab his shoulder followed by 2 fingers entered the leg band of his diaper.

“All dry…for now” he announced as he removed his fingers and gave the bulky padding between Kevin’s legs a squeeze just to make sure. Even though he was not happy with his baby boy, that doesn’t mean he had to neglect his daddy duties. Once Kevin sat down, Jason walked over to their junk cupboard and pulled out a notebook and a pen. Putting them down in front of the 20 year old, he pulled out his daddy voice and told Kevin “I want you to write ‘I will not yell at daddy’ 50 times and then we can figure out what to do with the rest of our day.”

Kevin really wanted to argue, but knew that lines were better than spankings. Daddy had such hard swats that really hurt even when he spanked him with his diaper on. Lines were boring, but they didn’t hurt.

Jason headed back into the living room, leaving his little guy to do his punishment in peace. Walking over to the closet, he reached into the back. Wiggling his arm around a bit, he was able to find what he was looking for. Once he brought it into his sight, he smiled and whispered “perfect” to himself.

After 15 minutes of tidying the house, making his bed, and just doing small chores, Jason headed back to the kitchen to check on Kevin’s progress. Just as he walked in, his little man was putting the finishing touches on the last line.

“Done daddy” he said, pulling his face from the paper to reveal a big smile. No matter how mad he was at daddy for not being able to go to the park today, he still loved him lots and lots. There is no way he could stay mad at him.

Walking over to take a peek at the lines, Jason was satisfied. He wanted to look his baby in the eyes, so he got down on one knee next to the chair. “Do you know why daddy made you write lines?”

“Because I yelled at you daddy. I’m sorry” Kevin gave a heartfelt apology as he even felt a tear roll down his cheek.

Daddy took his thumb and wiped the tear off his face. “I know you are baby boy. It’s just sometimes you get a little too angry and daddy doesn’t want that. I just want to see you as a happy baby. You know daddy still loves you right? There is nothing you could do to make me stop loving you.”

“I know daddy” he responded by wrapping his arms around his boyfriend in a bear hug. Kevin loved his daddy so much and couldn’t imagine his life without. Most people met through mutual friends and dating apps, but him and daddy met on Fetlife 2 years. Every day since has been an amazing adventure he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Once he could feel Kevin’s grip tighten, Jason moved a little back and gave his prince a smile. “Guess what? I found something we could do for fun today” he felt pretty confident his little boy would love his plan.

With his smile only growing bigger, he could barely contain his excitement. “Really daddy, what is it?”

“I think we should go outside and place” he said, noticing the a quizzical look starting to form on Kevin’s face.

“But it’s still raining” the diaper clad adult said as he turned his head, looking at the window to make sure he was correct. Yup, still coming down.

“I know buddy, why don’t you head into the living room and see what’s waiting there” Jason said, almost guiding his baby boy with his hand.

Once Kevin turned the corner, he toddled over to what was laying on the couch: a baby blue rain poncho. It had been forever since he had worn this thing. Slipping it over his head, the bottom of the garment fell to his knees. It then clicked in his head. “Are we gonna go splash in the puddles?!?”

“Bingo” was all that Jason needed to say as he reached into the closet and grabbed an umbrella. “Are you ready to play?” he asked, smiling as the big toddler nodded and bounced from one foot to the other. “Alright, let’s go” Jason said as he opened the door.

Kevin sprinted out the door like the Flash. A crinkling Flash, but as fast as him nonetheless. Once he got to the driveway, however, he stopped in his tracks. Kevin scanned the area, trying to find the biggest puddle to splash in first. Looking left then right, he zeroed in on a massive puddle by the curb at the bottom of the driveway.

As Kevin hurried to the curb, Jason just smiled at the carefree nature of the 20 year old in front of him. That little boy didn’t care about anything at this moment besides the puddle. Not that it was raining, not that he had nothing but a flapping rain poncho covering a thick diaper decorated with baby blocks and toy cars, nothing. All he wanted to do was splash in that puddle.

Waddling as fast as his bulky padding would allow, he made his way towards the puddle. “Liftoff in 3…2…1…” he yelled, followed by “blastoff!” as Kevin hopped in the air and landed in the puddle with his bare feet. He swore the splash that he made was almost as tall as he was! This was so much more fun than the park. Thank goodness it decided to rain today.

Jacob kept a close eye on his little man as he skipped up and down the curb, making a big splash with every landing. It looked like he was having the time of his life and the man Kevin called daddy wanted to do nothing to get in the way. Toddlers can be little balls of energy and his was no exception, just a little scaled up.

After a little while, however, splashing in the same spots got boring to Kevin. “Daddy, can we go to the backyard and see if there are any big puddles there?” he asked, figured it would be fine.

“Sure buddy, let’s go” he answered, taking the soaking wet hand of his little one. Once they got to the back, Jason smiled as there tons of new spots for his little guy to play. Before he let him go however, daddy made sure to grab the neckline of Kevin’s poncho and pulling it over his head, leaving him in just his diaper. Since they had a fenced in backyard, Kevin had been in just his babyish underwear multiple times back here with no worries. Plus, Jason just thought Kevin looked adorable waddling around in nothing but a diaper. With a pat on his baby boy’s puffy butt, he told him to go play and have fun.

Kevin headed into the yard and did exactly what he did in the front yard, but this time with renewed vigor due to the change of venue. He giggled as he could feel his diaper slowly getting soggier and soggier due to the rain rolling down his body and past his waistband. He didn’t care. Soggy diapers were for daddies to worry about.

Just as Jason was pulling out his phone to send off a quick text, his eyes caught Kevin falling. He must have been running to fast and lost control. It seemed to happen in slow motion as he his little man slip and fall, butt first, into the puddle. A massive splash followed, but he imagined those were not the only waterworks coming.

Once Kevin had landed on the ground, the tears almost immediately followed. “Daddy!” he called out, not caring who heard. He just wanted his daddy to make everything better. He could feel the puddle water gushing past the lag gathers and making his diaper swell, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t doing anything without his daddy next to him.

Jason hurried over to Kevin and helped him to his feet. “Oh no buddy. Are you ok?” he asked as he brought him in for a hug, patting his back to calm him down. Jason’s hand moved down to give him diaper pats, but the seat of his padding was caked in mud. He could also tell it was pretty swollen. Poor baby.

Once daddy arrived, the crying turned into a whimper. “My knee hurts daddy. Can you make it all better?”

“Of course, let’s go get you a band aid. We have the Superman ones. After that, we will give you a nice bubble bath, wrap you up in a clean dipey, and get you a yummy chocolate milk bottle. How does that sound?” Jason asked, knowing that would make his little boy feel better.

“Good” Kevin replied, wiping the tears from his eyes. How he could tell what was tears and what was rain was anyone’s guess. As he walked with daddy, he had to move his legs farther apart then normal to make room for the sagging diaper between his knees. He just wanted to get inside to get clean.

As he opened the back door, Jason motioned for Kevin to go in first. “Alright, let’s go get a nice bubble bath for my little man” he said with a quick tickle. He smiled as Kevin giggled, knowing he was already starting to feel better.

As they walked up the stairs, Kevin just wondered “What have I done to deserve a loving daddy like this?” The End