Creative Writing (Short Story)

I think maybe short stories are a good niche for me. They’re the perfect length to keep me interested in writing them, and they’re easy to write in a short amount of time. :slight_smile: Whatever, I had fun with writing this NON DARK short story. Enjoy!


Creative Writing
By: Dementia’s Knight

“Diapers? Check. Powder? Check. Wipes? Check. Pacifier? Check. Baby bottle? Check.” I thought to myself as I rummaged through the items in my backpack in preparation for the party.
I’d been planning this whole thing for several months and now, as the big night drew ever closer, I worried that I still hadn’t planned things out well enough.

Maybe I should explain a little bit better what I’m talking about. You see, I’m a writer. I’ve never been published or anything like that, but I do enjoy spinning a yarn now and again. The reason that this is worth mentioning is because of what I like to write about: adult women that wear and use diapers. If you’re still reading I’ll assume that you enjoy the same subject matter and would like to know more.

Everything started a few months ago when I posted a story I’d written on a diaper fetish message board. I’d written a story about a young girl that had begun wetting the bed in order to get put back into diapers by her parents. To make a long story short, my work received some very negative, and in some cases mean comments. It was then that I decided to change up my strategy a bit.

I’d been crushing on this girl in my class, Kelsey, since like first grade. I viewed her as my muse, partly because every time I wrote a story I made her the main character. So I decided that I’d try and make her my main character in a real life story, and then write the whole thing as a fictional story and turn everyone’s opinion about my writing around.

Now I know some of you might be thinking that I’m crazy, and this whole thing sounds a bit elaborate just to appease some faceless nobodies on some random fetish message board on the internet. To you folks I say “I’m in High School, and therefore have no concept of right and wrong. And furthermore, other people’s opinions about me are all I have to base my self image on. So F off.”.

Anyway, tonight is the night of the party that I’m throwing where I plan to get my situation for my new story. I figure that I’ll get Kelsey up to my parent’s bedroom at some point in the evening, at which point I’ll get her nice and relaxed, one thing will lead to another and she’ll be my baby girl by the end of the night. The only flaw I can see in my plan is how I’m going to convince Kelsey to leave the party with me and come upstairs, but I guess I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

I quickly set my makeshift diaper bag by my parent’s bed as I heard the doorbell, and rushed downstairs to greet my friends. I let several of them in and pointed them in the direction of the liquor cabinet and the food table, and turned the music on before I went and mingled. Shortly after the party began to get into full swing the doorbell rang and when I opened the door I was greeted by Kelsey’s smiling face.

If life was a movie, Kelsey would be the girl that made things move in slow motion when she walked. She was the sweet down to Earth popular girl that only exists in guys dreams. I stood in the doorway staring at her for what seemed like mere seconds, but must have been much longer because she cleared her throat to get my attention so that I could let her into the party. I moved aside quickly and let her pass, watching her shoulder length auburn hair bounce with her every step.

The party carried on around me as I pretended to listen to my friends talk. The sound seemed to fade into the background as I focused on Kelsey the entire night. I watched her talk and laugh with her own group of friends, her face lighting up with every sweet giggle. I took some time out to look at the clock, and began to panic when I saw how late it was.

“Now or never.” I thought to myself as I set my cup down and waded through the dancing crowd to my inspiration in a skirt.

Kelsey was in mid dance when I approached her and tapped her on the shoulder. She giggled and hugged me as she spun around to face me, clearly a sign she’d had a bit too much to drink. I leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear that she should follow me, and to my elation, she did just that. With my dream girl in tow, I marched through the small horde of teenagers and up the stairs to my parent’s room.

“Why Randy Monroe, are you planning on seducing me?” Kelsey asked as I shut the bedroom door behind us and locked the door, sealing the noise and fervor of the party off so that we could talk to one another.

I shook my head, and almost found myself saying ‘Shucks no!’, but managing a much cooler “Not unless you want me to.”

Her smile broke out again, a picture of orthodontic splendor worthy of Guinness Record books. I watched her look around the room before taking a seat on the bed and looking at me with a studying glance. “Well what’d you bring me up here for then?” she asked.

I wiped my sweaty palms on my pants and cleared my throat as I walked around to the side of the bed where the diaper bag sat. “Well, I wanted you to help me with something.” I told her.

She followed me with her eyes as I edged nervously around the bed until I reached the bag. “And what might that be?” she asked with a sultry look and little bite to her lower lip.

I faltered for a moment as I looked into her green eyes, their luster lost from too much alcohol but still the most beautiful things about her. “I want you to try something on for me.” I nearly spat as my words raced out before my mind could process them properly.

She raised an eyebrow and moved fully onto the bed, getting up on all fours and crawling toward me until we were close enough to kiss. “Like a fashion show?” she asked me, her sweet breath hitting my lips and making me quiver slightly.

I nodded slowly, and stared into her eyes. In that moment I wanted to kiss her, more so than just every other moment, this one was special. “Exactly like a fashion show.” I said in an almost whisper.

“Sounds fun!” she said as she shot back from me and sprawled out on the bed. “What do you have for me?” she asked as she lay there twirling the end of her hair with one finger.

I reached down and picked up the bag, a feat that was quite difficult as my muscles seemed to have atrophied in the moments since we were face to face. “It’s all in here.” I said as I passed the bag over to her.

Kelsey eagerly took the bag and unzipped it quickly, turning it upside down and dumping the contents onto the bed. For a moment she said nothing as she looked at the items that lay before her. I tried to read her face as she scanned over everything, the wheels inside her brain churning away trying to make sense of what she was looking at. “You want me to dress up like a baby?” she asked finally without looking up at me.

“I’d very much appreciate it.” I told her.

She bit her lower lip and twisted the hem of her skirt between her thumbs and forefingers for a moment before looking up at me. “Can I tell you a secret?” she whispered, her face so pure and innocent that I wanted nothing more than to scoop her into my arms and smother her with affection.

I nodded and moved closer to her so she could whisper her secret to me in confidence.

“Come closer, it’s a big secret.” she whispered as she looked down to the bed again.

I got onto the bed on my knees and craned my neck down to her so that my ear was next to her mouth, and waited for her to share her deep dark secret with me.

“I want you to dress up for me.” she said, and quickly moved her hand to my crotch, squeezing my testicles as hard as she could.

I opened my mouth to scream, but found no sound would come out. I moved with her as she led me by the balls to the center of the bed where she shoved me onto my back in front of her. The spry young Kelsey, woman of my dreams, and apple of my eye was soon straddling me on the bed as I tried to will the pain in my crotch to subside long enough to formulate a plan.

“God you’re gullible. Believing I was drunk after one drink, now that’s just naive.” she taunted. “Now, before you dress up in your diapers for me, I want you to tell me why you thought this little plan of yours would work.” she said as she looked down on me from her perch on my chest.

The pain in my manhood made spilling my guts extremely easy, and within a matter of minutes all my cards were on the table. I was at the mercy of a sweet little woman, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much my balls hurt.

“Quite the plan Randy. I must admit I’m a little surprised that you thought it would work, but that’s why your story wasn’t any good to begin with. You lack forethought and planning, for you an AB/DL story is just about what’s going to get you off the quickest.” she said with a firm pat to my crotch that caused me to whimper. “To someone who’s not so bogged down with blowing their load, an AB/DL story is a story that happens to have diapers in it.” she added.

I looked at her with a puzzled expression, trying in vain to figure out what she was saying.

“I read your story 'Randy ‘Roe’, I was one of the people that slammed it the hardest.” she explained, calling me by my message board screen name. “Truth is, I knew it was you by the way you described your main character.” she said.

“You did?” I asked.

Kelsey slapped me hard on the forehead. “Of course I did, you described me!” she shouted. “Honestly, you should try and avoid personalizing so much, you never know who might read your story.” she said with a wicked grin.

“I’m sorry Kelsey, I promise I won’t write anymore stories, please just let me go and I won’t tell anyone about this.” I pleaded.

She feigned thought for a moment and smiled. “Not a chance Randy.” she said. “Now be a good boy and get your diaper on for mommy so she can snap a few blackmail photos of you, and we’ll be on our way.” she said as she got off of me and took a spot near the door.

I reluctantly got up from the bed and removed my pants, revealing my erect penis pitching a tent in my underpants.

“Aww, looks like someone likes being mommy’s baby.” she cooed sweetly, doing nothing to help my erection.

I stripped my underwear off and unfolded a diaper, laying it on the bed before I positioned myself on it and started to pull it up into place.

“Don’t forget the powder.” she called out with a giggle.

I blushed bright red and grabbed the powder, sprinkling a fair amount onto my groin and quickly rubbing it in, curling my toes and closing my eyes as I pleasured myself a little with my rubbing.

“Ahem, it’s not a vacation Randy.” she chided.

I blushed again and pulled the front of my diaper up, taping it snugly into place and sitting up, waiting for her approval.

Kelsey reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. “Now for baby’s pictures.” she said with a smile as she opened the phone and enabled the camera function.

I posed for her in every way imaginable. I got on all fours with the pacifier in my mouth, and laid on my back with legs pulled up to the bottle I pretended to drink from. I wet my diaper for her and blushed with shame as she snapped a photo of herself with a finger in the leg gatherer as she checked my wetness. The humiliation only stopped when her phone ran out of memory, and she put it away and took a seat next to me on the bed.

“I hope you learned an important lesson tonight Randy.” she said as she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Your secret is safe with me cutie.” she said with a wink as she unlocked the door and let herself out, leaving me in a wet diaper with an ear to ear grin as I rubbed my still moist cheek in disbelief.

“And that’s how I got my baby boy. He’s pretty well behaved, though he sometimes needs to be reminded who’s in charge with a firm swat on the backside, but what baby doesn’t? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my story as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing quite a few stories from me in the coming months, after all, the best stories are drawn from real life. Thanks again. <3 Mommy Kelsey and Baby Randy”

I clicked my laptop shut and turned around to face Randy. He was napping on my bed, his thick night diaper bulging underneath his baby blue onsie. I smiled at him as I watched him sleep for a moment, thinking about what a sweet little boy he was, until he was awake that is. I opted to let him sleep for a bit longer to avoid as much crankiness as possible, and went back to my computer to flesh out new story ideas.

I turned to Randy again and smiled. “Maybe an enema story?” I thought to myself with a wicked smile as I turned back around and began typing.

The End

Creative Writing (Short Story)

Knight, good story, your ending made me giggle abit!!

Creative Writing (Short Story)

Nice short story. I think the “less dark” format suites you.


Creative Writing (Short Story)

You, good sir, are completely despicable. HIGH FIVE!

e: yes, I did indeed like this piece, but my praise is not effusive. Rather it is slipppery and hard to follow like the elusive snow rhinocerous or the spotted mountain iguana.

Creative Writing (Short Story)

…Not sure how I’m despicable, but it’s one of the nicer things I’ve been called. :slight_smile: I’m glad you all enjoyed the story…Frink, I assume you enjoyed the story because I get a high five, so thank you.


Creative Writing (Short Story)

I thought this was good as well.

Also, it’s nice teasing of the reader throughout.

And as for what she says about the stories and blowing one’s load: I agree entirely!