Craig Ferguson...the bed wetter?!?!

Another topic in the news today, is that late night talk show host Craig Ferguson apparently was a bed wetter as a kid, and once he took up drinking, became a bedwetter again.

Taken from his interview on CBS and Larry King.

The road hasn’t been easy and Ferguson shares his story with biting wit and brutal honesty: “I don’t say this to try to impress you, but I was a bedwetter until around 11 years old, then I stopped, not for long, I started drinking alcohol regularly in my early teens, in which I returned to intermittent bedwetting until I was 29.”

Ferguson explained, "The thing is when you drink alcohol the way I drank alcohol, it can have a spectacular and flamboyant effect on your bowels when you’re asleep.

“It’s one of the more attractive sides of active alcoholism, I think,” Ferguson joked. “Occasionally I would wake up to someone, you know, and I’m trying to blame it on them. But it never really worked out.”

Reasons like this, it only makes you wonder if they ever thought of adult diapers, and I assume the problem would still haunt him now if he were to drink.

I’ve only ever woken up to a wet bed once before, and that in fact was by another girl who had slept at my apartment that night. She was to drunk to care and to hung over in the morning to really remember. She sure as hell remembered later though and was so embarassed.

Re: Craig Ferguson…the bed wetter!!!

He hosts a late-night show on CBS, and also he was known as Drew Carey’s boss, Mr. Wick on the Drew Carey Show.


Re: Craig Ferguson…the bed wetter!!!

Have you read that Tucker Max story about the wet bed?