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Hello everyone! I have enjoyed the stories on this sight for years now and have always wanted to contribute with some of my own writing. For one reason or another I guess I just never got around to it. I actually wrote this story a couple months ago but wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it or not. Please be aware, this is more or less just a premise of the story to decide if it is something worth continuing or not. I am looking forward to your feedback and criticism and will gladly continue this tale if the general consensus deems it worth.

Couples Therapy

Sundays were always rough for Mellissa. The weekends would fly by all too quickly and then she would be thrust back into another week of monotony in a perpetually endless cycle. Fortunately, this Sunday was different. This Sunday was a day filled with anticipation and preparation for the events of the coming week. As a psych major She had spent years studying, interning, and developing her craft as a therapist and it was all finally about to pay off. Tomorrow marked the first day of a very specialized couples counseling group, that as far as she knew, was likely the first of its kind. The group was to be directed towards couples in which one, or both, identified as some form of AB/DL. It was a topic that she had some very personal experience with and it was that same experience that enlightened her to the difficulties that were so often faced by people in those situations. The goal would be to guide couples towards a stronger relationship and work together in hopes to discover a deeper understanding of what makes their partners tick. Best of all, it was her first group session that she would be leading in her new facility. It had been a long time in the making, but with the finalization of a few more documents and a good night’s rest, it would finally be a reality. As she stared into the soft glow of her desktop monitor her mind began to drift back to that long ago time, the time that altered her life’s course and ultimately pointed her in the direction that lead her to where she was today.

It was a just after sunset on a brisk autumn evening back in 2006. Mellissa was in her old campus apartment getting ready to head over to her boyfriend’s house for a nice relaxing evening together. She was standing in front of the mirror trying to coax the bangs of her flowing auburn hair into cooperation while simultaneously eyeing the clock. "You can’t rush beauty "she thought to herself whimsically. Mellissa had always prided herself on her appearance. Her deep brown hair complimented her soft brown eyes perfectly. That, combined with her high cheek bones and slightly tanned skin often made her the envy of her female peers. Of course, as she began getting dressed she couldn’t help but judge every flaw of her body as all too many women do. What she saw to be fat, the men around her saw as perfect womanly curves. She was soft and round yet tight and perky in all of the right places. After finally deciding on a casual pair of jeans and a sweater she slipped on her shoes and was out the door.

The drive over was a short one and it was not long before she was at his place. Something had seemed strange about this night. Perhaps it was the tone in his voice when he had invited her for a special dinner. His normal strong and confident mannerisms had been replaced by what seemed to be a timid uncertainty to his voice. None the less, she walked to his door with her usually pep and waited with a smile as she rang the doorbell.

“Hi Mel.” said James as he opened the door. He stood a little less than 6 foot and had a slim athletic build with a clean cut head of blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

“Hi baby, you look cute as always” she replied with a big hug and a hand that made its way down to give his butt a squeeze. Luckily for James, she wasn’t paying close enough attention to notice the deep blush of his face and the immediate tensing of his entire body.

“Wh-why don’t you come inside and I can open us a bottle of wine?”

“That sounds great baby” she replied as she released him from her hug.

As James went to the kitchen to poor a couple glasses of pinot noir, Mellissa made her way to the couch. It wasn’t long before he returned with the wine and took a seat across the coffee table from their usual spot together on the love seat. As he handed her the glass, his hand was noticeably shaking and this time, Mellissa did notice. Between his strange tone of voice on the phone, his trembling hands, and now, him sitting on the other side of the room from their usual spot together, something was definitely up. After a brief awkward silence, she decided to try and break the ice. “So are we going to cook something or is this going to be the main course?” nodding to her wine glass with a sly grin.

James just continued starring deeply into his glass while swirling the red liquid around and around. He opened his mouth to speak but he just couldn’t seem to find the words. Instead, he just cleared his throat and shrugged while adjusting himself in his seat. Mellissa had never seen him like this and began to get concerned. She wondered if it was something serious and figured that this obviously was not intended to be a casual dinner like she had expected. She knew that something was troubling him and she had to find out what. “Baby, if there is something on your mind you know you can tell me. It’s obvious something is bothering you”.

After a considerable amount of her pressing and him avoiding, James finally built up the courage to tell her his most guarded of secrets. “Mel, there’s something that I have wanted you to know about me for a very long time now but I just have never had the courage to say. I care about you so much and I am terrified that you will leave me once you know the truth.” He continued on to tell her a story about when he was a child and his babysitter had put him in diapers as some sort of game.

“Diapers?” she asked, stifling a little laugh. “I’m sorry babe but I don’t see how this has anything to do with us or our relationship?”

“Will you let me finish” he replied, obviously becoming slightly emotional. “Since that day I have been drawn towards them for some reason. I can’t explain it. I don’t fully understand it myself. All I can say is they make me feel secure. When I am wearing them I feel free to retreat to a time of safety and no responsibilities. They allow me to feel little and vulnerable again which can be scary and exciting at the same time. I guess I just have never felt comfortable enough to share it with anyone until now, a person that can maybe help me to get rid of those scary feelings.”

Mellissa was stunned. She genuinely had no idea how to react to this as she had never even heard of something like this before. She had a million questions rushing through her mind but she also couldn’t help but feel touched that this strong man was opening up to her in a such a way and allowing himself to become so transparent, showcasing his vulnerability. “Okay, well I definitely wasn’t expecting that” was the first thing to come out of her mouth.

“I knew it; I never should have said anything!” James was becoming distraught at this point and said, “I understand if you don’t want to see me again”.

“Sweet heart that’s not what I was thinking at all, I have told you before that you can be honest with me! If anything, I am proud of you for being so open. This is certainly a little different, but that doesn’t mean I am going to be running out the door!” At that, she got up and walked over to the couch that James had been sitting on. She placed a hand on his thigh and looked him straight in the eyes, giving him a warm and loving smile. “So, how often do you wear these diapers? Obviously when we have been in bed together in the past you didn’t have one on.”

“Well I usually only wear them when I know I am going to be alone, and even then, only when I am feeling stressed or something like that.” He still was avoiding eye contact as much as possible.

Suddenly Mellissa had an idea. She slowly began to move her hand up his thigh and asked “and are you wearing one right now?” By the time she finished asking the question her hand had found the answer. Her fingers gently pressed into the padded crotch through the denim of his jeans and watched as it all finally became too much for James and he broke down in tears.

That was Mellissa’s first experience with the world of infantilism. She had been so shocked at first but it seemed to have faded as quickly as it came and was left with only a warm feeling of loving sympathy towards this man that was placing his heart in her hands in such a way. In that moment she knew that with her actions she could either nurture or destroy his feelings and being the kind hearted individual that she was, she knew there was only one option. The rest of that night was spent with James snuggling up to her (after she insisted he remove the pants covering his diaper of course) and discussing all things related to this new revelation. In time, Mellissa and James ended their relationship, though it had nothing to do with the topics discussed that evening. During their time together, Mellissa noticed an obvious change in his outlook on life. He seemed happier and even more filled with life than ever before and she could only attribute it to him finally being allowed to be himself and allow that side of him to be nurtured in the manner that he so desperately needed. It was James that made her realize that these people existed in the world and that with her skills she could reach out and make a difference in their life in the same way that she had for James. After finishing her doctorate in psychology, including a dissertation on infantilism, it was clear what she had to do and with that, Dr. Mellissa A. Pierce’s Infantilism Focused Couples Therapy was born.

It was Monday night. The time had finally come and Mellissa’s heart was aflutter with the excitement of it all. As she waited for her patients to arrive, she busied herself with tidying up the room and placing the handouts on the tables. She knew that the infantilism community was not terribly large but she was surprised at the volume of interested couples that responded to her ads placed throughout the appropriate forums. Of course, it probably helped that she was located in the incredibly liberal and open city of San Francisco. Soon her schedule was booked and it was time to begin explaining to the patients what to expect. Sessions would be held once a week for two months at first, longer if necessary. Each time they would alternate between counseling directed to the big/little aspect of their relationship and the adult to adult aspect of their relationships. Of course, on days directed towards littles she informed the patients that she fully expected littles to be diapered and appropriately dressed. It was stressed to them that being comfortable in their skin both when diapered and not was of the utmost importance and that their partner would have to learn to be comfortable with that as well. On adult days, the couples would be there as two adults for a more orthodox couples therapy allowing them to discuss all aspects of their relationship including how the infantilism was effecting them. She had it all worked out and was completely ready when her first couple walked through the door.

It was a young man and woman; both looked to be in their mid-twenties. She knew from her schedule that it must be Jessica and Ryan Parker, and she definitely knew from their attire that tonight, Ryan was supposed to mommies little boy. She couldn’t help but smile as she watched him waddle towards her with an obvious diaper bulge in his shorts while his “mommy” led him in by his hand. Once they were seated in the waiting room Mellissa walked in with her head held high and exuding confidence in her tight black business skirt and top. As the two looked up to her she stopped to introduce herself to Jessica first. “Hi. You must be Jessica! My name is Doctor Peirce!” the two women shook hands and then Mellissa turned to Ryan and said in a slightly cooing tone, “and this must be little Ryan!”

…To be continued?

Thanks for reading everyone! Let me know what you think and any suggestions. I am completely looking to you all to decide whether or not I should continue.

Re: Couples Therapy (first story)

this a good start for a story so far,keep up the good work

Re: Couples Therapy (first story)

This is a great start, please keep it up.

Re: Couples Therapy (first story)

Well, this is well written. You have good dialogue, the paragraphs are well formed, and you have no obvious spelling or grammar mistakes. I should think this is pretty good. You got two other replies that want to read more, so keep up the good work and get more chapters out. We need more new writers like you who are articulate or at least know how to write above an eighth grade level. Thanks for not making me dive through spelling errors and obvious mistakes.

I’m a DL, so the story is a bit too AB for me, but I replied so you can get some positive feedback on this story. I want to give good feedback to new writers who give us something readable. I will keep on the lookout for other stories from you in the future since I know your writing is good.

Re: Couples Therapy (first story)

This is well written. The subject is not quite my preference for ABDL stories, but I’d read more. You also managed to work in a physical description without it feeling awkward or forced, which is rather impressive.

Re: Couples Therapy (first story)

Wow. Thank you all so much for such kind words! Now I feel like I actually want to write more. I will say, I plan on adding at least a two or three different couples into the story so I will try to make at least one of them more on the dl side. That’s exactly the kind of suggestions I was looking for to help inspire a bit more direction. Unfortunately, I am in the midst of one of the most stressful/busy times of my life (I haven’t even taken the time to wear a diaper in months!) But I will try to have an update at least once a week or so. Thanks again and please continue to offer up your opinions!

Re: Couples Therapy 2nd post

I was having a really hard time writing this for some reason. It is a much shorter post than I had intended and I apologize if it comes across as forced. Hopefully the next chapter will flow a little more naturally. Please critique, it only will make me better.

Jessica had spent much of the night tossing and turning, unable to get her mind off of the appointment she had scheduled for her and her husband. She knew that it was necessary but it also was terrifying to think of involving a stranger into this very unorthodox portion of their relationship. If she was to be honest with herself, she wasn’t completely comfortable with the idea herself but she loved her husband dearly and was prepared to do whatever was needed to ensure their continued happiness. Not to mention, she couldn’t help but find him to be a little cute with his blushing face nursing his little binky while trying to ask for a change.

After a few minutes of thought, she sat up to take a look at the man that she loved sleeping beside her. She had always loved his looks from the day they met. He had soft blond hair that was always clean cut and very professional. His eyes were a crisp blue and accented with his perfect eyelashes. She even loved his cute little love handles. The same ones that he complained about almost every time his eyes caught them in the mirror. She always laughed at his self-consciousness between that and his height. They stood at basically the same level and she knew it bothered him. He truly was a handsome man, a fact that she often attributed to his success in life. Except lately, the successful and strong business man that she had fallen in love with had been looking less and less the part every day.

With a gentle nudge Jessica woke Ryan from his sleep. The binky he had been suckling feel from his mouth and he smiled at the beautiful woman looking down at him.

“Hi mo-, uhh, Jess” He said in his sleepy voice"

This whole adult baby life style was still very new to them and Ryan wasn’t sure if calling his wife “mommy” was appropriate or not.

“Good morning sweet heart, how did my baby sleep?” She tried to maintain the sweet motherly tone that she knew he craved but she knew that it still would sound somewhat forced from time to time.

Ryan wrapped his arms around her and snuggled his face into her ample chest as he said “I slept okay. I’m nervous about today though.” The anxiety of their upcoming therapy session was effecting Ryan as well. Jessica had been the first person he had ever confessed his urges to. A confession that required every ounce of courage he could muster and now he was supposed to open up to a complete stranger? He only agreed because he knew Jessica thought it was important and with how supportive and accommodating she had been, he knew he was obligated to agree.

“I know you are nervous sweetie. I’m a little nervous too. It’s for the best though and who knows, maybe you’ll even think its fun!” She pinched his nose a little as she said the last statement and was pleased to hear a giggle from Ryan. “Now let’s start getting cleaned up and get ready to go. Are you still dry?”

“I was.” Ryan sheepishly explained. “I might have had a little accident while you were talking.”

Jessica reached under the covers to check for herself. Of course, his padded crotch was warm and squishy to the touch. Still, she gave it a little squeeze and teased him a little about being such a baby.

With that Jessica pulled Ryan out of bed and sent him off to the living room so she could start getting ready. With a little kiss and quick pat and his damp rear she let him know she would change him after her shower and to go eat something. Despite him wanting to act like a baby, he could get himself some cereal and allow her some time to take a shower. Once the water was hot she stepped in and started brushing her hair. She had long red hair, naturally brown but she loved the dark red color and the way it accented her lovely green eyes. Once her hair was washed she moved on to scrubbing the rest of her body. Her figure was magnificent and she loved to admire herself as she tenderly ran the soap across womanly curves. Showers were often the best part of the day for Jessica. Especially since they installed her new friend, the handheld shower head.

Jessica stepped out of her shower refreshed and invigorated. She dried herself off and found some clothes to wear before stepping out to check on Ryan. She found him in the living room talking on the phone. It was obvious to see that it was work calling from the furrowed brow and demanding tone to his voice.

“I don’t care what their counter offer was Frank! I told you that we were done with these negotiations and that was final!” This was the voice that Jessica was used to. “You tell them to take it or leave it. Call me when it’s done.”

The sight in front of her was ridiculous. Here was her grown husband sitting at the table and barking orders to his subordinates, all the while wearing nothing but his white t-shirt, a wet cushies diaper and ankle socks. “If only they could see who was giving them their orders right now” she thought, trying to stifle her laughter. “Well well bossy boy, are you ready for a dry diaper?”

Clearly Ryan was thoroughly embarrassed. His faced burned bright red and his eyes dropped to floor. “Yeah.” Was all he said.

Ryan knew the drill, and walked over to the changing mat on his own. He lay down and watched as Jessica bent down to grab the necessary supplies out of the basket. It still seemed too good to be true every time he prepared for a change. His wife was gorgeous and somehow loved him enough to see him in a wet diaper and not run out the door.

“Wow you are a wet little boy aren’t you? We’re lucky you didn’t leak on my couch!” She said as she removed the tapes. This caused Ryan to blush even harder and made Jessica smile. Once the fresh air hit his sensitive skin his member stood at attention immediately. “I see someone still gets excited about his diaper changes huh? This just won’t do!” She grabbed a baby wipe and started to clean his diaper area thoroughly, paying special attention to his “wee-wee” as she called it on baby days. It didn’t take long for him to reach a climax, allowing Jessica to finish up with powder and taping up the fresh diaper. "There now doesn’t that feel better? All we need now are some clothes and we can head to see Dr. Pierce!