Corruption By:Long_Rifle. Female mental regression

Corruption.  By: Long_Rifle

What happens when a little gets exactly what she wants.  Even if she really didn’t want it.  Or did she?  Over 13,500 words.  Not bad for a quick read.

Tara shook her head as she stared across the room from her chair at the scene in front of her.  People in frills, lace, and pastel clothes crawled, toddled and ran around in circles and random directions while happily screeching and screaming nonsense at each other.   Then there were the ones being held by their parents.  Ones that couldn’t run, walk or even crawl.  Ones that sat drooling down their chins while they stewed in their own wet mess.  She had seen it enough all her life.  Adults, all of them.  But born short in a world of insane amazons.  She blushed and tried to ignore the urge to run as she thought back to only a month or so ago when she had actually opened the door to this room, only to run immediately when she had seen the whirlwind of regressed adults toddling and crawling around.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood and goosebumps ran down her skin, “What if they do that to me... What if I end up here in a week or two for my first check up?” she thought.  The mature little swung her legs faster underneath her, trying to burn off her anxiety nervously.  “Did I make a mistake...” she wondered as she looked away and tried to ignore how high the amazon sized chair held her above the ground.

One of the regressed adults suddenly broke out of the play area and ran giggling towards a huge man sitting near the exit.  As she passed by Tara the air in front of her took on the scent of baby powder and pee.  Tara looked down at her lap and tried to hide the sudden smirk that came to her face.  “They didn’t ask for this.” she thought darkly.  The idea that it was forced on so many littles barely did anything to her now.  Tara swallowed nervously and looked back towards the short woman as she was picked up and set down carefully in the large mans lap.  She ignored the sweet voice he used as he obviously checked her diaper, before finally setting her back on her feet and declaring her dry enough.  The infantile adult whined for a moment before her eyes caught sight of something back in the play area and darted towards it.  Leaving the air rich with her accident again.

“I should leave now.” Tara knew the danger of coming here was bad enough, but staying so long was almost a death sentence. ”This should already be enough to get me off for the rest of the year.” she had almost touched herself earlier as she had jumped into the plastic chair and caught the scent of stale pee  coming off it.  “Get up and run.” she thought as she slid forward and started to wiggle towards the front of the chair.

Her eyes glazed over as she stared into the mass of wet fools.  Wondering if any of them would ever be allowed to grow up again.  She shook her head as she thought about the recently released anti aging vaccine that the government had cleared for final tests.  “One little poke and your little angel stays little.” she thought darkly.  There had already been laws passed to make it illegal to ever use it on a minor Amazon, but nothing even on the radar to give the same protections to littles.  She edged even closer to the edge of her seat, seconds from bolting for the exit.

A door into the central office opened and a woman with red hair stepped out, she looked down at her clipboard and cleared her throat, “Tara?!” she said it loudly, in case the person she was calling was too busy playing in the chaotic room.

“Hold on...” the mature little said as she slipped off the plastic seat and landed gracefully on her feet.  When she saw the woman checking her paperwork again she rolled her eyes, “Yeah, it’s just me.”  Soft murmurs ran through the assembled adults in the room.  They stared at her bottom, sure they could see padding covering it.  Tara looked back at them and smiled.  Then stared past them all at the door, and the open lock.  “Let them look, I’ll be back out here and home in an hour or less anyways.” Tara giggled and shook her ass to prove she wasn’t padded and followed the red head through the door, and even farther into the building.

The soft carpeted waiting room gave way immediately to off white, worn floor tile.  “Probably easier to clean up when some one pisses themselves.” Tara thought.  She could clearly hear her shoes squeaking quietly as she walked behind the taller woman.  She wanted to ask questions, but she also had to keep up with the amazons longer stride, though she kept trying to peek in each room as they passed by any open doors.

Desks, beds with low rails.  Many closed doors.  It seemed like there were groups of rooms associated with one or two offices.  At least that seemed like the pattern she was seeing.  Occasionally she would smell baby powder, or strong perfume.  But for the most part it felt cold and sterile as she walked through the halls and further into the building.  Finally the woman in front of her stopped walking and pointed into a doorway.

Tara nervously peeled off inside the room and felt some relief when she only saw a desk and a few chairs.  “At least they aren’t trying to regress me right off the bat I guess.” she thought.  She stepped further inside and crawled up onto the amazon sized seat in front of the only desk in the room, jumping a bit as the door behind her closed with a click.  When she looked behind her she noticed a very low looking for an amazon padded table against the wall.  With several closed shelves underneath it.  “Well... maybe they will try.” she whispered to herself.  She wondered again if she had made a serious mistake.  But after months of walking past the building, or even opening the door, she had had enough and needed to go farther.

“Good morning... Tara...“ came from behind her.  The woman was dressed in business casual, compared to Tara’s simple shirt and pants.  She looked comfortable and relaxed as she walked around the desk and sat back in the leather chair.  The folder in her hands flopped onto the desk and she opened it with the nail of her index finger.  “Well... Hmmmm....” she looked up at Tara and smiled, “My name is Ms. Lee.”  she paused for a moment, then asked, “So why are we here today?”

Tara swallowed nervously and smiled, she could feel herself growing excited at the mere thought of what she was about to do.  She almost wanted to get up and leave, before it was too late.  But then she listened to her body and what it craved, she decided to just go for it.  “How young can take take a little down to?”

The woman frowned slightly, then quickly recovered and smiled again.  “The apparent mental age of a little is determined by many factors.  Beginning with the onset of-“

Tara cut her off, “Let’s just agree to cut the bullshit.  I know I’m not walking out of this building, and you know that too.”  It felt amazing to say it.  She felt like she could just touch herself and pop.  It looked like the amazon was about to say something else.  But Tara was quicker, “And I bet there’s a permission to regress form with my name already on it in that folder if you let me look in it.  That’s what took so long.  Verifying I had actually signed in under my real name and cross referencing my signature and slapping it on a few forms when you found out it was accurate.”

Ms. Lee didn’t seem to be phased or even concerned by what Tara was saying.  Though the smile on her face became more neutral.  “If that was all true, why would a smart, mature little like yourself even come here?  Why walk in when you seem to think or know you’re going to get carried out?”

Tara felt the temperature of her body rise.  She could feel other parts of her body reacting as well.  “Can we be honest with each other?  Can you tell me the truth and I’ll tell you why I’m here?” she leaned forward in her chair to try and hide what her hand was about to start doing in her lap.  “Seriously.  How young can you go?”

Ms. Lee  stared across the desk at the strange little for several moments, before finally sighing and spinning around in her seat to get up and walk to a large metal cabinet.  “We can go as far back as we need to go.” she said as she opened the wide metal doors and reached inside.  The smell of baby powder filled the room as she pulled a single plastic covered package out and tossed it on the table in front of the little.  “Generally we don’t like to go much more then that unless the adoptive parents are concerned.”

Tara looked at the plastic bundle and felt her heart stop for an instant, before a massive shot of adrenaline made it beat again.  “That’s for...” she couldn’t even finish her statement.  It was obvious from the image on the cover they were for littles.  And the warning on it about contact and duration meant they weren’t just for show.  It was enough to make her fingers start to move over her thigh, to get closer to their destination.  Her skin felt warm and she knew she was close to actually masturbating in front of the woman, she had never been so close to diapers dosed with regrescents before.  But even worse was the letter in the corner,  “Not even a number. Those are for-“

Ms. Lee stopped her with a cocked head and a smile, ”Something is seriously wrong with this case.” she thought. The little in front of her was nearly panting, and she could almost smell her excitement.  She pointed at the diapered woman on the package, “Walking, talking, teeth.  We can even take away the ability to roll over or sit up.  Then we can wrap some nice newborn diapers around your tiny butt.”  she looked down at the files in front of her and nodded. “And with your weight and size mom and dad would be able to use regular newborn diapers if they wanted.  They could skip the little section and go right to the baby section.  I bet they’d love to keep you in Pampers or Luvs for a few decades.  Especially if they get their hands on that new aging vaccine.” she barely managed to contain her laugh as she looked at the little nervously wiggling in front of her.

Tara swallowed and tried to keep her hands away from her lap.  Away from the increasing need to touch herself.  “I want...” she felt like she was going to pop.  All her fantasies, so many years of play had led to this instant.  It was too much, after playing with fire so long she was ready to jump in and see if it burned.  “I want to wear them!  Right now!”  she pulled at a section of the package that was pre-scored and ripped it open.  The faint almost constant scent of baby fresh perfume grew much stronger.

Tara could almost feel it swirl around her, she took a deep breath and sighed as she relaxed into her seat.  Whatever chemicals inside the vapors were already inside her.  Changing her into her dream and nightmare.  She closed her eyes and let herself sink into it, she was on edge, and as her fingers slowly rubbed, Tara knew she was only seconds away from what might be her last orgasm.  The idea was exactly the push she was looking for, what she needed.  Tara was giggling softly as she felt her head filling with mush, then she heard the faint rustle of movement before she felt a sharp pinch on her arm.  Cool itching spread from it, then as her thumb crept towards her mouth the world seemed to click back into place. She groaned as she wiggled her legs and felt a tiny wet spot between them.  “Why did you stop it?” she asked breathlessly.  Actually  mad that it had been stolen from her.

The amazon was already snapping the safety cap over the syringe before Tara had fully came back, “I think we can wait a little bit before we go down that path young lady.” she said, before picking up and setting the open package of diapers inside a small box behind her that she immediately closed.

Tara wiggled in her seat again and finally opened her eyes.  “Why not just let it happen?  Do you want me to beg?  I can do that if you want me to.”  her baby side loved hearing her say it.  The adult side, the one that was humiliated and in fear that she had fucked up hoped it would piss off the office worker and she would throw her out the door.

The amazon laughed, ”There’s a procedure, I need to finish writing up the report, and get a proper doser for you.  That little ride you almost took is usually temporary, though most of you cuties never have to worry about the temporary part.  They can start the permanent bit while you’re still out of it.” she turned and started typing.  “I don’t need a mess in here too early anyways.”

Tara felt like throwing up, she had been close enough to her desire and now she was back to waiting.  “Can... Can I make a deal?” she asked, worried about what the answer might be.

“You can certainly talk while you still can, and I’ll listen.” was the response. 

“I want to...” she blushed as she started to say it.  “I want to make stickies when I use my... Diapees.”

The rapid clicking of keys stopped and the amazon looked at her, “You want, to make stickies?”

Tara nodded and looked down at the desk as she was forced to explain herself.  “When I poop in my diaper, I want to have an orgasm.” she looked up and smiled nervously.  Then quickly added, “Every time.  Especially if it’s in front of someone else.” just saying it in front of another person make her squirm in delight.  And the part of her that knew where this would end up and knew it wasn’t a game she could win started screaming in her mind to run.

Ms. Lee looked at her and seemed disgusted by what she was hearing, “So this whole thing is a fetish to you?  Do you really think your little baby brain will understand what it’s even feeling?” she said it matter of factly.  Like she was talking to an idiot,  “Some fireworks in an empty head while you drool and mess yourself?”  she sounded condescending, like she was trying to explain calculus to an imbecile.  And Tara loved it.

She nodded, “That’s part of the deal.  Leave my mind in there.  I know you can do it,  we’ve both seen it.  Make me need those diapers.  Turn me into whatever you want, but let me have my mind and my fun.”  Tara spread her legs slightly and looked to see if she had leaked enough to leave a spot.  Then started to touch it when she saw a small stain.  “It’s not like I could say anything to anyone about it anyways at that point.” she said as she tried to stay calm.  She looked up at the amazon and smiled, “Please.”

Ms. Lee looked across the table at the little saying such stupid things.  “Sure I could do it..” she said to herself as she watched Tara poke and prod at her moist pants.  This wasn’t the first time she had heard of this.  Of people, of littles and even amazons wanting to be regressed.  Being sexually excited about it was even rarer.  But she had never heard or read about what they should do about it.  She plastered a fake smile on her face and started tapping on her keyboard again.  “Do you think we need to listen to what a simple little thinks she wants?  We do tests, see what your condition requires, and do that.  Why would I care about what a baby girl thinks she needs when I know better?”

Tara felt like she had been slapped, it finally pulled her attention from her crotch.  She looked at the amazon, fear and uncertainty evident on her face as she stared. “You guys are all about humiliation and mental torture!  Think about it I’ll be-“ she stopped talking and froze as the rational part of her mind tried to take over and make her see reason.  “She doesn’t want to do it, use this chance to leave, I’m seriously about to put myself into permanent infancy because it gets me off, shit.” she stared past Ms. Lee at the wall behind her as she felt the deep urge to finish what she had started to say, but the logical part of her was telling her to bolt for the door.  That maybe she could make it back home like she had so many times before.  But the dumb part of her, the part that had worn diapers under her clothes in public, the part that had purposely peed herself in front of amazon friends wanted to have the ultimate rush of making the fantasies real.

Finally, after several seconds the colour drained from her face as reality completely set in.  “This isn’t like before.” she thought as her breathing went shallow, “I can’t run away, or just act like nothing happened.  I’m behind locked doors, in a literal baby making facility.  Shit fuck!” she desperately looked at the woman in front of her and shook her head, “This is stupid.  I was stupid to come here, to listen to the part of me that just wants to get off in a diaper.”  There was still the faint scent of perfume in the air from the now hidden diaper, but even that wasn’t enough to push the shame and fear from Tara’s thoughts. She knew she had finally fucked up badly enough that she was probably trapped.  She sat up straighter in the chair and tried to compose herself.  “Look, I made a mistake.  I let myself go too far with my games.  You’re right, it’s all about sex.  I’m sorry.”  she slipped off the chair and onto her feet, ready to go for the door.  “Thank you for your time.  I’m sorry.  I’ll just leave and you don’t have to do all that paperwork.”

Ms. Lee laughed at her, “I don’t think so.  Be a good girl and take off your clothes for me please.”

Tara spun back at her, ready to scream, but by then her shirt was already over her head and being pulled free.  Her fingers danced over the clip to her bra as she tried vainly to stop herself from getting naked.  “But the shot!  You said...”

“I never said exactly what it did, just part of it.  It would be pretty stupid to have something that can make you immune to treatment without a safety measure.” she stood up and walked around her desk to tower over Tara.  “Right now you’ll do anything I or anyone else tells you, isn’t that so cute?”  When it looked like Tara was going to scream she poked something into her mouth and held it there,  “Babies like you love to suck on things. Please suck on your paci Tara.”

And in an instant she was trapped.  She was seconds away from being naked and now she couldn’t even talk.  Her tongue slipped and slithered around the large rubber nipple in her mouth and it felt like absolute heaven to her even while she tried to think of a way out of it.  She was still biting and chewing on it when she realized her pants and panties were gone and she was standing naked in a pile of her big girl clothes.  She blushed and felt herself grow wet when that thought popped up, “They’re my clothes!  My regular clothes!” she shook her head violently and pointed at the pacifier, “Remove it!  You know I don’t want this!” she thought as she stomped her feet angrily.

Ms. Lee stared at her and grinned slightly as she glanced between her legs.  “That’s not from a razor is it? Looks like baby got her hands on some of mommies special cream.”  Tara trembled as she thought back to ordering it, and the need to call in to work for three days while the other effect wore off.  “How long were you pissing yourself after that?” she snapped her fingers and pointed down, “Step out of those clothes for me baby.  Just two steps to the side please.”

Tara stomped angrily over two steps and watched impotently as the amazon picked up her clothing and checked her panties.  The wet spot was clearly visible, Ms. Lee shook her head and set them on top of the rest of Tara’s clothes, then dropped the entire bundle into a trash basket next to the door.  The naked little wanted to scream and cry.  And touch herself.  She tightly folded her arms over her chest to keep her hands from doing exactly that, and hide the excited nipples she could easily feel rubbing against her arms.  One of her hands absently fingered the plastic ring hanging from her pacifier.

Ms. Lee walked back behind her desk and sat down.  She could hear the grumbling coming from Tara as she started to type again, “I’d enjoy standing there if I were you.  You’re probably never going to do it again after today.” she kept typing, then started talking to herself, as if Tara was already regressed.  “Thinks she’s such a big girl.  I wonder how she’s going to like laying around in diapers all day....  Let’s see... an option six?”  she stared at the screen and smiled wickedly.  “...oh no... An option 10.  It looks like it’s been a while since we pulled one of those...” she looked up at Tara and pointed.  “Why don’t you pull that soother out for a few minutes baby?”

Tara had it out instantly.  And looked at the clock on the wall, understanding she probably had limited time before a new order took her voice again.  “Ms. Lee, I’m so sor-“

Ms. Lee cut her off again, “Baby’s should be seen and not heard please.” Tara’s mouth slapped shut but she kept looking between the amazon in front to her and the clock and mumbling, “Why are you looking at that?” Ms. Lee asked,  “Are you trying to figure out how long you have as a big girl?  Are you counting down the seconds left until you’re relegated to permanent diaper filler?  You just need to forget all about numbers and counting and everything like it please.  What are you going to count anyway? Your diaper changes?”

Tara’s stomach dropped as the digits on the clock face seemed to warp and change, leaving squiggles and confusing glyphs.  One of them looked like a capital S.  She wanted to scream, to flop onto the floor and bawl; at the same time an odd feeling, a growing compulsion to say something, to answer the woman’s question about counting, but she couldn’t remember what the word even meant now.  “Please!  I don’t really want-“ she pleaded.  Only to be cut off again with another snap of the amazons fingers.

Ms. Lee pursed her lips and looked expectantly at Tara,  “Why don’t you tell me exactly what you want baby girl, please.  What’s the real reason you came down here today?” she was back at her keyboard and ready to put the answer down or at least act like it if the answer wasn’t what they were looking for.

Tara’s face turned a deep red.  She stared daggers at the box with the open pack of diapers behind the amazon.    “I... I... er...  Baby... But not like this....  I mean...” she felt compelled to tell the truth, but even she didn’t understand what she wanted.

Ms. Lee sighed and reached for the open pack of diapers.  “I see we’re going to have a few problems.  Why don’t you decide if you want to put one of these on for me baby?”  She slid one of the thick diapers out and tossed it over her desk to land at Tara’s feet.  “Before you start dripping on my floor.  unless you’d rather do that, your choice.”  Tara looked at it, actually licking her lips.  Which have Ms. Lee another idea, “I tell you what, I’ll give you a deal.  Once in a lifetime.  Pick that up and hold it.  And if you can set it down and walk to the door I’ll let you go.  I’ll destroy your little file here and you’ll be on your way.  A responsible, qualified, potty trained adult.  But if you do, I’ll make sure you never get a chance to come here again.  You can pay taxes and be an adult the rest of your life.” she stopped and let that sink in.  “But if you can’t, if you keep it, or put it on I’m going to put your so far back you won’t be able to hold your head up.  And I’ll make sure you get the age vaccine.  One time deal baby, the clock is ticking.” she laughed.  “Well, if you could actually count you’d know that.”

Tara stared down at the oversized diaper.  The massive thing wasn’t any worse looking then any other.  She didn’t know why, but seeing something so juvenile and knowing it would fit her turned her on.  “Stupid fetish, it could have been anything else.  Why diapers?” She had tried to hide her addiction by ordering actual amazon baby diapers for her own use.  A little buying diapers for littles would have drawn to much attention to her.  Not to mention it was safer, as they didn’t have little proof tapes on them.  Though she kept several very sharp knives ready, just in case.  Tara swallowed, then reached down and picked it up, like most other amazon designed diapers for littles it looked almost exactly like a baby diaper, from the plastic shell, to the smell.  It was even folded in half to remind littles that it wasn’t made for helping adults with incontinence issues.  “It looks normal, like a regular one.  except for the thickness.” she said quietly as she let it flop open and hang in front of her.  The thick smell coming from it might not be able to regress her now, but it still seemed to make her feel light headed.  There were other differences, less visual ones.  The thickness was easy to see.  The bulk forced wide stances, and waddles.  The slightly wider tapes with strong adhesives.  Leak guards that were designed to keep hands out, and large messes in.

Tara looked away from the diaper and towards the amazon, who was giving her the, “Make your decision.” look parents were famous for.  “I don’t want to be turned into a diaper wearing freak!” she whispered to herself.  It was an easy decision to make.  She lowered the diaper towards the desk and let go of it with one hand, then stopped.  A gentle pulse from between her legs reminded her what she was about to lose.  “Don’t do it Tara,” she thought to herself, “Don’t think with your clit.  Don’t do it.”  But just thinking about where she could end up was enough.

She looked over at the unreadable clock again, then finally bit her lip and firmly grabbed the diaper with both hands.  She turned and walked towards the changing table near the rear wall.  Tara was embarrassed to find even that piece of furniture seemed huge compared to her small body.  She set the diaper down on it as she stepped up the small staircase in front of the changing table and sat down on the soft surface.  “I can’t believe this is happening, that I’m about to do this to myself.” she said as she wiggled her way towards the middle of the table and started to position the diaper under her butt.  When she was sure it was close enough she laid back and pulled the front of it over herself.  Something looked wrong as she studied it, a large section of the top leak guard had been trimmed away, “What’s going on with this front?” she said as she fingered the semi circular cut in the front elastic top of the diaper.

There was a soft chuckle, “Newborns have a umbilical stump baby, that cut out prevents the diaper rubbing and irritating it.  Are you that far gone or did you seriously not know?”

Tara shook her head, “I never really knew about this.  I don’t hang around hospitals for obvious reasons, and I don’t like hanging around actual babies because I don’t need a blush or a smile to make an Amazon think I’m regressing and ready for a crib.  I just thought, or imagined you guys could regress people that much because of how messed up amazons are.” she stopped and thought back to all the regressed littles she had seen, some obviously farther regressed then others, but she couldn’t remember any newborns.  “I never saw one before, a little down so far I mean.” she stopped diapering herself as she waited for an answer, holding the front of the diaper up and staring at the cut out.

Tara refused to look away from it as she heard a chair move and footsteps coming towards her, soon Ms. Lee was standing over the naked little.  The amazon softly set her hand on Tara’s exposed belly, “There’s plenty of them out there.  But how would you see one of them?  Wrapped in blankets, or tucked into carriers? Unless you noticed the same woman carrying the same bundle for months or years you’d never really know.”  she reached down and grabbed the front of the diaper away from Tara, wiggling and pulling the padding into position.  “Let’s just get this on, wow girl...  If I didn’t know you were such a pervert I’d think you’d already started going potty.  We better make sure you don’t have any more stickies later huh?” she pressed the diaper down hard over her slick mound, “Make sure you’re not even smart enough to touch yourself so you can’t have stickies.”

Tara moaned.  Everything was pushing all her buttons.  At the same time she was terrified about what could, what probably would happen to her.  “Just let me go home!  I promise I’ll be good and not make stickies no more!” she expected the sound of the tapes being opened and slammed home, instead she watched as the amazon dusted her with baby powder.  Then started to rub it in.  She closed her eyes and forced herself not to moan or move her hips into the probing hands.  “Please!  I don’t need th-this!” she was on edge.  Any second and she would crest and lose it, in a diaper and in front of the wrong person.  “Proving how much I should be in them.” she thought to herself.

The gentle rubbing stopped, at the same time the sound of diaper tapes being opened filled the air.  Tara opened her eyes in time to see the right side being fastened in place, followed by the left.  She tried to get up but a hand on her belly held her down while Ms. Lee ran fingers down the inside of the leg guards to make sure they were clear.  As soon assume was done checking and the hand was off of her belly Tara sprang up and off the table.  The bulk of the diaper pushed her legs apart and the tightness of it constricted her belly when she took deep breaths.  Her hands shot to the right tape, but as she guessed, it stuck tight.  “Little proof tapes?” she asked. Already knowing the answer.

The amazon was already back at her desk and typing again.  “Stand in front of my desk baby.  We need to finish this up before you’re finished going down.”

Tara stood still for several seconds, trying to think of what she could do to escape.  “I’ve done it every time.  Found a way out, made it back home and been fine.  There has to be a way out.” she thought.  She was processing that when she realized the compulsion to do exactly what she was told was starting to fade since she hadn’t instantly moved towards the desk.  “Don’t let her know...” when she looked at Ms. Lee and saw her pointing in front of her desk she nervously swallowed and toddled towards it, her gait obscenely thrown off by the bulk of the padding, and the way it rubbed her.  She had to stick her thumb in her mouth and bite down to pull her body back from the edge.  As soon as she was standing in front of the desk she spread her legs slightly to pull the padding away and popped her thumb out,  “Seriously,  I didn’t know what I wanted.  I wike diapees but I don’t wanna be baby!” she frowned and tried to look serious as she said it.

Ms. Lee looked at the clock and started typing, “Second childish outburst.  You’re right on time.  You’ll be drooling soon.” she smirked, “From both ends I bet.”

Tara stomped her foot, and thought back to what she had said.  She was ready to scream obscenities at her tormentor and make her break when there was a sudden knock at the door.  When it opened a large contraption with a clear bin and light was wheeled in by another Amazon.  Who was followed by another person, just as tall, but pushing a medicine cart topped by a laptop.  The first person plugged in her bin thing, the lamp above it immediately turned on and bathed it with warmth.  She nodded and started to fiddle with it, then checked a few things in a drawer under the bin.  After apparently seeing everything she needed to see she nodded at the woman by the small medicine cart and left, closing the door behind her.

For the first time in decades Tara pissed herself without control, she knew exactly what she was looking at.  Except it was bigger then she had ever seen in any movie or show.  She turned from it and leaned across the desk, “No!  I’m sorry!  Toddler!  Infant!  Whatever, but don’t put me in that!”

The smile Ms. Lee gave her sent chills down her spine,  “Don’t worry child, I think you’ll enjoy this part.  But I’ll need you to be a good girl and stand right there for me while the adults sort you out, please.”  When Tara opened her mouth to argue Ms. Lee shook her head, “Babble sugar.  Just baby babble please.  While you still can.”

Tara was about to say something, to plead.  Instead she stopped, remembering her plan.  She took a deep breath and let random sounds and syllables pour out.  It seemed almost too easy for her.  She felt an electric spike race from inside her diaper to her chest.  A tiny ripple of an orgasm.  But enough to actually shut her  up, and cause a line of drool to escape.  Which she barely caught before it dripped onto the table.

“You get the best ones Ms. Lee.  I swear she’s cuter then the last one.” The woman said as she opened the computer on top of her cart and accessed Tara’s files.  “Oh! A number 10, oh yes.  She’s perfect for it.”

“Well thank you Christine.” Ms. Lee got up and walked around her desk to stand next to Tara.  “You wouldn’t believe it.  The little shit came in here wanting this.” she cupped the diapered woman’s bum in her hand and squeezed slightly.

Tara blushed, which seemed to be more normal then actually not blushing at this point, but it was about to get even worse as the hand on her bum moved and gave her a quick diaper check.  Christine couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  “She came in her on her own and wanted to be pulled down to Newborn?  Seriously?  She’s cute, but does she think she’ll get to grow up and be an Amazon or something?”  Tara closed her eyes as she listened to them talk about her like she couldn’t understand them, like she was a real baby.  She slowly flexed her legs, hoping to push some of the padding against her to cause another even longer burst from the burning heat between her legs.

Ms. Lee laughed, “Nope.  She’s one of those cases.  It’s a fetish for her.” she waited for the other amazon to process that.  When her face took on a look of surprise she continued;  “She asked me to let her make stickies every time she poops.  Especially if it was in front of someone else.”

Christine looked over at the little, finally noticing the sheen of sweat, and the slow undulations of her legs.  “She’ll be too dumb to even-“

Ms. Lee interrupted her, “That’s the best part.  She wants to be locked in.  Literally begged to be turned into a premie and leave her like that as long as she gets to cum in her shitty pants and think about all day.”

Tara stiffened.  It wasn’t exactly true.  But it was close enough.  She finally moaned, and moved enough to cause her diaper to loudly crinkle.  “Don’t let it end like this.” she thought to herself.  But whatever was about to happen was pushing her emotions and sex into overdrive.  And she couldn’t stop herself.  Not until it was all over and maybe she could finally think straight and run.

“No shit?  I’ve heard about those, never saw one before.  What’s the plan?  Just a number 10?  I think we could pull 3 inches off her and leave her a floppy little gummy diaper princess, her new mommy would love it.”

That pulled Tara out of her lusty thoughts and back into the room.  She whined, but ended up drooling even worse.  She wanted to speak, but she didn’t want to blow her cover before it was too late, “Just tell me to talk.  I’ll do whatever you want!” she thought.

Ms. Lee laughed.  “Sounds like the little pamper princess likes that idea.  I’m thinking we do a 10c on her.  Plus everything else,  and pull 6 inches.  Go for it, let’s see how portable we can make her.” she checked the front of Tara’s diaper and saw the discolored area from her earlier accident,  “Looks like she’s already starting to enjoy herself!”

Christine started tapping on her screen, “We can do everything right here in the room.  Just to make sure there’s no problems.  Biggest issue is weight and height for dosing and programming, don’t want her losing her lung function.”

Tara yelled and screamed at that.  Frustrated that she was stuck listening to two monsters talk about her like she wasn’t even there.  And unable to do anything more then babble and grunt.  “I’ll kill you!  Let me move and I’ll kill both of you!”  The idea of dying had ripped her clear of her nightmarish fantasy and dropped her into a horror show.

Ms. Lee rolled her eyes, “You’re the little that walked in here begging to be put back in the crib.  It’s too late now.  Didn’t you say you knew you were never walking out of here?  Now you don’t even have to worry about crawling out of here,”  she pointed to the changing table.  “Let’s go baby,  let me help you toddle over there since you don’t know how to walk by yourself anymore.”  she waited a few seconds before grinning and saying, “Please.”

Tara babbled and screeched as her sense of balance suddenly warped.  She dropped more of her weight onto her hands that were now holding her up from the floor by using the desk for support.  More pee sprayed out into her padding.  If she wasn’t terrified, she’d probably be rubbing herself raw.  “It’s still happening!  She can still make me do things!” the last thing the amazon had said finally popped back into her thoughts.  “Shit!  Please!  She had to say please... shit...”

Christine was at the changing table, pulling a low sliding drawer out, exposing some new hell, while Ms. Lee walked behind Tara and grasped her hands, gently pulling them up, “Let’s go baby.  Time to get your length and weight.”  She tugged and pulled until the diapered little stepped away from the desk, “That’s a good girl.  It’s not that hard, one foot in front of the other baby.” Tara became frustrated, as moving her feet seemed alien to her now.

“Shit...” Tara thought.  “She really made me barely a toddler.”  She thought back to all the regressed and trapped littles she had seen over the years.  Secretly jealous of them all.  Wishing she had the guts to walk up to a lonely looking amazon and shit her pants on purpose.  The idea of pooping suddenly seemed to grow in her conscious.  “Should I do it?  Give one last push and do it on my terms?” she thought about it as she listened to her diaper crinkle with each assisted step she took.  Tara seriously considered it as she stumbled and waddled closer to the white, paper coated thing sticking out from the table.  “At least give them something to complain about...” she thought to herself.  When she was finally in he’s away she figured out it was a scale.  The type pediatricians used for small babies.  The thought sent another small pulse through her and made up her mind about giving the amazons something to clean up.

Ms. Lee was about to lift Tara off her feet went she felt the baby’s knees lock and her small body grow tense.  “Oh, is baby tired of walkies already?” she laughed at her mocking joke.  But heard what sounded like a dull dry fart from inside Tara’s diaper.  Her hand reached down and pressed the diaper into her bum as she clicked with her tongue.  “Honey, you don’t need to do that.” when Tara’s body didn’t relax she pressed slightly harder and whispered in her ear, “Baby you can’t do that.  Let it come out when your body wants it to please.”  Tara groaned loudly, but at the same time her body relaxed.  “That’s a girl.  I know how much you want this,  but we have a procedure.”

Tara fumed, even a child got to decide if they wanted to use their diaper on purpose, “I’ll stick that procedure up your ass.” Tara thought angrily.

Christine had a marker in her hand and rolled her eyes, “I still can’t believe she wants this.” she squatted down in front of her and brushed her hand through Tara’s hair.  “Did you really come here on your own?”  Tara opened her mouth to answer, but a stream of spit and babble was the only response, she wasn’t going to give her an answer if she didn’t have to.  Christine stared and shook her head, the silly thing didn’t even try to wipe the drool off herself,  she looked up at Ms. Lee.  “Wow.  She’s slipped so much already.”  Then looked back at the now confused looking little. “Nod your head yes, or shake it no baby, just do it please.  Did you really come here by yourself?”  Tara nodded in reply.  “Did you seriously know you wouldn’t walk out of here on your own two feet?”  Another nod.  “Oh my.  Do you really want to make stickies in poopy diapers?” Tara blushed, but nodded.  Almost falling to the floor when she tried taking a step.

Ms. Lee was ready and caught her immediately.  “Let’s continue this while you work.  That shot only has so much time before it’s faded and she suddenly can’t answer anymore.” she laughed as she said it.  Picking Tara up like she was a literal baby and laying her on the cold metal tray.

If anything could pull Tara out of her stupor it was being set down, naked except for a slightly wet diaper on cold steel.  She tried to sit up, even as the metal quickly warmed, but the amazon held her down again. “The paper doesn’t do shit!” she thought.  But by then the metal was warm enough and she decided to lay still and stare daggers at her captors instead.

Christine laughed and started gently moving her, straightening her and went back to asking questions.  “And you want to be placed so far back?  I mean you’re probably not even going to know who you are even if you get to make stickies.” Again Tara nodded.  The amazon used her marker to draw a line near her feet, and one at her head,  “Okay, let’s get her weight... okay that’s a good reading.”  She looked at Tara like she was barely able to understand her and giggled,  “I can’t wait to see you getting your adjustment.  I bet you’ll enjoy every second of it.  I think I’ll make sure of it.”

Ms. Lee nodded, “If you can.  Are you ready to set her up?  I sent the new forms and adjustments to her file.  We’ve got about five minutes until we need to start this, or zap her with a standard.”

Christine was already at her computer.  “Give me 1 minute to compound all this and we’re gold.  Why don’t you give her a change so she can start fresh?”

Tara wanted to scream and fight.  She wanted to get up and run, but they had already taken so much, and her body and libido rapidly switched from terror to excited lust.  “I’ve got time.  I can still fix this.” kept going through her mind.  Even though she didn’t understand what five minutes was any longer. But the other part of her, the real world part knew she was lost, and she might as well enjoy her biggest and probably last fantasy.  When she started to have her first diaper change in a long time that last voice started to grow even louder.

Ms. Lee could see the look of confusion on her face as she tugged the tapes free.  “You should try to enjoy this.  It’s what you came here for isn’t it?” Tara nodded in reply.  The diaper was pulled away and the scent of a fresh, warm accident swirled around them, Ms. Lee leaned closer to her, getting her head directly in Tara’s face, “If it wasn’t for that shot, hearing those tapes ripped open and smelling your accident would be the last thing your silly little baby brain would be able to comprehend.” she let that sink in while she grabbed a few wipes and let them warm in the palm of hand.  “But then you wouldn’t get to really enjoy your first changie would you?”

Tara was ready to thrash, but as soon as her ankles were gathered into one of Ms. Lee’s massive hands and pushed back into her belly she was trapped, physically and emotionally.  Then she felt the moist wipes being dragged across her mound and her eyes closed while she softly cooed.  “Don’t stop... Don’t stop...” she thought as the gentle rubbing and touching felt amazing over her smooth wet skin.

Ms. Lee laughed, “There we go, I think you’re getter wetter the longer I clean you.“ she dropped the wipes and pushed her feet back farther, lifting her off the diaper.  Then held her there as she placed another under her.  “You want to know a secret?” Tara was too lost in her own thoughts to answer, being treated exactly like a baby was really making her feel little again.  Every touch, smell and sound was adding to that.  Being talked down to didn’t hurt either.  “I already picked out your mommy.  She’s waiting for you here already, and as soon as you’re all sorted out you’ll be going home. Carried out of here like you always wanted.”

“...Fuck you...” Tara thought, even as a bead of excitement ran down her inner thigh and into the waiting diaper.

Christine was back by her side and holding an alcohol swab in one hand and and syringe in the other, “Ready to go.  Leave her diaper open for me.”  Ms. Lee looked at her strangely while Christine took position near Tara.  “It’s an interesting side effect.  It gives an instant indicator that it’s effective, and allows the off mass to move faster.”  Tara picked her head up and tried to look, but could only see her feet as her ankles were gathered and pushed over her belly again by Ms. Lee.  Christine started speaking, just as Tara felt cool wetness just between her slit and her asshole.  “This is the new protocol.  The swab is not only alcohol, but a numbing agent.  The needle has some kind of numbing gel on it as well.”

Tara shook her head no, it was the only thing she could do as she felt an odd numbness spreading over her skin.  “What the hell are you doing, stop!” She whined mentally.  Shaking her head the entire time.  A soft click of something being opened froze her entire body.  Waiting for something to happen.

“There we go.”  Christine said. “The little collar around the needle won’t let it go in too fast so the baby doesn’t even feel it.  We’re going to make billions when they start adding this to all syringes.  She can’t even feel it.”

Tara swallowed nervously,  she couldn’t feel any pain from being poked, but something else was happening.  Warmth seemed to be flowing into her body from between her legs.  It didn’t feel bad, but the longer it lasted the more other parts of her started to get swallowed by it.  As her clit was covered she quivered.  The warmth was very pleasant, and feeling better by the second.

Ms. Lee gasped, “Woah... She’s puffing up!  She looks like...”

Tara tried to listen, but the sensations from below were getting strong enough to cause her to bite her lip.  “Not here, not now... ohhh.”  She wanted to touch herself, to poke and rub.  To hump her favorite stuffie, but she was trapped on her back and forced to rub a nipple with one hand while she sucked the thumb on the other.

Christine clipped the cap back on and dropped it in a sharpes container.  “Yeah.  Part of the process.  The nanites use mass to make the proper hormones,  she’s being flooded just like a real newborn.  In turn her little kitten swells up and gets super sensitive. Don’t wipe her now, just close that diaper and let her go.  Otherwise we’ll have a huge puddle when the nerves go and she loses control.”

The sound of tapes being opened and plastic crinkling filled the room again as Tara’s diaper was put back on.  Unlike the last time it seemed uncomfortably tight.  Ms. Lee picked her up and cradled her with a hand behind her head and another under her bum.  “Alright baby.  Why don’t you enjoy yourself.  After this you won’t be quite so active any more.  Mommy says you can walk and talk and everything again please.  As long as you’re able to that is.” she laughed as she set Tara down on her feet on the cool floor.

She could feel it, the return of her control, and with it she bolted for the door.  Or tried to.  The warm mass of flesh between her legs felt wrong, as if it was two of three times bigger.  As she stepped forward it was squeezed and rolled between her legs.  A pleasant pulse of wetness gushed into her padding.  “What the hell did you doooo?” she asked with a soft whine.  She tried to stick her hand inside her padding to touch it but she couldn’t get even a finger under the top of her tight diaper.   “Did you give me a dick or something?” she managed to lean against Ms. Lee’s desk and spread her legs enough to stop the odd squeezing sensation.

Christine grinned as she watched, “Tara baby.  And I do mean baby.  You haven’t ever actually been there for a birth have you?”  Tara grunted a no and stared at her, wriggling and rubbing her legs against each other almost frantically.  Christine continued, “All the hormones from the mother flood the baby during birth and cause a little swelling down there.  You’re still all woman down there, well, a baby girl down there now.”

Tara closed her eyes and swallowed, she could ignore everything else and hope she hadn’t just walked into hell on her own.  But the sensations from her body told her she was fucked.  “I don’t want to be a baby!” she cried out.  But while her legs weren’t sore or tired, she had the urge to sit on the floor and bounce on her bum, like she needed the sensation from it.  “I’m not going to... do that around you two!” she yelled as she felt her knees start to flex and move.

“I’m glad they finally got us those extra absorbent diapers.  It helps keep this next part down to a dull roar.” Christine said as she held up a rattle and shook it in front of Tara.

Tara didn’t get a chance to ask what she meant, her bladder seemed suddenly full to bursting and only moments later it felt like it was already leaking.   She was about to let go when she felt like she needed to take the largest shit of her life as well.  She grunted and tried to hold tight, but an odd pulling sensation from her fingers brought her attention to them.  “It feels like the desk is... moving?!” she wondered.

Ms. Lee laughed, “Nope, try again baby.”

The diapered little was ready to yell her response.  Was ready to scream and turn and bite.  But a sudden wave of tingles and crawling sensations covered her.  She closed her eyes again and clenched as hard as she could, but the dam broke, and as she stood in front of two other women Tara pissed herself.  Completely unable to stop it, or the wonderful almost whole body orgasm she was having at the same time.

“There we go.” Both women watching said in unison.  “How long until she figures it out?” Christine asked.

Tara was too busy trying to stay on her feet to even question it. The flow of pee had slowed, but it hadn’t stopped.  Though thankfully for her the electric fingers of pleasure had stopped, leaving a gentle pulse to remind her that she was still ready to pop again at any time.   “What?  Why?  I feel like..  so full...”

Ms. Lee looked at her with a mocking grin on her face, “Your diaper or your little booty?  You know that mass can’t just disappear.  If we’re dropping your size, all that bone and muscle has to be removed, the nanites digest it, and then you...” she didn’t have to finish as it became clear that Tara had lost the battle to control herself.  “There we go!  I told you you’d love this part.”

Tara felt it pushing out, her body no longer cared that she didn’t want to do it.  There was too much inside her, and it was time to make room.   Her legs quivered as her pelvis pulsed and moved with the sensations coming from her body.  The realization that they were actually shrinking her somehow barely registered as she fought to at least slow down the mess.  But soon it was impossible, the feeling of warm mud pushing against her skin increased as she was coated in it.  The back of her diaper ballooned out as Tara opened her mouth in a silent scream when the last orgasm was overshadowed by what she was feeling now.   She slowly humped air as she rolled with the feeling of filling a diaper with no control.  Every thrust pushed her swollen sex into the padding again and again.  Sending more aftershocks and weakening her ability to control herself.  When the rush from pooping finally started to fade, a fresh flood of pee gushed out.  Bringing her right back to lewdly humping again.

“Well she’s drooling now.  Almost ready for mommy aren’t you baby?” Ms. Lee asked.  Holding up a new diaper when Tara actually looked at her.  ”Ready for another changie?”

Tara closed her eyes and tried to stop twitching.  Every time she moved the diaper would slide and flop around.  Somehow it had gotten loose, “Or I got smaller.” she thought in a daze.  As if to answer her question the swollen diaper slipped straight down her legs.  Plopping onto the floor while she was still peeing.  Without hesitation the amazon had the new diaper between her legs and somehow taped on tight again.  The feeling of disgust from not being cleaned made her feel upset, “But I’m still poopy mommy!” she yelled.  It had come out automatically, as soon as she heard herself say it Tara’s hands shot to her mouth and she gasped.

“Not yet baby girl,  but soon.” Ms. Lee said.  “Don’t worry about your doody booty baby.  You’re barely halfway through your little adjustments.”

“You’re not my mom!” Tara said with a stomp of her foot.  Almost stepping into her old messy diaper.  Christine grabbed her under the arms and pulled her off her feet and set her down on something soft.  Tara looked down to see a soft disposable absorbent mat under her splayed out legs.   She was about to complain, but she felt her bladder about to give out again and was sure she was seconds from messing herself.  “Please!  Get my mom!  I want to talk to my mom!  Please, I’ll be good!”   It was as if her mind had latched on to her as a last hope to be saved from diapers.  “Let me tell her good bye!”

The pleasant tingle that had started in her diaper had ran up her spine, causing her hair to stand on end as it wrapped around her breasts, and then up her throat and into her mouth.  “Whyyyy!  Mommy!  Mommy!” She cried out as the waves of pleasure came back, now radiating from several spots on her body at the same time.  “No... No... “ she cried as she grunted and felt warmth pour out into her diaper.  In an instant she was past talking.  She gurgled and cooed as everything ran together and seemed to be too much.   Suddenly there were hands back in her armpits and she was off her feet and in the air.

“Let’s get you on the floor pumpkin.  Not as far to fall when your balance goes away.”

Tara barely registered what was happening.“You just set me on the-“ Tara felt her weight settling into the mess in her diaper.  She felt like it was hard to push it out and quickly hunched forward to give herself room to keep filling it.  She saw her feet and pulled them as close to her diaper as possible, then started to pump her legs up and down when the sensation added to the constant pleasure she was feeling.  Waves of warmth and passion seemed to radiate out at every push and squirt into her padding.

As the amazons watched Tara have her fun, they could see her actually getting smaller.  The leg gatherers on her diaper seemed to pull away from her legs.  Leaving more and more room until there was too much and soft poop started to leak past and onto the mat.  Ms. Lee nodded, “Glad you thought of the mat, I didn’t think that it would be like this.  She’s so small!  We’re going to have problems getting her in diapers after this.”

Tara looked up at them.  Breathing heavily, drool running off her chin.  “I don’t wa dipees!” She said.  Before looking down and seeing the literal mess she was in and screaming.

Christine checked the clock, “This should be the final push,  most of her mass is gone.  And the nanites have settled into the the ancillary aspects we’re removing or reducing.”

Without the added sensation of using her diaper Tara became very aware of the sudden changes affecting her body.  The first being the feeling of hair moving all over her body, as she stared she could see tiny hairs covering her skin.  It itched, but not as bad as her teeth quickly did.

“Lanugo, that should keep her a little warmer.  That means her little teefies are next..” Ms. Lee quipped like what she was saying was normal.

Tara stared up at her in terror before the itching of her teeth grew worse.  “Nooo not ma reef!”

Christine pointed at the littles chest, “I’d be more worried about those boobies of yours.  You won’t even need a training bra baby.”

Her hands shot to her chest, but as she touched them she could tell they were smaller, and getting smaller in her grip.  “NO!  Mommy!  Mommy help me!  Momma!  Momma!”  Her voice became hoarse as she screamed.

Ms. Lee squatted next to her and gently pushed her into her back,  causing a squelching sound to come from inside her diaper.  “I think we’re almost done here, right?  She should be done with that voice of her’s soon?”

Tara heard the comment but kept yelling.  Everything about her body felt wrong and alien.  When she tried to wipe her eyes with her hand it swept past her and ended up tangled in her hair.  “Momma!  Mommmaaaa!” She felt confused and then terrified that she was finally mentally regressing.  The itching from her mouth started to become more painful as teeth that barely existed above her gums finally started to dissolve, leaving bleeding sockets behind for several minutes until they finally closed and healed.  Pain mixed with shock and pleasure as everything happened.  Tara wanted it to stop, but at the same time wanted it to keep going.

When the yelling died down Christine stepped forward and bent down over Tara to see how she was going, “Yeah.  Pretty much the voice is the last part to go.  She should start voiding again soon.  The nanites will park outside the heart sack and slip in if damage or stress is detected.  As long as there’s carbon dioxide in the body for them to break down they will stay active.  Studies actually show they may autonomously multiply to keep their numbers at an optimal level.  But that could have been a fluke.”

Ms. Lee’s eyes started to glaze over at the technical knowledge.  She didn’t care about it at all.  It was when Tara’s eyes suddenly went wide that she reached down and carefully lifted one of the leg gathers to her diaper aside to see more waste moving into it.  “Well she looks like she’s enjoying herself now at least.”

Tara hadn’t been ready for it this time.  No warning or urge happened.  She had been crying over her teeth and the pain, and suddenly she was pooping and riding another wave of pleasure from it.  She stared up into the eyes of the woman that had done it to her and realized she was still thinking, and still knew who she was. The idea that the deal had been accepted faded as the sensation from inside her diaper finally ebbed into echoes and pulses of contentment.

Ms. Lee could see it all,  she moved the babies hands from the mass of tangled hair and gently wiped spit from her chin, “I hope you’re ready,  it’s time to clean you up and meet your mommy sugar.”

The first thing required was cleaning the mess from her skin.  Christine was left the task in thick gloves to remove the now oversized diaper and clean her.  “I think this is the worst blowout I’ve ever seen.” she said while she worked.

The other amazon had went back behind her desk to finish the adoption in the system.  “She’s awfully quiet over there.  Is that an issue?”  Tara herself was confused about that.  It seemed as if the last change had turned off her emotions completely.  She knew she should be pissed off and scared, but deep down she just wanted to sleep for the next week.

“From the files, her brain is kind of disconnected from reality.  Like a dream state.  It’s needed to make sure she’s ready for her new mommy.  Just wait until they get her in there and slap her.  Everything kind of pops for them then.  Otherwise she’s just going to remain super chill and calm.”  She had Tara clean and carefully picked her up while cradling her head to set her on the changing table.  “Someone’s going home with her mommy.  But not until she gets some booby milk to lock her up for the next twenty years.”

Tara’s eyes seemed to light up as that was said, and Christine took full advantage of it.  “Yeah baby, once you latch on the little machines in your body will sense the calcium and intake and make you feel really good. Almost good enough to make a stickie.” she laughed as she said that.  “But that’s when it’s permanent.  The nanites will set themselves into write-lock and no matter what, failing a total gamma ray shower that would kill you too, they will make sure you stay the cute little, dumb bundle of joy you are now.”  She pulled a much smaller version of the newborn style diaper out and started wrapping Tara’s bum with it.  “Good luck baby.” she said  when she was finished, “Let’s  get you in the warmer and ready for mommy.”

Tara closed her eyes when she was picked up and set on something warm under the light of the bin.  She kept them closed as her limbs were tucked in and a blanket was wrapped tightly around her,  it felt nice to know she was being cared for, and didn’t have to worry about rent or work, or being kidnapped.  “Maybe this won’t be all bad.” she thought.  Thinking back to her last orgasm, “Maybe I’ll settle for being someone’s dolly and they won’t even know I’m still able to think.”

At some point she had managed to fall asleep, being warm and cozy had done that to her more then once. But the sudden movement of her bin and a few bumps brought her out of it.  She found herself being rolled down a hallway, with no view but the heat lamp above, and the tiles moving by beyond that.   The air seemed cool on her face.  That changed as she was rolled through another door, it felt much warmer and more humid.  The sounds of movement and infantile crying and wailing also came from everywhere around her.  The rich smell of used diaper assaulted her as well.  “Most be the nursery...” she idly thought.  “At least I’m not screaming and crying like everyone else.”  Tara didn’t understand what was happening completely, but she had no emotional issues with where she was.  Of course whatever the other lady had said was about to happen could change that. “But I doubt it.” she thought.

Hours or days later she was awakened again, “Now what?” she wondered.  Tara wiggled as much as she was able and could tell she wasn’t wet or messy, but the sounds around her had changed.  And the constant smell of baby seemed to have lessened as well.  Suddenly a face popped onto view above her.  “A nurse or something...” Tara wondered, “Now what?”

“She’s such a cutie.” the random person said before pulling the blanket free and letting her arms and legs flop to either side of her.  “And ready for adoption!  Let’s get that diaper off baby.” she said it with such a chipper tone that it made Tara almost feel like gagging.

Tara stayed compliant as the tapes from the diaper she was in were opened and cool air moved over her skin.  “That feels nice.” she thought.  A warm washcloth went over her next, but she was mildly surprised that another diaper wasn’t put back on her.

The answer came with a warmed blanket sized towel and a familiar voice.  “Are we ready Tara?  Though I guess it won’t be Tara for long huh?” Christine joyfully said it as she gently wrapped the adult baby loosely with the huge towel.  “I bet you’ve been wondering about this part?” she carefully tucked Tara into the crook of her arm and playfully blew kisses at her.

“Fuck off and die.” Tara thought. But she had been curious about what was going on.  And she knew Christine was about to answer.

The amazon started looking through a small window and bouncing Tara in her arms.  “You’re such a special girl.  So rare.  But it happens and we find it’s easier to throttle your emotions until the adoption ceremony.”  She looked back through the window and smiled.  “There’s the signal.  Hold on... let me... get this...”

Tara felt herself jostled around a little, then the amazon was back in her field of view with some kind of bubble blower looking thing.  “Gonna pour bubble dip in my eyes now?” she wondered.

“Here we are, this is an activator.  Have to have a wide antenna to focus the beam very fine and once it goes past that, the signal is corrupted. So it won’t do anything  past a few inches.  That’s to make sure only your little bugs get switched on.  You’re going to love it.  But let’s get you saturated real quick.”  The round triggering device was set down, and a face mask was picked up.  The sound of rushing oxygen was easy to hear, “Breath deep baby.  You’re going to need this.”

Even with her emotions controlled Tara started to feel fear.  “What are they going to do now?  Why do I need oxygen when I don’t need any extra right now...”

The answer came after several breaths.  The sharp pressure of a recently familiar ringed object against her chest and an immediate weird wet feeling through her entire body.  Christine glanced in Tara’s eyes and saw the fire of intelligence behind them.  The question was obvious, “You’re going to feel a little blotchy.  Well, I guess you’re going to look that way too, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent or anything.”

“The hell is she talking about?” But even as she thought that Tara realized there was something wrong with her eyes.  She tried to keep staring at the amazon holding her, but something was wrong with her vision. As she stared it became harder and harder to see.  Her eyes randomly moved, or refused to focus on anything.  As she was wondering about that she felt her heart rate increase and her muscles began quivering and moving spastically without control.  Deep aches started in her chest and thighs, and her arms decided to pull up and hang near her now nearly flat chest.  Tara thought she was hyperventilating, then snapped awake when she figured out she wasn’t actually breathing anymore.  Fear and terror washed over her when she tried to breath and learned she no longer knew how to do it.  “Fuck!  They’re going to kill me!” Her body reacted to her terror by feebly kicking and moving her arms.  Tara’s eyes burned in the moderate light from the room and she couldn’t understand why any of it was happening.

Christine watched every emotion and reaction given off by the former adult.  She cracked a slight smile while she thought back to first reading her file, she stood just outside the door and waited for her cue to enter.  And started talking to Tara in whispers, “No one else will know.  When this is over even your new mommy won’t understand what I did.  What I decided to do with you when you decided to throw everything away.”  The soft hairs covering Tara’s body shot straight up as she listened, knowing something wasn’t right.  “My sister was a little.  We did everything to keep her safe, then some asshole with a spray bottle and a diaper drugged her and warped her into his personal forever baby.”  Christine looked down into Tara’s eyes and shook her head, “My sister goes from lawyer to baby and looses all she ever wanted.  You know the prick used to walk her past my house just to fuck with me and the family.”  Tara had a bad feeling about what she was hearing.

“I took this job to help, to save as many as I could by removing hypnosis.  Adding special nanites to the water to stop this madness.  And what do you do?  In the middle of my grand scheme to fix this you come in and ask to be turned into some monsters little baby doll?”  Tara’s eyes popped open.  She wanted to say she was sorry, to let her help, but every muscle in her body was quivering and she felt like she was surrounded by thick mud.  Her control was fading fast, but if she was lucky she might get away from it with help from an Amazon that was trying to save littles.  Maybe even fantasize about not making it away later popped up in her head.

“So I’m here to help littles.  And I’m going to help you.” Tara’s eyes settled into a happy look above a toothless wet grin.  “By giving you exactly what you asked for.”

Doom settled over the diapered little as the words flowed over her.  She tried to shake her head, to mumble a firm no.  But it was too late.  Whatever was in her had fully activated and she was not only becoming cold and numb, but blind.  She wanted to scream and fight but it was all gone.

“Is that her, is she ready?” Came the excited voice of Ms. Lee.  “Let me see her,  I’m ready!  They’re dripping already!”

Christine walked through the door, baby Tara in hand.  She lowered her voice so only Tara could hear her.  “I adjusted her as well.  Once you taste her that’s it.  You’re both going to be seeing so much of each other.  She’s going to quit, and I’ll get another person in to help stop this.”  she smiled down at the blind adult and gave her a slight shake.  She glanced towards the bed and its occupant, she already had her shirt off and large chest exposed.  “Here comes the baby!” Christine said loudly.

She allowed the toweling to drop away and gasped Tara by the feet, intentionally causing her to dangle upside down.  Tara was terrified that she was about to be unborn or something.  Suddenly a sharp slap on her ass brought pain and a sharp intake of fresh air.  Tara wiggled and tried to see what was going on.  With her eyes barely open the light of the room hurt her, she felt some control of her limbs was back, but she could barely do anything with them.  Loud wailing started to fill the room as she felt herself flipped right side up again and wrapped in a different softer towel or blanket, the wailing softened and Tara realized it was her doing it.  “I sound like a real baby!  Like an infant screaming!” she wailed.

Emotions that had been almost completely shut off and controlled before were back as she tried to glance around the room through watery, hazy eyes,  “I need to escape!” she thought, but her limbs just twitched and moved in her warm toweling, wet spit coated her chin and ran onto her flat chest.  Fear and anger and confusion reigned as she tried to figure out how to move her body again.  Then there was a warmth against her belly. She stopped moving and tried to see it.  “Skin!  I’m laying on someone?” she could only focus a few inches in front of her eyes.  A lesson from the past popped up, reminding her about babies and their inability to see anything much last their face at birth,  “No! No!  I need to go home...” but no matter what she hoped or thought nothing was changing and she started to whimper.

Something darker was rubbing against her check,  Tara could barely focus on it.  Then it became clear, it was a nipple.  The words from Christine immediately came to her,  “No!  If I do that I’m trapped like this forever!” she struggled and moved.  But in seconds she was tired.  She felt herself moved closer, the skin on skin contact tickled as she got closer.

“It smells... so good.” she thought as the nipple brushed against her lips.  Instantly her mouth moved and drew it in.  The odd taste of mother’s milk filled her mouth and sent her wet lips into a panic to suck it in as far as possible so she could latch on before it was pulled away.

“Such a good eater for mommy...” Ms. Lee muttered.  She was about to ask Tara if she was enjoying herself, but at the moment the words started to leave her lips she stuttered and fell silent.  A wide grin came to her face and she turned to look up at Christine, “She’s perfect,  I can’t wait to get her home where she belongs.  In her little diapers forever.”

Tara grumbled and whined as she heard it, but her own sensations were going through her tiny body.  Then she yelled and started to wail as she was pulled away from her mommy and set back down in the warmer.  “Give me!  Give me!  I want” she rashly thought.  Still herself but not able to clearly think her way through what was going on.

“She’s so hungry, can you hurry it up Miss....” the new mother said.  She stared at the woman in front of her but couldn’t remember her name. But she knew she was the reason her adoption had went through.

“Of course. The little darling is perfect.  We just need to get her pampers on and give her a little eye wipe to help them out.  Did you pick a name?”

Tara kicked and yowled in the bin as a diaper was carefully pulled over her and loosely taped in place,  she didn’t know why she was so upset, only that she was hungry and she wanted more.  Something rubbed across both her eyes and left them feeling goopy.  “I have a name!”

“Patricia.  I like that name.” she finally answered Christine.  “In honor of my mother.”  She held up her arms motioning for her baby.

Christine carefully wrapped her and picked her up, holding her up so she could whisper one last time to the tiny little, “She won’t even remember your old name or anything about today,  only that you’re her precious girl and that you asked to be hers.” The bundle in her arms stiffened and sulked.  Christine bounced here and walked back to the waiting mother, “Here she is.  And with the new vaccine she’ll be your perfect little bundle forever.”

The baby had the nipple back in her mouth and was trying to ignore everyone around her, she was still trying to process everything when a sudden stab in her belly made her bare down, a sudden sound from her diaper and she was on cloud nine, writhing from the feeling of messing herself in the arms of someone else.

“I think someone just made mommy a present.” Even the slight odor from her baby didn’t bother her, “I’m so glad so chose me.  She’s so perfect.”

Christine smiled and looked down at them both, “So am I.  Enjoy your retirement,  motherhood really suits you.”

The ride was over, the adult baby was left with a soft afterglow as she suckled.  That and a lump in her diaper that felt like it belonged  there, “I guess it could be worse.” she thought.    In the months to come she would discover that it really couldn’t get any worse.  The occasional stickie was not worth the intense boredom and mental hell of being a warm wet plaything for an Amazon.  Even if that amazon was the best mommy in the whole world.  


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Thank you. There’s another one in the diaper dimension category I posted a few days ago as well. But it’s pretty damn dark.

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I love it. I wonder if any Amazon has come in with similar desires or if any of the nurses have a secret diaper fetish. I love how you brought up Amazon’s having a diaper fetish.

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You never know. Anything is possible in a good diaper dimension story.

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Very enjoyable tale. One must always be careful what one wishes for. I do feel sorry for Tara’s parents and family and friends. They will never know what happened to her.

Personally i really love this story a Little finds her forever mommy hehe