Cop Out By: Long_Rifle

Cop Out. By: Long_Rifle

Look. Sorry about the Halloween story not getting posted yet. A lot has happened recently, I’m just not into writing that type of story. I don’t know how to explain writing to people that don’t. It’s not as easy as you think. No. Wait. It’s actually easier. The process of writing to me at least is automatic. WHEN IT WORKS. It’s as if there’s another person or thing in me. And it’s feeding the words to me. Martin Silenus explained it perfectly in the book “Hyperion”. I write stories that when I’m done and I read them, even I can’t believe what I wove into them. A good story writes itself. A half way decent writer LETS it. I’ve slapped up 50k words in under a month. Barely sleeping, I actually lost weight during that one. It wanted OUT! Then I’ve started and taken years for others. This one crawled out while I was about ten pages into the Halloween story. Lets see where the muse takes me.

Officer Sara Miller was not a happy camper. She was in the middle of the biggest case of her short career, and she wasn’t any closer to solving it. Though she was more frustrated now then when it had been handed to her three weeks ago. “What the fuck is this prick doing?” Nothing made sense. She had the reports on the first five victims sitting in front of her, and aside from the final outcome they all pointed to different types of suspects. “Fuck! Why did this shit happen on my watch!”

“Sara, you didn’t join for the easy stuff. I do remember you saying that about an hour after you made detective.”

She turned towards the voice. Mike was smiling behind his hands, trying to hide his satisfaction at her anger. And failing miserably. “And a big fuck you to you Mike. This was supposed to be your case. And somehow it passed on by and took up residence on MY desk. Odd huh? Couldn’t handle it either?”

Mike stood up, pulling a light jacket on over his holstered firearm as he walked to the door of their shared office. “First off, since it involves female victims only they didn’t want a male officer leading the case. I guess they hoped their number one female detective could get them some good public relations. And second, I’m fucking glad this thing dropped in your lap because I can’t see it ending well for anyone involved. It’s a giant shit sandwich. And everyone you stepped on to get that badge wants to see you eat it.”

Sara seethed inside as he left. She knew there was something in the report she could use. There was always something left behind. These guys wanted to get caught. Or to at least make sure everyone knew they committed all the crimes. “Fuck! Why the hell did it have to be a fucking pervert!” She started going through the reports again. Hoping for something, anything that could lead to an arrest. “I just need one more fucking break, then I know I’ll get this fucker!”

Over an hour later she was still at her desk, eyes starting to glaze over when her door swung open. But instead of Mike, the bald head of her CO popped in. “We got another one! Get your ass in gear, you know the drill. She’s on her way to the hospital. We got a tail on the ambulance, and an officer on the inside. But if someone jumps the gun we lose another asset.” He tossed a new radio on her desk, “You need something, swat, coffee, tampons, you call me on this. Nothing over the air. I don’t need the media getting any more ideas.”

Sara pocketed it, grabbed her backpack, and bolted for her car. She used the ten minute ride to go over her questions. She knew what had been asked before. And what had been missed in the first few months, before they caught a break. “Another one! And I don’t have all the facts on the last two yet….”

The hospital wasn’t crowded by news vans, she silently thanked God for that. But she knew if she couldn’t figure this out soon the local news could tip off the big networks. They would show up in huge numbers. And probably scare their suspect away. Or at least into hiding for awhile. “Not much time left.” She said to herself.

The entrance to the emergency room was guarded by one of their own. He nodded to her as she shot past. A flash of her badge and she was being escorted down a hallway by a chubby beat cop. “When did they find her?”

He pulled out his notepad. It was one question, but he knew what it meant. “Northwest corner of Middlebelt and 23rd. About an hour ago. The guy didn’t know everything about the case and thought it was another huffer. Dispatch clued him in. Hospital put her down here. No other patients around her. She’s only had one nurse. And she’s been with us before. She’ll keep her mouth shut.”

Sara nodded, she memorized what she had been told, but knew a copy of his notes would be on her desk when she got back. “And her status?” This was a tricky question. It’s answer could finally break the case. Or mire her in deeper shit. Literally.

He smiled nervously. “Answering questions. We followed orders, no one touched her, or changed her clothes. Which is pretty fucked up because she-”

“Thank you officer.” She said cutting him off. “I’m aware of her situation. It may seem pretty fucked up right now. But when this is all over you’ll understand why.” That shut him down. The rest of the walk was in silence. It ended at a door protected by two more officers, looking exactly like the meat shields they were. She gave them a curt nod before going inside.

The smell stopped her in her tracks. Before she took another step she took a few deep breaths, then started to breath through her mouth. When she felt better adjusted she walked past the closed divider to the bed. And the scared woman on it. “I’m detective Sara Miller. I’m here to take your statement, and listen to anything else you think might help.” As soon as she saw her, Sara knew this was another case. Not just the clothing, but the body type matched perfectly. The woman looked at her with terrified eyes, Sara had only seen one other aware victim so far. And this was that same look of despair. “You can call me Sara, okay?”

The woman nodded, “I’m Trish. But he called me Trishi. And he made me call myself-”

“Hold on Trish.” She said as she held up her hand to make her stop. “We’ve been through this a few times. It’s best to not use the words and phrases he made you say. It doesn’t help, and it can hurt the investigation.” Sara tried to look casual as she said that. But the truth was worse. She thought back to the recording of the first interviews and shuddered. It reminded her she had a very long way to go tonight. And a very dangerous path to walk. One mistake and it was over. At least till the next victim. “I’m going to ask you a few yes or no questions. Try not to add to much. Then we’ll go deeper.”

The woman nodded, “But could one of you change my-”

Sara almost hit her, instead she crammed her hand over her mouth and held it there. “We’ll get to that later. I understand you want it gone. But trust me when I say it needs to be left alone till we’re done here. And the -D- word is something you need to just forget about right now. Okay?” She felt her nod her head yes under her hand before she removed it. “Has it been more then a week since he took you?”


Sara nodded, “And you know this for sure? An officer told you today’s date and you remember when you got abducted?” Trish nodded this time. Sara crossed out what she had been writing, and started again. “He’s getting faster……” She thought to herself. “Or this one is totally different…. Won’t know that till the end.” She looked back up at her and put on a smile before proceeding. “We know from your college you made it to your morning classes, but not the afternoon ones. Is that when he grabbed you?”

Trish swallowed, “Yes.”

“The guy was about forty, white. And well mannered?”

This time she surprised her, “No. He was maybe twenty. Probably a little older. And really annoying after I got in his car.”

Sara’s face reddened. That part was the only description that had gotten from any victim. “Trish, this is really important. Was there any other guy you saw during any of this?”

Her face seemed to cloud over as she thought back over everything. She started to move her body as she did. Slowly going into a squat on the bed. “None. It was that guy. And him alone. I never heard anyone else either.”

Sara ignored the sound coming from under the girls clothes. She watched silently as Trish sat back down when it stopped. She seemed totally unaware of what she had just done. “Of course. Okay. Lets get back to what happened when you got abducted. Can you explain what you remember for me?” She made a note of the time, and did the math. She had maybe ten minutes if the last interview was correct. “Car colour, exactly where you were. What he said to you first?”

Trish looked down at her hands. “He…. He said, -Want some candy little girl?-” As she finished her body stiffened and she twitched before sneezing. Several seconds later she seemed to recover, “Da gaba, boo. Poo blatt gaaaaa.” She said. Looking serious. “Caaaa reeet gooooo taaaa? Wed poooooot gaaagoooo!” She stopped making sounds and looked at Sara like she should be writing something down.

Sara wrote a quick note, checked the time, and asked, “Could you say that last part again?” Then nodded thoughtfully as more nonsense spewed from her mouth. She stood up and called for the nurse. “I’ll be right back Trish. Just relax for a few minutes okay?” She nodded and cooed happily.

The nurse had been standing just outside the partition and followed Sara as she walked into the hallway. “What was that all about? Did you take off the diaper?”

Sara looked at her like she had asked her if she was an idiot. “I don’t know what happened, this is new. But I can’t get anything out of her like this. Is there anyway we can give her a few hours to relax, and see if this wears off?”

The nurse shook her head. “That diaper needs to come off. And we both know what’s going to happen when we do that. Did any of the others get better after relaxing?”

Sara shuddered, “None. All of them are the same or worse. It’s pretty dam depressing. I was hoping this would be our big break. But now it’s just another dead end. Unless there’s a fiber or something on her we’re screwed. Maybe….” She stopped talking. A soft sound had caught her attention. Something ripping. “Shit! Stop her!”

They both ran into the room, just as Trish finished opening the last tape. She motioned that everything was fine. But her body was already reacting. Her posture changed, becoming more relaxed, she finally laid down onto her back and gurgled. Sara ran up to the diaper. Trying to hold it up. But it seemed the damage was done. The girl’s limbs flexed and moved as if she could barely control them. The body suit the girl had on was riding up on her body and exposed a raw new tattoo. It was the final clue. The artists signature.

“She’s gone!” The nurse said. “Just like the other one. One second she’s normal, the next she’s nothing but a big baby!” She looked at the detective, Sara could see anger in her eyes, “You need to do something! You need to stop this before another person gets caught! This is almost like murder!” A stream of urine erupted from between the woman’s legs. Arching up, and then back down to spatter against the diaper and part of the bed. “This is murder!”

Sara looked up at Trish’s face. The woman was drooling. Her eyes drooped, focusing at nothing as she tried to suck her own toes. “This is murder. Everything in there is gone. If it can’t be reversed her brain is mush.” She talked to herself more then the nurse. As if stating it made it real. “Trish is just as dead as if he strangled her.”

Sara left the room. Then made the call she had been dreading. “She’s gone chief. Some kind of trigger. One second she was fine, the next she was a babbling idiot. I’ll file the report in the morning.”

“Hold on Sara. We’ve got a call from a concerned citizen. She claims to have an idea about what’s happening. Wants to run it by you. Why don’t you stop by her office and see what’s up. If anything it will be a break to get your mind off this. Maybe get a fresh perspective.”

Sara took the information and gave her a call. She wrote everything down in her own notepad. A cop never knew when inspiration could strike. The address turned out to be an upscale medical office building. As she was buzzed in she thought how odd it was that it seemed to smell almost exactly like a hospital. Sterile and cold. With a little fear thrown in. The hall was short, and the only open door had a smiling face sticking out of it. “You’re Karen?” Sara asked.

The woman smiled. “Dr. Tanner. But Karen is enough detective. Come in. I think I can give you a few clues to work this out. If what I found is part of this thing.”

They both entered a small office with a lot of books and degrees on the walls. Sara was tired, and depressed. She got right down to business. “Okay. Tell me what you think you know about all this please. I’ve got a busy schedule. And you know this case is a top priority. We can use all the help we can. But it needs to be something we can use.”

Karen smiled, “I know the guy keeps changing his tactics. I know he uses hypnotism, diapers, and key words. Drugs are used as well, but you haven’t been able to peg them down yet. The targets are all younger looking adult women, kind of flat, and mousy hair. That kind of thing. This means its got to be a professional therapist.” She could see Sara was barely interested. “Because that’s a lot of knowledge, and the drugs are pretty hard to get as well.”

Sara rolled her eyes. “That’s all things we’ve discussed. We’ve cleared everyone locally. Which I assume is how you know any of this? And we’ve verified no odd perscriptions have been filled in a several city radius. Do you have a person in mind? Someone we can check out, anything?”

“I know a cop. A patient, he really needed to tell someone, it was killing him.” Karen seemed to go distant all of a sudden. A cue that sent Sara’s deep shit o’ meter into the red. “I do have an idea. I think I know what’s going on. And when you see what I found you’ll know why. It’s all there.”

Sara nervously fingered the retention strap on her holster, “And the mystery pervert is?”

Karen stood up, “I think I should just show you. That way you’ll know who to look for.” She started to walk back towards the hallway. Before Sara had been half asleep. Now she was on edge. She kept her right hand hanging relaxed, just in front of her pistol. As they walked towards another door she saw something pink peek out from above Karen’s pants before her shirt covered it again. “It’s right in here. You need to see it, it’s going to blow the whole thing open.” Her hand reached towards the door knob, but Sara stopped it. Her hand fulling resting on her gun now.

“Is there anyone else here tonight?” She asked.

Karen shook her head. “It’s just me. I had been thinking about what the local news had said earlier, and I just kind of started snooping. I had to jiggle the key, but when this door opened I knew I had found something really important.”

Detective Sara Miller pushed herself in front of the well meaning doctor and grabbed the door knob herself. It opened easily enough. She reached in with the same hand and tried to find the light switch, then swore when she didn’t feel it. A cool chemical smell started to come from inside, followed by something else. Perfumed wet diaper. The needle on her meter buried itself past red as she drew her gun and flicked the tactical light on. She pushed Karen off to the side, then looked her in the eyes. “Do not move. If you hear a struggle I want you to run and call 911. Do not enter this room.” Karen nodded. And then, violating all of her teaching, every aspect of contaminating a crime scene. Every self defense class she had ever been taught. Knowing full well she had lost the element of surprise, she opened the door all the way and stepped inside.

Her light cleared the nearest wall to her left before she was inside. As she turned to her right it swept the entire wall, a rear corner, and finished the rear wall as she popped in and cleared the final wall and corner to her right. She saw the light switch and flicked it on. The blaze of light blinked several times before remaining on. Casting cold white light over everything. She took her time now, clearing every space large enough to hold a cat. When she was done she clicked her gun light off and holstered her weapon.

During her search she had been focused on not getting surprised by her suspect. Now as her body came down off the adrenaline rush she started to see what was actually inside the room. What she had stepped into. Clothes, papers, a small roll of duct tape, and a stack of large white diapers. Her hands trembled as she used her pen to slide one off and flip it over. The decorative tape on it was exactly as she had seen over the last few weeks on so many victims. Immediately the radio was out and in her hands. But as she turned it on nothing but static came out.

The doctor in the hall heard the screech, “Really bad reception in this place. We all go outside if we need to use our phones. Sorry. Did I find something important? Was I right?”

“Fuck.” Sara whispered. She could just take a quick walk outside, but now that she was thinking straight she knew she had to keep control of the scene till more officers could arrive. She was responsible for the chain of custody till then. “Karen? Could you go call 911, let them know to get their asses out here!”

Karen had been staring into space. Her body relaxed, almost limp. She came to with a sudden snap, before shaking her head yes and then grabbing and prodding her crotch. Without comment she walked into the room and started to pull her pants down. “Hold on, just let me take care of this real quick.” Sara watched stunned as the woman exposed bright pink underwear before grabbing them by the seams and ripping them easily apart. As she slid them from between her legs the cop finally understood what she was looking at.

“Is that a diaper?” She asked stunned. She felt herself almost seem to be spinning in place. Something was seriously wrong. Her pistol hand twitched.

Karen laughed. An oddly adult laugh considering what she was doing. “No. Of course not. These are my big girl pants. I don’t wear diapers.” She handed the pink mass to the detective as she reached towards the low table and popped the top on a container of wipes. “Toss that out for me would you?” She said as she started to clean herself. “Might as well use the can here right? I hate walking around in wet pants. Just to squishy ya know?” Sara held the pink thing in her hands. She could feel slight warmth radiating from it, carrying the odor of fresh piss and the the knowledge that the current crime scene just got bigger. “As soon as I finish cleaning up I’ll go grab another one from my bag.” Karen looked up at the officer, still holding her wet training pants. “What’s the matter? You need a change too?”

Sara recoiled at that, almost dropping the thing at her feet. “No…. No! I’m just thinking about something.” She was. Sara was trying to think up a line of questions that wouldn’t leave her with another drooling vegetable. She rolled up the trainers into a ball and dropped it next to the trash can. She pulled a pair of nitrile gloves out of her pocket, snapped them into place, and started talking as she went through the garbage. “Anyone else in the office use those?” She asked, forcing herself to sound almost bored as she asked.

Karen seemed almost disconnected as she answered. “Me and Stacy use this brand. But the other two in my practice use the princess style. I just like Minnie, and the little pink stars are cute.” She finally noticed what Sara was doing in the trash, “What are you doing in that? Ewwww!”

“I’m trying to look for clues to who’s been in here Karen.” That was half true. She might find something, but more important was her finding the right way to talk to her only lead right now. “You guys keep to yourselves about this kind of stuff?” She pulled out an adult sized diaper and opened it. Inside she found it was very wet, with two wipes and a sodden pair of panties. She saw a few hairs as well.

Laughter, “Of course! Wearing big girl pants is a big deal. It’s like half our day!” She had her pants up now, and looked nervously towards her office and a fresh pair. “We have a contest every day to see who makes it to the bathroom the most.”

The detective set the open diaper onto the table, she felt like she was on the verge of discovering something. Something important. “Well lets go get you taken care of then. I need to make a call anyways.” She made sure the door was unlocked and followed her newest lead back to her own office. Keeping a witness safe would override chain of custody. Once there she watched as Karen pulled a large juvenile looking bag onto her receptionist’s desk and slid another fresh disposable trainer out. “Can I look at one?” Sara asked.

Karen smiled, “Sure! Us girls have to stick together right?” She gave the one in her hand over, and pulled out another. Then she kicked off her shoes and pulled her pants down and off. Karen pretended to look at the pink bundle in her hands. But kept her eyes on Karen as she stretched the training pants out, and slipped her feet in one at a time. “Thanks for letting me get this over with Sara. I know I don’t have to many accidents, but I just feel naked without protection on. What brand do you wear?”

Sara almost choked, “What?” There was a no way she had heard that right.

“I said what do you wear? You’re a cutie pie, but you probably shy away from the princess stuff since you’re a cop right?” The question was being asked with a straight face.

More importantly Karen wasn’t regressing either. Sara thought about her answer. “Er, I guess I wear what’s on sale mostly. Money is kind of tight.”

Karen nodded thoughtfully. She had noticed Sara’s reaction to her question, and thought there was another reason for it. “Well, why don’t you hit the bathroom before you call in reinforcements? That way you can be sure you’ll stay nice and dry.” She assumed the officer was hiding that she wasn’t in training pants yet. And she wanted to make sure she felt good about herself. “No need to make her self conscience about her potty training….” She thought to herself.

“Well….” Sara’s mind was working overtime. She knew something was going on for sure with Karen. And probably every other person in the building. But she needed to be careful, the perp was good at covering his tracks. And she didn’t want another big baby on her hands. “I guess a trip to the bathroom wouldn’t hurt.” She decided. She watched for any devious reaction from Karen. Instead she found another pair of training pants shoved into her hands.

“Great! Why don’t you just use mine for now? Then we can go outside and you can make your call!” Karen was proud of how she handled that. Now Sara could take her diaper off and feel like a big girl. Even if it was only till she had an accident.

The bathroom was cooler then the rest of the building. The detective was glad when Karen decided to wait outside the door and watch her back. She hit the first stall and pulled her pants down before sitting. “Well I guess I do need to piss…” She sighed as she listened to her steam run into the toilet. She wiped and stood. Almost pulling her pants up before stopping and looking at the small pinkish trainer on the floor. She picked it up and looked at it closer.

It was obvious from its size that it could fit her. Karen had a rounder butt then her own so she was sure it would probably be even looser on her. It looked exactly like the modern disposable training pants her nephew was wearing the last time he had been over. “Fuck…. This is one sick fucker.” But as she looked the thing in her hands over she smiled at the knowledge that she had a major break in the case now. “It’s all over but the crying.” She thought. “But I need to be careful. I still need a witness. And she said they openly talked in these things.” They were still looking for the company that made them. But without splashing it across the entire world on the news it was a slow process. “I wonder if the same company makes these as well.”

With the memory of previous interviews being stopped by strange mental commands triggered by spoken key words, Sara now assumed that if the speaker was wearing something that marked them as another victim themself then the trigger was never flipped. She didn’t even blush as she kicked off her shoes and let her pants slip all the way off and onto the floor. Her holstered gun slipped off the pile and rattled loudly on the floor. Her spare mag peeked from her rear pocket before she noticed and tucked in back in. Then she stretched her new underwear like Karen had and pulled them on.

“Wow… These things are way thicker then my panties.” She thought, before saying. “Not as thick as I thought.” Out loud.

Karen had been listening and rushed into the room as soon as the words left her mouth. The stall door came open in her hands and she found herself looking at Sara wearing her new trainers. She felt good about herself. “Now don’t you look cute!” She said, before seeing the officer blush. She was proud that she was helping her new friend grow up. But she turned around and gave her a few moments to get her pants back on properly.

Sara almost tore them right off. But now that she had been seen she decided to dive right in with her questions. “How long have you been wearing training pants Karen?”

“Well since I’ve been out of diapers right? I mean that’s how it works. You grow up, and you start using the bathroom and the potty like an adult silly. Didn’t you know that yet?” Karen sounded surprised at the question.

“I mean since before you worked here?” Sara shot back, before pulling her pants up, and the belt tight. She checked that her gun was properly positioned and walked out of the stall.

“Of course. Since I got out of diapers. I’m not some stupid baby!” Karen was starting to get adgitated. “What’s with all the questions? I told you guys there was some weird things happening here in the room I found. And now you’re more concerned with what I’m wearing. This isn’t about big girls, it’s about that room, right? What does that have to do with me?”

Sara raised her hands in surrender. “These are just standard questions. I’m sorry if they offend you, but I have to ask them you know. It’s my job.” She watched as Karen seemed to relax, then started asking more general questions instead. “Do you know whose office that is? The one with the diapers in it?”

Karen’s eyes seemed to glaze over for just a second, causing Sara’s stomach to drop. But then she shook her head and acted like nothing was wrong. “Nope. I was going to call my boss about it first. Then I remembered you guys where asking about this kind of stuff earlier and thought I should call you.”

“No one in the office is wearing diapers right now that you know of?” Sara asked.

Karen laughed. She seemed to be her old self now, calm and relaxed. “No. I’d certainly know that! We’d make sure to love her and give her all the milk she needed!” She reached up and cupped her breasts for emphasis.

The cop made another note. “This contact is totally different.” She thought. “He must have done the whole building first. Making sure he wouldn’t be disturbed.” She kept writing. “But then this slipped through. Our questioning must have happened before he set the triggers for it…. Before he could make it impossible to call us with more triggers.” She closed her book and told Karen she was going to make her call now.

It took two days to catalog all the evidence they removed from the building, with almost everything taken from the mystery office. I seemed that everyone, male and female had been effected. And though the men had been twisted to think grown women in Pull-Ups and diapers where normal, only the women had to worry about actually wearing them. Teams of doctors were brought in to talk to the various victims, the biggest thing to come out of it was that certain clothing or dress disarmed the regression triggers. Allowing conversation without altering their minds. Sara made sure everyone knew about that before any conversations were started. Though one person forgot, and the result proved her theory was correct.

It had been impossible to keep such a large investigation quiet. Though since it involved the subjects actual work place it really no longer mattered. Sara had yet to crack who the mystery office owner was. But thankfully since the raid he hadn’t struck again. “Maybe we got all his little toys.” Mike said across the shared office space. He had been forced to give Sara some praise after the bust. Though he also made jokes about checking her panties after he read the report.

“Eat a dick Mike. Everyone there is still affected. Maybe they aren’t in diapers, but we still need to find this guy and bring him in. Brass wants to cut a deal. Reverse all his bullshit and he’ll get out of jail while he still has teeth.”

Mike grinned, “Yeah, if it was me I wouldn’t let the guy near me. Anyways, it’s been months now. No similar contacts. No diapered damsels in distress. Nothing. The guy probably got busted for something else and we won’t be seeing him for ten to twenty.” Mike leaned back and grinned. Sara had broke the case. But not solved it. It wasn’t a failure, but it certainly wasn’t going in the win column either.

“We still need to get evidence back from the FBI. We sent them how many hair samples for DNA testing? And they’re already backed up several months. If this had been a murder spree we would have been front of the line. Another six months, or a year and we’ll have more to roll on.”

As it turned out, the police would have to wait a year. Detective Sara Miller never let the case off her desk, it stayed in one corner. The pile slowly growing as more reports were finished and added. Almost every week she had reminders of what she had witnessed. Once she got so drunk she pissed her pants, the surge of warmth brought the images of the women back to her. The look in their eyes as everything faded away scared her to the point she had yet to drink since. Every two months or so she had visited the victims that stayed local. There had been no change. Other then stomachs and faces getting thin layers of baby fat. Or the odd detached droopiness to their eyes that seemed to get worse.

Finally a large envelope from the FBI landed on her desk. Every sample had been processed and compared to known examples taken from those at every crime scene. Sara grabbed herself a large mug of coffee and sat at her desk. “This could be the final part. The end to this. I’ll finally have this fucking albatross off my neck.” She broke the seal on the envelope and let the papers slide out into her hands. She was three words in when her phone rang. She finished the first paragraph while it continued. “Leave a message asshole.” She said under her breath. Finally after half the first page it stopped.

Her door opened so fast it struck the wall behind it and lodged the knob in the wall. It was her CO. And he looked pissed. “Why the hell didn’t you answer your phone?” He growled.

She held up the report. “Busy solving the big baby case here.” She felt good that she was so close. Good enough to push her boss. “Find Mike if you need your car washed.”

He tossed a radio towards her. One that looked familiar. “Well then I guess it’s a good thing you got it wrapped up, because we got another two victims on the way to the hospital. And at least one of them is still talkative. If you’re done reading, maybe you can grace them with your presence?”

Sara looked at the radio, then back at her boss. “Fuck.”

She had prepared many months ago for this. Not expecting the subject to stop. At least not for so long. She unlocked the bottom drawer of her personal reports cabinet and pulled something large and covered in a black garbage bag out. “Can’t believe I get to try this out.” She thought.

She was holding the bag carefully in her hands as she was escorted down that same long hallway. The face of the same nurse from before met her. “Back again Jane. Same story as the last time?”

The nurse nodded. “We tried to seperate them, but the regressed one freaked out till we put them back together. So far we left them as we found them. But you know the rest.”

Sara brought her bag up and patted the side of it. “I’ve got another plan this time. I need another room to get ready in.” Then she looked up and down both halls. “Are there cameras here?”

Jane pointed towards her station. “Just over there watching us at the desk. Nothing else covered, why?”

“Trust me. I don’t need this getting out.” She motioned towards the two officers at the doorway. “Can we move them to another room?”

Jane shook her head. “I can set them up at the nurses station to monitor the call button. But they need to stay. Why don’t you use the room next door? They share the same bathroom, so you can enter without hitting the hallway. What’s the big plan anyways?”

Sara didn’t answer the question. Instead she peered into the empty room. “This should work. And I’ll need a robe or something.”

“Sure. There should be a few in that closet cubby there. Might be a bit big on you.”

Sara stepped up to a bed in the room and started to strip. “Good enough. I heard they were real messed up. Anyone get names out of them yet?”

“Sandra and Tess. They’re twins, Tess is still aware, and Sandra is…. She’s worse then all the rest. You’ll see.” The detective was naked now. The nurse watched as she untied the large bag and pulled a large pinkish quilted bag out. “Is that a diaper bag?” She asked.

“Yeah. This is based on something I learned from my last interviews.” She opened the bag and pulled a large white disposable out. It came from the mystery office. Toxicology had shown no chemicals or drugs in them. Nothing but baby fresh scent. “I think I’ve got a way to keep them from regressing.” She unfolded it and set it on the bed. Then climbed up and set herself down on it. She taped it on as she talked. “I’m going to interview them like this, and if that works I’m going to change them. If that doesn’t affect there minds we might be able to save them. Well…. At least Tess I guess.”

Jane looked towards the room, “I guess. Do you want me to set them up for you? I can make sure the other one is distracted by the TV if you want. I can put on a kids show for her.”

Sara was back on her feet, sliding a short ruffled shirt over her chest. “That sounds good. I’ll be coming inside in about five minutes. I need you to guard the door. But don’t say anything. And don’t move in unless I ask. Okay? That is really important.” The nurse nodded and left. Once alone detective Sara Miller walked to a small mirror and carefully set her hair onto pig tails. When she was done she smacked her cheeks hard several times, till they almost glowed red. Then dropped a pacifier around her neck. She put her clothes in the closet and pulled the robe out. She paused at the mirror. First checking that she looked childish enough. Then she grabbed one last thing. A recording device. She turned it on before slipping it into her diaper. The attached microphone clipped to the elastic around her waist, and just barely peeked out. The small puff of white foam disappeared against the expanse of white plastic. “Okay…. Lets get this done.” She said to herself before slipping into the robe. The floor seemed too cold now. She had forgotten to put socks in her bag. She grabbed it and carried it towards the nurse and the room with her witnesses. “If I’m lucky, the last ones.” She thought

Jane said nothing when she appeared. But looked surprised when the bag was handed to her. “What do you want me to do with this?”

The cop slipped out of the robe and handed it to her as well. “Look. I need her to see me as an equal. I think that will keep the triggers from going off. Walk me in and set me on the other bed. I’m another victim okay? Just stand behind the curtain and if I need you I’ll pull the call switch. Ask what I need, do what you have to and leave. Once I’m done with the interviewing bring this in and change us. The baby first okay?”

Jane nodded, collected herself, then spun Sara around before picking her up and carrying her into the room. She walked right up to Tess, who was just staring at her sister. She stood there till she looked up at them. “Tess this is Sara. She didn’t want to be alone, so I thought maybe I could bring her in here and you could keep her company.”

Tess looked back down at her sister Sandra. Then back up at the nurse. “Okay I guess. When are the cops coming?”

“Errr…… Well they are here guarding you right now. But the lead investigator is on her way. So hang on.”

Tess motioned towards Sara, then at her sister. “Is she like her?”

Sara stiffened at that. But Jane recovered, “No. Just shy right now.” She set Sara down on the foot of Tess’s bed. “If you need anything just hit the call switch okay?”

“How about a clean diaper? Or panties, I’ve had enough of these for the rest of my life!” Tess said.

“When the cops say we can. That’s not just a diaper. It’s evidence.”

For several minutes no one spoke. Tess went back to watching her sister, and Sara watched them both. They were identical twins. And they were both in well used diapers. That’s were the similarities ended. Tess was still in control of herself. Still able to function as an adult. But her sister was regressed. Sara studied her as she watched a silly child’s show on the TV. She was on her back, head loosely turned to one side. Her long hair was messy and full of caked in crust. Her arms and legs lay around her like she had forgotten they were there. She was so engrossed in the show she didn’t seem to care about the condition of her diaper at all. Sara looked back up at Tess to catch her staring at her now.

“She tried to escape yesterday.” Tess said with a nod to her sister. “She got caught and when she came back she was reduced to that.”

Sara nodded. She tried to think of a way to interview her without it seeming like one. “Fuck it, lets just test it right now.” She decided. “How long have you two been diapered?”

Tess sighed, “Since almost the first day she took us. What about you?”

Sara looked down at her diaper, she was trying to hide the shock of hearing that a woman took them. “I peed my pants when she got me. I don’t think it was five minutes before she had me in Pampers.” Inside she was almost screaming. “A woman! It’s a team! Shit!” She pinched her leg painfully, till tears came to her eyes. Then she looked back at Tess, “I thought I was the only one. I thought….”

Tess hugged her. “It’s okay. We’re out now. They’ll change us, and in time we’ll be normal again. You’ll see. Even Sandra will snap out of it now that the conditioning is done.”

Sara swallowed, this was as far as any had ever gotten. “What did she do to you two?”

Sandra giggled and chortled from the floor, kicking her feet and laughing at the action on the TV. Tess went to her and playfully tickled her. “I’m sure the same things to you and the others. Forcing high fiber liquids, then baby formula after our shit was almost spraying out. That constant droning lullaby. Dam. I think I just pissed now thinking about it. The constant baby power smell. I can’t believe we got out.” She looked up at the TV. “Fuck. She played this show over and over. My sister hated it before-…. Before she got turned into this. But now she just can’t stop watching it. She was in tears till the nurse turned it on. Now she can’t stop laughing.” Tess started to cry as she finished. “I want her back! This is so unfair, she didn’t deserve this!” She got down next to her sister and started to rub her arm. Tears fell from her eyes.

Sara got down next to them and gave Tess a hug, “The cops will find them. They will find a way to fix us.” Now that she was closer to Sandra she could hear the sounds from the TV much easier. The nurse had set the remote next to the regressed woman. The sound came from a small speaker on the remote itself. “Good for keeping other patients from being disturbed I guess.” She thought.

Tess looked closer at Sara’s diaper. She finally noticed it was clean. “Oh wow. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice that. I hope the cops find her too.” Tess surprised her by giving her a hug back. “Just don’t think about it. If it happens you’ll be okay. They’ll fix you.”

Now it was Sara’s turn to be really confused. But she hid it. She stroked Sandra’s head, adding a slight tremor to it, “How did she do it?” She looked Tess in the eyes, and saw confusion. “I mean when you got away.”

“Oh. She came in to the room after our noon bottle. She strapped my sister into a large stroller, and stuck me in an infant carrier. For a few minutes I thought she was going to make me into a baby too. Then she took us to the van and set us in. A while later she let us out. And told me to push Sandra till the cops came. I guess it wasn’t really an escape. But maybe she didn’t mean for us to get caught? I don’t know!”

Sara was almost humming now. This was such a break. The sounds from the show were starting to annoy her. But if she was lucky the cable company might be able to trace which units in the city watched it. She looked up at the show and took it in. Waiting for the title to come up. Brightly coloured characters danced and made silly sounds. That seemed to be the entire show. She hated it instantly. “Did she ever give you any shots?” She said as she watched.

Tess started to rub Sara’s back. It felt oddly comforting. “Nope. Did she give your age shots? Is that how she gets you so young?”

Sara was shocked out of watching the TV. “What?!”

Tess kept rubbing her, now to the rhythme of the shows music. “There was only two groups. I didn’t see everyone in the other group. But after Sandra came back it was the first time I had seen a dry diaper the entire time. She was walked in. Told me she had been given a dry diaper for once. Then about ten minutes later she took huge dump and she’s been like this ever since.” Sara looked down at the reduced girl with new horror as Karen continued. “Mary told me since I was the oldest twin it was fitting that I remain so. The only other time I saw anyone in a dry diaper the same thing happened. They were fine for awhile. Then just…. Well…. You know.” She leaned in and kissed her gently on the cheek. “I’ll be here for you when it happens. Unless you want to be alone. I know some of the girls liked that too.”

Sara had a name now. “Mary…” She whispered. She stared off into space as she put what she had learned together. She felt something touch her butt. She turned to see Tess had her hand there now.

“Sorry. It looked like you were about to. To…. Do it. I thought maybe I could give you some pressure and hold it back or something.” She took her hand away as Sara stood up.

Sara smiled at her, “No, really. Thanks.” She walked to the call button and pulled it. The nurse was there in record time. She waited till she was close and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “The diaper bag. Bring it here, quick. I’m going to try and change her.” Jane was back just as fast, the diaper bag in hand. “Thanks, if this works I’ll call again. Reset the switch at your station. If I immediately hit it again I need you to come in and say family is here to see me and take me out okay? If I don’t, just walk up to the door and wait there for further info okay?”

Jane smiled and ruffled the detectives hair, “Good luck officer! I’ll be waiting!” She whispered. She turned and went back to standing in the doorway behind the separation drape.

Sara cleared her throat, causing Tess to look a her, then she finally noticed the diaper bag and smiled. “They finally let us have a change! Great!” She reached for her own diapers tapes, but Sara stopped her.

“I don’t think you should change yourself. Let me do it.”

Tess pulled her hands away. “Fine. I guess it’s not that bad. She never let us do it either.”

Sara smiled at her good guess. “Babies don’t change their own pants.” She thought as she hummed a tune. The tapes came away easily enough. She looked at Tess who didn’t look happy. “What?” Sara asked concerned.

“You’re humming that stupid song from the show. Did you even know that?” Tess almost looked scared.

Sara smiled. “It’s a catchy toon I guess.” She was happy that Tess was still there. By now all previous victims were beyond speech or cares. The front of the diaper came away and the smell got worse. Sara became aware that she had stopped really smelling it long before. Now it hit her again. “Wow. That’s pretty bad.”

Tess didn’t take that comment well. “I hope your mess smells better after you get off the infant train yourself!”

Sara chuckled. She felt better that she was halfway done and Tess was still talking. “Relax. I didn’t mean to insult you. I just wasn’t ready for it to be covering…. Everything.” She started the process of cleaning the mess up.

Tess waited till she was clean to say anything else. “Oh…. Wow… That feels so much better. I wish I could feel like this all the time.” Then she looked almost embarrsed. “Sorry. I just didn’t think about what I said.”

Sara smiled nervously. It helped that she was in uncharted territory now. She still didn’t understand what Tess was so scared about, but didn’t want to say anything since it seemed like she was supposed to know already. “Don’t worry. They’ll stop it.”

She did not look convinced. She raised her butt off the bed as soon as the fresh diaper was in sight. Now she looked nervous as well. Sara slid it under, and Tess dropped her butt onto the padding, she immediately sat up and looked down at herself. Sara started to pull the front into position, just as it was almost closed Tess sighed in relief. “Oh thank god!”

Sara almost asked what she was talking about, until she finished folding the diaper up and saw the slowly expanding area between Tess’s legs. “You peed already?”

“Yep!” Tess seemed happy now. “It means I’m not going to turn into an infant like Sandra and you!” As soon as it slipped out she felt ashamed. “Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that like that. It’s just… Well, being dressed like this is bad enough. Heck. Getting stuck as a two or three year old like a few of the others in my group is bad. But getting trapped as a squirming lump like my sister? I’d rather die.”

Tess’s statements finally clicked into place. Sara dropped back on her diapered butt. Shock registered as she connected everything. “How many more were there when you left?”

Tess was wiggling her bum in her diaper, “Big girls or babies?”

Sara shook her head, “Both!”

“Well… Probably five women with their brains. And maybe twelve without. Plus I really didn’t see how may were in your group. Only the few I saw regressed. Right after they filled their diapers I mean.”

Sara was stunned, “At one time! How many days did she have you two?”

Tess stopped and thought about it, “Well, it’s October now. And it was June when she got us. So about four months. And you only asked how many when we left.”

Sara needed to call her CO now. She needed to make sure he knew this. But she kept digging, “How many through the entire four months?”

“Well, I really couldn’t count them all. But at least three or four dozen. It was hard to tell. Sometimes they lasted as long as us, and sometimes it was less then an hour.”

Terror swept over Sara now. This was way worse then they ever thought. “Where the hell are they all going?” She leaned over and pulled the cord. When it reset she pulled it again. Then she started to stand up. “I think…” She started. Almost blowing her cover by saying it was time for her to go.

Thankfully Tess took it another way. “Oh…. Is it time?” She looked sad, almost a little scared. “Do you want me to hold you?”

“What? I was just thinking out loud. I just needed to…” Sara said. “Where the hell was Jane?” She thought.

“I know! Sandra always feels better when she can hear her show!” Tess said before grabbing the remote and turning it up louder.

The music was tinny and annoying, but Sara started to hum along anyways. She was about to say something else when Jane finally came in. “And how’s my little angels doing today?” She happily quipped.

Tess wasted no time. “Sara’s about to shit her pants and go to baby land!”

Jane looked at Sara, a smile on her face. “Is that true? Are you going bye bye Sara?” The nurse looked her in the eyes and made a slight motion with her head. As if to ask “What do you want to do?”

Sara understood. She looked from the nurse to the TV, “Uh huh. Gotta go.” She actually managed a little fart for emphasis. “Let’s go!” She said, putting her arms out to be carried. She kept her eyes glued to the TV, away from Tess and the nurse. Not sure what was expected of her.

Jane picked her up, letting her straddle her hips with one hand around her back, the other patting her butt. “I think little Sara wants to change by herself.” She turned around so Tess was staring at Sara’s face.

Tess looked mad. “But I told her I was gonna help her! She shouldn’t be alone!” The anger melted to sadness, “Please let me help!”

Sara felt more gas pass. “Shit. I think I pushed to much. I really have to go!” She thought to herself. She started to squeeze her legs against Jane. “Please! Wanna go now!”

Jane started to carry her away, Tess jumped up and grabbed Sara’s legs, she was crying now. “Please! I want to help her! You don’t understand! She was so nice to me!”

Jane looked down at her. “Let me talk to her real quick, I’ll be right back.” As soon as she had Sara in the doorway beyond the drape she set her down on the floor. “This isn’t right. That woman is going to lose it if you just leave.” She whispered to her angrily.

“I know. But how do I fake a mental meltdown?” Sara said.

“Hold on….” Jane said. She went out into the hall. And was back in less then two minutes. She held up a small syringe. "This is a fast acting anesthetic. It’s what we inject into IVs before we begin surgery to relax patients. I can hit you with it here, and in a few minutes you’ll be a pliable happy camper. I’ll just give you a bit more. Just go with it. Then I’ll get you out of there and you can change. Sara nodded. Jane rubbed part of her arm with an alcohol wipe. Carefully picked a spot, then stuck her. She pulled back on the plunger. Apparently happy when it filled with blood, and then pushed it all in. “Now lets get you back in there girlie. The timer is starting.”

Sara nodded. “Okay… Thanks.” Then she reached down and pulled the recorder out of her diaper. “Hold on to this for me till I’m done here.” She hopped into Janes arms and was carried back in.

“Oh, I added a little something to that shot for you as well. Something to make this as real for Tess as possible.” Jane whispered in her ear. Sara was about to ask what when her stomach seemed to twist in a knot. She looked up at Jane and got a sheepish grin in responce. “Look who I found!” She said loudly as they walked towards Tess, still crying on her bed. “I found a little girl that needs a hug!”

Tess wiped her nose on her sheet, “She really wants my help?”

Sara turned to her and nodded. She could could feel the drug working already. She felt so relaxed. She was carefully set down in front of Tess and smiled at her. She felt so warm. “Help Sawa.” She slurred. Trying to stop herself from drooling. But failing.

“She’s so cute!” Tess gushed. Before giving her a hug. “It will be okay Sara. Once you let it out.” Tess held the hug for several minutes. Till she felt Sara’s own arms relax. Then with a gentle push she had her on her back, and was laying next to her. “Now just let it out Sara! Be a good girl.”

Sara smiled. She had slipped from a happy warmth to an odd tired high. Her head was buzzing and she felt so calm. She pushed down and was rewarded with a warmth between her legs. And praise from Tess. She pushed again, this time something more solid came out. I felt hot and sticky. Instant shame came to her, the memory of her pants wetting came and went. Tess kept whispering in her ear, and the drug kept taking her away.

She woke up later. Alone. She yawned and stretched. She hadn’t slept so good in a very long time. She didn’t see any clocks. But could tell she was still in the hospital. She sat up and grimaced when her butt slid over the sheet more then normal. A quick check told her she was in some kind of padding. “What the fuck?” She said. She pulled her blankets away and was relieved to see a plain white adult style disposable underwear on her. She was still looking when Jane walked in. She dropped the blanket and looked at her, “Okay, what did I miss?”

Jane set her clothes next to her on the bed. “It’s been about three hours. After you passed out Tess was finally okay enough for me to take you here. I cleaned you up and let you sleep it off.”

Sara blushed. “You…. Never mind. Thanks for your help.” She sat up in bed and stood. Then started to pull the loose diaper off. She was surprised to see a slight smudge inside. She looked at it for several seconds, then back at Jane.

Re: Cop Out By: Long_Rifle

“Yeah…. You might have loose stools for a day or two. I recommend protection.” She dropped another adult style diaper on the bed. Then walked to the closet and pulled the diaper bag out. “I know the hospital ones aren’t exactly a tight fit, or quiet.” She reached in and pulled one of the childish trainers out. “So you might want to use these for now. Your choice.” She slapped it down on top of the other one.

The detective looked at them, then back at the nurse. “I really need that?”

“No. You could wear pads, and hope you don’t leak. But I would recommend these for at least the next twelve hours. Then pads. You’ll be fine.” Unlike Sandra, you’re going to stop shitting your pants.

Sara got it. She needed to be happy that she was going to be normal again. And she was, she grabbed the pink training pants and dropped the hospital issued one she was wearing. She started to walk towards the bathroom then stopped. “Am I still next to them?”

Jane shook her head. “The next unit over. I got you here on a bed and took care of everything. No one saw anything.” She held up the recorder. “And you might want this back.”

Sara took it. “Thanks.” She shot to the bathroom and cleaned herself. “Now I’ve got to get this back to the station and get everything straight. Thanks again. I mean it.” When she was dressed she dropped the recorder into a pocket and wrapped the diaper bag in the garbage bag again. “Tell Tess she was great. I hope she’ll be okay.”

The air outside was cool now. It was edging on towards night and Sara wanted to get everything to her office and start going over it. A gurgling in her stomach and a sudden feeling of fullness in her rear told her it would be better to wait. She keyed up the radio. Her CO was on instantly, demanding a report. “I’ve got some new intel chief. A shit load. Literally. But I need to type it out. Get everything straight. This is gonna be big. Several new leads.”

“Fine. But I want to see your ass in the morning detective. And keep a lid on this.”

She signed off, took another two minutes to find her car, and went home. The ride seemed longer then normal. The longer she sat there the more intense the cramping became. She had to go. And bad. She was rapidly hitting the button on her car-hole opener as soon as she rolled onto her block. And was happy to see the door wide open as she approached. She pulled in, grabbed the black bag and darted inside. She dropped the bag on her kitchen table and kept moving. It was a photo finish, but she almost felt pride when she looked in her trainers and saw them clean. “Yeah. That’s why I don’t do anal!” She said with a laugh.

She sat on the toilet for half an hour. Surprised at how much she still had in her. "Dam, Jane must have given me enough for twenty people. Her phone rang then, pulling her from her thoughts. She checked the caller ID and answered, “Hello Becky. What’s up?”

“I’m coming over! I’ve got dinner and a movie. Plus I just dumped that asshole and need to vent.”

Sara farted and laughed. “So do I Becky! Come on over. What movie?” She wiped and pulled the pink training pants up while She listened. She decided to leave her pants off for now, and kicked them into the hallway.

“Flaming Aces! You’re going to love it.”

Sara turned the lights and vent fan off, sprayed some floral fart over the bowl and started to walk towards the kitchen. Stripping her shirt off as she went. “Great! When are you going to be over?” She asked as she entered her kitchen and saw Becky standing there. The now open diaper bag in one hand, and one of the comically large diapers in the other.

“Ummm… Ten minutes ago?” She said as she looked at Sara. She reached up with her handful of diaper and clicked off the call. “So…. Want to tell me what’s going on?”

Sara blushed. “Undercover.”

Becky pointed towards her, “Are the diapers part of it, or the Pull-Ups?”

Sara’s hands moved to cover her crotch. “Look… I’ve had a really shitty day.” Her stomach choose that moment to gurgle loud enough for both of them to hear. “And I’m not in the mood to explain everything. Just put the stuff back in the bag.” Another cramp hit, and her hands moved up to her belly. She looked at Becky and pleaded with her eyes, “I can’t tell you everything. But it’s important, okay?” She saw the slightest nod, then raced back to her bathroom.

A few minutes later she was dragged back into conversation. "Hey Sara, you don’t have any guns laying out do you? Or any more adult baby fetish stuff? "

“No. My gun is locked in my car safe. And that is the only adult baby stuff in my house. Why?”

“A friend of mine needs me to watch her kids for about an hour. So I told her to bring em over here. I figured you’d be okay with that. I mean as long as you’re dressed. Like a big girl I mean…”

Sara groaned. “Whatever Becky. My house is your house right? Look, I’m gonna just take a quick shower after this, so just keep them under control till I get out.” She turned on the shower after the cramps had died off, kicked off the training pants, and popped in. The hot water felt great after her day in the hospital. Her skin had felt slick and gritty. As she let the water run over her she swore she could still smell the diaper perfume coming off her skin. “Fuck. Order a pizza, maybe two. Sit down and write out a report and start running down leads.” After soaping up, and rinsing off she stayed in till her skin puckered. “Gotta love constant hot water heaters. Would have bankrupted my parents if this was available back then….”

Towards the end of her shower she was starting to feel the pressure return, accompanied by the cramps telling her she was ready for round two. Steam had rendered all her mirrors useless, and left the walls dripping with condensation. She dried off, then wrapped the towel around her hair before sitting down and using the toilet again. “Where the hell is this all coming from!” She said to herself. “Maybe I should hold off on the pizza or even any dinner tonight….” She thought about hopping back in the shower to clean up, but the idea of wrapping up the case quicker drove her to just wipe and pull the pink trainers back into place. “Why not?” She idly wondered. Then she unwrapped her hair and wrapped the towel around her body, just above her breasts.

As she walked back to her room she heard a conversation coming from her kitchen. It sounded like Becky was planning a sleep over. “No way…. I’m not having kids in this house all night!” She started walking immediately towards the voices, which shushed as soon as they heard her foot steps. “Becky, can I talk to you alone for a few minutes?” She asked before entering. She kept out of the room, and away from their view. “Right now?”

“What is it Sara? I’m busy talking to a friend right now.” Becky said to her. “She’s just tired, she’s had a busy day.” She said to the other person with her.

“Becky! Right now! I mean it.” Sara’s Taser finger was starting to twitch.

Becky lightly laughed. “She probably needs her diapers changed. Hold on a second.”

“What?!” Sara didn’t care if she was just wrapped in a towel, she bolted into the room. “I told you that was an ongoing investigation Becky! I never agreed to let you- Jane? What are you doing here?” She went from angry to confused in under a second. “Did I forget something at the hospital?”

Jane laughed, “I think you did honey.” She brought up her hand, showing a large pacifier hanging from one of her fingers. “I thought maybe you might need this for later?”

Becky smiled, “No wonder she’s so sad, she lost her binky!” She grabbed it out of the nurses hand and stuffed it into Sara’s mouth. “There you go! All better now.”

The detective blinked twice in shock, before her anger returned. She spit it out across the room, under a low table. She seethed for three seconds before she pointed towards the door. “Out! Get out! I don’t care who you’re watching, it’s time for both of you and the kids to go!”

Jane pointed towards the table the pacifier landed under. “She certainly seems cranky. Maybe she does need a clean diaper. Want me to grab one?”

Sara’s head turned towards the low table now. Her attention was instantly on the bright pink diaper bag sitting on it. “What the hell is that doing there?” She rushed over towards it, her towel snagging on one of the chairs. She felt it fall away, but she didn’t care. She was kicking them all out.

“Well I looks like she’s managed to keep her panties dry so far. I wonder if she’s just rashy?” Jane said.

She picked up the diaper bag and held it in front of her. “I’m putting this away and getting dressed. If you two are still out here when I get back I’m throwing you both out. And I’m going to make it hurt!”

“Hi!” A new voice said. Almost, but not quite sounding like a child. “Is dat yo binkie?”

Everyone in the room turned to look at the person speaking. Sara’s jaw dropped as she watched the young lady toddle in. She got down on her hands and knees and retrieved the pacifier. Then stood up and offered it to the cop. Sara took it gingerly, “Tess?” She said softly. The simple woman smiled brightly. Taking it as praise she nodded her head before toddling back out towards the TV. The bag dropped from her hands as Sara followed. She could hear it before she entered, the sounds from the show in the hospital. She stared for only a moment before she looked towards the yellow bundle in front of it. She turned to face her kitchen and saw Becky and Jane standing in the doorway now. Her friend was holding one of the diapers up now. “What the hell are they doing here?” Sara asked, pointing to the regressed women.

“Visiting their playmate!” Jane volunteered cheerfully.

The hairs on Sara’s neck suddenly stood on end, “What?”

Jane’s smile disappeared. Replaced by a sneer. “Does baby Sawa need a new diapee?”

Any anger Sara felt evaporated as she felt warmth rush into the pink trainers she was wearing. The world seemed to spin and tilt as her body warmed several degrees. She almost felt like puking. Her head nodded yes, even as she croaked out a pathetic “Noooo….” Jane walked towards her. The sneer still in place. Sara willed her legs to move but they wouldn’t.

The nurse roughly tore the soaked Pull-Ups off her. And gave her a light slap on the ass. “That’s for your potty mouth young lady.”

Sara looked towards her friend Becky. An odd hope rising up that she would save her. “Becky?” She said meekly.

Becky’s own smile had morphed into an almost vapid grin. She came towards the naked woman and gave her a hug. “Lets get you all safe and diapered girlie! Lay down for me…” Sara couldn’t resist. Her body moved on it’s own, right down to the floor, her legs tucked up onto her stomach in wait. She didn’t want to, but the sounds from the TV drew her attention away from everyone, and into her own world.

Several minutes or hours later she came to her senses. She had been sitting in front of the TV staring at it. Her mouth felt funny, she could feel wetness about to run down her chin. When she reached up to wipe it off her hand hit the plastic guard of a pacifier. She tried to stay calm. “Don’t freak out.” She thought. “Break tunnel vision. Search and assess.” She turned her head to her right and saw Tess engrossed in the show. A fuzzy teddy bear in her arms. To her left was Sandra. What she assumed was Sandra. She could just make out a large wrapped bundle. “Okay. No sign of Becky or Jane.” She slowly slid a hand down to her waist. The crinkly plastic of a diaper greeted it. She went further down and was happy when it seemed dry to her. Something about that seemed to make her feel happy. “Time to go.” She thought. Before putting her hands down to push herself up.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Janes sickly sweet voice said. “Not a good idea detective diaper girl.”

Sara felt her anger return. She kept her position, but let the pacifier drop to reply. “Where’s Becky?”

“Waiting for her darling baby, so she can finish adopting her. Are you finally ready to close this case?”

“When this is over I’m going to send you to jail for life. You and everyone working with you.”

Jane laughed so hard she snorted. “When this is over you’re going to make little Sandra over there look mature. You’ve cost us enough already, time to recoup some of those loses.”

Sara felt shock at that. “You’ll never get away with doing this to a cop. They’ll fry you for it!” She was cut off by the front door opening, and Mike walking in. “See! Mike! That’s the perp, arrest her!”

Mike’s head swiveled towards her. “Holy shit! She can still talk! I thought you already took care of that!” Sara’s rage evaporated again. Shock and terror replaced it. She tried to say something but her mouth won’t cooperate.

“Just about Mike. Tell your boss thanks for the tip. We’ll keep in touch.” Jane waved him off. “Give us a few minutes. I want to enjoy this part.” She waited till he left to start talking again. “Now where were we stinky? Who was going to fry me?” Sara still hadn’t recovered. She knew she was a cop, and she should act like it. But the shock was still to much. “Look. I could tell you everything. Explain our methods. Tell you how we do it. But we really don’t have the time. Suffuse to say. If you take the pressure off your little ass you’re going to fill that diaper of yours. And that’s going to be the end. You’re going to end up a little rug rat for your best buddy Becky. Any questions?”

Sara didn’t want to believe her. But she had to at least drag this out as long as possible. There was always hope. “Look, we can negotiate. Roll on your partners. We can set you up in another city. Safe. Secure.” Sara’s diaper started to itch. She scratched at it, wincing at the sound of the crinkling.

Jane shook her head. “Sara. This is done. You’re done. The only power you have left is the ability to decide how much longer you’re a big girl. That’s all I’m going to give you.” The detective searched for a comeback. A smart ass remark to piss off her target and have her make a mistake. But she was scared, and she came up empty. Jane saw it. “What, is baby getting tired? Maybe baby should just lay down and go sleepy, permanently.” She got close to the fallen officer. Close enough to put her hand on her chest between her breasts. “You really want to know something about me officer?” Sara looked up into the woman’s face. She scrunched up her eyes, she wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of an answer. Not till she dragged it out longer and got more time.

Jane smiled. Put her face close to Sara’s and whispered, “I’m a liar.” Sara had enough time to register what she heard before the nurse pushed her backward hard onto her back.

It was fast. Before she had the chance to right herself Sara felt her control fade. The diaper around her waist filled almost immediately. Her body felt ten times heavier. The act of breathing made her feel tired. Fear and terror gave way to longing and loss. She managed to move her head enough to see Tess staring at her. A look of pity on her face. Then her eyelids became to heavy and slid closed over her eyes. She started to scream then. An oddly detached wail. She put her whole body into it, feeling herself urinate a little from the effort. Sara cried till her body was exhausted, her cries stopped with a silent full body yawn, before falling into a blissful sleep.

It took several days for Sara to come to terms with what had happened to her. And to the others that had changed around her. The first hours were spent waiting for the rest of her mind to go. She was in a constant state of terror. But as time passed she decided losing her mind would be a blessing. Around the third day Sara had managed to crack her eyes open. Just in time to see one of Becky’s nipples being jammed into her mouth. She hadn’t been able to stop her. And it wasn’t that bad of a taste anyways. Otherwise all she did was lay around all day. Sara fell into a pattern of diaper changes, naps, and feedings. She stopped being fussy, stopped fighting, eventually she stopped even trying to remember her past.

“How long will they keep me like this?” She wondered. She knew there had been other thoughts. Other memories. But the longer she was trapped, the more fragmented everything became. She didn’t understand everything said around her or even to her anymore. The big words confused her now, at first it scared her. But soon it didn’t really matter as much. She had lost the ability to discern one day from the next. “How long will they keep me like this?” Would pop up, but as soon as Becky cooed at her, fed her, or changed her, everything seemed to fade into warmth.

“Is this really the day?” Becky asked. She sounded excited, and worried at the same time.

“You know it is. Ready for the big test?” Jane asked.

“Two years! It’s been two years! I know I shouldn’t be worried, Sara hasn’t even tried to open her eyes in the last six months. But I’m still kind of worried. What if she fails?”

Jane held up a set of ear phones, “Then I guess we go from there. Slip these on her and lets get this done with. I have a hot date with my next client immediately after this.”

Sara felt something. Something new. It touched her head and covered her ears, though she had long ago forgotten what those things were called. She giggled, her limbs twitched. She wondered what was happening. Simple thoughts ran through her mind. Shapes, and colours. Their names were lost as well. A buzzing filled her head. Crisp. The sound of power bubbling up out of some vast ocean. She strained to hear it, rolling her tongue in and out of her mouth in responce. In moments the buzz came alive. Clicks, pops, special tones. They caused things long dormant to restart.

“It shouldn’t take long now. If she’s still in there she’ll be raring to go. If not….” Jane said.

“I am Sara.” That was the first thing to come back. She laughed at that. She remembered herself. Then things fell off the rails. Reading, writing, arithmetic. They were unlocked. But that part of the brain was long emptied. A handful of numbers remained. Randomly chosen. Meaningless to her. She emptied her bowels. She could feel the mess flow between her thighs. Sara knew what she had just done. But she didn’t care. Her eyes finally opened next. They burned. Even in the reduced light of the house they watered. She looked at the world with new eyes. Seeing again, but not seeing.

Jane looked down at her. It was in the eyes, she smiled and pinched Sara’s cheek. “I guess you pass Becky.”

Becky had been so nervous she was sweating, “Really? But her eyes are open?”

“Yeah, lights are on. But no ones home.” She stuck her fingers in the former cops mouth and let her wetly gum them for a few seconds.

Becky wiped the sweat off her forehead, “Then I can take her home forever? She’s mine now?”

Jane reached down and gave Sara’s head a gentle light rub. “Congratulations Becky! It’s a girl!”

Sara chortled and cooed. She was so happy to be back.


This is for the readers.
They alone control what we write.
That is a power no one can control.
Nor should they ever try.
By supporting and commenting you all help us create.
Thank you.

Re: Cop Out By: Long_Rifle

A question towards basic storytelling: Why didn’t the protagonist win?

It’s a simple process of showing why a bad guy is bad, a good guy is good, versing them, and us feeling something opposite of negative, because you know why.

There are stories where the opposite fits, neither protagonist or antagonist win, I know. Rarely does it work wear the antagonist wins only, but that exists too. But why here? It was no surprise, I saw it coming a mile away, it isn’t new around here anymore. I didn’t get anything else out of it except boredom. And I would never side with these bad guys. Or is kidnapping an okay thing to commit to everyone here? It’s not funny to me for obvious reasons. Who did you aim this at? Certainly not the posters who posted here:

This website has a very easy to describe purpose. So abdls can get out some sexual frustration because they can’t do it outside this place. If the story is creative and emotionally connective, meaning a bit of uniqueness, that will help much more. And I would have enjoyment this indefinitely, it was a good police mystery, if the protagonist had triumphed.

If you have a fan base that likes these endings as a “you” specific thing, then write a “for everyone else” version, so this website can be used correctly.

Re: Cop Out By: Long_Rifle

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the purpose described as being for posting stories for critique, nothing about how every story must conform to a speciific person’s opinion of how they should be written.

In fact Kita and Wingz have said it several times:

and from a different post:

And yet another place the purpose is mentioned:

Now, that being said, I am going to say something will surprise a lot of people:

While I’ve read many of the stories posted here, it’s rare that I comment on them. In fact this is only the second one and the first one publicly.

This story actually piqued my interest when I was reading the notification email after it was posted and that is a very rare event. You see, while I’ve read many of the stories on here most of them have been for technical issues or them being reported for content. Personally, I actually found this story quite interesting, and it’s only the third story that’s been posted since 2008 when I started hosting it that has had me that interested. Yes, I’m disappointed about how it ended, but not every story has to have a happy ending to be a good one.

For the record, the only other two stories that got the same level of interest from me were Amazing Grace by BabyButt and The Secret Tree House by ghostwriter2094

Re: Cop Out By: Long_Rifle


I recommend that for future reference when you see “by: Long_Rifle”, just stop at that point.

I assure you, you will not be the only person doing that. I’ve been told my stories don’t have fair endings to many times to even count now. To that I reply, then go read the other ninety percent that do.

Renko Yanagi:

Thank you for your retort. I appreciate the time you put in to crafting your responce.

And I appreciate that this is one of your very few posts commenting in a story.

Thank you very much indeed.

Re: Cop Out By: Long_Rifle

Because the good guy doesn’t always win in stories or in life. Period.

I’m not big on Long_Rifle’s stuff primarily because his topical choices don’t often interest me, but the man can spin a yarn with the best of them. Criticizing him for not ending the story the way you wanted is low class and petty. If you want mystery stories where the protagonist always wins, go watch Scooby Doo.

Re: Cop Out By: Long_Rifle

While I’m not big on mental regression (since it’s basically the character no longer being present to experience what’s happening to them), I do primarily like unfair endings in abdl fiction. It’s just coming at it from the bdsm angle, the extreme trapped in diapers and babied forever fantasy which one wouldn’t actually want in real life (or maybe would >_>, hard to say sometimes).

Even though I’m not a fan of the regression, I still love LR’s stuff for the rest. Well, okay, the huge transformation story before this one left me in a confused daze wondering if I dreamed half of it… But other than that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Cop Out By: Long_Rifle

I would like to start by saying another great story Long_Rifle. I have read many of the stories that you have posted, and yes I admit that I do not always like an unfair ending, however, many of the times that I have read the story the disclaimer “Unfair Ending” but if you have ever read one of his stories, it should be assumed to some degree that is the case. I am all for the nurturing stories, but I also like reading stories that make twists on the plot. So I would like to encourage Long_Rifle to continue writing the stories that he produces. I would also like to say if you don’t like the story stop reading it. Most of the time I read a story and then if I don’t like it then I stop reading it.