Confessions of an HNG (Chapter 2 up 11/05/12)

Confessions of a HNG.

Chapter one.

I slowly woke up and stared blankly at the ceiling. I heard the front door close and a car engine started. My mother must of been heading to work no doubt. I looked over to my white alarm clock, Eight AM it read. I sighed and promptly shut my eyes, last day of summer holidays would not start early.

I slowly woke up and stared blankly at the ceiling. I could hear silence all around me. I roll over and looked at my clock, it reads One PM much better. I stretched and rolled my legs over the side of my bed. I got up and stretched again, this time its accompanied by a large yawn. I opened the curtains to light up my room and look about it. I don’t know why I do this, but I do it every morning or afternoon. I always look about my room when I wake up, I suppose I half hope it will have some how changed once I have woken up but it never does. The light blue painted walls, the royal blue carpet are still decorating my room. My white single wardrobe is still in the corner, my hard wood single bed is still in the centre of my room beside a wooden bookcase filled with various unread books. My parents and grand parents are always trying to encourage me to read books, but I have no interest in them. I looked over to my large white desk. It was big enough for two people to study at. I had my pc on one side of it, which was still on from the night before and beside it were all my new school books.

I sighed as I realized that it was the last day of summer holidays. Even though I was really excited about starting at a new school, my parents had finally won the battle over whether I would be going to private school or not, but I was still a bit depressed to not have all the free time I had grown accustomed to. Also I was going into third year, the year in which I would sit my junior cert. The biggest fear to any fifteen year old. I tried to not think about it, I was not ready for the state exams. Granted they are not important, just a dry run for your leaving cert, it was still a terrifying prospect.

I put the terrifying thoughts of a summer filled with exams out of my head and sat down in front of my computer. I checked to see if anyone has messaged me, which they hadn’t. I opened up my browser and did a search for nappies. It was part of my morning routine, waking up, spending and hour or so searching for abdl sites. Over the summer I had come to the realization that I was a teen baby. Well that’s not really true, I had always known that nappies were my underwear of choice but now I knew I wasn’t alone. It felt weird to know that I wasn’t the only one, that others were as weird as I was. I still didn’t feel accepted or normal, but I guess I was on the road to that.

For as long as I could remember I wanted to wear nappies, it was such a huge part of me it almost controlled me. It was something that I had to hide and push deep down inside of me. It had been hammered into me since potty training that nappies were for babies and that anyone other than a baby wearing a nappy would be teased and tortured. So fearing for this I had to lock it away and not be true to myself, about who I was.

I still had yet to speak to another teen baby. The only sites I had found were full of info, stories or pictures. But there was no way to reach out and talk to someone else like me. I type diaper into a search engine, I found that diaper would bring up way more results than nappy ever could, so even though the word felt alien to me, it was slowly ingraining into my psyche and every now and again I would catch myself referring to nappies as diapers.

I scroll through a few pages of results when something promising catches my eye, Live Chat. My heart skips a beat and my head begins to spin, I feel like an explorer who just discovered the ark of the covenant. The feeling is immense. Hurriedly I click onto the site and register an account. When it comes to choosing a user name I almost put in my proper full name, but stop myself as I have heard so many stories about people being abducted by the internet. Instead I opt for Mr Meth. I practically worship the Wu-Tang clan and the method man was a hero of mine, so taking one of his alias’s empowered me or at least gave me a little bit of confidence that normally wasn’t their.

I clicked submit and was soon on my way to the live chat area. The page loads up with two options, teen chat and adult chat. Without hesitation I clicked on the teen room, the door opened and in I went. To my dismay I was the only one there. I sat in front of that screen in somewhat of a stupor. I couldn’t believe it, the whole summer I was warming to the idea that there were others out their like me due to the info I had found online and now here I was sitting in a place designed for teen babies like myself to come and fraternize and there was no one their. I felt like I was part of some horrible joke, that someone had gone through a lot of effort to try and make me feel normal and stop feeling ashamed of myself. Then once I was almost feeling good about myself pull the rug from under me, who would be so cruel.

I quickly click into the adult chat to make sure there was no one around, but I was pleasantly surprised, there was at least ten other people in the room waiting for me to talk to. I stare at the screen and start to feel awkward, what do I do, what do I say, should I play it cool or should I grovel? An eternity passes of me playing out all the scenarios that could happen from the different type of greetings I could use. With a deep breath I type out a simple “Hello my name is” great another snag.

What should I say my name is? Does it matter, I cant decide, but I know for sure that I don’t feel happy giving out my first name. I think quickly and settle on one of my many middle names that my mother burdened me with. So I take another stab at an introduction.

“Hi, my name is Gilmore” I type quickly and push enter. I see my message pop up on the screen and I take a deep breath. Any minute now and people will be welcoming me into their bosom and will embrace me for who I am.

Again I stare blankly at the screen, no one has replied. I look at the clock on my task bar and the minutes slowly tick bye and still no one has replied. What’s going on.

My instant messenger chimes and I start to panic. How have they gotten my messenger address, I gave them my spam address when I registered, there is no way they could have this information about me. Quickly I click on the messenger to see who it is. To my relief its my friend Joshua inviting me over to his place to play some perfect dark on his Nintendo 64. I agree to his invite and close the messenger window. I take on look at the fabled chat site that I had quested for, and with a sigh I close it down and get dressed for an afternoon filled with video game violence.

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Not bad at all! Question though: what’s an HNG?

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It stands for Horny Net Geek/Guy

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Chapter 2

I was sitting at my pc, reflecting on my first day of a new school. My parents insisted on coming in with me to meet my year head, she was a nice middle aged lady with blond curly hair. The four of us were crammed in her office as she put my parents minds at ease explaining how I would be looked after and that my education was in good hands. I think she picked up on my uneasiness because she was soon ushering them out of the office.

Once they had left and it was just me and her sitting opposite each other, I was tense and nervous and she just smiled at me. This was fairly reassuring. She leafed through a file on her table with my name written on it.

“So I can see from the records your former school sent over that you are a well behaved student” She smiled as she looked over her black framed reading glasses. “But you didn’t really get involved with extra curricular activities, and some teachers have said that you were lazy in your report cards” her smile had turned to a bit of a frown now, which kind of hurt, I liked seeing her smile and when she frowned it made me feel like I was doing something bad.

“um I don’t think I’m lazy…” I began before she stopped me and closed my file.

“Well Alexander can I be frank”

“Only if I can be Mary” I say dead pan before a smile breaks through my lips. She smiles back at me which makes me happy, I don’t know why but I want to please this lady, she seems nice and sincere and I instantly get the vibe that she will look out for me.

“Ok Mary” She giggles " I don’t care what your record says, here your on a new leaf. So you get to make big changes to yourself. I believe you brought your P.E gear with you today"

“Yes Frank,” I smile and pause to see if the joke was ok and not over stepping some issue of manner that I was not familiar with, I knew I was supposed to call my teachers Ms or Mr but I think that the joke is ok because she is still smiling at me.

“Well then, there is rugby training today after school and I want you to attend.” She informs me sternly “Have you played rugby before?”

“No Ms, but I always wanted to”

“Good, so since today is a Wednesday we are on a half day. So after you get your lunch head to the locker rooms and get ready. Do you know where everywhere is?”

“No Ms I haven’t a clue”

“Not to worry I will make sure I buddy you up with someone with the same schedule” she then looks at her watch “Ok well I think that does it for the time being, I believe Mr Paterson has guided you through all the rules and what we expect of you.”

“Yes he has Ms” Mr Paterson was the school principal and he had lectured me intensely over what was expected and how I wasn’t to let the school down after I had been enrolled.

“Well good, here is your schedule and luckily you have my French class first. It’s the first door on the left after you leave my office.” she looks up at me waiting “I won’t accompany you, I know that being new that’s the last thing you need is being escorted about the place by your year head” Again she smiles at me.

“Thank you Ms” I say sweetly smiling back

“Ok well be gone with you I have a few things to attend to”

I leave her office and go to the class room, first on the left. On the door it is numbered RM 034 and under it reads Ms Gibson, yup that’s her. I step inside and take a seat by the door, first one available. No one is there yet so it gives me some time to check out my schedule and think about my morning so far.

My schedule was relatively easy today. I had French and Civics which is in the same room so I guess I have Ms Gibson a few times a week. After civics I have English. This brought me up to our morning break then I had Maths Irish and ended the day with science. Great easy enough.

Then I started to think about Ms Gibson, it was weird I didn’t fancy her, I wasn’t attracted to her at all. At least I didn’t think I was, the idea of liking someone so old like that was weird. But there was something, like I wanted her to take care of me, I kept imagining her instructing me up on to her desk, taking of my pants and changing me into a fresh thick nappy. It was so exciting, but again weird. I had to focus on my schedule so I’d stop thinking about her babying me so I wouldn’t get a massive erection.

The day flew by, I managed to stay out of the limelight, I didn’t raise my hand to answer questions and I just stayed quit not wanting any attention. I was buddied up with a tall fellow named Steve. He had the body of an athlete but he was also the class brain. He had the best grades and played lots of sports, this type of person did not exist in my school. Or I should say old school.

After school I eat my lunch and got ready for rugby, Steve was playing too so he brought me to the changing room. We hadn’t really spoken, I didn’t sit next to him in our classes I just shadowed him really and this was the first time we were alone since we had been buddied up. There was an awkward silence as we got changed, no one else had come in yet. I was about to speak up when a group of students showed up with gear bags, they were loud and were obviously going to be my team mates.

“Woah fresh meat” The first and loudest of the group hollered when he saw me, and threw his bag into the corner of the locker room. After that I was ignored, which I was thankful for, I really did not want people to target me yet. As the new kid I knew that I could get more shit than anyone for any little fopah.

Rugby training was intense, the coach, a big burly angry man ran us hard. I wasn’t used to physical activity, despite being a big guy I never really played sports. I was more into video games and watching movies than being out and running. But after the drills were done and we started to actually play a little ball I really enjoyed it. I made a lot of mistakes but nothing too much. The loud mouth from the locker room seemed to relish in tackling me to bits. Anytime I got the ball he would be on me and taking me out.

So that was my first day and I was knackered, after the bus journey home I flung my bags in the hall and headed straight for my computer. I had finished the little home work I had on the bus so the rest of the night was mine. I decided to spend it online. My messenger chimed and it was Joshua asking me about the new school.

As I was talking to Joshua I decided to try out the chat site I had found yesterday, just to see if I would have better luck this time. I typed in my greeting and waited, only this time I got a response.