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So…I’ve been kicked out of Deviantart by some technical glitch or another apparently. I contacted their help site or whatever and this is the response they gave me.

"We have determined that your browser is sending DeviantArt invalid “session cookies.” When the site receives these cookies, it temporarily prevents login as a security measure.

In order to re-establish a smooth login for you, we need you to take a look at other activity your browser may be engaged in. Bots, extensions or userscripts such as unofficial DeviantArt extensions (like dA Message Notifier for Google Chrome), can generate invalid session cookies, so if you are using any of these please let us know. Another common source can be the use of bulk image downloaders. There could also be interference from the way in which your browser in general is handling changes and deletions to cookies or the browser’s cookie cache.

Please see if deleting or changing the behavior of any of these possibilities in your browser resolves you login issues. The only way to sign in until your issue is resolved is via a device on a different internet connection."

I tried stopping cookies…and then I can’t internet. Can any tech heads out there translate and suggest what to do?

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I’m gonna have to echo what Sharlin said about clearing cookies and using ipconfig.

As an aside, a quick and dirty temporary solution would be to use another browser (like Firefox or, dare I say it, Internet Explorer) to view DeviantArt. Obviously this wouldn’t be more than a band-aid solution though.

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Here’s the update. I think I tried those things and I either did them wrong or they didn’t work. internet explorer isn’t working either. Yes, I am using chrome as my base.

The weird thing is, I made an alt account, and that’s working fine. Password recovery and anything.

IT guy says that proves that DA is working fine and it has something to do with my personalias account that’s gone wrong. How the fuck does that even work? I can send the exact wording if anybody thinks that’ll help.

I know nothing about computors. I use them as typewriters where I can write stories, basically.

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This will sound really stupid, but if you logout of the new account can you login to your old one? Logging into the new one would have deleted the cookies so if that’s he issue you should be able to login. Otherwise, contact DA again and let them know that you can login to a new account but not the old one. Sounds like they screwed the pooch on their backend somewhere.

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The session cookie is used to track who you are. When you log in, the site gives you the cookie, then each time you move to a new page you give the cookie back so it knows it’s you asking for the page. Which is why you need cookies.

It’s saying the cookie is invalid, which suggests to me that the cookie you’re giving back is not the same one they gave you. So it sounds like your browser or one of the extensions is mangling your cookies. Or they’ve just changed their cookie format, and the update can’t read you old cookie (logging out/in should fix that one).

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It isn’t helping. Here’s exactly what they said.


Each account has it’s own log in credentials and log in cookies. One account could be affected while the other is not. If anything this is proof that there isn’t anything wrong with our log in system since you are able to log into your alternative account. Your main account is sending us invalid cookies, hundreds of them in fact, and until that stops you will not be able to log into it."

But they won’t tell me how to stop it.

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Sounds like someone is trying to hack your main and failing.

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Actually, that’s their standard “we don’t know what the fuck is wrong so we’ll just bullshit you until you go away” response.

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They clearly don’t know who they’re dealing with.