[COMPLETED] Away, The Full Collection

[h=1]Away: The Full Collection[/h]
By Liam117


It’s been so incredibly long since I’ve posted this story- at least, it seems so. I wrote the “Away,” series over 6 years ago now, and a lot’s changed. This is, without a doubt, my most well known piece; but if you HAVEN’T ever read it, welcome!

A LOT can happen in 6 years. I went from being a teen to being a working member of society, went through college, and a HELL of a lot more! As far as what’s most relevant, I’ve DEFINITELY become a much better writer!

College papers written for both myself and on commission, due merely days from the commission date and a lot of creative writing courses later… I know a little more about the craft. I think the most interesting thing about ANY skill, trade, game, or practice, is finding out how little you know and how far away you are from actually being good at what you’re doing. When I wrote this, I thought I was really good at writing; now, I realize how rudimentary my skills were.

This isn’t an accurate reflection of my current skill set. This isn’t reflective of my current writing STYLE, even. But, I do still hope that folks can enjoy my contribution to the ABDL story community!

This story was initially 3 separate stories: Steal Me Away, Love Me Away, and Kill Me Away. They were later compiled into a 3 part, single novel with what I consider to be three arcs. When I say novel here, I DO mean novel length! Incredibly, I actually wrote each story in a single day each- but, maybe that shows in the writing.

Regardless, I hope you all enjoy this tale of finding what you didn’t know you wanted, and rising above adversity.


I’ll be posting each chapter as its own post, so that I can later go back and create an index that’ll take you to each chapter. Thanks! [/B]

[h=1]Steal Me Away[/h] [h=1]Chapter 1: Taking away my Friday[/h]

You’d think that Friday the thirteenth is a bad sort of thing. That it spells imminent doom for any and all who walk under a ladder, or cross a black cat’s path, or even so much as spill some salt. How ridiculous. No, Friday the thirteenth is not a ‘bad’ day at all! I think that it is actually the best day of the year! Well, that is, I did starting on Friday, February thirteenth!

My birthday, you see, is on February twentieth, and the thirteenth, at least last year, was exactly one week before my birthday, and on a Friday. I had had a long day in school. Math was my last class, and as usual, my teacher was extremely boring. It wasn’t that we didn’t have excitement in her class; we played a lot of games, but her voice… Ugh, it’s just one of those voices.

I’m not the most ‘popular’ kid either. I’m the kid who sits right in the back of the classroom, but isn’t a bad kid. I’m not really quiet, I do have friends; just, not many of them. I really hate school. Nothing but noise and confusion and tests and nagging, blah blah blah blah blah!

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the Thirteenth.

So, I was glad to get out of my math class and start my usual walk home. It wasn’t a far walk, only about five or six minutes. I was even more excited because of the fact that my birthday was on a break week, as it always has been. My birthday ALWAYS occurs on mid-winter break. A bit of a treat, I guess.

I was walking home as usual, when a gust of wind came whirling at me from the side. I had my backpack open by accident, because once the gust hit, at least fifteen pieces of paper flew out of it! I quickly took off my backpack and set it on the ground. I knelt down and picked up each piece of paper. When I got to the last piece, I read the heading.

“Tb Treat” by “Tristian Hawk.”

As I read my name and realized which papers had fallen out of my backpack, I hurriedly scrambled to put all of the papers back into my pack. I didn’t worry about how they were in there, weather they were in order or not, I was just glad to get them in their! I couldn’t have anyone find out about my secret.

I picked up my backpack, after making sure it was completely closed, and zipped up tight. I slung it around my shoulders and continued walking home. I pulled my scarf up over my mouth, due to the cold air.

When I reached my house, I sighed with relief. “No more parents for a few hours,” I thought.

I walked up to the door, and reached into the mailbox, hanging just to the right of the door. I sorted through it, seeing if there was any mail for me. I usually got a birthday card or two the week before from my grandparents or aunts and uncles, but there was none. I sighed, and reached into my right pocket. I pulled out a silver key, and opened the door to my house. I set my backpack down to the left of the door, and hung up my coat on the hanger.

I proceeded to take off my sneakers, and walk up the stairs to my bedroom. I walked in, reaching in my pockets for my student ID card. I placed it on my side-table. It was red trimmed, with nine black stripes going across it, representing my grade. My age was displayed in red, and had a bit of an Italian renaissance feel too it.

“15,” I read. “And still a baby…”I thought.

I opened up my side-table drawer and lifted up a stack of papers. Underneath them was a small black box. Inside was a bright blue pacifier. I took it out of the box, and closed the drawer, blowing on the pacifier all the while. I opened my mouth a little, and stuck it in. I suckled happily for a few moments, before I decided to lie down. I looked at the green digital LED lights that sat inside of my clock, which was on top of my television. “3:02” it read.

I relaxed, putting my hands behind my head. I’d had a long day, and I wanted some shut eye before anyone got home. It was the start of my mid-winter break, after all! I needed some shut eye; if only for a moment.

I closed my eyes, and breathed deeply. I concentrated on my heart rate, and slowed it down. My body felt heavy, like a ton of bricks. And as I suckled on my pacifier, I felt at peace. I don’t know how long I was laying there. I don’t know if I ever fell asleep. I don’t think it mattered.

I heard a loud crash come from downstairs. My adrenaline kicked in, and I was in a panic. I opened up my closet, and grabbed my b-b gun. It was a pistol, but was pull action, and had a small clip. I kept it in case of emergencies, though; I never did get to use it. Mostly because my parents didn’t know I had it, and partially because I only had a single full clip of ammunition, and didn’t want to risk losing it.

I slowly cracked open the door. I didn’t exactly know what to do in this kind of situation. If it were simply a rock that someone through at one of the downstairs windows, I’d feel silly. If it were a person… I would use my pistol and light the sucker up. I’d already thought that much through. I heard voices, deep, stern, but somewhat in a hushed tone. I felt my heart race. I looked down the banister and saw a man. He was tall, muscular, and black. He wore a suit, like one you would expect to see James Bond wear. He had sunglasses on, but I know he saw me.

How do I know that? Because a few seconds after looking at him, he yelled loudly, “Target Acquired! Second story! Secure package and return to sender!”

I had no clue what that meant, but I knew it meant that I was in trouble. I heard running, and panicked. I cocked my gun, and as someone started running up the stairs, I shot. I hit the man directly in the forehead, and at that range, I knew it must have hurt. But he pressed on!

Then a second, a third, and a fourth man appeared. I ran for my room, and locked my door. I held my body up against it, and wished that it was all a dream. I pinched my cheek, trying to wake up; but to no avail. As the footsteps reached my room, my door began to pound. I ran away from the door, opening my window, planning to jump out and run to the neighbors for help. There was a trampoline right below my room to feather my drop, and I felt safe that I could make it. But as I stuck my head through my window, my door burst open. I scrambled, my torso about to extend out of my window, but I was grabbed. I was pulled back into my room, and my pacifier fell from my mouth. I was held down, but still squirmed, kicked, and screamed as the perpetrators began to speak.

“I guess the Intel was good. Look what we got here!” one said.

“Hah, yeah, I guess so. We need to get him to the relatives though, before the guard dogs get home,” Replied another.

“Okay, let’s get out of here then,” I heard a third say.

“Open wide!” said a fourth. This one was the large black man, I could tell by his voice. My head lifted up forcefully, and not of my own will. I felt a silicone nipple touch my lips. It was then shoved in hard, and duct tape was put over my mouth. Next, I was blindfolded. I remember kicking, and trying to scream through the duct tape and pacifier, but soon, blackness engulfed my body. I had passed out.

[h=1]Chapter 2: A New Home[/h]

I don’t have dreams often. I have nightmares some nights, and others, my mind thinks of nothing while in sleep. But here, in this situation; once I had passed out, I had a dream. A good dream; a dream that you wouldn’t want to wake up from. It was about me, and I was with my mother. I was no more than three or four, I think. I was lying between her legs, relaxed as could be, hugging a plushy of some sort. I was happy, relaxed, and calm. I sucked my thumb happily. I looked up at my mom, and watched her lips move, but I couldn’t hear her. It just sounded like I was under water. She smiled, and picked me up. She held me with one arm, holding me to her body, while she pushed open the front door.

That’s all I remember of the dream. It was in stark contrast to reality, in which I was being carried out of the house by some strange men violently. When I awoke, I felt, different. I didn’t feel like I had just gotten kidnapped, I felt like I was refreshed. I guess a nap’s a nap, no matter where you take it.

I didn’t have a blindfold on any more, but I still had duct tape over my mouth. I also wasn’t in my house anymore, I was sitting in a chair elsewhere in the world. I tried moving my arms, but to no avail. I was tied to the chair with duct tape. I tried my legs, which were surprisingly free and moveable. I looked around, seeing a woman walking into the room. There was a couch and an entertainment system, so I assumed it was an entertainment room of some sorts.

She looked at me. She was skinny. Not overly skinny or anorexic, but nice skinny. She had blond hair, and silky white skin.

“Nick, he’s awake,” She said to a man, who walked in right after her. He was also white, but his skin seemed somewhat rougher. He had black hair, and seemed to have a pretty ‘average’ body. He wore a pair of black lined glasses. They were thin, and seemed to fit his face just right. He looked at me for a second, and then spoke.

“Hello Tristian. I’m Nick, and this is Terri.” He said, motioning to the lady beside him. She curtsied, giving a small wave to me.

“Listen, we know you’re confused about all of this, but we want to know that you’re going to be fine, and no one is going to hurt you here. You’re not in any danger so long as you do what we say, do you understand?” He said it understandingly, softly, and calmly. He didn’t feel hostile at all. Actually, it felt as if he wanted to help me. I nodded softly.

“Good. Now, listen, this is all going to seem very strange to you, but just listen up, alright buddy?”

I nodded again.

“You have been kidnapped by a very corrupt and evil man by the name of William Dover. You are being held for ransom, and we are being held at gunpoint.”

As I heard this my heart skipped a beat. I knew I’d heard the name Dover before, I just couldn’t think of where!

“William Dover is a wealthy business tycoon, who holds a monopoly on nuclear power plants and plastic factories. He is very powerful, but corrupt. You are being held hostage because your father started to find out all of his ‘dirty little secrets’. He is leaving you with us while your family pays the ransom, or your dad negotiates a deal to get Dover a specific plot of land he desires.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This was nuts! My dad was a lawyer, but why would he be playing detective and uncovering all of this, this- stuff about some rich guy?! Why?

“Now, I know this is a lot to take in, but you’re going to be okay. Now, I’m going to take the duct tape off. Are you ready?”

I nodded, and braced myself. Nick ripped the silver tape off of my mouth quickly. It stung for a second, but quickly went away. I let my pacifier drop to the ground, but surprisingly, neither Nick, nor Terri gave me a strange look. That surprised me a bit, but the thought quickly receded into my subconscious. Terri smiled. She walked over and picked up my pacifier. She simply walked away.

“W-what is she doing with-with that?” I asked nervously.

“Probably just going to clean it for you is all. Don’t worry. Actually, that brings us to our next topic in this discussion; your stay.” I cringed a little, but listened intently.

“We are not the bad guys here, if anything, we are as close to good as you’re going to get in this situation. Dover is Terri’s uncle, so she has to do what he says. That and his hired goons are watching the house. When you got dropped off here, we got a file.” He said, holding up a tan folder which seemed to be filled with paper.

“In it is information about you that Dover collected. It has a lot of information.” He said. “You don’t need to be worried; we both know you’re a teen baby.” He said, referring to himself, and Terri.

I felt like I was going to die of embarrassment, but stayed strong as possible, though, I was a bit ‘shaky’.

“I had a friend who was the same way back in high school. According to this, it’s also not a sexual thing.” Nick said, reading something from the now open folder.

“Now, I want to strike you a deal. Your dad’s a lawyer, so I think you should be able to ‘negotiate’ pretty well!” Nick said it sweetly and with wit, causing me to laugh a bit.

“Okay, shoot.” I said still giggling, despite the situation I was in.

“Terri and I are trying to have a kid, ya’ see. You’re a ‘TB’. We could use a little practice with a real baby.” He said. As I heard it though, my heart leapt twice. Once from fear and anxiety, and again from sheer joy, and excitement.

“So, we could ‘baby’ you if you wanted. What do you say?” He continued.

I pulled myself out of my state of shock. “What are the terms and conditions of the babying?” I asked. “Like, what am I allowed to do, and not allowed to?”

Nick chuckled. “Yeah, definitely a lawyer’s son; you can talk normal and eat normal foods and stuff. You can walk and play games and anything else a kid your age would do. But you can’t use the internet, and no bathroom. You’ll have to have naps, and you’ll get bottle fed.”

I considered the proposal carefully. I thoughtfully put together the pros and cons of the situation, as I always did. I looked at Nick, and smiled.

“Sounds good.” I said, simply and sweetly.

“Good. Alright, now no trying to run away, okay? You’ll get shot, most likely.” I gulped at the thought. Nick proceeded to untie me from the chair. I happily stood up. Terri then walked back into the room. I suppose it was obvious I was going to accept the offer, because she came back with my pacifier, and a bottle of milk. It was, awkward. For me, not for them though. She motioned for me to lie on the couch, to which I complied. I lay there, as she sat at the end of the couch. Nick left the room, as Terri patted her lap. I crawled over a bit, laying back down, and setting my head on her lap, looking up. We caught eyes for a moment, and the next thing I knew, I was drinking my first bottle since I was two. It felt, like I was in a dream. But I’d had the dream before. It was déjà vu, but so pleasant that I didn’t mind. I suckled the cold milk from the bottle at a steady rate, finishing it off in about five or six minutes. The milk hit the spot, and felt perfectly at home in my stomach.

My eyes had been closed, but I heard Nick come back into the room. He left without saying a word, though I heard him grunt twice from what I assumed was bending down, and then standing back up.

Once I’d finished my bottle, I opened my eyes. Terri’s sweet smile greeted me. I smiled a little back, cooing slightly. That made her giggle, knowing that I had done it unintentionally, like a real toddler, or infant would.

“You ready now?” She asked me.

“For what?” I responded. She giggled again.

“Hop off the couch and lie down.” She told me. I sat up and got off of the couch. I sat back down on the ground, and proceeded to lie back down. I looked over next to me and saw something that made me want to scream with excitement. There, next to me, was a package of ‘youth sized’ diapers, and they looked to be pretty thick! I also saw some changing supplies; powder, wipes, and anti-rash cream. It all was lying right next to me.

I looked back too Terri, who simply grabbed my pants’ waistline. I instinctively lifted my legs and lower body to make it easier. She also took my shirt off of me. Finally, she took off my socks and underwear. I was so nervous, but kept my exterior calm as she reached for the powder. She put some in her hands, and then rubbed it all over my ‘diaper area’. The scent made me feel safer and softer.

She opened the jar of anti-rash cream, and applied some to my lower regions. Once I was thoroughly protected, she grabbed the ‘coup de grace’. I shivered in sheer excitement from the knowledge of what was about to happen. She grabbed the package of diapers and opened them up. She opened the diaper up fully, lifting my legs for me. She placed the diaper underneath me. My backside was most definitely up in the air higher than it was before.

Next, she centered the diaper, and pulled the front over my boy parts. She grabbed the back part of the diaper, and pulled it up. Adjusting it, she pulled the diaper’s tapes up, and secured them tightly onto the front portion of the diaper. I smiled and a tear fell from my face. I sat up, and tried to stand. I could stand, but my legs were so far spread that it was uncomfortable. I sat back down. Terri smiled. She then reached over and grabbed what I thought was a T-shirt. I held up my arms as she got too her knees, putting it over me. She stood me up a little, putting together the snaps at the bottom together, connecting between my legs. It was a onesie.

[h=1]Chapter 3: My Dream Come Half True[/h]

I was ecstatic to say the least. After being fed a bottle of milk, I was now sitting down in a diaper and oneise. I felt amazing! I looked up at Terri, and she looked down at me. I felt a warm feeling in my lower stomach, and smiled. I was… happy for once.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad, but he never made me feel like I was ‘loved’. He gave me a roof over my head and food to eat, but emotionally I was really on my own. My mom was nice to me, but I still felt like something was missing. We never went to a place a ‘normal’ family would go for dinner. My dad had ‘expensive taste’, and any place without a wine list and a French or Italian theme wasn’t good enough. But right now, I was in a place of sheer ecstasy. I didn’t need, or even want to be wealthy; rich; on my own or anything like that! I was living in the moment; something I never ever did.

Nick walked back in the room, and looked down at me. I looked back at him blushed a little. He just smiled and chuckled lightly. “Terri, how did you push this one out? You must have a- ” Terri bonked him on the head with her palm before he could finish his sentence. “Ow! What was that for?” He asked, rubbing his forehead. “No bad words in front of the baby!” She reprimanded. She looked back at me and gave me a wink. I blushed more. She just smiled again. They simply stood for a moment while I sat there. It was that type of awkward silence that nobody likes but everyone has experienced. Nick broke that silence at last. “Hey, Tristian! Do you want to play some video games or something?”

I curtsied, and nodded. “Yeah, sure!”

He went over to the couch and sat down. He picked up a remote control and turned on the television. It was a big TV, at least 35 inches, though it was an older model. It wasn’t an LCD; plasma screen; or anything like that, just a really big older TV. The color wasn’t really faded; it just felt like it could use a splash of color.

I crawled over to the couch and climbed up. It was a little troublesome, but I didn’t really WANT to stand. Terri reached into her pocket and pulled out my pacifier, popping it in my mouth. As I started to suckle, she left the room. When she reached the door, she looked back to announce “Dinner will be done in about an hour.”

I looked at a clock hanging on the wall. I read the clock, and concluded it was about 6:22 PM. I was a little surprised it was such a short time since I had been kidnapped, but I let the thought fade to the back of my mind. I felt odd sitting next to a strange man whilst in a bright blue onesie and diaper, with a pacifier in my mouth. Though none the less, I leaned back and relaxed as much as possible. Nick changed the channel to a blue screen, and then reached to his right, grabbing two controllers from a small side table next to the couch. He handed me one, and he started up the console.

It was about fifteen minutes to dinner, and we were still gaming together. I realized that I had to pee. It felt odd; I hadn’t worn a diaper since I was two and hadn’t wet my pants since I was three. I’d never done it on purpose either. I relaxed my bladder, but to no avail. I decided to try and push it out, and once I did, the floodgates opened. I didn’t need to push anymore, and I naturally soaked my diaper. It felt good and I poked the front of my diaper a little, noticing that it got seemingly thicker from being wet.

[B]Pausing the game, Nick looked over to me. He smiled a little, and then resumed the game, continuing our onslaught against alien hordes. Plasma bolts whizzed past my character’s head, but it felt so good to just run up and stab the alien in the eye socket. A bit sadistic, and a tad violent, but sometimes venting your anger can be a good thing. I did have a lot of pent up anger from school and about how I was kidnapped. If Nick and Terri would have come to my house and given me that offer, I would have just gone with them. No violence; no harm; no screaming or kicking; just a simple walk to their car or van, and a nice drive to their house.

It was soon time for dinner. Terri came in and Nick paused the game, he stood and began heading for the door. I tried to stand straight but even with all my might, I could not, for the life of me, stand up without my legs being spread apart. I tried to walk as best I could, but it didn’t work out so well. As I waddled in vain behind Nick, I slipped and fell on my stomach. Nick whipped around and picked me up. I was surprised by his strength. One part of me wanted to cry but another part of me wanted to start cursing the floor as much as I could. I found a compromise between the two opposing ideas. My eyes welled up with tears and I rubbed my frontal areas that took the impact. [/B]

“Stupid floor…” I muttered. Nick laughed a little at this, and continued carrying me down a hallway. We arrived in a dining room. It wasn’t big, really. It had a table that would seat four or five people. It was directly connected to the kitchen and what I now assumed was the living room. That other room must have been an entertainment room. I was put onto a normal seat. I saw chicken nuggets and French fries in front of me. Without saying a word, I began to dig in. I rarely ever had chicken nuggets and fries; to me it was a delicacy! My messy eating caused both Nick and Terri to laugh. They too ate their dinner, and when all was said and eaten, Terri cleaned off my face with a wet wipe.

“Next time, remind me to put a bib on you!” She laughed as I smiled.

After cleaning me off some more, I was told to go and sit on the couch in the living room. I hopped off my chair and crawled over to the couch. I climbed up onto the couch and sat up, leaning against the fluffy arm of it. It was a nice, velvety feeling couch. It was soft and tan, complimenting the room; though in particular, the lamp. It was a torch lamp, my favorite kind.
After I was most definitely comfy, Terri sat next to me. She slung her arm around me and leaned back. I have no idea why, but at that moment when she did, I leaned back into her and began sucking my thumb, since I’d left my pacifier at the table.

Nick, after putting all the dishes in the sink, then leaned over and turned on the DVD player. He put in a movie, and sat down next to Terri. He kissed her on the cheek. “Love you baby.” He said softly, “Love you too.” Terri replied happily.

The movie’s title screen came on. Before starting it though, Nick looked over at me. “Want a drink sport?” He asked. “Wes pwea- I mean, yes please.” I said, correcting my babyish talk. I blushed and forced a small laugh.

Nick got up from the couch, and walked over to the kitchen. Terri began to stroke my hair. I liked to call my hair my ‘weak spot’ because when you stroked my hair, I was basically your slave. As she stroked, I closed my eyes.

Nick came back, handing the bottle to Terri. She scooted over so I could put my head on her lap again. I curtsied, placing my head on her lap. She took the silicone nipple of the bottle, and put it in my mouth; continuing to use her free hand in order to stroke my hair. I noticed it was chocolate milk, warmed to perfection. I rarely had chocolate milk let alone hot chocolate, unless it was Christmas Eve or something like that. It was a rare treat I got to enjoy. I suckled happily, and smiled a bit through my bottle. Terri looked down at me.

“Baby like his baba, doesn’t he?” She cooed. I blushed profusely, but kept drinking. I heard the movie start, but I didn’t really care. I was happy having my little treat, and it felt so good to have someone care for me for once. It was great to have a feeling of security. It was what I always wanted.

There is an old saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” But that doesn’t mean what you had had been great, or even good. At times, what you have might be nothing or something you don’t want. And even worse still, it might have been something that actually hurt you more then it helped. I fell asleep shortly after finishing my bottle.
Miles upon miles away, my father John C. Hawk was busy recounting the day’s previous events…

[h=1]Chapter 4: John C. Hawk[/h]

[B]As John C. Hawk lied in bed next to his wife, he couldn’t help but stay awake. He had too much going on to be able to sleep. The day had been long and arduous and its happenings raced through his mind, starting with a phone call he’d received.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon, just about time to head home from the law firm. John’s court case had been a huge success and justice most certainly prevailed. Being a district attorney, John’s job was to preserve justice all that he could. He didn’t do it for pleasure or for fame. He didn’t do it for religious or moral reasons. He did it because he was good at it. As John left the court house, he turned on his cell phone. It beeped and flashed. He put his finger on its top, and pushed on a red ‘stop’ button. The phone ceased its flashing and beeping, and John continued to walk to his car. As he approached it he pulled out his keys and opened the driver’s side door. He side stepped and crouched into the car in a single fluent motion, closing the door after him. He put his briefcase next to him on the passenger seat, sighing. He leaned back in his seat and smiled a little, being glad the day was over. He pulled his cell phone out again and opened it up. After pressing a series of buttons, he put the phone to his ear. “You have, three, new, messages!” answered a recording. [/B]

“Message, one” beep.

“Hey John, it’s me; Got some more news about that Dover guy for ya. It seems he’s been working’ on a big project west ‘a here, in Jersey. I’m not sure what it is yet, but I’ll let you know ‘soon as I get more info. Talk to ya soon.” Beep. John clenched his fist. His private eye was amazing, but Dover still seemed to have some secrets that needed uncovering. He hoped that this secret was the one thing that would have Dover sent to jail for life, or at least made the feds look at him more closely.

“Message two.” Beep.

“Hey John, it’s Justin. I was wondering what you were doing this weekend? The wife and I would love to have you over again, and I think Rebecca would love to see your boy again. Call me back, ‘kay? Bye!” John chuckled from the comment; Justin was one of his best friends and closest partners in the firm. Tristian and Justin’s daughter had a bit of a history. That is to say that his daughter had a history of chasing Tristian around, and Tristian had a history of telling her to leave him alone.

“Message three.” Beep.

“Jonathan! It’s Cheryl! Tristian was kidnapped! Please come home as soon as you get this message! The police are here looking around! His door was knocked down, and there is a fake gun, and he’s gone! He’s gone John, our boy is gone!” She cried. John stared into nothingness for a second. He thought about what he had just heard. ‘Is this a joke?” He thought. ‘My son couldn’t have been kidnapped, no, that’s not possible!’ He listened to the message again, and again. He listened harder and harder each time, trying to see if there was even a hint of fakeness in his wife’s voice. There wasn’t.

John put his car in reverse and backed out of his parking spot so fast that when he stopped to go into forward drive, his tires screeched. The screech scared some people around him, but he didn’t care. He drove off out of the court house and onto the road. He knew he was lucky no one had stopped him; pulled him over; or given him a ticket. Even if they did, he wouldn’t care. He was a lawyer and under these circumstances, NOTHING in the world mattered to him more.
When he finally pulled down his street, he was blocked by lines of cop cars and yellow tape. He pulled over next to the sidewalk and got out of his car, leaving his suitcase. He approached the yellow tape and pushed past the small group of people gathered around. When he began to move past the tape, however, he was stopped by a police officer.

“I’m sorry sir but this area is closed off, you cannot come through here!”

“Yes I can, that’s my house right there,” John retorted, pointing to his house “And that’s MY son that was kidnapped!” He yelled a little loudly. He was slightly enraged by being stopped by an officer. It was his damn kid and his damn house, he had the right to go in and see the scene of the crime, and he knew his rights.

“Let me see some identification sir.” The officer requested calmly. John whipped out his wallet, handing it to the officer. The officer inspected the license inside the wallet, and looked up at John. He looked back down at the wallet, and handed it back to him. “Go on through sir.” John hurried past the cop, and started the walk to his home. He walked a bit faster, almost into a jog until he reached his front door. There was no door though, and as he peered into his house, he saw his wife sitting on the couch crying. There were also many officers moving about, writing notes, and talking to each other. John ran over to his wife, hugging her tightly. He too burst into tears. After some time of crying, the two calmed down. They were talking on the couch when an officer approached them. He had a thick red mustache with matching head hair. He was pale white, but didn’t have any freckles like one would expect. Both Cheryl and John stood up.

“I’m police Chief O’Doyle. Do you two have a moment?” He asked. John extended a hand to shake the officer’s. His wife clung to him. “Yes we do. I’m John Hawk, and this is my wife Cheryl. Please officer, tell me what you know!” He begged, still teary eyed.

“We can only reveal so much, Sir but I will tell you what I can. It seems a group of men broke into your house this afternoon and kidnapped your son. It looks like he fought back. We found an airsoft pistol on the ground in his room. It looks like his window was open, but the crooks broke down your door. We assume your son tried to escape, but couldn’t.”

“How do you know he didn’t escape?” John asked.

“We found drag marks on your carpet, and tire tracks leading away from the scene of the crime.” The officer replied.

“Are there ANY leads at all officer? Do you have ANY clues?” John asked desperately.

“We’re sorry sir, but so far, we have no leads.” The officer replied. The officer seemed deeply upset and troubled. There was something else on his mind. “Mr. Hawk, there is something we found, but I don’t know if it will help us in our investigation.” John and his wife looked at the officer, their eyes wide and hopeful. “We went through your son’s things. We’re going through his computer now.” He said, pausing. “I’m not sure if you know about this…” He said. “But your son seems to have some ‘skeletons in his closet.’ The two parents looked at each other momentarily, somewhat troubled.

“Oh please officer! Tell me it isn’t drugs! Tell me he isn’t doing anything illegal! I’ve taught my boy better than that!” John pleaded, tears rolling down his face, his fists clenched, and a look of both worry, and anger in his eyes.

“Sir, it’s nothing illegal, and I can’t really say it’s something ‘bad’, but when this is all over, you might want to talk with your son.”

“What is it though?” Cheryl probed.

That was all the reminiscing John could take. He grabbed his head and clenched his eyes, stopping the vivid images of the past day. “Diapers…” He thought. “Diapers and baby things… Why didn’t he come to us?”

[h=1]Chapter 5: Mental Card Games[/h]

I awoke groggily. I hadn’t had a sleep this good for as long as I could remember! It felt good to wake and feel… wet? I felt around and realized that the bed wasn’t wet, but I was. I felt down my body until I realized I was in a footed sleeper. I examined it, taking note of the bears on it and its powder blue color. As I felt my crouch area, I noticed that my diaper wasn’t only wet; but it was also warm. I’d wet my bed? I was excited, and confused. “How could I have wet my bed?” I wondered. “I never wet the bed…” I thought hard about it. “Must just be that I’m in a diaper.” I thought it odd, but shrugged off the thought.

It was no sooner than that that Terri walked into the room smiling. “Good morning sleepy head!” She cooed.

“Good morning…” I replied shyly.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” She asked, sensing hesitation and angst in my voice.

“I… wet the bed.” I confessed while blushing.

“Aw, that’s okay sweetie! That’s what your diapers are for!” She once again cooed me. She really knew how to make me feel like a baby.

She stood me up, and turned me around. She unzipped the sleeper, and pulled it off me gently. She tossed it into a hamper in the far corner of the room.

Feeling more awake, I examined the room. The bed I was sleeping in had a dark navy blue blanket with white stripes on it. The bed itself was very toddler like. Maybe it was the timber; shape; size; or something else but it most definitely felt like a toddler or young child’s bed. Besides that, the room itself was definitely meant for a baby. It was a nursery. There was a playpen in a corner, and a changing table against another wall.

There was a toy chest and a dark blue dresser which had a blue’s clues TV on top of it. I was made to lie down on the bed again as Terri was already undoing my diaper. “Terri, why didn’t you put me on the changing table?” I asked.

“If I did that you’d be really uncomfortable and I don’t think it would hold you. You may act like a baby, but you’re still the size of a teenager and it’d be pretty hard to change you on that, trust me.” She replied.

Not wanting to get in trouble or fuss too much, I accepted the answer and let Terri change me. Once the cleaning process was done, she took the dirty diaper and put it in a trash can across the room. She then walked over to the dresser, and pulled out a few things. The first, I saw, was what looked to be a much thinner diaper. The second, third, and fourth thing, were all articles of child-like clothing. A green T-shirt with a teddy bear on it, a pair of what looked to be shortalls, and a lighter pair of green socks. I guess green was just my color for that day.

After all was said and done, I was looking pretty green! I was lead out of the room, and down the same hallway I tripped over in yesterday. We arrived in the dining room, and there on the table was breakfast. I never really had breakfast that often, for one reason or another. Mostly I just waited till lunch, or grabbed a small snack out of the pantry to eat on the bus or at the bus stop. I was under the impression that most people didn’t really eat breakfast too often because the only couple of times I did the previous year were all during school holidays.

Not only did I see a breakfast of pancakes and bacon, but I also saw Nick reading the paper; enjoying some of the bacon and pancakes; while also drinking some coffee. I was a little shocked, but in a good way to say the least. I was set down on a seat next to Terri, when Nick looked up from his paper and noticed me.

“Hey there sport, how’d you sleep?” He asked me.

“Good.” I responded simply. He smiled, nodded, and returned to his paper. Seemingly out of nowhere, a bib was tied around my neck.

“Open wide! Here comes the airplane!” Terri giggled, holding a fork full of pancake in front of my face. I ate it happily. That process generally continued for about fifteen more minutes until I had entirely finished breakfast. I ate pretty neatly, and made almost no mess. Even still, Terri felt the need to wipe my face with my bib and baby wipes. She removed the bib from my neck and set it neatly on the table.

“Honey, why don’t you go get Tristian ready while I do the dishes?” Terri offered.

“Sure thing” Nick replied, setting his newspaper down. He walked over to me and held out his hand. I took it and he walked me back to the nursery. He pointed to a pair of white and blue sneakers next to the dresser. “Put those on for me while I pack your bag, okay?” Nick commanded me.

“Wait, we’re not going… out, are we?” I asked inquisitively.

“Yeah, we are.” He said bluntly.

“B-b-but,” I stuttered “I’ll get shot! You’ll get shot!” I stammered, cluttering my mouth with words.

“Relax, so long as you’re with us and we stay in town, no harm will come to you.”

It had been no more than fifteen minutes since we left the house when we arrived at the barber shop. I had been given a baseball cap with a New York insignia on it so that nobody would know who I was. I was also told by Terri and Nick to go by a fake name. I chose the name Will Anella. The barber shop was small, inside a strip mall. When we walked in, it had that ‘barber shop smell’ to it. I don’t know why, but it felt very comforting.

A few moments after we sat down, I was made to get up again and sit down in a barber shop chair. The man looked at me a bit oddly. That, of course, was to be expected. The bulge in my pants obviously and plainly showed off my diaper, and my babyish attire did nothing to help it. I was embarrassed to say the least, but I asserted myself; so to speak. I wanted something new. Not something a businessman would have; nor a lawyer; nor a doctor. I wanted something I never got.

“Can I get it cut short, and spiked?” I asked. The man nodded, and got to work quickly. If this man was a murderer, I wouldn’t be surprised. Like Sweeny Todd, the way he moved the scissors showed years of expertise! It was like watching a show at the circus or state fair, where people juggle knives and roll them on their bodies, then chuck it at a piece of wood and have it go right through.

A short while later I was brushed off by the barber with finesse and grace. Staring at myself in the mirror, I felt as though somebody else was staring at me. It didn’t look like me… the old me that is. It looked like something, or someone… new! And new, for me in this case, was something I welcomed. Nobody would recognize me at all!

“Thanks!” I said to the barber, beaming happily.

“No problem kid.” I then walked back to Terri and Nick.

“So, what do you think?” I asked.

“You look good sport!” Nick said.

“Aw, you look adorable!” Terri replied. It wasn’t exactly the response I was looking for…

I blushed a little, and then was lead to the car. Before I left to go out the door though, the barber stopped me.

“Hey kid, you want a sucker?” He asked.

I nodded and followed Nick to the counter as he was paying. He opened up a glass jar, and I was told to pick one. I put my hand in, and pulled out a green one. I opened the package quickly, and tossed the wrapper in a close by trashcan. I popped it in my mouth. My face scrunched up like I had just tasted the most sour thing in the world, but it was so good. I pulled it out of my mouth. “It’s Sour apple!” I exclaimed. “And it hurts SO good!” I giggled, and then put it back in my mouth.

Both the barber and Nick laughed at the comment. Nick patted my padded butt gently.

“Go with your mom to the car sport!” He said cheerfully.

“Mom?” I thought. Then I realized why he said that. I was undercover as a new person, and if people believed that Nick and Terri were my parents, then the chances of people recognizing me would be decreased dramatically. I nodded and ran off through the door and obediently hopped in the back of the car. I fastened my seatbelt and relaxed, looking in the dashboard mirror to inspect my new haircut. It looked good, and I pulled it off nicely. Terri was in the passenger seat. She glanced back at me through the same mirror and smiled. I licked my lollipop more, and with each lick, I grew more accustomed to the sourness. Sure it was sour, but the more I sucked, the more I was conscious of the sweet, sweet sugar buried inside the green stick of delicious taste.

My train of thought was interrupted as Nick opened the driver side door and quickly closed it as he sat down. He turned the key, and the car roared to life. He backed out of our parking spot, and then out of the parking lot. As we drove to the main road, I realized we were going in a different direction to the one we’d come from. This enticed me and sparked my curiosity.

“Hey Nick? Where are we going now?” I asked, tilting my head, holding my lollipop in my right hand.

“We got to stop by the medical supplies store real quick to pick up some stuff for you.” He replied.

I simply nodded, and returned to sucking my sour apple on a stick. By the time we arrived, the lollipop was completely devoured and my teeth were tinted a lime green. It was amusing, to say the least.

When we parked the car, I noticed that across the street from the supply store was a card shop! As I hopped out, I turned away from Nick and Terri to marvel at the sight. I loved card games… ‘Anything and everything’ was my motto! I usually had unique play style for all games, but all culminated in special abilities and special cards to amplify other card’s powers. Nick walked up behind me, and put his hand on my shoulder.

“You want to go in? I could buy you some stuff, since you’ve been behaving.” He stated.

My face lit up, and by uncontrollable second nature, I hugged him. I was quite a bit shorter than him, my hug going around his lower chest. “Thank you, thank you, and thank you a million!” I yelled happily. I let go and jumped up and down in place, cheering. Nick laughed, and grabbed my hand. I stopped jumping, but smiled with my lime green tinted teeth none the less.

As I looked back, I saw Terri walk into the supply store. I looked ahead once more and watched as cars went by. When the coast was all clear, Nick and I ran across the street, stopping for a second to catch our breaths. It was odd to run in a diaper, it really wasn’t the same. My legs couldn’t move together, so when I ran, or sort of waddled, it became more and more apparent that I was wearing a diaper. At least, it became more apparent to me.

Upon entering the shop, I could smell the cards. Playing cards have a very distinct scent about them. It’s better than fresh mown grass or vanilla and lavender. It’s just an amazing smell. There was a desk to the right upon immediate entry, and stacks of card packs on the walls. It was a small place and there was but a single employee behind the counter.

“Hi there, can I help you two find anything?” He asked.

“No thanks, I’m just looking for right now.” I responded. I peered around the store. Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, Digimon, and Inuyasha cards, Magic the gathering; all of it was there! It was definitely a small castle of Japanese playing cards. My dream world, one might say. As I looked around, I noticed my favorite game on a wall; Duel Masters. Now, it was an obscure card game, but it had a cult following that I myself was proudly a part of. I loved the cards; the rules; everything just seemed perfect with it.

[B]It borrowed something from everything, and that’s what made it great. But there was only one problem; my deck was at home! I didn’t exactly have anyone to play with, but I still liked to add my cards to my deck right away. I had collected the cards secretly, and it was a bit of an obsession. My father didn’t approve of some of them, due to graphic violence depicted in some of the cards.

I still remember when I brought home a deck of them a friend had given me. We’d had the argument a few times. It always went the same way. [/B]

“Tristian, why are all of these blackish-grey cards so…evil?” He’d asked me.

“It’s because they are darkness cards dad!” I’d explain. I’d continue to explain to him how the darkness cards were, in a sense evil in and of themselves; but how much power they possessed because of it.

“I don’t like these, these- things son. Give them back to your friend in the morning” He’d tell me.

“But daaaaadd…”

“No buts!” he’d interrupt.

From then on I kept the cards secret, but I never collected any more darkness cards. I couldn’t do it. At least if my dad had found my stash, he wouldn’t be ticked or freak out from the pictures. I only collected light cards from then on.

After I looked at some of the newly released decks and packs, I picked out some to buy. Once I had finally chosen all of my things, Nick instructed me that we should get going. We paid for the cards, and left the store. We sat in the car for about five more minutes waiting for Terri, and when she came out with a shopping cart filled with things, Nick hopped out to help her load them into the trunk. I however, was too busy and far too excited to care. I had unpacked all of the decks and packs I’d gotten, and I’d gotten absolutely ‘destructive’ cards. There was only one problem; not all of them were light. It ticked me off some. About seventy five percent of my cards were light here, but my most powerful card was that of darkness! How could it be? I made a deck quickly. Forty cards composed the stack, making the deck half and half; light, and the forbidden dark.

[B]“Father, forgive me…” I mumbled.

When everything was said and done, my day was pretty good. Upon arriving back to the house, I was made to take a nap. I was given a bottle to drink, and so on. I had dinner, played some games and watched a movie with Terri and Nick. My only complaint is that I had to mess my diaper during the movie. It was uncomfortable at first, but afterwards I didn’t really care all that much. I had fallen asleep quickly.
If only I knew what was to come… maybe I would have preferred running away and getting shot. Maybe… maybe. [/B]

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[h=1]Chapter 6: Get angry[/h]

I was startled awake by yelling. Not the type of yelling between a husband and wife or disgruntled neighbors; but the type of yelling where your door is busted open afterwards. Nick and Terri were yelling along with the same large black man from before; the same one who kidnapped me two days ago. I still remembered his gruff voice. It was like a loud bass was implanted in the man’s throat. I couldn’t understand what they were saying, but it didn’t matter. The man came over to me, putting a white cloth rag over my face. I passed out instantly.

When I awoke, I wasn’t in such a ‘happy’ place anymore. I woke up hazily, light headed and a little irritated. Remembering what happened, I tried to sit up. I couldn’t though. I took note of my helpless condition, realizing that I was being held down by four straps. One was on each of my legs, and each of my arms. I also saw that I was wearing an absolutely ridiculously thick cloth diaper with plastic pants. I’d never worn a cloth diaper before… this was new. I had sometimes been able to sneak diapers into my house; but it was seldom that I’d have the guts to do it.

“Where am I?!” I screamed as best I could. I then heard laughing. An old, withered laugh.

“Good good, Mr. Hawk! Get angry, get mad!” I heard the voice taunt and then threaten. “Because when you’re out of here, you won’t have enough strength to GET angry!” I turned my head, and standing to my right were two men. The one talking was a shorter, older man, with black and graying hair. The other was much slimmer, younger and… well, you get the picture.

“Wh-who are you?” I stammered. “

Me?” The older man asked. “I’m William Dover. This is my son,” he said, motioning to the younger man, “William Dover Junior.” I was shocked. The man behind my kidnapping me- was this old guy? He was so short and ugly! And he was standing… right next to me? This didn’t make sense.

“Where am I?” I demanded.

“Why, you’re in your dream world Tristian! This is where your dreams will come true!” He taunted. His son snickered.

The room I was what looked like a hospital room, only more child-like. The bed I was in had bars on it, something I hadn’t noticed earlier due to the grogginess. There were bears and ducks on the wall, all smiling; and a playpen with a diaper genie next to it. There was a rug on the floor that looked like the one a younger cousin of mine had. Then again, my family had kind of ceased contact with them, so whether or not he still has it I don’t know. It was the kind that you could put your toy cars on and move them around the city due to its motif. I looked back to Dover.

“What do you mean?” I asked teary eyed. “You’re in our state of the art regression clinic. You’re here to be regressed to an infant.” Dover Junior said blatantly. The man got right to his point.

“W-what? What do you mean? I don’t want to! Let me out of here!” I yelled.

“If you ever want to see your family again, I’d suggest you keep your mouth shut!” Dover threatened. He slapped me hard across the face. I yelped and sniffled but was somehow able to withhold crying. I was shocked more than anything, but also frightened.

[B]“Now listen up you brat! You’re going to do what we tell you to, like it or not. You’ll be regressed to a baby in no more than seven days. You better pray that your father and those damn cops give in to my father’s demands!” Dover Junior stated. He walked out of the room at that moment, along with his father while I was left alone. I could have sworn that I saw him mouth something along the lines of “I pray they do too,” as he left.

The two walked down hallway after hallway, stopping at a large glass door. They walked in, and then took a left. They entered through a wooden door, and came to William Dover’s office. The older man sat down on his chair at his desk, whilst his son sat down on a chair in front of him. [/B]

“You think this is really going to work dad?” Dover junior asked, then added, “Jacob was the same way as this kid, but he was never fully regressed; it’s been six months already with him. Given he was a tougher nut to crack, but-”

“It doesn’t have to, that’s not our goal here.” The father stated.

“What do you mean?” His son questioned.

“Son, growing up I had a very hard time living. The only reason I got by was by manipulating people. You already know this. I know how to screw with people’s heads. That boy’s twat of a father is no different!” He growled sternly. “All we need to do is show him his son, and get him to give us the plot of land, and then we are golden!” He said triumphantly.

“I don’t think Delilah would care for that though…” Dover Jr. mumbled.

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing; nothing at all dad…”

[h=1]Chapter 7: Get Ready[/h]

When both Dover senior and Dover junior left my room, two, what I assume were nurses, walked in. One was carrying a cloth diaper as well as what seemed to be a lock and key, while the other had a large baby bottle filled with milk. The one with the diaper came over and started to undo the locking plastic pants, and then the safety pins of my cloth diaper. The other started feeding me. Dover’s warning still ringed in my ear, and I most certainly wanted to see my parents again. I didn’t believe in god… but I still prayed that I’d see them.

The nurse feeding me and the nurse changing me seemed very apathetic. When Terri had done either of these things or anything at all; she at least cared.

“Regression…” I then thought. “Did they know this was going to happen? If they did, why didn’t they try and stop it? Why Nick, why Terri?” I wondered, the thought prominent in my conscious mind.

I drank the bottle quickly, and before I knew it, I had been changed. I didn’t know how long it had been since I had arrived, but I knew it was longer than a day. When I looked outside through a small window, the sun was high up in the air. I remembered when I was with Terri and Nick that while watching the news, the weather forecast called for snow, possibly rain, all day for the next day, and then sun.

“Could it really have been that long?” I questioned myself.

Then, to my surprise and joy, I was released from my straps. One nurse, the one that had been feeding me, picked me up in his arms and carried me out of the room. It looked like a hospital, with desks and doctors and nurses all around, though, there weren’t many of them. I was carried to a locked room, which was unlocked by the second nurse. She unlocked it with ease when she punched in a series of numbers on a keypad next to the door. The red light on top of the keypad turned green, and the door was unlocked. The nurse carrying me opened the door with one hand, using the other to hold me. I wasn’t going anywhere though, as I was holding him tightly.

I was placed down in the room on a large, fluffy, shag rug. It was different shades of blue, and seemed to be light as a cloud. The male nurse then shoved a pacifier in my mouth, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind himself as he followed the female nurse; the one that had been feeding me.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, and twisted around quickly. I saw a boy sitting there next to me. He had white hair, and deep red eyes. He was in a diaper and white onesie.

“Hi! You okay?” He asked.

I stared at him for a second; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! A boy, who looked to be around my age, was sitting in front of me in this strange place wearing baby clothes! I also took note of a pacifier hanging from his onesie by a string and a clip.

“W-who are you?” I asked him, taking my pacifier out of my mouth.

“I’m Jacob! What’s your name?” He asked enthusiastically.

“I’m Tristian… this has got to be a dream!” I said aloud.

“Nah, you’re awake! See?” He said, pinching my hand. I pulled my hand back and rubbed it, quelling the pain with a small gasp and a yelp. Jacob’s look turned to a look of slight sadness.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you!” He said apologetically.

“It’s- okay.” I replied. We went silent for a moment.

“S-so why are you here?” I asked him.

“It’s ‘cause of my dad. He found out I was a TB, and kind of flipped. I was kind of bad too.” He stated.

“You’re a TB too?!” I asked, shocked as ever.

“Yeah! Guess we got something in common! So did your dad send you here too?” He asked innocently.

“No… I’m not here of my own will either. The old man that runs this place kidnapped me!” I said clenching my hands into a fist. Suddenly, I felt warmness around my crouch. I looked down at myself. The first thing I realized was that I was in only a diaper. That made me self-conscious. What made me feel even stranger was the fact that I was wetting myself uncontrollably.

“W-what the hell?” I asked aloud.

“What? You wet, no big deal!” Jacob said happily.

“But I don’t wet by accident!” I yelled, scared.

“They probably did to you what they did to me. They put you to sleep for a couple of days with some medicines, and then they use more medicine to make you go potty. When you wake up, you can’t control it anymore! I think daddy was telling me something about a new medicine for a new boy that was coming to visit!” He said. I took note of how babyishly it seemed he was talking, though, if it was by choice or not I couldn’t tell.

I began to cry, helpless. I realized that Dover was serious; he was, in fact, going to turn me into a baby. I was going to become an infant, like it or not. I stopped crying after a half hour, due to the fact that the nurse came in and picked me up. I held onto her, as she patted my back. She carried me out of the room, and I waved to Jacob.

I was carried back to the same room I had been in just before, and standing there were Nick, Terri, the large black man, Dover Junior and William Dover himself. I also saw a laptop open; a webcam session was going on. I heard the voice coming from the laptop.

“Son! Son can you hear me? This is your father! Are you okay?!” The voice asked.

It was my dad. I looked at the screen and saw my dad, my mom, who was crying hysterically, and two police officers.

“Daddy! Get me out of here!” I cried. “Wait… why’d I say daddy?” I thought.

“Dover, what do you want?” An officer asked.

“I want that plot of land Mr. Hawk won’t give up sold to me right now, and I want all of this to go away.”

“That can be done. But we need the boy first.” The other officer said.

“No, we want the land first! Then you get your stupid little brat!” He yelled angrily.

“Fine, I’ll do it, but I want my son back unharmed, is that understood?” My dad asked.

“That’s all well and good with me.” Dover said. “Fax me the paperwork, and when it’s all done with, I’ll get your worthless chimp back to you.”

The laptop was then closed by the large black man.

Dover walked out of the room, with Terri and Nick in tow. They snickered as they started to walk out.

“I knew it…” I thought. “Turn coats!” I yelled, as they exited the room, closing it behind them.

I was angry, I was upset; but I was hopeful. I’d get to see my dad again! At least, I hoped I would.

[h=1]Chapter 8: Get Even[/h]

Dover came rushing back into the room an hour or so later. I had learned the name of my kidnapper by that point. He name was Mr. Kingsly. I found this out when I saw a nametag on his undershirt. Very soon, Dover senior came back into the room. Kingsly looked at him.

“Sir, are we going now?” He asked.

“Yes, we’ll be moving to the place in Vermont for now. Get the brat ready, and the other one too.” He said to Kingsly, and then to a nurse in the room. Dover junior, whom had been in the room the entire time but stayed silent, spoke up.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” He asked.

“Of course I’m sure! Now let’s get moving!” He commanded. I was put into a footed sleeper and a pair of sneakers, and carried out to a large van. Jacob was already in the van. He looked at me with a look that showed imminent danger was approaching. Dover and Dover junior sat down next to me on the left, while Kingsly sat between me and Jacob on the right.

It was a half an hour into the car ride, and I was feeling nervous. I didn’t know why, but I had a bad feeling about all of this. That’s when I heard the sirens. I heard tons of them, all wailing at the same time.

“This is the police! Pull over now!” Someone yelled through a megaphone.

The van sped up.

“Damn it! How did they know we weren’t giving the boy back?!” He asked aloud to nobody in particular. I thought about his statement for a second, and then nearly exploded into rage.

“YOU WEREN’T GOING TO BRING ME BACK? YOU FAT OLD PIECE OF”- I was interrupted by a hard hit to gut my Kingsly. I coughed a bit, a small drip of blood exiting my mouth. Jacob looked past Kingsly, and seemed to tear up along with me. But I didn’t cry. I was too mad for that!

I heard metal clang with bullets, and suddenly, the car began screeching and tilting.

“They shot out the damn tires sir!” The driver yelled.

The van stopped dead, causing me to nearly fly out of my seat. I was surprisingly held back by Kingsly. Then I felt it. I felt the cold tip of a gun touch my temple. The doors of the van opened up, and I was dragged out. Jacob was also grabbed out of the van, but by Dover Junior. The driver ran off into the nearby woods, but was chased by two officers.

The police cars had already halted, a good thirty or so feet away from us. Officers lined up their guns; some facing at Dover senior, others at his son; and some at Kingsly.

“Leave, right now! All of you!” Dover screamed. “Or the brat sees that all dogs go to heaven!”

I was so scared I wet my diaper right there on the spot. I looked around with my eyes as much as I could. I could see the helicopter overhead, and at least twenty police cars facing me. We were on the freeway, and it didn’t look like I was getting out of this.

“Go, NOW!” Dover commanded.

I saw all of the officers’ line up their guns. I was scared. “If they shoot, they’ll hit me!” I thought. Then I heard a gunshot, but from behind me. I felt blood trickle down my head, but it was coming from above me. I felt Kingsly’s grip loosen, and the gun fell from his hand. I moved to my left, the blood still on my face as I watched Kingsly fall to the ground. I looked behind me and saw something I’d never thought I’d see. Dover Junior was standing there, with a smoking pistol in his hand. Jacob was still in a headlock though.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Dover screamed so loud that he was louder than a mega phone. Dover Whipped out a gun from his pocket. Dover Junior pointed his at Dover.

Before another word was said, both men fired. Both men hit. And both men collapsed. Jacob moved so Dover Junior wouldn’t topple over him. But, he didn’t run. He looked down at the sight of the man before him; shot squarely between the eyes. He looked at Jacob, who stared at him, bewildered and afraid, a splash of blood on his cheek.

“Your dad… did a good thing today Jacob. I did good…” He said, coughing. Though he had been shot between the eyes, he still seemed to cling to life. It was incredible to say the least.

“DADDY, NO!” He screamed. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing- “daddy?” I thought. “William Dover junior is Jacob’s father?!”

The next thing I knew all of the police officers began running towards me. Everything felt like it was in slow motion, but I was going normal speed. I looked into the crowd of people, and saw the one I didn’t even know was there. I saw my dad! I ran up to him, and everything sped up again. He hugged me, and I hugged him. I was back in his arms.

“Tristian!’ He cried.

“Dad!” I said, collapsing into him, crying along.

It was a bit of a journey home. After that, I was put onto an ambulance, and checked up. Officers asked me questions, and so did my dad. We were escorted home by two cop cars, but I drove in the same one as my dad. It was a little awkward, and even though we were both happy to be back with each other, but I felt like an elephant in the room. I was still wearing a sleeper and a diaper, which further complicated things. It was, odd.

When we got to our house, the officers talked to my dad for a few minutes, then left. My dad opened the door, and my mother came rushing towards me. She hugged me tight, understandably, for around five or six minutes. After we both expressed how good it was that I was home and safe, we all sat down in the living room.

“Son, listen, I know it might be hard for you, but could you please, tell us everything that happened to you over the past week?” My dad asked me.

I told him and my mother everything. I even came out about being a TB. I didn’t want to hide anything from them anymore; it was just too much to hide! When I finished telling about it all, then crying some, my dad came back with most shocking response.

“Tristian, your mother and I read up online about you, and what you like and all that. Do you want to be treated like that here?” He asked me.

I was shocked, but overjoyed. I cried more, and hugged my dad and my mom tight as I could, thanking them tremendously. I would have thought it weird in any other situation that he would offer something like that. But after all of this… all of this emotional and physical harm; I think he just wanted me to feel safe and happy at home.

I went upstairs and changed into some normal clothes, only I kept my diaper on. I had told my parents what had happened with the medicine Dover gave me, but they both said it was okay, and that we would deal with it. We had takeout pizza for dinner, something we never got, and soda. My mom went out to the store and bought me some baby things. She got me a new pacifier, more diapers, and even a plush polar bear, which I named Kumo. I felt good about the way my life was going now, it was… on track. I was changed by my mom before going to bed into a fresh diaper. She tucked me in tightly, and kissed me on the forehead.

“Mom?” I asked.

“Yes sweetie?”

“Are you… Mad at me for this?” I asked.

“For what, liking baby things? Heavens no! I love you for who you are and what you are, regardless of who that is. And you want to know something?” She asked me.


“I think I’m going to be happy having my little Twi Twi back!” She giggled.

My mom’s baby name for me always made me blush! And it most certainly happened when she called me it this time!

“Could you get dad in here please?” I asked her.

“Sure sweetie.” She responded. She left the room, and moments later, my dad came in.

“Dad… listen; I’m sorry about all this!” I said.

“For what? He asked me.

“For everything that’s happened!”

“Son, listen, none of this was your fault, okay? Now listen, I love you, got it? I want you to get some rest now.”

“But dad, I want to ask you one more thing! What about Jacob?” I asked.

“That other boy with you today?” He inquired.

“Yeah! What’s going to happen to him?” I asked.

“Most likely he’ll be put into the system… you don’t want that to happen, do you?” He asked me.

“No! Please, can we do something?” I asked.

“I think I know just what to do. Don’t worry, in the morning, I’ll make some calls, and see what I can do, okay? Get some sleep now.” He told me.

“Okay dad. Love you!” I said.

“Love you too champ.” He replied, putting my pacifier in my mouth.

“Oh, and before I go…” He said, stopping himself from leaving.

“I got these from my private eye… He said they were yours.” He placed a small deck down on my side table, and exited the room.

“My cards? Private eye?” I wondered.

My dad walked down the hall, and stopped in front of a tall man. He wore thick glasses, and a trench coat.

“So then, everything’s sorted out?” The man asked.

“Yes, I believe so. My son is safe at home, and my wife and I will be able to sleep peacefully again.”

“Good, good. Now, regarding the two people who nurtured your son for the time he was kidnapped. They told the police that they were being held at gunpoint the whole time. Tristian said he never saw anybody who even looked like one of Dover’s men during that time though. We have them in holding for the night, but the police still don’t know what exactly they’re going to do. Are you going to press charges?”

“Yes, I am. I figured out why they did it, I think. Well, actually, it was Tristian’s idea behind the madness.” My dad stated.

“May I inquire then, the answer to the riddle?” The tall man asked.

“They did it to start his regression. It was Dover’s little way of starting the process, and then he himself continued it.” My dad said.

“But why wasn’t he regressed? I still can’t figure that out for the life of me.” The tall man said.

“It’s because he didn’t mind it. He didn’t mind it at all. Now, what about you? Are you going to be leaving town now that this’s over?”

“I don’t think I have much of a choice. Living two lives isn’t easy you know John.”

“That’s true. Maybe when my son gets older, he’ll be safe in your care?”

“Maybe; you never know these days! If he gets into the college, I’ll keep a close eye on him.”

“I have a felling you’ll need to. I don’t know why… but I have this feeling that this whole thing isn’t totally over yet.”


“Yeah… I think this is just the beginning.”

I soon fell asleep, thinking of Jacob; and of Kingsly, and of the Dovers. I thought long and hard about the whole situation, and what had happened. I was never kidnapped again, but my life never really let up in the excitement department.

But that story? That story is for another day.

Chapter 9: Jacob’s Dream

“I’ve been having these weird visions lately… I think I’m losing it. Is it me? Is it, someone else? Is it something else? Where am I? What am I; Do I even know? I suppose not. Is this for real? Am I for real? Who cares anymore? Do I care? How can I, I’m not real!”

The boy spoke oddly to what seemed like no one. He was standing somewhere, and the floor was bright; while the surrounding space was dark. It was black as night, or maybe just a much darker shade of the day. He couldn’t tell. He was still talking though senseless babbling to nobody in particular.

“What’s going on here?” He questioned.

“Are you afraid?”

“Not a chance.”

“Are you sure you’re not afraid?”

“Why would I be scared?”

“Because it’s dark in here, of course.”

“I’m not afraid of the dark!”

“I suppose that’s true, but… aren’t you afraid of what lies INSIDE the dark?”

The voice speaking was ominous, but oddly reminiscent of the voice inside his own head. It was almost like hearing himself talk, only the voice he was hearing made chills go up his spine, and was a tad deeper.

“I know you’re scared Jacob. You always were afraid of the monsters in the dark. They’ve ALWAYS been out to get you, huh?”

“There are NO monsters in the dark!” He yelled.

“Think of all the people you’ve hurt though; your dad and your grandpa? And what about yourself? You don’t think this was all just one big accident, do you?”

“No! But it wasn’t my FAULT!”

“But we both know it was Jacob. YOU know it was!”

“That’s not true! Daddy did what he HAD to do! He only did what was best for us!”

“Really? You think so? How is turning us into a baby ‘beneficial’ to anyone?”

“It makes me feel better!”

“That’s an interesting concept in and of itself, Jacob. But tell me this then; if we’re happy, doesn’t that have to mean someone else is sad?”

“What do you mean?”

“Think about it! If you buy an ice cream cake, and then you eat a piece, that’s a little less for the next guy! When you wet yourself, that dirty diaper has to be changed by SOMEONE, and how do you think THEY feel about it?!”

“It’s their job!”

“But that doesn’t mean they are happy, does it?”

“Well, I guess not…”

“Your happiness is always another’s sadness or hate, remember that.”

“If you’re saying it I WILL remember it.”

“Your still naive little one. Note that just because you play all day, doesn’t mean that I can’t have some fun once in a while.”

“I already told you, you’re not coming out to play any more after the LAST time!”

“If you insist on hiding me, be my guest! Just remember that that makes me angry.”

“You’re not going to hurt anyone anymore!”

“I wouldn’t be so quick to use the word HURT like that… think of it more as protecting our collective asses, as your dad would say.”

“He did used to say that a lot…”

“Be cautious little one. I’ll see you again one day. And I’ll give you a little time out if I think you need it.”


[h=1]Chapter 11: Adoption[/h]

“Um, how about an order of two pancakes, and for my drink I’ll have some- chocolate milk!” I said to the waitress who was taking our orders. She smiled.

“Alright then! I’ll be back soon with your breakfast!” She replied. She walked away, placing the notepad she had been writing our orders on in a small holster hanging from her belt.

“You know, I think this is the first time since you were three that we all had breakfast together at Denny’s!” My dad spoke.

“Oh my word, I remember that! Tristian spilled all of his vanilla milkshake and we had to get him a new one so he would stop crying!” She reminisced, laughing a little. I and my father chuckled along.

“Tristian, don’t spill your chocolate milk!” He warned me jokingly. I giggled.

“So, what do we have planned for today?” I asked him.

“Oh, you’ll see!” My mother teased.

“Come on, please tell me!” I begged.

“Nu-uh, not going to happen kiddo!” My dad said, wagging his finger at me. I pouted a little, but remained silent. Then something caught my eye. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see a TV monitor hanging on the wall above an uninhabited table just across the room. I turned my head to look at it. I leaned back and sunk down into my seat once I saw it. Then, of course, someone just had to go and do something I didn’t want them to.

“Hey, turn that up Hun!” I heard a women say. There was a man and a woman just to the right of the uninhabited table, whom I neglected to notice. A man, also sitting at the same table, got up, reaching for the TV; just barely reaching the volume buttons. He pressed one of the buttons, which actually made the TV’s volume decrease, so he pushed another button. The volume went up, and then when the entire diner could hear the TV, he sat back down.

My father rolled his eyes, grumbling the phrase “Some people.” My mom just looked back to her breakfast. But I was hooked on the TV. Mostly because of what was on. The news, of course! I listened intently to the hanging screen, paying close attention to every word. It was of my recent kidnapping. There hadn’t been any news reports about it since the actual day of the kidnapping, and few days following; so I never really got to see any coverage of what had happened.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I’m Adam Bachewsky”

“And I’m Wolf Van Dyk.”

“Today we are taking a quick look back at this past week’s top story; the kidnapping of Tristian Hawk.”

“That’s right Adam, and as it seems now, the story is still unfolding, correct?”

“Yes it is Wolf. It seems that an official court date has been announced, regarding two conspirators of this kidnapping; Nick and Terri Anella. This will be taking place roughly two month from now, on April thirteenth.”

As I heard this, I clenched my fist. Then I looked back to my parents, who were now watching the monitor as intensely as I was. The broadcast continued.

“For those of you who do not know anything about the kidnapping, here is a short overview of what happened. Last Friday, The thirteenth of February, Tristian Hawk was kidnapped from his home on the island around four or o’clock in the afternoon. He was then taken to the house of Terri and Nick Anella, whom attempted to regress the young boy mentally to the age of a toddler.”

As they said this, I began to get a little worried. How in the hell did these people know so much? The only people I had talked about this to were the police, and my parents. Now, I had seen a few camera trucks patrolling our streets, and one time they even knocked on our door, but we never talked to the press; knowing about confidentiality, made me realize that it was most likely the police who had a leak of information regarding my kidnapping. I was a bit infuriated to say the least, but I continued to watch.

“Afterwards, Tristian was taken to a small hospital located only fifty miles from his home. The small hospital was run by William Dover, a wealthy business tycoon who had a monopoly on nuclear power. There, his regression had furthered. In the end of all this though, laid a shootout, covered live by this very news channel. At this shoot out, William Dover and his son, William Dover Junior, as well as Winston Kingsly of palm bay Florida, were all shot and killed.”

I gulped a little right then and there. The news station had cut to the news feed from that day. I watched closely as I saw Kingsly fall to the ground, I just side stepping to get away from the toppling dark skinned giant of a man. I felt odd though. I didn’t feel like I was watching the news feed, I felt like I was there again.

“Currently, Tristian is back home with his family safe and sound.”

That was all that my dad could take. He walked over to the TV, and changed the channel just as our pictures came up on the news feed. At that moment, we got a few odd glares. I began to hear people talk in hushed tones. When my dad came back and sat down, our waitress returned, brining all of our food and drinks. I ate my hotcakes and drank my chocolate milk, though, I did almost spill it. My mom ate her waffles and my father his Texas style toast, as well as some sausages. When we finished, we left thirty dollars on the table, and left. We didn’t want any more attention right now. When we got into the car I hopped in the back. We had a minivan, though that never made any sense to me. Why have a big car like that, when we could have something smaller? I suppose it was just ‘suburban friendly’ is all. When I got into the back, I sat down in a child seat. It had a small, but thick bar that came around the front with a tray and a couple of buckles. My father hopped in the front, starting the car and turning on the heat. It was a bit of a colder day; and somewhat depressing. There was a thick layer of clouds in the sky, leaving not one spot untouched by their gray beauty. It was a frigid day as well. The temperature couldn’t have been over forty degrease, and with the wind chill, it felt like it was less than twenty. Though, it is needless to say that my parents and I were dressed in our winter attire. I was in my black boots and insulated jeans, as well as my sweater, which was covering my long-sleeved onesie. My mother had found it online and shipped it with the overnight delivery option. Not a bad deal either. My father was in his usual sweater vest and long sleeved shirt, with his signature dress pants and shoes; whilst my mother wore some girly purplish sort of clothes. They had white snowflakes, and too me, it seemed very tacky. After I was buckled in, and given an embarrassing kiss on the cheek, she proceeded to close the sliding door and hopped into the passenger’s side seat next to my dad. We waited there for a few minutes in silence, waiting for the car to properly warm up. I looked to my father to see if I could tell what he was thinking. The expression on his face told me that I would find out in patience, though, I had not been blessed with such an illustrious virtue.

“Dada, can you please tell me where we’re going?” I asked him, giving him my impression of the puppy dog eyes.

“Twi Twi, can you please just be patient?” He mocked, chuckling. And of course my mom had to chime in.

“Aw, is little Twi Twi upset because daddy won’t tell him where we are going? Awwww!” My mother cooed me mockingly. She had been doing that lately, a lot. Baby talking me as a joke, though, at times it felt a little malicious. That said, whenever she did it, I couldn’t help but to blush and giggle a little bit. After our little giggle fest ended, we pulled out of the parking spot. Upon leaving the parking lot, I noticed our direction. We were going left instead of right. To the right was home, but to the left, I knew, was my birthday present. I began to feel a bit of angst in my car seat. I had just had pancakes, and with pancakes, came the syrup. Syrup, as everyone knows, has sugar; and I was sugar sensitive. Not severely, or even mildly, but I was still sugar sensitive. I began to feel a bit of a twinge in my right leg. It was annoying, and restless. I tried to reach down and poke a pressure point on my leg to try and make it stop, but the tray of the seat prevented me from doing so. I squirmed a bit and whined some, before my mom shoved my paci in my mouth and told me to behave. I did so with stride, but I also pouted some. I watched out the window, reading every sign and each bumper sticker that passed. It was odd though. I didn’t really feel all that babyish, even sucking on my pacifier. I suppose something was missing, or I just wasn’t in the mood. After contemplating it for a short time though, I determined that it was anxiety and the news cast that made me feel the way I was feeling at the time.

As we continued driving down obscure roads, I knew that my dad was trying to confuse me as to where exactly we were going. Eventually though, we pulled onto a main road, and clearly in the distance, I could see a fabulous site. The mall! Ah, the mall; such a beautiful place, stores all around and people bustling. The crowded places and the food court; all of it was just gloriously chaotic. But then we got into the parking lot. There were many available spots, but we didn’t even go near them! I assumed that we were simply going to go around to the other side, since that’s where some of my favorite stores were located, but instead we pulled up to the curb.

“How long do you think you’re going to take?” My mother asked my father.

“Oh, probably around a half hour or so there.” He responded.

“Got it. Pick me back up here then when you get back.” She said. Then my mother looked back to me. “I love you sweetie, be good.” She said, blowing me a kiss; which I pretended to catch and put in my pocket. She and I giggled, as she shut the car door, walking into the mall with her purse in hand. My dad then began to drive off again, going back onto the main roads. I took my pacifier out of my mouth, putting it down on the tray in front of me. Once again, I HAD to ask my dad where we were going.

“Dad? Can you please tell me where we’re going?” I asked.

“We will be there in a little bit son, okay? Just be patient.” He said, sighing. I pouted, but sat back and waited as we drove more. Eventually after what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at an odd looking building. I saw a cross up on top of it, and it had big metal gates. There was no sign to indicate it to be anything more than a church. Now, I have nothing against Christians or Catholics, or anybody of any religion; but I never really cared for it. Neither did the rest of my family, which only made me ask my father the question; “why are we here of all places?” To this, he smiled.

“To pick up one of your birthday gifts.” He chuckled at me, unbuckling me from my seat. I made sure to grab my pacifier and put it in my pants’ pocket before exiting the vehicle. I held my father’s hand tightly as we approached the gates. He pushed them open with little trouble, and continued to walk down a narrow stone path. We walked up to the door and knocked. After a few moments or so an old women greeted us.

“Why hello there mister Hawk! How good it is you’ve come!” She spoke. She had a British accent, but there was just a hint of Irish in it. She was wearing what looked to be a traditional nun’s uniform; Black with white, and one of those things that covered the top of her head. I always found those to be an interesting article of clothing.

“Yes, it’s good to be here Sister O’Doyle.” He replied. She then led us inside of the place. I realized quickly though that it was not a church, but an orphanage. It was depressing to say the least. It wasn’t like what I ever imagined it to be though. The kids who passed by seemed distraught and filled with emotion, but their clothes seemed to be very modern. They didn’t have ratty sneakers or coal marks on their cheeks, but instead seemed well bathed, and nourished. It was- surprising to say the least. After a short walk, we came upon an office with the name of the nun whom had greeted us printed upon it. She opened the door, and led us in. We were made to sit down in some chairs in front of a large wooden desk. After we all sat down and got comfy, and I use the term lightly, the sister began to spoke.

“Well Mister Hawk, it seems that everything is in order, do you have the documents that needed to be filled out?” She asked. My father stood up, reached down into his back pocket, and pulled out a few folded sheets of paper. He handed them to the nun, who looked over them for a few brief moments. She nodded every few seconds, and then smiled. “Very good sir, everything seems to be in order. If you will just wait here a moment, I’ll go fetch your new family member.” She said cheerfully. When she left the room, I turned to my father with bewilderment.

“Dad? What in the heck are you doing?!” I asked.

“I’m just getting you a birthday gift is all; and I’m also saving his life.” He said simply. He sighed, and adjusted himself in the chair. I just stared at him, watching his eyes as he glared into oblivion, taking not a single note of my distraught face and emotions.

Several minutes later, the nun returned. As I heard the door knob click, I spun around in my seat. I saw her open the door, and step in. She stopped dead as soon as she stepped into the room; then immediately side stepped to the left. Who I saw standing in the doorway then was- Jacob. I looked at him, and he looked at me. I got up from my seat, and walked over to him. He didn’t seem to be doing all that bad, though; he looked a bit depressed. That’s what happens when those who are close to you die; despite your relationship with them. I poked him in his gut just a tiny bit causing him to giggle. Then he poked me back, causing me to giggle. I couldn’t believe what was happening!

“Jacob- is this a dream?” I asked him .

“Nah, I don’t think so!” He said. Then, of course; he pinched me.

“Ow! What was that for?!” I barked.

“Well, you were wondering if it was a dream silly!” He giggled. I could tell by the way he was acting now that his depression had simply vanished. It was like I was a ray of light on a cloudy day. I couldn’t help but to pinch him back, causing him to flinch, and then tackle hug me. I fell to the floor with a thud, but laughed all the same.

“Dad, can we keep him?” I asked jokingly.

“Ugh, you know, you really are a handful.” He sighed, putting the palm of his hand up to his face. The nun was smiling now, and she seemed to be having the time of her life simply watching the two of us be happy. I then stood up, and reached my hand down to where Jacob was. Jacob swung his hand towards mine, both hands locking the second they touched; as I pulled and helped him stand up. Once up, we both looked to my dad. I couldn’t help but shed a tear as I knew that Jacob was coming home with us.

“See? Told you I knew just what to do!” My dad winked at me. Jacob and I smiled back.
After a brief chat with the nun about how ‘spectacular’ it was that we had decided to adopt Jacob, and a quick spot of some jasmine tea, we were sent on our way. It seemed almost nostalgic having Jacob right next to me again. I’d only known him for a brief time, but there was something about him that just made me addicted to him, per-say. His eyes weren’t filled with hate, or doubt, or anything of the sort. They were filled with love, and caring. He truly was a human being that knew what mattered, no matter what. Once we got into the car, I decided to not sit in the toddler seat. Being that our car was a minivan, it had third row seating, which was perfect. I decided to sit right next to Jacob in the back. He was simply ecstatic about being next to me again. Once we both buckled ourselves in, my dad started up the car, and began to drive.

“Tristian! I can’t believe that I get to live at your house! Ah man, this is so super-duper cool!” He stated.

“Yeah, it is!” I replied to him. “Dad! How did you adopt Jacob so quick and stuff?” I asked my father.

“Well, you see son, the Chief of police ran the investigation on your kidnapping, and is the husband of that nun you met. The police chief and I talked it over, and sped things up a bit so that your mother and I could adopt Jacob. We wanted to do something good for somebody outside our family for a change, so we decided to adopt Jacob.” He said, calmly explaining in the simplest of manners how all of this could even begin to transpire.

I smiled back at Jacob and relaxed. He soon put his head on my shoulder and yawned. I knew he was tired, and in all honesty; I was too. I began to lay my head on the top of Jacobs head, and I shut my eyes. In what seemed to be a fraction of a second, I woke up. I wasn’t groggy, or sleepy, or even cranky. It felt as though no time had passed. When I looked around though, I saw that I was in my room. I looked to my right towards the wall, and saw Jacob lying there, asleep. I smiled contently and began to stretch. I looked at his sleeping body and couldn’t help but think that he looked cute. But, that sleeping cuteness would have to end, I realized. I heard voices coming from downstairs, and then I remembered what day it was.

“Crap, my party!” I said softly to myself.

I shook Jacob lightly, causing him to turn; so I shook him again, this time a little bit harder. Finally, he woke up. He looked over at me and smiled. “Hwi Twistan…” He said in a babyish tone. I giggled a bit.

“Hey, Jacob, Come on, we got to get up.” I told him. As I sat up, I took noticed of my diaper’s condition. Soaked. I looked at Jacob, who also sat up, and I took the liberty of putting my hand under the blanket to feel the front of his diaper. He too, was soaked. He blushed a bit. In response to this, I got up, grabbed two diapers from my drawer; and pulled the blanket off of him. I set the two on the bed. After laying him straight and making him hold his legs up, I untapped Jacob’s wet diaper. He was absolutely DRENCHED. I went back to the drawer, after placing his wet diaper in a small trash can that had been put into my room for diapers, and grabbed a few baby wipes. He gurgled cutely as I wiped him down, but smiled widely once I taped up his new diaper. This diaper was significantly thicker than the diaper he had been wearing, and had a few babyish qualities to it. He obviously enjoyed this greatly, because the smile on his face was priceless. I then took the second diaper and put it down on my bed near my pillow, but I didn’t lie down. Jacob looked at me oddly.

“Why aren’t you getting ready for your change?” He asked bluntly. I started digging through my drawers.

“’Cause I have to have my mom do it. She said that only she and my dad could change me.” I replied to him, taking out a pair of black sweat pants. Then I thought for a second about what I was about to grab. I needed to look cool for my party! So I put the pair of pants back, and pulled out much cooler looking black, baggy jeans. I slid them on over my wet diaper.

“That’s a silly rule!” He said smiling. I smiled back a bit at him. Nothing ever seemed to get to this kid! Not that I was ever trying to bring him down, but most of the time that I’ve known Jacob, he never was upset… well, mostly never.

I pulled the pants on, and then examined my shirt. It was a black T-shirt, and a little baggy, but in the cool kind of way. I opened my door and began to walk downstairs. Jacob followed close behind me. “Jacob, don’t you think you should get some pants on?” I asked him.

“Huh? Oh. I don’t know’. We’re inside, and your house is hot!” He complained. He was right. Even in a T-shirt, I did feel a little warm.

“But Jacob, we have guests! Are you sure you don’t want to put something on?”

“Well, I would but I don’t think you have anything that would fit me right anyways! Your smaller than I am!” He said.

“Only by a couple of inches though; that’s not much. Listen Jacob, just go wait in my room for a minute, and I’ll be back with my mom, okay?” I offered.

“Okay, sounds good!” Jacob said, smiling and putting his thumb up in an attempt to compliment what he had said verbally with a physical action. He ran back to my room, and I couldn’t help but notice that he really was just a big toddler. It was strange, but I didn’t mind.

I walked past a couple of rooms, and then downstairs, past the foyer and into the kitchen, where I saw my mother and father talking with the nun from before, and a police officer. Immediately I rubbed my still sleepy eyes from the bright kitchen lights. My mother noticed me first.

“Oh Tristian; you’re up! Come here and say hello to mister and Mrs. O’Doyle! Mr. O’doyle is the chief of police here in town!” She stated. After my eyes grew somewhat accustom to the light, I shook the Irishman’s hand.

“Please to meet you sir…” I said groggily. I was groggy all of a sudden. For some reason I felt super energetic around Jacob just moments before, but now all that energy was gone. It was strange to say the least.

“Well hello to you too young man! It’s good to see you home with your family again!” He said cheerfully. “I would have brought a gift, but I forgot it was your birthday! I’ll stop by tomorrow with a gift though!” He said.

“Oh no no no no sir! That’s just too generous! You’ve done so much for our boy already!” My father replied.

“Nonsense! Every lad deserves a gift on his birthday! But sadly I must be going. Me and the misses have reservations at a restaurant in the center of town tonight, and I’d hate to be late and miss it. Besides, I heard that someone’s friends will be here any minute!” He chuckled. I looked at the clock. It was just about six o’clock, and my party officially started at, six o’clock! Assuming that the first person was going to be ‘fashionably’ late, I had only about ten or so minutes.

“Mom, I kind of need your help upstairs for a second…” I asked shyly.

[h=1]Chapter 12: Birthday of Solace[/h]

It was just after my diaper change, and Jacob’s quick change into some clothes that fit him, that we heard a ring downstairs. Jacob and I darted out of my room, and went to open the door. Of course this entire time my house had been decorated with streamers and balloons, so it definitely looked like a party. When I opened the door, I found several people standing there.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISTIAN!” They screamed. I laughed and let each one of them in. In order, there was AJ, a bit of a gruff eleventh grader, Geremy, his best friend, Rebecca, and her father Justin.

As I let each person in, I noticed that they were all bundled up. It was only the twentieth of February, but for some reason, it was snowing! I loved the snow, and it had never snowed on my birthday before! This made me as happy as could be, and as each person took off their coats and shoes, I couldn’t help but giggle. The reason being was that Jacob was only capable of looking on in astonishment. After a quick hello to each person, we all sat down on the couch. Each year at my parties, we always had a tradition of catching up with those we hadn’t seen in a while. It just made conversation easier on everybody, and it usually stirred up funny stories that AJ and Geremy had!

“So Tristian, who’s your friend?” AJ asked, pointing to Jacob.

“That’s Jacob! He’s my newest friend, and my new brother.” I stated.

“Brother?” Rebecca asked.

“Yeah, we adopted him.” I said. Jacob looked at me sort of funny then; mostly because I’d just called him my brother.

“Wow, what made you do that?” AJ asked.

“Well, it goes a little something like this…” I started. It took me about a half hour to tell the story of what exactly happened to me. I didn’t go into detail on a few things, as one might assume, but I didn’t enhance the truth any either.

“So that’s pretty much it…” I stated.

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” Geremy asked. “They seriously did that to you?!”

“Well, yeah! I know your dads were on the news reporting it this morning.” I reminded them.

“Like hell we watch the news!” Geremy joked.

“Yeah yeah yeah!” Rebecca sighed. “So Tristian… you wear, you know…” She asked awkwardly, pointing down at my pants. I noticed that there WAS a slight bulge from the diaper there.

“Yeah- partially because I like it, and partially because I have to.” I said. “After what Dover did to me…” I started.

“Tristian, relax! Come on, let’s play some games!” Jacob suggested.

After about an hour more of playing games, my mother decided that it was time to open presents, and eat cake. I got some games from Geremy and AJ and some new clothes from Rebecca. But the real surprise was later on, after everybody left!

Once each person had gone home, Jacob and I was called into my parent’s bedroom.

“Boys, we have to give you your gifts!” My father said.

“But it’s not my birthday, is it?” Jacob asked.

“No sweetie, but we want to make you feel at home anyways.” She said. We were made to lie in bed with my parents, and just relax. This was most certainly a treat for me, since I hadn’t slept in my parent’s bed since I was little. I suppose the gift was relaxation, something I hadn’t had in a while now. Jacob and I were given bottles, and passed out.

[h=1]Chapter 13: Return to the Present[/h]

As I finished reminiscing, Jacob grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the couch into a standing position.

“Come on Tristian! We’re going to be late!” He warned. I turned off the T.V quickly, put on my sneakers, and walked out the door being towed by Jacob. He was VERY enthusiastic this morning, even more so then usual. He continued to pull me playfully, and all I did was smile and walk on with him. His attire was a bit different in comparison to mine. His sneakers had Velcro straps, and Spiderman designs. His clothes matched this, having a red and blue motif’ to them. He had a Red shirt and a Blue hoodie; both sporting Spiderman apparel. He also donned red sweat pants, which didn’t do too much of a job hiding his diaper. Then again, he seemed to go more often than I did, so I supposed that having quickly removable pants was just something that he needed. He did look a bit silly, being as big as he was in such clothing, but then again, it could have been worse! Could have been walking down the street in a diaper and nothing else!

As I thought this, I giggled a bit. For some reason, Jacob giggled too. We finally reached the bus stop. Our bus stop was probably the closest to school, but since it was still a bit chilly out, I thought that we should ride the bus. We were the last pickup, and first drop-off on our busses’ schedule, so it made the ride much easier to bear. There were only two other people at our bus stop; AJ, and Geremy. I let go of Jacob’s hand and let him run up the the bus stop. His backpack featured the Hulk, and I noticed and odd keychain around it. I didn’t remember my parents buying it for him, so I wondered where it came from.

Jacob ran up and gave AJ and Geremy a hug. Geremy sighed, and AJ just looked shocked.

“Jacob, it’s too early in the morning for this. I forgot my coffee.” Geremy explained. Jacob let go and smiled, as I walked up and greeted AJ and Ger.

“Yeah, but a morning hug is ALWAYS a good day starter!” Jacob said, smiling and holding up two fingers, making the peace sign.

“Yeah, well, we got shit to do today.” Geremy said, somewhat coldly.

“What kind of stuffs?” Jacob asked.

Geremy and AJ were beginning to get used to how Jacob spoke, and the way his personality was. Due to this, they finally came up with a proper response for the young lad.

“Sorry kiddo, it’s, err- big boy stuff!” AJ replied to the boy.

“Oh, okay…” Jacob said, pouting slightly. I patted him on his head and ruffled his fluffy hair.

“Don’t worry Jacob. Knowing AJ and Geremy, we will wind up helping them with whatever it is they have cooked up for today SOME time or another!” I joked.

“And just what is that supposed to mean?” Geremy asked, as the bus pulled up.

“”Oh, nothing; just that you two always manage to screw SOMETHING up!” I teased. Jacob giggled, and started rushing to the bus. I put my arm out in front of him, stopping him. HE looked at me oddly as I let AJ and Geremy go first.

“They’re seniors, and you’re new. Stay behind me, and just relax. ‘Kay?” I asked.

“Okay, I guess….” He replied softly. He sort of tensed up as I walked onto the bus, and I don’t blame him. The bus driver gave him a funny look as he entered, and all we were able to hear was hushed whispers from kids the moment they saw me. I walked to the middle of the bus, and held my arms out, ushering Jacob into the seat. He instinctively took off his backpack and sat down, placing it on the black, cold floor of the February morning bus in front of him. I went and sat right next to him, consoling him, just as the bus started moving.

“Relax, it’s alright bro.” I assured him. He nodded and loosened up a bit. I wasn’t sure what everybody knew at the moment about me, or of Jacob.

“Welcome back Tristian!” I heard from the seat beside me. It was a boy from my science class; which took place first period.

“Hey, thanks! It’s good to be back!” I replied.

“I bet, after all that everyone’s been saying, I bet you must be nervous?”

I flinched slightly. Not any major part of my body, though. My right eyebrow sort of went up, and then down again in a flash.

“What have people been saying?” I asked him.

“Well, you know! That the feds took you and stuff, and made you crap yourself a bunch as punishment for downloading illegal songs!” He replied. Jacob burst out into hysterical laughing, as did AJ and Geremy, who had been eavesdropping a few seats back.

I sighed. “No, the feds didn’t kidnap me for anything! Don’t you watch the news?” I questioned.

“Oh, well that’s just what Josh told me, right Josh?” The kid asked the boy who was sitting next to him. The boy started laughing.

“Dude, do you know what a JOKE and SARCASM is?” He yelled. At this point, everyone else was talking again; probably about me, so his yelling only blended with the rest of the chatter.

“Oh come on! You suck!” The boy joked, giving josh a slight punch in the shoulder.

“And hey, who’s the new kid?” The boy asked.

Jacob immediately popped out from behind me, smiling happily.

“I’m Jacob! I’m Twi’s new brother!” He replied.

“Oh, hi Jacob. Twi?” The boy asked, questioning the validity of my new nick name. I shrugged.

“Yeah, it’s his nick name for me. I don’t know; he likes it, so I guess that means I do!” I explained.

“Oh… hey, are you two wearing di"- The boy said, his mouth being covered by Josh.

“Haven’t you heard the saying; don’t ask a masked man who is, because THAT’S why he’s wearing the mask?” Josh let go of the other boy.

“Yeah, I have! But I don’t think that’s meant for this situation.” He said, trying to reason out the saying.

“Yeah, but pants are just another kind of mask!” Josh said, bopping the other boy on the head.

“Alright, alright! Jeez… so what happened then?

“It’s a long story…” I said, rubbing the back of my head nervously.

“Oh. Well could you tell me? I know captain asshole over there won’t tell me the right version; might as well hear it from the source!” He said. I couldn’t argue with that statement. Hearing the story coming from me was probably the best thing I could ask for. It would clear up any and all misconceptions that people on the bus would hear, assuming they were listening, which I was fairly sure there were.

“Well, it’s like this…” I said, trailing on till we got to the school. I left out the parts about the diapers and regression, but I left in all the key parts. Some were harder to talk about then others, but it was okay.

The bus finally stopped at the school. It had only taken around 10 or so minutes, but that was only because of all the cars on the road that particular morning. Jacob, of course, was feeling A LOT of angst. He looked as though he was a druggy, who hadn’t had their morning crack.

“Jacob, relax! We still have about five or six minutes till we have to go to class once we are inside the building!” I said, as the bus came to a stop and everybody stood up.

“I know I know! But I want to meet my teacher!” He said excitedly.

“This is high school; you’ll have quite a few teachers. “ I explained.

“Oh, okay. That’s really cool!” He smiled. I giggled a bit at his joy, and felt almost as giddy as he did; assuming that anyone COULD be as happy and giddy as he did. One by one, kids lined up and walked off the bus. Jacob made sure to grab his backpack before standing in line behind me. Unfortunately, the seniors behind us got a little rowdy, and pushed forward a bit, knocking my lower body into Josh, who was standing in front of me.

“Sorry! My bad!” I apologized, regaining my lost balance.

“It’s-err, okay.” Josh said.

“Ummm… so I guess you really are….” He muttered. He walked forward and got off the bus before I really had a chance to ask him what he meant. I was pretty sure I did, but I wasn’t sure. My pants did do an okay job at masking my diaper, but even still, I looked a bit ‘puffy’ in that region.

I walked off the bus with Jacob in tow. At this point, the boy really didn’t surprise me much, but it did feel kind of odd for him to be holding onto my backpack the entire way to class. When we finally got in a less crowded hallway, the one in which our lockers were in, I stopped and looked back at him.

“Jacob, you don’t HAVE to stay right behind me in school, you can stand next to me.” I explained to him. He simply nodded and let go of my backpack. I walked down just a bit to my locker, which was decorated with present wrap. It was something people in High school do. You go to school on your birthday, or right after, and your locker is decorated like a big present. A big, rectangular present with books in it, that is. My dad had made a deal with the principal before we enrolled Jacob to the school. Jacob had gotten the locker right below mine, and all of his classes were the same as mine. According to the principal, Jacob DID have an academic record. One which showed he was more than qualified to be in the classroom with kids his own age. This was something that sort of caught me off guard when my dad first said it, but I remained vigilant and cheered about how he was going to be in all my classes.

I unlocked my locker quickly.

“1-1-7” I mumbled extremely quietly to myself. I opened up my locker and got three text books. One for Science, one for English, and one for Social Studies. Jacob already had his books in his backpack, which must have been VERY heavy. I kneeled down and looked back to Jacob, who stared at me blankly.

“Let me see your backpack and unlock this for you, you’re going to need to know how to do this anyway.” I explained.

“Okay Twi!” He cheered. He knelt down right next to me, and pulled out a sheet of paper.

“Your dad said to give this to you when we got to school!” He said. It was his locker combination.

“Okay Jacob, you ready to learn something useful?” I joked.

“Yeah!” He said. I turned the knob to the right. “7.” Then to the left. “7.” Then I turned it right. “27.” I then showed him how to push in the knob, and pull open the locker. He smiled in sheer awe at the simple, yet complex method of opening such a small space. I put in all hi other books, into the locker that he wouldn’t need till after lunch.

“Okay Jacob, you get it?” I inquired. He nodded softly, and stood up. He did as U did and stood up, making sure to close both of our lockers. I turned down the hallway, which was now getting rather crowded, and walked down it. Jacob stood right next to me, dodging the incoming human traffic. I made a left, and walked six doors down the hallway.

“Okay Jacob, this is our first class. Miss Dunphy! She’s our science teacher, ‘kay?”

“Alrighty! I like science!” He stated.

“Good, so do I.”

We walked into the classroom, only to have everybody gasp. I assumed it was because I was finally back, but then again, it could have been because Jacob looked like an overgrown toddler.

“Tristian!” Miss Dunphy called out, running up to me, giving me a hug. I hugged her back shyly. She often hugged her students, which was okay with me; for the most part anyways. She had blond hair, and was only just out of her Training. This was her first year teaching, and she was very friendly.

“Hi Miss Dunphy.” I replied, letting go of her.

“I am SO glad you are okay!” She said.

“Psh! Of COURSE I would be okay!” I said sarcastically.

“Well, you certainly seem to be your old self. And is this Jacob?” She asked, turning to him. Jacob nodded shyly and blushed a little bit.

“Well welcome to my class Jacob! You can take the seat right over there!” She said, pointing to a seat three to the left, and one forward in relation to mine. He started walking to his seat, and I started walking to mine. But Jacob stopped the second he saw me go to my seat.

“Twi! Why are you going over there?” He questioned with a slight whine.

“Because that’s where my seat is?” I mused.

“Why can’t you sit over here?” He asked, walking up to me.

“Listen, Jacob, the seats next to me are taken by other student’s, okay? Listen, I’ll be right over here, okay? I’m not leaving the room, okay?” I consoled him. He sniffled a little bit.


“Good. Now you see the board? All of this morning’s instructions are up there. So just take out your text book, and your notebook.” I explained.

“Alright…” He pouted, walking over to his seat. He put his backpack down on the chair, and pulled out a notebook, and his textbook. But instead of taking one of the many pencils or pens in his backpack that I KNEW were in there, he removed a blue crayon. I sighed, but took out all of my things for the day, as we both sat down in our own seats.

After a few minutes, all the students, including the boy form the bus, and Josh, came into the room. There was a loud ring, and then two more that followed. “Good morning students! Will you all please stand for the pledge of allegiance?”

Everyone stood, including Jacob. He followed what everyone else did, but he didn’t know the pledge. Some students stared at him and others at me. Today was a double trouble kind of day. On the one hand, I was back from being freshly kidnapped. On the other, Jacob was the new kid, wearing toddler clothes and Spiderman Velcro shoes. It was like two famous people had walked into the school and started attending classes there! It felt good to get the attention, I’ll admit, but it also felt awkward. After the announcements were over, we all sat down. Miss Dunphy started to talk.

“Relativity; It’s all around us. Each and every one of you has a relative distance, and speed. Can anyone answer the question on the daily question board?” She asked. We all cocked our heads to the right, looking at the chalk board on the right side of the room.

“You are a pitcher on the back of a large truck. The truck is traveling at a constant speed of 50 miles per hour, and heading down the highway in a straight line. Your coach and your team’s catcher are also on the truck. You throw a ball to him at 100 miles per hour. How fast is the ball going relative to your coach, also standing on the truck? How fast would the ball be traveling relative to a person standing on the ground as the truck passes?”

Jacob immediately raised his hands. Everyone started to murmur.

“Yes, Jacob?” Miss Dunphy said, picking him.

“The ball would be traveling 100 miles welative to the coach guy, and 150 to the person on the ground.” He said, his teenage style talking still not very developed yet. Obviously though, he was very skilled in science.

“Impressive mister….” She started, looking down at her roster list. “Hawk.” She finished. She went back and double checked her sheet, being sure she didn’t just read my last name and his first. She hadn’t.

It was a long day after that. Nearly every question asked, Jacob knew right away. “He’s just a big toddler though!” I thought to myself. I knew all of these answers too, but it took me just a SECOND longer to figure them out. Jacob was surprisingly quiet for the first half of the day, that is, until lunch. After having him switch his books out for our later classes, we made the ceremonial trip to the lunch room. Jacob stood in awe, gawking at the sheer magnificence of it all. There were a lot of different lunch lines, each for different things; not to mention the hundred or so students in the lunch room, all chatting. Jacob grabbed my hand and started running and laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh myself, as he run up to a line. He pointed to the sign above the line.

“Chicken!” He yelled, causing a few heads to turn. I giggled.

“Yeah, this is the chicken nugget line. You can also get a side of fries, and chocolate milk.” I explained to him.

“Chocolate milk!?” He asked loudly. I nodded, and his mouth watered.

“Twi Twi, I think I’m in love with your school!” He said. When it was finally our turn, I grabbed me and Jacob our lunch, nodded to the lunch lady, and walked away. Jacob looked at me oddly.

“Twi? How come those other people had to pay money?” He asked.

“Well, my dad made some… contributions to the school.” I said, pointing to a plasma screen TV mounted on one of the walls. “And there is another one up in the library now. So I get free lunch. And so do you!” I smiled. I usually never sat with anyone in particular, but I thought that, for once in my life, I’d start being gutsy. I walked over to the table where Josh was, Jacob in my stead.

“Hey, can we sit with you?’ I asked. He and a few other people looked at each other.

“Yeah, sure! Go ahead!” A girl said, speaking up. Me and Jacob took two seats, and sat down our trays. Jacob immediately began to scarf down his food, making a little bit of a mess.

“Aw! You’re just too cute!” one of the girls gawked at Jacob. “How old are you?”

“15.” He replied, gulping down some of his nuggets.

“Aw, but you look like your 10!” She cooed, making him blush.

Jacob just kept on eating, the girl being simply infatuated with his toddler like charm.

“Hey, Hawk.” Josh said.

“What is it?”

“After school today, are you doing anything?” He asked.

“Not that I’m aware of! I got homework, and I got to"- I stopped mid-sentence, about to say that I would have to change Jacob when I got home. “Um, do some chores.” I said, catching myself.

“Right… Well, if you want some help with those chores, I don’t have anything really going on today either…” He explained.

I caught his drift. He must have wanted to come over my house for one reason or another, but I couldn’t quite figure out why. I nodded. “Well, I’ll have to ask my mom and dad, but I’m just going to say maybe for right now.” I responded.

“Alright, sounds good”- He started, being cut off. The entire cafeteria went silent. I looked over at the wall with the TV monitor, which was very close to the table we were sitting. I saw two VERY familiar faces. Someone went up and turned the volume to maximum.

“Hey everybody, how the fuck are you?” AJ asked. Everyone in the cafeteria started screaming out answers.

“Well, we don’t fucking care!” Geremy said. Everyone laughed. I felt my adrenaline rushing. Then I realized something. “No way in hell is that just coming from the TV!” I thought. I got up, and grabbed Jacob’s hand, walking into the hallway; past the hysteric mobs of laughing students. Sure enough, the loudspeakers were all active, and blaring. I started walking, Jacob talking to me loudly as I did.

“Twi twi, where are we going?” He questioned.

“Into the belly of the beast.”


I sighed. “We are going to go see what the hell AJ and Geremy are up too.”

As we walked, the two kept talking, and the faint sound of rap music could be heard in the background.

“So, as you all know, I and Ger here LOVE to screw with shit. So today, we are bringing down…” He said. “4-Chan.” I stopped dead in my tracks, bursting out in laughter. I heard nearly every student in the school laughing up a storm.

“The /b/ must be stopped! And this is the ONLY way to do it!” He said. Finally, we came to a locked door to a set of stairs I knew quite well. I opened an unlocked locker and lifted up a small piece of paper, revealing a key. I took the key and unlocked the door. I saw the light on, and closed the door as I stepped on the stairs, making sure Jacob was there with me. I locked the door back up. Me and Jacob walked down the stairs, and turned toward the light, only to see two VERY sneaky masterminds sitting there, talking into a camera.

“And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!” Geremy said. AJ turned a computer screen towards the camera. Jacob and I hid behind two large boxes, our eyes peeking out to watch the spectacle. The screen had up some sort of coding, and a lot of numbers. Then he changed the screen over to the 4-chan homepage. He signed in. Then, he opened up some kind of folder on the computer. In a matter of five, grueling minutes, AJ and Geremy Smiled.

“Now, let’s see what this means for those of you who actually LIKE 4 Chan!” AJ said. He turned another computer screen around, and opened up the internet. He typed in the website URL, and on the site… was nothing. It wouldn’t load. “We just deleted, EVERY account on 4 Chan, AND took it down! The URL has been corrupted, so good luck getting it back you pedos!” Geremy said. Then they cut the feed.

“Tristian, Jacob.” Geremy said. “Get out of here while you still can. The security guards are going to be here in 5 minutes, according to the cameras.” I and Jacob stood up, making ourselves visible now.

“What? How do you know that?” I asked.

“JUST GO!” He yelled. Me and Jacob got up, and ran out, unlocking the door. I tossed down the key. “Take good care of that.” I muttered. Jacob giggled and we ran back to the cafeteria.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Jacob continued getting answers right and I continued getting strange looks. Once the day was done, and we had collected our homework, we left the school and started to walk.

“Why aren’t we going on the bus?” Jacob questioned.

“I usually walk home. And I need to think about stuff anyways.” I said. When we finally got home, Jacob looked at me funny.

“I think you’re going to need a change too by now, huh? He asked. I blushed furiously, shutting the front door behind me.

“Yeah… my parents said I could do it myself once I get home from school.” I explained.

(Later that night.)

I picked up the house phone and dialed some numbers quickly.

“Hello, this is the antichrist!” Came a familiar voice.

“Hey Ger! What happened?” I asked.

“I and AJ got expelled, but no jail time.” He said.

“EXPELLED?!” I screamed into the phone.

“Yeah, that’s what I said!” He yelled back.

“Well, hey, listen… I need a favor.”

(20 minutes later)




This domain, the web page, the software, and the various features are for sale.

If you are interested in taking on an operational web site

Access to a world wide selection of people who wear diapers, either for pleasure or out of necessity.

Contact the present owner:

Jim Balcom

IDK Enterprises
1602 Belle View Blvd #335
Alexandria, VA 22307

Include your name, your physical address, your e-mail address and how much you are offering to buy the whole thing, lock, stock and barrel.

Access to the web page as Deeker built it is now closed.


“Hahaha… nice.”

[h=1]Chapter 15: March Twenty Ninth[/h]

It was as any other morning. I woke up on the top bunk, above the always sleeping Jacob. I hopped out of bed, carefully climbing down a wooden ladder that connected the floor to my bed. I walked out of my room in simply my blue T-shirt and diaper, and proceeded to knock on my parent’s door. The strange thing about this morning though was that the door was locked up tight. I knocked.

“Mom! Dad? Are either of you two up yet?” I questioned loudly. There was no answer. I knocked again, a little louder this time, only to have the door open. But the face that greeted me wasn’t my dad’s, or my mom’s. It was a ghost. I felt my neck tighten, and my body was lifted up by a single hand. I was frightened; more so then ever before in my life. I looked at the dark figure, which stood there; only staring at me through tinted sun glasses.

“This is YOUR fault!” It yelled. The area around me began to fade, as did my ability to breathe.

“Not… Really… Asshole!” I said, gasping for air. “Fuck you… Kingsly!” I screamed as loud as I could. I kicked and screamed and thrashed around in his strong grip. Finally I decided to swing. And so I did; hitting the black giant square in between his sunglasses, breaking them in two. As they shattered, so did the world around me. All I was able to see then was his face. That menacing, evil face; only now, his eyes were white. Not white with pupils, no; white and cold as death in the snow. It was as if the grim reaper himself had shown up at my doorstep. I screamed loudly, and began thrashing more. I all of a sudden felt ice cold, like I was… placed into a bath of cold water.

I awoke suddenly, still thrashing and screaming.

“TRSITIAN! CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW! COME ON SON!” I heard my dad say. I looked up to him. I could barely see straight, but I could tell it was him. I stopped thrashing in the tub, seeing distorted bits of the wet, glistening tile in our bathroom. I was scared. I started crying hysterically. I couldn’t seem to get any proper words out.

“What’s his temperature again?” My father asked. My mother, who I hadn’t noticed, slipped a pacifier into my mouth. I started suckling on it like no tomorrow, afraid that if I let it drop it would be lost forever. After only a short time, a beep emanated from it, making me cautiously jump a bit while still sitting in the cold tub.

“One hundred and one point two degrees; he’s never broken past one hundred!” My mother cried after removing the electronic pacifier from my mouth.

“Do we take him to the hospital?”

“I don’t know John! I think we should just call the doctor and see what he says!” She said, trying to gain some composure. I was distraught, disgruntled, oblivious and dazed. What the hell was going on? Why was my temperature up so damn high!?

“Mommy!” I screamed loudly, but by that point she was gone. My dad was there, and my vision was coming back slowly. I had a pounding headache, and I had a terrible taste in my mouth.

“Shh, shh! It’s okay Tristian! You’re going to be fine, relax.” My dad cooed, embracing me in a hug. I was surprised. It wasn’t often that he would hug me when I had ANYTHING on me, be it water, food, or anything else, that could possibly dirty or stain or soak his clothing.

“Daddy!” I yelled, hugging him. I couldn’t talk right for some reason. My voice felt weak; as if someone had pulled on my vocal chords.

He proceeded to wash me, running my head under some more cold water before taking me out of the tub and drying me up. I couldn’t stand though. I just didn’t have the strength in me. I looked up to my father, who had caught me so I wouldn’t fall over. He looked back with sympathy and love.

“It’s okay, come on.” He grunted, picking my still damp body up and carrying me to my room. He laid me on the floor and began to change me. It wasn’t often that he changed me, or even really babied me at all. It wasn’t that he DIDN’T baby me; it just was never to the extent my mom normally went. With Jacob, he kind of had to, but with me it was different. My dad grabbed one of my thicker night time diapers and slipped it on me, powdering me and putting on some anti-rash cream. Once I was diapered up nice and snug, he picked me up again, this time taking me to his and my mom’s room. He sat me down on their bed, and brought a small waste bucket up next to me.

“If you have to throw up again, do it in there.” He commanded, kissing me warmly on my forehead.

“Again?” I questioned. I didn’t remember throwing up ONCE! I was a little scared to say the least. My mom then came walking in after treading loudly up the stairs.

“Doctor Reindel thinks that we should just let him rest, and give him some Motrin.” She said.

“Are you sure? Is there anything else that he said?”

“No. Just give him bed rest, some over the counter meds, and he should be okay. It’s just a flu that’s been going around lately.” My mom stated. I was relieved to hear I was going to live, but I was still upset.

“Where’s Jacob?” I asked, now lying down on their bed, trying to get comfortable by grabbing and hugging one of their pillows.

“He’s over at Rebecca’s house. Justin promised to watch him while you were sick. He was over here this morning when we heard you screaming, and he offered to take Jacob until you got better.”

(Meanwhile, across town…)

“Okay baby, want your baba?” Rebecca asked Jacob sweetly. Jacob was dressed up in a ridiculously tight baby blue bonnet and a pair of his footed Pajamas.

“But Rebecca, there isn’t anything in there!” He said, looking at the toy bottle she was holding. Rebecca had gotten the brilliant idea to play baby with Jacob, and of course, she HAD to be the mommy! Who else would?

“Baby; you said your first words!” She cooed. Jacob had started trying to be more ‘big kid like’ by following some of Tristian’s habits. One of these was to put his palm up to his face and sigh.

“I should have just stayed home with Twi Twi.” Said the silver haired boy. His red piercing eyes struck a chord with Rebecca.

“Jacob… Do you think- Do you think that Tristian likes me?” She questioned, looking down and away from the boy.

“Well he’s your friend, right?” He asked.

“That’s not what I mean. Do you know if he- like, like likes me?” She pondered, hoping desperately for an answer. Jacob just didn’t know though.

“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask him!” He said, looking around for something interesting to do. “I’m bored!”

“Yeah, so am I.” Rebecca began. She had a hint of something in her voice. It wasn’t love, or angst… but curiosity. The kind that didn’t kill cats, but made the cat shut up and stop meowing. The kind that made the neighbors barking dog stop, and the squirrels freeze where they stood. “Jacob… I want to know more about you! No one knows much anything about you here!”

“What’s it matter.” He said coldly. He shot her a look that simply told her “Don’t go there.”

“It matters!” She shot back. “You’re like a mystery! No one knows ANYTHING besides that you live with Tristian now!”

“That’s not your business.” He said. His voice began to drop in pitch. His babyish lisp nearly dissipated, and his fists clenched.

“Well, be that way you stupid brat!” She said slyly, coaxing Jacob.

“That’s fine. You can be that way too, you stupid bitch.” He said. His voice was much deeper now. He stood up, looking down at her on the floor. Rebecca was frightened.

“If you want to know, you’re going to have to… do things.” He boldly declared.

“W-what things?”

“I want a kiss, little girl.” He chuckled.

“This isn’t like him…” Rebecca thought. “This isn’t Jacob. There is no way.”

“Fine!” She said, standing up, and giving him a peck on the cheek. He rubbed his cheek.

“Hm. You’re terrible. But I guess that baby wouldn’t have gotten any kisses anyways.” He said sighing.


“No! Jacob isn’t home right now. It’s Jake.”

“Jake? Who the hell is that?!”

“Let me… explain. I can assure you that if you say anything about this to anyone you will die a slow, painful death. Is that understood?”

Rebecca nodded, not doubting the threat one bit.

“Good… I was no more than age eight when I started shop lifting. It was fun, for a time. But then I found something on the internet. Something I probably shouldn’t have.” He explained. “Some people think that there is a god punishing you every day for your sins. I think that we are all punishing ourselves; not some nameless cloud being in the fucking sky. And so I punished myself that day. I saw some sites that I had been linked too, and I was hooked. I couldn’t help it. I loved it. It became like an addiction… Soon after, around age ten, my father found out what I had been looking at. I didn’t care, and kept on keeping on.”

Rebecca listened intently, the two having shifted over to the bed.

“I was known for being the punk in my town. I never thought, only acted. I struck down anyone who said shit to me, or gave me a bad look. Finally my dad couldn’t take it anymore, and when I finally turned eleven, he started it. First it was just a CD with some music, but it grew. The CD had Hypnotic secret messages, and the regression process started. By the time I was fifteen, I was locked up in that fat ass old geezer’s private hospital! I waited there for six months… My dad tried to make me into a new kid, a better kid; a perfectly well behaved child. But that’s not what happened.”

“Who are you?” Rebecca questioned.

“I’m Jake. Side number two of the boy you know as ‘Jacob’. My father’s attempts to regress me were… unorthodox. If he’d paid ANY mind to the things I’d read and wrote, he’d understand. But that time has come and gone. Instead of changing me, and molding me into the ‘perfect child’, he simply made me into two. My baby side is Jacob. Between him and me, he tends to be the dominant one surprisingly. Think of me as a defense mechanism. When he gets too stressed or gets into something he can’t handle; I’m there to save our collective asses.”

“What went wrong?” She asked.

“He taught me too much. He still continued my day to day lessons of homeschooling from then on in, and I was able to still hold onto my adult side. The dumb bastard didn’t even realize it when my head split in two. I guess you can thank Jacob for that.” He said.

“I would go on but“- He started. He grabbed his head and squeezed it tightly. “NO! Not yet you stupid baby!” He said. He curled up into a ball of sorts, and after a moment or two, stopped. He looked relaxed now. He sat up and looked over at Rebecca who was tearing some. She was shocked, and scared. She didn’t know what to do.

“Is nap time over now?” Jacob questioned. He seemed oblivious to anything that had happened.

“Y-yeah… nap time is over now.” She said. Rebecca had been watching her father closely, and understood split personality disorder. Her father specialized in the prosecution of people who would try to fake criminal insanity. Split personality disorder sometime resulted in one side not even knowing the other existed, or even blacking out once the other side took over. Jacobs other side WOULD come back out if she broke her promise; she knew that too well. It was very overwhelming for her to take.

“Rebecca? I need a change!” Jacob complained, hugging her. She hugged him back. The feeling was… lukewarm.

(Back at Tristian’s house)

It was a long day. After I threw up several times, I finally started feeling better! My fever had gone down, and Jacob was picked up. My parents decided to keep us out of school for the next week, telling the school that we had chicken pox and wouldn’t be able to make it in. Since I hadn’t had chicken pox, this story was quite believable.

I still had one week of school before the trial, and each passing moment seemed to be like an hour. Every second passed slower, and slower, until time came to a crawl. Until April thirteenth, that is.

[h=1]Chapter 16: My dad is…[/h]

We got out of the car. My father, my mother, Jacob and myself. Justin parked next to us, being at the courthouse for a separate court case.

“You ready?” My dad asked me. “I know this is hard, but I know you’ll do great. You probably won’t even have to get on the stand today, but we still have to be there.” He explained. I nodded. My heart was racing, and by dress clothes were somewhat uncomfortable. Polo shirts and dress pants aren’t really my thing! I was still freaking out though. My adrenaline rushed through my body. Jacob grabbed my hand.

“It’ll be okay Twi.” He assured me.

“Yeah… right.” I said. We entered the courthouse. Police officers, guards and lawyers all strode about, in a chaotic yet orderly fashion. It was strange to me, but I accepted it for what it was; court. We walked through the security gates and were patted down by officers. I felt uncomfortable, since I was wearing some of my more thick diapers today since I was stressed and would probably go more. My mother decided to stay behind and watch Jacob, after being greeted by a very familiar nun.

“Dad, is police Chief O’Doyle here too?” I asked.

“Yes he is Tristian. Actually, I think that’s him right over there. Why don’t you go say hello while I go find out the courtroom number, okay?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said scampering off to the very Irish, very large, very intimidating man sitting down on a bench. He looked up and spotted me and waved, motioning for me to take a seat next to him.

“Hey there Tristian, how are ye?” He asked.

“Nervous!” I responded, forcing a laugh.

“Well that’s no surprise lad! You have to see some of the people who did terrible things to you! But you know what? If I was in your position, I’d be way too scared to come! You’re a very brave lad!” He said.

“R-really? You think so?” I asked him.

“I swear it on the holy book!” He said, raising his right hand.

“Wow… thanks!”

“Don’t mention it. Oh, I almost forgot something!” He said, digging through his pockets. When his left hand came out, he used his right to cover my eyes. I waited only a few moments before the veil of secrecy was lifted, as I felt a heavy object hanging from my neck on a necklace.

“That’s something my grandfather gave to me, and I want you to have it.” He said, pointing down to the heavy metal pocket watch. I opened it up, and looked inside. Within the watch, was a picture of my dad and me.

“Your dad gave me that picture to give to you in this watch. I hope you like it.” He said.

“Police Chief O’Doyle…” I began.

“You can call me Gavin lad!” He said cheerfully, patting my back.

“Thank you so much!” I said, hugging him. I let go of him just as my dad returned.

“Alright, let’s go.” He said. We walked around the bend, and up six large doors. My dad pushed the door open. There were a few people and some people from the media. I recognized that AJ and Geremy’s fathers were there, both with notepads. They waved to me and I waved back. We sat down near them, and my dad talked to them, as well as Gavin.

“So how long till the case starts?” Wolf said.

“Not too long. I think it’ll be starting in about two or so minutes.” Gavin said.

“That’s good then! Adam was supposed to be home early and I forgot to give him to key to the house!” He said chuckling.

“Locked your boy out of your house, eh? You’re coming’ with me sir!” Gavin joked. My father laughed along with them at this joke. After another string of jokes that only made me feel more nervous, the Judge began to walk in. The bailiff spoke.

“All rise for the honorable judge Stark!” Everyone rose, and then sat down once we were told too.

“Bailiff, bring in the defendants.” He said. The bailiff knocked on a door, and just moments later, I saw them; Terri and Nick. I was scared. My heart raced even faster; and then faster still! Not even my dad’s warm embrace did I feel safe. Terri and Nick stood behind a large desk on the right side of the court room, while a lawyer sat on the left side.

“Case number one two three six six nine. State versus Nick and Terri Anella. How do you plead?” The judge asked.

“Not Guilty!” They stated.

“How does the state feel about the defense’s current standings?” He asked the lawyer.

“Your honor, the state wishes for the defendants to be held without bail.” He said.

“Is that really necessary?” A man said, striding into the court room. “Jake S. Cunningham, I’m the defendants lawyer your honor. I apologize for my rude entry and lateness to the court.”

“That’s fine sir, please. Why should your clients not be held without bail?” He questioned.

“Sir, my clients are merely accessories to criminal mischief, and were being held at gun point from afar! They had nothing to do with the incident besides being threatened into caring for Tristian Hawk.” He said.

“How does the state feel about this?” The judge asked.

“We disagree your honor. As you will come to find, we have extensive evidence to support that the defendants have connections to the Italian mafia, and have a sufficient amount of funds. They could get up and leave at any time, given the chance.”

“That’s reasonable mister… Wellington, is it?”

“Yes sir.”

“I can see your distrust for these two is high, and I can completely agree with it. You will find that reason, and logicality, are two things that I like to see in my court room. The defendants, Nick and Terri Anella, will be held without bail until a ruling has been made by the court in good standing. Let the record show that these two are not to be trusted. Case dismissed.” He said, smacking small hammer down on a block of wood. It was over.

“It’s over…” I said, breathing heavily. My father got up, and stood in front of me in the aisle.

“Today was just to see what the bail would be, but you need to know that you’re going to be totally okay!” My dad said, kneeling down some and hugging me.

I couldn’t see behind my dad, but I could hear.

“HE’S GOT A GU“- Was all I heard before a loud CRACK sound was made. Then I heard the judge.

“OFFICERS! FIRE! Shoot hi-“I heard; then another loud crack. I heard the judge begin to moan in extreme pain. Next, I felt something. Something very odd; not fear, but realization. The realization that I was probably going to die here.

“If there is a god… I’m going to make sure you feel this pain!” I screamed in my head. I felt something that I had only felt once before. I felt a warm trickle come dripping onto my body and head. It was warm, but cold, at the same time. Then I heard another crack. This one hit me though. I felt myself flying backwards.

“This is it… I’m done. Why here, why now? Why? Jacob… Rebecca! AJ, Geremy! Mom… Dad?” I thought quickly in my head as I fell backwards. Then I realized something. I wasn’t bleeding. No… the wind was merely knocked out of me.

Time sped up, and a million lifetimes passed in a single second. I was scared. People were moving and there were more shots fired. I blacked out. The next thing I remembered was a police officer standing above me. It was Gavin. He was screaming, but I couldn’t hear him. It was like my dream that I had had right before I met Terri and Nick. Every sound sounded as though if it was muffled, like I was underwater. It was… strange. The only other thing I remembered was a severe pain in my chest.

I awoke in a hospital bed. Dazed, confused. I heard doctors talking to my mother.

“Ma’am… we’re sorry, but your husband is dead. He, and Nick Anella were the only two to die today. We tried our best, but; we had nothing left that would have saved him. He was hit once in the arm, and again in the stomach. The second shot bounced off of this pocket watch your son was wearing, and hit him in the head. He died painlessly.” The doctor assured my mother. She cried. She cried for hours. And hours. And more hours. I was left crying too, but within my own mind. Nothing would ever be the same after that… nothing was. Nothing will be.

[h=1]Chapter 17: Dead Man at a Funeral[/h]

It was a week later after my father’s death. I’d only had the wind knocked out of me and a small bit of damage done to my rib because of the impact damage from the bullet. My mom still wouldn’t talk to me about what happened, and I had no idea where Jacob was! I was always upset… not a normal upset either. Kind of upset that I knew deep, deep down would never go away; even though I tried to play it off cool. It was… complicated. The nurses would often come in and change me, and try to make me feel better by bringing in some of my more babyish toys that my mom brought one day after the shooting; but I never wanted to play. One would think that in this situation, I would want to revert more into babyhood. But I didn’t. I wanted to man up! I wanted to stop all of this… this… retarded shit! I hated life; and I hated myself. It was my fault after all! My fault my father had died… If it hadn’t been for the stupid pocket watch that I accepted, then my father probably wouldn’t be dead!

I had gotten up that morning, surprisingly dry. My mother walked in, checking to see if I was wet or not. We didn’t say anything to each other, though. I knew what today was. Today was my father’s funeral. After a quick bath that the nurses helped me finish, even though I really didn’t need their help; I was dressed into black clothing. The only thing I could possibly say about them was the fact that my shriveled heart was probably more dead and black then the clothing I was wearing. The ride to the funeral home was short. It wasn’t too long from the hospital at all, really; maybe about ten or fifteen minutes’ drive. When we arrived, there weren’t too many people there. I saw Justin and Rebecca, who was holding Jacob’s hand. Almost instantly I got jealous. The only problem was that I didn’t know who I was jealous OF. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to simply walk over and snatch Jacob up, or Rebecca. It was confusing. I hopped out of the car, striding quickly to the two. I looked at the blond, and then the silver haired boy, and tapped them both on the shoulders. they turned around quickly, letting go of each other’s hands.

“T-Tristian…” Rebecca said sympathetically.

“Tristian!” Jacob yelled, grabbing onto me and bursting into tears. “D-d-d-daddy’s dead!” he said. I immediately shoved him off of me, knocking him down onto the ground.

“He’s not your dad you little fag.” I said coldly. I wasn’t in the mood for his childish games, NOR was I willing to let him refer to MY father, as DADDY!

“W-what?” He said, picking himself up. My mother was elsewhere already, and hadn’t seen what I had done.

“TRISTIAN?! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?” Rebecca screamed.

“Nothing is wrong with ME! What’s wrong with YOU?” I snapped back quickly.

“Tristian, don’t do this. We are trying to help you!” Rebecca replied.

“Help me? Oh no. I think you two need to help yourselves;” I started, storming off towards a nearby patch of woods “enjoy your faggy little baby games!” I finished.

I sat in the woods, alone; crying for ten minutes before my mom finally started calling for me. I got up from where I was sitting, and walked over to her. She didn’t seem mad, so I assumed that Jacob and Rebecca hadn’t said anything to her.

“Come on… it’s time.” She teared. I walked with her to where a large hole had been dug in the ground. The only other people there besides me, my mom, Jacob, Rebecca and her father, were Police chief O’Doyle and his wife. I gave him a cold stare, one that shot daggers into ones heart, and stayed there for a very long time.

The ceremony began, and my father’s casket was brought out. It was a mahogany coffin, and bared his name on the side.

“John Charles hawk was a good man, and a loving father. He worked hard to preserve what he felt was justice. He had two sons before passing, who he loved very much.” A priest said. I clenched my fists and my teeth.

“You’re wrong…” I muttered behind closed teeth. No one looked at me. No one was caring about me. Even my father wasn’t paying attention… because he was dead. It only started hitting me right then and there.

“My dad is dead… and I killed him…” I thought over and over again in my head. As his coffin was placed deep into the ground, I started to break down. It started as a trickle of tears, but became more and more prominent. I started crying, and then I started going into hysterics. The sheer weight of the situation brought me onto my knees, and then my hands. Jacob came over first to comfort me, putting his hand on my shoulder as I was groveling like a mongrel dog on the ground.

“Tristian-“he started. The moment I felt his touch, I turned and swung. I swung hard, missing him by an inch.

“SHUT UP YOU FUCKING FAKER!” I screamed. Everyone turned. I got up; my whole world closing down around me. I felt like this was just some bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. I couldn’t stay there any longer. I got to my feet, my arms dangling like a marionette on loose strings. I turned and ran. I ran to the car, and shut the door behind me. I had jumped into the back seat, where my car seat sat. I got angry then. I got out of the car on the side where the un-busy road was, and I undid the seatbelt holding the car seat in place. I ripped it out, holding it over my head. I ran towards another patch of nearby woods, and I threw it in as hard as I could. I hated myself, and Jacob. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. I hopped into the passenger’s side seat, until the ceremony was finished. My mom came back with Jacob in tow, distraught and crying. Jacob was the one comforting her. I didn’t say anything, as she got into the driver’s side seat and Jacob got into the back.

“Why did you leave?” She asked between sobs. I only had one response.

“What good’s a dead man at a funeral?”

Chapter 18: Beware of Falling Children

“Tristian! Move it!” My mom called. Jacob was already downstairs waiting with my mom.

“ONE SECOND!” I yelled out angrily. I hopped off of my top bunk, and landed on the ground with a thud. I crawled onto my stomach, and reached for a box underneath the bed. I opened it up, and put the object of my torment inside of it. The pocket watch.

“COME ON! I NEED TO GET TO WORK!” She yelled. Only five days before she was in hysterics, along with me, watching my father’s casket be put six feet under and then buried.

I shoved the box back under the bed, and hurriedly ran down the steps. I was already dressed, and I already had my shoes on. My mom was already buckling Jacob in when I got outside to the car.

“Get in Tristian.” My mom commanded. I nodded, and hopped into the car. My mom didn’t trust me and Jacob alone, and since Justin was busy, she was dropping us off at the only other place she felt we were safe. It was a thirty minute drive before we finally came to the parking lot, filled with people and drivers. I looked up at the complex, which I knew was filled with stores upon stores upon stores. The local mall. Once parked, I got out, and undid Jacob’s baby seat coldly. He thanked me, but I didn’t care. I’d barely spoken to him since the funeral, and anytime I did, I was always cold about it. I didn’t care for the boy like I had when I had been kidnapped. I didn’t care for him like I had just a month or so before. I only cared that he was there, and taking up space that was totally unnecessary.

He followed me into the mall, as I uncaringly pushed pass the crowds of people.

“Tristian, where are we going?” He questioned.

“To hang out with the crazies.” I responded. We walked for about ten minutes and past an escalator, where I noticed a few teens hanging out. They didn’t seem to be from our school, so I simply avoided them. We turned a corner and low and behold, Jacob and I saw it.

“Van Dyk Liquor.” I read aloud.

“And AJ’s Boomstick.” Jacob read.

“Yeah… belly of the beast.” I commented. We strode over to the shops. “I’ll take Ger, you take AJ.” I told Jacob. I wasn’t too mad at Jacob now, but I was still distraught about how I felt about him. We separated, each going into different shops. I soon found Geremy sitting behind a counter, waving to me.

“Sorry bro, no fags aloud.” He joked.

“Than what the hell are you doing here?”

“Big talk from a little man!”

“Yeah; but my man’s bigger!”

“Right, I totally believe that.” We greeted each other with jokes and comments, but none of it was malicious. Geremy was like a brother to me, as was AJ.

“Hey man, how have you been holding up?”

“Okay, I guess.”

“Have you cried yet?” He asked. I nodded.

“Yeah, when I nearly punched Jacob at the funeral…”

“Why in the hell would you even TRY to do that?”

“BECAUSE!” I answered.

“Listen… Tristian. I know this is hard for you to get, but by all accounts, Jacob is your brother.” He said. I hadn’t even told him about why I had swung at Jacob, but he already seemed to know.

“How did you-“I started.

“Because I know people, Tristian. I know you must have been so pissed off. Were you jealous of Jacob?” He asked. Once again he hit the nail on the head.

“W-what?! Me? Hell no!” I stated.

“Your father adopted Jacob and brought him into your house as his second child. If I were you, I would start thinking about that, and honor your father’s wishes.” He said. He was obviously disappointed with me; but not nearly as much as I was with myself. It was a long time later before I said anything else. Jacob had come around the corner with AJ, who I said hello to and what not. Jacob though had a little issue that needed taking care of.

“Tristian? Are you still mad at me?” He asked, obviously upset.

“No Jacob… I’m not mad at you.” I said. In reality, I still was very mad at him. I was still upset; I was still human. And as any I, and most other people know; humans are nothing more than miserable piles of lies. I only added to that truth, and that pile.

“Then, I need your help with something…” He said innocently. I immediately knew what he was talking about.

“AJ, Ger? Where are the nearest bathrooms?” I asked.

“There is one right above us, but the service stairwell is locked up, and we don’t have the key. Go on over to the escalators and then make a right once you’re up on the second level, and they’ll be at the end of the hall.“ AJ explained. I nodded, walking toward the escalators with Jacob right behind me. I noticed there were a few more kids there, and they seemed to be getting rowdy. I didn’t like the looks of things. Jacob grabbed the straps of his backpack, and got close to me. I didn’t grab his hand or tell him it’d be alright though. I simply walked. Only ten feet before we had to turn around and get onto the escalator, it happened.

“Hey boys! Look what we got here; a ‘baby’ and his ‘big bwotha!’ One of the boys said. Jacob’s grip got tighter, and I simply ignored them.

“Aw! And look! He’s got a diaper bag!” One said. We finally reached the escalators, and turned to go up them.

“Aw, what’s the matter baby? Daddy has to change you now?” The boy asked. That was it. I didn’t think. I acted. There will always be one saying I will remember most from the movie “21.”

“You weren’t playing poker, you were gambling!”

And that’s exactly how I felt. I wasn’t thinking, I was acting. I leapt off of the escalator quickly and fluently, being only half a story up. I dropped down, my fist cocked back.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! I’LL KILL YOU!” I screamed, as my fist made contact with his right temple. He was knocked down quickly, and I made sure to land hard on his legs. I could almost feel the bones shatter and crack like eggshells. I was relentless. I swung and swung and swung, and he was helpless to do anything. His friends tried to help, but a single stare made them all back away. It wasn’t like the stare I gave to police Chief O’Doyle. It was like I was an animal, a beast. A monster, with the sole purpose of revenge. When I finally stopped hitting him, there were security guards around me. Jacob was being escorted by one of them elsewhere, while I was taken to a small holding cell. My mother was called, and arrived not too long after. It had only been two hours since I was there, but already shit had happened. I hated myself, and I hated that kid. My mother and I were made to sit down at a desk in front of a security guard there.

“Boy, could you tell me WHY you assaulted that boy?” He asked.

“Because of what he said to me; because he made fun of the dead.” I explained. He didn’t quite know what I meant, but my mother did. She stood up and asked to officer to come to another area where I wasn’t able to hear them talk. After some time, they came back. The officer looked at me with a face that had empathy, and sympathy.

“You can go; just don’t do it again.” He warned. My mother walked with me to another area where there were security cameras far as the eye could see. Jacob was in there, and one of the guards had been watching him. After my mother thanked the guard, she brought us home.

“I have to go back to work, but I want you two to BEHAVE! Tristian, I think you should go take a nap until I get home.” She said. I knew it wasn’t a suggestion, but rather a command. I strode into the house angrily, and walked up to my room. Jacob followed, telling me to relax the whole way. I didn’t listen though, and climbed up onto my top bunk. I looked outside, and noticed it was drizzling.

“April showers.” I muttered to myself. As I lied on the top bunk, I reminisced. I remembered how I had felt when I had gotten sick, and my dad was there to comfort me. I remembered all the times that I’d hugged him, and told him I loved him. I remembered it all. But my concentration was interrupted. I soon heard a familiar metal sound, and a box opening. I looked down, jumped off the bed, and looked down at Jacob. He looked up at me with fear, and angst. I snatched the watch from his hand, and then slapped him once across the face.

“YOU NEVER TOUCH THIS! NO ONE DOES!” I cried. I ran out of the room and into the backyard, underneath a weeping willow tree. I curled up my legs, and leaned up against it. My emotions ran wild. I didn’t know what to do now.

If only I knew what kind of monster I had unleashed.

If only…

I knew.

[h=1]Chapter 19: “I Loved Him Away…”[/h]

Jacob strode out of the house. He pushed the sliding glass door quietly. I didn’t notice him at first. I uncurled my legs and continued to lean against the tree. I only noticed him when he began to get close. The rain was starting to pick up, and I was drenched. It was cold, but not nearly as cold as I felt. I was evil… I didn’t have the right to live. Though I noticed Jacob, I paid him no mind, until he stopped right in front of me. I looked up into the weeping willow, as though I was looking for the answers to my problems inside its many slender branches.

I was upset. I was alone. I was mentally gone. Jacob didn’t seem normal though. I could see his face out of my peripheral vision, and he seemed… odd. His silver hair covered his blood red eyes, but his maniacal grin was clearly visible. I couldn’t think anymore. I didn’t want to. And I wasn’t going to be allowed to either. I soon felt something hard. Something strong; and something fast hit my stomach. My eyes widened and my head cocked forward. A look of shock hit my face, as I saw Jacob’s foot still in the air, I leaned forward. He raised it above me, coldly looking down. I could see his eyes now. The storm, which was now being caressed by the sounds of thunder and the brightness of lightning; only complimented his dark and evil being. His smile grew as his foot was brought down to the back of my head. My face hit the ground hard. I didn’t know what to do. I stood up as fast as I could, still dazed from the blow. I wiped my lip, which was bleeding. Most of the blood though was coming from inside my mouth. I backed away scared from Jacob.

“What are you doing?” I asked between blood stained coughs. Jacob didn’t answer me. He removed the hair from his eyes and looked at me. His look was even more of a monstrosity then mine had been not an hour earlier. My look had been that of anger, and hate, and guilt over my father. His look was of pleasure, and wanting. I knew that this wasn’t about revenge, or even the way I was treating him. This was simply for pleasure.

“Jacob?!” I asked screaming at the top of my lungs.

“Tsk tsk tsk.” He said, wagging his finger in the air. “I’m not Jacob, you idiot! I’m Jake!” He said, laughing maniacally.

“J-Jake?” I asked, backing up some. I stopped. I started standing my ground.

“YOU’VE LOST IT!” I screamed, as thunder muffled my voice with its own, unknown opinion.

“Lost what? I don’t think I’ve lost anything. Unlike you!” He said, still laughing.

“Wh-what?” I asked. He started circling me, and I circling him. It was as though we were dancing in the rain, a circular pattern of darkness, sorrow, hate and evil.

“Oh come now! You didn’t think that your dad ever REALLY loved you? He’s ALWAYS loved Jacob more! Ever since he met him! You lost your dad a LONG time ago!” He said slyly.

“You bastard…” I muttered.

“Bastard? Now aren’t you one to talk. We’re both bastard children, if you FORGOT! Not that I really cared about the asshole anyway.” He stated shrugging.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I questioned.

“Oh, NOTHING! WHAT ABOUT YOU? OR IS DADDY NOT THERE TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO ANYMORE?!” He chuckled extremely loud. The wind started to pick up. I felt like I was in a hurricane, and it was all Jacob, or Jake’s fault!


“No.” He said, running extremely fast towards me. I didn’t have any time to react. He put his mouth right next to my ear, my body frozen with fear as I saw his left arm cocked back. “I loved him away.” He whispered. My face felt at peace then. Almost as if it was numb. That feeling didn’t last though, as I fell backwards, clutching my cheek because of the pain. I stood back up, and ran at Jake.

“I’LL KILL YOU!” I screamed. I swung with a left punch to his face, and then a right, and again and again. Lastly, I kneed him in the gut. He didn’t move, or flinch. He let his hair fall back over his eyes.

“Done yet?” He asked. I backed away slowly, scared for my life. Then he came at me again. I began to dodge kicks and punches, my feet sometimes slipping on to drenched green earth beneath my feet. Some came high, and some came low. I wasn’t a martial arts master or some kind of kung fu god. I was acting on pure instinct. When I finally found an opening, I did a one hundred and eighty degree turn, letting my back glide along Jake’s arm. He looked left at me, shocked, as the back of my clenched fist came into contact with the back of his head. He stumbled forward, and I ran. I ran over to the area beneath my window, and towards the trampoline. Jacob ran after me. I had gotten onto the trampoline first. It didn’t have a net, so I knew it was dangerous, but it was the only way I could run to the neighbors’ house without going through the house. Opening the back door would have taken too long. But before I could jump, I slipped and fell, landing my back on the metal ring surrounding the otherwise soft bouncy material. I clenched my fists tighter, and closed my eyes. The rain invaded my blood stained face like sharp needles, and I felt utterly helpless. I knew Jake was right there, I could FEEL him. I just knew it was all over. I knew I was done for. He looked down at me and chuckled.

“So long, kid.” He mused. He lifted his leg, about to smash my face into oblivion. But just as he did, I heard something. A girl’s voice. It was coming from my window.

“SWEEP THE LEG!” I heard. So I did. I swung my leg as hard and fast as I could, and knocked Jake off of his feet. He fell back, defeated, as his head hit the railing. He was knocked out cold. I don’t remember much after that, except for the feeling of warmth around my lips. The first warm feeling I had felt since the blood fell on my head in the courtroom. The first time I was ever kissed…

Chapter 20: A Perfect Medium

I can still remember the sirens. The sound of them wailed even through the thunder and lightning. I could see the reflection of the red and blue hues on the house’s rain soaked siding. The back gate opening and the rush of the paramedics to move me. It was like I had new life. That kiss… was amazing. It was the single greatest thing I’d ever felt. Even watching that bastard Dover get shot couldn’t compare to that satisfaction. That kiss brought me back to life. I could hear the paramedics talking to each other. It all seemed as though they spoke in strange tongues, with things like “BP” and “HR” coming out of their mouths often. I could remember the needles being poked into my arm, and the hysterics of a girl. Rebecca. I was shocked… My first kiss; was with her? It didn’t feel like her… I knew how she felt about me. It wasn’t anything like that though. To me, her love was superficial. But that kiss was sincere. It was not the kiss of a rabid fan girl, but of a lover. I felt odd being wheeled into the ER. I wasn’t rushed into surgery, but into a bed. It was so long before I could even regain full consciousness and see properly. Though, it didn’t matter much. I passed out right as I saw my mother enter my room hysteric.

When I awoke, I felt strange. I had bandages all over me; and quite a lot of cuts and bruises. I wasn’t feeling the full pain of my injuries though. Liquid medicine flew through my veins like a symphonic orchestra. It serenaded the wounds like screaming children, calming and quelling them from hysterics into mere dribbles of teardrops. I bolted upright, not realizing the agonizing pain that was supposed to be accompanying the movement. My mother was asleep in a chair next to my bed, a book in her hands. I didn’t really care about the book though. I was ashamed. My stupid actions caused all of this. I’d brought this onto myself.

“I’m a fucking idiot…” I said softly aloud to myself. I shifted slightly. The meds were doing their job of keeping my pain in check. I did feel a bit of a twinge in my back, but nothing bad enough to stop me from what I was about to do. If I was going to die I would have died fighting Jacob. If I was going to die I would have died in the courtroom. If I was going to die, I was going to die in Kingsly’s death grip to the smoking bullet of his handgun’s barrel. If I was going to die; it would be by my own hand. But today was not the day I was going to die. Nor was that day anytime soon. It was a little hard trying to get the bed railings down without waking my mother, but I managed to do so. I shimmied out of the bed, clutching my back to the best of my abilities to try and reduce the pain. It didn’t help much though.

“Bad idea.” I thought. The thickness of the hospital diaper was unmatched, and I knew I was soaked. I looked up at a clock in my dimply lighted room.

“Two thirty six.” I counted within my mind. “Must be morning.” I walked out of my room, dragging along the large monitor on wheels. I looked left, and then right. I felt like solid snake in the middle of a special operation. I had to be totally silent. I had to be stealthy. I snuck down the halls, one after another, looking at the names of each patient file as I went along. I was glad that none of the nurses were around. It was odd, but very convenient. I only saw one security guard, but he probably thought I was just going to the bathroom. I shimmied down hallway after hallway, until finally I came to my destination. The light inside was turned off, and I couldn’t see much. I flicked on the light switch, and looked at the mess I had caused. I was ashamed… distraught and pissed off just to name a few emotions. I could barely contain my sorrow upon seeing what I had done. Jacob was lying there. He was covered in more bruises then I was. His head was also greatly bandaged; something I had expected coming in. I sat down next to his bed, pulling a chair close to it so I could weep on him. I needed a shoulder to cry on right now.

“Jacob… I’m… SO SORRY!” I said between sobs. I hadn’t quite noticed though the small, also tearing audience who had walked into the room, carrying a small cup of tea. When I finally did stop crying, I looked over at the man standing in the doorway.

“G-Gavin.” I said. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough Tristian… Long enough.”

“W-what’s wrong with him?”

“He hit his head hard. Once from your fist and a second time from the trampoline.”

“Who else was there? I heard a girl’s voice? She told me to sweep his leg!” I remembered.

“Rebecca. Rebecca Walker. She had come to your house looking for you and Jacob. Said something about brining over some old blocks she didn’t need any more. Thought you and Jacob could use them.” The officer recounted. “I did a full report on the matter. I’m sorry about what happened. Neither of you are in trouble though, I promise you. The only thing you’ll have to be in trouble from is your mom, and yourself.” He said half-jokingly.

“She kissed me…” I said.

“Rebecca?” He asked.

“Yeah! She had to have.”

“Tristian, I don’t think you remember what exactly happened.” He said. He took out a notepad from his back pocket and handed it to me, flipping to a page entitled “Case number 4-2-1”

“This is what Rebecca told me and other officers.” He explained. I began to read.

“I came over to Tristian and Jacob’s house to bring by some of my old toys. I looked out the window, and saw them fighting. Jacob was about to smash Tristian’s face in, when I remembered that movie. I saw that Jacob’s one foot was slipping, so I told Tristian to sweep his leg. Jacob came down HARD, and smacked his head up against the metal part of the trampoline. When I got down there, Jacob was standing back up. He looked kind of weird, all beat up. We both went over to where Tristian was laying, but we were afraid to move him. He looked like he was about to die! All of a sudden he stopped breathing! I didn’t know what to do, so I went inside and called 9-1-1! By the time I came back out, Jacob was performing CPR.”

I finished reading. “Jacob…” I said.

“He saved your life. But as of now, he’s knocked out. He passed out again right before the police and the medics arrived. He has a concussion, and we don’t know when he’ll wake up.” Gavin stated sadly. I couldn’t take it anymore. I stood up, and looked down at Jacob. He was lying there helpless! I couldn’t do anything to help him… I was powerless.

“I’m tired of being useless.” I said softly aloud.

“Beg your pardon?” Gavin asked.

“I’M TIRED OF BEING USELESS!” I said, the tears in my eyes welling up again. I bent down and Put my lips on Jacobs. I cocked my head a little sideways, taking in his breath, and exhaling mine into him. I was making sweet mouth made love to the boy. If it worked on me, then hell, this would work on him. I don’t know how long I kissed him. I didn’t care. Because all I felt soon after that, was his hands wrap around my head.

When we finally stopped, I noticed that Gavin had gone. I looked at Jacob.

“So who am I speaking to right now?” I questioned.

“Jacob… Jacob Hawk!” He stated proudly. I chuckled a bit.

“I’m an asshole. I should have NEVER said the things that I said and done the things that I did. I am so sorry.” I apologized. He gave me a quizzical look.

“Hey dude, chill. It’s cool!” He said calmly.

“Jacob, are you okay? You sound like Jake!” I said.

“I do?”

“YEAH! Only not an asshole.” I joked. He laughed.

“You know… I can’t explain it, but I feel different somehow. I feel like Jake and I had some kind of… meeting or something. I don’t quite remember… He said that I had enough time outs, and that I didn’t need him anymore. I think he said something about putting back the broken glass?” He thought aloud.

“You’ve definitely lost it Jacob!” I said giggling.

“Yeah, true. But hey, you still love me.” He stated proudly.

“Yeah.” I said, leaning down again, giving him a little mark of love to the tender skin on his neck. “I’ll always love you away; Jacob.”

[h=1]Kill Me Away[/h]
[h=1]Chapter 21: Searching [/h]

I sat at my desk sorting through old papers. As I read the ones I found I chuckled a bit. I set them down as there was a knock at my door.

“Mr. Hawk? Jacob is here to see you.” A lady dressed for success stated.

“Send him in!” I happily replied to her. Only moments later, the clean cut white-haired Jacob was sitting in a chair in front of my desk.

“It’s kind of ironic Jacob!” I said, chuckling. He smiled.

“And why would that be? Mister Lawyer!” He teased with a wink.

“It’s ironic that you came when you did. Look what I found!” I said, passing him papers I had found within the confines of my cherry oak desk. His eyes widened.

“Your old journal? I thought you last had this when-“

“Yeah, so did I. Must have survived.” I stated. I got up from my desk and turned around. I stared out of the large window thoughtfully, my suit cleanly pressed and without a wrinkle or stain. Jacob’s too was very much the same way.

“Wow. This is back from what, two thousand and nine?” He questioned.

“Yeah. I’m wondering if there are more of my journals somewhere around here. It used to be his office, after all. I made sure to keep my notebooks in my backpack, and I stuffed them in his desk before we headed out. I guess I just didn’t know they were still in there! You remember how clever I thought I was back then? I thought I was really smart back then, but I think you were smarter! Even though it was my idea to come back here.” I reminded him.

“Yeah, it was the only thing we COULD do! Not like we could go much anywhere else! It wasn’t TOO far from the house!” He defended.

“It was like, what, fifty miles?!” I asked. “Even Kif thought it was far! And he used to do MARATHONS!” I informed Jacob.

“Yeah, that’s true…” Jacob said sadly reminisced.

“So I found these two in here. The document ends the night we left.” I explained.

“Do you know where the third is?” He questioned.

“I think I do!” I said, holding out a small map to him. The paper was old but it was still readable. I chuckled. Hours later, when all had gone home and the sun had set, I walked with Jacob. Back to a room that used to hold me and him, if only for a time. I entered it.

“I haven’t been in here since you BOUGHT the building!” Jacob complained. “Why would you put it in HERE?!”

“Because no one has access to this room but me, and the janitors. Now help me count!” I said, pointing to the tiles up against the wall in the corner. I took out the map I had found previously. I read it aloud.

“Red to yellow, yellow to blue; blue to green and green to white.” I said aloud.

“White?” He asked. “There isn’t a white tile in this room ANYWHERE! The furniture may be gone but the tiling never changed!” He shouted.

“Inside voice!” I chided. “No, I know what it means. The red tile in the corner leads to the nearest yellow, then another yellow, and so on.” I explained. “Which means that… You were here.” Is said, pointing to a red tile on the floor. He took a crowbar and after a little bit of trouble, pulled the slightly loosened tile away. “I hid it in there when we came back with O’Doyle. Remember when I told you I needed a change?” I joked.

“Yeah! He gave you a notebook and told you to write out what happened… but you never gave it to him.” He said, having a small revelation.

“Yup. I hid it here. I made sure to sneak back over to the office and copy down where I hid it! Can’t believe I forgot about where I’d hid it. I feel like an idiot, but hell. It doesn’t matter too much now!” I joked. He picked up a small notebook and blew the dust off of it.

“And didn’t you leave the rest of your old notebooks with O’doyle?” He questioned. I nodded.

“Yeah. In the attic in that old wooden toy box that the Mrs. O’doyle got for us!” I stated proudly. “Maybe we can go back and get those one day.” I teased. I gently took the notebook from Jacob and opened it. The small window that peered into the room illuminated us with moonlight, as I flipped the pages.

“Man… Christmas that year. It was the last time-“ I said, tears swelling in my eyes. Jacob patted my back.

“Yeah, I know. The last time we saw the three of them.” He said, wiping a few tears from his own eyes.

“No, you’re wrong. It’s the last time we saw all four of them; at least, sane anyways.” I commented.

“Yeah…“ He said. I flipped to the back of the notebook, where there was a ton of different pages titled different things.

“These pages are the ones about everyone when I was in the hospital and even afterwards… It’s all the stuff that we were told, or found out about later on after that whole ordeal. It’s what I found out about O’doyle and Rebecca mostly.” I stated. After everything that happened, I wanted to put all of the pieces together. So I wrote everything out. First, I’d written out my time with Jacob, starting from the moment I’d gotten kidnapped. Then; I wrote out what happened that Christmas.

“Let’s go home Tristian. I think you’re gonna need some more relaxing then I will.” He joked, wiping some tears from my eyes. Oddly enough, Jacob had grown to be a couple inches taller than me.

“Alright… but before anything else happens, we have to do something.” I bluntly said in a very opinionated matter.

“And what would that be, baby?” He said, leaning his chin on my shoulder, kissing my neck tenderly, guiding his head so his ears were by my lips.

“We’re calling O’doyle. It’s only nine. I say we go to his place, and sort through all of this. It’s time that retired old geezer hears the story of what happened…“ I said tearing. “I know I said we wouldn’t, but I think he needs to know. It’s just been long enough.”

“I think you’re right, baby.” He cooed, kissing my lips.

After a walk out to the parking lot and a quick chat with security, we hopped into our car. Jacob took the driver’s side.

“Call him up.” Jacob said to me.

“Already did before. Drive.” I commanded. He chuckled, revved the engine, and proceeded to drive off towards the all too familiar home of Ex-Police chief O’doyle.

[h=1]Chapter 22: A Christmas Story[/h]

Jacob and I pulled up to the all too familiar house. It was lit tenderly inside, and the glow through the curtains only made it that much more welcoming. I stepped out of the car, and looked over to Jacob, who was headed towards the trunk.

“The hell are you doing?” I questioned. He used a small remote to open the back of the car.

“I’m getting your PACK!” He giggled. He still had that giggle he used too. So soft, sweet and tender. Like a butterfly singing on a lily pad. I blushed.

“I still find it hard to believe you got yourself trained! Even if it did take you, what; ten years?” I joked.

“Yeah, just about.” He commented.

“Yet you still wet the bed. Tsk tsk tsk! What kind of a lawyer ARE you?” I joked. “I should just fire you from my firm right now!”

“Hey now mister incontinent; watch it!” He chuckled, slinging a duffle bag over his shoulder.

“Yeah, but now I can’t help it! It’s your damn fault anyways!” I chuckled.

“Hey now, that was Jake’s! He’s the one that hit you hard in the gut like that! And besides, you can somewhat hold it now!” He assured, walking up to me still giggling.

“Yeah, but you and him combined last I remember!” I smiled. He rustled my hair.

“Whatever you say pipsqueak!” He taunted, running up to the house. I chased after him, giggling in all the while. We rang the doorbell and sighed, relaxing so that we would at least LOOK presentable. An elderly woman greeted us; her thickly rimmed glasses making her eyes seem larger than they really were.

“Oh, Tristian, Jacob! Come on in! I made some eggnog!” She said happily. We walked inside the house, taking our shoes off as we entered. On the couch, we saw none other than Ex-police Chief O’doyle.

“Well well, merry Christmas boys!” He said, standing up. The years had been kind to the chief. The forty six year old man had changed into a sixty six year old man, yet he looked to be only fifty. Jacob and I hugged him warmly.

“Merry Christmas Gavin!” We said in unison. “And merry Christmas to you too Olivia!” We said, as the old woman came back with two glasses of eggnog.

“And don’t you be spillin’ them either!” She chided warmly. We giggled.

“Yeah, after living here for a while though I’d have thought you’d be USED to the mess Tristian makes!” Jacob joked as we all sat down on the two couches. One was on one side of the living room, and the other was on the other. Between us was a coffee table, made of red wood and polished like a mirror.

“Hey now, you spilled more cups then I EVER did!” I defended.

“True, but we always gave Jacob a Sippy cup; it usually was YOU who thought it would be a smart idea to grab a ‘big boy’ cup!” Gavin chuckled. His and Olivia’s faces seemed to glow in the sparkle of the Christmas tree, which stood idly by in the background reflecting and refracting light off of its multi colored ornaments. I couldn’t help but to blush at Gavin’s comment.

“So how has work been you two?” Olivia asked.

“It’s alright; we’ve been busy to say the least.” Jacob noted.

“Yeah, different day same boring stuff. Only, it’s a lot of boring stuff!” I teased.

“Yes, that’s what being an adult is all about, I’d suppose.” Gavin chimed in. “Now, Tristian. You called me today and said you had something you wanted to talk about?” Gavin said, getting to the point. I stood up, and lifted up the back of my shirt, pulling out three notebooks that’d been tucked into my pants. I set them on the table in front of us. Jacob placed the duffle bag down in front of his feet. He gave me an almost worried, nervous look.

“These two,” I started, pointing to a red and a green notebook; “You’ve already read.” I put them on Jacob’s lap. “But this one, you haven’t.” I stated, pointing to a black notebook. “This one is it. The third journal. After I finished writing it, I took it with us to the facility, and hid it in the room I first met Jacob in.” I confessed. Gavin’s eyebrows rose.

“So that’s where you went to change…” He said.

“Yeah. I promised Jacob, and Kif, that I would never speak a word until the time is right. It’s been twenty years.” I said.

“That’s true lad. So, then now is the time to show me, eh?”

“Yeah. It is…”

“Before we can get into what happened that Christmas, there are a few things you’re going to have to be covered on, and some that Jacob will. What happened in the hospital, what happened with her…? What happened that Christmas in full detail.” I said; my body and voice shaking. “The first entry is about what happened my first night in the hospital, when Jacob and I kissed…”