Comming of Age

I wrote this story about three months ago, but wanted to complete it before I posted it. I did not, as you can see, get to finish it, but this is what I’ve got so far and I hope there will be more to come. I wish you all the best, and hope you enjoy it.

WARNING: This story can be graphic at times. It is not for those who get “edgy” easily. If it offends anyone, I am truly sorry. But here goes:


Coming of Age, Chapter’s 1-6

Chapter 1

It was a cold and snowy evening in December. The stockings were not yet hung by the chimney with care for Jolly old St. Nick still had two weeks to be there. All was still in the McCormick household. The three children Lauren (age 12), Michael (age 11), and Benjamin (age 8) were sound asleep that Friday night, snow was blowing, as was typical for Buffalo, New York. Michael and Holly McCormick were downstairs watching the last few minutes of Law and Order, the only show that they could agree on and the only time that they really spent together during the week. It was eleven thirty when Benjamin sleepily stumbled down the stairs, and behind him trailed a scent that would shock even the most seasoned parent (or in this case, diaper changer).
“Did you have an accident, baby?” Mrs. McCormick asked. She could obviously tell that he had, not only from the scent, but from the abnormal bulge protruding from her six year old son’s bottom.
“Yes, mommy, my tummy hurts.” Benjamin replied. Mrs. McCormick expected nothing less. She noticed that her son looked pale when they got home from her sister’s house after eating dinner, who was notorious for cooking the most bizarre thing that one could possibly imagine. The particular dish they had that night was not only incredibly rich, but unnaturally spicy and it is a miracle that such did not take effect earlier.
Benjamin was diapered at night and sometimes during the day, as well as his brother and sister; all of whom wet the bed. Benjamin would wet almost every night, and Michael does so almost as often. But Lauren does not often wet, yet her mother just doesn’t want to take the risk. They could certainly afford to diaper their three children; Mr. McCormick was a very successful corporate lawyer, and Mrs. McCormick ran her own business; their combined salaried totaled seven figures each year. How Mrs. McCormick found the time to not only ruin her business but tend to the house and home school all three children was unknown to all who knew them. Mrs. McCormick was formerly a college professor at Buffalo University, and was thus more than qualified to do so.
Mrs. McCormick led her son into the nursery. They had commissioned a custom made changing table for the nursery, with stairs leading up to the platform so Mrs. McCormick wouldn’t have to lift the children up onto it. Benjamin (or Benny, as he was known to everyone but his parents) walked up the stairs and laid down on the platform where his mother untapped his soaked and very, very messy diaper. Mrs. McCormick knew it was her sisters cooking; it always upset everyone’s stomach just to smell –let alone eat. She held her breath and cleaned up her son. When he was well wiped, she sprinkled baby powder on him and slid a clean Pamper under his bottom, attached the tapes, and slid his pajama pants back on.
When they walked back out, Mr. McCormick was reclined on the large dark brown leather couch and Mrs. McCormick led him to sit down while she retrieved some medicine. Benny did not typically mess his diaper, he was always embarrassed when he did and his older brother and sister would always make fun of him for doing it. But all the McCormick children would be burdened by gastronomical inequities this night. After Benny took his medicine, and walked back upstairs, he peeked in his brother’s open door where he could clearly detect the smell of a mess. He saw his sister’s open door, and just like Michael, Lauren had clearly done the same dirty deed. Benny considered telling his mother, but he decided to just go to the fridge in the mini-bar and retrieve a Gatorade to drink before he went to bed. Under other circumstances he would not even dream of drinking anything even an hour before bed, but he was wearing a diaper and it was expected that he would make use of them.
Michael woke up in the morning very early from the stinging in his diaper caused by the mess he left in it the previous night. The mess had ridden up around his groin and spread about his entire bottom. He had little noticeable bulge but he was very uncomfortable. He waddled down the stairs where he found his Mother in the kitchen preparing a coffee cake for breakfast. She didn’t even need to say a word; she just went back to the nursery to clean Michael up. His mess was (if it could be imagined) significantly worse than Benny’s and Mrs. McCormack felt that a bath was in order. There was a tub not too far and after wiping him down as best she could, she took off his night shirt and proceeded to give him a bath. She scrubbed every inch of him, leaving him nice and clean. After the bath she led him back out to the changing table where Michael laid down and his mother slid a Pampers size 7 under him. She taped him up, and slid him off the table wearing nothing but a diaper to take him up to his room to dress him for the day.
But when Michael and Mrs. McCormick got to the top of the stairs, she heard crying coming from her daughters room. She walked into Lauren’s room and was immediately hit by an invisible wall of fumes, and she saw Benny standing over his older sister making fun of her for messing her diaper. And while it may have been poetic justice that what goes around truly does come around, Mrs. McCormick grabbed her son and led him out of her daughters room.
“What were you doing in there” Mrs. McCormick inquired.
“She had, she had… she pooped her diapers and every time I do she makes fun of me and she finally did it herself and I had to…” Benny replied.
“When your sister or older brother make fun of you, what happens to them?”
“They get a… a… a… spanking.” Mrs. McCormick put Benjamin in his room, dressed Michael, and went into her daughter’s room to change her diaper.

Chapter 2

“He made fun of me, aren’t you going to do anything about it?” Lauren protested.
“When you made fun of him, I spanked you right in front of both of them, didn’t I?” Mrs. McCormick responded. “He will get his spanking, but I don’t want you to get a rash.” She took her daughter into the bathroom (every bedroom in the house had its own), and bathed Lauren, just as she had bathed Michael. When Mrs. McCormick was done, she dried Lauren off and led her back to the table where she slid a pull-up on her and put on an outfit she had retrieved from her daughter’s closet.
After Lauren was dressed, Mrs. McCormick went into Benjamin’s room. He was sitting on his bed, diaper clearly wet due to not only the smell but the bulge in the front of his pants. She looked at him; he looked back and began to cry.
“There will be none of this, you cannot cry your way out of this one.”
“But I didn’t mean it. She just always makes fun of me when I poop in my pants and finally when she did, I just had to pick on her. She deserved it.”
“No, she did not. But you deserve a spanking. Every time either Michael or Lauren make fun of you I spank their bottoms, and you will get just the same. Go down to the living room, and wait for me to come down.” Mrs. McCormick commanded. Mrs. McCormick went into her other children’s respective rooms and found them and told them to go down to the living room. She told them both as they walked down what had happened and why Benny was going to get a spanking.
When they got to the living room, Benny was sitting on the couch clutching the back of his pants, clearly not looking foreword to what was to come. Mrs. McCormick didn’t say a word; she just sat down on the ottoman and motioned for Benny to come over. He stopped in front of his mother, and she undid his pajama pants because he had not been dressed yet. She saw that he had since messed in his diaper. She set him down, and went into the changing room, leaving her children in the living room. She returned with a towel, diaper, wipes and baby powder.
Benny couldn’t believe it, he hadn’t been changed in front of his siblings since he was three. But Mrs. McCormick laid out the towel and forced her son to lie down. She untapped his diaper, revealing both a wet and messy interior and proceeded to wipe him clean. She slid a new diaper under his bottom and taped it up. She took hold of his hand and returned to the ottoman. She bent him over her lap with the backs of his legs over her thighs and she whacked him ten times. He began to cry. She then put her hand on the top part of the back of his diaper and ripped it down. She spanked him ten more times. However, when she tried to tape him back up, she realized that the left tape ripped and she told Lauren to fetch another diaper from the changing room.
“Lauren, would you get another diaper from the changing room for me, sweetie? And also would you get the blue basket from under the changing table.” Mrs. McCormick requested.
“Sure, mommy.” Her daughter responded.
Lauren came back with a new pamper and the blue basket, from which her mother retrieved a silver package containing a large pill, a suppository. Benny didn’t see the pill, but when he was laid down to have the new diaper put on, he certainly did feel it. Mrs. McCormick put on a pair of latex gloves and applied some petroleum jelly to her finger tip. She inserted the pill all the way up, and Benny jumped and cried when she did.
“What was that for?” Benny angrily demanded. She slapped his legs.
“I don’t like your tone, and now you will poop your diaper even more. It is mean to make fun of your sister.” She snapped.
“But she didn’t get a pill when she made fun of me.”
“Oh yes she did.”
His bottom was sore in more ways then one as he waddled off. He couldn’t bear to sit down, so he lay down on his bed, stomach down when he felt a sudden discomfort in his bowels. He just couldn’t stop; he filled the back of his diaper. The warm mushy mess spread about his bottom. He didn’t want to get changed now, but realized that the warmth was somewhat therapeutic to the pain on his bottom. He mashed it around and it came up around his crotch and around his legs. He just laid there and began to wet himself again. He didn’t move, it wasn’t worth it because he was comfortable and movement of any kind now was just unpleasant. Two hours passed.
“Benjamin, come down for lunch!” Mrs. McCormick called.

Chapter 3

Benjamin waddled down the stairs and walked into the kitchen where he found his sister and brother. They had already began to eat when he came in, and his mother who was already less than pleased with him was even more so when she smelled her son coming. His mess was almost crusted up on his behind and required yet another bath. But, being the good mother that she was, Mrs. McCormick dropped her silverware and led Benjamin back to the changing room where she laid him down and yet again removed his pants and shirt, undid his diaper and wiped him up. She bathed him and put another diaper (a size seven with a booster on the inside rather than his typical size six) on him and took him up to his room to put on another change of clothes because some excrement had found its way onto Benjamin’s pants. But this time, he was only put in a t-shirt just long enough to cover his groin area just in case. Also, in the event that he should spill anything on himself during lunch, Mrs. McCormick didn’t want to have to re-clothe him.
Both Benjamin and Mrs. McCormick returned down stairs to finish lunch, in preparation for their departure later that day for the grocery store, clothing store, and possibly even the toy store –if, of course, Benjamin, Lauren, and Michael behaved in a reasonable manor.
After their plates were cleaned, the three children ran upstairs to get ready to depart. Lauren had wet her pull up a bit, but changed it promptly and returned downstairs. Michael had done a similar deed in his diaper since lunch, but his mother was cleaning up the kitchen and he didn’t want to have to wait for her change him so he stripped down, and put on one of his sister’s pull-ups to simplify things, but he left the wet diaper lying in his floor. All Benjamin had to do was remove the t-shirt and pull on a pair of jeans and a more suitable shirt and he returned downstairs, along with his brother and sister.
“We’re ready, Mommy!” They shouted, as Mrs. McCormick fetched the diaper bag.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” She happily replied.
The group ran into the garage where they got into the Lexus LX, with three booster seats. In the third row sat the oldest, Lauren, who while ten, was just under four and ¼ feet. Michael was a tad taller at four feet four, but Benjamin was less than four feet. Lauren buckled herself in, but the boys needed help and while buckling Michael in, Mrs. McCormick noticed something pink protruding from his pants. She was sure that her son was wearing one of his sister’s pull ups, but decided that it would be a more meaningful lesson for him when it leaked in the store and he had to walk around in nothing but a diaper, or wear around the wet pants.
With that, they were off first to the mall. They walked into the Nordstrom to the girl’s clothing department. Usually, Mrs. McCormick did not even bother to bring her children because they would wear whatever they were provided with, but today she felt that her daughter especially should have a say in how she was dressed. They found a pretty dress for the Christmas picture, four pairs of pants, two pairs of jeans, and a collection of shirts of various kinds that made Lauren very happy.
After paying, they went to the Saks Fifth Avenue, to the boys department to look for some suits for the Christmas picture. The boys were fitted in no time, but they did receive rather strange looks from the tailor, especially Michael when his sister’s pink pull-up was showing. When they were done, they went to find some regular clothes for everyday use. Polo Ralph Lauren was the favorite of both boys (and their father who believed that no lad should be clothed in anything less), and they each got three polo shirts, some pants, jeans, a plethora of t-shirts and rugby’s, and each a pair of pajamas. On the way out however, Lauren saw the girl’s Polo section, and got several more shirts and pairs of pants in addition to pajamas as well. But, by this time, all three children were in need of a changing.
They paid for their merchandise and walked to the food court where there was a family bathroom. Lauren went first, and her change was quick, but she had messed her diaper yet again. Mrs. McCormick didn’t even take her daughter’s pants off; she just slid them to her daughter’s ankles and undid the pull-up because it had the most convenient side openers on it, just in case. She wiped her daughter down well and liberally applied powder and oil to prevent any rash from developing. She then proceeded to tape her daughter’s diaper up (with a bit of protest for dislike of the bulge provided by a Pamper that was non-existent with a pull-up).
Michael was up next, and his mother stood him up on the changing table and pulled down his pants revealing a wet and messy pink pull-up with a picture of a princess on it. The front was yellowed, and the back was brow, but the poop was only recently made because it was not detectible in the store. Mrs. McCormick didn’t say a word; she just laid her son back, tore the sides of the girl’s pull-up and wiped him down. She then raised his legs, and moved over to the side where she gave him four good whacks for stealing his sister’s training panty.
“We have been through this before, Michael. You are not to steal your sister’s pull-ups.” Mrs. McCormick firmly asserted.
“But… but… you were in the kitchen, and I didn’t want to have to wait for you to come and change me because I wanted to go really bad…” he pleaded.
“I would have stopped to change you. You shall not steal your sister’s training panties. When you demonstrate to me that you can hold it for more than two hours, then I might consider getting you some of your own. But, until that day you will be diapered.” With that she lowered his legs, giving him one more swat on the way down. She retrieved a fresh diaper from the bag, placed it over his pee pee to prevent an encounter of just that, and wiped his bottom and front. She slid the diaper under his bottom, and just like Lauren, liberally applied powder and oil, and then taped him up. She scooted him off the table, giving him just one more swat and told him to get out a pair of his new pants for the ones he was formerly wearing were soiled. Mrs. McCormick could not bring herself to humiliate her son as he so richly deserved. But thankfully, Benjamin was easy to change for he had only wet.
After the mass change, they departed to the grocery store to fetch the usual necessities.

Chapter 4

As they approached the fresh market, Benny noticed the toy shop that Mrs. McCormick had intended to take her children to after they were done. Benny begged to go now, but his mother told him that if they were all good in the grocery store, that they would get to. And of course, with such an incentive the Lauren, Michael, and Benjamin were three little diapered angles. Mrs. McCormick was able to get what she needed with unusual ease, and when they left all three children collectively sang: “Thank you, Mommy!”
When they pulled into the parking lot, Mrs. McCormick had barely turned off her SUV before they ran out into the store to pick out their new toy. Michael found his first; it was a remote controlled race car that buzzed inside the package. And then Benny walked up holding a stuffed dog, but Lauren was no where to be seen. She was having trouble deciding between the Barbie doll, and a baby doll. Mrs. McCormick walked over to her daughter.
“What are you going to get, sweetie?” She asked.
“I don’t know, mommy. I really like the Barbie, but the baby is much cuter.” Lauren replied.
“Well, both are true. And while you aren’t going to be a mommy any time soon, you could use the practice changing diapers. If your brothers keep up the way they are, I’m going to need your help.” Mrs. McCormick told her daughter.
“You want me to change Benny and Michael’s diapers?” She asked in amazement.
“Well, if you are going to help me out, you have to be potty trained first.” Mrs. McCormick replied.
“Even at night?” the look of oncoming disappointment on Lauren’s face was almost unbearable.
“No, sweetie, you can’t help that. But during the day, you have to use the potty like a big girl.”
“Ok, mommy, I will.” Almost magically, Lauren was potty trained the next day, never again did she wet her pull-up during the day.
When they got home, both boys needed to have their diapers changed, but Lauren did not. She went promptly upstairs to use the potty like a big girl. She did not however clean herself up properly, and there were skid marks on the inside of her pull-up, which prompted her mother to instruct her on the proper ways of wiping.
Lauren was less than pleased when her mother insisted on inspecting the inside of her daughter’s pull-up and she fetched a pack of baby wipes and returned to clean her daughter. Mrs. McCormick slid her daughter’s pants to her ankles, and lifted her shirt. She told her daughter to bend over and Mrs. McCormick cleaned off what the barely potty trained girl missed. Mrs. McCormick finished, and threw the semi-soiled pull up away and laid her daughter down on the changing table in her bedroom. She opened a package and inserted three suppositories in her daughter’s bottom.
“What did I do, mommy?” Lauren uncomfortably asked.
“Oh, sweetie, you didn’t do anything, but we are going to go get the Christmas trees tomorrow. You know how long a ride that is, and I don’t want to have to clean up any messes at a rest stop. But I’ll tell you what, tomorrow you will be wearing a diaper, but I’ll let you help me change your brothers on the way. How does that sound?”
“Ok, mommy, that sounds good.”
“Oh, sweetie, these should take effect before bed time, so you don’t have to sleep in a messy diaper.” With that Mrs. McCormick walked out of Lauren’s bedroom and into Michael’s room where he had messed his diaper something serious. She told him that they would be going to get the Christmas trees tomorrow, alone with their father. She told him that he would need to take three suppositories because she did not want to change a messy diaper on the road.
Mrs. McCormick untapped the front as always and cleaned him up. She rolled him over and slipped them up his bottom and diapered him back up but this time with an insert, just in case. She wasn’t exactly gentle with him either because this was almost more punishment for stealing his sister’s training panties. She taped his diaper up, extra tight, and exited to Benny’s room.

In Michael’s room:

Michael got up, and stuck his hands in the back of his diaper to feel his sore bottom from the spanking in the mall bathroom for the panty stealing, and the suppositories both. He stuck his finger in a tub of Vaseline and rubbed it inside his bottom to try to soothe the unpleasantness. When he did this he began to feel a hardening of his pee pee, and he began to stroke the front of his diaper and he shoved his finger farther up his bottom until it was fully lodged up. He stroked harder and harder until there was an obvious swelling of his pee pee. He didn’t know what this was, but he liked it, and he liked it a lot. He began to wiggle his finger more and more and he tore the tapes of his diaper off and began to rub his pee pee even more. It was like a fire inside him and he kept on and on until the fire seemed to erupt, right out of him. He noticed a white, slippery substance on his hands. It was not pee, but it came from his pee pee. He tasted it, and rubbed it all over his groin. After the swelling went down he taped his diaper back up, but got more Vaseline out and began to feel inside his bottom again, until he felt a terrible need to poop.
He tried to hold it in so he could continue with his finger, but he just couldn’t any more and he filled the back of his diaper with quite a load, and a runny one at that. Michael saw this as opportunity, and he pushed the mess all around and squished it until it was over his pee pee and every inch of his bottom and began to thrust his hips against a pillow.

In Benny’s Rom:

When Mrs. McCormick walked in she told him about the events of tomorrow, and diapered him just like she did Michael and Lauren. He tried to protest to the suppositories but it was to no avail. Mrs. McCormick rolled him over on his bed and spanked him ten times on the bottom, and then shoved the suppositories right up his bottom, as she had done with her other two children. When he was disrespectful though, she was beside herself. She bent him over her knee, tore back his diaper and spanked him until his bottom was sore and red and gave him yet another suppository –this time using her entire finger. She put a booster inside the Pampers size 7 and taped it shut, very tight as she had done to Michael.

By this time Mr. McCormick was home from his office. Lauren ran downstairs to greet him. She had on her light pink flannel night gown and was very cute with her diaper clearly showing. Benny ran down too, and the family sat down to eat dinner, but when Mrs. McCormick yelled up to Michael, he did not respond.
“Michael, sweetie, it’s time for dinner!” She called.
There was no response, so she went up to his room to get him.
By this time, Michael was going for a second round, his finger all the way up his bottom, with runny poop (almost diarrhea) all over the bed lying on top of a urine soaked diaper. And when Mrs. McCormick walked in, she couldn’t believe herself. She picked her son up and dragged him to the bathroom. She turned on the water and commanded him to bathe. She picked up his horribly soiled diaper and put it, along with the bed spread and pee-soaked sheets, in a black garbage bag she retrieved from under the kitchen sink. She stripped the bed down to the water proof mattress liner on it.
After Michael was done, she went downstairs and out to the back yard to cut a switch. She returned and like a drill sergeant marched up and yanked him out of the bathroom and bent him over the bed and switched him until his bottom swelled like a red washboard. He began to pee, and she took a diaper, put it on him, and bent him back over and switched the backs of his legs while shouting the horrors of masturbation.
“I don’t even know what masturbation is.” Michael pleaded. She switched him ten more times.
“It is playing with yourself! That’s what it is!” She shouted.
Mrs. McCormick took Michael down to the changing room and laid him on the changing table. She untapped his diaper and replaced it with one about four times as thick with a multitude of boosters inside of it, and a pair of what looked like plastic panties, but they had a lock on them. She put them on Michael and proceeded to spank him some more and put him in a footed sleeper when she was done. She locked that too. And then put him in the crib that remained in the nursery.
“You’ll be spending two nights here.” She directed.

Chapter 5

All Michael had done was touch himself, but his mother clearly thought that it was one of the worst things that could possibly be done. He tried to undo the sleeper because it was uncomfortable and he was too hot under the sleeper and the blankets of the crib, but when he tried to get up, he realized just how high the bars on the crib were, they had a lock on them as well. Michael was a baby prisoner and he didn’t like it at all.
About three hours later, his mother came in and gave him an ultimatum. Either he could walk around wearing an ultra thick diaper and have two spankings a day for the next two days, or he could be locked in the crib for two days. He chose the spankings. But what his mother didn’t tell him was what else would be happening. She gave him a glass of what appeared to be chocolate milk, but it was really a laxative. She then removed the locking sleeper and panties and striped him down to his diaper. She put on a pair of latex gloves and then told him to bend over the changing table. She put a blunt object so far up his anus that he was yelping.
“This is an enema. It will make you go poop in your diaper. It is part of your punishment. Your spankings will begin when this is over.” She told him.
The enema was the most painful thing he had ever experienced. It must have been wider than a quarter and it went right up his bottom and shot hot liquid into his bowels. He felt the need to poop almost instantly, and he was diapered very quickly before he filled the back of it to the point of some leaking out.
“It looks like you, messy baby, need a bath.” She said.
Usually, Mrs. McCormick did not bathe Michael or Lauren unless they were particularly messy from diaper mess or excessive outdoor activity. But she led him into the tub, where she washed every inch of him with a wash cloth and when he got out she dried him off and ribbed his privates with baby powder and she took him out to the changing table where she diapered him with a Pampers Size 7 with at least two more inserts than before. She did not bother to dress him, for it was customary in the McCormick household to receive spankings for particularly horrible offenses in front of the other two siblings to intensify the impact of the punishment.
Mrs. McCormick called Lauren and Benny into the changing room where they saw their brother standing before them in nothing but an abnormally thick diaper. Mrs. McCormick had a bit of difficulty explaining the nature of Michael’s offense, because she didn’t want to give her other children any ideas. However, after she was satisfied that they knew, she made Michael sand up and hold on to the back of a chair.
“Lauren, sweetie, would you come over here and pull down your brother’s diaper for me.” Mrs. McCormick asked.
Lauren did not make a sound, because the last time she saw her mother with a switch in her hand, it was meant for her and that was an experience she did not want to repeat… ever again. But Lauren went up to her brother, and pulled down his diaper relatively easy, not even compromising the tapes that had been clearly attached very loosely to allow such a motion of something that would otherwise be set dead in place. She slowly pulled it down, past his thighs, knees, calves, and finally to his ankles where it rested for the time being.
“Thank you, sweetie, for doing that. –Now Michael, if you even so much as try to stop me from spanking you when I am spanking you, the amount of swats you receive tonight will double. Hold onto the chair, or if you would feel better you can go mount yourself on the changing table which has a bar you can hold onto.”
Michael tried to lift his diaper, but was stopped by a sharp strike on his bottom.
“Lauren, sweetie, would you pull Michael’s diaper up for him.”
She came over, slowly, not wanting to get hit herself and quickly jerked the diaper up.
“Sweetie, come here. That is no way to pull a diaper up. Come over here and I’ll show you the proper way to do something like this.”
Lauren walked over to her mother, who pulled down her pants and her now very wet diaper, but then gently eased it back up.
“That’s how it is done. Now go pull your brother’s diaper up.”
Lauren went over, bent down, and eased her brother’s diaper up. He waddled over to the bar on the changing table, and Lauren looked at her mother, who looked squarely at Michael indicating that Lauren should lower her brother’s diaper yet again. Mrs. McCormick went over to Michael and looked at him, and began to spank him very hardly. He cried and screamed, but did not let go of that bar. She continued, more and more. Still, Michael held onto the bar. Mrs. McCormick gave him ten more swats that were the hardest she had ever given him, yet still, Michael held the bar.
“You have been a very good boy and have paid your punishment. There shall be no more spankings for this offense.” Mrs. McCormick mercifully said.
Lauren walked over to her brother and pulled up his diaper and helped him up to his bedroom along with Benny. None of the McCormick children had ever been spanked that bad before and the welts on the back of Michael’s legs began to show up. The three stumbled up the stairs and went into Michael’s room. He had soiled his diaper on the way up and needed a change badly. The suppositories were coming into full swing as well as the laxative again, and he needed a new diaper. Mrs. McCormick shouted up to Lauren and told her that she was appointed care taker of her brother. Anything that he should need, she was responsible for… even diaper changes.
“Go run down to the changing room and get some diapers and powder, while I go to the linen closet to get some sheets and a blanket for this bed.” Lauren told Benny.
“I have never seen anyone that mad in my life, ever.” Benny said.
“Just hush and go get the diapers.” Lauren insisted. They both set out and accomplished their respective tasks, and they helped Michael off the bed.
“I’ll put the sheets on the bed, and you go get a towel.” Lauren again instructed Benny, who returned with one just the right size. Lauren finished putting the sheets on Michael’s bed and helped him up onto it, she slid the blanked under him and undid the her brother’s soiled diaper’s tapes, but realized that she had no wipes and quickly ran to the changing room to get that, some more powder, and some oil.
When Lauren returned, she slid off the old diaper and rolled it up and put it in the diaper pail in the bathroom. She wiped him off using every wipe, again put into a bag after use and deposited in the pail. She rubbed him down with oil and powder and noticed that his pee pee began to swell, just as it had before.
“No! No! No!” Michael began to shout. “That is what mommy beat me for, was when my pee pee began to get bigger and I touched it.”
“That’s all you did?” Both Benny and Lauren asked in shock.
“That’s why she spanked me like that.”

Mr. McCormick was sitting in his office reading the paper when his wife walked in.
“What happened?” he asked.
“I caught Michael masturbating.” She replied.
“Is that why he got the spanking?” He asked again.
“Don’t you think that you were a little hard on him? I mean he is just a boy, and he probably didn’t even know what he was doing. I’m sure that he didn’t mean any harm.”
“He deserved a spanking! Boys should not touch themselves!”
“I did.”
“Well than I would have beaten the hell out of you too.”
Mr. McCormick was deeply disturbed by what he heard his wife say. She had become more neurotic with each passing day and tomorrow they were supposed to get the Christmas tree. Mr. McCormick suggested to his wife that she go up to her mother’s for a few days to wind down. He said that he would stay home with the kids, and that she needed a vacation.
“I suppose I do need a vacation, I’ll pack tonight.” She replied.
While his wife was busy packing Mr. McCormick went up to Michael’s room where he found all three of his children. Michael was lying on his back, diaper untapped and pulled out so as to reduce pressure on the welts. Benny was sitting at his brother’s desk and Lauren was reclining next to her brother on the bed.
“Mommy appointed me in charge of tending to Michael’s needs.” Lauren boldly proclaimed. Mr. McCormick leaned over his bruised son.
“You alright there, Michael?” he asked. Michael did not answer. He seemed to almost be in shock from pain. His legs were bruised and his bottom was red and purple. Mr. McCormick lifted back Michael’s diaper to see the full extent. There were even some marks on his lower back. Mr. McCormick could tell that this was not right at all, and that his son was far from even hinting at ok. He went back into the medicine cabinet down stairs in the bathroom and retrieved a cream that was supposed to ease pain, and took it up to Lauren.
“I want you to put this on your brother… very gently now. Everywhere you see marks; I want you to put this on him.” Mr. McCormick instructed his daughter.
“Ok, daddy, I will.” Lauren replied. She got a big glob out in her hand, with the other pulled down her brother’s diaper revealing the welts and bruises. She gently spread it about her brother’s bottom and thighs and lower back where he had been beaten.
“Has mommy ever done this before?” Mr. McCormick asked. Lauren leaned foreword.
“Well, one time when you had to go to London on the business trip, she thought I stole money from her purse and she did the same thing.” Lauren said. “I don’t think she hit me that hard, but it was pretty much the same thing.”
“Thank you, sweetie.”

Mr. McCormick did not want to divorce his wife, but he did not want to put his children in danger. He called his father, Michael McCormick Seinor, and his father told him to give her one more chance, but the prenuptial agreement that Michael Seinor had arranged just might come in handy… some day. At least the kids will be away from their mother for the time being, he convinced himself. It is just not good now, but it will be better when she gets her head together. He told himself that the website business she ran from the living room could wait, her sanity was more important.

The next day, Mrs. McCormick left bright and early with the Lexus. Mr. McCormick was happy however that she had left the Hummer because they were going to go to get the Christmas trees today.
Every year the house had five Christmas trees. One in the living room to show off through the window, one in the den for the family to enjoy, one in the parlor in lieu of the oncoming Christmas party, and one in the foyer to beckon guests in. This was hopefully going to be a particularly special Christmas because Both Mr. McCormick’s parents and Mrs. McCormick’s parents were flying in the next week to sped the holidays.

Chapter 6

Mr. McCormick walked up stairs. It was getting late and everyone needed a good nights rest before tomorrow to get the Christmas trees. Mr. McCormick found his daughter in her room and told her to get her brother’s ready for bed. They could bathe themselves, but if she would diaper them then all would be well. Lauren was excited to have the additional responsibility and went into each of her brother’s rooms, walking on air. She told Michael to go take a bath, and that when he got out she would put on the cream her father gave to her brother before she put ob his diaper. She told Benny the same.
Michael stripped down naked and turned on the water. He brushed his teeth and went to the linen closet and retrieved a towel and wash cloth, after which he stepped into the shower. He dispensed some shampoo and washed his hair and then picked up the bar of Dial white soap and lathered up. He washed himself well leaving no inch unclean, and then rinsed off and stepped out into the bath mat. He dried himself off and called his sister in to put on his diaper. She returned with a basket that she had prepared filled with all the necessary supplies. He lay back naked on the bed and she slid a changing pad under him. She rolled him over and put on the cream and then rolled him back over to apply some oil. She sprinkled him with powder, slid the diaper under his bottom and taped it up. He stood up and wearing nothing but the newly applied diaper walked over to his to find some pajamas. He selected a pair of flannel bottoms with dogs printed on them and a thermal shirt.
Benny was taking a shower at the same time as Michael, and he forgot a washcloth and towel. He called for his sister to fetch him one but when she did not come, he had no choice but to get out of the shower and go to the linen closet in the hall. Stark naked he dripped water all over the floor, when he saw his sister, washcloth and towel in hand.
“I was in the bathroom”. Lauren said.
“I didn’t think you heard me.” He replied.
He took the bath supplies and went back into his bathroom. He washed his hair and got out some body wash. After he was clean, he stepped out of the shower and dried off. He just left the towel in the bathroom on the rack because he knew he would be diapered anyway. When he came out of the bathroom he found his sister sitting on his bed waiting for him.
“You’re dripping wet! I can’t put a diaper on you like this.” She proclaimed.
He turned around to go back into the bathroom to get his towel, but his sister beat him to it. She grabbed the towel, and began to rapidly dry him off. She wrapped it around his legs and went up and down and then did the same with his arms and back. She dried off his stomach and then slid it in between his legs. She patted the area dry and then spread the towel out on the bed. She laid him back, diapered him, slid on his pajamas that he had gotten out earlier, and stood him up.
“Finally,” she said “Now I can get a shower.”
Lauren walked out of Benny’s room and into her own. She pulled down her pants and slid off her shirt. She did not yet wear a real bra, but on occasion wore a little training bra to prepare her for the future. She had taken off the diaper she had on earlier and replaced it with a pull-up, but now deposited that in the diaper pail in next to the toilet in her bathroom. No one ever cleaned the toilets in the McCormick children’s rooms, for they were never, ever in use. The showers were the only thing to be cleaned, along with the sinks.
Lauren turned the water on and brushed her teeth while it heated up. She stepped into the shower and, just like her brothers, cleaned every inch of her body, stepped out, and retrieved a fresh pink pull-up from her dresser. She pulled on some pink flannel pajamas, a t-shirt, and put on her robe. Her hair would dry naturally on its own. (it hung straight now, but would curl lightly by the morning. She walked down the hall into the play room where she found her brothers. The heater was turned up very high, and Michael found it to be too hot to be fully clothed and was wearing only his diaper and a t-shirt. His thermal shirt and pajama pants were lying on the couch.
Michael was shooting pool while Benny was playing a Harry Potter video game on their XBOX 360. She too felt it too hot to be so dressed, so she retired to her room to put on some sleep shorts, where she left her robe and other pajamas. Under normal circumstances, Lauren would been upset by Michael’s indecency, but considering how rough an evening her brother had had, she let it go.

Coming of Age, Chapter’s 1-6

An excellent story.

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Comming of Age


What an excellent start for a first story. There are a lot of things in this that are really, really good and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Absolutely keep it up! You have an awesome start!

Just a couple things:

“Almost magically, Lauren was potty trained the next day, never again did she wet her pull-up during the day.”

Take that sentence out immediately. This closes so many doors for you. Write the story like it’s happening in the present not the past, and telling us that Lauren never wets again is giving us way too much information. I absolutely hated that sentence, and it should be taken out.

Also, I think the story moves a little too fast. It starts with a happy family with two kids that wear protection at night for occasional accidents, to a family with three kids who are chronic diaper wetters (and poopers) during the day, and the father wanting out of the blue to get a divorce, in a matter of like 3 days. Slow down the pace a little.

The masturbation part may get critisized, as I absolutely hated it at first, but I don’t mind you including it anymore. It’s normal for an 11 year old boy to start fooling around, especially in that situation.

Why are the kids in car seats? First of all, they’re WAYYYY too small for the average kids their age, and even if they were that small, using a carseat on a 12 year old is out of the question. It seems like these people are pretty likeable and that the kids would have friends. Well having your 12 year old daughter in a car seat is kind of wierd and what would her friends think?

Also, please stop with all the pills and shots and enemas and laxatives making the kids poop. That’s cruel and unusual and I don’t like reading it. Make the accidents come upon naturally.

Lastly, in future chapters, get more characters involved. I’d love to meet these kids’ friends and family and see their opinions to their diapering.

Again, I love your story so far. And thanks for the shoutout, it should help motivate me to get the next chapter out.

Comming of Age

These are some messed up parents.

Comming of Age

You switched her age from 12 to 10 half way through. Also, I think it was a little graphic, with the boy fingering himself etc…

Tone it down a bit? It was hardly necessary to the plot.

Comming of Age

that was the weirdest story I ever read……btw how can u be a 8) for an age?

Comming of Age

It’s a figure eight in a bracket: 8 ) becomes 8)

Comming of Age

It’s an awesome story.