College Hijinks

I am starting this due to a contest on another forum. I like this site better though so I will cross post here. Please let me know what you think. This is the start and I will add to it over the next month or so.

Chapter 1

I was running late. Generally speaking, I hated running late and the fact that it was to meet up with Lexi only made it worse. Lexi and I are having a lunch / coffee break since that is the only time we will see each other today until we get home tonight…and I am running late. It is what it is, but I just hope Lexi doesn’t get too upset about it. Not much I can do about it anyway.

I walked in to 1000 Faces Coffee shop only about 5 minutes late. It is a cool little coffee place in town that a lot students frequent. It has incredible coffee and lattes. I looked around as I walked in and saw Lexi already seated in the corner in one of the few places where could have some privacy.

Lexi, short for Alexis is nothing short of stunning. She is 6"1 with long blond straight hair. She has the body of an athlete seeing as she is one. She competed in Taikwondo starting at 5 years old, and transitioned to Jujitsu when she was in high school. On top of that, she ran track for her high school and was now running on a full scholarship. Lexi is really smart too, seeing as she is a premed major in her final year.

I smiled at her as I walked up to the counter to place my order.

“One latte with vanilla please” I said to the cashier.
“Sure. That will be $5.35 and you can pick it up by the barista” she responded.

I paid her and by the time she had given me my change (I dropped the coins in the tip jar…of course) my latte was up. I grabbed it and I walked over to where Lexi was sitting.

“Hey babe” I said to Lexi as I sat down and put my latte on the table sitting between us.
“Hey Liv. Glad you made it!” she said.
“Now hold on. I am only 5 minutes late. Can you even really call that late” I inquired.
“I know honey. I am just excited to see you is all”. Lexi was smiling and looking me over as she said it.

Let me give you the quick rundown. I am Olivia but I go by Liv. I am in my final year of school majoring in computer science. I am a technology geek, a really good programmer, and I also have a job at Google lined up after I graduate this year. I am about 5"6, thin, with long dark hair. I met Lexi my sophmore year of school and we started dating our junior year. She is my first girlfriend and I hope to be my last. We moved in together for our final year os school and are doing really well. Lexi is the type of girl who loves to push the envelope, try new things, and find ways to make me squirm. While I don’t always enjoy it, I admit that she keeps it interesting and takes care of me in the long run. Today is a prime example. As I was getting ready this morning, Lexi walked in, and out of the blue, showed me a pair of underwear.
“I want you to wear this today” she said.

I looked at the underwear. It was a thick pair of underwear with a bunch of animals on it.
“What is this? Where did you get it and why do you want me to wear it?” I asked.
“Whats the big deal?” she asked. “Put it on under your skirt. I want to think about you wearing it all day”
“Come on. This underwear looks like it is for kids. There is nothing sexy about this” I said.
“If it was for kids it wouldn’t fit you. Now come on put it on.” Lexi ordered.

I begrudgingly took off the sexy lace underwear I was wearing and went to grab the underwear Lexi was holding. Instead of it being handed to me Lexi opened up the underwear and had me step in to it like a child would and slid it up to my waist. She then lifted up my skirt to look at her handiwork.

“This is adorable. You look sooo cute” she said.
“Why is this so thick?” I asked.
“They are training pannies.” She said.
“WHAT!?! Why am I wearing training pannies” I asked.
“Because I want you to.” she said.
“Lexi. Come on. This is ridiculous. Why would you even get these? And where did you get these?”
“I got them on Etsy. I thought you would look adorable in them. Besides no one will know you’re wearing them besides me” she said.
“I don’t want to wear them” I pouted. I knew I would end up wearing them but I wanted to give Lexi a little bit of grief.
I felt a sharp SMACK on my butt.
“Ow” I exclaimed. “What was that?” I exclaimed.
“That was for arguing with me. Are you done?” she asked.
“Yes” I sullenly said.

Lexi is what you would call very kinky. When we first met I was a very “vanilla” type of girl and had never dated a woman before. Over the last year and a half of dating she has introduced me to the wild and kinky side of sex. One of those things she likes is dominance. That was what all this was. But still, I didn’t want to wear these stupid underwear.

“Good. Trust me, it could be a lot worse” she said. Lexi let my skirt fall back down and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
“What could possibly be worse than wearing adult sized training pants” I asked.
“Wouldn’t you like to know” she said.

Now back to our coffee date.

“Why are you all smiles” I asked.
“Why do you think?” Lexi asked.
“Does it have to do with this stupid underwear” I asked.
“Let me check to make sure you’re still wearing them” Lexi demanded.
“What. No! Not in here. Are you crazy? I am not showing you my underwear in the middle of the coffee shop” I said in a panic. Lexi would absolutely make me show her in here. I was already embarrassed to be wearing them and I was not about to even discretely lift my skirt just to prove to her that I didn’t take off the underwear she chose for me.
“Oh come on Liv. Just discretely lift up your skirt a bit and no one will see.” Lexi teasingly said.
“No. No way” I said.
“Last warning. You either do it or I will come up with something worse” Lexi looked at me with a sliver in her eyes. I could tell she was already thinking through what was next and I was sure I wouldn’t like it. This is bullshit.
“Why do you always get to dictate what happens and I don’t”. I will admit. I said it in a wine. The truth is I like it when Lexi does this. It makes me feel loved and she gets off on it. It is a win win.
“Because I said so. Now show me” she demanded.

I looked around and lifted the front of my skirt up just a little bit exposing the training underwear Lexi had put me in earlier. Lexi smiled and I quickly pushed down my skirt.

“I don’t get why you are having me wear these” I said.
“I like the idea of you wearing them. You look so cute. Besides, no one else should be seeing your underwear anyway so who cares.” she said.
“Whatever. As long as it makes you happy. Although it makes my butt look huge. I swear if you look closely it messes up the look of my skirt” I said.
“No one should be looking anyway.” she said.
“Fine. Is Kimberly still coming over for dinner tonight?” I asked.
“Yes!! She is also bringing her new boyfriend” Lexi said. “Should be fun. Kimberly says they met online and she is excited for us to meet him. He is also a student.”
“Great. I should be home by 6” I said. “I have an exam I have to finish and then I have to work on a project for my python class” I said.
“You’re cute. Like I know what python is. Great. Kimberly and her boyfriend will already be there by the time you get home.” Lexi said. “Pick up some wine on the way home”
“Ok. I will probably need it. Between this exam, project and having to deal with Kimberly some wine will be great” I said.

It isn’t that I didn’t like Kimberly, it was more that she was Lexi’s best friend. That means that Lexi shared everything that was going on in her life with Kimberly…including informaton about me. That means that Kimberly knew all about the kinky things Lexi and I did. And there were a lot. Also, Lexi wasn’t afraid to to talk about or do anything in front of her. One time, all three of us were hanging out, and I jokingly told Kimberly that Lexi can be a total bitch sometimes. Newsflash…she totally can. Can’t we all be? Lexi, feigning outrage, put me across her knee, lifted up my skirt and spanked me (only one swat). She then asked me if I needed a time out. No I didn’t need a fucking time out. But I was mortified. Lexi acted like it was no big deal!

“Oh come on Liv. You’re still sore about the spanking I gave you in front of her” she said while laughing.
“Yes I am! I can’t believe you did that.” I exclaimed.
“It was all in good fun. Besides, she knows that sometimes you end up over my knee.” Lexi said.
“I wish you didn’t tell her. But it is one thing to know and one thing to see” I said indignantly.
“Well relax. She likes you and you girls get along. I am sure we will have a good time tonight and meet her new boyfriend” Lexi said.
“Relax huh. How would you like it if I spanked you in front of Kimberly and her boyfriend tonight? Would you still tell me to relax?”

Lexi looked at me, my frustrated expression on my face and smiled.

“Liv sweety. I gave you one swat on the butt. She is my best friend. She knows about all the things we do. Besides, I thought about having her spank you and not me.” Lexi said.
“You wouldn’t dare!” I exclaimed.
“Oh come on honey. I would have no problem with it just like I had no problem jokingly spanking you that night. Now lets just have fun tonight. I would hate to have to spank you in front of company tonight or maybe even have Kimberly do it”

I didn’t like this line of talk. I learned early on to never call Lexi’s bluff so I figured it was best to just let it go. Kimberly wasn’t bad and it was the start of the weekend.

“Fine. Let’s just have fun tonight” I said.

We chatted for a few more minutes and then I had to run off to finish my exam. I know Lexi had some lab work she had to do for one of her many science courses. I gave her a quick kiss and then we both ran off to finish out our day before dinner tonight and the start of the weekend.

Chapter 2

I walked in to the apartment hanging her keys on the hook by the door. Lexi and Kimberly were in the kitchen making drinks and what I assume was Lexi’s boyfriend was sitting on the couch. He was a good looking guy, about 5"10, short black hair and skinny. If I had to guess he probably weighted about 145 pounds soaking wet. He was wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans and a black polo shirt. If you compare that to Kimberly, who has long blond hair, 6"2 about 160 pounds of solid muscle they looked very different. I didn’t want to interrupt Lexi and Kimberly in the kitchen so I went over to introduce myself to this stranger in my apartment.

“Hi, I am Liv” as I put out my hand to introduce myself.
“Hi Liv. I am Kash” the unknown man now named Kash said.
“Please tell me your last name isn’t register” I joked. “That would be hysterical if it was”

I could tell that Kash didn’t appreciate my joke due to his contorted face but I thought it was funny. Kash recovered quickly and shook his head.

“No, thank goodness not.” Kash replied.

Lexi and Kimberly were walking over to the couch as we were talking and I felt a firm swat on my butt that I wasn’t expecting.

“Hey!!” I exclaimed. It didn’t hurt so much as it was surprising.
“Be nice to our guest Liv.” Lexi scolded me. “Sorry Kash. Lexi here thinks she is a comedian and her jokes often fall flat”
“It’s all good. It is nice to meet you Liv” Kash responded.
“I will second that Liv’s jokes can fall flat sometimes. I have witnessed it on occasion” Kimberly laughing said.
“Liv, did you get the wine on your way home?” Lexi asked?
“Shit, I forgot. I can go get it real quick” I replied.
“Don’t worry about it. Kimberly and Kash brought some beers and we have leftover beers as well. If we get low there is always the Maker’s Mark in the freezer”

Lexi sat down on the couch facing Kash while Kimberly sat next to Kash on the other couch. I looked around wondering if Lexi had made me a drink but I did not see one.

“What are you guys drinking?” I asked. “And where is mine?”
“Tropicalia” Lexi replied. And you walked in after we were done pouring. Go grab yourself one" she replied.

I got up and walked over to the kitchen and grabbed another Tropicalia out of the fridge. I reached in to the freezer to grab a frozen beer mug because all beer should be drunk from a frosty mug but there were none.

“Lexi, what happened to the frosty mugs” I asked with probably a little annoyance in my tone.
“We must of used them all. Just grab a mug out of the cupboard and we can put some more in the freezer tonight” Lexi responded.

It was the little things in life that I liked. Like a fucking frosty mug. And the reason we didn’t have any was because there were only three left this morning and there were 3 people drinking beers on our couches. Total bullshit. Lexi doesn’t even care if she is drinking from a frosty mug. It was bad enough she had Kimberly and Mr. Register over but now I don’t even get a mug.

“Whatever” I mumbled as I reached in to grab a glass from the shelf above me.

“Excuse me for a second” I heard Lexi tell Kimberly and Kash as she got up from the couch and walked in to the kitchen.

“What’s the problem Liv” Lexi whispered to me.
“Nothing.” I whispered back with a curt tone.
“It sure doesn’t sound like it. You have been here for 3 minutes and you made fun of Kash and are pouting about the mug” she whispered back at me.
“It’s fine. Just forget about it and let me pour my beer” I flippantly responded.
“Listen, I don’t know what is wrong. We can talk about it when they leave. But check your attitude please.”
“Fine” I said.

I finished pouring my beer and we both walked back over to the couch and sat down.
“Cheers everyone” Lexi said as she raised her glass.

We all cheersed and sat back down.

“So Lexi, how long have you and Liv been together” Kash asked.
“Somewhere around two years. We met sophmore year, started dating junior year and we are both finishing up this year”
“That’s awesome” Kash said. “How did you guys meet”
“In a women’
s study class” Lexi said. “We sat next to each other and really hit it off”
“But we didn’t really start dating until the beginning of the next year” I said.
“What was the hold up?” Kash asked.
“Liv had to figure out she liked women” Lexi said.
“I was curious about that” Zach said. “How did you know Liv liked women”

I hated this question. How did you know that you were attracted to Kimberly. How did your mom and dad know they were attracted to each other. It is no different. I took a long pull on my beer.

“All women in a women’s study course are gay. Didn’t you know?” I mockingly said.

The room went silent. I probably shouldn’t of said it but it is what it is. I was not endearing myself to Kash and I honestly didn’t care. That was an ignorant question. Kimberly looked upset, Lexi looked pissed, and Kash looked embarrassed. 5 minutes in to our get together and this was turning out really well.

“I am so sorry Liv. Kash didn’t mean anything by it. Right Kash” Kimberly said in a surprisingly stern tone.
“Yes Liv. I am so sorry. I meant no disrespect.” Kash sheepishly said.
“No one meant anything bad. This was just another failed attemtp by Liv at making a joke.” Lexi said. “Olivia, can you and I please have a private chat in the bedroom… now please”

What the hell was that. She sounded like my mother calling me in to the bedroom like that. Lexi got up and looked at me to follow. I was trying to decide if I was going to put up with this. Kash was ignorant and I was not a child. I took another sip of my beer and just stood there for what felt like a minute but in reality it was only 3 or 4 seconds.

“You will not like what is going to happen if I have to ask you again” Lexi said.

Lexi looked pissed. I got up and walked in to the bedroom behind Lexi. I shut the door and looked at her.

“Olivia, what in the world is your problem?” Lexi demanded.
“It was a stupid and ignorant question” I said.
“And the way you responded was stupid and childish.”
“It was not!” I retorted.
“Really. That is your response. You’re going to walk out there and apologize for the way you’re acting.”
“I will most certainly not. I am not a child and I will not be treated like one” I looked at Lexi and saw her getting more and more upset.
“If you don’t go out there and apologize I will drag you out there, put you over my knee, and spank you in front of both of them…for real. This won’t be like the other times where we are playing around.”
“This isn’t fair. I didn’t do anything wrong” I whined.
“It was a dumb question. However, the way you responded is unacceptable.”
“The way you spoke to me out there was unacceptable. I am not a toddler”
“When you stop acting like one then you I will stop treating you like one. Now come on”

Lexi grabbed me by the ear and marched me back outside to the living room. As we walked in I noticed that Kash was very startled and Kimberly was very pissed. At the very least, it was heartening to know that Kimberly was pissed at Kash too.

“Olivia has something she wants to say” Lexi announced.

I stood there quiet thinking this through. She had spanked me in front of Kimberly before but she wasn’t serious, and was trying to embarass me. Here she was threatening to give me a real spanking which we had never done. The most we had done before was she gave me a few swats on my butt. Damnit, I didn’t want to do this. But I wasn’t going to risk Lexi following through with it.

“I am sorry for the way I acted” I mumbled.
“Speak clearly and with some sincerity Olivia” Lexi scolded me.
“I am sorry for the way I acted” I repeated, more clearly this time.
“And please forgive me as it wont’ happen again” Lexi said.
“And please forgive me as it won’t happen again” I said.

Lexi let go of my ear and we sat down on the couch.

“Liv, I am very sorry. Kash should know better shouldn’t you?” Kimberly said.
“Yes. I am so sorry Liv. I didn’t mean anything by it.” Kash said.
“Let’s just forget it happened” I said.
“No. It is not ok. There will be consequences” Kimberly said. “But let’s jus
t continue the evening and have fun”

What did she mean there will be consequences? Kash looked embarrassed.

“So now that you know how we met, how did you all meet” Lexi said.

“We met online” Kimberly said.
“Cool” Lexi and I responded almost simultaneously.
“Yea it is great. You get all the ice breaker stuff out of the way and make sure that we have similar interests” Kimberly responded.
“Doesn’t that take away some of the enjoyment of getting to know someone” I asked.
“That is still there. But it is nice because at least you have a baseline” Kimberly said.
“Cool” I said

The rest of the night went pretty well all things considering. We had dinner and were now sitting back on the couch.

"What do you all want to do tonight Kash asked.
“Lets play a game” Lexi said.
“That sounds boring” I said.
“I like games. What game do you have in mind Lex?” Kimberly asked.
“Lets play hotseat” Lexi responded.
“That sounds fun” Kimberly responded.

This sounded really lame. I was definitely not drunk enough for this. Lexi went in to the freezer and grabbed the bourbon and some shot glasses. The way the game worked was each person asked the player in the hot seat a question. The person in the hot seat had to answer honestly and if they refused to answer they would take a drink.

“Ok who starts” Kimberly asked.
“I will go first” Todd said.

“Great. Lets start out easy for the first round” Kimberly said. “Do you drool in your sleep?”
“Who is your favorite, mom or dad” Lexi asked?
“Have you ever kept a library book?” I asked.

“No, I don’t drool in my sleep. I am defintely a momma’s boy, and I have returned all my library books.” Kash responded.
“I can attest to the fact that he is definitely a momma’s boy” Kimberly lamented.
“How so?” Lexi asked.
“When you scold him or reprimand him he immediately becomes sheepish like a child who got in trouble”
“I do not!!!” Kash said at a pitch too high to take him seriously.
“It’s ok baby. It’s cute.” Kimberly said.
“Ok who’s next?” Lexi asked.
“I will go” Kimberly said.

I wasn’t really in to the game. I needed to come up with a question and couldn’t think of anything good. I pulled up my phone and googled questions for hotseat. I found a website with 400 plus questions that were supposed to be fun. This should help.

“What is the most childish thing you still do” Lexi asked.
“What’s the sexist body part on a guy” Kash asked.
“What’s the kinkiest thing you have ever done” I asked.

Kimberly looked at Kash and smiled when I asked my question. She raised her eyebrows at him and he shook his head slightly trying not to be too obvious but making it obvious in doing so.

“Nice nonverbal communication over there guys” I said.
“Liv…I thought we were taking it easy on the first round” Lexi said.
“You guys wanted to play the game. Let’s play. Besides if Kimberly doesn’t want to answer the question all she has to do is take a drink…and know she is a chicken.” I jokingly said.
“No. Liv is right. And her turn is coming up so all good” Kimberly responded.
“The most childish thing I still do is I sometimes like to sleep in an adult onesie. I think the sexist body part is the butt. The kinkiest thing I have ever done is one time I put my boyfriend over my knee, spanked him, and then put him in the corner in a spreader bar for 4 hours” Kimberly said.
“That was Kash wasn’t it!!” I exclaimed

Kimberly didn’t say a word. Kash looked like a deer in headlights. I was giggling like a little school girl. This was actually beginning to get fun.
“Kimberly, how could I not know about this” Lexi inquired. “I thought we told each other everything.”

Kimberly looked at Lexi and smiled.

“Well you know now” Kimberly said.
“I guess we know what she means by there will be consequences” I said.
“Liv, cut it out ok. Or do you want to talk about the consequences for your bratty behavior earlier” Lexi said. “I didn’t realize Kimberly had so many good ideas”

I raised my shot of bourbon

“To new revelations” I said.

Everyone raised their glasses and we all took a shot. I poured everyone a new s
hot. If I could read the room I would say Kimberly was having fun. Kash was embarrassed. Lexi was definitely having fun and to me this was just now getting interesting.

“I guess I am up” I said.

“What’s the most embarrassing thing you have done” Kash asked.
“What’s your kinkiest thing you have ever done” Lexi asked?
“What’s your wildest fantasy that you have been to ashamed to admit”

Fuck. None of these I wanted to answer.

“I don’t suppose I can drink” I asked.

“No way” everyone said in unison.
“Fine.” I responded.

I took my shot to my lips and tipped it back.

"When I was a freshmen I got so drunk I peed myself while sleeping. I didn’t realize it until I woke up the next morning to my roomate screaming at me that the dorm room smelled like pee.

The whole room started erupting in laughter.
“You’re lucky Liv. I would put you in diapers at night for the rest of the rest of the semester.” Kimberly said.
“How did I not know this” Lexi said. “Should I be worried about tonight? Maybe I should keep you in those training pants tonight” Lexi said.
“If I had known you need them I would brought some diapers.” Kimberly said “And what training pants?”.
“I am sure you have some just lying around Kimberly” I said.
“I actually do. They are pink with princess on it.” Kimberly said. “Perhaps next time I will bring some for you to try out”
“Please do” Lexi said. “Or at least tell me where I can order some. And to answer your question I thought it would be fun to put Liv in training pants today. A little fun thing that only I knew about and embarrassed her. I didn’t think she was going to act like a toddler in the process”
“What!! I don’t need any diapers. I didn’t even want to wear these stupid pants you put me in this morning. This is so ridiculous.”
“Oh can someone not take it” Kimberly said in a mocking tone. “Poor baby. Perhaps I should bring over a pacifier too”
“Whatever. I still have 2 two more questions to answer. The kinkiest thing I ever did funny enough also involved a spreader bar. Lexi put me in the spreader bar and then handcuffed my hands behind my back. She then rubbed me all over with her finger and tongue. Then to top it off she got a magic wand and gave me 3 orgasms.” I said.
“She made such a mess. I wish I had one of those diapers at that point.” Lexi responded.
“Not funny Lex” I said. “Anyone else have any funny commentary or should I continue” I asked.

No one responded so I went to the last final question.

“My wildest fantasy just involves me being completely dominated. I don’t want to make any decisions and just let Lexi do whatever she wants.”
“Really now?” Lexi said.
“Yea. I mean I am scared about it. But I also like it when you push me. For example, I like some of the bondage we do. I like the playful swats on the butt you do. They all just let me be submissive. I also like the idea that you can do whatever you want and push me on it”
“Really! This could be fun” Lexi said.
“I did not take you to be so submissive” Kimberly said.
“Me neither” said Kash.

I looked at my shot, picked it up and drank it.

“Might want to slow down there Liv” Lexi said.
“Are you my mother now?” I belligerently said.

Lexi leaned in so no one else could hear her and she whispered “This is your last warning”

Alarm bells started going off in my head. The night was still early and she was clearly not happy.

“Ok. my turn. What do you guys have?” Lexi said.
“What is your biggest turn on?” I asked.
“Embarrassing moment” Kash asked.
“Secret Crush” Kimberly said.

“My biggest turn on is when I get to dominate Liv. Embarrassing moment was when I passed gas in the middle of class and everyone looked at me. I pass on the last question.”
Lexi put her shot to her lips and drank.

“Wait wait wait” I said. I was slurring my lips a little bit because I was drunk but this was bullshit. No one else got a pass.
“I think you should let it go Liv” Lexi said.
“No way” I said. “No one else got to let it go”
“Fine. I have a secret crush on Kimberly” Lexi said.

The room fell silent. This was obviously new
information to Kimberly as well as me. Holy shit.
“How long?” I said getting a little jealous.
“Relax Liv. I love you and I plan to spend the rest of my life with you. But Kimberly is pretty cute too” Lexi said.
“It would never work out Lex. We both are too dominant in our relationships” Lexi said. “Besides I prefer men”

Kash looked relieved. I was relieved but this was still this was new information.

“Well here is to new revelations all around” I said.

I took my shot raised it up and before anyone else do the same I tossed it back. I went to stand up to pour another shot but I fell back down on the couch.

“Someone looks to be having a good time” Kash said.
“I haven’t seen her this drunk ever” Lexi replied.
“Yea this isn’t normally like her” Kimberly said.
“Should we keep on playing or should we call it a night?” Kimberly asked.
“Nah. She wants to get drunk that is on her” Lexi said.
“I am right here guys. Will someone give me another shot please” I asked.
“Sure” Kimberly responded.
I saw Lexi give her a look but Kimberly handed me a shot regardless.
“If I get peed on tonight I am going to be so mad” Lexi said.
“Oh my god guys. That hasn’t happened since my freshmen year” I responded.

I took the drink and shot it back. Then I fell asleep.

Chapter 3

I slowly opened my eyes as the sunlight poured in from the bedroom window. My head was pounding so hard I couldn’t think straight. Somehow I ended up in the bed? Didn’t I fall asleep on the couch? What happened after I fell asleep? I could see I was still wearing the same top from last night. I attempted to sit up but my head was pounding too much. In my attempt to sit up, I felt something damp on my butt. Oh god, did I drink so much I wet the bed.

I tried to feel around the bed for any wet spots but the bed felt dry. Thank god for small things. But how is the bed dry and I am feeling dampness on my butt. I started feeling around my skirt and felt a thickness on my underwear that I have never felt before. I quickly sat up out of bed and almost threw up in the process. Oh my god my head hurt. Every movement I did was slow, hurt like hell, and I was really queasy. I moved the cover off me and saw that I was not wearing anything below my waist except for what appeared to be a pink diaper. A pink diaper with princesses on it. While I was not an expert in diapers it looked very puffy and like it had been used…a lot. Oh my god. I wet the bed last night.

I heard the door open and Lexi walked in with some cup of something and a bagel.

“Morning Liv. Glad to see you’re up. I made you some coffee and a bagel” Lexi said.
“Umm…Lexi…What is going on? What happened last night” I asked.
“How are you feeling?” Lexi asked.
“Lexi, how did I end up in a diaper?” I almost screamed in shock.
“I put you in one last night when I put you to bed” Lexi said. “Looks like it was a good idea too because it is wet”

Lexi put the coffee and bagel besides the bedside table and sat down besides me.

“How are you feeling?” Lexi asked again.
“I feel horrible. I need to get out this diaper right now. I am so sorry Lexi. I don’t even remember much about last night” I said.

I went to get off the bed but as I tried to stand up I fell back on the bed. I started to gag but I was able to hold down whatever was inside of my stomach.

“Calm down Liv. It is ok. I much rather have deal with a wet diaper than a wet mattress and sheets” Lexi said.
“Where did you even get these?” I asked.
“Kimberly gave me a few. After your performance last night I went over to her place and got them after you fell asleep” Lexi said.
“Oh god. Kimberly knows you put me in a diaper” I asked really upset.
“Relax. You got blackout drunk and I didn’t want to risk another episode like your freshmen year” Lexi said. “And it was a good thing too”
“But she knows” I almost yelled.
“Calm down. Drink some of the coffee and relax.” Lexi said.
“Why does she even have them” I asked.
“Kimberly likes humiliating and punishing her boyfriends. This is one way she does it” Lexi said.

I took a small sip of the coffee and felt it run through my body coating my fragile stomach. I took another small sip and slowly started to feel like I could stand up. I attempted to stand up again and this time I was successful. I slowly and carefully started walking to the bathroom. The diaper around my waist felt like it weighted 5 pounds. Lexi was looking at me smirking as I walked in to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror and I was not impressed with what I saw. I had bags on my eyes, my hair was a mess and I had a saggy diaper around my waist. I pulled the tabs from the diaper and saw it drop on the floor. I picked it up and put it in the trash. After going to the bathroom, I went and turned on the shower to let the hot water warm up. I opened up the towel closet to grab a towel and noticed there were two more diapers sitting on the shelf. Why did she have extra diapers? I grabbed the towel from the shelf and placed it on the towel bar.

The shower was almost as good as sex. I didn’t have an orgasm but it had some healing powers in it because by the time I got out and toweled off I felt 100% better. I still had a raging headache, my stomach was a little queasy but I was up and moving around. I put on some shorts with a purple top and quickly put my hair up in a pony tail. Walking out of the bathroom I then turned to leave the bedroom walking in to the kitchen. My bagel and coffee were now sitting on the kitchen table. I took a sip of the coffee as I sat down at the table.

“Did you roll up your diaper properly?” Lexi asked.
“What? I threw it in the trashcan” I said.
“No. I mean did you roll it up and tape it closed so the bathroom doesn’t smell like pee” Lexi asked.
“Probably not as I don’t know what you’re talking about” I said.
“Have you never changed a diaper before?” Lexi asked.
“No” I responded.
“Well lucky for you I have or you would of woken up in a very wet bed” Lexi said.
“How did you even get me in that thing without me knowing.” I asked.
“You were so drunk you didn’t even wake up” Lexi said. “How much do you remember from last night?”
“I remember that we played a game, I pissed off Kimberly and Kash and not much more after that”
“You were in rare form last night. What is wrong? You never act like that” Lexi inquired.
“I turned in my programming exam and I got a B. I worked so hard but because I forgot to take in one exception the professor took off an entire letter grade” I said.
“I am sorry baby. But does that really give you an excuse to act like…well a baby” Lexi asked.
“I know. I am sorry Lexi. I should probably apologize to Kimberly and Kash” I said. “But Kash is an idiot”
“Kimberly is going to make sure Kash doesn’t do that again” Lexi said. “Don’t worry about that”
“Like spanking him and putting him in timeout?” I jokingly said.
“I dont’ know exactly. But speaking of making sure it wont’ happen again lets talk about last night” Lexi said.
“Oh god Lexi. I am so hung over today. I am not in the mood to play at all” I said. “Give me a day or two”
“No one is playing. I am thinking of grounding you today” Lexi said. “Give you some time to sit and think through everything you did.”
“You can’t ground me Lex. I am not a child.” I said.
“You keep this up and it gets worse” Lexi said.
“You did this last night. I am not a child. I will not be treated like a child so back off. God I have such a fucking headache I don’t want to do this” I said.
"Listen Olivia. I don’t want to do this either. I also have to work today. So I can’t sit here and babysit you today. Lexi said.
“I don’t need a babysitter and I am not a child” Lexi said.
“Really. I seem to recall having to put you in a diaper last night. If that isn’t the epitome of babysitting then tell me what is” Lexi said.
“I didn’t need to be put in a diaper” I exclaimed.
“Yet you woke up in a wet diaper today.” Lexi said. “So here is the deal. You’re grounded while I am at work. No TV, No internet nothing. You will just sit here and be bored”
“Yea and how are you going to make sure I do it” I asked. I also might of stuck my tongue out at her when I did it. I don’t know why it was just funny.

Lexi grabbed me by the ear and walked stood me up.
“Oww. What are you doing?” I almost yelled.
“Teaching you a lesson” Lexi said.

Lexi led me by the ear to the bedroom.
“Stay put. If you don’t so help me God” she said with a sternness in her words that I had never heard in her life.
She went in to the closet and grabbed the spreader bar. I loved this spreader bar but once in it you weren’t going anywhere. It had cuffs on each end of the spreader bar for your legs and then two cuffs in the center for your hands.

“Oh come on. No way Lexi.” I said.

Lexi quickly and efficiently put my legs in the cuffs at the end and my hands in the cuffs in the center. She went to the bedside stand and retrieved the 4 padlocks that go with it.
“Lexi no way. This isn’t funny. Stop it. You can’t leave me like this all day.”

Lexi fed the padlock through each cuff securing the clasp.
“You liked the idea of me being in total control. Well here you go.” Lexi said.
“Lexi, you cant’ leave me like this while you’re at work. I will end up peeing on the floor”
“Good point” Lexi said.

Lexi undid the leg cuffs and slid my shorts and underwear off my body. She then quickly reattached my legs to the bar making sure to lock the clasp on the padlock. She came back out with another one of those pink diapers.

“No fucking way. I don’t want to wear a diaper. You can’t expect me to use this.” I said.
“You used it last night.”

I attempted to struggle but when you’re attached to a metal bar you aren’t exactly mobile. Lexi lifted up my legs and I fell on my back. Taking the diaper she unfolded it slid it under my butt. Taking the front of the diaper she slid it up my front and then taking the tapes on each end secured the diaper on me. This whole process took her about 20 seconds. She patted my butt twice and then pushed my legs back down on the floor.

“There. You should be able to hold it while I am at work but just in case. It’s a good thing Kimberly gave me a few. I also ordered some last night to replace Kimberly’s and leave me some extra diapers” Lexi said.
“You can’t do this. Come on Lexi” I pleaded.
“You behaved like a child last night. This is your punishment. I should of spanked you as well but since you’re not feeling well I decided against it. Remember this next time you’re in trouble”

Lexi got up, and walked in to the bathroom. She came out with the trash from the bathroom which included the soiled diaper. She grabbed her purse and walked out of the bedroom closing the door. A few seconds later I heard the apartment door close and the dead bolt lock. Oh shit. She was really going to leave me like this. I tried to move around but of course not much could happen. In doing so I fell on my back and my legs were sticking straight up in the air with my hands in the center just like when Lexi diapered me. Oh God. This can’t be happening to me.

This was all Kimberly’s fault. Yea I didn’t behave last night. But Lexi would of never done this if Kimberly hadn’t of given her the idea. Kimberly was the one who gave her the diapers, the idea, and the excuse. Granted, I didn’t help things by getting drunk. I also didn’t help by wetting the bed but damnit. This is still all on Kimberly. I sat there stewing for what felt like hours. I looked at the clock and realized it had only been about 10 minutes. Today was going to be a long day.

Chapter 4

I pulled in to the lab with 5 minutes to spare. I only have to work a few hours today and them I can go back and check on Liv. The idea of her stuck in the apartment at home was exhilirating. I looked at my key ring sitting in the ignition of the car and saw the key for the padlocks. Something about looking at them turned me on. It gave me a sense of dominance that I craved. I pulled the keys out of the ingition and walked in to the lab.

I worked on the second floor. I worked as a lab tech to earn money and help give me a leg up for medical school. I hit the stairs and ran up them. This was my daily ritual. One to help me stay a little fit and also to get the blood going and keep me sharp at work. I scanned my badge at the key reader and entered the lab.

The lab was what you would expect for a small college. It was one big room broken out in to many sections. One section was just a row of computers for the post docs and assistants. The other area held the centrifuge, one area for pippetting and examination of mutant viruses, and at the end of room was the boss’s office, Dr Dan.

Dr. Dan was working today. This was abnormal as he rarely was in on the weekends. He considered weekend work to be done by postdocs and assistants. My plan for today was to come in and run a few tests for one of the postdocs and get out of here. I smiled at Dr. Dan as I walked over to the hood to start working on the experiment.

“Hey Lexi” Dr. Dan said. “How long are you working today?” He inquired.
“Just a couple of hours. Working on a test for Jani” I said.
“If you don’t mind, I need you to stay a little later and check on an experiment I am personally running” Dr. Dan said.
“Umm…I normally wouldn’t mind” Lexi started to say.
“Lexi, I need you to do this. I have to go and if you help me out here I will make sure to write you an incredible recommendation letter to any medical school of your choice. Don’t forget, I an an adjunct professor at Stanford and can help you get in to Stanford if you wanted to do.” Dr. Dan said.
“Sure. No problem. I can stay and watch your experiment.” I said.
“Good. I need to check it every 15 minutes until it is done. It should be done running in the next 5 hours” Dr. Dan said.

Without saying anything else Dr. Dan walked out of the lab.

Fuck. I can’t leave Liv like that for 5 hours. She was supposed to be left like that for just a couple of hours and then I would go and let her out. I thought about what I could do. There was really only one option. I had to call Kimberly and have her come get the key and go let Liv out of her forced grounding. I reached for my phone and called Kimberly.

“Hey honey. What’s up.” Kimberly answered on the second ring.
“Hey. I wanted to see if you could do me a favor.” I said.
“Sure. What do you need?” Kimberly said.
“Well after last night, when Liv woke up…” I started.
“Oh yea. I am so sorry about last night. I want you to know that that wont’ happen again. A little someone was soundly spanked when we got home” Kimberly interjected.
“What!?!” I stammered in surprise.
“Yes. I was so embarrassed. I mean I couldn’t believe he was so ignorant. Kimberly wasn’t much better but that is for you to handle” Kimberly said.
“Yea funny enough. I did do something about it” I said.
“Yea?” Kimberly inquired.
“Yea. I took a page out of your book and locked her in the spreader bar in the corner” I said.
“ooo. Nice.” Kimberly said.
“Yea the problem is I went to work and now I have to stay longer than I thought” I said. “Can you swing my the lab, get my keys and go over there and let Liv out” I asked.
“Oh honey. I don’t have time to drive to campus, get your key, drive to your apartment, check in Liv and still make it to work. I have to be there in two hours” Kimberly said.
“Come on Kim. Help me out here. I can’t leave. If I leave I lose my recommendation for med school” I pleaded.
“I can go check on her in about an hour. How is that?” Kimberly said.
“I guess it will have to do.” I said.
“So you just left her there. What if she has to do use the bathroom” Kimberly said.
“I umm…put her in a diaper” I said.
“That was a good idea.” Kimberly said. “So you’re really asking me to go check on her and change her if she needs it”
“Well I would prefer you let her out but if you can’t then yea” I said.
“No problem. I will take a spare diaper with me just in case. Don’t worry I got this.” Kimberly said.
“Please don’t be mean. She is going to be so upset when she sees you. I left her in just a shirt and a diaper” I said.
“Don’t worry. I don’t mind babysitting Liv and I will be nice.” Kimberly said.
“Thanks Kimberly. The key is on the ledge of the door as always. I owe you big” I said.
“No problem honey. Got to run if I am going to go check on Liv and get to work.” Kimberly said.

I put my phone in my purse and started working on the experiment. I hope Liv isn’t too mad at me for this. I hope Kimberly doesn’t go overboard. In order to take my mind off this I just focused on the task and hand and slowly lost track of time. I looked up at the clock and saw that it had almost been two hours. I decided to text Kimberly and see how everything went.

“Were you able to stop by and check on Liv” I texted.
“Yup. She is fine. Told her you would be home in a few hours” Kimberly responded.
“Anything else?” I responded back.
“No. I changed her and told her you would be home in a few hours. I was there a total of 15 minutes” Kimberly texted.
“Ok. Thank you.” I replied.

Chapter 5

I heard the door open to the apartment after what felt like 5 hours. In reality it had probably only been a few. Apparently the coffee I drank went straight to my bladder and now I was sitting in a wet diaper. I was so pissed at Lexi. This was not my idea of fun. I know I had mentioned that I wanted Lexi to take total control but I didn’t imagine it would involve me sitting in a wet diaper.

“Lexi, let me out of this” I screamed.
“Sorry honey. Lexi got held up at work and I came to check up on you” I heard Kimberly say as she walked in to bedroom. Kimberly laid her purse and bag by the bedside table and took a look at me. I was wearing nothing but a shirt and a diaper. My legs and hands attached in the spreader bar as I faced the corner. I was straining my neck when I felt her hands grab my feet and turn me around facing Kimberly.

“Lexi has to work late at the lab. She was worried about me and sent me over to check on you.” Kimberly said.
“Let me out of this!” I demanded.
“I can’t. I don’t have the key” Kimberly said. “Besides, you don’t look to be in any position to make demands” Kimberly said.

I struggled against the bar and cuffs. I knew it was futile but I wanted out. Kimberly was looking at me with a smile on her face that only got me more upset.

“This is not funny” I said.
“Serves you right. You acted like a brat last night” Kimberly said. “Spending some time in self reflection is good for you”
“This is bullshit. I need out of this right now” I almost cried.
“Now now. I can’t stay too long. I am going to change you real quick and get you something to drink but then I have to go” Kimberly said.
“You are not going to touch me” I said in horror.
“Unless you want a diaper rash I am going to have to change you. Lexi won’t be home for at least 3 hours” Kimberly said.
“Fine. I will just get a rash” I grumpily said.
“No you wont. I told Lexi I would come take care of you and I will” Kimberly said.

Kimberly went to her back and pulled out a fresh diaper, some wipes, and some baby powder.

Kimberly unfolded the diaper and laid it out. The lifted up my legs pushing me on to my back and slid the diaper underneath me. She then untapped my wet diaper and pulled it down.

“Stop it Kimberly.” I demanded.
“You’re acting like such a baby” Kimberly said as she grabbed a wipe and wiped me down. She put the soiled wipe in the diaper and expertly rolled it closed and taped it up. She then proceeded to lift my legs up and spanked me 5 times really hard.

“Owww” I cried.
“I have no qualms about spanking you. I suggest you calm down.” Kimberly said. She then grabbed the baby power and liberally applied it to my lower region. She then took the front of the diaper and lifted it up over my me. She grabbed the tape on the left side and quickly attached it to the center of the diaper repeating the process for the right side. Kimberly then gave me another 5 hard spanks across my diapered butt. She then pushed me feet down forcing me to sit back up and turned me back to facing the corner.

“Are you thirsty?” Kimberly asked.
“Yes.” I said.
“Yes maam” Kimberly replied. “You speak politely to adults and babysitters”
“What the hell are you talking about?” I said.
“You need to be more polite” Kimberly said.

Kimberly grabbed some water from a bottle and held it up to my mouth. I downed half the bottle in one gulp eventually finishing the entire bottle.

“Ok. I have to get work. Lexi will see you later tonight.” Kimberly said.

Kimberly then put the water bottle in the trash and walked out the door leaving me stunned at the entire interaction.

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I should also have the next chapter out very soon.

Looking forward to the next chapters. The person that pointed out all the errors was quite helpful. I read past them mainly to read the story. What are you using to write your story on? If you write it on Word or Open Office (a free version) it can do a spelling/grammar (I think) check for you. All that will come with time though.

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Chapter 6

I stood at the door to the apartment. I was really nervous. I intentionally left Liv in there yet I was worried I might have taken this too far. And then calling Kimberly. Oh my god!! I mean, I had no one else to call and I couldn’t leave. But, there is no telling what she did. Did I take it too far? All I knew though, was when I walked through that door I had to be confident otherwise this would all blow up in my face.

I opened the door and walked in the apartment. Everything looked normal.

“Liv, you ok baby?” I called out.

I waited for about 10 seconds and heard no answer.

Liv, honey. Are you ok? I called out again.

I walked in to the bedroom and Liv was still there facing the corner.

“Liv!” I practically screamed.
“Let me out of here Lexi” she demanded. I am not saying another fucking word until you let me out.

She was pissed. She sounded beyond pissed. I quickly reached in to my purse and grabbed the key to the padlocks. Bending over, I unlocked the padlocks attached to the leather cuffs and removed them placing them in the nightstand. I then proceeded to unlatch the cuffs releasing Liv. She stood up and glared at me.

Normally, when someone gives you a death glare you would be worried. Hell, you might even be trying to calm them down. All of these seemed like good ideas except I being stared down by Liv who was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a diaper. I also smelled the strong aroma of baby powder. I am not sure that came from but I didn’t put any on her this morning. That must be something Kimberly did.

“You owe me a fucking apology right now Lexi” Liv said.

Decision time. Do I apologize or go for broke?

“Listen little girl. I understand you’re upset. And we can talk about this because I don’t like it when you’re upset. But if you don’t watch your mouth things are going to get worse for you.” I said in a stern tone.
“You could have fooled me. You’re throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of our bedroom while in a diaper” I said.
“YOU PUT ME IN THE DIAPER” Liv screamed.
“I think Kimberly put you in that diaper” I said. “Now if you’re done with your temper tantrum sit down and we can talk about it.” I said.
“Fine. Let me go change.” Liv said.
“No.” I simply stated.
“What do you mean no?” Liv demanded.

I reached over and felt the diaper to see if it was wet. It wasn’t. Liv jumped when I touched back of the diaper.

“What are you doing!” Liv yelled.
“Seeing if you need changed.” I responded.
“I am not a baby. I don’t need diapers and I am taking this off” Lexi exclaimed.

Lexi started to turn around and walk towards the bathroom.

“Liv, the only way that diaper is coming off before we have our talk is if I take it off you. If I take it off you it will only be long enough for you to spend some time across my knee”

She looked at me and could tell I meant business. She wanted this and she was going to get the full experience. Not to mention I wanted it too.

“I don’t want to be spanked” Liv said in a tone that sounded almost childish.
“Then go sit your butt down on the couch” I demanded.

Liv threw her hands up and stomped off to the living room. She plopped down on to the couch like an exasperated 2-year-old. It was adorable. The way her diaper crinkled when she sat down on the couch. It was taking every bit of self-restraint not to go cuddle up with her. She looked absolutely adorable.

“Before you start, a few ground rules. Watch your mouth. No cussing. Don’t scream. You want to be treated like a big girl act like one.” I said.
“Fine” Liv said. “First, why did you send Kimberly here.”
“I got stuck at work. I couldn’t leave. I asked Kimberly to come get the key to the padlocks and let you out. She didn’t have time to swing by the lab so I asked her to come check on you.” I said.
"You know she spanked me? Liv exclaimed. “She also changed my diaper. She even used baby powder! Oh my god Lexi, do you know how humiliating that was.”

Liv wasn’t yelling but I could tell she was upset.

“What did you do to deserve getting a spanking?” I asked.
“Nothing” Liv said.
“Really!?! So, if I call her right now and asked her why she spanked you she will say no reason?” I inquired.
“She will say I was being a brat.” Liv said.
“Did you cuss? Did you yell?” I asked.
“Yes” Liv said very sheepishly.
“Ok. I will talk to her about it. Sounds like you deserved it though” I said. “She came to check on you and you behaved poorly”
“Whatever” Liv said. “What about the baby powder?” Liv said.
“What about it? It is so you don’t get a rash” I said.
“It was humiliating.” Liv said.
“You wanted to be dominated. You got it” I said.
“BY YOU” Liv yelled. “Not by Kimberly”

I looked at her with a frown on my face.
“Last warning” I said. “You’re already grounded. Don’t make it worse. One of things about being dominated is you do what I say. And if you don’t there are consequences. A little humiliation is good for you. Besides would you rather sit in a wet diaper for the last few hours?”

I looked at her and waited for an answer. After about 30 seconds I repeated myself.

“I asked you a question. Would you rather have sat in a wet diaper?” I asked again.
“No.” Liv said.
“Ok. So, are we good? Do you understand why this happened?”
“I guess” Liv said. “Now can I get out of this diaper?”
“No.” “I think you will stay in it for the rest of the day”
“But I don’t want to stay in a diaper” Liv whined.
“It fits the way you’re acting. Now we can watch a movie and hang out or you can sulk. Either way that diaper stays on” I said.
“What if I have to go to the bathroom?” Liv said.
“Really. You have already been changed twice today. What do you think happens?”
“I don’t want to be in a diaper Lexi. This shit isn’t funny anymore.” Liv said.

I got up without saying a word and went in to the bathroom. I went to the shower and grabbed a bar of soap and came out holding it up.
“What is that for?” Liv asked.
“I warned you about cussing.” I said. “Open your mouth”
“No Lexi. I will not” Liv stated firmly.

I walked over to my purse and pulled out a hairbrush. With the hairbrush in one hand I grabbed Liv by the arm and dragged her across my knee as I sat on the couch. Liv started to struggle but who was she kidding. I could easily overpower her. Looking at her diapered butt as she was bent over my knee turned me on like nothing I had ever seen before. I took the hairbrush and brought it down across her diapered butt pretty hard. Liv let out a gasp. I spanked her diapered butt two more times and then reached under her and undid the tapes on her diaper pulling it off her

“Lexi, come on. I am sorry. Don’t do this.”

She looked gorgeous naked from the waist down across my knee.

“I warned you” I said.

I brought the brush down across her bottom hard. She almost jumped out of my lap. I prevented her from moving and brought down the brush on her bottom again. Her hands immediately left the floor and came across her butt. I grabbed both hands and moved them up from her butt and secured them with my other hand. I then gave her 6 more spanks with the hairbrush. By the end her body was limp like putty and I could hear her fighting to hold back tears. I let her off my lap and stood her facing me.

“I need you to open your mouth” I said softly.

She opened her mouth and I put the soap in.

“Keep it there for 20 seconds” I demanded.

After about twenty seconds I took it out.

“Now lay down on the floor.” I told her.

I slid the diaper under her butt like I had done earlier. I quickly slid the diaper up over her and taped both sides together. She stood up and I admired her. God did I love this.

“When I ask you to do something you do it. No exceptions” I said. “Do you understand?”
“Yes” she said in a half sniffle half crying tone.
“Remember, if you don’t do something I ask you to, you get punished and asked to do it again. This will continue until you do what you’re told. Do you understand me?”
“Yes” she said softly.
“Good.” I said.

I gave her a big hug which she reciprocated. I brought my hands down to her butt and squeezed a little. That was just for me.

“Since you had such a tough day you can pick what you want for dinner. We will stay in and watch a movie.” I told her.
“Ok. When can I get out of this diaper?” Liv asked.
“Tonight, when we go to bed. Although you better not wet the bed!” I said.
“But I will have to go to the bathroom before that.” Liv whined.
“Ok. I have an extra diaper and I ordered some more.” I said casually.
“Not what I meant” Liv said sarcastically.
“It is up to you on whether you wet your diaper or not. But it stays on you for rest of the night” I said. “What do you want for dinner?”
“Pizza” Liv said.

I ordered a pizza from Mellow Mushroom. The Mighty Meaty. It was Liv’s favorite. It took about an hour for the pizza to arrive. Once the pizza arrived and we were camped out on the couch we started watching a movie on Netflix. The whole movie Liv was moving around and I could hear the crinkle from her diaper. I couldn’t help myself and found my hands fondling her diapered butt.

“What are you doing?” Liv asked.
“I am just feeling your butt” I said casually. “You have a cute butt”
“I have been holding it for a few hours. I might accidently pee on you” Liv said while turning a shade of red.
“Oh, really now?” I said.

I moved my hands from her butt to right under her armpit and started tickling her.

“Stop it Lexi” Liv screamed. “I don’t want to have an accident”

Liv tried to stand up and run but I pushed her back on the couch and sat on her. I continued to tickle her as she thrashed around trying to avoid it. She was fortunately no match against me. After about 30 seconds I saw the diaper start to become puffy and Liv just going limp in on the couch. I smiled at her and started playing with her hair.

“This isn’t funny Lexi” Liv said. “This is third diaper I have wet today!”

I tried to contain my laughter and put on a serious face but it was so hard. I am sure I didn’t manage to keep a straight face. I wordlessly got up, took Liv’s hand, and took her to the bedroom.

"I don’t want another diaper. Liv said. “Come on Lexi. Please let’s just stop it for the day”

I laid Liv down on the bed

“Don’t move” I ordered.

I went in to the bathroom and got a washcloth. I put it under warm water and squeezed out the excess water. I then went to the bed and removed Liv’s diaper. I cleaned her up with the washcloth and pulled the wet diaper out from underneath her butt. I rolled it up, put it in the trashcan in the bathroom, and came back to the bed.

“You were a good sport today. I said. I love you so much. While you pretend this wasn’t much fun this was what you asked for.”

I then hopped on liv placing my butt on her stomach wrapping my legs around her. I grabbed her hands and pushed them back on the bed.

“Don’t move your hands” I ordered

I then started French kissing Liv. After about 10 seconds of my tongue in her month I moved down to her breasts and started licking each breast. As I was licking them I lightly bit her left nipple.

“Oh God” Liv said in ecstasy.

I continued tracing the middle of her stomach with my tongue as I worked my way down her body. Once I got to her clitoris I used my tongue like an invading army and had Liv screaming in ecstasy. I stayed down there for about 5 minutes and I am almost 100% sure I counted 5 orgasms. I got off Liv’s stomach and got off the bed.

“How was that?” I asked.
“Pretty fucking amazing” Liv said. “What brought that on”
“You” I said. “You did baby”
“You were really turned on” Liv said.
"Yea. I said. “It took everything in me not to rip that diaper off you during the movie. Watching you all embarrassed in the apartment. Putting you over my knee. Dominating you. You really do it for me baby”
“So, you did all this because I told you I wanted to be more submissive” Liv asked.
“That was the catalyst. But this is something I enjoy and have wanted to do for a while.”
“And we are done with the diapers?” Liv asked.
“For tonight sure.” I said. “As long as you don’t act like a brat or wet the bed.” I said.
“I meant forever” Liv said.
“No honey. If you wet the bed or act like a toddler you will end up back in diapers” I said.
“And what about spankings?” Liv asked.
“What about them?” I said.
“You spanked me. Kimberly spanked me. Is that a regular thing now?” Liv asked.
“It all depends on you baby” I said. “I will promise you that I won’t do anything that’s a hard limit. All you have to do is tell me to stop for real and I will. But I think a spanking every now and then is good for you.”
“What about Kimberly? You won’t let her spank me again will you?” Liv asked.
“I will talk to Kimberly about it. I said. But she did come and change you. Not too many people would have done that.”
“I don’t want her ever doing that again” Liv demanded.
“We will see. I can’t promise I won’t ever need her to watch you” I said.
“Come on Lexi. This isn’t funny” Liv exclaimed.
“Then don’t give me any reason to need Kimberly to watch you.” I said. “But you don’t get a say in this.”

Liv gave me a look like she wasn’t happy about it. But I didn’t care. Kimberly saved my butt and it was nice having a backup. Besides, she seemed more upset about Kimberly seeing her in a diaper and changing her than with anything else. I was going to keep a mental track of that.

Liv got off the bed and went in to the bathroom. I climbed in bed and started reading my Kindle. I heard her shower and come back to the bed wearing actual adult panties and a long shirt. We cuddled and read for a few hours both dozing off after a lovely day.

Wow, really like the direction this is going. Seems Liv asked for something and wasn’t sure she knew everything she was asking for. Question is will she come around? No you don’t have to answer that :wink: I’ll wait for the next chapter.