college diaper adventures 1

College Diaper Adventures 1

Introduction: This story contains graphic depictions of infantilism fetish play. Please understand this is a fantasy, in other words none of this actually has happened. Well most of it never happened. The Prelude is true, the rest is fiction. This is my first story and I would love to receive any feedback that you have via email. You may reach me at Please enjoy the story and let me know what you think.
Hello everyone, my name is JT, and I am a freshman at University this year. It is now week ten of school and so much has happened.
To start I will tell you a little bit about my life. I am a pretty typical 18 year old college student, but with one twist, I wear diapers 24/7. I had my first interaction with diapers when I was about eleven. I was playing with a friend when he found some of my Pull-up, that I occasionally wore for nighttime wetting problems. He proceeded to dare me to wear one, and use it for both 1 and 2. Being the tough guy that I was I refused to back out of a dare, so I put one on and went in to the bathroom for some privacy. When I emerged, I had successfully wet and soiled my Pull-Up. I quickly showed him, and cleaned my-self up. I then decided I needed to get rid of the evidence before my mother found out. Later that day, after my mate had gone back home, I realized that I REALLY liked the experience of messing myself, but it was more than that, it was the embarrassment of showing my best friend what I had done. I can remember feeling somewhat ashamed of my guilty pleasure and I vowed to forget all about it, and I did…… for a while, anyways.
Fast-forwarding now to the age of fifteen. I was watching porn when I remembered the Pull-Up incident. I was deeply worried that I had just thought of this in such a sexual mood. I have always been a very curious kid, so I searched the web for any explanation of what I was feeling. Boy, did I find one. Over the next few months I watched and read nearly every piece of abdl fetish work on the web. I began to fantasize about wearing diapers 24/7, however, living at home with my mother did present some issues with this idea. Since the age of fifteen, I have embraced the baby boy in me, and I have worn diapers as often as I can.
Chapter 1:
It was the second week of classes at university when a package I had been eagerly waiting for arrived. All through my teenage years I had fantasized about ordering a package of Bambino Classico diapers online, and now I had finally done it. After I picked up the package, I quickly scurried to the North Dormitories to open the package in the privacy of my room. You see, I live in the single bedroom apartment style dorms, so I had my own room with a locking door.
Once inside I flipped open my three inch Kershaw, assisted open, locking blade, and glided it through the packaging tape. The packaging was very discreet, for which I am extremely grateful, but I knew what hidden treasures lay within. I could hardly believe what I was holding in my hand; a beautiful, white, fluffy adult diaper with brilliant baby block print on the front. It was almost too much as I opened the crinkly pad and began to rub my face against the soft, warm protective padding inside. To say the least I was in heaven.
Not wanting to waste another second, I carefully placed the nappy on the ground, opened the wings fully, and began to sprinkle some of that sweet smelling powder on top of it. I guided my rear end over the back padding, and lay down. Next, I poured some baby powder all over my hairless diaper area, paying extra attention to make sure my bum was well covered. Slowly, but with a purpose, I pulled the front of the diaper over my crotch, almost shaking with a childlike sense of joy. One by one I pulled the tabs into place on the front panel of the diaper, making sure that it was tight around the legs to prevent any leaks. With this joyful ritual complete, my right thumb slowly migrated up my body, and into my waiting mouth. Tuckered out from all of the day’s excitements, I climbed up onto my lofted bed, rested my head upon the pillow, and drifted off to sleep.
Chapter 2:
I was startled awake, at what must have been about 2 a.m., by the blaring sound of a fire alarm. Without a second thought about what I had fallen asleep in, I climbed down the ladder of my bed and through on a tee and a pair of sweats. As I reached the end of the hall way I noticed that I needed to use the bathroom, and NOW. I quickly remembered that I was wearing a diaper, so once I was outside I released a warm, steady stream of liquid into the thirsty material wrapped around my crotch. What I had not realized was that my diaper was already wet, very wet. As I was blissfully enjoying the sensation of letting go, I was alarmed to feel a wet feeling running down over my thigh.
“OH, SHIT.” I blurted out loud.
“Hey man, it’s way too early for that yelling, keep it down.” The disheveled looking, freshman standing next to me said.
“My bad, I just forgot something inside” I lied.
“Whatever, just shut it.” He sharply retorted.
In my head I had come to realize how dark it was outside, and that no one would see the obvious wet spot on my pants out there. I quickly decided that I would wait for a half-hour after the all clear outside, before heading back to my room.
After the drill was over and I was safely back in my room I stripped the wet sweats off of my legs and through them in the hamper.
“That was way to close.” I said to myself.
I swiftly changed myself into a fresh nappy and threw the old used one in a garbage bag in my dresser. I would need to do laundry and take out the trash tomorrow morning for sure, but for now I was still in need of some sleep. So I climbed back up into bed and drifted off, noting to myself that my first class was not until one in the afternoon the next day, meaning I could sleep in.
Chapter 3:
My alarm woke me up at quarter to ten, and I was pleasantly surprised that I had wet my diaper again without waking up. Although, this immediate loss of control was somewhat concerning to me, I was still very pleased with that kind of progress so soon. The way I had figured it was that after about two weeks of wearing 24/7 I would probably just be so comfortable going I wouldn’t notice anymore. Yet, on the first night I had wet myself twice in one night. Oh well.
As I started to get up I realized that I was desperately in need of making a mess in my diaper. I figured that I would be fine and I would just get to the bathroom and go before taking my shower. Boy was I wrong. As I was climbing down the six step ladder, my stomach began to rumble with a vengeance. I knew I was fighting a losing battle. I opened my door and saw my roommate exiting the bathroom with a towel around his waist.
“Oh, hey kyle.” I warmly greeted him.
“JT? Are you wearing a diaper?” He asked with a very quizzical look about his face.
No way! I looked down and sure enough I had forgotten to throw on any clothes. There I stood in front of my very, very attractive roommate in nothing but a very wet diaper. As the shock set in, my bowels could not hold on any longer, and I felt a hot, sticky mess begin to fill the seat of my diaper. I immediately began to sob like a five year old being yelled at by his mommy.
“Hey man, it’s okay. I mean it’s weird, but it’s okay. Either way you look like you need to change. How about you go get cleaned up, and then swing by my room so we can talk.” Kyle said with a soft smile emerging on his face.
“O… O… Ok….Okay, Kyle.” I stuttered between sobs.
Crying like a five year old I proceeded into the bathroom and stepped into the shower, where I proceeded to undo the tapes on my wet and messy diaper. I let it fall to the floor of the shower with a thud. Tucking the two front wings in I rolled the badly soiled diaper up and taped it closed. After setting the dirty nappy on the floor outside of the shower, I turned the warm water on and started to clean myself up.
After what must have been an hour long shower, I dried off and took my used nappy into my room and placed it in the garbage bag. My thoughts began to race. “What if he tells people I wear baby nappies? My life here will be over. No one wants to hang out with a diapered college student.” I quickly decided that I would not put another nappy on for a very long while. I threw on some running shorts and an old tee, and walked across the kitchen to my roommate’s room.
“Come on in JT.” Kyle shouted from inside.
I slowly opened the door, and immediately started to stare directly at the floor. Seeing this Kyle started the conversation that I was dreading.
“So how about we talk about this morning buddy. What happened? Why were you wearing diapers?” He asked.
Not knowing what to say I simply didn’t respond, hoping against hope that Kyle would just drop it.
“Look man, it’s not a big deal. I have never told anyone this, but considering the circumstance here it goes;” Kyle began. “I had a bed wetting problem until I was about sixteen. To make it worse every time I would wet the bed my mom would make me wear disposable diapers for a week. She made me tell her every time that I had to go, and if I went without telling her it would earn me another week in them. Once she kept me in them for a whole two months before I finally made it a week without messing up. I guess what I am trying to say man is no matter what the reason you wear them is, I won’t judge you or tell a soul. You have my word, man.”
OH MY GOD. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. Kyle had to wear diapers too? What are the chances? Feeling significantly better, I decided that I would talk to him and tell him what this was all about.
“Okay, Kyle” I started. “I also had a bed wetting problem until I was about thirteen, and even then I still had some wet nights. But, when I was fifteen I realized that I really like wearing diapers. I guess I just really like everything about them; the comfort, the soft fabric against my skin, and most of all the naughty feeling I get when I wet them. I know that this is all really weird, but you were honest with me so I guess I can be straight with you.”
“Oh, wow. I guess I just assumed it was a medical problem, but the baby block print on the front did make me wonder.” He replied as my face began to turn twelve shades of red. “Well, like I said man, it may be weird but it’s who you are and I respect you for doing what you love. Can I ask you a question though?”
“Sure, shoot.” I answered
“So, I have read a little bit about this kind of thing and I’m going to guess that you are an abdl. Is it a sexual thing for you too? Sorry if that was personal I just had to ask.” Kyle inquired.
Embarrassed and staring at the floor again I responded, “Well, sometimes. This is really hard for me to talk about but I guess I can just put it all out there. I am bi-sexual, and my biggest fantasy would be having a ‘daddy’ figure to take care of me, and yes I fantasize about being daddy’s little boy in every way.”
“I’m bi too,” Kyle stated. “I have never told anyone that either, but I think I tend to lean towards men. Like vagina feels better to me, but I just don’t understand women in a relationship sense like I do men.”
“Holy crap, I was definitely not expecting that. I mean come on this guy has the cutes smile I have ever seen, and a body that gives Channing Tatum a run for his money. Not to mention he is clearly extremely sensitive and caring. He is every girls prince charming and here he is telling me, who he has only known for a couple of weeks, that he is gay.” I thought to myself.
“JT, do you think that I am attractive?” Kyle asked with pleading eyes.
“Are you kidding me?” I exclaimed, “You are by far, hands down, one of the most attractive men I have ever met. Of course, I’m attracted to you.”
“Wow, thanks. Your pretty cute yourself, for only being a little one.” He said giving my shoulder a playful punch. “So JT do you need to be changed?”
“Did he just ask me what I think he did? How can this be going so well?” I thought to myself
“No, I’m not wearing anything right now.” I replied, wishing I had put a new one on.
“What, you’re not? Why? You had a messy accident right in front of me.” Kyle shouted. “Well then let’s go into your room and get you diapered up then, after all I don’t want you to have any accidents without protection on.”
Kyle grabbed me by the hand as I blushed, and led me across to my room. “I can’t believe that this is actually happening right now.” I thought.

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