Cold Comfort - A solution to frozen assets

Cold comfort

God I felt good. I don’t usually feel this good walking down the hill from my home to the station for the train in to work, but today was slightly different. The early morning sun was shining in my face as I strode purposefully down the gradient but it was cold enough for me to be glad I wasn’t a brass monkey.

The beginning of December was cold but clear and I tingled with excitement for no other reason than I was wearing a disposable diaper under my work suit. To battle the cold morning journey I’d thought about many different options and then this possibility came to mind. I’d never really thought about wearing such an item of underwear before, thinking that it was too weird to jump from Calvin Klein briefs to “baby pants” but, when the urge takes you…? Actually, when I thought about it my white CK briefs could, from a distance, look just like a diaper… perhaps that’s why the design was so popular? Unfortunately, since my car was out of service, I now had to go to work by train. I’d spent a couple of shivering, bollock-freezing mornings waiting for those cleverly cancelled commuter specials so I had decided to invest in something thicker.

I’d thought about buying a union suit but they, no matter how effective, always made me think of old men… and I just wasn’t ready for that. However, I’d recently read an article about how a man in Canada had found diapers the ideal way of keeping his ‘bits’ warm and snug when he journeyed to work one cold morning. For some reason the idea just appealed to me and I went out and bought a box without worrying too much about what I was doing. I’d fastened a pair on in the morning without much thought as I’m nearly always still asleep until I’m out of the door but, as I walked, I could feel the tight, thick, warm feeling of the fabric gently holding my dick under my suit. I’d never really given any style of underwear much thought but the disposable had given me a ‘sleek’ (non-gender specific) look I found disturbing - yet highly sexual. The entire package was making me really think and I’d become aware of the cuffs slightly gripping the top of my thighs and the sensation of the bulky material rubbing between my legs and effectively keeping my prime assets warm and cosy.

It wasn’t long before the sheer wonder of this much maligned (well for adults anyway, I’m not sure many babies get their say in the matter) item of underwear captured all my thoughts. As I continued to stroll I could feel my cock growing in the tight, snug confines inside my trousers (something that I never remembered happening in my CKs) and the magic sensation soon had me sporting a terrific hard-on. Once on the train my stiffy continued to pulse amiably within its new warm but constrained embrace as the carriage rocked back and forth. With the passengers all crammed together, my cock was continuously on the point of orgasm; the thick material giving no indication of anything sexual at all.

I could feel my wonderful morning boner seeping it’s pre-cum juices as, like most mornings, the train was packed, I was standing and I was squashed up against some hairy-arsed builder. Unfortunately, the one person on the train I would love to have been in physical contact with was sat a few seats away reading a newspaper. However, the builder didn’t seem to mind a hard lump of padding pressed up against his left buttock because he kept re-adjusting himself and pressed back even more than the train’s rolling motion actually warranted. Hell this felt brilliant. I just closed my eyes and thought about the hunky reader opposite.

No I had to as stop! I was almost fucking the builder’s paint-stained jeans in full view of a train crammed with bored commuters. I suppose it would have given them something to talk about and no doubt I wouldn’t have been the first person to have an orgasm on that particular service but I wanted the feeling to last all day. I was enjoying the experience. It was almost like wearing a chastity belt, except the wraparound luxury was making me feel sexy and secure. I got into work and sat behind my desk still happily throbbing below the belt. Something the freezing temperatures of the last few days had not blessed me with. So, I thought I’d better do something about it as I knew I’d get no work done for the rest of the day thinking about my thick, protecting diaper and how hot it made me feel - in just about every way possible.

I put my hands in my trouser pockets and fondled the smooth, de-sexing mound underneath. I was almost at the point of no return when the door opened and in walked Terry, the office junior, with the day’s mail. Gazing up I had a brief mental flash of a fantasy I had about this spunky young guy (where I had his pants around his ankles giving him one over the office photocopier), when I came. I let out an involuntary moan and gushed copiously into the front of my fantastic, new disposable.

Terry looked on and said “I’m glad someone is pleased to see me today,” before he turned and took that wonderful jeans clad arse out of my office.

As I came down from my high I could feel my cock resting in the warm, sticky, damp folds of the material and I was pleasantly surprised to feel my recently relieved dick rising so quickly to another bout of firmness. If this is to be the continuing effect of this strangely erotic piece of underwear (perhaps this is why babies love them so much) I figure I’ll have to get several boxes in. It’s not going to be a long cold winter for me.

I wonder if I could get Terry to try a pair? Mmmm yes, I’d like that very much.

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What a great short story. My imagination was working overtime.

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Thanks… always glad to know if I’ve hit the right spot with any of my stories and your support is gratefully received.
Thanks again. ;D

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Silly :slight_smile: