Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 3

Coast to Coast Exchange

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Chapter 3

It wasn’t long after Emily was changed into a fresh diaper that the group left the school. Mrs. Gainsworth bid Amara and Emily farewell, and reminded Emily of a homework assignment she had given; one she hadn’t copied down in her rush to get out and meet Amara at the airport.

The trio spent the next two hours driving around the town. Emily pointed out the video arcade, one of the few video game and movie rental businesses that had actual walk-in stores these days, two clothing stores, and the most important place of them all; the mall. At one point, Julia had pulled over and allowed Emily to jump out long enough to get a pamphlet of bus information; Emily and Amara would be using the bus system to get around when Julia couldn’t drive them herself.

Finally, Julia turned the car towards home, and passed Emily back her purse. “Call home and see if Lily has been a good girl. If she has, I’ll get her a happy meal.”

“We’re stopping at Mcdonalds?” Amara asked, feeling excited for the first time since arriving at her friend’s house.

“You two have been good, so I don’t mind giving you a treat.” Julia stated, smiling back at her through the rear-view mirror. “We won’t be stopping until we’re closer to the house though, it’ll keep the food warm longer, and I don’t permit any eating in the car.”

“I will have to check my burger though.” Amara warned. “I’m deathly allergic to onions.”

“Fair enough.” Julia agreed.

Emily closed the cell phone and placed it back in Julia’s purse. “Ashley said Rini was being a good baby girl, and deserved some chicken nuggets.” Emily told her. “She also asked if she could have her usual too, and she’d pay you back.”

“I don’t see why not.” Julia replied. “What do you usually get Amara?”

“Mcdouble Extra Value Meal.” Amara answered. “No cheese, pickle, or onions. I say it like that because most Mcdonalds have removed the double hamburger button from their registers, and saying three no’s makes it a better chance of getting the order right than one no and two only’s.”

“Two only’s?”

“Only ketchup and mustard.”


“Alright then.” Julia stated. “We’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“I’ll be ready to check the burger.” Amara stated, pulling out a napkin from her pocket.

“What’s the napkin for?” Emily asked.

“In case there are any onions.” Amara answered. “I can’t even touch the stuff without getting a rash.”

“Ah, okay. Do you get Mcdonalds often?”

“Once or twice every two weeks, but I work off the calories. When I’m not writing or gaming, I like keeping active.”

“Always a good thing.”

Amara and Emily continued chatting as Julia drove them to Mcdonalds. Going through the drive through, Julia placed all five orders correctly, and after paying for the meals, picked up the bags and drink trays. Passing the tray back to Emily to hold onto, she passed the bag to Amara and parked the car. It took Amara a minute to find the right burger and check it.

“Damn it, this thing is loaded with onions!” Amara exclaimed.

“Amara, while I can understand how serious the situation is, I don’t appreciate that kind of language.” Julia stated firmly.

“Sorry Julia.” Amara apologized immediately.

“Apology accepted.” Julia replied. “Now go inside and get a new burger.”

“W-What!?” Amara stuttered. The damp diaper between her legs suddenly felt more pronounce to her.

“I paid for a full meal, and that’s what we’re going to get.” Julia replied. “Since it’s your meal, it’s only fair that you be the one to go inside. Just bring the receipt and there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“But what about my…” Amara trailed off, blushing faintly.

“I could go instead.” Emily offered. She did have more experience being diapered in public then Amara.

“No, Amara will go in.” Julia replied. “She’s the one that said a bad word.”

“Since when is it a bad word without “God” in front of it?” Amara grumbled.

“I suggest you go now Amara.” Julia stated. “If the food gets cold by the time we get home, I may have to extend your punishment an extra day.”

That was all it took for Amara to search for the recite, grabbing the burger, and exited the car. As much as she didn’t want to be in public while diapered, she liked the idea of a second full day in diapers even less. Looking both ways, she waited for a car to drive pass before crossing over and entering the building.

Luck was on her side as the registers were free, though that’s as far as her luck went. The inside was full of people eating meals; small families, teenagers, even an old couple to her surprise. As Amara walked past the few tables to the registers, she swore she could hear her diaper crinkle with every step, and feel the eyes of every person she passed on her.

Reaching the registers, she placed the wrapped burger on the counter, and waited for someone to take notice of her. A few seconds later, a man walked up to her. “May I take your order?” he asked.

“No, but you can correct one.” Amara stated. “I ordered my burger to be no cheese, pickle, or onions, basically ketchup and mustard only. This one had both cheese and onions on it.”

“So? They’re good for you.” The guy replied.

“It’s not what I ordered.” Amara replied evenly.

“It doesn’t cost you anything more.” The guy argued.

It was at that moment that everything caught up to Amara. She was on the other side of the country, away from the people she knew and loved in hopes of giving her parents time to fix their relationship. She was supposed to be having a good time with her best friend and fellow writer, but ever since arriving here she’d been subjected to numerous rules, forced back into diapers, forced to use diapers, and forced to drink from bottles. Now she was standing in a populated fast food restaurant, wearing a damp diaper that was only covered by a pair of shorts, and was being told food that she was deathly allergic to was good for her…

Amara slammed her hands down on the counter. “I’m allergic to onions you asshole!” Amara yelled, gaining most of the restaurant’s attention. Picking up the burger by the wrapper, she waved it in his face. “I can’t even touch the stuff without breaking out in a rash! Just one of these pieces touch my tongue, it’ll swell up! If I swallow one, it’ll cause my throat to swell shut! So don’t just assume what is good for others, and give me the burger I ordered god damn it!”

The entire restaurant was dead silent after Amara’s outburst. A woman from the back came out to the front, a manager ID attached to her shirt. “Is there a problem miss?” she asked.

Amara looked at the ID, and saw the lady’s name was Sarah. “Yes there is Sarah. I specifically ordered a meal involving a double hamburger. I ordered it no cheese, pickle, or onion, but it came with cheese and onions. I’m allergic to onions, and this guy is saying the burger is good for me! I want a double hamburger, only ketchup and mustard, just the way I ordered it.” She explained. As an after thought, she added a, “Please.”

Sarah turned her gaze to the guy manning the register. “So he refused to give you a new burger?”

“He seemed insistent it was a perfectly good burger for me.” Amara replied.

“I didn’t know she was allergic!” The guy exclaimed.

“You shouldn’t have to.” Sarah snapped. “You make the meals as they are ordered!” She grabbed his arm. “In the back, now!”

Sarah escorted the employee into the back area of the store, cut off from the front by a divider. Moving through the other workers, Sarah moved to one of the burger workers, who had his head phones on, and yanked them off. The worker spun to face her.

“What the hell boss?”

“Tony, you and Johnny have made customer’s orders intentionally wrong six times now.” Sarah stated.

“What do you mean?”

“A girl up front complained you put cheese and onions on her burger when she ordered it specifically not to have them, and that they are unhealthy for her.”

“What do you mean? Cheese and onions are good for you. Am I right?” Tony stated, turning to the other guy.

“Apparently the girl who ordered is allergic to onions.” Johnny stated.

“Impossible! Who could be allergic to the greatness that is onions!?” Tony exclaimed.

Sarah massaged her forehead. “I’m sick and tired of your stupid obsession of, how did it go? “Spreading the joys of cheese and onions?” No, you two are fired.”



“Neither of you do as instructed, we’ve gotten numerous complaints from your work. I don’t want or need workers who can’t work as instructed.” Sarah stated.

Both teens grumbled as they removed their vests and went out the back door. Sarah watched them leave, and then proceeded to make the burger herself. Opening a small container, she pulled out several slips before taking the burger out front.

“Here’s your burger, as well as some slips for free extra value meals.” Sarah stated, handing them to Amara. “This restaurant prides itself on good service, and would like to apologize for your treatment.”

“Apology accepted.” Amara stated. “And thanks for the slips.”

“You’re very welcome.” Sarah replied. “Those boys won’t be making anymore trouble here, so please come again.”

“We’ll see; I’m only visiting a friend for a little while.” Amara stated.

“Alright then, have a good day.” Sarah said.

“You too.” Amara replied.

Exiting the restaurant, she went back to the car, and got in the back. “Sorry I took so long, incompetent workers. That’s why they’re working at Mcdonalds, like my dad says.” Amara said.

“Everything alright? I saw heads turn.” Julia stated.

“I think two workers got fired for messing up the meal intentionally.” Amara replied.

“You seem happy for a girl who was the center of attention while wearing a diaper.” Emily stated. “Blow off some steam?”

Seeing Julia looking at her through the mirror, Amara replied, “I behaved the way any proper customer would in my situation. And I even got three free extra value meal slips.”

“No way!” Emily exclaimed. “They don’t give those out lightly.”

“You and Julia can have one each.” Amara replied. “Unless something more memorable happens, I’m gonna keep my slip as a souvenir for my trip.”

“I’m sure we can find a more memorable souvenir for you before you return home.” Julia stated as she pulled out of the parking space.

“Just so long as it isn’t a diaper.” Amara muttered under her breath. Emily heard her but said nothing. Julia made no indication of having heard any of it.


Not ten minutes after leaving Mcdonalds did the group encounter bumper to bumper traffic. A call a minute later from Ashley informed them of a five car pile up, and advised them to take the back way home. Unfortunately, the group had missed the turn they needed to take the back way home; they would have to fight through the traffic.

Amara squirmed in the back seat; she really needed to go. Having already wet herself, she didn’t have a problem with emptying the rest of her bladder. No, the problem was, she needed to make a number two. Emily seemed to catch onto Amara’s discomfort.

“Mom, do you know how much longer it’ll be until we get home?” Emily asked.

Julia was silent for a minute. “Probably another fifteen minutes.”

“Will I have to wear diapers tomorrow if the food gets cold?” Amara asked, remembering Julia’s threat from earlier.

“No, this was out of our hands.” Julia replied, to Amara’s relief.

Amara continued to squirm for several more minutes. The pressure on her backside was beginning to hurt. She knew she wouldn’t be permitted to take her diaper off, but she also knew she’d rather hold it in until they were home, where she could be changed sooner.

Just then she heard a noise, and looked over at a blushing Emily. The girl glanced at her before looking away. Then the stench hit her nose, and Amara knew what happened; Emily had messed herself! The question was; was it an accident?

“Did someone make a mess back there?” Julia asked.

“Yes Mama.” Emily shyly replied.

“Did you do it yourself, or was it an accident?” Julia asked. Amara saw Emily’s blush deepen.

“Accident.” She answered softly. Julia sighed at that.

“When we get home, I’m scheduling another doctor’s appointment for you Emily.” Julia announced. Emily said nothing, and just gazed out the window.

Minutes passed, and just as the car entered their neighborhood, Amara’s bowel gave out, and emptied themselves into the back of her diaper. Amara’s eyes widen in shock; she’d just uncontrollably messed herself! Sure, she knew she’d have to use her diaper, but she had expected to have to push it out herself, not for her body to do it for her!

The mess was warm, gooey, and sticky against her backside, some of it even sliding between her legs. It was such an unusual and unpleasant feeling, Amara couldn’t even try to contain herself as she burst into tears. Emily turned to her, alarmed at the sudden outburst.

“Amara, what’s wrong?” She asked, wrapping her arm around the girl’s shoulder. Amara just shook her head and kept crying.

“Perhaps she had to make a messy?” Julia suggested as she pulled into the driveway. Amara’s cries grew louder.

“I think you’re right Mom.” Emily stated. “Can you changer her first when we get inside?”

“Of course.” Julia answered.

The group exited the car. Emily handed her mother the bag of food and helped Amara out of the car; they’d make a second trip for the drinks. Going up to the front door, they entered the house and made their way into the living room, where Lily and Ashley were.

Ashley immediately stood up. “My Uncle was apart of the car pile up, I need to go now.”

“Do you want your meal?” Julia asked.

“No, sorry.” Ashley answered. “I’ll come back to collect my fee another time; take out the meal’s price from the pay.”

“Best of luck Ashley.” Emily stated.

“Thanks.” Ashley replied, and immediately exited the room. The group heard the door close a second later.

“Emily, help get Amara’s shorts off. I’ll get the changing pad.” Julia stated. Lily looked on from a makeshift playpen set up in the corner of the room, suckling her pacifier as she watch.

Emily kept Amara upright as she pulled off the girl’s belt. Unbuttoning and unzipping the shorts, she tugged them down the girl’s legs and around her ankles. Amara’s diaper was sagging heavily, and was discolored on the front and bottom. Emily carefully helped Amara step out of her shorts.

Julia finished spreading out the changing pad, and began getting the changing supplies out. Emily helped the distraught girl over to the pad, and slowly sat her down on it. Amara whimpered as she felt the mess in the seat of her diaper squish against her skin. Julia helped her down onto her back, and began untaping her diaper.

Amara felt terrible; this wasn’t the trip she had signed up for. She didn’t want to wear diapers, no matter how comfy they were when not used. She didn’t want to suck on pacifiers, no mater how soothing it might be. She didn’t want to drink from bottles, no matter how nice and relaxing it felt to be held like that…

She let out another whine; she was an emotional wreak. All these feeling she had were confusing her. Some were good, some were bad, some where fantastic, and some were absolutely horrid! Amara wasn’t certain how much more of this she could take.

Something was slid into her mouth, which she quickly recognized as a pacifier. Looking up, she saw Emily looking down on her, looking sheepish. Slowly, Amara began suckling on the paci, and found herself calming down. Closing her eyes, she let felt herself slowly relaxing.

A tap on the shoulder caused her to open her eyes. Looking up, she saw Julia offering her hand. Amara took it, and was help up off the changing pad. Looking down at herself, she saw she now wore a fresh diaper between her legs.

“Amara, Ami, you two go wash your hands.” Julia stated as she gathered up the changing material. “After that, you can eat. I’ll go wash my hands, get the drinks from the car, feed Lily, and then give you both your bottles.”

Amara and Emily nodded their heads in agreement, and went down the hall to the bathroom. As the pair washed their hands, Emily noticed Amara hand removed her pacifier. She decided to ask about it.

“You really like pacifiers, don’t you?” Emily asked.

Amara turned to her. “These things help me calm down. God help me, I don’t know why, but they’re the only things helping me when, well…” She waved at her diapered waist.

“Well, that’s why they’re called soothers as well.” Emily said with a shrug.

“How can you put up with this Emily?” Amara asked.

“Diapers have always been a part of my life.” Emily answered. “It’s normal for me…well, for the most part.”

“You’re really having accidents, aren’t you.” Amara stated more then questioned.

Emily nodded her head. “Yeah. Sometimes it’s my fault; get too involved in a game or something, but other times I have no warning at all. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”

“Do you like wearing diapers?” Amara asked.

Emily blushed. “I do.” She admitted. “I wouldn’t mind wearing them full time if I wasn’t so afraid of being made fun of if anyone found out.”

“Maybe that’s your problem right there.” Amara stated.

Emily blinked. “What?”

“I may not understand why you want to wear diapers, but if you want something bad enough, it can start to affect you physically or mentally.” Amara stated. “I’ve read studies like then before.”

“Why would you be reading things like that?” Emily asked, curious.

“Research.” Amara answered. “I read psychology books to help make my characters more real to my readers. If writing doesn’t pan out as a career for me, I think I want to be a psychologist.”

“That’s great Amara.” Emily said with a smile. “But I hope you’ll be a successful writer.”

“Me too.” Amara stated. She then looked curiously at Emily. “Do you…actually like all this stuff? Using your diapers and all the baby things?”

"Well…"Emily blushed. “I don’t mind wetting diapers, but messing them is unpleasant. I don’t mind pacifiers either, but I don’t like sleeping in my crib, drinking from bottles, or playing with baby toys.”

“Really? You don’t mind wetting diapers or using pacifiers?” Amara asked.

“I don’t mind, but I’m a little worried.” Emily replied. “I don’t want to tell Mom. What if she doesn’t want me to be like, well, the way I am? And I don’t fancy the idea of her coming up with other punishments for me to suffer through either.”

“I honestly don’t know what to tell you.” Amara stated. She then frowned. “Well, besides telling you to go get a change, you really need one.”

Emily blushed. “Yeah…you don’t find this weird?”

“I absolutely find this weird.” Amara stated, causing Emily’s eyes to widen. “I don’t like this stuff forced on me either. But since it’s not hurting you or Lily, I won’t make a fuss about you two. Besides, it seems to help you be closer to your Mom, so…Yeah.”

“Well…thanks for respecting that.” Emily stated. Amara merely nodded her head.


Lunch passed quickly for the group. Amara had called dibs on the French fries from Ashley’s meal, and eagerly devoured them. She was threatened with a bib once, and that caused her to slow down for a while. Lily told the group what had happened while they were out; she mostly played in her play pen while Ashley played with her for a bit with the news on in the background.

When the meals themselves were done, Julia returned with two baby bottles of warm milk for Amara and Emily. Amara had inquired as to what had happened with the soda, to which she was told they were in the refrigerator and would be available the next day. After that, she pulled Amara onto her lap, and fed the girl her bottle.

The warm milk felt good after a full meal; she could practically feel it flow down her body and into her stomach. The relaxed feeling she had the last time she’d been bottle fed returned, and she silently enjoyed the feeding. Once she was done and burped, Emily took her place on Julia’s lap.

“I think I’m gonna call my Mom now.” Amara announced as she took off her boots.

“That’s fine dear.” Julia replied.

“After that I may take a nap.” Amara stated with a small yawn.

“Time changes getting to you?” Julia asked.

“That and everything that’s been happening.” Amara replied. Julia simply nodded her head, and focused back on Emily. Taking the hint, Amara headed up the stairs to the room she shared with Emily. Lily was the only one to notice Amara snatching the pacifier off the table when she left.

Rummaging through her bag, Amara found her cell phone and fished it out. Taking a seat on the bed, she shrugged off her vest to get comfortable, opened the cell phone, and paused. What was she going to say?

Amara looked down at the diaper taped around her waist. Did she really want her Mom to know she was being forced to wear and use diapers? What else could she tell her? Sure there was the Mcdonalds incident, and that she’d been to her new school already, and that she’d played games with Emily. Would that be enough?

It would have to be. With a sigh, Amara punched in her area code, and dialed her home number. The phone range three times before it was picked up. “Hello, Kisari residence.”

“Hey Mom.”

“Amara! How are you? I was worried when you didn’t call last night.”

“Sorry about that Mom, I kinda forgot to. Was playing games with Emily, and her little sister caused us some trouble. Ended up falling down some stairs.”

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine Mom, just a little bump on the head. Wasn’t even a need to visit a doctor.”

“Well that’s good. Are you enjoying your time there?”

“…Yeah. It’s great being able to play with Emily, and bounce off story ideas in person. She showed me the school I’d be attending, and I met the English teacher there. Turns out my stories are really popular in the school.”

“So you expect to get swamped when people discover who you are.”

“Pretty much.”

“Alright then. Anything else note worthy?”

“Just finished a Mcdonalds meal. Two guys were making burger orders wrong on purpose, and I think they were fired. Got three free value meal slips.”

“Those aren’t going to last long.”

“For your information mother, I gave two to Emily and her mom. If I don’t get a better souvenir, I’m keeping mine.”

Giggle I’m sure you’ll try.”

“Very funny Mom.”

“So, anything else you’d like to share?”

“Not really?”

“Are you sure?”

Amara hesitated. Even on the other side of her country, her Mother was able to pick up on her discomfort. She let out a sigh, and decided to tell her some of the truth.

“Well, there is one thing.”

“Go on.”

“Well, Emily and her sister both wet the bed.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No, I don’t care about that. The thing is Julia, their mother, actually diapers them before bedtime.”

“She has them diapered?”

“Yes…and when she found out I used to wet the bed…she diapered me.”

There was a pause. “…Are you okay?”

“I feel previously unknown levels of embarrassment.”

“…not something I hear you say every day giggle.

“It’s not funny Mom! She didn’t even give me a chance! She just called me in and diapered me before bedtime!”

“Did she say why?”

“She just said it was because she didn’t want to chance an accident. I tried explaining to her I hadn’t had any accidents for years, but she didn’t listen.”

“Did you have an accident?”


“Did you end up having an accident?”

Amara hesitated. “I didn’t wet in my sleep Mom.”

“Amara, did you wet your diaper unintentionally?”

“…I fell down the stairs, I couldn’t stop myself!”

“…Well it sounds like it was a good thing she diapered you.”


“Well what would you like me to say sweetie? That she’s not allowed to do anything to you while you’re a guest in her house? That she shouldn’t take precautions she deems necessary? It’s not like she’s making you wear diapers full time.”

“…” Amara was silent.


“She’s making me as a punishment.”

“A punishment? What did you do to warrant such a punishment?”

“I broke a glass, as well as a promise to keep it in one piece.”

“…Well a promise is like your word…”

“Mom, you can’t seriously think this is acceptable!”

“It does seem a bit drastic, but it certainly seems to be affective. You do regret breaking the glass and your word.”

“I don’t need to be forced back into diapers to regret it Mom.”

“Well sweetie, unless she’s parading you around in public without your pants, I don’t think I can say anything.”

Amara was in disbelief. “But, but, but-she makes me drink from baby bottles too! And suck on pacifiers!”

“She does?”


“…Tell me, does she make her girls wear diapers, drink from bottles, and use pacifiers as punishments?”

“Yes, Emily has to drink from bottles for today as well as be diapered, and Lily is in diapers for the weekend, and being treated like a baby today too!”

“…So, from what I gather, she’s not treating you any different then either of her daughters.” Amara was silent at that, a growing sense of dread covering her. “Amara, I honestly can’t think of anyway to help you sweetie. You’ll just have to put up with it unless there’s an opening for someone else to watch over you, and I don’t think that would be good for your friendship with Emily.”

“…But Mom…”

There was a happy sigh from the other end of the line. “I must say, you’re sounding more like your old self Amara. I miss my little princess. It’s a shame we don’t have any pictures of those days, thanks to that flood.”


“You always used to be so open with us, spending so much time with us. Now your father and I rarely see you, and you’re so independent. I wish things could go back to the way they were before…” She trailed off.

“…But what about my situation here?”

“I’m sorry sweetie, but there’s nothing I can do about your diapers. For now you’ll just have to wear them to bed and use them in the morning, just like your friend and her sister. Besides, who said you have to fully use your diaper in the morning? You can always just wet it, and then make number two in the toilet when you’re changed out of your diaper.”

Amara blinked; that could actually work. “I’ll remember that. But seriously Mom, do you really like the idea of me soiling myself in a diaper? I’m going to be thirteen this summer.”

“…I like the idea of seeing the little girl I lost those years ago.”

Amara sighed. “I can’t be that girl again Mom. It was because I was so trusting that that bastard managed-”


“Oh like you don’t refer to him as such when I’m not around.”

“…That’s not the point.”

“Then what is the point Mom.”

“The point is that while yes, your younger self lacked the knowledge and maturity to help prevent that whole incident from happen, your efforts to distance yourself from your younger self caused you to lose some of your more endearing qualities. Maybe this experience will help you find those qualities again.”

“So, you’re saying you want me to wear and use diapers in hopes of me becoming more like my old self? The one that got hurt and-”

“Sweetie, I’ve told you where I stand in this. Just be a good girl and you won’t even have to wear diapers or be fed bottles outside of bedtime. And who’s to say you can’t be the best of both your old self and your current self?”

“Mom, I really don’t-”

“I’m sorry dear, but I have to go, your father and I have a date at Ruth Chris’s I have to go to.”

Amara brightened up immediately. “You two are going on dates again?”

“Yes we are. You’re trip provided us with the perfect opportunity to start again. Did you do that on purpose?”


“Well thank you sweetie. Talk to you tomorrow, or sometime soon.”

“Okay, bye Mom. Love you.”

“Love you too sweetie.”

Amara hung up with a smile on her face; her plan was working! Her parents were trying to get their relationship fixed up! It was only a moment later when she realized something.

“Damn it, she tricked me!” Amara exclaimed out loud.

Her mother had made her lose focus on the fact that she supported Julia’s decision to diaper and semi-baby her! She’d even gone so far as to imply it was healthy for her; that it’d help her be like the little girl she once was. There was a reason she changed in the first place, damn it.

Still, she did have a point in that. She missed being close to both her parents. Could that have contributed to her family’s divide? Sure her baby brother’s death was when everything seemed to come to the surface, but had she been adding to it by not helping them through that time? Having never known her little brother, it didn’t affect her as much as it would her parents, so…

Amara shook her head, she was getting off topic. Maybe she could try calling her father, and getting his take on the situation? But wait, if he agreed with her, and Mom found out, then they might have another thing to argue about. Or they might try to punish her upon her return for going behind her mother’s back. She wasn’t sure which case scenario would be worst.

Bottom line was that she was stuck for now. Her mother did have the helpful advice of inquiring about other guardian possibilities. She would have to put up with the diaper treatment for now, but she’d subtly inquire what her father’s opinion was, but only after she found out if her mother mentioned it to him.

Thinking back, she also realized she never got to talk to Ashley either. With her Uncle in the hospital, she’d have to wait a while before she’d be able to have a serious discussion. That was unfortunate. Ashley had stated that diapers and being babyish had helped her family stay together. If worse came to worse, well, Amara wasn’t certain if she wanted to go down that road to save her family, but at the same time she wanted all her options known.

Amara massaged her forehead; the relaxed feeling she had before was gone, and a headache was forming. She looked at the pacifier on the bed next to her for a moment, before picking it up and placing it in her mouth. Right now it didn’t mater if she was dressed or behaving like a baby; the pacifier helped her, so she’d use it for now. She’d think things out more when she woke up from her nap.


That’s all for this chapter. A little short, I know, but not a whole lot happening at the moment. And for the record, the Mcdonalds situation at the beginning of the chapter, some of those things happened to me. I’ll let you guess what; the wrong order, the firing, the shouting, or the slips.

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Re: Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 3

I’ve been following your work for a while now, and while I don’t mind Megaman and company, I am very happy to see an original story from you with original characters. I was hoping you’d do this some day, since your fan-fics are very well written and thoughtful as fan-fics go, but in the end they are still fan-fics and you alienate some of your audience if they don’t have a liking for the series or an understanding of the stock characters.

This story is great so far, and I think you’ll find your original work to be more popular then your fan-fics. Not to say your fan-fics are bad, I liked them, but I have to say that I like this more. Also, this story is written well, formatted readably, and I didn’t notice any mistakes as far as grammar/spelling.

The plot is feels original and fresh, which is hard to do in this community these days, and the mother comes off as caring instead of a diaper crazy parent. I think the key for getting into the story was how the diapers were introduced. You subtley noted that Emily likes diapers (and then she openly admitted it later), but more importantly, you created an environment where it was acceptable for the main character to experience them and even dislike the idea (so far… hehe). It was a careful balance and I think you’re pulling it off well.

I’m looking forward to more. Sorry if my written is a little off, its late and this story prompted me to write a thought out reply before going to bed. Kudos.

Re: Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 3

Interesting storie so far. It get’s better with each chapter.
can’t wait to read the next chapter if ti’s the same work it will be a great success.