Coast to Coast Exchange Ch. 2

Coast to Coast Exchange

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Chapter 2

Sunlight was shining into the bedroom, much to the distain of one of the room’s occupants. Amara clenched her eyes shut and rolled over in bed, suckling the pacifier in her mouth. Her head was sore, so it took her a moment to realize something was off. As she tried to figure out what was off, she heard the sounds of footsteps and crinkling coming closer to her bed.

“Amara, time to wake up.” A voice whispered in her ear. Amara let out a muffled groan. She then heard a giggle. “Looks like Rini was in here. You didn’t have a pacifier in your mouth when I got up.”

That got Amara’s sleep buzzed attention. Opening her eyes, she raised a hand to her mouth, and felt the outside of the pacifier on her face, and pulled it out of her mouth by the ring. “Time.” She mumbled.

“Eight-Thirty in the morning.” Emily stated. “Would you like a wash cloth?”

“Please.” Amara stated. Emily nodded and exited the room, her diaper crinkling with each step. Amara looked at the pacifier in her hand, and couldn’t help but wonder why it felt so natural to suckle on it.

When Emily returned, she handed Amara a wash cloth that was damp, but not dripping wet. Amara accepted the wash cloth, and wiped her face with it. The cool cloth helped bring her out of the sleep buzzed state more. A minute later she sat up and passed back the wash cloth.

“Thanks.” Amara said as held the back of her head with one hand.

“How are you feeling?” Emily asked.

“Sore.” Was Amara’s one word answer.

“You’re not a morning person, are you?” Emily stated more then questioned.

“Fraid not.” Amara answered. “Gonna be a problem?”

“Mom’s gonna check our diapers, and after breakfast we’ll go over our plans for the day, usually.” Emily stated. “Before our day plans, we’ll be learning about our punishments for what happened last night.”

Amara let out a groan. “Fantastic.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to all this.” Emily stated.

“Don’t want to.” Amara stated. “Where are my stars?”


“House pants; they have stars on them, so I call them stars.”

“They’re next to the bed, but you can’t wear them yet.”

“Why not?”

“We’re not allowed to cover our diapers until after breakfast. We’re also not allowed to take them off unless they were used first.”


“Mom doesn’t want us wasting diapers, so we have to use them in the morning if we haven’t already through the night.”

Amara’s other hand massaged her forehead. “I’m not intentionally using a diaper.” She stated firmly.

Emily bit her lip. “Amara, you can take it up with Mom after breakfast, but she’s had this rule in affect for years. I don’t think she’ll make an exception now.”

“Screw that!”

“Be quiet!” Amara blinked, surprised at the change in her friend’s tone. Emily looked at Amara with a serious expression. “I know you’re not happy with everything that’s happened thus far Amara. You’re a good friend, but I don’t want you to fight my Mom on every little thing.”

Amara frowned. “Emily, I’m fully potty trained, and before last night, I hadn’t had an accident in six years. It’s not fair to ask me to wear and use a diaper. I don’t want to know what that feels like. The idea of doing that is embarrassing and humiliating to me. I don’t see how you put up with it,”

“Lily and I have been doing this for years Amara.” Emily stated. “We’re used to it; diapers have been a necessity for us after our dad died.” She let out a sigh. “I don’t want to fight you Amara, this was supposed to be a fun experience. I won’t stop you from questioning Mom about your diapering and usage, but at least wait until after breakfast; it’s clear you’re still a bit grumpy. Mouthing off will just make her mad, and you miserable.”

Amara stared at her for a moment. “…Fine, I’ll wait till after breakfast. But that’s all I can promise.”

Emily bit her lip, Amara’s attitude was making her nervous. She only hoped everything would work out after breakfast, and that things didn’t get worse for Amara.


Breakfast was a quiet affair. Upon reaching the dining room, Amara was pleasantly surprised to find two large plates of cinnamon buns. Lily and Julia were already seated, Julia with a napkin tucked into the top of her shirt, and Lily with a Sailor Mini-Moon bib tied around hers. A black and blue bruise could be seen on the corner of Lily’s forehead.

Before Amara could speak, Julia pointed out her seat, and told her there was some pain medication laid out that she could take. That caused Amara to smile, and she took her seat with a small “Thank you.” Breakfast was a silent affair from that point on.

Twenty minutes later, Amara took the napkin from her shirt and wiped her face clean. Breakfast had helped both calm her and finish waking up. Picking up her glass of milk, she finished the glass off while carefully considering the words she’d use for the discussion too come.

Seeing Julia was finished eating, Amara cleared her throat, gaining everyone’s attention. “Um, Julia, may I ask you a question?”

“You just did, but you’re welcome to ask another.” Julia replied.

“Right.” Amara said with a small sigh. She was still feeling a bit grumpy; she was still adjusting to the time change. “Well, I wanted to ask, do I have to use this diaper, or can I take it off and go to the bathroom?”

“I’m sorry Amara, but I don’t allow wasted diapers here, you’re going to have to use yours.” Julia said, somewhat apologetic.

“Julia, it’s not fair to force me to wear diapers when I don’t need them, and then force me to use them.” Amara stated bluntly. Emily and Lily looked at their mother, nervous and slightly eager to see her response.

“Did you not have an accident last night?” Julia asked.

“My diaper is clean.” Amara answered.

“I meant the one you wore when you fell down the stairs.” Julia stated.

“That was beyond my control.” Amara stated. “Can you tell me with full certainty that if you fell down the stairs the way I did, and with a full bladder, that you wouldn’t have had an accident?”

“No, I can not.” Julia answered, surprising Emily and Lily. “But that does not change the fact that you had an accident.”

“That doesn’t mean I should be forced to use a diaper if I wear one.” Amara stated.

“I’m sorry Amara, but that has been the rule in the house for three years, and I’m not about to make an exception for it now.” Julia stated. “If you try to take it off before hand, I will spank you and you will have to wear diapers for the full day. That is the same punishment I gave both my daughters when they broke that rule.”

“But it’s not a fair rule!” Amara exclaimed. “Do you treat all your sleepover guests like this?”

“Yes I do.” Julia stated, to Amara’s surprise. “Lily.”

“When my friends sleepover, they have to wear diapies to bed to, and use them in the morning.” Lily affirmed. Amara’s jaw dropped, and she turned to Emily.

“I don’t do sleepovers.” Emily stated. “I already get teased for my occasional accidents, I don’t want people I see on a daily basis experience this and word getting out.”

“Apparently I don’t fit in that category.” Amara grumbled, causing Emily to flinch.

“Enough of that.” Julia said calmly. “You have already heard my ruling Amara, and it will not change. Do you have anything else to address before I bring up your punishments for last night’s behavior?”

Amara frowned, but shook her head. As much as she wanted fight this, realistically speaking, it wouldn’t be wise. She was on the opposite side of the country from her home, and she couldn’t go back until the month ended. Amara also knew she couldn’t get a hotel room, as she needed a guardian to watch over her while she was in the program, and that there was no one else at this time who could take her in.

“Very well then.” Julia stated. “Lily, you stole from your sister, ran through the house, and you weren’t watching where you were going which resulted in not only your own injury, but that of our guest’s. This whole incident could have been avoided if you hadn’t taken your sister’s game. Your punishment is that you will remain in diapers for the rest of the weekend, and today you shall have a baby day. Maybe being aware of the state of your diaper will help you keep aware of the area around you.”

“What’s a baby day?” Amara asked, both curious of and dreading the answer. Both Emily and Lily looked down at that, blushing.

“A baby day is where the child is kept in diapers for the day, and treated like a toddler.” Julia explained. “She is not permitted to walk, dress, feed, bath, or change themselves. A usual baby day consists of time spent in a playpen with building blocks and stuffed animals, being fed each meal and bottle fed, and having to watch a children’s movie.”

“Usually the evil purple dinosaur from heck.” Emily stated. Amara paled at that, which caused Julia to raise an eyebrow.

“Something wrong with Barney?” Julia asked. Both Amara and Emily visibly flinched.

“On the site we post our work on, someone wrote a rated R story using…you know.” Emily answered. “Everyone was curious what a story about that series would be about, and well…”

“The story was pulled off the site three days after it was published.” Amara said, picking up where Emily left off. “Still, everyone who read what that author wrote using him now refers to him as the evil purple dinosaur, though we don’t use the word heck.”

Julia was somewhat curious how someone could twist such an iconic children’s figure into something mature children would fear to speak of. But she let the matter drop.

Lily nodded her head in acceptance, which caused Amara’s stomach to drop. If this was the theme to Julia’s punishments, she didn’t think she would like her punishment. Julia turned to her eldest daughter.

“Emily, had you explained to your sister you did not feel comfortable playing your game with her looking over your shoulder, you might not have been in trouble now. Instead, you chased her, leading to both Lily and Amara getting hurt. You could have even come to me and I would have dealt with the problem, but you didn’t. As a result, your punishment is that you will remain in diapers for the day, along with bottle treatment. I expect better from you as you’re older and know better.”

Emily flinched, but nodded her head in acceptance. That sinking pit in Amara’s stomach grew, though she had to ask. “What’s bottle treatment?”

“Bottle treatment is where the child in trouble is not permitted to drink beverages on their own.” Julia stated. “Instead, they must come to me, ask for something to drink, and I will pour a beverage of my choosing into a baby bottle the appropriate size for the child. From there I take the child to the couch, and feed them their bottle. The child is not allowed to leave until the bottle is finished.”

“I hate that punishment.” Emily stated. “If I ever feel in a writing mood, or get in the zone for a game, I have to stop for a drink and more often then not lose the flow I had.”

“Ah.” Amara stated. That made sense. It wasn’t just about embarrassment and loss of privileges, but it was about disrupting the daily life of the person being punished.

“Amara, you also have a punishment to under go.” Julia stated. “I let you take a glass with the assurance it would remain in one piece. Because you got involved in last night’s events, you failed to keep that promise. This normally constitutes a baby day.”

“A baby day for a broken glass?” Amara exclaimed. She wasn’t going to let herself be treated like a baby.

“Not just a broken glass, a broken promise too.” Julia stated. “I let you take that glass with the promise it would be in one piece come morning. The glass is now broken, like your promise and your word. How can I trust you with important tasks and responsibilities if you can’t even handle the small ones?”

She paused to give Amara time to mull it over. “Now like I said, normally a broken promise would result in a baby day punishment. However, I can see you’re having difficulties adjusting to the household rules, and that they are upsetting you greatly. Therefore I will make you an offer.”

“An offer?” Amara asked.

“You’re not gonna let her go unpunished, are you?” Lily asked.

“No I’m not, and that isn’t your business young lady.” Julia stated, causing Lily to look down. “Amara, my offer to you is this. You can either take the baby day punishment, or spend the entire weekend in diapers, or you can spend today in diapers and be bottle fed your beverages like Emily. Those are your options.”

Amara frowned, she’d prefer option D: none of the above. Unfortunately, she knew it wasn’t going to happen. Looking down at herself, and feeling the need to do her morning release, she couldn’t imagine wearing it for more then one day. At the same time, she did not like the idea of being out of control of what foods she ate or what beverages she drank. The baby day option would cause her to lose her say in what foods she ate as well as the beverages she drank, while the bottle and diaper day would only prevent her from choosing her beverages, so…

“I’ll take the bottle fed day. Emily’s punishment.” Amara stated reluctantly.

“Very well then. I trust you won’t make a fuss during your punishment?”

“I won’t if you won’t.”

“Fair enough.” Julia stated. “Now then, what does everyone have planned for today?”

“I didn’t have anything planned beside my project.” Lily stated. “Will I be able to work on it today?”

“Do you need the weekend to finish it?” Julia asked.

“It’s not due till Friday.” Lily answered.

“Then no, you’ll have your baby day today.” Julia stated, causing Lily to nod her head…

“I was going to show Amara around town or head over to the school today, but with us both being diapered, I don’t see that happening.” Emily stated.

“I do intend to call my mother, let her know I’m okay.” Amara stated. She did some math in her head. “I’ll call her around one, since it should be around four o’clock east coast time, give or take an hour.”

“We can visit the school today, there shouldn’t be anyone there outside of faculty.” Julia stated.

Amara bit her lip; she did not like the idea of being outside of a house in a diaper. On the other hand, there wouldn’t be many people, if any at all, and it wasn’t likely she’d be bottle fed outside the house, right? So slowly, she nodded her head in agreement.

“Very well then.” Julia said. “Lily, since you’re having a baby day, I’ll call Ashley to watch over you while the rest of us are gone. Girls, I suggest you use your diapers now while I call Ashley. Once I’m dressed, I’m not changing anymore diapers inside the house until I return.”

Julia stood and walked out of the dining room. Amara placed her face in her hands, and groaned loudly. Emily made her way next to her, and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Are you okay?” She asked.

“How am I going to survive a month here if I’m reaching my limits on the first day?” Amara asked. “I can’t believe I actually agreed to…that I’m going to…” She groaned again.

Emily shifted the chair to the side, and hugged Amara. “I’m sorry you’re not enjoying your stay. I was so excited in finally meeting you, I forgot what you’d have to deal with. All this stuff has become normal for me, has been for a while now.”

“If anything else happens, I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain myself.” Amara admitted. “I’m used to a lot more freedom then this.”

“You act the same online as you do in person.” Emily noted. “I wish I could assert myself more, but less attention is better around here, and there’s less punishments in the house.”

“I really don’t want to…I don’t even know how I’d…” She didn’t want to say it. Emily held out a hand. Amara blinked, but took it and stood up. Emily led her to the kitchen, where Julia was just hanging up the phone.

“Is there a problem girls?” She asked, concerned.

“Amara can’t use her diaper at will like me and Rini can.” Emily announced. Amara blushed, even though it wasn’t something she should be embarrassed about. “Can I take her to the bathroom and let her sit on the toilet? I think it would help.”

Amara’s blush deepened. “So long as her diaper stays on, that’s fine. I need to clean up the dining room table before I start diaper changes.” Julia stated.

“Thanks Mom.” Emily said.

“Wait.” Emily and Julia turned to Amara.

“Yes dear?”

“Do I have to…mess in the diaper?” Amara asked, her face turning red.

“Yes, otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a punishment.” Julia answered.

Amara tried another approach. “But that is just making more work for you, having to clean up a messy diaper. I could just wet them and slide them off to do the rest of my business.”

“I clean up messy diapers every week.” Julia stated, causing Emily to blush. “Now if you’re really worried about giving me more work to do, just remember this punishment the next time you’re in a situation that could lead to punishment if bad decisions are made.” With that, Julia dismissed the pair, and made her way back to the dinning room…

Emily lead Amara down the hallway, she opened the bathroom door and stepped to one side. “I don’t think I have to tell you this, but if you do take off your diaper, you will be punished, probably worse then I would be because she just cut you some slack five minutes ago.”
Amara just nodded her head, and pushed the door close. It was bad enough she’d be using a diaper, she did not want someone watching her. Making her way to the toilet, Amara reluctantly sat down on it.

She felt her body relax somewhat, but not enough to actually go on its own. She winced slightly, as she felt some discomfort from her backside. Shifting slightly, she could hear the plastic cover of her diaper crinkle with her movement.

Closing her eyes, she tried to push; she just wanted to get this over with! Slowly, she felt a small trickle enter her diaper. It quickly grew into a full blown stream. Amara bit her lip; knowing she had urine pooling between her legs grossed her out, but the warmth it provided wasn’t completely terrible.

Now was the moment of truth. Placing a hand on top of the cupboard next to her, she began pushing and grunting. Her face grew red, she kept her legs together, and after several minutes, it finally happened.

A hard load slowly entered the back of her diaper, causing it to droop. Amara winced, but kept going. It would be another minute before she was done. Standing up, she spread her legs and began waddling towards the door. She caught a look at herself in a full body mirror.

The diaper around the preteen’s waist was drooping heavily, the front and bottom discolored. The girl’s eyes were red and puffy. To Amara, the girl in the mirror looked like a cry baby, incapable of keeping her pants clean without the aid of a diaper. She let out a small sob as she left the bathroom.


Amara sat on the bottom of the staircase, elbows on her knees, and her closed palms on her cheeks. She was dressed in an ocean blue, short sleeved t-shirt, a black vest, and a baggy pair of shorts with a silver belt. And of course a fresh diaper, can’t forget that, no matter how much she wanted too.

Emily was leaning against the wall next to the stairs. She was wearing a yellow sundress with a red ribbon tied around her waist. Amara had questioned her choice of clothing, but Emily had said the shorts that could hide her diaper were in the wash, so this was the best she could do.

Lily was laying down on the living room floor, watching Saturday morning cartoons. She was dressed in just a small t-shirt and her diaper. Not going out, she saw no need to hide her diaper. She was also suckling on a pink pacifier, something Emily told her she generally did anyways, despite her age and being punished.

Julia had on a white shirt with blue jeans, and was standing by the door. At her feet was a diaper bag; no disguise to it. Pink and white in color, it had kittens on it, and contained half a dozen diapers, changing supplies, bottles, and pacifiers. Amara was not looking forward to going out.

“You okay Amara?” Emily asked. “You were pretty upset earlier.”

“I’m…” Amara paused for a moment, trying to find the right word. “I’m numb at the moment.”

There was a knock on the door before Emily could respond, and Julia answered it. “Hello Ashley, come on in.” A teen with red hair and forest green eyes walked in, dressed a black t-shirt and jeans. There was shuffling from the living room, and seconds later Lily was rushing toward Ashley in a fast crawl.

Upon reaching her, Lily jumped, and Ashley caught her and lifted her up, supporting her with one hand on her bum, and the other arm across her back. “Rini, how are you?” Ashley asked as she twirled around in a circle. Lily just hugged her in response.

“Lily is being punished with a baby day and diaper weekend.” Julia answered. “She was running through the house, and got herself and our guest hurt.”

“Oh, so you were a naughty girl.” Ashley stated as she set Lily down. “You know what that means. Tickle attack!” Ashley’s fingers attacked Lily’s sides, causing the girl to squeal and squirm with laughter as she tried to fight of Ashley’s attack.

The sight managed to bring a smile to Amara’s face. “Given how much she’s laughing, you might just be encouraging her to be naughty.” She said. Ashley paused her attack and turned to her.

“I think someone’s jealous they aren’t getting as much attention as the munchkin is.” Ashley stated.

“Ashley, this is Amara Kisari. She’s an exchange student from New York, and will be staying with us for a month.” Julia stated. “Last night she broke a glass she promised she wouldn’t, so she’s under a diaper and bottle day today for breaking both.”

Amara blushed; Julia hadn’t even tried to hide the fact that she had diapered her. “Doesn’t that usually constitute a baby day?” Ashley asked.

“Yes, but Amara was having a rough time adjusting to my rules, so I decided to cut her some slack this time.” Julia stated.

“Well that’s very nice of you.” Ashley said, before turning to Amara. “The only other time she goes easy on us is on our birthdays. You’re either really lucky, or she respects you.”

Amara blinked. “You get in on this too?”

“Yup.” Ashley stated. Pulling up her shirt, she tugged down the top of her jeans, revealing a pull-up style diaper. “I wear diapers full time, but I don’t always use them.”

“Good for you.” Amara mumbled, referring to the last part.

“Oh don’t be like that.” Ashley said as she made her way over and sat down next to her. “Diapers and babying are great stress relievers. If it wasn’t for them, not only would I have dropped out of High School, but my family probably wouldn’t still be together.”

“Really?” Amara asked, sitting up straight.

“If you two would like to chat, you can when we return from school.” Julia stated. “Come along girls.”

Emily made her way over to Julia while Amara reluctantly followed. Lily stood to one side as Ashley joined her. “How long do you expect to be gone?” Ashley asked.

“A few hours.” Julia stated. “After we get done scouting the school, I may take the girls for a drive through the town. Car only, but it’ll help Amara familiarize herself with the area. I’ll call when I start home; if everyone’s behaved, I might just stop at Mcdonalds for lunch.” Smiles and cheers followed that announcement.


It took twenty minutes to reach Charles Wood Middle School. It was a fairly large building, and was two stories tall. The school held half of the district’s sixth, seventh, and eight grade students, while across the campus, James Wood Middle School took the rest.

Julia led the way into the lobby, Amara and Emily following. The windows to the cafeteria and main office had the shades drawn. “This is the main lobby.” Emily stated. “Cafeteria Green is in front of us, while cafeteria red is on the other side of the building. The main office to our left is where you’ll pick up your schedule Monday.”

“Further down the hall to your left is the nurse’s office.” Julia stated. “It’s where you’ll go if you ever have an accident or need a diaper change.” Both Amara and Emily blushed.

“Be careful not to let that happen.” Emily stated. “School has a policy; if you have any accidents and are caught, you have to wear diapers for two weeks without having an accident. The nurse applies something to the diapers she changes us into, so she’ll know if we ever tried to take them off or change into a new one ourselves. In order to be granted permission to wear panties again, you have to pass her test for ten days. You either don’t use your diaper, or if you can’t help it, you have to go in front of her, so she knows it’s not an accident.”

“Did this happen to you?” Amara asked.

“Last year in Elementary School.” Emily stated. “The nurse got a better offer for a job here, so she transferred same time I came here. Same rules and policies apply.”

“Great.” Amara said dryly. “Well, I don’t intend to wear diapers to school, so I didn’t need to know all that.”

“That’s the spirit.” Julia said. “Emily, why don’t you show Amara each of your class rooms and the gyms. You share most of your classes, so it would be useful to know where each of them are.”

“Yes mother.” Emily stated. “Except for my writing class, all my classes are on the ground floor. History is the closest room and…”


“Finally, this is my English class.” Emily announced. The group was at a class room on the other side of the building. They had seen a few staff members, but not teachers. “Last class of the day, so Mrs. Gainsworth tends to be harder on us, since everyone is so eager to get out and hardly pays attention.”

“And you’re no exception.” A voice stated from inside the classroom. Everyone turned as a woman opened the door. Dark graying hair and onyx colored eyes, the woman wore a pair of tan pants and a violet button up shirt.

“Mrs. Gainsworth!” Emily exclaimed. “What are you doing here?” A cough was heard behind her. "Oh I’m sorry. This is my mother, and this is Amara Kisari, the student from New York that’s staying with me.

“A pleasure to meet you.” Julia stated, offering the woman her hand. Mrs. Gainsworth took the hand.

“Like wise.” Mrs. Gainsworth replied. She looked at Amara. “You wouldn’t happen to be Wolf Mistress Balance, would you?”

Julia looked confused, but Amara blinked in surprise. “Um, yes, that’s the pen name I use on my fan fiction site. How did you know?”

“For starters, Emily speaks of you and your work.” Mrs. Gainsworth stated. “And I’ve confiscated at least one hundred print out pages of your work from students in my class.”

“Mostly from students in the anime, game, and writing clubs.” Emily exclaimed to a stunned Amara.

After several seconds of silence, Mrs. Gainsworth spoke. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“I hope you recycled?” Asked a still stunned Amara. This caused Emily to giggle, and Julia to grin. A small smile formed on the woman’s face as well.

“Yes I did.” Mrs. Gainsworth answered. “I must admit, I have read a few of your stories, and I’m impressed with the descriptive style you use. It makes picturing the actions of each character much easier.”

“T-Thank you.” Amara said. “I work hard on my stories.”

“It certainly shows.” Mrs. Gainsworth stated. Suddenly, a stomach rumbled loudly. The group turned to a blushing Emily.

“Err, excuse me.” Emily stated.

“Looks like someone needs her bottle to tie her over.” Julia stated as she shifted her grip on the diaper bag.

Amara turned to Julia, looking surprised. “Does she know about, well, everything?”

“Yes I do.” Mrs. Gainsworth answered. “I was Emily’s fourth grade English teacher. I had to leave my job when my sister died in a car crash, and raise her son. When I was able to come back, the position was filled, so I took a job here.”

“Can we use your classroom, or should we go to the cafeteria?” Julia asked.

“We can use the classroom.” Mrs. Gainsworth stated. She opened the door, and allowed the three in. Amara entered last, and after the door was closed, Mrs. Gainsworth pulled back the back of her shorts and slid a hand down the back of her diaper.

Reacting on experience, Amara squawked, moved forward, spun around, and slapped Mrs. Gainsworth across the face with a cry of “Pervert!” All movement in the room froze as everyone took in what just happened. Gulping, Amara spoke up.

“I-I’m so sorry Mrs. Gainsworth. A lot of students at my old school try to grab my a-my butt. It’s become a reflex for me.” Amara explained.

Mrs. Gainsworth pursed her lips. Julia stepped in. “Amara does not normally wear diapers. She is wearing one as a punishment for breaking a glass. Having never experienced a diaper check, it’s easy to understand she confused the two.”

“I’m really sorry.” Amara repeated, bowing her head as well.

Mrs. Gainsworth took a deep breath. “I’ll forgive you this time, but just know violence like that won’t be tolerated in this school.”

“I’ll try to hold back, but I can’t promise anything.” Amara stated seriously. “Because I started developing earlier, boys started trying to get closer to me, and in this recent year they’ve started, well, they started feeling me up. I went to monitors and staff, but it never stops. Slaps have been the only thing that works.”

“Well I expect you to do your best.” Mrs. Gainsworth stated. “We have a strict policy here against physical violence.”

“I will remember that.” Amara said firmly.

“Are all boys in New York perverts?” Emily asked.

"Such a young age for such behavior?

“Not all, no. Unfortunately, my school district has the most of that kind of riff raft in the state.” Amara said with a sigh. “I’m just lucky that way.”

“Well, lets get you girls some milk for your tummies.” Julia stated as she set the diaper bag down on a desk. “Does Amara need her diaper changed?”

“She’s a little moist, but that’s from sweat.” Mrs. Gainsworth stated.

“Alright then, let’s check little Ami.” Julia stated, causing Emily to smile a little as she lifted her dress up. Julia stuck two fingers up the leg hole, and pulled them back out. “Little girl, you are soaked. When did you go?”

Amara watched as Emily looked away, saying nothing. She remembered what Julia had told her last night, but she hadn’t really put much thought into it. Now she was faced with the fact; Emily was having bladder control problems.

“Oh Emily, this is the second time this month you’ve had a full blown accident. Should I schedule another doctor’s appointment?” Julia asked.

“Why should we? They won’t find anything.” Emily said with a sigh.

“You could check for a hormonal imbalance.” Amara suggested, gaining everyone’s attention. “My cousin had one once, and his body was having problems too. My mother told me she suffered incontinence for a time when she was pregnant with my little brother.”

“Most women do suffer that while pregnant.” Julia stated. “I suppose it’s worth checking on.”

“How old is your brother? You never mentioned him before.” Emily asked.

“He would have been three.” Amara answered, looking down. “Miscarriage.”

Silence reigned for several seconds. Julia walked over to Amara and gave her a hug, which Amara returned a moment later. “Mrs. Gainsworth? Could you give Emily her bottle? I’m going to give Amara hers.”

“Of course.” She answered, and made her way over to the diaper bag. Pulling a bottle out, she handed it to Julia, before grabbing a second one and motioning to Emily to join her.

Julia hopped onto the teacher’s desk in the room, and pulled a surprised Amara onto her lap. Laying her back with her left hand, she placed the bottle’s nipple into Amara’s mouth. Said girl blushed; she felt like an infant, the way she was being held and fed. Julia used her thumb to massage her throat, but paused after a moment to stare at Amara.

Wincing slightly, Amara slowly began nursing the bottle’s nipple, feeling small bits of cool milk enter her mouth with each suckle. Julia began massaging her throat again, causing Amara to swallow. Smiling, Julia stopped massaging Amara’s throat after a minute, seeing Amara swallowing on her own.

Amara was unbelievably relaxed at the moment. She had no idea something so infantile could be so relaxing. It caused many mixed and confused feeling to course through her. The only discomfort she felt was her jaw and cheeks as suckled for over a minute. She was so relaxed that she almost didn’t notice a familiar sensation building up. Almost.

Eyes widening, she pushed the bottle out of her mouth and tried to stand up. Julia held firm though. “What’s wrong Amara?”

“I need to pee!” She exclaimed as she continued to try to get up.

“Did you forget you were wearing your potty?” Julia asked, causing Amara to pause. She had forgotten. “Just relax and let it go, its okay.”

Amara’s cheeks turned pink; she knew she’d have to use her diaper, but that didn’t mean she wanted to. Glancing to her left, she saw Emily being fed her bottle by Mrs. Gainsworth. Neither of them was paying her any attention.

Sighing, Amara opened her mouth, and a moment later Julia placed the bottle’s nipple back in. As Amara nursed her bottle, that relaxing feeling came back to her. This time she didn’t panic when she felt the need to pee, and slowly released it into her diaper. She didn’t have as much to go as she thought she did, but that thought quickly shifted to the back of her head.

Five minutes later, Amara couldn’t get anymore milk out of her bottle. The bottle was removed from her mouth, causing her to look up at Julia. She felt herself being shifted, and quickly wrapped her arms around Julia’s neck to maintain her balance. She was shifted so she was facing Julia, and her head positioned over her right shoulder.

Several pats landed on her back, causing Amara to blush as she realized what was happening; she was getting burped. She opened her mouth to complain, when a loud wet burp erupted from it. Julia pulled the blushing girl down onto her lap.

“All done.” She said. “Was that so bad?”

Amara blushed, but said nothing, mere massaged her jaw. Julia accepted this and helped Amara off her lap. Unbuckling the girl’s belt, she slid her shorts down her knees and checked the condition of her diaper. “Oh this isn’t bad at all. What were you panicking about?”

“I didn’t want to have an accident.” Amara said softly, her cheeks still burning.

“I suppose for someone who doesn’t wear regularly, that’s a valid claim.” Julia said as she pulled Amara’s shorts back up.

“H-Hey, aren’t you going to change me?” Amara asked.

“Over such a small wetting? No, it can hold a lot more, and you’re in no danger of getting a rash.” Julia said as she buckled her belt.


“No buts sweetie.” Julia stated. “Now, I need to change Emily. Once we’re done with that, we’ll drive into town, and Emily will show you places she thinks are interesting. If you both keep being good girls, I’ll call home and see if the others want a Mcdonalds too.”

Amara let out a small whine, but sat back down on the desk, looking down at the floor. Julia placed the bottle back in the diaper bag, and pulled out a purple pacifier. Walking back to Amara, she gently lifted her head by her cheek, and placed the paci into her mouth. Turning around, she went back to the diaper bag to pull out changing supplies for Emily.

Sitting silently for a few seconds, Amara slowly began suckling on the paci in her mouth. When she signed up for this exchange program, she never dreamed she’d be wearing diapers, drinking from bottles, or suckling on pacifiers during the program. Amara didn’t like the fact she had to wear diapers, much less use them, but the bottles and the pacifiers…

As unpleasant and confusing as her situation was, Amara knew one thing for certain. Ashley had experience with these feelings, and she had said several things that had intrigued her. Bottom line; she needed to speak with Ashley.


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