Coast to Coast Exchange Ch 1

Coast to Coast Experience

Hey all, this is my first attempt at an original story. There will be anime and cartoon show references, but this story takes place in a real world setting. Let me know what you think of it.



Hey all, my name’s Amara Kisari. I’m fifteen years old at the moment, but at the time of the story I’m about to tell you, I was twelve. I have sea green hair I tie back into a pony tail, and violet eyes. I live in New York State of the good old US of A.

I’ve always been able to come up with creative and interesting stories, and people have always praised me for that ability. So I decided young that I wanted to be a writer, and make my own novel series. Upon hearing that, my English teacher hooked me up to this fan-fiction site. There I wrote dozens of stories, and even made a lot of friends from the site.

Well, when I was in sixth grade, my school announced an exchange program with a school in California. When I heard the name of the school, Charles Wood Middle School, I realized that was the school my best online friend went to. Later that day I chatted with them online, we talked to our parents, and I got permission to make the trip and stay with her!

We both were really excited about my stay. The trip would last a month, so I packed a bunch of clothes, my laptop, and a few other personal items. Little did I know, that this trip would change my life forever.

Chapter 1

Walking out of the main terminal, Amara was a little nervous. Being on the opposite side of the country of everything and everyone you know and love could do that to a person. She had just gotten off her plane, and was now looking around for her friend who had promised to pick her up. She had told her she’d be wearing a purple shirt, black vest, and blue jeans, so it would be somewhat easier to find her in the mass of people, but…

“Amara! Amara, over here!”

Amara turned to her right, and saw a trio of females. One was a woman, blond hair with ruby colored eyes, and wore a red shirt with blue jeans. She was holding a sign with Amara’s name on it.

The second girl was Amara’s age, and currently hopping up and down. She had ocean blue hair, a pair of blue eyes, and wore a sky blue and white checkered dress. The final girl looked to be about five years old, had pink hair, ruby colored eyes, and wore a white t-shirt with a red dress over it. She was holding a Nintendo DS.


Yup, that was my best friend and her family. The blue haired girl was Emily, though she often preferred to be called Ami. It was after her favorite anime character, Ami Mizuno, aka Sailor Mercury. She had even dyed her naturally blond hair to Ami’s hair color.

While I would write fanfiction using already existing character together with my original ones, Emily would just use the series as a base and use her own cast of characters. She didn’t like using any from the series she wrote, and even making them related to the series cast was a stretch with her. She had been writing what she called a second generation Sailor Scouts fanfiction.

We’d often bounce ideas off each other, and when we came up with something good, we’d reward the other person. In her story, she added me as a character. I really wanted to be the Mercury Scout, but she was filling that role herself, so she gave me my second favorite scout position, Sailor Jupiter.

Anyways, the pinkette was Lily, and she was Emily’s little sister. Like her big sister, she was a fan of the Sailor Moon series, and dyed her naturally blond hair after her favorite character Rini. That said, there were times during the visit that she reminded me of Angelica from Rugrats, rather than Rini…

The older woman was their mother Julia. Now I have to give big points to her, because she would often watch at least one of the series her daughters watched, so they could all chat about it later on. I assumed it was a way to bond with her daughters. It certainly helped Emily quite a bit with her writing. She was a kind woman, but firm on issues and rules she felt absolutely needed to be followed. That will come up soon enough…



Amara and Emily rushed forward and embraced each other, happily laughing. Lily and Julia made their way over as the pair were bouncing on the heels of their shoes. Julia gave the pair a few seconds before clearing her throat.

Emily heard her, and let the embrace go. “It’s so great to finally meet you Amara!”

“I know, right?” Amara said. “I’m really excited to be here.”

“Same here. Anyways, this is my Mom, Julia, and my little sister, Lily.” Emily introduced.

“Nice to meet you both.” Amara said, holding her hand out to Julia, who took it.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you to Amara.” Julia said. “It’s not often you meet someone with the same civilian name as Sailor Uranus.”

Amara rubbed the back of her head. “Yeah, but only in the American version. My parents wanted a name that stood out, and came up with Amara or Crystal. Apparently I giggled when I heard Amara, so they named me that.”

“How much longer is this gonna take?” Lily asked, not looking up from her game.

“Don’t be rude sweetie.” Julia said. “Entei and Raikou will still be wandering the Johto region in an hour from now.”

“That the second version of the Johto games?” Amara asked, curious.

“Heart Gold version.” Lily stated, finally looking up. “Sis has Soul Silver, but doesn’t play as much.”

“Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime.” Amara said. “I remember my favorite Legendaries were in that region.”


“Celebi for me.”

“You girls can chat in the car, we need to pick up Amara’s luggage.” Julia said.

“Yes Mom.” “Yes Ms. Delaro.”

“Please, call me Julia, Amara.” Julia said as the group began to walk.

“What do your suit cases look like?” Emily asked.

“One has stickers of Roll.EXE on them, while the other has Sonia Strumm and Harp Note on them.” Amara replied.

“Still a Megaman girl, huh?” Emily asked with a grin.

“Times are changing girl.” Amara stated. “Sailor Moon has been off the air for a while now. More exciting and violent shows are coming on. Yugioh, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, the list goes on. Those are the shows people like to watch and read about these days.”

“Naruto and Digimon.” Lily added. Amara face palmed.

“How could I not mention those off the top of my head?”


On the ride home we each got out our own Nintendo DS, and played Mario Cart together. Emily had been reluctant to, and I soon discovered why; Lily was a fantastic gamer. She would drive circles around Emily and set plenty of traps on the track. Even I had trouble against her!

It took a little over half an hour that the arrived at Emily’s home. It wasn’t a mansion by any means, but it was much larger then your average house. Ground floor had had a living room, dinning room, bathroom, kitchen, and a work room for everyone to do their school work or job related work in.

The upstairs had four bedrooms, two larger then average bathrooms, and one game room. The basement contained a laundry room, but was mostly used for storage. I would be sharing Emily’s room.

Her room was actually interesting to see. Sure the furniture wasn’t beyond anything you’d expect; bed, dresser, TV, closet, a desk with a computer, and a full body mirror. It was the white walls that were interesting; all over the walls, in different colors, were symbols representing characters she liked. The symbols of the Sailor Scouts, Digimon Creasts, even a few outlines of her favorite Pokemon.

“This is your room?” Amara asked, as she set down her suitcases.

“Yeah, you like?” Emily asked.

“I love it!” Amara exclaimed.

“Figured you would.” Emily said, moving over to a bed. “We added a second bed and an old dresser in here for your stay. You get the one with the musical note sheets.”

“Thanks Emily.” Amara said, as she laid a suitcase on the bed and opened it up. “So is this where you work your magic?”

“Actually, this is only where I upload it.” Emily said, sitting down on her bed. “I generally work on my stories downstairs in the work room, write them out by hand, and use the scanner down there to get it onto my word program. After that it’s simply spell checking, and transferring to my flash drive.”

“Your computer can take scanned objects and copy the text words onto a word document?”

“Yeah, Mom has a special program that does that. She generally uses it for work related papers and documents.”

“I see.” Amara said as she pulled a few clothes out. “Do you mind if I change into some more comfortable clothes?”

“As long as you’re not naked, Mom wouldn’t mind it you went around in your panties.” Emily stated. She looked down at herself. “Though you might need a bra if you do that.”

“It’s a genetic thing.” Amara stated, catching the hint of bitterness in Emily’s voice. “Women in my family start developing up there a year or two before puberty.” She slid her jeans off, revealing a pair of blue panties.

“There a Mercury symbol on those?” Emily teased.

“No, I’ve been done with character undies for a while now.” Amara said as she pulled on a pair of silk-like pants. They were black in color, but had gold stars on them. “These house pants are the closest thing I got to them.”

“House pants?”

“Pants you wear around the house.” Amara stated as she pulled her vest off.

Emily shook her head. “Don’t let Mom hear you say that. You say one funny thing around her, she’ll keep going on and on about it until it’s more annoying then funny.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Amara stated.

“Girls! Dinner in ten minutes!” Julia called up to them.

“Mind helping me with my clothes?” Amara asked.

“Sure, which suitcases?”

“The Sonia one and the one on my bed. The other one contains my school supplies and other things I felt like bringing.”

“Okay, this shouldn’t take long. Once dinner is done, I’ll show you the game room.”



Dinner was an enjoyable affair for everyone. Julia served spaghetti and meatballs, and some bread rolls. Being as fanatical about spaghetti as Naruto was with ramen, Amara dove into her bowl, only slowing down when threatened with being forced to wear a bib and fed by Julia herself if she didn’t eat at a slower pace. This had caused giggles from Emily and Lily.

When food wasn’t occupying their mouths, the groups got to know each other better. Amara learned the Mr. Delaro had died due to a heart attack, which was common for his side of the family, three years earlier, but thanks to life insurance the family was well off. Amara admitted her parents were having some relationship problems at the moment, and hoped that her time here would help the pair rekindle their relationship.

It was near the end of dinner, something interesting turned up. “Lily, Emily, are you sure you want to drink so much before bedtime?” Julia asked.

Lily immediately put her glass down, while Emily finished the little bit left in hers. “I’ll be okay Mama.” Lily said.

“Wish I had remembered earlier.” Emily sighed.

“What’s all this about?” Amara asked.

“Well Amara, both my girls still have night time troubles.” Julia answered.

“Night time troubles?” Amara asked, as Emily’s face began to flush.

“We still wet the bed.” Lily stated bluntly. “Sis is wet almost every night, but I’ve been dry for the last ten nights.”

Emily’s face was resembling a tomato now. Amara could see why; wetting more then her little sister was a little embarrassing. Feeling the need to cheer her up a bit, she placed a hand on her shoulder. “Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I used to wet the bed too.”

“You did?” Emily asked. Julia and Lily looked at her too.

“Yeah, but it was a while ago.” Amara confirmed. “But my Mom told me that if wetting the bed was the worst thing that I’d ever do, that would ever happen to me, then that wouldn’t be all that bad.”

“Wise words.” Julia stated.

“What did you do to stop wetting?” Lily asked.

“My parents helped me with that the same way they helped me with potty training. They took me to Disney Land.”

“No way!”

“Disney Land or Disney World?”

“Which ever one was in Florida, can’t remember which is where.”

“How did that help you?” Emily asked.

“Well the first time was to help encourage me to try potty training.” Amara stated. Her cheeks turned pink. “Back then toilets scared me. I had really sensitive ears when I was little, and even a toilet flushing hurt them. It was after the trip I learned I would be using a training potty and not a big one while training. Second trip was to help enforce the methods to prevent wetting in my sleep.”

“That’s what you had an operation for?” Emily asked.

“Yup, just don’t tell anyone on the site.” Amara said with a wink.

“What is this?” Julia asked, confused but not worried after seeing the wink.

“I have a thread on our fiction site, stating I had an operation at some point in my life, and that if someone could guess what it was for, that person could submit a character design and I’d use it in a story.” Amara explained.

“Oh I see.” Julia said. “I take it no one guessed correctly yet.”

“Not a one.” Amara said with a grin. “But some of the guesses are interesting.”

“I’m sure they are.” Julia said as she stood up. “Okay girls, help me clean the table, and then you’ll have an hour before it’s time for pajamas.”

“Yes Mom/Julia.”


It was a quick affair to put the dishes in the dishwasher and throw away the napkins. After washing their hands, the group went their own ways. Julia went to the work room to take care of some paper work, while Lily went to her room. Amara and Emily went to their room, laid out their night clothes, picked up their hand held games and systems, and made their way to the game room.

The walls were forest green in color, while the rug purple. There were bean bag chairs, TWO TVs, a desk with a computer, and shelves full of games. At one TV was a PS one, PS2, and PS3 system hooked up to it. The other was connected to an Xbox 360, Nintendo Game Cube, and a Nintendo Wii. In one of the lower shelves, an N64 and SuperNES systems were visible.

Amara’s jaw dropped as she took in the room around her. “Oh my god, I love this place.”

“I thought you would.” Emily said as she went over to one of the shelves. “Mom got me most of these to help me become a more creative writer.”

“She did?”

“Yup. Games like the Zelda series contain many puzzles, Shadow the HedgeHog gives you the option of being good or evil, Pokemon is about collecting all the different species and learning how to use them most effectively. It’s aspects like those Mom looks for when she gets me games, though if my grades start slipping, Mom will lock me out of the room.”

“Your Mom buys you these games?”

“Yeah, but sometimes I ask for a specific one. You got your first Starforce game?”

“Pegasus version, yeah.” Amara replied, holding up her DS. “Why?”

“Figured I’d try a hand at the series you rave about these days.” Emily said as she pulled out a game cartage.

“You got it? What version?”

“Dragon version.”

“Huh. I’d have thought you’d go with the Pegasus version since it was ice element.”

“Lily got that one, I like dragons as far as mythical creatures go.”

“Phoenix for me.”

“Alright then, power up your DS and let’s wave battle!”

“Bring it on girl!”

The battle took some time, but Amara eventually won. While Amara had beaten the game and gotten stronger battle cards, Emily hadn’t, but used what cards she had better than Amara used hers. Amara declined a rematch, promising to battle after Emily beat the game, and formed a link between their games.

“So what do we do now?” Emily asked.

“Got any story ideas you want to bounce off me?” Amara asked.

“Actually, I do have a couple scenarios for our scout story I wouldn’t mind running by you.”

“Then let em rip girl.”

The pair chatted for a while, arguing points on different scenarios, but didn’t get worked up about any disagreements. Both agreed it was better chatting in person then over a computer. After some time passed, Julia and Lily appeared at the door. Lily was dressed in a pink button up pajama top, and a pair of pink panties.

“Time for pajamas girls.” Julia said. “I expect you both in the bedroom soon.”

“Okay Mom.” Emily said. Amara looked at her as the pair left; Emily sounded nervous.

“Something wrong?” Amara asked as she rose to her feet.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Emily stated.

The pair returned to their room and got changed. Amara swapped her purple shirt for a small sky blue t-shirt, while Emily was dressed in a dark blue shirt and white panties. “Your Mom really doesn’t mind your panties being visible?” Amara asked.

“As long as there’s no company over.” Emily joked. “Follow me, the bedroom Mom talked about is just down the hall.”

Amara raised an eyebrow, but followed Emily down the hallway. Opening the door, Emily walked in. Amara followed, and blinked at the sight before her. It was nothing she had expected.

The walls of the room were cotton candy pink in color, the rug purple. There were two wooden cribs, white in color, at the corner of each room, followed by a toddler bed under the window. Next to the door was a changing table that was currently in use.

Julia pulled a diaper up between Lily’s legs, and pulled it tightly over the girl’s front. She then taped the diaper shut, and checked for leak holes. Finding none, she lifted the girl off the table, and set her down on her feet.

“Uh, what is all this?” Amara asked slowly.

“This is where I change my girls into their night time diapers.” Julia said, beckoning Emily closer. The girl did so, and Amara followed.

“Night time diapers?” She asked.

Julia helped Emily onto the table, and slid the girl’s panties off. “Yes, I diaper them every night since diapers are cheaper than doing laundry.” She then began powdering Emily.

“But what is the rest of this stuff?” Amara asked, waving at the cribs.

“Those are my daughter’s old cribs.” Julia said as she pulled out a diaper for Emily. “If they ever misbehave to a point, they have to sleep in their cribs for a while. And if they really misbehave, they get a full baby punishment.”

“Baby punishment?”

“Yes.” Julia said as she slid the diaper under Emily. “I’ve had to give it to both my girls twice at least. Basically, if they do something really bad, like get F’s on their report cards, or get into a physical fight somewhere, I keep them in diapers for a day or three, and treat them like babies.”

“Is that legal?” Amara asked.

“Perfectly legal. As I’m not physically harming my daughters, and I don’t do this constantly, so it doesn’t count as child abuse.” Julia said, not sounding the least bit offended. She then taped Emily’s diaper shut, and helped the girl off the changing table. Turning to Amara, she patted the table. “Your next sweetie.”

“What!?” Both Emily and Amara exclaimed.

“You admitted you wet the bed during dinner, and I’d rather not take any chances.” Julia said as she pulled out another diaper.

“But I haven’t wet the bed in six years!” Amara exclaimed.

“Accidents happen.” Julia stated. “Now please don’t make me ask again.”

“You better go.” Emily said softly. “You don’t want to get her mad, and you’ll be here for a month, so…”

“But I don’t want to wear a diaper.” Amara cried. Julia walked over, placed her hands on Amara’s shoulders, and knelt down in front of her.

“Tell you what Amara, if you can go fourteen days without wetting your diaper, I won’t force you to wear another for the rest of your stay here.” Julia said. “Unless you have an accident afterwards.”

“But, but I-”

“Come along sweetie.” Julia said as she stood. Keeping her hands on Amara’s shoulders, she led the girl to the changing table and lifted her onto it. As she laid her down, Amara began to sob, and tried to wipe away the tears forming in her eyes. Those sobs grew louder as Julia slid her house pants and panties off her legs.

As Julia began powdering her, something was suddenly placed into Amara’s mouth. The girl stopped crying as she tried to figure out what it was. It only took a minute to realize it was a pacifier!

“They help me when I cry.” Lily said. She had been the one to place the paci in Amara’s mouth.

Amara was about to pull the paci out when she felt herself being lifted partially off the table. Looking down at herself, she saw herself being lowered onto the plastic covered diaper that had been slid under her. More tears formed as the front was pulled up between her legs.

Opening the front flaps, Julia pulled the diaper tightly over Amara’s front. Reaching behind the girl, she ripped open each tape, and pulled them tightly across the front of the diaper. After checking for leak holes and finding none, she lifted Amara off the changing table, and set her down on her feet.

“Emily, please take Amara’s clothes back to her room with her.” Julia said, holding them out to her.

“Yes Mom.” Emily said. Taking them with one hand, she wrapped her other arm around Amara. “Come on, we can talk in my room.” She began leading her out.

Amara couldn’t believe what was happening. She was wearing a diaper, something she hadn’t worn or needed since the beginning of Elementary School, and she had a pacifier in her mouth! How could this have happened?

Upon arriving in their shared room, Amara shrugged of Emily’s arm and walked to her bed. Sitting down on it, she curled herself into a ball and said nothing. Concerned, Emily walked over to the bed and sat down next to her.

“I’m sorry Amara, I didn’t know Mom was going to do that.” Emily said.

Amara pulled the paci from her mouth. “Why would she do this to me?”

“It’s just how Mom is.” Emily sighed. “If there’s a chance of something unpleasant could happen in this house, she does whatever she can to prevent it. It’s why we have rugs instead of wooden floors, and guard rails on the stairs, coasters on the stairs, you get the idea. If you hadn’t said anything about your bedwetting earlier, Mom might not have diapered you.”

“Might?” Amara asked, looking at Emily.

“Dad had his heart attack in the house.” Emily stated. “He wasn’t taking his meds, even though Mom kept trying to remind him too. After he died, she’s been over protective of us. It used to be a lot worse, but she talked to a therapist a while back, and she’s shifted her focus somewhat to the house’s condition and not solely on us.”

“So you knew she might diaper me, even if she didn’t know I used to wet the bed, and you didn’t warn me?” Amara asked angrily.

“I was embarrassed!” Emily exclaimed. “I’m twelve years old, and nearly every time I fall asleep I end up wetting myself; I even had an accident in school last year when I fell asleep in History class!”

“And you couldn’t have told me this before I came?” Amara asked.

“Would you have in my position?” Emily countered. Amara paused, would she have? “Remember what you said at dinner? Well tell me, is wearing a diaper, even if you don’t need it, really that bad? Compare it to the worst things you could think of, and tell me if it’s all that bad.”

Amara was silent for a few minutes. As embarrassing as it was to be wearing a diaper, was it the worst thing that could happen to her? No, it wasn’t. And hadn’t Julia said if she could keep them dry for two weeks, she wouldn’t have to wear another one? And Emily…was it really so wrong to keep this from her? Would she have reconsidered this exchange program if she knew she’d be wearing a diaper now?

Letting out a sigh, Amara turned to Emily. “It’s not the worst thing in the world.” She groaned, causing Emily to smile. “It’s just embarrassing as heck.”

“It took me a while to get used to wearing diapers too.” Emily stated. “That said; it helps that they’re comfortable.”

Amara blinked. “They’re comfy?”

“You haven’t paid attention to how they feel yet, have you?” Emily asked. “You’ve been so focused on the fact that you’re wearing a diaper again that you’ve missed it.”

Amara frowned slightly and closed her eyed. Calming herself, she focused on how her diaper felt. The padding inside felt good, though the leg hole guards dug slightly into her skin. Running a hand over the outside of it, she could hear and feel the plastic cover crinkle…

“Okay, they’re comfy.” Amara admitted, causing Emily to grin. “But I need to know, is there anything else I need to worry about?”

“Not as long as you behave.” Emily said.

“Good.” Amara said. “So I guess we try to sleep now?”

“Oh we don’t have to go to bed now.” Emily said.

“Then why did-”

“It’s to help encourage us to go to bed early and get a full night’s rest. Mom doesn’t like changing diapers though, so if we stay up and use them, she’ll give us a spanking, and then diaper us again. Then she’ll send us straight to bed after diapering us for the next week.”

“I see…she doesn’t let you take them off if you need to go?”

“Kinda defeats the purpose of getting us to go to sleep early.”

“I guess…in that case, I think I’ll be sleeping soon.”

“Anything I can do for you?”

“Does your Mom let you have drinks on your night stand? I sometimes wake up at night and need a glass of water to help me fall back asleep.”

“Not usually, but since you’re a guest Mom might let you. You’ll have to ask.”

“I will.” Amara said, standing up.

Emily stood up as well. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about all this Amara.”

“It’s okay, but I owe you one Ami.” Emily grinned at that.

“Don’t think you can outsmart me and my ice powers girl.”

“We’ll see.” Amara said as she walked out of the room.


Walking with a diaper on was proving to be an experience for Amara. Not only did it crinkle with every step she took, but it was bulky as well, causing her to walk more carefully. Making her way down the stairs, it only took her a minute to find the work room.

Amara paused outside it, and thought about what she wanted to say. Looking down at the diaper between her legs, she realized she had more to talk about then just a glass of water. She stood outside the door for ten minutes as she collected her thoughts, chose the words she’d use to politely express herself, and finally knocked on the door.

“It’s open.” Julia called, and turned to see Amara open the door. “Amara, how are you feeling?”

“Embarrassed, a little confused, and upset.” Amara replied. “Can we talk about all this?” She waved a hand at her diaper.

“Of course we can.” Julia said. “Have a seat.” She motioned to the opposite side of the table, and Amara sat down across from here. “Take your time.”

“I don’t like the fact that you diapered me.” Amara started.

“Do you understand why I diapered you?” Julia asked.

“You believe I may have an accident while I’m asleep.” Amara stated. “Despite the fact that I told you I hadn’t had any form of accidents in six years.”

“I wanted you protected in case you had an accident, yes.” Julia said. “But how do I know you haven’t had an accident in that long? And how do we know you won’t have an accident now?”

“You don’t trust me.” Amara stated. “I guess I can understand that somewhat, we have only just met. But when you diapered me against my will, it was like saying you didn’t have faith in me or my abilities. That hurts…and as for having accidents, those of that nature can’t be predicted. By the logic you just presented, it would be best to keep me and your daughters in diapers full time.”

“I don’t know you Amara, so how can I trust you?” Julia asked. “And perhaps it’s my mistake, but given my daughter’s toiletry troubles, and your willingness to be here, is it really that much of a stretch to believe you have your own toiletry problems?”

“…No…” Amara said slowly. “I didn’t even know she was wetting the bed…why did you say toiletry problems instead of bedwetting?”

“I said that because Emily still has accidents during the day.” Julia said.

Amara blinked. “She does?”

“I’m afraid so.” Julia said with a sigh. “It’s mostly just leaving stains in her panties right now, but she does on occasion have full blown accidents. The doctors say there’s nothing physically wrong with her. As to your earlier statement, I am considering putting her back in diapers full time, and helping her retrain herself during the summer.”

Amara frowned; such a drastic move would destroy any social standing Emily had if word got out of her diapered state. Putting it to the back of her mind, Amara redirected the conversation. “Well, I haven’t had any toiletry problems in years. That’s another reason why I don’t like wearing this diaper.”

“I was surprised you weren’t wearing protection when we met at the airport.” Julia admitted. “Amara, can you understand that while you’re a guest in my house, you’ll have to follow the rules I make?” Her tone wasn’t harsh or firm, but surprisingly casual, like she had just asked how the weather was.

“I can understand and respect that.” Amara stated. “I’m not asking for special treatment, I just wanted you to understand things from my perspective. I came here to see a friend I met online, only to be forcibly diapered the first night here at bedtime because I’m believed to have as much control of my basic bodily functions as a three year old. Would you not be a little upset if you were in my shoes?”

“I will concede you point there.” Julia stated. “However I stand by my decision Amara. Every night at bedtime, I will diaper you, and just like I promised my daughters, if you can remain dry for two weeks, I won’t make you wear diapers to bed until you have another accident, if you have one at all.”

Amara looked down, she didn’t really believe she could have gotten out of wearing diapers, given how Julia had acted when she was diapering her, but she had had hoped that she might. Still, she now had a better idea of Julia’s mindset now, and she could work with it better. Now to ask what she had originally come from.

“I guess I can respect that, but don’t expect me to like it.” Amara replied.

Julia opened her mouth to say something, then paused. She shook her head, causing Amara to raise an eyebrow. “That’s fine dear. Is there anything else you’d like to address?”

“Yes actually. Is there anyway I could get a glass of water to put on my night stand?” Amara asked. “I tend to wake up in the middle of the night every now and then, and a glass of water helps me get back to sleep. Would it be too much trouble?”

Julia was silent for a moment. “I don’t normally allow a glass to stay in a room overnight outside the kitchen…However, I’m willing to make an exception.”

“Thank you Julia.” Amara stated.

“Don’t thank me just yet.” Julia replied. “You need to know something before you get your glass.”

“What is that?”

“If the glass you take to your room breaks before you put it back in the kitchen, you will suffer a punishment of my choosing.” Julia stated. “If it breaks, not only is there the liquid in the glass that needs cleaning up, but there’s also the broken pieces. There’s also the chance of missing a piece or two and someone stepping on it by accident. Do you understand why you will be punished if something happens with the glass?”

Amara was silent for a moment. Julia had made a logical argument, but did she want to risk a punishment? Remembering how difficult it was for her to get to sleep without a glass, and remembering her attitude the morning after, she decided it was worth risking a punishment then risking being moody and behaving badly to the family that was watching her for the next four weeks.

“I’ll risk the punishment.” Amara stated. “I get moody when I don’t get a good night’s sleep, and I don’t want to be rude to any of you, so I’ll risk the glass.”

“Very well then.” Julia replied. “Do you know where the glasses are kept?”

“Yes, I saw them when you pulled them out for dinner.”

“Alright then. Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

“Nothing else tonight, though there may be more in the future, I don’t know.”

“Fair enough, you never have to be afraid to talk to me if you feel uncomfortable with something.”

“Thank you, I’ll remember that.”

“Will you be going to bed now?”

“I intend to after getting my glass. Emily told me about your rule of not taking night time diapers off even if you have to go.”

“Very well then, goodnight Amara.”

“Goodnight Julia.” Amara rose from her chair and exited the room. She may not have gotten everything she wanted out of this talk, but she felt better having gotten a lot off her chest.

Going to the kitchen, she opened the overhead cupboard and pulled out a glass. Going over to the sink, she used the water filter to fill her glass a little over halfway full. A bit of water spilled on her hand, but Amara just waved her hand over the sink, causing most of the excess water to fly off. Amara took the glass and began heading back upstairs. As she reached the top of the stairs, Amara paused to take a sip from her glass.

“Get back here Rini!”

Amara turned to see Emily chasing Lily, who had Emily’s DS in her hand. Placing her glass down on a desk in the hallway, Amara moved to intercept Lily. The girl narrowed her eyes upon seeing Amara’s roadblock, but didn’t slow down. Once she got close to Amara, she dived to her left, trying to get through the gap between the older girl’s arm and leg.

Eyes widening, Amara saw that Lily would collide with her if she didn’t do something. Not wanting the girl to get hurt, she spun away from her, only to find herself tittering dangerously on the edge of the stairs. Emily’s eyes widened at that.

“Amara!” Emily abandoned her chase to help Amara. Lily turned upon hearing the yell, but her momentum carried her into the desk, causing her to hit her head and fall on her back. The glass of water on the table tittered on the edge for a moment, before falling off the desk and shattering on the floor, thankfully away from Lily.

At the same time, Emily tried to grab Amara’s hand, but she grabbed the wet hand. The result was her grip sliding off the hand. Both girls exchanged scared looks as Amara lost the battle to retain her balance. Falling backwards, Amara tumbled down the stairs before reaching the landing, where the back of her head collided painfully against the wall.

Both Amara and Lily burst into tears as they held their heads. Lily held the front of hers, where she had collided with the desk, the skin growing darker. Amara held the back of her head with both her hands. Emily was frozen, uncertain who she should help first.

The answer was made for her when Julia appeared on the landing. Seeing her mother go to Amara, Emily went to her sister. “Come on Rini, let’s go.” She carefully dragged the girl away from the glass on the floor, and then lifted her up in her arms in a cradle.

Kneeling next to Amara, Julia gently pealed away one of her hands from her head. She could see a lump forming, but there wasn’t any blood. She then lifted part of Amara’s shirt up to check for anymore injuries, but only found some reddening skin. She also took note that the state of Amara’s diaper had changed.

Lifting Amara up, she carried the girl down the stairs, and placed her on the couch, making certain her head was on a pillow. Heading to the bathroom to pick up a wash cloth, she called up to the girls. “Emily, bring your sister down here and put her on the chair. No one is going to bed until everyone calms down.”


Twenty minutes later, the group was seated in the living room. Amara was laying back into the couch’s cushion, holding a hand on her head, her eyes red and puffy. Emily was sitting next to her, biting her lip nervously. Lily sat on a chair next to the couch, an ice pack on her head, while Julia sat on a chair on the opposite side.

“Okay, someone explain what happened.” Julia stated.

Both Lily and Emily opened their mouths to say something, but caught themselves; they knew they their Mom wanted answers now, and didn’t appreciate more then one person speaking at once. Lily motioned for Emily to go.

“Well, I was playing my Pokemon Soul Silver game when Lily came up behind me. I’m farther in it than she is, and she wanted to see what happens next, but I didn’t like playing with her watching over my shoulder. I told her to leave, and she stole my DS!”

“Because you were being mean!” Lily snapped. “I asked to see, and you told me to beat it.”

“ANYWAYS, I chased after her, and she ran out of the game room. Then…Amara tried to stop her by getting in her way. When Lily didn’t stop, Amara moved out of the way, in hopes of avoiding injuries I image, but Lily ended up running into the desk while Amara was on the edge of the stairs. I tried to grab her, but her hand was wet and she ended up tumbling down.”

“Well none of this would have happened if you had just let me see what you were doing!”

“IS there anything else you two would like to share with me?” Julia asked, looking them both in the eyes. Both girls looked down.

“Err, I kinda…had an accident.” Emily admitted. “I got really scared when I saw Amara fall.”

“I had an accident too.” Lily said. “I think it happened when I hit my head.”

“I can imagine.” Julia stated with a sigh. All three girls needed a change. “Okay, who wants to start admitting what they did wrong?”

After a moment, Emily raised her hand. Julia nodded and Emily spoke. “I shouldn’t have been running in the house, or chasing Lily. I could have explained why I didn’t want her to see me play too.”

Julia nodded her head, and turned to Lily. “I shouldn’t have been running, and I shouldn’t have taken Sis’s game. I could have looked up what to do next online. I should have also looked at what was in front of me.”

“Yes you should have.” Julia said. “Are you alright?”

“I’m okay.” Lily said. “I do still need to go potty though.”

“…Me too.” Emily admitted, blushing.

“Hold it just a little longer, I’ll change you before you got to sleep.” Julia said, before turning to Amara. “Is there anything you’d like to say? You don’t have too.”

Amara was silent for a moment. “…I could have stayed out of this…” She stated softly. Julia nodded her head, before closing her eyes and leaning back.

“As it is, you’ve all misbehaved. Lily, you stole your sister’s possession and ran in the house. Emily, you were rude to your sister, ran in the house, and chased your sister. As a result of your actions, Amara was hurt, and broke a glass I told her she had to be careful with or else there would be consequences.” Julia stated.

“Don’t blame Amara for breaking the glass.” Emily exclaimed.

“I warned her there would be consequences if she took the glass and it broke, and she accepted it.” Julia stated, causing Emily to quiet down. Julia opened her eyes, and sighed. “There will be consequences tomorrow, but I can’t think of a fair punishment for you all at the moment. I’ll let you know in the morning what your punishments are.”

“Yes Mom.” Emily and Julia said softly. Amara nodded her head slightly.

“You two go ahead and go potty, I’m going to change Amara and put her to bed. I’ll change you both later.” Julia said as she stood up. Making her way over to the couch, she lifted Amara up into her arms, cradling the girl like one would an infant. She then started towards the stairs, stepping around the vacuum cleaner near the base of them.

“I’m sorry.” Amara said softly.

“For what?” Julia asked.

“The glass…my diaper…”

“You took a chance, and it didn’t pay off this time. And it was a good thing I diapered you, wasn’t it?”


“Good girl.” Julia said as she laid Amara down on the changing table, causing the girl to blink in surprise; she hadn’t realized they’d already climbed the stairs. “Do you need to go potty?” Blushing, Amara shook her head no, and winced. “Use your words next time.”

Julia then ripped open the tapes of Amara’s diaper, and pulled the front down. As Amara felt herself lifted off the diaper she had wet, she could only wonder what the rest of the moth would be like if this was just the first day. The last thing she remembered was a clean diaper being taped on around her waist, just before she fell asleep.


My attempt at an original story, hope you all enjoyed it. And for the record, I know Disney World is in Florida, and Disney Land is in California; I was just adding a bit of realism to my characters by making them confused. You believe me, right? Right?

Anyways, let me know what you think of this.

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