Clothes Make the Human (Care Bear Fanfiction) P1 - 6-16-16

Author’s Notes:

Sorry I haven’t been around for awhile. Sorely lacking inspiration and very, very busy. Anyway, hope you enjoy this. It’ll be a short story - I’m thinking only a couple of parts (3-4), since I’m just not able to commit to much more. Someday, I’ll finish some of my longer stuff. At least I have a few finished pieces out there or I’d feel completely awful.

Part 1


“Isn’t there anything you care about?” Tenderheart asked, concerned at the girl sitting on the cloud. This was, by far, the toughest mission he’d been assigned yet. Hours he’d been trying to bring out the girl’s happy memories but Morgan stared at the rainbow river in silence; it was pretty and at least she was somewhere other than home.

“Nope,” Morgan replied flatly without breaking her gaze.

Morgan was a tough nut to crack; Tenderheart Bear couldn’t even hold a conversation with her. Morgan had been happy to come with him and Wish Bear to Care-A-Lot; why a girl wanted to be in Care-A-Lot who didn’t care –at all– was a surprise but she’d wandered a bit, ignoring his conversation, before settling in a spot by the river. She’d been sitting, blankly, since she’d discovered the spot.

“Any luck,” Wish Bear asked, before whispering in Tenderheart’s ear. “We’ve got another mission.” Tenderheart shook his head slowly as his face took on a quiet contemplation.

“Okay, well, Morgan,” Tenderheart offered, “you can stay here as long as you need too. We’ll come by and check on you; anyone will help you if you want to talk.”

Morgan only acknowledged Tenderheart with a shrug, as she watched the colors swirl in the river.

Meanwhile, in another part of Care-A-Lot, Hugs and Tugs were rushing Grams Bear to help them get out to play. She patiently kept Hugs on the changing table as Tugs paced around them.

“Grams! Hurry, is it my turn yet?” Tugs said frustrated.

“I can only change one of you at a time,” Grams Bear replied sweetly as she removed Hug’s wet diaper. Tugs tugged at Grams Bear’s sleeve the whole time which would have made a less patient bear exasperated but Grams Bear was an expert at dealing with baby bears. Soon enough, the two were cleaned up and ready for a few hours of fun. The two ran out the door as Grams Bear resumed her favorite seat– the rocking chair.

“I wanna play fisherman today!” Tugs declared running down to the river.

“Is the raft still there?” Hugs asked as she followed right behind them.

It was. The baby bears had built a raft for a castaway game the other day but now it would make a fine make-shift fishing boat. The two cast off and giggled as they floated down the shallow, slow-moving rainbow river.

Morgan heard the voices in the distance, looking up to see two little bears frolicking and giggling on a raft. The shimmering rainbow colors were disturbed by the rafts presence but it didn’t really bother her.

They look like they’re having a lot of fun, Morgan thought, and it was the first thought she’d had since arriving in Care-A-Lot except for how happy she was to have escaped her home.

Hugs nudged Tugs as she noticed the girl on the shore. There was a definitely odd look about her, as she sat on the bank with her knees hugged to her chest. Tugs immediately tossed his fishing rod onto the raft and stood up.

As the raft got closer, Morgan realized that these bears were different. It wasn’t that Tenderheart didn’t seem nice– so did Wish Bear, but they were both definitely grown-ups in their own way and grown-ups were, as she thought internally, full of shit. These two seemed like babies– or, at least, they were wearing diapers and were smaller than the other bears she’d met so far.

“Wanna play?” Tugs called from the raft. It was probably okay, he considered, even if the human was unattended; they were safe in Care-A-Lot. Besides, Care Bears didn’t usually leave human kids on their own– when else were he and Hugs going to get a chance to learn how to help humans show their feelings.

“Who’re you?” Morgan called back, sitting up.

“I’m Tugs!” Tugs yelled, “and this is my sister Hugs.”

Hugs threw a line to the bank which Morgan caught and used to pull the raft to the shore. The baby bears hoped off their raft, looking up at the girl. She was just a little taller than the Care Bears but she was quite a bit taller than the baby bears.

“I’m Morgan,” Morgan said, gaining a little confidence at her respective size, “nice to meet you.”

“You wanna play fisherman with us?” Hugs asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Morgan agreed. She kicked her shoes and socks off on the cloud and hopped onto the raft with the baby bears. It was a tight fit, but the raft still floated as they pushed off back into the river.

“Are there actually any fish in this river?” Morgan asked as she held the rod Tugs had handed her.

“Naw, well, I don’t think so anyway,” Tugs replied, “it’s just pretend.”

“Goody-goody gosh, I’ve got a big one!” Hugs cried out, as the line went taut. Tugs and Morgan glanced at each other in surprise as they ran to Hugs, trying to help her reel in whatever had managed to snag her fishing pole.

The three held tight but, unfortunately, the raft was still being carried by the slow flow of the river and in what seemed like a very long moment the raft began slipping, then tipping, and as the apex passed, the three found themselves being flung into the water.

A moment later Morgan resurfaced, Hugs and Tugs standing neck deep in the water that only came up to her elbows. Hugs held the boot that had been attached to her fishing pole. The sibling bears giggled and it was contagious. Morgan laughed with them as the three waded out of the river.

“What about your raft?” Morgan asked as it floated away.

“It’s okay. The river’s a big loop. It’ll end up on the shore somewhere,” Hugs explained.

“I guess I’m kinda wet now.” Morgan admitted, holding out her arms for emphasis as the wet dripped off her. Hugs and Tugs were likewise sporting soaked fur. The rainbow water was just a pale, clear color once it was removed from the river. Her tank top and shorts clung uncomfortably to her skin.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Tugs agreed, adjusting his diaper, “we should go see Grams Bear for a change.”

“Can… can I come too?” Morgan asked nervously.

“Yeah, come on,” Hugs prodded, taking Morgan’s hand. Tugs took the other hand and, soon, they were headed back to Gram Bear’s house.

“Well, what have you two brought home?” Gram Bear said, very surprised to see a human girl wandering Care-A-Lot.

“Her name’s Morgan,” Hugs explained, “we got wet.”

“Indeed,” Grams Bear agreed. “You should all get changed out of those wet things.”

Grams went about changing her two baby bears first, as Morgan watched with interest next to her. Hugs and Tugs giggled at how sopping wet their diapers had become from the river.

“Unfortunately,” Gram Bear admitted to Morgan, as she patted Tugs on the rear to let him know she’d finished, “we don’t have much in the way of human clothes. I can fix you up like them while I hang your clothes out to dry, if it’s not too embarrassing.”

“Yeah!” Hugs agreed enthusiastically, “it’ll be like she’s another baby bear!”

“We can get a new sister?” Tugs said with a giggle.

“You two…” Grams said, shaking her head, turning to Morgan, “but, it’s up to you. Their diapers are big enough; I fold them a lot for Hugs and Tugs. It’s not cold here but wet clothes don’t seem comfy.”

Morgan couldn’t ignore the enthusiasm of the baby bears. Some small part of her hoped that, maybe, she’d be allowed to stay here if she was their sister. Resolved, she peeled off her tank top, shorts, and panties and laid on the changing table (although she barely fit). Grams set Morgan’s clothes off to the side as she went to work.

Grams Bear hadn’t diapered a human child before but it wasn’t that different than her little bears. For instance, Morgan was a little bigger than she was. Still, she managed it without too much trouble.

Morgan felt odd as the thick layers of cotton were brought up between her legs. She noticed Grams had grabbed a lot more for her than for the little bears, probably a size difference. As Grams tied the sides, Morgan realized that, even though she was wearing nothing but a cotton diaper the temperature was still perfect.
I guess that’s pretty cool about Care-A-Lot, Morgan thought, climbing off the changing table. Already, Hugs and Tugs were grabbing her hands and pulling her back outside. While Morgan was initially embarrassed at her attire, it mattered a lot less as she saw the other bears simply going about their business without minding her.

“So what do we do now?” Morgan asked.

“It’s school time!” Hugs said, pointing to a clock. And so it was, Hugs and Tugs headed off to the school house, with Morgan following in close pursuit.

It turned out Care-Bear school was more like pretend than real school, at least, in Morgan’s opinion. Math and reading were replaced by various lessons in social problem-solving and sharing feelings. Morgan didn’t really mind though; she didn’t quite trust the lessons– since an adult was teaching them, but the vibe was certainly kinder and gentler than the world she was used to.

Grumpy Bear, today’s teacher, complained about his duties as he ran through the lessons but, to Morgan, it made him seem a little more trustworthy than most adults… he might be dangerous but at least he wasn’t fake.

“So, Morgan, if a bully was picking on a girl in your school, what would you do?”

“Stay out of it.” Morgan replied flatly.

“But… that’s not caring,” Hugs said sadly as she looked over at her new friend.

“If it was you, I’d beat em’ up.” Morgan said to Hugs, suddenly feeling protective, “but if you try to help everybody you just get picked on yourself.”

Grumpy Bear sighed, “Look,” he said exasperated, “I get your point but, once you start thinking like that, you’re giving up on them. Eventually, the kids that’re bullied are going to be the bullies.”

Morgan nodded reluctantly. It wasn’t that she –liked– bullying, she just had far bigger things to worry about than school name-calling. It must be nice to be safe enough to worry about others, Morgan thought, already forgetting how she’d wanted to protect Hugs.

As she leaned back in her seat, she felt the pressure on her bladder growing. She hadn’t gone since she’d gotten to Care-A-Lot. She shifted slightly in her seat, glancing back and forth between Hugs and Tugs.

Morgan released her bladder slowly; she was no stranger to wetting her pants. Of course, she also wasn’t a stranger to getting in trouble for it. Somewhere inside, she thought this might be a bit of a litmus test on how this place would react. Diapers, she quickly learned, were a little different than pants though. The thick layers of cotton quickly soaked up her pee leaving her sitting on a somewhat mushy cloud as the slight scent of pee-soaked cloth wafted into the air.

“Have you seen Morgan…” The lesson stopped as everyone turned to the door to see Tenderheart standing in the doorway, glancing around worriedly.

“She’s here,” Grumpy replied, waving over to her.

“Whew,” Tenderheart replied, wiping his forehead. “You okay?”

Morgan nodded with a gulp, worrying she was about to be taken home. Tenderheart noticed her new attire and figured it must be part of playing with the twins; usually humans wore more clothes.

“I was teaching about caring,” Grumpy Bear replied, “not that it’ll stick, mind you.”

“That’s great,” Tenderheart replied, “are you enjoying the lesson Morgan?”

Morgan nodded slightly from her seat as Hugs sniffed the air.

“I think Tugs has a wet diaper!” Hugs declared, giggling.

“Nu-uh!” Tugs shot back, “it’s gotta be Hugs.”

Morgan blushed furiously.

The twins looked at each other in surprise for a moment, and adjusted their diapers before turning to Morgan sitting in the desk between them.

“Do you need a change?” They asked simultaneously. Morgan turned beet red.

“Yes,” She mouthed almost silently.

“Let’s go see Grams then!” Hugs declared, taking her hand.

“That’s a good stopping point for today anyway,” Grumpy Bear declared.

The three walked past Tenderheart as Grumpy Bear cleaned up the lectern.

“Morgan,” Tenderheart said, letting his hand fall on the girl’s shoulder, “have you found anything worth caring about yet?”

“No.” Morgan said succinctly and with certainty. She couldn’t change her mind; Tenderheart might send her home. Tenderheart took an expression of concern as she caught up with Hugs and Tugs.

As they walked, Morgan found herself having to pull up the diaper occasionally to keep it in place. The cotton sagged pretty seriously when wet and, if she didn’t keep an eye on it, she’d be walking around Care-A-Lot stark naked. The breeze felt odd but nice on her chest, since it was always covered with a shirt at home, but it wasn’t cold.

“Goody-goody gosh,” Hugs said as she walked a step behind Morgan, “your diaper’s super soaked!”

“Actually, mine too,” Tugs admitted, pulling on his own diaper, “I peed right after we started walking.”

The three giggled as they headed back to Grams Bear for a change.