Close Encounters

The following story is a complete work of fiction.

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Close Encounters

by Danny

-< PART ONE >-

~ First Encounter ~

My name is Max, I am fifteen-years-old and I have decided to share some of the close encounters I have had. No not with aliens, what do you think I am; some kind of weird UFO chaser? No, the close encounters I have had did not happen with little green men, but with boys that I have seen in diapers; that is to say, boys that were old enough that they should not have been wearing diapers. I myself have not worn a diaper since I was two-years-old. Mom has always said that I was very easy to potty train, unlike my older brother and sister who she says were very difficult. I have worn pants that were soaked with pee, but they were not my pants and I wasn’t the one that peed in them; however that is an encounter I will share later.

Mom has said, on several different occasions, that my older brother wasn’t fully potty trained until he was nearly six-years-old. He would have several accidents a week where he wet and messed in his pants until one day when he just stopped completely, all by himself. My brother is five years older than I am, but he still lives here in the house with us because he is going to college. He is an okay brother, but he is more interested in being around computers than people. I have never asked my mom how long she kept my brother in diapers though; I guess because I don’t want anyone knowing that I find diapers fascinating.

I believe that the first time I ever encountered a boy in diapers that I didn’t know, a stranger, was when I was about eight-years-old. It was around Christmas time, because I can remember all the decorations that were on display at K-Mart. I was there with my mom, my brother and my sister. I was not allowed to walk around on my own, even though I was eight. I always had to ride in the cart, not in the seat area but down in the basket area with the stuff mom was buying. More times than I care to remember, I found myself buried under clothes, food and other such things with only my head sticking above all the merchandise. On this particulate day while mom was looking at wrapping paper, I suddenly had to go number two. I told mom I had to go and she made my brother take me to the bathroom, which he very much was against, but he took me anyway.

If you’ve never been to a K-mart department store, then you probably don’t know that the bathrooms are located all the way in the back of the store next to Lay-A-Way department. Of course, my brother had to keep stopping to look at some new cool toy while I cringed and suffered with the urgency of my predicament.

Finally we could see the big Lay-A-Way sign from over the shelves so my brother told me to go ahead and go, then come get him in the toy section when I was finished. I didn’t bother to protest him letting me go alone, because at that point, I had to get to the bathroom or I would really make a mess of myself. As you would expect around the holidays, there was a huge crowd of people waiting to put things in Lay-A-Way, so it took me several minutes to get the ladies attention to press the button to unlock the door from behind the counter. She didn’t even ask me if I wanted in the bathroom. She must have seen the incredible urgency in my face and just buzzed me in. Oh what a wonderful relief it was to finally go. It’s funny, the things we remember about life but that particular moment of great relief was recorded in my mind forever.

The close encounter happened as I was coming out of the bathroom stall. When I had entered the bathroom, I was in such a dire need that I didn’t notice anyone else in the bathroom and I don’t remember anyone coming in while I was setting on the toilet either, so they must have already been in there when I came in and I just didn’t see them. Well I sure saw them when I opened the door to the stall. Back then, they didn’t have them changing table things on the walls of the bathrooms like you see in every public bathroom now. When I opened the door, a man that looked to be maybe 25 or 30 was leaning over a boy that looked to be about six or seven and the man was trying to pull a pair of red pants up over a diaper that the boy was wearing. I remember how shocked I was at the site. I just stopped half way out of the stall and stared at them both. The boy had flaming red hair and his face and legs were covered in freckles. He was not upset at all about wearing a diaper or the fact that I was standing there looking right at his exposed diaper while the man struggled to get those horrid bright-red pants pulled up. The man eventually looked up at me and I felt my face suddenly burning with embarrassment for watching them. I was so embarrassed that I ran out of the bathroom without even washing my hands. Once I finally found my brother, I tried to tell him about it but he told me to just shut up, grabbed my arm and drugged me off to find our mom. Later that night I was lying in my bed looking up at the ceiling replaying the scene over and over in my mind before I drifted off to sleep.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Second Encounter ~

I eventually forgot about the redheaded diaper boy from the K-Mart bathroom until nearly a year and a half later when I had another close encounter that reminded me about that boy. My second encounter was not with someone wearing a diaper, but someone needing to wear a diaper. I was nine and a half, going on ten when it happened. We were at some restaurant someplace. It was kind of like a dinner as I remember it and we were all setting in a booth that wasn’t really big enough for all five of us, but we squeezed in anyway. I happened to have been stuck next to the window with my sister on my left and my brother setting beside the isle. Like usual, I was setting on a booster seat because I was so short that if I had only been setting on the bench, my chin would have been even with the table. At first, I didn’t like it because I was so squashed, but when I looked out the window, I saw tons of kids climbing out of a big yellow van. It was all those kids that caught my eye because it looked like ten or more kids that must have been teenagers all the way down to 4 or 5 year olds. One boy climbed out of the side of the van wearing a white t-shirt with a big yellow and black smiley face on the front with one eye winking. He had on tan shorts and it was completely noticeable that he had wet himself quite badly. I fully expected someone to do or say something to the boy about wetting himself, but no one did or said anything. No one paid him any undue attention. He was smiling and acting happy, same as the other kids from the van, and they all came in, sat at the other side of the restaurant, and had their dinner just like we were doing. They seemed to act like nothing at all was out of the ordinary. That’s when I thought to myself that maybe they are so use to him wetting that it’s nothing new to them and they just ignore him when he does it. I found the whole thing very fascinating and I think that was the first moment when I really got hooked on the whole idea and started noticing it more and more.

About half way through our meal, I needed to go pee, and like I normally did, I slid out of my booster seat under the table and popped out into the isle. Mom of course reminded me to wash my hands before coming back out. I rolled my eyes and made my way to the bathroom door. I stepped up to one of the urinals. It was the kind that was about four feet tall and went all the way to the floor. It also had one of those white urinal cakes setting in the bottom. I unzipped my pants and let go a serious jet of pee that hit the back of the urinal wall and flowed down to the drain. As I was going, I heard the bathroom door open, but I didn’t bother to turn around and look. Even at nine and a half going on ten, I knew that you didn’t look at other boys or men when you were in a public bathroom. I just kept watching my pee splash against the back of the urinal until my bladder was empty. I had to fumble a bit to get my zipper up before I turned to see that the one that had come in was that same boy that I had seen wearing the wet shorts. He was standing two urinals away from me and pressed up close to the urinal, but he was obviously not peeing but fidgeting with his hands in front of him. For a second, our eyes met and we both quickly looked away. Then I heard him groan. He turned around and said, “Can you help me? I can’t get my zipper down.”

No sooner had he said the words when I saw the front of his shorts begin to get re-soaked. Then the urine started running down his leg. I actually was watching this little boy peeing in his shorts. He looked down at his shorts as he wet, then up at me and said, “Oh, too late again!”

He kicked his soaked shoes toward the urinal and pee went everywhere. He brushed at his shorts a bit and then went over to the towel. It was one of those towels that were just one big towel that you rolled around and around. He wiped his hands on the towel and then left the bathroom. That is when I realized, I had been standing there with my mouth hanging open. I must have looked like an idiot. It took me a few minutes to regain control of my brain. I washed my hands and dried them on the towel after rolling it down more to a clean area. I went back to the table, crawled back under and then up into my booster seat without saying a word. I didn’t eat much more of my food, I just sat there and stared across the dinner at the boy as he smiled and ate his french-fries. I am surprised my parents didn’t say something about me gawking at other people, but then they were talking about their own thing and not paying any attention to me.

Everyone else had so much to eat that they didn’t want desert. I kind of wanted some, just so we could stay longer, but I knew that since I hadn’t ate all my food, mom would never let me have desert. Dad paid the check and we left. On the way out, I managed to make eye contact with the boy again. I shot him a smile and he smiled and waved back as he stuffed another french-fry into his mouth.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Third Encounter ~

The next encounter occurred on my tenth birthday. A boy from my school had his birthday on the same day as me so we had our birthday parties together as one big blowout. Our parents rented a skating rink and we got to invite all of our friends and classmates to come skate for free. Man, that place was packed. There were kids there that I had never met but I didn’t care cause in my mind that meant more presents for us! Everything went along as you would expect and everyone had a great time. We got so many awesome gifts and tons of money from people that just gave us cards with cash in them. Those are my favorite kinds of presents. Hint!-Hint!

Well anyway, as things were starting to wind down and several kids had already left, I was out making a few final laps around the rink when I heard my mom call me. She wanted me to come to say thank you and good-bye to everyone as they left. As I was coming off the rink floor, I saw some kid over at the end, sitting all by himself and looking kind of bummed out. I skated over to him really fast to make sure he was ok but as soon as I rolled up to him, I could see why he was so upset. He had wet marks down the legs of his pants showing that he was wearing a diaper that had sprung a serious leak.

When he looked up at me, I could instantly see that he was about to bust out crying, but I acted fast.

“Hey, my names Max and I’ll help you. Stay here until I come back,” I said.

I then skated over to my mom, whispered in her ear about the boy and asked her to get my jacket from the coat and shoe room, which she did. I then took my jacket to the boy, had him stand up and I tied it around his waist using the sleeve as a sort of belt and let them dangle down in front. He told me his name was Simon, and although we had never really met, I later found out that we were in the same gym class. Luckily, he already had his skates off and his shoes on so I rolled along beside him as he walked up to the door.

My mom stopped us as we got to the door and whispered to him, “Just have your mom send the jacket back later.” And then he left.

After we got home, my mom praised me quite a bit for being so nice to Simon and helping him. I played it off by saying something like, “I just didn’t want him to be embarrassed in from of all those kids.”

That was the only time in my life that I openly supported someone that wore diapers where my family or friends knew about it. Although what I did for Simon just came naturally at the time, later when I was alone in my room, I realized just how close I came to being discovered. At age ten, being labeled is something that can stick with you forever, at least that’s what I thought at the time. So I determined that, from now on, I would be more careful about hiding my secret infatuations with those that wore diapers.

I am sure you are wondering if Simon and I became friends. I am sorry to say, no we didn’t. Simon’s mom did bring my jacket back the next day and it had been freshly laundered, but when I tried to become friends with Simon in Gym class, he acted like I had the plague or something. I got the idea and backed off from him. I still see him in the halls sometimes at school but we never even so much as say hello to one another. I doubt if he even remembers me but I sure do remember him and Simon’s secret is safe with me.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Fourth Encounter ~

I was lucky that I didn’t have to wait too long for my next encounter. Actually, after the encounter with Simon, I found myself watching and looking for my next encounter. I couldn’t play in the park or walk through a store without eyeing every boy or girl to see if they were wearing a diaper.

It happened at, of all places, my school. I was sitting in my Math class and I was really not feeling well at all. My stomach was doing flip-flops and I felt like I was going to blow chunks at any moment. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I raised my hand and asked to go see the nurse. I must have looked bad because my teacher gave me a hall pass without any questions. I started to make my way to the nurse’s office but I didn’t even make it halfway before my insides exploded out my mouth. I showered puke all over the hallway floor as well as splattering my pants, legs and shoes with the contents that had been my breakfast.

Now, I have heard it said that once you puke, you should start feeling better. Not me, not this time. No sooner had I stopped blowing chunks the first time and up it came again. I still don’t know where the teacher came from but when I stopped puking, I saw him standing next to me. He was big, no… he was huge and I didn’t remember ever seeing him before. He took hold of my shoulders and picked me up like a little boy and carried me to the nurse’s office where he deposited me on one of the beds. I was still feeling incredibly bad, so I didn’t really care who he was. All I wanted was to stop hurting. Before he left, I saw him talking to some lady, then the nurse came over with one of those big metal waste paper baskets that schools have and set it beside me. She was about to tell me that if I felt like I was going to be sick again to use it, but she only got out about two words and woops, there I went again. It was so fast that it went all over me, the bed and the floor. Oh man, I had never been so sick in my life. I just wanted to die at that point but the nurse didn’t get upset or nothing. She simply got some towels, rags and a pan of water and started to clean me up.

Unfortunately, I had made a very bad mess of my cloths, so she took off my shirt while she wiped the puke off me. I was so sick, I didn’t even protest when she removed my shoes and pants off of me and left me lying there in just my red and blue superman underwear. Had I not been so sick, I probably would have been horrified and scared that someone would see me wearing superman underwear, but at that particular moment, I didn’t care about anything. I got sick two more time before she had me completely cleaned up. By then, I was so worn out; I just collapsed into the bed and fell asleep. I was asleep for about 10 or 15 minutes when I woke up and had to stick my head into the wastebasket to puke again. Fortunately, not as much, mostly dry heaves now. When I finally stopped having the dry heaves, I looked up and saw a boy in the next room through the door that was opened about a foot.

At first I didn’t know what I was seeing. Then I realized that I was watching a boy, who must have been a grade past me, pulling on a pair of jeans. I only got a quick look, but for the quick few seconds, I saw his bare legs that lead up to a white diaper that was only partially covered by his green and white striped shirt. I remember, I began to snicker when I caught the dry heaves again and when I stopped and looked up again, the door was completely shut.

I fell back into the bed and realized I had a blanket over me and I pulled it up to my chin and lay there thinking about the boy. Maybe ten minutes later, the nurse came back with my dad, who looked understandably concerned. The nurse helped me sit up. My stomach muscles were really sore now as I winced in pain. My dad took off his suite coat and put it around my shoulders like a really baggy bathrobe and he took me home, dressed in his suite coat and my superman underwear. I must have looked pretty ridicules walking out the front of the school with my dad’s arm around my shoulders and me wearing his coat, which came close to dragging on the ground.

Dad had to stop twice on the way home so that I could stick my head out the door. I didn’t puke but I had the dry heaves both times. Between my two dry heave sessions I was leaning back in the seat when it suddenly hit me. Now I knew who that boy was in the nurse’s office. His name was Sam, and he lived about two blocks from my house. I had seen him at the park many times and even played touch football with him and a bunch of other neighborhood kids. Just like Simon, I promised myself that I would keep his secret.

I found out after I got better that when my dad, who is a criminal defense trial lawyer, found out I was sick, he happened to be in the middle of a trial and asked the judge to call a recess so that he could come get me. That may not impress some people, but that floored me when I overheard mom and him talking about it. I have never looked at my dad the same since that memorable day.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Fifth Encounter ~

Later that same month, I had what I’d call a near encounter, because I am not sure if I really had an encounter or not. I was setting on the steps of the library with my mom and my brother while we waited for my sister and dad to come out. I had a thing for tongue twister books and was just sitting there enjoying it when a man and a six or seven year old boy walked up the steps beside me. The boy passed within a foot or so from me and though I did not see anything that would make a person think he had on a diaper, I smelled that unmistakable smell of baby powder. Maybe it was my imagination, or maybe I really did hear it, but something that sounded like crinkling when he stepped up each step caught my attention.

I broke one of my own rules just then because I turned around as they passed and looked to see if I could see the outline of a diaper under his pants. I was disappointed because he looked like any other normal boy. My mom saw me looking and I quickly said that I thought that boy looked familiar. Mom said something like, “You probably were thinking of someone else,” and dropped the subject, much to my relief. After that, I was a lot more careful and on guard.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Sixth Encounter ~

I didn’t have any more encounters that school year although I did see Sam and Simon in the halls from time to time and it would always send my mind racing, but I have always been true to them and never ever let their secret get out.

Honestly, the last month or so of school, I didn’t think too much about diapers anymore because I had something more exciting to look forward too. I was going away to summer camp for three weeks and I was leaving just three days after school let out. So going to camp was all that I thought about and all that I ever talked about. I think I drove my family and friends crazy with it all but I was just so excited that I couldn’t keep it all inside of me.

Now, if you’ve never gone away to camp before, you won’t understand what it’s like getting ready to go. It’s kind of like trying to put a bunch of monkeys, high on sugar, into a box. It was just insane and I was so happy when school was finally over and the big day arrived.

We had to go downtown to the theater parking lot for me to catch the camp bus. I was really surprised how many kids that were there. I found out that not all of the kids were going to Camp Two Pines. There were actually three different camps represented there. The camp I went to was a regular summer camp, one of the others was for band camp and the third was what my brother called, ‘a nerd camp’.

The reason why I’m going to camp and my brother and sister aren’t is simple. My brother has his own paper route now and it would cost him more to pay someone to do the route for three weeks then he would actually make doing it himself, so he is staying to deliver papers, but he will be staying with the neighbors the whole time since mom and dad are going to Europe. My sister is going to go stay with our grandparents because she has a crush on a boy that lives near them and she made my parents think she just loves our grandparents so much that she wants to stay with them.

Hey, what do I care? I have three weeks away from my brother picking on me and giving me noogies and from my sister stinking up the bathroom with her hairspray and junk.

I said my ‘goodbyes’ before we left the house. I managed to convince my mom and dad not to embarrass me by getting all mushy in front of the other kids. They said goodbye and I could tell mom wanted to scoop me up, cry and hug me to death, but she restrained herself. Dad just shook my hand and said, “Have a nice time son.” Sounding like he was talking to another adult but also being a bit sarcastic. Oh, and being the smarty pants that I’ve always been, I answered back something like, “Oh yes dear father I shall and please take care of mum while I am gone.” That made them both laugh and I grabbed my things and ran for the bus. Truth be told, I was a bit choked up myself, but I wasn’t about to breakdown with so many kids watching.

There were a bunch of blubbering parents all around the buses and quite a few kids blubbering too. I even heard a few begging not to go but, I had looked forward to this for months and I was so ready to go. I stopped at the door to the bus while a funny guy with sort of long hair checked my name off his list and told me to give all of my stuff to a guy that was throwing everyone’s stuff up to another guy on top of the bus. I did as I was instructed and then I got on the bus.

I ended up setting next to this girl that was weird. She talked faster than anyone I had ever met, but she was kind of cute as much as girls could be when you are a kid. After about 45-minutes, the funny guy climbed on the bus and announced that everyone was accounted for and that we would be leaving in ten-minutes. He also introduced himself has Marty and about half the bus shouted out all at once, “HI MICKY!” He shot everyone a mean but silly look and shouted back, “That’s Marty… bear bate!” and everyone laughed. I figured they all must be returning campers since this was my first year at camp and I had no idea why they had done that.

Just before we left, Marty ran through the camp list again and everyone said, “Here!” or some silly variation of it and then we were officially off. The trip was nearly two hours long but it went fast and we sang songs for part of the way and everyone talked with someone the rest of the time. After about a half hour of listening to Crystal, that was the girl’s name that I had sat down next too, I decided I needed to move or she was going to drive me nuts. As soon as she started talking to a girl in front of her, I made my escape and moved up a few seats to where three boys were looking at what I thought at first were baseball cards but turned out to be a deck of cards with nearly nude girls on them. They welcomed me right in and the four of us joked and laughed and hit it off right away.

As luck would have it, all four of us got split into different cabins, which bummed us all out, but not for too long. When I got to my cabin, most everyone was already there and had taken a bunk. I ended up taking a bottom bunk next to the bathroom. I would later understand why no one took this earlier as I heard, every little, and not so little sound that happened in the bathroom, not to mention the smells.

There were 14 kids to every cabin and two adults. One was the camp counselor, and the other was a counselor in training called a C.I.T. Our councilor was Jake and we eventually nicknamed him Jake the Snake and sometimes just Snake for short. I honestly don’t remember the real name of our C.I.T. It didn’t matter since everyone just called him Frog. It even caught on with the Camp director and other councilors.

Frog was great at telling stories and he told us a different one every night for the entire three weeks. Frog was able to do a different voice for every person in each of his stories and no two characters ever sounded the same.

Jake the Snake was like the big brother that everyone wished they had. He talked to us about anything and everything we wanted to know. He even told us all about sex one evening when we all forced him to by asking him over and over again the entire day. I’m 15-years-old now and I still miss Jake and Frog. I think about them from time to time and wish I knew where they were today.

Well, anyway, my next close encounter happened on that very first night of camp. I was so wired from all the excitement that I couldn’t sleep, but then, hardly anyone else could either. Jake and Frog let us talk as long as we only whispered and stayed lying down on our own beds. We talked well into the night and only stopped when sleep grew stronger than our excitement.

Being in the middle of nature, it gets so dark that once they turned out the cabin lights, you can’t see your hand right in front of your face. There was a small green light in the bathroom, but the door was always closed since there was always an endless stream of people going in to relieve themselves. I figure I was out for about two hours or more when I woke up to my bed shaking.

To say I was scared from the shaking of my bed would be an understatement. I was so scared, I could not move. I had images of being initiated since I was one of three new kids in our cabin. But after a moment, the bed stopped moving and after another moment, the bathroom door swung open. I briefly saw that the kid going into the bathroom was the same kind from the bunk above me. I calmed down after that and didn’t think anything else about him until he came back out of the bathroom and started to climb back up to the top bunk. That is when I heard that unmistakable crinkle sound.

I bolted up in my bed and reached out into the darkness and caught him by the leg. I must have scared him nearly to death because I heard a small audible gasp as his whole body went completely ridged.

I think I was just as scared as he was at that moment and my mind was racing to find a way out as I heard my own voice whisper into the darkness, “You didn’t flush.”

I was still holding on to his leg and he was still not moving at all. It seemed a long dead pause before he whispered down, “I was getting a drink of water.”

Now he knew it was a lie, and I knew it was a lie, and I could have said that the water never turned on, but for some reason I let go of his leg and whispered, “Oh . . . ok then . . . sorry.”

Though I couldn’t see him, I could tell by the way the bed suddenly shuttered that he swung himself up into the bed. I lay there, my heart beating so hard I thought it was going to explode through my chest and I noticed he was either breathing really hard or he was trying to muffle the sound of himself crying; I wasn’t sure which.

The second night played out the same exact way except everyone was so worn out from the lack of sleep the night before and from the three hour nature hike they took us on after lunch that most everyone collapsed into their beds and were sound asleep within minutes. I couldn’t go to sleep. Although I was so very tired, I had spent the entire day thinking about my bunkmate, whom I found out at breakfast was named Buz.

Buz did his best all day to avoid eye contact with me. He was obviously scared I was going to tell everyone his secret but I had no intention of going around blabbing. As a matter of fact, I wanted to talk to him and let him know that I was willing to help him hide it from everyone, but I couldn’t get close to him all day. Even if I could have, there were too many other kids around that I couldn’t have brought it up.

So, I lay there in my bed wide-awake and sure enough, I felt the bed start to shutter just a bit. I could tell he was being even more careful not to wake me this time. I let him get all the way down and I pretended to be sleeping when he opened the bathroom door. I had my eyes closed, just enough that in the dim green glow from the bathroom, I would look to be out cold, yet I could still faintly see him. He looked over at me to be sure I was sleeping and then stepped into the bathroom and closed the door. I wanted to get up and go into the bathroom too, but I didn’t want him to think I was cornering him, so I waited for him to come back out.

This time, he did flush the toilet, which really wasn’t smart because if I had been asleep, I would have woken up because it was that loud. I still faked like I was asleep when he came out and after the door closed again, I listened closely this time and I could hear him getting closer to the bed. I knew right where he was in relation to me as he started to climb up. I sat up, reached out and grabbed him, this time getting a hold of his waste right at the waistband of his pajama bottoms. I felt and heard the crinkle from my hands touching him and this time, I pulled him back down. Surprisingly, he didn’t go all stiff and with the slightest hesitation, he came back down. I pulled him all the way onto my bed and I felt him sit down beside my knees. I could both feel and hear him breathing hard. He was scared and I was sure that if I could see his face, he would look like he had just seen the angel of death. Since I couldn’t see, I had to reach out with my other hand. I found his pajama shirt, took a hold of it and pulled him closer so that we were face-to-face and only inches apart.

“I know.” I whispered so soft that no one but he could hear me.

He didn’t say a word, didn’t move, and didn’t do anything but breath very hard. I could feel his breath on my face. It felt cold and smelled of the meatloaf surprise we had for supper. Buz was literally scared to death and I had to calm him down.

“I know, but I swear your secret is safe with me. I will never tell a single person. Heck I will even help cover for you if you need me too.” I paused for a second then whispered, “Ok?”

Buz was shaking in my hands and it took him several seconds to squeak out a barely audible, “Ok”.

I knew Buz needed more so I figured I would give it to him.

“I used to wet too. The only reason I was allowed to come to camp this year was because I had been dry for three whole months.” I wasn’t sure what I was saying or even if Buz would believe me, but I wanted him to trust me.

After I said that, I felt him relax and he stopped shaking.

He whispered so quietly that I could hardly hear him but I got the idea of it, “Really? You really did?”

“Yeah! So you know now that your secret is safe with me!” I reassured him again.

“Ok, I better get in my bed.” He said and with one hard shake of the bunk he was up on his bed.

After a couple of minutes of complete silence, I felt the bed shutter a bit again and I heard Buz’s voice close enough that I knew he had his head hanging over the side.

“Max? You still awake?”

“Yes,” I said toward the direction his voice came from.

“Thanks Max,” he whispered again.

“Don’t mention it,” I whispered back again.

The bed shuttered again and I felt him settle in. We both fell asleep a few minutes later.

After that night, Max and I were inseparable. No matter what we were doing or were we were going, we went together. Eventually I found out that he wasn’t wearing diapers as I thought of them but was actually wearing GoodNites, which at the time, I had never heard of but he showed me them one night when we both snuck into the bathroom together.

I now know more about them cause I looked at the package on a store shelf after I got back home, but at the time, I remember thinking to myself how un-diaper like they really looked. I even told him they looked like real underwear. Of course, Buz never let me see them on him. He always had his pajamas on over them and I never dared ask to see either. The only reason he let me look at one that one night was because I had told him that I never wore diapers and that I always had to sleep in a wet bed. Yeah I know it was more lies but it helped Buz to feel more comfortable about the whole ordeal.

The whole three weeks of summer camp were great, aside from getting stung by a yellow jacket and having to endure screaming pain in my foot for a few days, but Buz stayed with me and sat on the benches with me while we watched everyone else playing kickball or soccer or whatever.

I think Buz was my very best friend ever and it hurt like mad when I had to say goodbye to him at the end of the three weeks. Unfortunately, Buz’s family lived over two hours away from us, so I never got to see him again after that summer. We sent each other letters for a few weeks after camp but then his letters stopped and I found out two weeks before school was due to start again that Buz was killed in a car accident with his aunt when they were hit by a truck driver that was drunk. Dad said they both died instantly and didn’t suffer. I still think about Buz all the time and I really miss him.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Seventh Encounter ~

School started back up in the fall and it was great to see all my old friends that lived to far away to see each other during the summer. As for the close encounters, I had not seen any diapered boys since I returned home from camp and it wasn’t for lack of looking on my part either. The only way I kept myself from missing Buz so much was to slip down the baby isles at the stores just to ogle the packages and check out the different kinds of diapers like Pampers, Huggies, Pull-Ups and GoodNites. I never really knew just how many different kinds there were for all different aged kids.

Finally, one day, when mom and me were at the drug store, I saw this boy that looked like he was about my age. He came walking in with his mom and he didn’t look happy at all. Normally, I would have not thought anything about his bad mood, but something about the boy had caught my eye and I decided I needed to follow him. I asked my mom if I could go look at the toys. The drug store had an isle of cheap trash toys, you know the kind that break after two days, but they were still fun to look at. Except this time, I had no intention of going to the toys isle. Mom said yes and I was off in a flash. It was hard to follow the boy and not look like I was following him.

He was walking behind his mom as she went down each isle, picking up different items as she went. He was looking at the floor and shuffling his feet, looking so pitiful. If Bruce, the school bully had seen him, he probably would have said something like, “Somebody call a Waaaabulance!” or something as equally thoughtless and insensitive.

When he and his mom turned down the diaper isle, he suddenly got a look of fear and total embarrassment on his face. He turned white as a sheet and froze to the spot. His mother turned around, gave him a look and said, “Get your little butt over here right now or I swear to God that I will pull your pants down right here in this store and spank your bare butt for everyone to see.”

If it was possible, the boy looked even more freighted and he slowly walked over to his mother. When he was within reaching distance, she snatched his arm and gave him two strong swats on his bottom. From the sound of it, he wasn’t wearing a diaper just then because I could hear the smacking sound of her hand against his fleshy bottom. It was all that he could take and the tears started to roll.

His mother let go of his arm and said, “Go ahead and cry. Since you wet your bed like a baby, you might as well act like one too.”

And with that, she took a big package of pampers off the shelf and pushed them into his arms. “You can carry these all the way home.” She sneered. I felt so bad for the boy and I felt equally as much hatred for his mother for the way she was humiliating him in public. That whole time, I had been standing just at the end of the isle where I could see everything, but to them, it looked like I was looking at the items on the end shelf, which were some sort of foot soaking tubs with motors on them. The boy and his mother went to the checkout and I went and found my mom. She was picking up her prescriptions and was just about ready to go too.

I learned a lot from watching that boy and his mother. I learned that, no one should be made to feel bad about wearing diapers or for wetting their pants.

Less than a month later, I saw that same boy again, but this time, it was at the park. I wanted to go say something to him, but I thought better of it. I didn’t want to embarrass him more so I just watched him playing Frisbee with an older kid who was probably his brother and then I left and went home. That wouldn’t be the last I would see of him.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Eighth Encounter ~

Somewhere around the middle of the school year when everything is kind of moving at a crawl, each school day is torture unto itself. I had my next and arguably best close encounter. It is one that led to a friendship that still exists today.

I got held back in reading by my teacher because she wanted to talk to me about my lack of effort recently. By the time I got to the boys locker room to change into my gym shorts, most everyone was already dressed and up in the gym. I say most everyone because, there was still one boy in the locker room when I got there. He was sitting in his regular clothes, just sitting on the bench that stretched between the two rows of lockers. He was staring at the floor. It was obvious that he had been crying.

At that moment, I wasn’t thinking about diapers or anything, I was just thinking about getting changed and getting upstairs to the gym as fast as possible, but when I saw that he was still crying, I had to see if he was ok.

I walked over to him and asked, “Uh, are you alright?”

He just sniffled and said, “Leave me alone!”

I thought for a second about going back up to the gym and getting our gym teacher but then I decided not to. I just went over and started to change. He was maybe five feet away and still crying while I stripped to my underwear and socks. I opened my gym locker, stuffed my clothes in and pulled out my gym shorts, which were starting to get a bit ripe. I made a mental note to remember to take them home today and let mom wash them. I kept glancing at the kid while I pulled on my shorts and sat down on the bench to put my gym shoes on. He was still crying but he was trying not to let me see his face.

That was all I could take. I couldn’t go up to the gym and leave him down here crying, so I turned to him and said, “Listen, I know you probably don’t want my help, but I can’t just leave you here like this. Please tell me, what’s wrong?”

“What do you care?” he barked, stood up and made like he was going to leave. Then he stopped and starting crying again with his back to me.

I pushed my foot into my second shoe and started to stand up as I looked back over at him. I realized for the first time what it was that he was crying about. The place where he had been sitting was wet and a quick glance at his backside showed where the wet spot came from.

Without thinking, I said, “Did you pee your pants?”

The words were out before I knew it. I wanted so badly to grab them from the air and shove them back down my own throat, but it was too late.

He turned to me and with a surprising amount of anger, he screeched, “And I suppose you want to laugh at me too? Maybe call me names? Go ahead! Call me ‘baby’ or ‘diaper boy’. Go ahead, there’s no teachers here to get you into trouble!”

He was both crying and viably angry.

I was still not completely standing and I let myself sit back down on the bench. I let out a heavy sigh before I said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it like it sounded.”

I sighed again, “Were the guys giving you a hard time earlier?”

“No way, they were patting me on the back and congratulating me for pissing myself! What the #$@% do you think?” He was still exploding with anger.

“I’m Max, Max Riddle, and if you want, you can wear my school pants out of here.”

That took the wind right out of his sails and I could see the anger flush right out of him, but he just stood there in silence.

“Listen, take off your wet clothes and go shower real fast. Then you can put on my clothes and get the heck out of here before the guys come back.” I said.

“What?” is all he could say, and it came out broken and high pitched.

“Listen, if you stay down here much longer, the guys will just come back down and bully you some more. I am offering you a way out!” I stood back up and faced him.

“But what will you wear?” he asked.

“I’m going to take your clothes and rinse them out in the sink. Then I’ll wear them out of here. No one will think to look at me and I should be able to get past everyone un-noticed. Hopefully, they’ll dry during Social Studies class.” I laid out my plan for him, but also for myself since I was winging all of this.

“You’re crazy! You’re going to put on my pants that I peed in?” He was really reeling from my offer.

I started pulling my shoes and shorts back off again and answered, “Yes! Now strip!”

This time, I stripped all the way to my birthday suite except for my socks, “By the way, what’s your name?” I asked.

He finally started stripping, slowly at first but then faster, “Mark!” he said rather excitedly.

I looked up at the clock on the wall. “They’ll be coming down here in about 15 minutes, so you best go run to the shower fast while I go rinse your pants.”

Mark ran to the showers bare naked while I, wearing only my socks, ran to the sink and soaked the pants completely, ringing them out several times.

When I got back to my gym locker, Mark was just coming back from the shower and I saw his hair wasn’t wet.

“That was good thinking, not getting your hair wet. Now here, put these on.” I said as I passed him my underwear.

He gave me a funny look, then put them on and then my pants as well.

He put his shirt back on since the edge of it was just a bit damp. The he tucked it into my pants that he was now wearing and tightened up the belt.

I slipped my gym shorts back on. Then I put on his pants that were a bit heavy from the water and I felt the wetness through my shorts almost immediately.

“Whoa, that’s cold!” I exclaimed. Then I pulled my gym t-shirt on followed by my regular shirt over that.

“Why are you putting on both shirts?” he asked.

“To help keep me warm in Social Studies.” I said.

“Oh yeah, that’s good thinking.” He said as he smiled at me for the first time.

I sat down to put my shoes on again and felt the cold really hit my bottom. I realized that there was little chance that his pants would dry while setting in class, but it was too late. I was committed now.

“Hey, how come I’ve never seen you around before?” I asked.

“We just moved here last week.” Mark said while tying his shoes.

“We don’t have any classes together do we?” I remarked.

“Yeah. Actually, I’m in your Math class and gym too of course.”

I didn’t say anything, but I was surprised that he had been in the class for a week now and I didn’t have any idea how I could have not known it. Then it hit me that on Monday of last week, I had come in late cause I had to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled and that is probably when the teacher introduced him to everyone.

Once we were both dressed, we agreed to meet after school at the jungle gym and we would figure out what to do from there. I told him to go out first and act like nothing was wrong and don’t stop for anyone or anything. I told him to just keep walking till he was out of everyone’s site. Then I explained that I would wait about five minutes and then I would come out and run like the wind so everyone would be less likely to see that I had on wet pants.

Well, the plan worked great, except I ended up with a cold for about 4 days and still had to come to school. Mark and I did meet up at the jungle gym after school and we decided to go to his house to swap our pants back again. Mark and I became the best of friends from that day on. We always wore each other’s clothes and when we slept at each other’s house, we would sleep in the same bed together. Once we both got too big for that, it was more comfortable to crash in sleeping bags on our bedroom floors.

Did Mark have a regular wetting problem? Yes, he sure did. He not only wet every night, but he also had several accidents at school. Even so, he and I were able to keep everyone from knowing about it.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Ninth Encounter ~

As it turned out, a couple of the guys that had been picking on Mark that day in the locker room were good friends of mine, but when they found out I was hanging out with Mark, they started picking on me for a few weeks. However, soon they lost interest in both of us. All except for Steven, he seemed to delight in calling the two of us names whenever he saw us for about a month after I rescued Mark.

One day, I happened to come into the restroom in between classes and surprise; there was Steven, all by himself, standing in front of a urinal. And what was even better was, he didn’t see me come in. I snuck right up behind him, and with my whole body, I pushed him into the urinal and pulled the flush handle. Steven got completely soaked down his front. I didn’t bother to stick around either; I let go of Steven and ran for the door. I still needed to pee but I figured I could wait until after class. I never did hear how Steven got away with no one finding out about that or seeing him soaked, but he also never bothered Mark or me again.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Tenth Encounter ~

Like I said, Mark and I became the best of friends, and I did my best to help him deal with his problem. Before I met Mark, he didn’t wear any sort of protection for his wetting problem. After a few weeks, I convinced him to ask his parents for some GoodNites. I had told him all about my best friend Buz from camp the previous summer and after he started using the GoodNites at night, he started wearing them to school, just in case, and they sure saved him on several occasions.

Mark tried to talk me into wearing one of his GoodNites one night when we were camping out in his back yard, but I didn’t do it. I did end up sleeping that night in just my yellow and red briefs while Mark slept only in his GoodNites. I often wondered what would have happened if his parents or big sister had stuck their heads in our tent that night.

Mark and I still hang out all the time. Recently though, he has been sitting around and moping at home because he fell while skateboarding and broke his left elbow and sprained his right wrist. He can’t even go to the bathroom by himself right now. He needs someone to pull his pants down and up for him and he has to have someone wipe his butt too. I admit that I have helped him with his pants, but I told him there is no way I am wiping his dirty butt. His mom is the one that usually ends up doing that for him. Meeting Mark and becoming good friends was great but it didn’t stop me from looking for those close encounters. Mark is the only person I have ever confided in about my fixation and he is more than cool with it.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Eleventh Encounter ~

I had another close encounter near the end of the school year. It was brief but memorable. I had been growing pretty fast that year and all of my pants were getting tight on me, so mom had taken me clothes shopping. We went to this outlet store. I had never been to one of these stores, but it was pretty cool. The dressing room, on the other hand, left a lot to be desired. It was a big room with a cold plastic bench that went around three of the walls. There were no dividers and only a curtain over the doorway that, when pulled back, anyone in the store could see into the room. Mom gave me four pairs of pants to try on, so I went into the dressing room. There was a boy already in there trying on clothes too. He looked to be about 14, maybe 15 but was still kind of on the small side. I didn’t pay him too much attention until he pulled down his pants and I saw that he had on a regular diaper like little babies wear. He kept his back to me the entire time we were in there. For some reason, I didn’t try to hide the fact that I was watching him. I took my time trying on my pants so that I could watch him as much as possible. Eventually, he was done, got dressed and just before he left, he turned around, smiled a big smile at me and walked out of the curtain. I sat stunned for a moment then quickly put my clothes back on and went back to the sales floor, hoping to see him still there but I was too late.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Twelfth Encounter ~

I recently saw the boy from the drug store again, the boy whose mother was so mean to him. I saw him shortly after school let out that year. I was at Radio Shack with my dad and I had gone to look at the electronic keyboards. I had wanted a keyboard for about a year and I drooled over them every chance I got. I thought dad was just about done when the sales guy started to talk to dad about a new cell phone. My dad has got to have the newest and best phone available and the guys at Radio Shack know it. So, since I knew we were going to be a while, I decided to go look at their radio controlled cars and that is when I ran into him again. He was looking at the cars too, and this time, I got to strike up a conversation with him. I learned that his name was Sean and his dad was buying them a new computer. I looked over to the computers and saw who I thought must be his dad. He was a very big man and I don’t mean with muscles. Sean said, he had a radio-controlled truck at home that he got for Christmas and that he wanted to get one that was really fast. I managed to work my way past him to the other side of the shelf and I just happened to bump him a bit, just enough to find that he was indeed wearing a diaper. He didn’t seem to realize what I did because he just went on talking about the different cars and which ones did what tricks.

There was a sweet car on the bottom shelf that came with three different body shells and interchangeable tires. I squatted down and was looking at it while also looking to see any of the tell-tale signs that he really was padded when I caught the smell of urine. Don’t ask me why, because I still don’t know, but that sort of excited me. I so badly wanted to reach out and touch him but I was just too scared. Just about then, Dad called for me and we left. I had many a dream filled night about Sean for a while after that encounter. As fate would have it, it still would not be the last time I would see him.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Thirteenth Encounter ~

After meeting Sean, I had a bit of a lull in my encounters. It was about nine or ten months later before I would have my next close encounter. The house that is across the street from ours had been empty for over a year. I remember hearing my parents talk about how the man that used to live there had died and the house was stuck in some legal red tape, so it couldn’t be sold.

One day, I was coming back home from the park where I had been riding my bike and trying to pop wheelies, which I wasn’t too good at, I saw a moving truck in front of the house.

Mom, my sister and I ended up going over later that day to welcome the new buyers to the neighborhood and I got to meet their son, who was my age. He had hair so blonde that it looked almost white when the sun hit it just right, and it was all combed straight back, making him look like a pint-sized mafia goon. His name was David, he also had really pale skin, I mean really pale, like a sheet of copy paper. He turned out to be an unusually quite kid and really super shy. I didn’t find out why until about a month later. I was just coming home from my friend Mark’s house and saw he was setting out on the front steps. I asked if I could go over to play until dinnertime and mom let me. Like I said, David was shy and quiet but he was still a pretty nice guy. When I got across the street, I made my way up the steps and sat down next to him. He looked a little bummed and was just staring down at his feet.

“Hey David, what’s up?” I asked as I sat down and gave his shoulder a bit of a push like I was trying to push him over.

He didn’t answer, so I pressed the issue a bit. “Why are you just setting here?”

He looked over at me and his eyes looked glassy, more than those pale blue eyes of his normally did. He looked like he was on the verge of crying.

“Uh, you ok?” I asked putting my hand on his shoulder.

He still didn’t answer and went back to looking at his feet again. Then he started to cry quietly to himself. I didn’t say anything else. I just left my hand on his shoulder and let him cry. We sat there for about five or six minutes until his dad pulled into the driveway. When David saw his dad, he got up and ran inside.

The next day, David, Mark and I were all walking home together and joking around a bit. In the back of my mind, I was still wondering what had been wrong with David the previous day, but I didn’t bring it up. About halfway home, we reached Mark’s street. We said goodbye and he ran up the hill as David and I continued toward home. David seemed to be in a better mood and in his quiet way, was having fun just joking and talking about school and stuff. When we turned the corner onto our street, we both saw it at the same time. Hanging out of his bedroom window was a white sheet with an obvious pee stain in the middle of it. I looked at David and could see the horror in his face. He gave me one glance and took off running for his house. I stood there for a few moments, not believing that his parents could do something like that to him. More importantly, I couldn’t believe that I had a friend that wet the bed and lived right across the street from me.

As I resumed walking toward my house, I briefly saw David’s face in his window as he pulled the sheet in and then closed the window and curtains. Being that I had an infatuation with diapers, this whole scene was replaying over and over in my mind as I reached my front door. I stopped, turned around, and that is when it hit me. Yesterday, when David and I were setting on the steps in front of his house, when his dad had arrived home and David had turned to run into the house, I had heard the sound of a diaper crinkling but it had not registered in my mind just then. Unfortunately, David was so horrified by the experience that he would have nothing to do with me after that. If he was outside and we saw each other, he would run into his house. If I saw him at school, he would turn and go the other way. About six months later, David’s parents split up and David went to live with his mom in Minnesota.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Fourteenth Encounter ~

Near the end of that school year, Mark and I were walking home from school when Mark got a funny look on his face. Not funny as in Ha-Ha, good joke, but funny as in, he was in pain or something. I asked him what was wrong and then saw it. Mark had been wearing GoodNites during the day as well as at night for a while now, but today, his GoodNites had sprung a leak and was running down his pant leg. This was very bad because Mark’s dad is a huge jerk and he hits on Mark all the time for the stupidest stuff. I mean, my parents might spank me or smack my face when I say something really bad. Like the time I spilled a whole bowl of cereal on the dining room floor. Without knowing it, the ‘F’ word came out my mouth. My mom smacked my face so hard that I nearly went down to the floor. I got grounded for a week for that slip of the tongue. However, Mark’s dad would have pulled off his belt and laid into Mark until he made him black and blue. I have never personally witnessed Mark getting beaten, but I have heard about it a couple times as I had been going over to see him and heard it happening as I was walking up the front walk. I ran back home both times and never told Mark I had heard it happen. Mark and I had talked about it several times. It was pretty obvious to me since I always got to see the bruises that he had all over.

With just a look, we both knew what the other was thinking. From that first day when we swapped clothes, Mark and I had always worn each other clothes and when he slept over at my house, he would always wear my clothes and I always wore his when I stayed at his house. So we both knew right away that we needed to swap pants and underwear before Mark could go home, but we were outside and in the open. We both looked around and could not find any place that would be secluded enough. Then Mark had an idea. Without sharing his idea with me, he just said, “Come on!” and took off running.

We ran for three blocks, passing his street on the way before Mark finally slowed down. Then, I realized what he was thinking. There on the corner was the Quick-E-Mart. We went behind the building and had all the privacy we needed. Mark quickly shed his pants and the wet GoodNite, which was dripping as he pulled it off. I too slipped out of my pants and underwear, handing them to him. I took his wet pants and slipped them on. The pee was cold from having run all this way. Once we were both redressed, we started back toward his house, dropping his soaked goodnight in the trash dumpster behind the store before we left. No one was ever the wiser and I was able to rinse out his pants when I got home and I hung them over my desk chair to dry. We swapped our cloths back again the next day after gym class.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Fifteenth Encounter ~

I have had a few other encounters, but none as close as those I have shared with you thus far. Just things like boys around 7 or 8 who I had seen in places like a restaurant or a store. I never got close enough to see anything other than a bulge or the diaper sticking out the top of their pants. Once I saw the tell tail signs of a diaper that was just starting to leak around the edges. Things went that way for some time until yesterday.

I had to go to the doctor because I had gotten this rash all over my body. The day before, Mark and I had been clearing out the weeds around the fence in his back yard and we must have gotten into some kind of poison ivy or something that we didn’t know it. The weird thing is, Mark didn’t develop a rash from it but boy, I got covered in it.

Well, while I was in the waiting room, waiting to see the doctor, this boy was wheeled in by this really heavy lady with the biggest dang hairdo I’ve ever seen, wearing way too much makeup. I just assumed that she must have been his mom. The boy looked like he was 11, maybe 12, and he was covered from his neck to his toes in this bright yellow blanket. His left leg was uncovered and I could see that he had a cast on it that went all the way up his hip and disappeared under the blanket. The lady parked him right in front of me, slightly at an angle so that I had a good view of his cast and his face. She then went to the reception window and left him there alone. He looked even more miserable than you would expect someone with a broken leg to look. He saw me looking at his cast and said, “I crashed my mini-dirt bike.”

I looked up at him, “It looks like it hurts a lot.”

“My leg doesn’t bother me too much, but both of my collar bones do. I can’t do anything but sit propped up or lay on my back. I can’t even feed myself because it makes the bones move.” He offered.

I cringed as he spoke, “You mean you can’t even go to the bathroom yourself?”

He frowned, “No, I have to wear these.”

And he moved his right arm a bit to open the blanket to reveal that he was wearing nothing at all but a diaper.

Right then and there, I got an instant boner, and that was not a good thing since I had a rash on my entire body. It made me itch like you wouldn’t believe, but I was still very excited and managed to only wince from the inching. I squirmed a bit and glanced at my mom who was sitting over by the receptionist, still filling out my paperwork. He let his arm settle back down and I could see that, with that little bit of movement, he had caused himself a great deal of pain.

“You ok?” I asked.

He managed a smile a bit and said, “Yeah, it just hurts so much to move. They are going to do an operation tomorrow and put screws into both of my collar bones so they will heal right.”

I winced, just thinking how much that would hurt.

“Wow, how long ago did you crash?” I asked, trying to make conversation. What I really wanted was to get another look at him in that diaper.

“Three days ago.” He answered.

I saw a bit of sweat trickle down his face as his mother returned. “I have to fill out some more forms sweetie. I’ll be right back, ok?”

She held up a little water bottle for him to take a sip and then she gently kissed the top of his head.

“You feel warm,” She said.

“I’m really hot.” He said in a bit of a baby voice.

She opened his blanket some to let him cool off. Then she wiped his brow with a tissue she had pulled from her purse and went back over to fill out the form.

He looked up at me and I know he caught me trying to peek. I could now see from his face, down his bare chest and past his belly. I could also see down to his waste and just a hint of the top of that diaper.

My crotch was itching like mad, but I didn’t let it show.

I was a little embarrassed to be staring like I was, but I was relieved when he gave me a bit of a smile.

“My mini-bike was not damaged at all but as you can see, my body didn’t do so well. My leg is broken in three places and both of my collar bones are broken. The doctor said I have a couple bruised ribs as well.”

I was surprised at the maturity and good nature given his age and his situation. I could see he had on some kind of cloth brace that was holding his shoulders back. It kind of looked like big, overly padded backpack straps.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

“I have this rash from poison ivy or something. It itches like mad too!” I said.

“It looks like it.” He offered as he tried to move. A wave of pain contorted his face.

“You ok?” I asked.

“I’m still hot,” he spoke through his clinched teeth, and I think I saw some tears well up in his eyes. “Can you open this blanket some more for me?”

I didn’t even hesitate, I stood up and was careful not to touch him. One, I didn’t want to hurt him and two, I didn’t want to give him what I had. That would be all he needed!

I opened his blanket so that his other leg was now exposed, including his diaper.

“How’s that?” I asked.

“That’s good, thanks” he said.

I sat back down and found myself staring right at his diaper. It was white with pictures of little yellow ducks on the front. He was obviously wearing a diaper that was made for a toddler.

I looked back up at his face, and he was looking right at me and smiling.

I had to re-adjust myself in my chair because my penis was both aching to be released from my pants, and it was itching like you would not believe, but I didn’t want to sit there and start scratching my balls.

“How did you get the rash?” he asked, finally breaking me away from my locked gaze.

“Huh? Oh, I was helping a friend pick weeds and I guess I got into some poison ivy or oak or something yesterday.”

I could not believe the view I had before me. Here was a boy of 11 or 12, that was sitting in front of me, wearing nothing more than a yellow blanket, a cast on his leg and a baby’s diaper.

My mind was racing and I was just about to gain the courage to ask him about the diaper when I heard my name called by the receptionist.

I said goodbye to him, and got one more look at him in his diaper.

He too said goodbye, and then smiled at me, “I hope your rash gets better really soon.”

“Yea me too and I hope your surgery goes well.” I said back as I waved to him.

I was so relieved when a nurse came in and started rubbing me down with this foul smelling cream. But oh, it felt so good and it took away the itching right away. I didn’t even mind when she pulled down my pants and underwear and started to rub the cream into my groin.

The doctor ended up giving me a shot in by butt, which didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. He said, it would help to clear up my rash and he prescribed some of that cream to help with the itching. He also said, it should all clear up in a few days and if not, then to come back. As we were leaving, I got to see the boy again. We stopped at another nurse’s window while mom signed some things. I looked past a curtain that was cracked just a bit, and I saw the boy laying on the bed with nothing on but his diaper. He was looking straight at me and smiled. I waved to him, smiled, and we left back through the waiting room.

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Re: Close Encounters

~ Sixteenth Encounter ~

On the way home we stopped at the drug store to get my prescription filled. I decided I would rather just stay in the car because walking made the insides of my legs itch. While I was setting waiting on my mom, one of those cool new Toyota Rav4’s pulled up next to our car. It had slightly tinted windows and was painted in a beautiful pearl white finish. I was checking out the fine car when I realized I had seen the man before that was getting out of the car but I couldn’t place where I’d seen him. I was sure that I knew him from somewhere.

I watched as he walked in front of our car and then into the store. It was bugging me that I couldn’t figure out where I knew that large man from, then I heard someone call my name. I turned to look and there was Sean with his head sticking out the driver’s window of the Rav4. I couldn’t believe it was Sean from Radio Shack and I honestly never thought I would see him again.

He was obviously older but he still looked the same as he did before.

I rolled down the window and said, “Hey Sean! Wow I can’t believe we have run into each other again!”

“Yea my dad had to get me some . . .” he paused only for half a second, “. . . stuff.”

I smiled knowingly at him and we were able to talk for a few minutes. I asked him if he ever got that faster radio controlled car. It was no surprise that he hadn’t. I told him about my poison ivy or oak or whatever it is I have and how I got it. He said that they just bought a house not too far from the store. I told him that we lived pretty close too. Just before my mom came out, we agreed to meet at the park this coming weekend after my rash was cleared up.

Mom started up the car and pulled out of the parking space. Sean and I gave each other one last wave and a smile as mom pulled away, however, just as we were pulling out of the parking lot I happened to look over and saw Sean’s dad walking out of the store with a shopping bag in his left hand and a package of GoodNites in his other. Their car was parked just out of my view so I know that Sean didn’t see me looking at his dad. I can’t wait until this weekend to meet Sean at the park.

So I am sitting here at my desk in my room, writing all of this down and wanting so badly to be able to scratch, but I can’t because it makes me itch more. I know when this rash is gone, I’m going to be very busy hanging out with Mark and Sean, my two diaper wearing friends.

Re: Close Encounters

-< PART TWO >-

~ Seventeenth Encounter ~

Nearly a year had passed since I recorded my previous close encounters with older boys who wear and use diapers. Quite a lot has happened since the day that Sean and I unexpectedly met in the parking lot of the drugstore a few blocks from my house. So much has happened over the past year that I thought it was about time that I started recording what’s been going on since that day.

I should begin with the few days leading up to the weekend that Sean and I had planned to meet at the park near both of our houses. I had been at home, lying around, watching TV and playing video games while I waited for my rash to clear up. My new best friend Mark, had come over to our house every day to keep me company and to help take my mind off the constant itching. When Friday finally rolled around, mom suggested that I ask Mark to spend the night. It took a little sweet talking to get his parents too agree because Mark’s parents thought that he’d been spending too much time at our house as it was. Once I told them that it was my mom’s idea, they gave us the green light.

We decided to have a movie night where we would watch two or three movies back to back. We have done this before and to be fair, we both pick at least one of the movies, but since I had been feeling so crummy all week, Mark let me choose all the movies this time. Mark tried to hide it, but I knew he was thrilled when I chose all three of the Indiana Jones Movies. Mom tossed a couple bags of popcorn into the microwave while Mark queued up the first movie and I unrolled our sleeping bags on the living-room floor.

By the middle of the second film, everyone else had given up and gone to bed, leaving Mark and I alone. Mark took a look around the room, saw that everyone was gone and exclaimed, “It’s about time!”

“For what?” I asked, but he didn’t reply.

He unzipped his sleeping bag, pulled off his shirt and pants to reveal that he wasn’t wearing a GoodNite as he’d done for so long now. Instead of his usual GoodNite, he was wearing a real, honest to goodness disposable diaper. It was white, with white tapes and it looked to be slightly too big for his scrawny physique.

“What the heck is that?” the words were out of my mouth before I knew it.

“What’s what?” he was playing dumb, except his goofy grin gave him away.

“Don’t even play dumb with me! What the bleep is that!” I was pointing right at the diaper and I really said bleep, it was something I had picked up from him and when I saw that it irked my parents, it stuck.

He stretched himself out on top of his sleeping bag causing his diaper to crinkle and he smirked, “I’ve gotten too big for GoodNites, they leak too much now.”

“How long have you been wearing those?” I asked.

“What?” he teased.

I grunted with frustration and shook a fist at him, “If you start that again, the headline in tomorrow’s paper is going to read, ‘Teen boy found dead wearing diaper!’”

Mark chuckled, “I can’t believe you haven’t noticed before now. I’ve been wearing these for over a week now.”

My jaw fell on the floor as I said, “How long?” and it came out so high-pitched that I sounded like Mickey Mouse after being kicked in the balls several times.

“It has been driving me nuts not to tell you.” Mark confessed.

“You’re lying!” I was still dumbfounded, “Two weeks?”

I slapped myself for being so blind, “Are you for real?”

“Remember that day you came over to see the new poster I had on my wall?” Mark asked.

“Yeah, I still agree with your mom, it’s gross,” I said.

“Whatever man!” he said brushing away my comment, “Anyway, I was sure you saw the package in the bottom of my closet.” His evil grin spread wider across his face, “I purposefully left the closet door about half open, because I knew it would turn you on when you saw it.”

“WHAT?” my voice cracked when I said it.

Mark took his pillow by the corner, swung it through the air and swatted me over the head.

I didn’t even try to block the pillow. I was too shocked, too amazed and frankly, too turned on to care.

“Shut up and watch the rest of the movie,” he snickered.

I tried to do just that, but I couldn’t stop looking at Mark, lying on his purple sleeping bag wearing nothing but a big white diaper and his dingy white tube socks.

When the credits started rolling across the screen, Mark looked at me with that look he gives me whenever he catches me looking at the diaper commercials on TV or lingering on the diaper ads in magazines a bit too long.

“What?” I said when he didn’t say anything.

I was lying on my side, propped up on one elbow and had my pillow tucked between my knees. I had on a yellow and white hockey jersey with my blue sweatpants because both were extra soft against my skin and didn’t make me itch.

“You want to touch it don’t you?” he asked mischievously.

“Uh, no!” I lied.

Mark made a disbelieving murmur and accused me of lying like a dog.

“Am not!” I argued with my eyes still pasted to his diapered butt.

“Then why are you sporting a tent pole in your sweatpants?” he asked and managed to embarrass me enough that I finally was able to overt my eyes.

I rolled onto my stomach and whimpered when my dick was forced down.

“Ouchy! Bet that hurt!” Mark cackled.

I buried my face in my pillow and hissed, “Shut-up and go put the other tape in the VCR.”

Mark made it a point to squat in front of the TV as he rewound the second movie and got the third movie ready to put in once the other was done. The plastic crinkled loudly as he squatted only a foot from my face and the smell of baby powder was extremely prevalent. By the time he was putting in the third movie, my head was swimming and I couldn’t see anything but his pure white diaper.

As he stood up, he purposefully did it in a way that his diapered butt came within inches of my face and that’s when it happened.

“Oh-oh-oh man!” I moaned and ended with a small whimper.

Mark turned around and looked at me with mild disgust, “Did you just do what I think you just did?” he asked.

“Uh,” was all I was able to say.

“Oh man, you just did what I think you did!” he answered for me.

My face dropped to the floor, “Kill me now!” I moaned again.

I started to get up while Mark was lying down again, “Where you going?” he asked sarcastically.

“If you must know, to change my pants and get some more anti-itch cream!” I answered just as sarcastically.

“Maybe you should get in my backpack and grab yourself one of these.” He continued talking as I walked away from him, “Sure would cut down on the laundry.”

I went to my bedroom to change into a different pair of sweatpants, but when I flicked on the light switch, the first thing I saw was his blue and gold backpack lying on my bed. I swallowed hard, went to my bedside and pulled open the top of his pack. Sure enough, Mark had brought more than just the one diaper, which he was currently wearing. Actually, it looked like he’d gotten in the habit of carrying several with him because I found four more diapers and they were still inside the original package. I pulled them out and read the outside of the plastic packaging. It said, ‘Tena® Super Briefs’, and they were size medium. It also said ‘Maximum absorbency for nighttime or extended protection’ and in the upper left corner was a yellow oval with the words, ‘With InstaDri Skin-Caring System™’. I put my nose into the package and inhaled deeply. The scent was heavenly and enough to get me aroused again.

“Oh shit, that itches!” I complained to myself, “oh I got to stop, think about grandma naked; grandma naked, grandma naked…”

It wasn’t working, but thankfully, I heard a noise out in the hallway and feared being caught so I quickly stuffed the diapers back into his backpack and then pushed my door closed. I made sure that it didn’t latch because I knew if it did, it might make enough noise to wake one or more of my family.

I applied the anti-itch cream to my legs, butt cheeks and stomach; taking extra care when applying it to my nuts and penis because I didn’t want to run the risk of disturbing the beast again. With a quick change of pants, I made my way back to the living room and somehow made it through the third Indiana Jones movie, which has always been my favorite of the three Indy films. However, to be honest, I didn’t get to see very much of it. Mark kept shifting positions and causing his diaper to crinkle, which as I’m sure you guessed, would send my mind and emotions reeling. Once the movie ended, Mark climbed back into his sleeping bag and was sound asleep within minutes. It took me over an hour to fall asleep and when I did, I started to dream. My dream was about Mark and Sean and some girl I have never met, I think. We were chasing after some kind of animal, but that wasn’t the weird part of my dream. The weirdest part was that all three of us guys, Sean, Mark and me were outside wearing nothing but a diaper as we ran after that animal. The girl in my dream wasn’t wearing a diaper; she was wearing a pair of orange bibbed overalls and bright pink sandals. She was running after us, shouting that we had to catch it and get a diaper on it before it went on the carpet. I don’t know why she was worried about the carpet because we, including the animal, were already outside. Boy, I sure do love when I have dreams like that; I wish I had those sorts of dreams more often.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Eighteenth Encounter ~

The following day, which was Saturday, I had met up with Sean at the park as we had planned. My rash hadn’t totally cleared up yet but I was well enough that I was able to talk my mom into letting me go outside for a while.

When I arrived at the park, Sean was already there. He confessed that he’d been there since first light. He was flying a remote controlled blimp, and when he saw me coming, he let loose the controls to wave and nearly sent the thing floating into a tree.

We hung out at the park for over an hour and never once did the subject of diapers or wetting come up, even though I was thinking about them the entire time. Much to my anguish, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t figure out if he was wearing anything more than underwear under his pants.

When all of the battery packs for the blimp were drained, Sean asked if I would like to come to his house. I tried not to seem too eager, so I looked at my watch and acted like I was checking the time before I agreed.

Sean handed me a red plastic tank with a futuristic looking brass valve at the top and a sticker on the side that read, ‘HELIUM’. It was heavier than it looked and I guessed it had to be heavy to keep from floating away when full of helium. I also carried the remote control while he lugged the blimp. It wasn’t until we reached his house and he let the blimp go that I noticed it didn’t weigh anything at all. Now, if Mark had pulled something like that on me, I would have pounced on him, pinned him to the floor and tickled him until he cried uncle, or until he wet himself, whichever came second.

I must have appeared to be mildly disgusted because Sean said to me, “Hey you are bigger than me, and besides, I carried that thing all the way to the park when it was still full!”

“Still full?” I smiled and continued, “But it wouldn’t have weighted hardly anything when full of helium!”

Sean smiled, shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “What can I say?”

I laughed as I said, “Uhuh, I see how you are now!” and let it pass with no further comment, but I made a mental note not to fall for something like that again.

“Want to see my room?” he asked, “I have my own TV and computer.”

“Wow, you lucky dog!” I commented.

Sean laughed more than I thought he should just then, but then he explained why, “I have a dog named Lucky.”

“No way!” I said in disbelief.

“Yes way!” He assured me, “He’s out back; I’ll show you.”

There was a door inside the garage that led into the house, just the same as at my home. Sean stopped halfway into the house. I hadn’t been paying attention and walked right into the back of him.

“Watch it!” he laughed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean…” I started to say.

“Sokay,” he said blending his words into one. I think he meant to say “It’s okay”.

“Need to kick off your shoes;” He said, “not allow shoes on the carpet.” For a brief instant my brain flashed back to my dream last night and I giggled to myself.

Beside the door that led from the garage to the inside of the house was a tall, narrow set of metal wire shelves with several pairs of assorted shoes. Sean and I added our shoes to the collection and then went into the house.

His house was spotless and sparsely decorated. I could tell right off the bat that at least one or maybe even both of his parents were neat freaks. He led me through the dining room, which looked as though it had never been used before. Without opening the sliding glass door, Sean pulled back the white shear fabric curtain and tapped on the glass with his knuckle.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw his dog. Big doesn’t come close to describing it! “I’m sorry, that’s not a dog! That’s a fat horse!”

Not missing a beat Sean replied, “Would you believe he’s just a puppy?”

“No!” I answered.

“Good, 'cause he’s older than me!” Sean laughed.

Then, I asked the dumbest question, “Is he allowed in the house?”

Sean laughed again, “Yeah, but then my dad would use my head for batting practice.”

“What kind of dog is that?” I asked.

“Good old American mutt,” Sean said with an odd sense of pride.

I chuckled, “Must have some horse, or buffalo, or maybe both in him.”

“Is there a reason you named him Lucky?” I asked.

Sean closed the curtains again and was careful to make sure each pleat was perfect, “I didn’t name him that. He was my real dad’s dog before I was born.”

It suddenly dawned on me how quiet it was inside the house, “Is anyone else home?”

“Nope, mom’s working again this weekend and my step-dad is in Detroit for a convention.”

I wasn’t really interested, but to keep the conversation going, I asked him, “What kind of convention?”

Sean was leading me further into the house as he answered, “Don’t know. Something to do with work, I think.”

Just as expected, the living room furnishings were sparse and totally dust free.

Sometimes, things get said that in retrospect would have been better if they never were said and my next comment was one of those times, “How does your mom keep this place so clean?”

“She doesn’t, my step-dad does.” And I knew instantly by the tone of his voice that I’d just stepped on a landmine. I didn’t pursue it any further but the mood in the air had become noticeably strained.

He led me down an L-shaped hallway to a closed door with a red stop sign on the outside. It was smaller than a real stop sign and below the word ‘STOP’, it read…




I received the second shock for the day when he opened the door and said, “And this is my room!”

When I saw his room, I could hear my mother’s voice in my head as if she were standing right behind me. “Would you look at this mess? This is the worst looking pigsty I have ever seen! How someone could live in this filth is beyond me?”

“Whhhhooooaaaa!” I gasped.

As though it were not completely obvious, Sean turned and looked at me, “What?”

“Look at your room?” I exclaimed.

“What’s wrong with it?” he asked.

I couldn’t stop myself from asking, “Your mom and dad don’t mind your room being this messy?”

“I like it like this,” He said climbing over his bed to the other side of the room.

“My mother would slaughter me if my room ever got this bad.” I commented and then the smell hit me. It was as through someone had taken the hose of a vacuum, held it against my face, flipped the switch to ON and sucked the air right out of me. The space reeked of stale urine. Exactly what you would expect from a bed-wetter. So, why was I caught off guard? I coughed, gagged and threw-up a little in the back of my throat. I had to turn away to catch my breath and I was back down the hallway before I could breathe again.

“Come in, I want to show you something.” Sean called out.

“He must not have seen me nearly blow chunks,” I thought to myself.

I turned and started back toward his room, but when I caught a second whiff of the ammonia laced air, I stopped moving and breathing.

There was a clatter from inside his room, “What did I do with that?” and something crashed, “Nope not there!”

Several things were going through my mind at the same time. Even though he is younger than me, I wanted so much to be friends with Sean and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but I didn’t think I could go into his room without puking. I turned my back to his room, took a deep breath, held it and went into his bedroom.

The first thing I noticed was the large, yellow and brown pee stain on his sheet less mattress. The second thing I noticed was the pile of used GoodNites that nearly buried an odd looking green pail. With a closer look, I saw that on the outside of the pail, in raised letters were two words, Diaper Genie.

Sean was nowhere in sight but I could hear him, “Where is it?” his voice came from under the bed, “I know it’s here somewhere!” he continued mumbling as random objects would be flung from under the bed and land on a pile somewhere else in the room.

With a triumphant cry, he announced, “Ah-ha! Found the little bugger! Eeeew, it has spider boogers all over it!”

When something touched my foot, I leapt up and squealed, “Yikes! What was that?”

“It’s just me!” Sean laughed and I looked down to see his head and a single arm sticking out from under the bed.

“Man, you scared the crap out of me!” I shot back without thinking and expended what little oxygen my lungs still contained.

“Take my hand and pull me out!” Sean said.

I did the best I could to breath as little as possible while reaching down to try to extract him from under his bed.

“What happened to your shirt?” I asked when I saw that he was now naked from the waist up. Without his shirt, he looked even younger. His chest and arms were completely undeveloped and void of any outward signs of puberty. And then I saw it sticking out of the waistband of his pants, he was wearing a GoodNite! It was unmistakable and if there had been any untainted oxygen in the room I probably would have started hyperventilating on the spot.

“Got caught on something under there so I slipped out of it.” He said plopping down on his bed.

A stuffed bear had been resting on the other side of the mattress, but when Sean plopped down, the bear went sailing into the ammonia laced air and then disappeared into the pile of clothes and toys that littered the floor.

I was breathing very shallowly through my mouth, but was feeling like I needed to get out of there fast and get some fresh air. In the end, I couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “Mind if I open the window?”

“You hot?” he asked, “Then just take off your shirt.”

That put a kink into my feeble attempt to get some fresh air without hurting his feelings, but then I said, “I better not, my rash isn’t totally gone yet.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot!” he said while fumbling with some little mechanical device. “Sure, go ahead, but it might stink a bit, Lucky poops mountains out there.”

I nearly said something back but I decided I’d risk it and stepped over several scattered items to get to the window.

He was right, the air coming in the window didn’t smell like roses but it was a far cry better than the stench inside. With semi-fresh air spilling in, I was able to think clearly again.

“Whatcha got there?” I asked while making my way over to where he sat on the bed.

“It’s a robot I invented.” He answered and laid it on the edge of the nightstand. Then he pressed a blue button on top of it.

The robot sprang to life, BEEP, CLICK, BEEP, CLICK, BEEP, CLICK. “Ah man, I never can get it to walk right.” He groaned.

“What’s it supposed to do?” I asked stepping over a Tonka truck to get a closer look.

“That clicking sound is the gears skipping,” he said.

“Well it’s still pretty cool.” I said honestly.

“Yeah! Real cool, but thanks anyway. Oh well, I’ll figure it out one day.” Sean swept up the little robot and tossed it over his shoulder before adding, “Hey, want to play a board game? I have loads of them!” He sprang from the bed and leapt past me, nearly knocking me into the pile of used GoodNites.

He pulled open his closet door, which was a chore, given all the crap that was piled in front of it, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sitting on a shelf, about four feet above the floor, were three unopened packages of GoodNites and one partially full package along with a large white tub with a blue lid and large blue lettering, ‘DIAPER BUTTER’.

Sean also had his back to me and I could see the GoodNite he was wearing was sticking up about an inch or more from the back of his pants. If there had been any doubts before, when I saw the small red rectangle tag with the small red stars, I was absolutely curtain that he was wearing a GoodNite.

“He must wet during the daytime too, just like Mark!” I thought to myself.

“You ok?” Sean asked holding out a stack of board games.

“Uh, huh?” I answered.

“You look like you’ve just seen ‘Nearly Headless Nick!’” Sean commented, and the reference to one of my favorite Harry Potter characters was enough to snap me out of it.

“What?” Oh sorry… Uh, hey you like Harry Potter too?" I asked trying to make believe I hadn’t just been standing there gawking at his anti-bedwetting supplies.

He dropped the board games at my feet, “Are you kidding? I have read every one of the books and I even have the English versions too. Come on, I’ll show you!” Before I had a chance to respond, he grabbed my hand and lead me out of his room.

I still can’t believe the condition of his room; even after he lead me to their den and showed me his collection of hardback Harry Potter books. I could still smell the pee. It had permeated my nostrils, my clothes and much to my personal disbelief; I was more than a little aroused.

“See, I even have the special school books, look!” he pulled the two books, “Quidditch Through The Ages is so cool, but I like Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them soooooo muuuch beeeeettttterrrrr.” He said drawing out his words to show his enthusiasm.

“Wow, I didn’t know they had the school books in hard cover.” I said.

“Want to see the one I made for school?” he asked with even more excitement, “Wait right here!”

I was glad when he told me to wait in the den, when he’d started moving for the door, I was momentarily concerned that he was going to make me go back to his room again.

I was pleasantly shocked when he returned with the coolest looking book I’d ever seen, “Sean! This looks exactly like the Monster Book of Monsters from the movie!”

“I know! My mom helped me make it!” he said with pride.

“No, I mean it Sean! This is great!” I said turning the book carefully to examine every detail.

“Thanks! Hey, would you like to have it?” he asked.

Stunned would be a good word to describe my state of mind at that moment.

“Oh wow, no way Sean! I couldn’t even think of taking something like this. It must have taken you and your mom ages to make it.”

“Really, I want you to have it!” he said with a grin that stretched from ear to ear.

I tried several times to make him understand that I couldn’t take it, but in the end, he made me take it. “Ok, but only on one condition… It is still yours. I’m just going to keep it at my house for you.”

From that moment on, the two of us were the best of friends. We spent the rest of the day together playing board games, thankfully not in his room. Sean had let me use the phone to call home twice during the day to check in. Later that day he and I were in his room, strange as it might seem, I was getting use to the smell, we were watching videos on his computer that he had downloaded from the internet. His mother came home around six in the evening and neither one of us knew it had gotten so late.

At first, she didn’t seem to like the idea that Sean had a friend my age, but she soon warmed up to me. She invited me to stay for supper, which I accepted. We had homemade pork chops, baked potatoes and roasted corn on the cob. As if that wasn’t enough to eat, after supper, the two of us had Coconut Cream pie while his mom put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen. After we had woofed down the pie, Sean had left me alone in the kitchen with his mother for a few minute. I suspected he had gone to change into a dry GoodNite. At least that was what I imagined he was doing.

Sean’s mom told me that since they moved here, Sean was having a hard time making new friends and she also said that she hoped that Sean and I would become good friends. Little did she know that it would take an act of God to keep me away from Sean and his wetting problem?

The following day, I introduced Sean to Mark, and in time, their parents eventually met each other. Though I never slept over at Sean’s house, he has slept at mine many, many times and on several occasions, the three of us have spent the night together either at Marks home or my own.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Nineteenth Encounter ~

My next encounter happened at a new restaurant that opened outside of town. The restaurant was called, ‘The Flying Tiger Griller’ and it was absolutely enormous. They turned an old airplane hangar into an aerospace themed family steakhouse with dining booths made from sections of old planes. In the back was a large banquet room that was made up so that you feel like you are sitting inside a futuristic space shuttle and eating your dinner in outer space.

So here is how it happened… My brother had turned 21-years-old that day and our parents wanted to do something special for him. My whole family piled into the car as well as my brothers’ girlfriend and my two best friends, Sean and Mark, and we drove out to The Flying Tiger Griller to celebrate my brother’s birthday. We were packed into the car like sardines, and to fit everyone in, we had to pile a few of us on top of each other. In the back seat, my brother’s girlfriend was sitting on his lap, Sean was sitting on my lap and Mark was squished in the middle of us. Of course mom and dad sat up front with my sister in-between them and by the time we arrived in the parking lot of ‘The Flying Tiger Griller’, my legs were numb, having gone to sleep under Sean’s weight.

Mark and Sean were just as excited as I was to get inside to see all the model airplanes, rocket ships and other aerospace memorabilia, but they stood by the car waiting for my legs to awaken while the rest of my family and my brother’s girlfriend went to get in line to enter.

Even though the place had only been open for about a week, everyone for miles around knew about its opening and the place was always packed. Thankfully, on this day, the line to get in didn’t look to be very long.

“On the way back, I’m sitting on you!” I teased Sean.

Sean laughed, “No, you can sit on Mark and I’ll sit on both of you.”

I was sitting inside the car with my legs hanging out the door while Sean leaned on the open door, and Mark stood gawking at the inviting entrance to the restaurant. Mark turned excitedly and bumped the car door, which barely touched my leg, but that was enough to ignite the pins and needles within my legs.

“Whoa yeah! They’re waking up now!” I groaned.

Mark bent down and started to rub my calves, “Come on, we’re missing everything!”

“PLEASE, OH YOU’RE KILLING ME, STOOOOP!” I cried out half laughing and half dying inside.

It only took a minute or two before I was ready to go in. Of course Sean and Mark took full advantage of teasing me, but I got in a few zingers of my own too. Dad had given me the keys with the remote for the door locks. I pushed the door closed, pressed the button and the doors clicked, then the three of us turned from the car only to stop dead in our tracks.

I’m not sure who saw the guys first, maybe we all saw them at the same time, but none of us could believe our eyes. No less than ten guys were climbing out of a School bus, and not a one of them were wearing clothes save for a cloth diaper, bib, baby-booties, a blue bonnet. The whole lot of them were sucking on pacifiers. They all looked to be about my brother’s age, maybe a little younger. Some of the guys were nicely tanned while others were pale-shinned and the second to the last guy off the bus looked like he hadn’t missed very many meals; he was the funniest looking of them all… I mean if you could pick out just one.

They all looked beet-red with embarrassment and completely miserable. Each of the overgrown babies had a different number painted onto their chests and backs and each was holding three helium filled balloons on strings. The balloons also had numbers on them that matched the number on the baby that was holding its string. I did a quick scan and saw that the highest number was twelve.

“Wow, there are twelve of them!” I commented.

Then from around the front of the bus came several other guys dressed in full football gear, helmets and all. There were too many of them to count but it looked like there were more of them than there were of the babies. The footballers began shouting at the babies, “COME ON YOU CRYBABIES! LET’S GET THOSE DIAPERED BUTTS MOVING! MOVE IT, MOVE IT, MOVE IT!”

“I think it’s some sort of initiation?” Mark observed, making it sound as though he was just thinking out loud.

The line of people waiting to get in to eat, exploded with laughter, cheers and clapping as they saw the oversized babies running toward them.

Mark fell on the pavement laughing. Sean was staring open mouthed at the spectacle. I think I was drooling, but none of us saw until it was too late that one of the babies had broken away from the bunch and ran right toward the three of us. When I finally did see him running at us, I stumbled backward and fell on my butt.

Sean didn’t move, not an inch, so he was the first of us to get a balloon. Yep, those babies were taking the balloons, tying the string to people’s wrists and chanting the same thing to each receiver.

“I am a North Middleton Freshman! Please accept this gift on behalf of the North Middleton Bulldogs. BULLDOGS RULE! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!”

The baby that had given the three of us his balloons was the first back to his bus, and I am sure he was overjoyed to have spotted the three of us standing so close. Mark couldn’t stop rolling on the ground and laughing through the event. The poor baby had a heck of a time getting that balloon tied to Mark’s wrist, but he finally managed it and took off as quickly as he’d come.

Once the three of us found mom and dad in the line, the rest of the day progressed normally, except for the topic of conversation at everyone’s tables seemed to be about the twelve oversized babies.

Re: Close Encounters

~ Twentieth Encounter ~

I’m not sure I can call this next one a true encounter. It happened about a month after my brother’s birthday. I was riding on the back of my brother’s motorcycle, which is something that scared the ever-loving-life out of me. He drives it like he has a death-wish and even more so when I’m on it. I had my arms wrapped around my brother in a bear hug fashion with my fingers locked together and my right ear planted firmly between his shoulder blades. We live in one of the few states that wearing a helmet is optional. Normally, our parents insist that we wear helmets but on this particular day, my brother had picked me up at the library and didn’t have his spare helmet with him. This was another part of the reason I was hunkered down and tightly cling to my brother. With the wind whipping through my hair and past my ears, it was zapping away all of my body heat.

We had pulled up to a red light and he was revving the engine when a black pickup truck pulled up next to us. At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to the truck until the light turned green and it started to pull slightly ahead of us. I saw that there was a grown woman and a boy of maybe five or six, sitting in the bed of the truck. The woman had very long hair and the wind was whipping it around so much that I couldn’t see her face. The little boy was standing up, leaning partially into the cab of the truck through the small back window. Then I noticed that the boy was not wearing pants. He had on a long sleeved green and blue wide horizontally stripped shirt and what I can only guess might have been yellow plastic pants. I only got a quick glimpse and I suppose that it is entirely possible that the boy was wearing some sort of Speedo, but it wasn’t really swimming season, so I have my doubts about that.