Classified: Stellar Remnants

Here we go again! This story takes place in the same universe as Classified: A New Life, and if you haven’t read that, you should read it first. This is a much less whimsical tale, but one that I hope fleshes out the universe a bit more, as well as being enjoyable to read. It covers some pretty dark stuff as the story goes along, so read at your own risk. Here we go, and please do tell me what you think!


Prologue: Starquake

“Fuck!” Lily Bronsen snarls. She trembles with rage, wondering how the universe could possibly be so unfair.

“What’s wrong?” One of her roommates, Alex, pokes her head out of the kitchen; her blonde hair is tied up in a bun. Alex is a Neutral, and does data-entry for the CLASS branch in their area. “Did you bang your shin on the coffee table again? I keep telling Darren to pick a spot for it.”

“No.” Lily snaps, swiping angrily at her eyes and pushing her strawberry-blonde hair out of her face. “I got my results today.”

Alex comes over to sit next to Lily on the couch. “What’d you get?” she wonders.

“I’m a Little.” Lily says bitterly.

“Did you not know that ahead of time or something? I mean…most people don’t suck their thumbs when they get stressed out. Not to mention what happened last week at Shue’s place.”

“I was drunk, okay? It’s not like I piss myself regularly or anything.” Lily grumbles.

“What about the week before that, at the movie theatre? Or at the concert? Or the theme park?” Alex continues, listing off other embarrassing incidents, as Lily refused to call them accidents.

“Too much soda, drunk again, should have gone before we got in line.” Lily huffs, ticking things off on her fingers as she goes. “You got a fucking point to make, ‘Lex?” She growls.

“I think you know exactly what I’m saying. One is an anomaly, two is a coincidence, and three is a pattern. We’re at four in the last two weeks alone. I keep telling you to wear protection–it’s not like anyone will see it anyway. Besides, I’m not a Caregiver. I don’t mind helping you out or anything like that, but I shouldn’t have to carry around extra clothes for you either.”

Lily blushes. She had been wearing protection on all those occasions. Pull-ups just didn’t work for the magnitude of incidents she’d had, and she’d ended up leaking. She pats down her pockets, looking for her cigarettes and finds them empty. Fucking Darren.

“First of all, I didn’t ask you to do that for me. And secondly, what are you saying then?” Lily demands.

Alex sets her jaw. “You’d better watch your attitude, Lil. I’ve had a shitty day at work, and I don’t need to deal with your tantrum on top of it.” she snaps. “I’m saying you should have seen this coming miles away. I’ll go and get the ELK, and we’ll figure something out.”

Alex disappears for a moment, and then returns with the ELK and a small duffel bag in the same coloring. She opens the container, revealing four tablets, one each of green, yellow, purple, and a white one.

Lily tastes each of the colored tablets in turn, mostly to placate Alex while she thinks about how to proceed. She absolutely refuses to become one of them , no matter what. She’s already managed to escape one hellish environment where her every move was decided for her, and she’s not about to go through that again.

The yellow candy does taste pretty good though…

“So, you’re an L-3.” Alex says. “At least potty training is an option for you, that’s at least something positive…”

“How do you know that?” Lily wonders, smacking her lips at the taste of the candy.

“That’s literally what the candy is for. The colored coating only tastes good if your biological markers match with that Classification, or something like that, I’m not familiar with the science of it. It’s just to prevent panic attacks over the news.” Alex explains.

“You just gave me drugs?” Lily wonders.

“It’s just an anti-anxiety thing. Don’t worry. There’s a pull-up in the bag, and I’d like you to put it on, just in case. You’re pretty worked up right now, and I don’t want to clean up any puddles.”

Lily immediately stands up, offended and angry at the implication, even if it isn’t exactly off-base.

“Oh, fuck you! Really, Lex? I’m not a goddamn baby, or a puppy or whatever, I’m not going to piss on the floor.”

“Lily, you’re really trying my patience. I’m only trying to help you out. I might be a Neutral, but I’m this close to taking you over my knee, I swear. If you want to be treated like an adult, then act like it, and let’s have a civil discussion without all the cursing, okay?”

“Try it and see what happens, Lex.” Lily snaps, and marches across the room to retrieve her shoes and jacket. “I’m going out. I gotta talk to Bongo and Riceman.” Lily says, double checking that her wallet has actual Coin in it, and not just her card.

“Why? All Bongo’s going to do is try to sell you CHITs and fake IDs.”

Lily nods. “Exactly.” She zips her coat, too aggressively and makes for the door.

“Lily, what the hell are you doing? I know I’m not your Caregiver, but as your friend, this is probably the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Those CHITs are really dangerous, not to mention illegal, and unless you plan on hacking the CLASS database to change your results, a fake ID is useless.”

“You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.” Lily points out. “That’s what Riceman is for.”

“Are you insane ? You’re trying to prevent an inevitable biological process from happening with a drug that will at best, delay it, and at worst, kill you. And as if that wasn’t bad enough , you’re going to participate in cybercrime while you’re at it!” Alex’s voice gets progressively louder and she takes Lily by the arm.

“Yep.” Lily replies flippantly. “I will not be a Little. Look, only like, three people have ever died from doing CHITs, and I’ll be careful. I refuse to end up as a pants-shitting crybaby who’s incapable of living a normal life. Better dead than useless.” she jerks her arm free of Alex’s grip “ I can handle myself.”

She steps out into the hallway and slams the door in Alex’s face.


Bongo and Riceman’s apartment is surprisingly clean, Lily thinks.

The furniture is old and well-used, but they take care of the things they have. She tries not to fidget as she sits across from Bongo at their kitchen table. Her bladder throbs, but not too urgently.

She slides her pile of coin across the table to Bongo who counts it and nods, satisfied.

“I’ve gotta go make your new ID and get the CHITS counted out. Be careful with that stuff, Lily, I mean it. Any more than one a day and you’re in for a real bad time.” Bongo say seriously, his dark eyes intense. “They’ll help with the incontinence part of things temporarily. Keeping your cool, and making smart decisions is on you. The Doctor could probably help with a more permanent solution, but he’s on sabbatical and not to be disturbed for anything. This is the best I’ve got.” Bongo says. “And some of the side effects can be pretty wicked, so like I said, one every day.”

Lily nods again. “I get it.” She counts out another stack of Coin and passes it to Riceman. She’s just shelled out almost all of her savings, but if it keeps her from ending up in diapers, it’s worth it.

“And I can alter some things in the CLASS systems without getting caught, but it’ll only be surface level.” Riceman explains as he scratches at his stubble, his round face serious. “Any kind of deep digging, and you’re fried. You’ll be able to buy booze and smokes, and get into clubs and shit. But buying a car or a gun or anything like that is a no-go. And, don’t get pulled over either.”

“I can handle that.” Lily says, swallowing hard. “Is there anything else I should know before we do this?”

Bongo stares at her. “Are you sure about this? There’s no reset button for this kind of thing. Once we do this, you’re stuck. You can live as a Neutral for the rest of your days, but if you fuck up at all, game over. And, we won’t be able to help you either, for obvious reasons.”

“I understand. I’m sure.” Lily says, with a confidence she doesn’t actually feel.

“Okay.” Bongo shares a glance with Riceman, and both of them stand.

“Wait right here.” Riceman says. “We’ll be back shortly.”

In another moment, they’re gone, leaving Lily alone with her thoughts at the table.

What did I just do? Lily wonders.


I like it so far. Can’t wait till the next chapter.

It will be interesting to see how this story diverges from A New Life since that already explored the Little and Caregiver roles.

Part I: White Dwarves

“In another moment, down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.” -Lewis Caroll (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Chapter 1: Skirmish

Lily rubs her thumb over the small plastic bag of pills in her pocket.

She’s grateful for that, at least. They’ll be much easier to hide that way…

Take one (1) caplet per 24 hour period, with food. Do Not mix with alcohol. Do Not combine with other medications. C.H.I.T. 250mg

The words on the label are burned into her brain.

She’s already taken one, chasing it down with a sub-par hot sandwich from the corner store. She sighs and tosses the wrapper into a nearby garbage can. Her hands are trembling and her stomach feels like it’s on fire, though whether that’s from the sandwich or the CHIT, she can’t tell.

Chrysalis Hormone Inhibitor Tablets is what they’re called, apparently, there’s no reason for Bongo to have lied about that. Lily’s new ID card also works normally, the replacement pack of cigarettes in her jacket pocket is proof of that.

Lily’s stomach twists, and she isn’t sure whether it’s from guilt, the CHIT, or the sandwich.

Fuck me…

Lily takes a deep breath and sits down on a bench outside her apartment building. She lights up a cigarette and takes a puff, finally relaxing. There aren’t very many people out and about today, she notes. The leaves have already begun falling from the trees, and the chill in the air is unpleasant rather than refreshing. She finishes her cigarette and puts the butt into the disposal receptacle by the door before taking the elevator up to her floor.

Alex is going to be pissed at her, and Darren is probably home from work by now too, and she isn’t looking forward to dealing with either of them at the moment. She just wants to relax…

On a hunch, she takes the bag out of her pocket and removes her left shoe. Checking to make sure no one is watching, she peels back the insole and stuffs the small bag under it before putting her shoe back on. It’ll be uncomfortable for a bit, but she can find a better hiding place for it later.

Lily pauses outside the door to her apartment, takes a deep breath, and opens the door.

Alex steps in front of her almost immediately. “Turn out your pockets.” she snaps.

Lily snorts. “Uh, no.” She shrugs out of her jacket and hangs it up by the hook on the door.

“I’d do it if I were you…” Darren says. He’s clearly just gotten back from work, and he still hasn’t taken off his shirt from the firehouse. He’s tall and muscular, with dark skin and neatly trimmed hair.

Lily scoffs at him. “You too? You know, for Neutrals, you guys are awfully interested in my business.”

“Just because I don’t have an innate desire to take care of you doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.” Alex says softly. “It’s your life and you can do what you want with it, but I won’t have drugs in my apartment. Turn out your pockets.”

Lily rolls her eyes and makes a show of turning all of her pockets inside out. “I only got the ID. Fucking hell, ‘Lex, get off my back.”

“Fine. It’s still incredibly stupid. I’m not gonna ask you to stop swearing again, Lil, I mean it.” Alex growls, seizing Lily by the arm. Her grip isn’t firm enough to bruise, but it’s definitely painful.

“Ow!” Lily squirms. “Okay, I’m sorry, jeez!”

“I might be a Neutral, but if you think I’m going to tolerate you acting like a brat, you’ve got another thing coming. Being disrespectful and crass doesn’t make you look any more like an adult, and I will not have that kind of attitude or language directed at me in my own house.” Alex warns, her eyes narrowing.

Lily smirks. “Technically, it’s an apartment, but whatever.”

“Last warning, Lil. I will punish you if you keep this up, I promise you that. And if that doesn’t teach you to be respectful, you can find another place to live.” Alex’s voice is low and dangerous.

“You’d really put me out on the street?” Lily wonders. She hadn’t thought that Alex would take things this far.

“I mean it’s the nuclear option, but if it comes down to that, yes. You have a job, and with a forged classification you’ll be able to get your own place. I don’t want to do that, but I will.”

Lily huffs, folding her arms and scowling. She hadn’t expected her decision to complicate things so quickly. “Fine. I’ll try to watch my language. Is there anything else that’s gonna land me in the naughty corner?” she sneers.

Alex pinches the bridge of her nose and lets out a long sigh. “Not really. Clean up after yourself, don’t be a brat and don’t bring any drugs into the apartment. That’s all I ask. Oh, and wear your diaper to bed.”

“I don’t need-” Lily begins.

“Yes, you do! I’m not asking you to like it, I’m telling you to do it. We all know what will happen if you don’t, so why don’t you prove that you’re willing to work with me by following the rules. Who do you think put the plastic cover on your bed anyway?”

Angry tears spill down Lily’s cheeks. “That’s not fair! You know I can’t help it.”

“Yeah, I do know that. That’s why I’m telling you to put on your diaper so you don’t have laundry to do in the middle of the night. That way, you can actually sleep. I’m not going to argue with you. Either you do it, or I will. I’m not gonna put up with you lugging your dirty laundry around at two AM and crying because you can’t take responsibility for yourself.”

Lily sniffles, pressing the heels of her hands against her eyes. Her cheeks burn with shame and indignation. Alex has hit a particularly raw nerve with that comment, as bedwetting is something she’s struggled with her whole life. It’s a sensitive topic and Alex knows that; the only reason she’d say that is to hurt Lily’s feelings.

Wow .” Lily mutters. “You really are a bitch.”

That’s it !” Alex snarls.

Enough !” Darren booms, stepping between them. “You,” he says, looking at Alex. “Need to go calm down.”

“See? Even Darren–” Lily begins, but Darren rounds on her next.

“And you’re out of line. Go and stand in the corner.”

Darren towers over Lily; he’s a foot taller than she is and outweighs her by about a hundred and thirty pounds, all of it muscle. He’s a Caregiver, that’s why he works as a firefighter. And even though he’s never expressed a desire to have a Little, he’s clearly on Alex’s side with this particular issue.

“Are you gonna make me?” Lily challenges, drawing herself up to her full height.

Darren just sighs and slings her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. “Yep.” he says, depositing her in the corner. “You know, for someone who doesn’t want to get kicked out, you have a funny way of showing it. Alex’s name is the one on the lease, so if she wants you gone, there’s nothing I can do to help you. I’d watch myself if I were you.”

“You’re gonna let her spank me?” Lily says incredulously, turning around and stomping her foot.

“I’m not gonna let her do anything. I don’t want a Little, but if I had one, and they behaved like you, I’d be a lot less patient than Alex has been. And, she’s right. Dropping the F-bomb every five seconds will get you nothing but rolled eyes and closed ears. Grow up.” Darren sighs and takes Lily by the shoulders, firmly turning her around to face the corner.

“You can’t just put me in the corner like this! I’m not a child!” Lily protests. A few coarse words doesn’t justify being treated this way, and besides, she’d been provoked.

Darren snorts. “Could’ve fooled me. A word of advice: if you want a place to sleep tonight, you might want to spend this time coming up with an apology. I’m gonna go shower. I’d stay put if I were you.”

Lily bristles at that comment. “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want!”

“It’s your behind that’s in trouble. I don’t care what you do, I just wanted to separate you two before you tried to kill each other.” Darren replies, and leaves Lily to stew.


“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Alex wonders from somewhere behind Lily.

Lily just seethes in silence. It’s bad enough that she’s been put in the corner like an errant child, but being expected to apologize is a step too far for her. Alex is the one who had escalated things; if anything Alex owes her an apology.

“I’m not sorry.” Lily says. “You knew that comment about bedwetting would hurt me. Turnabout is fair play.”

“I’m not sorry either. All I did was state the facts. You wet the bed, and you wear diapers to keep the sheets clean. You’re not very quiet when you get up to do laundry, and there are other people trying to sleep while you’re throwing yourself a pity-party. I’m not here to coddle you, Lily. I don’t care if me telling the truth hurts your feelings. You want to be a Neutral, then fine. Welcome to the real world, where we don’t sugar-coat things just because you’re sad.”

Lily doesn’t even have a response to that. Alex is being so cruel to her, when all she’d wanted was to be left alone to live her own life.

“I’ll put your diaper on for you if you won’t do it yourself. I have to be awake to be able to do my job well, and I won’t be if you’re waking me up all night long.”

“Why are you being such a–why are you being so harsh?” Lily corrects herself.

“I’m just being honest.” Alex answers.

“You have no idea what it’s like to be a Little…” Lily points out.

“You’re right.” Alex concedes. “I don’t. And neither do you, since you just went and decided that hacking the CLASS system was better than, oh, I don’t know, looking into the resources available to you to make life easier. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, Lily, either you’re an adult, or you’re not. You don’t get to just flip-flop when you don’t feel like dealing with life.”

Lily just sniffles. “Are you gonna spank me now? Or have you put me in my place enough for one night?”

“It’s not about putting you in your place.” Alex says. “You say you want to be an adult, but your actions tell me differently. I just want you to be aware of what’s expected of you if you’re really going to try and lie your way through life. Besides, you’re tiny and I’m still too angry to do it without actually hurting you. So no, I’m not going to spank you.”

Lily lets out a breath that she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.

“I’m going to bed.” Alex says. “There’s leftovers in the fridge if you’re hungry.” She turns away and heads for the door.

The tension in the room is palpable. The air is electric, humming with spite and resignation.

“Alex?” Lily says, swallowing her pride. She knows that she should apologize, but it just doesn’t seem fair. Still, she doesn’t want to let things fester between them like this…

Alex’s shoulders slump forward. “What, Lily? I’m tired.”

Lily sighs. If Alex is going to respond like that , then she’s not going to waste her breath on an apology. But, an olive branch of civility is better than nothing…“I just…goodnight.” she says finally.

“Yeah.” Alex says in a tense voice. “Night.”

And then, Lily is alone.


I like what you are doing here. Telling a story from the other side of the Little coin. We are finding out what would happen if a new Little didn’t have a willing Caregiver around to help her.

ooooo i didnt expect a sequel (whats a sequel thats not really a sequel but kindof a sequel called?) so soon! so exciting! also scary! whas lily gonna dooo?

I think the term you’re looking for is “spin-off” :slight_smile: and as for the rest, we’ll have to wait and see what she does. Thanks for reading!

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Chapter 2: Complications

Lily wakes up in a pool of sweat.

Her head is pounding, like her brain is trying to batter its way out of her skull with a sledgehammer. Her stomach rolls unpleasantly, and she lurches out of bed, stumbling into the bathroom just in time to offer her sacrifice to the porcelain gods.

She stays that way for a while, hunched over the toilet, retching and miserable, until the overwhelming nausea she’d felt subsides.

“Dammit.” Lily mutters, flushing the commode and standing up to brush her teeth at the sink. I hope it’s not like this every morning. Lily thinks to herself as she finishes brushing her teeth and moves on to washing her face. Though, to be fair, her stomach issues could have just as easily been caused by the sandwich she’d eaten yesterday.

Lily finishes washing her face, finally beginning to feel like a human again, and looks in the mirror to assess the damage.

And then, she screams.

The white part of her right eye is bloody. It’s not painful or anything, but it looks positively ghastly. Her lower lip begins to tremble, eyes welling with tears, but she dashes them away roughly. She’s not that much of a baby that she’s literally scared of her own reflection, even if she does look terrible.

Lily heads back to her room to fish the bag of CHITs out of her shoe–the clock on her nightstand tells her that Darren and Alex will have both left for work already. She squirrels the bag away inside an old pair of socks that she’d never be caught dead in, and heads to the kitchen to make breakfast for herself. She doesn’t much feel like eating, as her stomach hasn’t entirely settled yet, but given the warning on the label, she’s not about to experiment with the pills. She grabs a granola bar out of the cabinet and eats that before swallowing down another of the tiny pills.

She grabs herself a tall glass of water, fires off a text message to her boss to let him know she’ll be out sick today, and then goes over to the couch to rest. It occurs to her as she sits down on the couch that she hadn’t bothered to take off her diaper in all the excitement of the morning. Not only that, but it’s bone dry.

Lily allows herself a small, hopeful smile. They worked!

Full of renewed energy at this realization, she rearranges the pillows on the sofa to make herself comfortable, and turns on her gaming console. With no work, a normally functioning bladder, and the house to herself, she might as well enjoy her day.

Grinning, Lily heads to her room to take off the unused diaper and deposit it in the pail in her closet, proudly tugging on a pair of panties in its place. She scurries off to use the bathroom while her console boots up, unwilling to risk an accident now that she has better control. She takes a moment to strip the bed; even though she hasn’t wet it, the sweaty sheets need to be washed. Once she’s finished she heads back to the living room to play some games.

After all, that exotic raid isn’t going to complete itself…

The hours of the day pass by in a rush as she grinds away at her game, pausing only to eat or use the bathroom–like a normal adult. It makes her a little anxious to be alone in the apartment, since no one’s around to help her if there’s some kind of emergency. However, a trip outside for a cigarette break calms her nerves enough that it doesn’t overwhelm her.

Lily yawns as she returns to her spot on the couch. She normally takes a nap when she doesn’t have work, and it’s about that time of day by now. She curls up on the couch, and for the first time in her life, she falls asleep without a diaper.


“Lily, wake up.” Alex’s voice is firm, but not unkind.

“Huh?” Lily wonders, blinking slowly.

“Oh, my god! Lily, what happened to your eye?” Alex exclaims.

“I ate a bad sandwich yesterday I think. I threw up this morning, and I must’ve popped a vessel in my eye. I called out today.” Lily explains.

“Oh. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, Lil.” Alex replies, rubbing her shoulder. “How’s your diaper? I can change you if you need it.”

Lily just shakes her head. “I’m not wearing one. I woke up dry this morning.” She says, a little too proudly for her liking.

Alex sighs and lifts the blanket that Lily had draped over herself.

The couch is completely dry, though Lily can tell that Alex is less than pleased with her decision to go without protection.

“That’s kind of irresponsible, don’t you think? Just because you woke up dry once doesn’t mean that your problem has gone away.” Alex points out.

Lily frowns. “I thought you’d at least be happy for me.”

“I am. I just don’t want you to pee on my very expensive couch.” Alex replies. “I’ll go get you a diaper, in case you fall asleep again.”

“I’m not putting on a diaper!” Lily grumbles.

“You are if you plan on sleeping on my couch. If you don’t want to wear a diaper, then you can sleep in your own bed.”

Lily sighs. There’s nothing to do in her room, besides messing around on her phone. It isn’t fair that Alex is being such a stick in the mud.

“This is so fucking dumb…” Lily mutters, flopping down on the couch. It’s not like she’s never worn a diaper before, it’s just that, on principle, she doesn’t want to wear them if she doesn’t have an actual need. But, she also can’t tip Alex off to the CHITs, and she knows Alex will be suspicious if she decides to go to her room.

“What did I say about the swearing?” Alex demands as she steps back into the living room. “And what happened to your sheets? I thought you woke up dry?”

“I’m not your Little, Alex. Drop it.” Lily snaps. “I was just really sweaty and I wanted to wash my sheets. They’re in the dryer right now, I just forgot to put them back on.”

Sure.” Alex says, totally unconvinced. “And you aren’t my Little, but you’re about to be diapered like one. You live in my house, so you’ll follow my rules, is that clear?” Alex responds sharply, pulling Lily’s sweatpants and underwear off and making short work of diapering her before putting her sweats back on. “There. Was that so hard?”

Lily just glares at Alex, not quite able to believe that her roommate would manhandle her like that. “You have no right to fuc–” She begins, but a sharp blow to her backside interrupts her.

“Yes, I do, Lil. My couch, my rules. If you don’t want to wear it, you can either bring in a chair from the kitchen, or go to your room. And, if you curse at me again, you won’t be sitting at all for a while. I’m not gonna tell you again.”

“Stop it! Stop telling me what to do, and stop threatening to spank me. You’re not my mom!” Lily responds angrily.

“Then stop making me act like it! Do you think I want to diaper you or carry around extra clothes for you in case you have an accident? I’m a Neutral, Lily, I want you to take care of yourself. But if I have to take measures to protect my property and my peace, and try to keep you from embarrassing yourself in public, then I will.”

Lily folds her arms, unwilling to continue arguing. Her head is pounding, and she doesn’t have the energy to maintain the level of anger necessary to argue with Alex. Maybe she should have just gone back to bed instead of playing video games… “Fine.” she spits. “I’m. Sorry. Alex.”

Alex sighs. “Thank you, Lily. I’ll wake you up when dinner’s ready. I hope you feel better soon.” she says, and leaves Lily on the couch.

Lily squeezes her eyes shut as her vision begins to double and the ache between her temples intensifies. She breaks out into a cold sweat, heart pounding, and she can’t seem to get enough air. She sits up, placing her hands on her knees and gasping. Sweat drips off of her chin as her head begins to swim, the room spinning and tilting around her at a crazy angle.

“Alex?” Lily croaks, even though she’s putting all of her energy into calling out for her roommate. Her vision begins to darken around the edges.

“Lily, you look awful!” Alex exclaims as she looks in on Lily from the kitchen. She hurries over to the couch and kneels down next to Lily. “What can I do, Lil? Tell me how to help you.”

Lily looks toward the sound of Alex’s voice, closing her eyes to try and fight the overwhelming dizziness and nausea she’s experiencing. “‘Lex I don’t…I don’t feel so good.” she whimpers, and then pitches forward off the couch.


Great update Thank You. It’s cool we are seeing what happens to those that try to beat the system.

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to poor Lily next.

I like this universe, interesting to see a different point of view. I do hope we see more of Emory in the future though. I liked her.

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I hope so to. It would be nice to look in on Emory and Mama Mel. Not for awhile I’d think.
I wanna see what happens with Lily. She needs someone to care for her. It’s nice that question is still up in the air. Alex, Darren or someone else?

I wonder if we might see the inside of the infamous assignment centres or possibly a behavioural correction facility.

Chapter 3: Consequences

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Lily stretches out reflexively, fumbling around for the ‘snooze’ button on her alarm clock. Her right hand completely misses the bedside table, which she’s deliberately put within arm’s reach of her bed so she can turn off the alarm clock without getting up. There’s a sharp twinge in her wrist at the motion.

Missing the nightstand and the pain in her wrist are jarring enough that she finally opens her eyes, and it’s only then that she realizes where the noise is coming from. She’s hooked up to an IV drip, which explains the pain in her wrist, and the beeping is coming from her heart monitor.

She looks around the room, shifting in bed, and winces as she wrinkles her brow and pulls on the stitches she hadn’t realized were there. Must’ve hit the coffee table on the way down. Lily thinks. Her wiggling has told her that her diaper is dry at least. But, she can’t say whether she’s managed to stay dry while she’s been unconscious, or if the hospital staff has changed her while she’s been out.

Lily lifts the bedsheet gingerly, and is grateful to find that the diaper she’s wearing is very plain and free of any designs, unlike one that might be given to a Little. She’d prefer to be in panties, but that can’t be helped at the moment. She looks at the wristband around her left wrist and is relieved at the inscription: [N]-Lily Bronsen.

So far, so good. Lily is alone in the hospital room, however, and she wonders if Alex or Darren might be around. She can feel a headache coming on, and her muscles ache like she’s just finished a really intense workout.

“I see you’re awake now, Miss Bronsen. How are you feeling?” Says an unfamiliar voice

“Thirsty, and a little dizzy.” Lily replies honestly. The nurse that’s just walked in has dark hair and dark eyes, and she looks a little worn-out. “Who are you?”

“My name is Katrina, but most of the patients just call me Nurse Kat.”

“Oh.” Lily says. “What happened?”

“You passed out at home, according to your roommate. We ran some tests while you were unconscious, and it looks like you’ve got rotavirus. We’ve given you a saline drip to help replace some of the fluids you’ve lost, and you’ll probably feel lousy for a few days. We’d like to keep you for observation overnight, just to make sure there aren’t anymore complications, but you’ll be able to go home after that.” The nurse explains.

“Okay. Is the diaper really necessary?” Lily wonders.

“It’s really only there as a precaution. Your roommate said you sometimes have issues with nocturnal enuresis, and it’s hospital policy that patients must wear protection if they suffer from it. It’s extremely rare for Neutrals to have problems with it though…are you on drugs?”

Lily’s heart leaps into her throat, and she can hear the heart monitor picking up speed. “What?” she asks in a shaky voice as she fights off a fear-induced chill.

“I asked if you were on any medications. Do you take any vitamins or anything like that on a regular basis? Sometimes that can cause issues.” Kat repeats.

“No.” Lily says. “Guess I’m just one of the lucky few…”

Kat gives her a skeptical look. “I suppose so. Do you need to use the restroom while I’m here? I have to go with you until we’re sure you won’t pass out again.”

“Yes please.” Lily replies gratefully. Even having an escort to the bathroom is better than going in her pants. Her gait is unsteady and slow as she shuffles across the room to the bathroom, wheeling her IV drip along with her.

It’s a fairly mortifying experience to be accompanied to the bathroom, but Kat at least affords her some privacy by turning around while Lily does her business. Needing help with cleaning up afterwards is worse, but at least at the end of it all, Lily’s pants are still dry.

To Lily’s surprise, Alex is waiting for her when she comes out of the bathroom, sitting in the chair next to her bed.

“Alex?” Lily wonders.

“Oh, good, you’re awake. I was worried something happened and they needed to move you.” Alex explains. “I brought you some clothes from home, we had to trash the ones you came in. Sorry I wasn’t here when you woke up.” She holds up a canvas shopping bag and a pair of shoes that definitely do not contain Lily’s CHITs.

“It’s fine.” Lily replies, doing her best to hide her dismay at being without her pills as Kat helps her back into the bed. “Thanks for coming.”

“No problem. I’m just glad you’re up and about again. You scared me…Did they say whether or not you can go home tonight?” Alex wonders.

“No, they want to keep me overnight. I should be able to go home tomorrow though.” Lily says, and leans back into the pillows. “Thanks. For bringing me in, I mean.”

“I wasn’t gonna just leave you there on the floor. I knew you were sick, just not this sick. And, the cut on your head needed stitches anyway.” Alex answers, reaching over to rub Lily’s shoulder. “Do you want something to eat?”

Lily’s stomach does a flip at the mention of food. “Um, no thanks. I’m not very hungry right now.”

“Alright. Well, let me know if you change your mind. I’m gonna go down to the cafeteria and see what they’ve got.” Alex says.

“Okay. I’m gonna try to get some sleep.” Lily answers, and yawns.

She’s asleep before Alex is even out of the room.


Lily is shaken back to wakefulness.

“What’s happening?” She wonders, still barely conscious.

“Lily, some guy in a suit is here to see you.” Alex’s voice sounds frantic. “He wouldn’t tell me what’s going on, just that he needed to talk to you…I didn’t want you to be woken up by a guy with a fancy badge.”

“Oh?” Lily answered, her stomach tying itself in an anxious knot. “Okay. Thanks for telling me, I guess. I wonder what he wants…”

“I don’t know, Lil. I’ll be waiting right outside when you’re done, okay? Hopefully it’s nothing serious.”

Alex scurries out of the room, and a bearded, bespectacled man in a very expensive suit walks in and sits down in her bedside chair. He flashes a golden, official-looking badge as he speaks.

“Miss Bronsen, my name is Agent Nick Beacham, I’m with the CLASS Enforcement Division.”

“Can I help you?” Lily wonders groggily, taking a deep breath in the hopes of keeping her heart rate low so that the machine doesn’t give her away.

“I’m here because a certain substance showed up in your bloodwork. It is a Delta-Class substance, which means that it should only be present in a research lab, or in the blood of about one in two million people. And, since your medical records indicate that you don’t have Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, you’re in a world of trouble.”

Lily’s mouth goes dry, and the heart rate monitor is beeping so rapidly that the pause in between beats barely even registers. “What will happen to me? How did you find me?”

“Well, for one, the hospital is required to file federal records for each person in the country that has this disease, so we know exactly who should be receiving Chrysalis Blockers as a medical treatment. Anyone who shows up with these in their system automatically gets checked against the database. Then, if there’s no match, it automatically flags the individual and triggers a deep background check to make sure that the person isn’t trying to avoid a certain Classification by taking them. If we find something that we don’t like, then we show up in person to discuss the next steps.”

Lily swallows audibly, waiting for Nick to continue.

“What happens next is entirely up to you. If you tell me who sold these to you, You’ll spend three months in a Behavioral Correction Facility, and then you’ll be sent to an Assignment center to be paired with a Caregiver. If you decide to protect your supplier, you’ll be tried as a Neutral, and will be spending a minimum of 10 years in a Detention Facility. Your choice.” Nick says.

“What about a trial? Don’t I at least have the opportunity to be represented legally by an attorney?” Lily wonders, not that she’ll be able to afford anyone good enough to get her off the hook.

“No. You’re a Little. That’s why Littles go to Behavioral Correction Facilities instead of prison. The legal system understands the difficulties Littles have sometimes in anticipating consequences of certain choices, or understanding why certain things are not allowed, so it won’t subject you to a punishment with lifelong repercussions. And, since you don’t have a Caregiver or Guardian, there’s no one to hold responsible besides you.” Nick explains.

“But that’s not fair!” Lily cries, struggling to keep her breathing under control. She’s barely had one day of pseudo-freedom, and it’s all about to be taken away from her.

“I agree.” Nick says, surprising Lily. “Given that you’re also an accessory to digital espionage and penetration of a secure network with the intent to manipulate Classification results, if you’re tried as a Neutral, you’re looking at at least twenty-five years behind bars. I think that’s what you deserve, since you wanted to play at being a Neutral anyway.”

Lily’s mouth falls open, and she bursts into tears. How could she has been so foolish? If only she’d listened to Alex…

“Fortunately for you, I don’t make that call. That’s up to you. So, what’s it gonna be?”


uh oh!

Yup. That’s what happens when you try to beat the system.

I loved it. Lily’s choice is an easy one. 3 months in Behavior Correction or 10 years in prison? That’s a no brainer.

Chapter 4: Confinement

The inside of the bus smells like a nursery.

The scent of baby powder is overpowering, followed closely by plastic, then rubber, with an underlying hint that someone has soiled themselves in the bus recently.

Lily wrinkles her nose. She’s the only person on this particular bus, and she’s strapped into a car-seat like restraint. It’s not particularly uncomfortable, but the five-point harness buckle can only be released with a key, so she isn’t going anywhere.

The CLASS Enforcement agents also provided her with clothing before loading her onto the bus. She’s now dressed in a far-too-colorful pull-up with some stupid animal designs on it, some unflattering gray sweatpants, and a hideous yellow t-shirt that’s about two sizes too big.

The long bus ride out to the middle of nowhere has given her plenty of time to think. Bongo and Riceman had been working with CLASS since before Lily’d ever contacted them, specifically to report those who try to avoid or alter their Classification. So, her goose had been cooked from the moment she’d gone to them for help, not that that knowledge is of any use to her now.

And, even if she hadn’t bumbled her way into a giant sting operation, Agent Beacham had been bluffing anyway–her ill-gotten status as a Neutral would have been nullified in any court proceedings, so even if she hadn’t given up Bongo and Riceman, she’d be in the exact same position.

Lily’s bladder twinges, pulling her out of her thoughts and she sighs. It isn’t urgent yet, but if road trips with Alex and Darren have taught her anything, it’s probably best to say something before it becomes an emergency.

“I gotta pee.” She says. She’s sitting a few rows behind the bus driver so she knows he can hear her.

“We’ll be there soon. You can use your diaper if you can’t hold it.” The driver replies.

“It’s not a diaper!” Lily snaps, indignant and angry at the driver’s mislabeling of her underclothes. She’s aware that really, it doesn’t matter, since both pull-ups and diapers essentially serve the same function. But, that doesn’t stop her runaway temper from getting the better of her. Being sent to a Behavior Correction Facility is humiliating enough as it is…

“It’s a pull-up!” Lily finishes, her face awash with angry tears.

The driver, a matronly older woman with graying hair, laughs. “I’m sorry dear, my mistake. I didn’t realize you were such a big girl.” The patronization in her voice is palpable, and it only serves to make Lily angrier. “I’ll remind you to mind your attitude, little one. I’m authorized to spank you if you don’t behave, but I hope I don’t need to do that. You seem like such a sweet little girl.”

“I’m not a little girl!” Lily’s anger reaches critical mass and she explodes. “I am a goddamned adult. I will serve my sentence, but I’m not going to be treated like some kind of fucking child while I’m here. This whole Classification system is fucking bullshit anyway. I don’t need this stupid pull-up, I don’t need to be in a fucking carseat, and I don’t need to go to some kind of kinder-jail for a bunch of pants-shitting freaks!” Lily slams her fists into the armrests of her seat in frustration.

“Are you done?” Asks the driver, easing the bus over onto the shoulder and turning the hazards on. Her voice is calm, but it carries a dangerous edge. “I know you’re upset, Lilian,” she begins.

“Don’t you fucking call me that! My. Fucking. Name. Is. Lily!”

“That’s enough!” The driver snaps, putting the bus in ‘park’ and setting the parking brake. “I will not tolerate such disrespect, or such foul language from you young lady. I understand that you are upset about the situation you’re in, and anyone would be. You might even be scared, and that’s okay too. But, you will speak respectfully while you are at this facility, is that clear?”

“Fuck you!” Lily spits. Somewhere, at the distant edges of her awareness, she realizes that she’s only making things worse for herself, but that does nothing to stop her from continuing to antagonize the bus driver. She’s so angry she can taste it, and her whole body trembles with the intensity of her rage.

“I will not warn you again. Any further foul language or disrespect, and you’re going over my knee. I understand that you are unhappy, but you are in this situation because of your own actions. No one forced you to do the things that landed you on this bus, and hopefully some time at the BCF will help you to make better choices in the future. Now, I think you owe me an apology for speaking to me so disrespectfully. Once you do that, we can forget this ever happened, and focus on learning how to be better in the future.”

“Oh, go fuck yourself.” Lily growls, folding her arms. She can’t help the triumphant smirk that follows her reply.

“Alright. We’ll do this the hard way then.” The bus driver says calmly, and turns off the engine. Moving with purpose, she unlocks Lily’s restraints, and skillfully maneuvers the smaller woman over her knee as she sits down in an empty seat. “Last chance, Lily.” She warns as she takes Lily’s sweats and pull-up down in one efficient motion.

Lily remains defiant to the end. No amount of spanking will make her willingly submit to being treated like a child. “Eat a dick, you hag.” she snarls.

The first swat comes without any further warning, and it stings more than Lily had imagined it would. The blows come fast and furious after that, the woman’s hand is clearly practiced at this kind of discipline.

Lily’s teeth sink into her lip as she fights back tears and an overwhelming urge to cry out. A coppery tang trickles over her tongue.

Despite her best efforts, when the older woman intensifies her punishment, the crying becomes involuntary. Her legs kick wildly as she sobs, tears dripping onto the floor beneath her.

It’s too much. Her stubborn defiance is extinguished, and all she wants is for this terrible ordeal to be over.

“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry!” Lily wails. “Please stop!”

And the woman does, lifting Lily back to a standing position and tugging her pants and pull-up back into place. “What are you sorry for?” She asks.

Lily can’t bear to look at her. She sniffles, her vision a smear of unfocused blobs, and looks at the ground. “I’m sorry for being disrespectful. And swearing.”

“Thank you dear. Are you ready to behave now?”

“Yes ma’am.” Lily mumbles, contrite, exhausted, and embarrassed beyond belief.

“Good.” The driver says, and buckles Lily back into her seat before starting the engine and continuing on the journey.

Lily just stares out the window at the passing landscape, tears rolling down her cheeks.


The Behavioral Correction Facility is not as terrifying as Lily had imagined it to be. It’s essentially a giant daycare center. She has her own little cubicle to sleep in, and it has a toilet, a sink, and a small desk. The bed has rails along the side to keep her from falling out, and there’s a nightlight built into the wall by the door.

She’s been given a fancy touchscreen watch to wear that monitors her heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure as well as telling the time. It’s connected to the wireless network in the facility, so the staff will always be able to locate and monitor her. It’s fastened snugly to her wrist with a band that can only be removed with a special tool by the staff. It’s not uncomfortably tight or anything, but it’s definitely not coming off without help. It also keeps track of her schedule while she’s here. There are classes and seminars she needs to attend if she wants to be able to leave at the end of the three month term, as well as twice-a-week therapy sessions.

All in all, it’s a lot less like jail than she’d anticipated, though admittedly she doesn’t have any experience with that either…

Lily sighs and looks out the window, she’s currently waiting to see the therapist for her introductory visit. Since her bottom is still tender from her spanking–her cheeks heat up just thinking about it–she’s elected to stand by the floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks the play area outside.

There’s a tall fence that encircles the entire facility, and according to the staff, it’s electrified. It doesn’t pack enough punch to seriously injure anyone, but if she were strong enough, she wouldn’t be climbing over it. There’s also a playground outside, and a field for playing sports, as well as a small nature track that encircles the inside of the fence.

Lily takes a breath and sits down in the chair–the waiting area is empty except for her, and she doesn’t really know how long she’ll be waiting here. She sucks in a breath through her teeth when her butt makes contact with the cushion.

Damn, that stings!

Lily’s bladder throbs again, and she’s reminded that she still hasn’t used the bathroom. Partly out of distraction, since she’s been trying to learn the rules, and partly because she’s been too embarrassed to ask in front of other people, since she’d have had to interrupt the staff to do so. She still isn’t to the emergency crisis point, but she resolves to ask the next staff member to show her to the restroom.

“Lily?” The door to the therapist’s office swings open, and a young woman with dark hair and striking green eyes stands in the doorway, looking expectantly at Lily.

“Here,” Lily replies. She’s unwilling to put her bottom through any more abuse today if she can avoid it.

“My name is Miss Bright. I’m the therapist here at Melonwood.” She pauses to consult her clipboard. “You’re here for your introductory session?” the woman says.

Lily nods. “Yes ma’am.”

Miss Bright smiles. “Such good manners! Come on in, and we can get started.”

Lily is irritated to discover that part of her is actually happy about being praised, and she grits her teeth. “Um, Miss Bright, do you think I could use the restroom before we start?”

“Oh, of course. I have one in my office. Just come with me and we’ll get you to the potty lickety-split.” Miss Bright holds out a hand expectantly. She’s taller than Lily, but then again, so are a lot of people.

Pick your battles. Lily reminds herself, and reaches out to take Miss Bright’s hand.

She’s led inside Miss Bright’s tastefully furnished office, to a small en-suite bathroom.

“Can you go all by yourself, or do you need some help? I know it can be tricky sometimes.” Miss Bright says gently.

“I can do it myself.” Lily says, rolling her eyes.

“Okay. Let me know when you’re done, okay? I’ll come in and help you get cleaned up before we wash our hands, okay?”

Lily blinks. “I can do that myself too, ma’am.” What the fuck?

“I’m sure you can, honey, but it’s part of my job to make sure all the L-3s actually make it to the potty. Not every L-3 is ready to start using the potty and sometimes, little ones get embarrassed when they have an accident, and try to hide it. I have to check to make sure everyone is clean and dry so we don’t get any rashes.”

Lily huffs. “Fine.” She tries to slam the door behind her, but it’s self-closing, and it shuts with an infuriatingly quiet click.

She does her business, flushes, and washes her hands on autopilot before the door opens.

“Lily?” Miss Bright says. “Do you remember what I said you were supposed to do?”

Lily blinks. “I don’t need help to use the toilet.” She grits out, surprised that Miss Bright was being serious.

“I didn’t ask if you needed help. I told you to do something. Do you remember what it was?” the therapist presses, in a tone that clearly means she expects an answer.

“I was supposed to tell you when I was done…” Lily replies, remembering out loud.

“That’s right. Now, did you forget? Or were you ignoring me?” Miss Bright’s voice is gentle, but firm.

“I forgot.” Lily says honestly.

“That’s okay. Just hold still for a second, okay?” Miss Bright says.

Before Lily can react, Miss Bright is pulling her pants down to her ankles and slipping a finger inside the leg band of her pull-up. Seemingly satisfied, she turns Lily around by the shoulders, and tugs on the back waistband.

“Hey!” Lily shouts, once she finds her voice again.

“All clean and dry!” Miss Bright says cheerfully. “Good job! And I see someone was a little naughty earlier.”

Lily frowns. “Fuck off.” she snaps, and gets a swat on the backside for her trouble. She winces. Her pull-up absorbs most of the impact, but it hurts a little nonetheless.

“Lily! That kind of language is unacceptable. It is rude outside of this place, but it is against the rules here, and I will not tolerate it in my office. Do I make myself clear?”

Lily grits her teeth. “Yes, Miss Bright. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you little one. Apology accepted. Now, let’s go and have a little chat about why you’re here, and what we can do to avoid seeing you back here in the future.”

Lily follows Miss Bright to the couch that’s littered with blankets and stuffies, across from a much more plain, undecorated one.

“Feel free to cuddle one of the stuffies or blankets if you like,” Miss Bright says, sitting down on the undecorated couch.

Lily sits down on the opposite couch, noticing that because of the way it’s designed, her feet don’t reach the ground. “No thanks.” She says, folding her hands in her lap.

“Well, I’ve read your file, Lily. Why did you decide to take Chrysalis Blockers instead of reaching out for assistance from one of the many programs available for Littles?”

“Because I don’t want to be a Little! I just want to live a normal life! I don’t want to be supervised all the time, I want to have my freedom and do what I want to do, when I want to do it.” Lily responds.

“The fact that you are here tells me that you do need to be supervised, Lily. You may not like it, but you being a Little is not an optional thing. It’s going to happen whether you like it or not. The Chrysalis Blockers might help with you having accidents, but everything else will still happen. Your file says you had a bit of an outburst on the way here. Does that kind of thing happen often?”

“No.” Lily lies.

“It’s alright if it does. A lot of Little ones have some trouble keeping their temper.”

“I don’t have trouble with my temper!” Lily snaps, louder than she means to, and then hangs her head.

Miss Bright doesn’t say anything in response.

Lily has already made her point for her.


I enjoyed the latest chapter Thank You.

The Behavioral Correction Facility isn’t what I expected either but then again I probably should have. Putting someone who has the mind of a child into prison would only make things worse. They need a loving and caring environment.

One thing I don’t think you’ve ever told us the ages of your characters. By what I’ve read it must be in their 20s. College age. So is that the age people in your world must take the CLASS test? Like high school is ( or used to be) for selective service?

I love the world you’ve created in these stories. The possibilities are endless for stuff to write about.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Melody explains this to Emory in Chapter 1 of A New Life. :slight_smile: The CLASS test must be taken between the ages of 18-20, though most people take it at 18, so they don’t have any complications if they’re a Little. Some people, like Emmy, are in denial and wait a little longer to take the exam. As long as it’s taken before the individual’s 21st birthday, there are no consequences. Attempting to take it after that will lead to punishment for attempting to dodge Classification. So yes, it’s sort of like Selective Service.

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Sorry. Sometimes it takes reading/watching things in order for me to remember.