Classic video games.

I took a few days off to spend with family and friends over the weekend, so I dug out my old SNES, I am just wondering how many people still find pleasure in the old classics.

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing at times, especially in the old school street fighter.

Just wondering if anyone out there still plays the old systems.

I know they have some of the SNES and SEGA games on the WII but I still enjoy playing on my old sega master system, and the game wonder boy, and even my old Atari to play old school frogger.



I suck a lot at ALL video games.

I kind of have a manufactured nostalgia that I’ve kind of deluded myself into believing. Though, ok… I had tons of nostalgia for games like Trinity, which no one here probably played. I haven’t been able to really get into those games now, but I have been trying to get there again.

Never had an SNES (I had to buy my own NES, and got it pretty much when it was going out for $5, and another $5 for my grey brick. I could not afford an SNES, not on my allowance), didn’t get a PS until the little tiny PS1 came out. Didn’t get a GameBoy to replace my grey box until the… hmm… GBA SP came out. My NES selection was terrible, mostly populated by junk the people at the video rental place were selling from their rotation (like 8 Eyes).