Clarissa the Bedwetter [Chapter 3 Posted - 15/08/21]

Chapter 1 - The (Former) Wetter

Clarissa Reynolds was quite honestly one of the most ordinary people you could ever come across, in no uncertain way there was absolutely nothing remarkable about her whatsoever. She was 18 years old, still lived with her very boring parents, was about to ship off to a very ordinary university, and was currently having yet another boring summer. She had finished her A-Levels a little over a month ago and was a fair bit into the extended summer break before she began her degree in History come September. Thus far, her time had been spent seeing her one best friend, Freya, and helping her mother with errands around the house. Far from the summers packed with romance, drama and drinking which Hollywood had promised her, and that her peers were likely enjoying at that very moment.

Today was yet another uneventful day, starting like most others, with Clarissa lounging around in bed till some leisurely hour around midday. Being able to wake up at a normal time in the morning and then doze off back to sleep for most of the day was a pleasure that Clarissa was immensely grateful for, not just because it reminded her that for the next two months, she was free from the mind-prison that was school, but because of what she had grown out of. Until just a few months ago, Clarissa was just a little bit less ordinary, at least when compared to most kids her age. Ever since she started high school, she was a bedwetter. Her doctor told her it was something she would grow out of, and that it was probably being caused by her particularly nasty anxiety about everything in life, and yes, she did grow out of it, it’s just that she had hoped it would be before the ripe old age of eighteen. But now, Clarissa was free, she could sleep in until whenever she wanted, rather than being rudely awakened at the crack of dawn by a wet pull-up, or if it was a particularly rough night, soaked sheets.

But now wasn’t the time for nostalgia over past pee related victories, as she had a day to get on with. Hauling herself out of bed, she quickly threw on a favourite hoodie and well-worn jeans and headed through to the bathroom, then having finished there, downstairs to meet her mother.

“Clarissa, how nice of you to finally grace the world with you presence on this fine… afternoon ” said her mum, who was sat on the couch reading a magazine. Clarissa’s mum had always been nothing but loving to her daughter, but that didn’t stop almost every sentence that came out her mouth being gentle ribbing or a sarcastic remark.

“I didn’t realise your whole day was held up by what time I get out of bed, mum” Clarissa, never one to be afraid to jab back, muttered.

“It is when I have to pick your brother up from school at 3, but we need to do the food shopping first, so hurry up and grab something to eat so we can go. I’ll wait for you at the car”

Clarissa sighed and quickly grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, and followed her mum out to the car, she hopped into the passenger seat, and they headed off.

“So… are you nervous about starting uni?” Clarissa’s mum asked, a few minutes into the journey, breaking a silence that was starting to get awkward.

“I mean… a little bit. It’s gonna be different to everything I’ve had happen to me up until this point in my life, and I’m gonna be so independent but like… I think I’m ready for that” Clarissa replied, mostly believing what she said.

“Do you think you’ll find it easy making new friends?”

“I’m me. Of course it wont be easy making new friends, it was hard enough making the one I have, and thank God she’s coming with me” Clarissa laughed, but deep down she was probably more grateful for the fact Freya would be studying at the same university as her than anything else lately.

“You know you could have more friends than just Freya someday… I don’t mean to make this awkward but I feel like I should ask, are you worried that the accidents might come back with all the change that’s going on?”

Truthfully, Clarissa was deathly afraid of just that. The last time she went through a major change like this, she was starting high school, and all she got to show for that was just shy of seven years of pull-ups and shame. She wasn’t going to let her mum know this though, because as much as her mum loved her, she would be more than happy to ship her off to uni with a suitcase full of Drynites.

“Mum. I’ve been dry for almost five months now, I really don’t think it’s going to be a problem anymore. I think with everything that will be happening, I think my brain will be too distracted to even think about making me have night-time accidents”

“That… isn’t how the brain works…” her mum laughed warmly.

“I’m not a brain scientist!” she giggled.

“Not yet !”

“My degree is in history!” both women now heartily laughing with each other in the newly parked car.

“I know sweetie. I’m just saying! The world is your oyster. But right now, the supermarket is our oyster, lets go” she tussled Clarissa’s short hair and winked. The pair both got out of the car and headed into the little local supermarket.

A trip to the supermarket should have been a typically uneventful part of Clarissa’s day, but this trip ended up being just one small part of a series of events that would lead to today being in no uncertain terms, awful. Most of the shop went as expected, with her mum grabbing all the basic essentials, and Clarissa sneaking in a few treats for herself along the way. Her mum usually did let her grab a few things for herself, saying that it was her way of paying her for the help around the house. Clarissa was particularly happy when her mum allowed her to grab a box of her favourite cereal, although knowing her sleep schedule it would be more of a lunchtime meal than the typical breakfast food.

It wasn’t until a few aisles into the store that things started to go very very wrong for Clarissa, and in typical fashion it was a joke from her mum that caused it all. They had just gone down the aisle where the baby stuff was, something that always brought up less than pleasant memories for Clarissa, for obvious reasons. Today her mum decided she would do everything other than alleviate those bad memories

“Do you still have any pull-ups left over by the way? I was meaning to ask” her mum asked, in a tone way too loud for Clarissa’s comfort.

“No, of course not! I threw the damn things out as soon as I didn’t need them!” she growled in response.

“Jeez Louise, sorry! I was only thinking it might be smart for you to bring just a pack with you to uni, just in case” She seemed taken aback by her daughters’ angry response.

“I won’t need them. And even if I did, which I wont, they have supermarkets at uni, I’m sure I’d be able to buy some there, which again, I wont need to” she said firmly. Conversations like these, which happened all too often, upset Clarissa a lot, as they made her feel like her accomplishments were being knocked by her mum. That she just saw her as one bad day away from soaked sheets and needing protection.

“Well… I’m going to buy a pack anyway, if you don’t need them then maybe one of the other mums at your brother’s school might have a girl who could use them” She grabbed a pack of pull-ups off the shelf, the glaring pink packaging like a beacon to anyone wanting to judge her, and low and behold, someone had just turned the corner to do just that.

“Are those nappies Clarissa?!?” screeched a voice from behind the pair. One that sent shivers down both of their spines. It belonged to the girl who single handedly tried her best to make every day Clarissa spent at school a living hell. The girl who mocked Clarissa for every tiny little thing she ever did. The girl who when she was reported to the school for bullying her peer, called up her mum’s work and claimed that she was a racist, just to try and make Clarissa’s life worse. Megan Price. The bane of both of their lives.

“Does wittle Clairey still need her nappies?” She said in a sing song voice before letting out a nasty little cackle of a laugh.

“Don’t you have somewhere better to be Megan?” her mum said, with the condescension in her voice turned up to the max.

“Nowhere better than taking the piss out of your idiot daughter, although it seems like she’s pretty good at taking the piss out of herself”

“Shut up! They’re my brother’s!” Clarissa spat, her mother giving her a look that was both one of understanding and telling her to be quiet.

“Oooh I didn’t realise your brother was a girl, and needed 15-18 year old size nappies, actually I only know one baby girl who’s that big. And it’s you, bitch ” Clarissa knew from the moment the brother excuse left her mouth that she was opening herself up to that one, she cursed herself under her breath.

“Listen Megan, I’m going to tell you one time and one time only, stop harassing my daughter or I will call security” Clarissa knew her mum wasn’t joking, by the look on her face so did Megan, that didn’t stop the girl from pulling out her phone and starting filming.

“Listen to this guys, this is funny as shit . I just stumbled upon that lass from… what was it Miss Trevor’s form? And she’s here buying nappies with her mummy! Not like baby nappies cause that’s whatever, but like the kind for kids who still piss the bed… fuckin pathetic…” Clarissa’s mum reached to slap the phone out of Megan’s hand but she moved away before she got the chance. Megan hurried off out of the shop giggling like an idiot, and the tears started streaming down Clarissa’s face, her mum wrapped her arms tightly around her daughter. Clarissa’s tears soaked her mum’s cardigan sleeves, she was so upset she didn’t even stop to care about the fact that people were staring, she could cry about that later.

“I want to go home” Clarissa sobbed.

Clarissa flopped down on her bed, tears already staining her pillow. Her mum had sat with her as she sobbed for over an hour, before having to leave to go and pick her brother up from school, she was still crying. Her life was over, the video that Megan filmed would probably be already out there in the world, all the people she knew would soon think, thanks to that bitch Megan, that she wore nappies. She had decided to spend the entire rest of her summer in her room, then she could disappear off to uni and never see these people again for the rest of her life, hopefully. In the corner of her room sat that damned pink pack of pull-ups, taunting her. She stuck her middle finger up at them, like that would do anything to undo what had happened.

She pondered what to do, whether to take the plunge and check her socials, check to see if her life had been ruined yet by Megan. She unlocked her phone, there were no notifications. She wasn’t exactly popular normally, but this time, it was a good sign. Checking through her various social media pages there wasn’t any mention of her at all, let alone in conjunction with the awkward incident at the shops. She breathed half a sigh of relief, things were okay(ish) for now. She needed to talk to someone though, someone who actually knew of her… situation, other than her mum. She texted Freya, her best friend since childhood, the girl who knew her since they were both in pre-school. The only person aside from her mum and brother, and her dad when he was around, who actually knew her secret.

“Hey are you free to call?” she messaged, really hoping Freya would respond quickly.

“Hey, yeah I’m free! Let’s chat!” The girl responded almost instantly, and sure enough Clarissa’s phone began buzzing as Freya video called her.

“Hey girl! How have you been, feels like we haven’t spoken in ages!” Freya said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Kinda shitty, honestly. Well, really shitty”

“Oh God, what happened? Is everyone okay in your family?” The former glee in her voice quickly replaced with worry.

“No its just… I saw Megan at the shop today and mum insisted on us buying pull-ups and…”

“You don’t need them again do you Clar? You know its totally chill if you do” Freya inturrpted.

“No, but my mum seems to have it in her head that as soon as I go to uni I will again, so bought some just in case. Which that bitch Megan decided to take a video of, which I assume she’s going to send to everyone we know”

“People who you won’t need to give a shit about after September though?” Freya said, raising a fair point.

“That isn’t the point, its June right now, that’s three whole months of everyone knowing that, however technically untrue it is, in Megan’s words, I wear nappies. You know I can’t deal with that” Clarissa was starting to panic, her chest had gotten tight and her vision began to tunnel.

“Clar, calm down, listen, she hasn’t posted it yet, and maybe she won’t even do that”

“What motive does she have to not post it, of course she’s going to post it!”

“Clarissa, remember in year 9 when we went to Beth’s birthday sleepover, and you were so stoked to be invited, but almost didn’t go because you had to bring your pull-ups? You remember how you had soaked them that first night we were there and what did I do? I made myself literally throw up as a distraction so you could get to the bathroom and change out of it privately. I will protect you however I can Clar, you’re my best friend, I love you hun” There was genuine warmth in Freya’s voice, a feeling that spread to Clarissa and did genuinely calm her, Freya could always do that for her, she was special.

“Thanks. You’re a really good friend, Freya. Can you stay and chat with me for a while?”

“I’d do literally anything for you” there was an odd tone to Freya’s speech, like her voice had betrayed an emotion she didn’t want to come out. Clarissa thought she knew what it was, but now wasn’t the time to deal with complicated things like that, now was the time to spend a hours just having a good time with her best friend, trying not to think about how her life might get ruined soon.

Clarissa and Freya chatted for hours on end, about everything from movies, to games, to who the funniest teacher was, to boys they liked… and the occasional girl. Eventually though, both girls drifted off to sleep, however one woke up in a worse predicament than the other, in multiple ways.

“Clarissa…” came a voice from the darkness, gently nudging Clarissa awake.

“Huh?” she mubled, still not fully conscious.

“Clarissa honey, wake up, you’ve uhh… had an accident” her mum said, softly coming into focus as Clarissa opened her eyes.

“Don’t say that… no I haven’t” Clarissa slurred. Although the cold feeling around her crotch started to give her the sneaking suspicion that might not be entirely true.

“I’m afraid you have sweetie, but don’t worry, hop in the shower and I’ll sort everything out here with your sheets” Clarissa was humiliated, her face flushed beet red, her body started shaking. This wasn’t her, she was better than this, she hadn’t been like this in months. It was all Megan’s fault, she messed with her head, made this happen.

“I’m so so sorry mum” Clarissa said weakly, small teardrops forming in the corners of her eyes.

“It’s fine sweetie, I promise, I really don’t mind, you’re still growing and you had a really shitty day yesterday, I understand” her voice deeply reassuring Clarissa.

“I guess you’re gonna make me wear the pull-ups tonight aren’t you?” she sobbed.

“No honey not tonight, I’m sure this was just a one off, you don’t have to wear a pull-up. Now go get cleaned up!”

“Thanks mummy, I really love you” Clarissa hugged her mum, both a little surprised that she had called her mummy, something she’d not called her in a long time.

Clarissa hurried through to the shower, and washed up, still flush with embarrassment over what happened. This wasn’t her, she thought. She dried off and headed back to her room, her phone was lit up on her bedside table, reading three new voicemails. Panic started to set in, she grabbed her phone and played them one by one.

“Hey Clarissa you little baby, it’s Megan, I’ve got that little video of you here with you little baby nappies, call me back and maybe we can see what you can do to stop me sending it to everyone you know” her voice grated inside Clarissa’s head, she hated her with every part of her being. She pressed play on the second message.

“I bet you peed the bed last night too didn’t you, wet your little bedwetter nappies, absolutely pathetic” Tears started to form in Clarissa’s eyes once again. She played the third and final message.

“Listen, Clarissa. Maybe we can sort something out about not releasing that video, I know this probably seems really weird coming from me but… it’s complicated and… maybe there’s some things you can do for me that might make me… I don’t know, change my mind I guess. Come meet me later today in the town park, I promise this isn’t me trying to fuck with you or anything…” the message ended, and Clarissa was left standing there in her room confused out of her mind as to what could be going on. She was going to see Megan, if only to slap her for what she caused, but also because she was curious, in ways she wasn’t sure about, as to what Megan could want from her.

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Your opening paragraph is quite possibly the most irksome intro one could craft in an otherwise perfectly competent (regarding spelling, grammar, and other basics) first chapter.

That sounds harsh, I know, but what you need to realize is that your #1 goal as a writer is to make your reader CARE about your characters, particularly your main character/protagonist. Yet your opening statement is screaming at us how utterly generic and non-descript she is. No matter how flowery your speech is, you’re still telling us we have no reason to care about Clarissa before we know anything about her.

All that said, you’ve given us a decent opening for a classic blackmail trope story, and I look forward to how you execute it.

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I think it is a great start, and in a lot of cases the blackmailer has something to hide. I think the first paragraph wasn’t bad for me, but I can see where it might not be for everyone. Maybe just a little bit of rewording?

Interested to see where this leads. I’m guessing they are more like goodnites pull up type?

Leave it out, is the correct answer. Info-dump opening paragraphs, even when they say absolutely nothing, get in the way of the story.

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We can agree to disagree. This is also OP’s first post here, so possibly first story? Everyone that is writing stories improves over time.

Of course. I’m offering advice to a first timer because spending words describing the MC as non-descript as an intro is just not a good habit to form. Unless you intend to lean hard into that “average” throughout your entire narrative, you should leave it out.

I’m not trying to crush them, just emphasizing that it’s rarely a recipe for success when trying to engage your audience.

Leading with action, and showing who your MC is (and auxiliary characters are) through your narrative works, and it works much more consistently. It’s okay if your MC perceives themselves as average and says so in internal dialogue. But you as the third-person narrator shouldn’t pass that judgement on them.


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Chapter 2 - Propositions

Clarissa wasn’t entirely sure what was compelling her more to go and see Megan, was it the threat of it being leaked to the world that she… well, leaked? Was it the fact that there was something in Megan’s voice that made her think, perhaps just a little, that underneath that nasty exterior there might be a little bit of good in the girl? There was another thought lingering in the back of Clarissa’s mind, but it wasn’t something she was willing to entertain for even a second. She would keep that thought locked up tightly because she was far from willing to have those difficult conversations with herself yet. She had reached her front door and was about to leave, and hopefully get to the bottom of her Megan related mystery, when a voice called through to her from the kitchen.

“Clarissa? Is that you? Are you off out somewhere?” Her mum asked, panicking Clarissa who obviously would not be telling her mother the real reason she was heading out.

“Yeah I am… I’m just going to get lunch with Freya!” She was happy that she was able to think up an excuse quickly.

“Ah that’ll be nice dear! Say hello to Freya for me, and stay safe!”

Thank God for that, Clarissa thought, she was in the clear. She stepped out the front door and began the short walk to see the girl who would be more than happy to ruin her life.

Megan knew exactly why she called Clarissa out to see her that morning, she hated the fact that she knew with every inch of her being, and she hated herself for doing it. She had known Clarissa for years and she had never been what most would consider to be kind to the girl, from pouring paint in her hair in year seven, to tricking her into thinking she’d been expelled in year ten, she had made a career out of bullying her. For a long time, she was honestly a little proud of it, doing it made her popular, made her funny, made her cool . But these last few months things had become… complicated. She took a long drag on the hand-rolled cigarette held between her slender fingers, something her dad should probably have cared enough to stop her doing at some point, but never would. A shiver went down her spine as she blew a thin cloud of smoke out of her cold lips, she could somehow sense that Clarissa had turned up.

“Megan” the girl said coldly.

“Clarissa… how very very nice to see you” Megan snarled.

“Why am I here, Megan? Please can you just delete the video, the fact you haven’t posted it shows you have at least a little bit of decency in you…” Clarissa pleaded, and she meant what she said, she was banking hard on the fact that if Megan hadn’t posted it yet, she probably wouldn’t. She was also, however, acutely aware of the fact she was taking to Megan, and Megan was not known for being reasonable.

“You would think that… It’s more that I want something from you in return… maybe I guess, see the video as leverage”

“So you’re blackmailing me? Really? What the fuck, Megan!?” Megan glimpsed tears beginning to form in Clarissa’s eyes.

“Don’t cry baby Clarey. If you play fair and by my rules, evwything wiw be awight” Megan knew the baby voice would get to Clarissa.

“Just tell me what you want please…”

Megan wanted to tell Clarissa the truth, she had to, that’s why she brought her here. But she almost didn’t have the confidence. Would she just come out and say it as it is? She worried she would choke if she heard the words coming out of her own mouth. Worried that her dad would magically appear as her confession came out and he would make her life something far worse than hell itself.

“Megan, please just tell me what the fuck I can do to make this all go away” Tears were now streaming down Clarissa’s face, and somehow in the corner of Megan’s eye, they had started to form too. Not from sympathy but for the fear consuming her, the guilt.

“I want you. Clarissa” the world felt like it went a little bit silent, like every bird and bug and tree took a moment of silence to let Megan’s admission sink in.

“What?” Clarissa said, stunned.

“It’s… complicated… I think I might like… girls” saying it almost made Megan sick, she was raised to think what she was saying would lead her to one place and one place alone.

“So you’re… blackmailing me into liking you back? What the fuck Megan?”

“You’re no different though… I saw your pride month posts…” Megan was grasping at straws; she knew this was a mistake. Stupid!

“Yeah, and you bullied me for it…”

“I didn’t know how to express it I guess… this has all been a fucking mistake” Megan turned around, and began to run, eyes on the ground, filled with tears, she ran. How had she become like this, she thought, she was tough as nails, cool as hell, and here she was crying over some girl.

Clarissa stood there, alone in the park. Her mind full of some of the most confusing thought’s she had thought in her entire life. Of all the ways she thought this day could go in her head, this was not one of them. Megan, the girl who had spent years trying to hurt her in every possible way, was into her. The girl who bullied her relentlessly, the girl who had that damn video, the girl who despite everything else, looked so bright, and so much like home. Clarissa ran after her.

“Megan stop!” Clarissa yelled as she rounded the corner in the housing estate that she’d chased Megan to. Thankfully, the girl did in fact stop, something that Clarissa, who somehow managed to fail sport at school, was more than grateful for.

“Why did you follow me, Clarissa?” Megan spat.

“Because I want to listen. I don’t know why, but I actually want to listen and understand you” Clarissa was shaking as she spoke.

Megan took a deep breath.

“The university my dad has sent me to is beyond religious, it’s almost a cult, and I’ve… had feelings that I can’t really process, for a long time now. Not just feelings for girls, but feelings in the way I want to act with them, things I want to do but know full well that come September I won’t be able to” Megan was more composed than she’d been all day, somehow the adrenaline of the situation had given her a much-needed boost in confidence.

“I didn’t realise… I didn’t know things were like that for you”

“The stuff I like, the stuff I’ve found whilst browsing online, it’s not the normal sort of things people like. It’s kinky and it’s weird and when I saw you yesterday in the shop with those nappies it…” Megan trailed off, but Clarissa knew where she was going, and she wasn’t entirely sure how to respond.

“For starters, they’re pull-ups . Not nappies. Secondly, I mean, people are into all kinds of weird things, Megan. You can’t beat yourself up over that” Clarissa surprised herself with the amount of compassion she was giving to the girl.

“No but my dad sure can try to”

“You can’t use the bad shit that happens to you as an excuse to be shitty to other people though… that video could ruin everything for me Megan…”

“I know… I just needed something to get you here, so we could talk, so I could tell you all this because I hoped… more than just a little bit you feel something towards me” Megan was visibly shaking and Clarissa’s head was spinning.

She did feel something towards her, she knew she had since forever, since she first saw the girl with the wavy brown hair, those curves and eyes that made her heart flutter. But that girl was not kind, and never had been. And even if she hadn’t, she was nothing like Clarissa. She was tough, independent and so so confident, and Clarissa was none of that. That’s what she liked about her though.

“Do you remember at sports day last year, when you and the girls won gold in rugby?” Clarissa asked, much to the confusion of Megan.

“Uhh… yeah, why?”

“I was in the audience of every one of your games. I had told Freya it was because I was hoping I’d get the chance to see someone tackle you, and knock you into the mud. It wasn’t. I was there because I couldn’t take my eyes off how good your legs looked in those shorts, because of how strong you looked, and because of how that made me feel” Clarissa bit her lip as she said it, finally admitting to herself why despite everything, she still somehow always found herself in Megan’s orbit.

“I saw you out in the audience y’know… that pretty tennis outfit you were wearing almost cost me a goal…” Megan smiled.

“So… where do we go from here…” Clarissa asked nervously.

“I think I’m going to go home, for now, it’s getting kind of late and this was… awkward. But um… I’ll call you tomorrow” Megan grabbed Clarissa’s hand and squeezed it gently, before running off home. Clarissa still felt the phantom warmth of the other girls hand on hers the entire way home.

As soon as Clarissa got home, she headed up to her room and laid down on her bed, her mind still racing with thoughts from the day that she had just had. She had finally confronted feelings that she had been having for so so long, and it went far better than expected. She just laid there until the sunlight coming through her windows and night set in, just thinking about Megan. Today had been a good day, or so she was thinking until her mum stormed in.

“Clarissa! I need to have a word with you!” She snapped, standing in the doorway.

“Mum! What is it?” Clarissa replied, startled.

“You’ll never guess who I saw today? That’s right, Freya’s mum, who shock horror, confirmed to me that you were not in fact, at lunch with Freya! Where were you?” She was a lot angrier than Clarissa had seen her in a long time.

“I’m sorry mum… I was just out… I didn’t mean to lie to you”

“Then why did you? I was worried, Clarissa! After what happened yesterday…”

“I’m sorry, I really am! I just needed to go for a walk and clear my head”

“Listen, Clarissa. Don’t lie to me again. You’re off to uni soon and I need to know I can trust you to be safe and truthful with me. I don’t want to be worrying about what kinds of dangerous people you could be getting yourself into trouble with” She had calmed down, but the disappointment in her voice was strong.

“I won’t do it again, I promise” Clarissa tried to say it like she meant it, but with all that was going on right now she knew this was a promise she wouldn’t be able to keep.

“Good, now you should probably be getting some sleep, its getting late”

“Okay, mum” Clarissa got up and hugged her mum tight “I love you”

“I love you too. Please try and not have another accident tonight by the way, or maybe the pull up’s might need to re-enter the equation”

“Mum!” Clarissa exclaimed, having gone bright red. Her mum laughed and headed off to bed, and Clarissa went to do the same.

As she was putting on her pyjamas she glanced over at the pack of pull-ups in the corner of the room and considered it for a second, just as a precaution. But she banished the thought and cuddled up under her duvet to sleep. Her last thought as she drifted off was of Megan’s hand on hers.

Clarissa woke to the feeling of someone watching her, nervously she opened her eyes and they locked on a figure across the room, panic set in. It was still dark out, but she fumbled around her to find something to defend herself, but before she could have a chance, the figure spoke.

“Clarissa, its me!” Megan whispered, and somehow it sent a wave of intense relief through Clarissa.

“Megan? What are you doing here? How did you get in?” She muttered groggily.

“That doesn’t matter, I just couldn’t wait to see my Clarey baby. Now roll over and let snuggle up”

Still a little confused, Clarissa rolled over and Megan slid into the bed next to her, her warmth poured over to Clarissa and instantly made her face light up with a smile. Megan stroked a hand across her cheek.

“For someone who just woke up, you look cute as fuck” she whispered in her ear.

“For someone who snuck into my house, you’re surprisingly kind” Clarissa joked.

Megans hand gently slid further down from Clarissa’s cheek, down her neck, fingers gently unbuttoning her silk pyjama shirt, one by one threading button through hole until the shirt was popped open and Megan’s hand was on her chest.

“I’ve always been a big fan of your itty bitty tits, they look like perfect little apples” Megan said, cupping one in her hand, leaving Clarissa to respond with only a whimper.

Megan’s hands went further down, resting on her hips for a second before her fingers found their way down into her pyjama trousers, which soon slipped off, leaving Clarissa in nothing but a bright pink princess pull-up.

“My little princess is still dry down there. I’m proud of you” Megan said, patting the front of the pant, sending tingles down Clarissa’s legs.

“You could change that…” Clarissa said gently.

“I know I could, baby girl”

Megan slid one hand into Clarissa’s pull up, whilst her free hand found its way over to grab tightly around her thigh. Gently, but still quickly, Megan touched Clarissa in ways that until then she had only been touched by herself. She felt the feeling rise and grow as her body tensed and untensed, a building crescendo of… everything . Megan’s fingers like those of a master pianist, hitting the right note with every stroke, and then boom, Clarissa found herself teetering on the edge, right where Megan stopped.

“Please…” she whimpered.

“Wet for me first like a good princess, fill that pull-up of yours like the cute little Clarey baby you are” her voice was like silk, like a hypnotist compelling Clarissa to obey her every command.

With very little effort the gates of Clarissa’s already bursting bladder opened, soaking the inside of the pull-up, only for it to be quickly wicked away. The warmth pouring over everything down there almost finished her off before Megan even got the chance. Between her legs, the pull-up swelled as it filled to near-capacity.

“There’s my good girl” Megan whispered, running a finger through her lover’s hair. Then, with one final motion, she pushed Clarissa off the edge, her body exploded with pleasure, she let out a muffled little moan as her world erupted.

And then she woke up. She woke up alone in her cold, damp bed. A bed that was absolutely drenched, as contrary to what her dream suggested, Clarissa was not wearing a pull-up. A bed that had her mum standing at the foot of it, looking more than a little disappointed.

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Really liked the 2nd chapter and the twist that I was not expecting. Will be really interesting to see where this goes from here.

Chapter 3 – Complications

“Mum! You can’t do this! I’m eighteen years old I’m too old for you to be controlling me like this!” Clarissa yelled at her mother from across the table.

“I don’t want to be having to wash your sheets constantly again, Clarissa! There is a solution to this problem right here and now, we know it works too! I don’t know why you’re being so stubborn!” Clarissa’s mum was fuming. It’s not like tensions hadn’t already been high in the house, Clarissa was on edge because it had been three days since she saw Megan in the park and she hadn’t even called her yet. Clarissa’s mum was on edge because for each and every one of those three days she’d had to strip her daughter’s bed and wash the sheets and she was sick of it.

“I can stop this mum! I promise!” Clarissa started to sob.

“You said that last time and still you woke up wet nearly every night for multiple years ! I’m not having that happen again!”

“You won’t! I’m going to university soon so it won’t be your problem anymore!” Clarissa spat.

“If you don’t sort this out, you’ll be going to uni in pull-ups, Clarissa. I’m not trying to argue with you here, or make you feel bad, but I need you to actually take initiative here and help me out a little” She had calmed down but her voice was still deadly serious, she knew what she wanted as was determined to get it.

“Please mum… I’m sorry…” Clarissa sobbed, she was out of arguments. Her mum placed the pack of pull ups on the table.

“You’re going to be wearing these for two weeks, Clarissa” there was clearly sympathy in her voice, she knew how much her daughter hated her right now, but this was the right choice.

“If you manage to keep them dry for most of that time, then we’ll reconsider you wearing them after that. But I do need you to wear them, it’s not something up for debate” she continued.

“Okay mum… I’ll try and keep them dry” Clarissa was wiping away her tears, her mum knew she was still angry, but Clarissa knew there was nothing she could do here.

“Come and give me a hug darling” her mum said warmly, holding out her arms. Clarissa collapsed into them, dropping tears onto her mum’s top. The pair sat there for a while in silence before Clarissa stood up.

“I’m going to lunch with Freya today, if that’s okay?” she asked.

“For real this time, not going to vanish off elsewhere for the day?” her mum replied, mostly seriously.

“Yes mum, I promise. We’re going to get bagels at Willow House, I’ll send photo proof” the young woman laughed, then grabbed her bag and headed out the door.

Freya was waiting at a table when Clarissa arrived, the girl had shoulder length blonde hair, and was wearing a cardigan, by the looks of things she had already ordered herself a coffee which she gently sipped from. She got up as soon as she saw Clarissa, and wrapped her arms tightly around her.

“Clar! It’s so good to see you! How’ve you been, it feels like it’s been forever since we last saw each other for real and in person!” Freya had a tendency to exaggerate, it had only been a couple of weeks since the pair last met up in person, ironically in that very same café.

“I’ve missed you too!” Clarissa squealed, trying to match her friend’s excitement, taking her seat opposite her at the table, and using her phone to order through the café’s app, she went for the ham and cheese bagel, with a hot chocolate.

“So, did you hear that Rose Parker ditched her offer for Oxford?” Freya asked, keeping to her usual gossipy self.

“Wait really? Why? She’s like, the smartest person I know”

“Yeah, well, she got pregnant off of that Ricky that she was with for all of about two weeks, and she’s keeping it, because obviously she’s like that, and so yeah, no more university for her” Freya explained. Clarissa normally wasn’t a fan of pointless gossip but somehow when talking to Freya, she was more than happy to hear it.

“Well, I guess I won’t be the only one neck deep in piss-full nappies then” Clarissa sighed.

“You’re pregnant too?” Freya gasped.

“No! Of course I’m not pregnant! I mean because of my… issues” Clarissa laughed.

“Christ… I don’t know how I manage sometimes, yes obviously because of your issues. Sorry. So is it official now, you’re back in the protection?” Freya asked.

“Yep, official decree from my mum issued this morning, two weeks in pull-ups and if I can keep them dry then I’m free again”

“I mean… I know it’s a shitty situation, but it is probably the logical solution”

Clarissa hated that phrase, it wasn’t the logical solution to put an adult back in nappies, she thought. Logical would be Megan calling her back, hopefully stopping this anxiety that was flooding her mind and bed. Logical would be if the Megan from her dreams would come out and…

“Clarissa! Earth to Clar!” Freya waved her hand in front of her friend’s face, breaking her train of thought.

“What? Sorry I was elsewhere…” Clarissa muttered.

“Something’s clearly on your mind, if it’s not the bedwetting, then what is it?”

Clarissa was not in the mood to explain herself to Freya. Freya had hated Megan for as long as she could remember, much like until recently, Clarissa had too. She would have all kinds of opinions about what happened between Clarissa and Megan in the park the other day, and what’s been going on in Clarissa’s dreams ever since. Odds are, none of these thoughts would be good.

“It’s just some girl…” she sighed, giving minimal information to her nosy companion.

“Some girl? Who, someone I know?”

“No, it’s just someone I met… online. But they seem surprisingly… nice” Clarissa smiled at the thought.

“Nice is always good” Freya laughed.

“Yeah, but it’s surprising because she wasn’t nice to me for a while, and then suddenly she opened up and we’ve become kinda close… I think. She’s been helpful to me with the whole bedtime situation too” Clarissa confessed.

“Wait, you told someone else about your problem?” Freya sounded hurt.

“I met her through a… support group, so it would be hard for her not to know!” Clarissa lied easily.

“I mean, I’m glad to hear you’re getting help from people familiar with the issue then, I just kind of thought I was your go to girl for that sort of thing” the upset in Freya’s voice was noticeable.

“You are! You’re my best friend and you always will be, I just… this girl is nice, and good she makes me kind of feel less upset about having to wear the protection and a lot of other complicated things” Clarissa trailed off.

“It sounds like… you really like her…”

“I don’t know really yet…”

Clarissa quite honestly didn’t listen to what Freya said next, as right on the opposite side of the street, out of the café’s big glass windows, she spotted a girl in a dark leather jacket, white cropped top and a face that made her lose her breath. Megan.

“…as long as she’s actually helping you grow and not using you or…” Freya was still droning on, but Clarissa was already grabbing her stuff together.

“Listen, Freya. I am so so sorry, but I’ve just remembered my brother needs picking up from school, so I’m going to have to run quite urgently, but listen, we should definitely do this again sometime soon!” Clarissa blurted out, before running off out of the café, chasing after Megan. As she bolted, a waitress brought her bagel, which would now remain uneaten, to the table.

“Oh… bye I guess?” Freya said, incredibly confused. That confusion only grew when her eyes followed Clarissa out of the window and saw her run up and start chatting to none other than the girl who burned her favourite toy as a kid, Megan Price.

“What the fuck is going on” she asked herself, under her breath. There was no way Clarissa would be friends, or even give the time of day, to Megan. It just didn’t make sense. It had always been Clarissa and Freya, against the world, she thought to herself.

Megan knew she probably should’ve made more of an effort to contact Clarissa, but seeing as her dad took her phone from her as soon as he found out she had gone out without telling him, it was somewhat tricky. Unfortunately, the very angry looking girl currently storming towards her down the high street, was unaware of this fact.

“Clarissa, I can explain” Megan started to say.

“You had better be able to, you said you’d get back to me that day , it’s been three!” she was very clearly upset.

“I wanted to talk to you, I promise! My dad took my phone from me as soon as I got home… I don’t want you to think I didn’t mean what I said the other day” she pleaded, honestly meaning every word she said.

“He took your phone from you? Why?”

Megan’s dad was far from a kind man, he held his faith above all, even his family. When Megan was young, his dad kicked her mum out because she had dared to hint that she might not be keen on having another child with him, and he, as the so-called head of the household, would not stand for that. He was truly a terrifying person, and quite possibly the only person Megan feared in the whole wide world.

“He’s… kind of an arsehole, and wasn’t overly keen on the fact that I snuck out without telling him, so he took it. Cause he’s a dick, and that’s just how he is”

“I didn’t realise… I’m sorry Megan. Listen, it’s in the past now, let’s just move on” Clarissa smiled warmly, making Megan’s heart flutter a little.

“Thank you, I really do appreciate that… how have things been in your world? How are things with your… you know what?” Megan asked coyly.

“Umm, well, ironically my mum is making me wear pull-up’s again… so if that indicates in any way how my accidents are going…”

“Badly, then. Well, for you at least” Megan winked, her hard-love persona creeping back in.

“Hey!” Clarissa laughed “Y’know… I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately” she flushed red.

“Thinking good things, or thinking bad things?”

“Thinking thing’s, I probably shouldn’t be saying in somewhere so public” Clarissa was beet red, shaking a little too.

Megan knew, right there and then, more than ever before, that Clarissa felt, at least to some degree, the same as she did. The feelings between them were tangible, and real, and damn good too. She reached out and rested her hand on Clarissa’s hip, the other girl seemed nervous, she was breathing quick.

“I mean… my dickhead dad isn’t home right now, he’s on a church weekend retreat… if you wanted to come back to mine and have… a think , you’d be more than welcome” Megan said, gently tightening her hand around Clarissa’s waist.

“I mean… I have to be home not too long from now… but I suppose popping round for a quick bit wouldn’t be too bad… yeah, I’ll come round”

Megan smiled warmly, and grabbed Clarissa’s hand, and guided her down the street. Clarissa glanced back at the café window as the girls walked off, and locked eyes with Freya, who had seen the entire incident unfold. Something that she was certain would not end well for her.

Megan was not proud of her family’s house, it was cramped, full of enough religious imagery to rival the Vatican, and it stunk of cigarette smoke, both hers and her fathers. It was not a nice place to be, and from the look on Clarissa’s face, she knew that from the second she stepped in the door.

“Wow… its…” she looked as though she was struggling to find the right word.

“Crappy. I know” Megan replied coldly.

“I was going to say busy, but yeah, its not the nicest place” Clarissa admitted,

“Come through to my room, it’s a little better”

Megan guided her friend through the house, being careful to step around stacks of newspapers and books. Megan’s room was very very different to the rest of the house, her walls were covered in band posters, and in a slightly conflicting aesthetic choice, pictures of iconic women athletes. Her bed was unmade, and Clarissa’s eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to the still-open drawer of adult toys in Megan’s bedside table.

“Ignore those. Or don’t” Megan said, there was a firmness in her voice that made Clarissa feel a lot of unexpected things.

Both girls flopped down onto the bed, facing one another, Clarissa looked Megan up and down, her muscular arms looked like they could crush her, should Megan command them to.

“So, what did you want to think about?” Megan asked softly.

“Uhh… I mean, us mainly…” Clarissa was beyond nervous, for all the kinky things she dreamed up, she was woefully inexperienced in real life.

“Were you thinking about… me showing you a good time?” Megan gently ran her fingers across Clarissa’s cheek.

“Yes…” Clarissa blushed.

“I could show you a good time if you wanted me to, Clarey baby. Just say the word and I could make every one of those… thoughts, you’ve had about me, come true” her voice was smooth like butter, every syllable melting Clarissa in every perfect way. She had never in a million years imagined she would be here, with Megan, but it was real, and as nervous as she was, and as fast as this was all going, she was determined to enjoy every second of it.

“Please…” she whispered, ready to allow Megan to take control.

“I have some rules first. You need to agree to every one of them, or this doesn’t go ahead” Megan said, with a tone that wasn’t mean, but was certainly dominant. “First, when we do this, you call me daddy, second, if daddy gives you an instruction, you follow it, and third…” she reached under the bed and grabbed something, at first Clarissa wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but when she realised, her heart skipped a beat.

“These belonged to my grandma, before she passed on. They aren’t the most state of the art, but they’ll do to offer some protection to my pretty princess” Megan unfolded what was now clearly, a pure white, medical adult nappy. The kind Clarissa had only seen the once before, when her mum threatened to put her in them during a particularly bad spell of night-time accidents. Clarissa’s feelings about nappies were going on a rollercoaster of changes lately, this would just be another experience, she thought.

“Okay, I agree” she said with a shuddering breath.

Megan tutted and wagged her finger.

“You agree? You agree what?” Clarissa knew what she wanted her to say, she still felt nervous saying it, this was all new to her.

“I agree, daddy” she said meekly.

Megan pushed Clarissa down onto the bed and started to unbutton her jeans.

“Good, then we can begin”

She slid the jeans off of Clarissa’s slender legs and threw them into a pile on the floor, as she did this she gently ran her cold fingers across Clarissa’s thigh, sending shivers through her whole body, slowly her fingers reached her lace panties, and grasped around them. Sliding them down her body Megan took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the girl beneath her, she was everything she ever wanted.

“You’re beautiful, aren’t you baby girl?” she smiled, Clarissa responded with nothing more than her cheeks flushing red. Her underwear hit the floor, and Megan laid out the nappy on the bed.

“What daddy’s going to do for you Clarey baby, is I’m going to put you in a nice thick nappy so that you don’t have one of your little accidents on my bed, then I’m going to play with you as much as you like” Clarissa was already whimpering, and that was even before Megan quite literally lifted the other girl onto the white nappy. She pulled the front part between Clarissa’s legs, and taped it together.

Clarissa liked the adult nappy a lot more than she thought she would, she wasn’t sure if that was to do with the girl who put it on her, or more the fact it felt oh so soft against her skin, but it was so good. Even better still when Megan’s lips touched against hers, they were as soft as she had dreamed, like clouds grasping around her own lips. She shut her eyes and kissed the girl hard, her fingers finding their way around Megan’s thigh, she was completely on top of her, gently grinding her body against the nappy that hugged Clarissa’s crotch. She let out a little moan as Megan tightly grabbed the front of the crinkly nappy, compressing around the one place Clarissa yearned for her to touch.

“You like that?” Megan whispered in her ear.

“Yes, daddy”

Megan sat up for a moment, taking off her own jeans, revealing dark red lingerie underneath, she looked so so good, Clarissa thought. Megan reached into her drawer and pulled out a small pink bullet shaped device, flicking a small switch on it made it burst to life and start vibrating.

“Daddy’s going to make you feel so so good” she said softly, Clarissa responding with a noise that barely constituted words.

She gently pressed the vibrator into the soft cushioning of the nappy, the vibrations like electric shocks through Clarissa’s body, and by God did she love it. Megan pinned her arms to the bed with her free hand and kissed her again, all the while the vibrator lighting up every nerve Clarissa had down there. Within seconds she was almost there, almost on the edge of everything in her erupting, of her nappy getting wet in a different way to how it was meant to.

And then Megan stopped, just like Clarissa had dreamed.

“Fill up your nappy for me, princess” Megan ordered.

Clarissa wasn’t entirely sure she needed to actually go, and she had never actually wet herself on purpose. Ironically it wasn’t as easy as it was in her dreams to just let go and flood the nappy. Her self-control was much stronger when she was awake than when she was asleep it seemed.

“Come on baby… let it all out, its what the nappy is there for. You obviously can’t use the potty like a big girl, so you may as well let it out here” Megan said reassuringly, it made Clarissa feel good to hear it, she felt safe, she felt like whatever happened daddy would take care of her, and all of a sudden, she felt wet. A hot stream of pee gushed out and filled her nappy, heat spilling across her areas, it tingled as the warmth liked her most sensitive parts. The adult nappy swelled a lot less than she remembered her pull-ups doing, made of stronger stuff, she thought. And then she was done, her nappy was damp and hot, and Megan looked down at her proudly, acutely aware of what she had just done.

“All done, theres a good girl!” She smiled widely, and tussled Clarissa’s hair. Her hand gently patted the front of the warm nappy, then the very same hand gently slid into one of the leg holes, and two muscular fingers found their way inside Clarissa.

“Cum for me”

It would have been hard for Clarissa not to have, her body convulsed as Megan moved inside her, she was energised and alive, and bursting with pleasure. Then she finished, letting out a loud moan that was quickly muffled by Megan’s hand.

“Wow” Clarissa said, breathlessly, as Megan got off her and sat up against the headboard.

“Wow indeed” Megan smiled, patting Clarissa on her padded butt.

“I’m so glad I could finally do that with you” Clarissa said, finally having gotten her breath back.

“I’m glad I stopped being a dick to you so that this could actually finally happen” Megan really did mean it, she felt so bad for how she had treated Clarissa all these years, hopefully this had made up for it a little.

“I should probably… head off now” Clarissa said, noticing that it was getting late.

“Yeah it is kinda late” Megan responded, handing Clarissa her clothes.

Clarissa reached to grab her panties but Megan snatched them back, and then thew them in her drawer.

“Actually, princess, I think it’s probably… safest… for you to keep wearing that big nappy, at least until you get home. So I think I’ll hold onto your panties for now” Megan said firmly, at first Clarissa seemed annoyed, her face crumpled up with anger, but then it dropped and she became compliant.

“Okay daddy, if you say so” Clarissa knew it was risky, that wearing the bulky nappy out and about could lead to things becoming complicated, but she liked how it felt and wasn’t willing to give up on that yet, plus daddy had given her an instruction .

The pair kissed and hugged and said their goodbyes, Clarissa’s butt gently crinkling as she walked away from the run down house in which she’d just had the most exciting time of her life so far.