Cianville (A Soft Diaper Dimension Story)

[SIZE=14px]Hiya folks. I posted on this forum, (or maybe it was daily diapers, or ADISC or whatever it’s called) years ago. I probably uploaded a story or two that was very shitty, and I never looked back. Today this changes. This story (currently unfinished) is my own take on the Diaper Dimension. While I like other DD stories, I wanted to write one that was mostly from the perspective of amazons, and also one where the concept was a little “softer”, which can mean whatever you want it to mean. I’ve already written close to 25 pages on a google doc, so this first update will be a major dump. Whatever, without further ado, I give you the first “chapter” of Cianville.


It’s a September day in Cainville, in the heartland of the country. It’s beginning to get a little cold, and the first leaves of Autumn are falling onto the sidewalks of the quiet neighborhood close to the center of town. Karen has just parked her sedan on the side of the road, and is walking down the sidewalk. The sun is starting to set, and the newly installed, high-tech streetlights are brightening gradually to pick up where the sunlight is waning.

Karen is still wearing her clothes from work, from her conservative black skirt to the pumpkin orange turtleneck, she just picked up a big bottle of wine from the grocery store, nothing fancy, just something to bring to the gathering. She saw her destination, a cute little townhouse, the closest one to campus, and knocked on the front door.

Her close friend, Sophie, answered it. She was wearing a smart cocktail dress without much makeup. She was smiling and ushering Karen in before she even got the door fully open, Karen duly entered.

“Come on, we’re in the back!” Sophie said cheerfully.

Karen followed her back into a beautiful sunroom, where two more women sat eating the appetizers on a glass coffee table in front of a TV.

“Hey Melinda, hey Lily,” Karen said, walking into the sunroom, both the women got up and exchanged hugs. They saw each other about once a month now that they all had obligations and responsibilities, but hugs were sill in order.

“What are we doing tonight girls?” Karen asked.

“Well,” Sophie began, “as you all know, I’ve been really busy for the last few weeks getting everyone in my dorm all oriented and everything, so I thought we would order takeout and do a little people-watching, sounds good?”

“Isn’t that a little creepy?” Karen asked.

The other women laughed a little bit, “Oh, come on Karen,” Lily replied, “You know we do this every year, besides, I know you like it.”

Karen grumbled because Lily was right, as always. She took her seat on the couch, grabbed a spring roll, and watched the TV.

What was on the TV now was security footage of an empty dorm hallway. Eventually, a door opened and a girl walked out and started to lock her door after she closed it.

“Hello, who is this?” Lily said, sitting closer to the TV and grabbing a spring roll.

Sophie typed a few quick words on her laptop, “Her name is Milly Jones, she’s a freshman, obviously, from the East Coast.”

“She’s a cutie,” Melinda said. All the other women nodded.

As Milly was locking her door, she turned her head suddenly, frightened. A girl walked into frame, impossibly tall compared to Milly. Milly tried to hide what she was doing, but the other girl closed the gap quickly. After some words were exchanged, the girl wrenched the key from Milly’s hands and deposited it in her pocket, walking off down the hall.

“Oh sweetheart,” Sophie said out loud, even though Milly couldn’t hear her, “you know you’re not supposed to lock your doors.”

“Do you think she’ll last a year?” Lilly asked.

“Probably not even the semester, now that she’s locked out,” Milly started pushing on her door hopelessly, “If she doesn’t get her roommate back in time before the next RA comes, she’ll be put on probation for sure, and then I’ll get another email on top of the one I’m going to get for her locking her door.”

“Speaking of sweethearts,” Karen said, “how’s Mandy?”

“Mandy and Mark are both at home, hopefully eating something nutritious right now,” Lily said, “I’ll get a call in about an hour from Mark asking me to come home, but other than that, she’s an absolute doll. It took some work for the both of us, but now she’s a doll.”

The four women sat in relative silence as they watched the Little college freshman desperately call her roommate. Her desperation etched on her face, despite the lack of sound. It wasn’t long, though, until another RA came by and noticed her locked out. After unlocking Milly’s door, the RA gave her some stern words.

“Yep, I’ll be getting two emails for her.”

“What happens if she keeps breaking the rules?” Melinda asked.

“Well,” Sophie began, matter-of-factly, “I get to pick whether she goes to one of the special dorms or if she goes home with one of our designated off-campus host families.”

“Then what?” Karen asked.

“Then,” Sophie continued, “she’ll automatically withdraw from her classes for this semester citing personal reasons, after that, she’ll enroll for the rest of her time at school in the maximum number of independent study credits. She’ll pass with flying colors and after her four years are up, she’ll get a degree in the mail saying that she graduated with high honors in ‘infancy and childhood studies’. If she’s still in our special dorms by her last semester, I’ll email the local chapter head of the Society of Little Caregivers and arrange a permanent solution for her after she graduates. Or, one of the students at the special dorms will offer to take her when they graduate, but to do that, they need to fill out some serious paperwork.”

The four women sat back and continued to watch the TV. Sophie changed the channel for a new angle, but nothing really interesting happened before the doorbell rang and the Chinese delivery was here.

“Ah, shit!” Lilly exclaimed, “It’s Mark, I gotta go!” She opened her purse and grabbed some bills, “here’s my cut of the Chinese food, sorry to run.”

Sophie waved her off, “don’t worry about it, we’ll eat your share, you don’t need to pay.”

Lilly said her quick goodbyes and scurried out the door, just as Sophie, Melinda, and Karen sat down to eat.

“So,” Melinda said, grabbing a takeout box of rice and her order of orange chicken, “when are we all getting littles so Lilly can bring hers to these gatherings and not feel guilty about it?”

Karen was silent, so Sophie spoke up first.

“I wish, but I both don’t have the time for a little and I don’t have the money for daycare or a nanny. Maybe when I get promoted. I do spend some time every day in the special dorms, getting my hands dirty. So much that,” Her voice dropped, “I’ve begun to lactate a little.”

Melinda nodded and then turned to Karen, “I don’t know, Melinda. I’m not married like Lilly so it might not be a good time right now. I’ve thought about it a bit…” Karen trailed off.

“How about you?” Sophie asked, turning the question on Melinda.

“Me?” Melinda said, “I’ve put some feelers out. I want to feel the rush of adopting one by myself, and doing everything on my own.”

“I’ll keep you in the loop for any openings I see,” Sophie replied, and Melinda thanked her.

After that, it was just talk about work. Sophie asked about Melinda’s boutique shop, and Melinda responded that things were going well. Karen talked a bit about her middle corporate position. She had the flexibility of working at home, but she liked the office environment and wanted to get out of the house every day.

The young women drank wine and reminisced a bit about their college days. They all, including Lilly, became friends at the college in this town. Karen majored in finance and got a job locally, Melinda majored in arts, wento fashion school for two years and then returned to Cianville to start her own small boutique, and Sophie, of course, majored in child psychology and little studies, and after brief stints in daycares and summer camps she took a position as a residential director of some of the little dorms on campus. Lilly majored in English and was married to Mark before they even graduated, they’re trying for a kid, but to fend of the baby fever, a year ago Lilly found herself a little, Mandy.

It wasn’t long before it was getting late and everyone had to disperse and go home. Karen, Sophie and Melinda said their goodbyes and departed into the night.

The next monday, Karen showed up at the office after spending about 48 hours watching a shameful amount of Netflix. During the weekend she could veg out, but in the week she forced herself to come in to work every day. Today, she walked into her office to find a desk in her waiting room. As she walked into her office proper, her boss, Alex, was sitting in one of the chairs in front of her desk.

“Please, Karen, have a seat, I have great news for you,” Alex gestured towards her chair. Karen dutifully say, and Alex continued.

“Karen, you’ve been a highly productive worker for us for almost two years now,” Alex began, smiling, “and so, we’re giving you an assistant to make you all the more productive. As you know, our firm, being located in a town with a college that has a proud history of equal treatment of littles, gets significant tax breaks from both local and state governments for hiring littles, particularly littles that are alumni of the local college.”

“So, we’ve gone and done just that! Your new assistant, Sally, should report to you in around half an hour,” Alex’s smile got a little wider, “I think you’ll have no trouble with her, cheers!”

And with that, he left. Karen was confused, all the upper management got amazons as their secretaries, why did she get a little? Befuddled, Karen went to the employee lounge to get a cup of coffee. There were a couple of her coworkers there, drinking coffee and gossipping before the day really began. Karen filled up her mug and joined the group.

“Alex just told me I’m getting an assistant, and she’s a little,” Karen mentioned after her coworkers said hello.

“Oh, how exciting! What are you going to name her?” One of the older ladies said.

“Her name is Sally,” Karen replied, most of the gossipers started to laugh quietly.

“Karen, if you were that oblivious as a little, I would have you on my knee in less than an hour!” Another coworker said, causing more laughter.

“Why would I give her a different name, isn’t that a little strange?”

The older lady turned to the woman next to her, “She still doesn’t get it,” She muttered, not quietly enough.

“Karen, Alex wants you to adopt her,” Another coworker explained.

Karen was confused again, “wait, why would the company want me to adopt her? Wouldn’t that take her off the company’s payroll?”

“No!” The older lady piped up again, “when you take the girl home with you, she gets redefined as a live-in assistant. Her paycheck is then sent to your house, and never cashed, while you get a kickback for her ‘living expenses’. That means the company technically keeps her on the payrolls, gets the tax kickback, and pays a fraction of her actual wages to you. Why, I have two adorable live-in assistants back home myself!” She opened her purse and showed Karen a wallet picture of two littles in the bathtub, both with pacifiers poking out of their mouths. All of the coworkers cooed and smiled.

“Why me then?” Karen asked, “I’m not married, who made the decision that I want a little?”

“That’s the real gossip, Karen!” Another coworker hopped in, “It looks like you have a not-so-secret admirer!”

The circle erupted in giggles again, and Karen, thoroughly annoyed, with her coworkers, Alex, and her thick-headedness, took her coffee back to her office. When she entered her waiting room, she froze.

There she was, Sally. The girl was tiny, just shorter than Karen’s upper thigh. She was wearing a navy peacoat, a polka dotted blouse, and a smart little black office shirt, as well as tiny heels. She looked like an American girl doll. Her brown hair fell in ringlets down her back, and her pale skin was dotted with a smattering of freckles. Karen was dumbstruck.

After a while, Karen mustered the courage to walk into her office.

“Sally, I presume?” Karen said, masking her nervousness, “why don’t you take a seat?”

Karen made it over to her own desk and sat down before Sally even got into one of her chairs. Sally struggled, but managed to get up on the seat, her legs dangling. While she did though, she flashed her pair of white cotton panties to Karen.

“So, Sally, you’re also an alumnus of the college here?” Sally nodded.

“How did it treat you?” Karen continued.

“I thought it was good,” Sally started, “I’m glad I was there and not anywhere else, it was pretty restrictive to someone like me, but I heard most colleges are worst, and more dangerous. I enjoyed it.”

“What have you been doing after graduation then?” Karen asked.

“Well,” Sally replied, “I took an internship at a firm in my hometown. It went well, but I decided it was time to leave.”

Karen raised an eyebrow, “what made you decide to leave?”

Sally fidgeted, “can I just say personal reasons?”

“Was it coworker drama? Were you fired? Did you have a mental breakdown?”

Sally’s legs began to kick, her hands pressed down hard on the upholstery next to her hips, it kind of looked like she was going to make a run for it, but the door was closed and it would take some effort for her to open it, even though it was lower than average for workplace diversity compliance. Finally, she spilled the beans.

“Let’s just say I came into work one day and realized I was the only little to show up out of a little intern cohort of ten.”

“Ah,” Karen said, understanding, “well, you must come from a pretty conservative area. We pride ourselves in being one of the most progressive firms in one of the most progressive towns in one of the most progressive states.”

“Thank you,” Sally said, calming down.

“Now, why don’t you go to your desk and familiarize yourself with your workspace and the computer. I have some compliance paperwork to fill out to say that my office is properly accommodating to you. If you have any trouble, please just ask, and please use the safety equipment properly, it’s for your own good.”

“Understood!” Sally said, hopping off of the chair, she hurried out of Karen’s office. Karen watched from her paperwork as Sally scaled her new chair, buckling herself into the booster seat on top. Her workplace was supposed to be big, unwieldy and intimidating. Karen quickly signed off on the accommodation forms and then went on to start answering emails. She shot a fast text to her girlfriends, describing the situation in brief, and then set her phone on silent as it began to explode with texts from them, they would have to be patient.

It wasn’t long before Alex came in with a large stack of multicolored papers.

“Hey Karen, I I’ve got the perfect job for your new assistant, why don’t you pass these forms on to her and get her to sort them by color for me. Have them on my desk by the end of the day, okay? Thanks!” Alex said. He walked over and then shut Karen’s door.

“By the way, you should be getting a company email about our internal supply service. Little assistants need extra supplies, and we find that it’s best if their bosses pick them out for them. When you submit the online form, they should deliver discreetly in less than an hour.”

Karen nodded. Smiling, Alex walked over to the door and opened it slightly, “Well Karen, I hope you and your assistant are getting to know each other, and just a friendly reminder about our conduct guidelines!”

Alex left the waiting room and Sally smiled after him. Karen almost laughed at her naivete.

“Sally?” Karen called.

“Yes miss?” Sally called back.

“Could you come to my office please? I have a job for you.”

Karen watched as Sally unbuckled herself, jumped down and walked in to Karen’s office.

“Alex just left me all of these papers, and he wants you to sort them by color, could you do that for me? There might not be enough space on your desk, so if you want, you can do it on my floor. I’m not expecting anyone until well after lunch.”

Sally nodded and Karen handed her the papers. She visibly struggled carrying all of the giant forms and, after taking a few steps away from Karen’s desk, dumped the entire stack on the floor. Flustered, she started bending down and picking up the papers back into a neat stack, which gave Karen a clear view of her white panties again. Eventually, Sally huffed and sat on the carpeted floor, legs splayed, and began to sort the papers by hand. Sally was concealed from the outside workplace by Karen’s office door, so she wasn’t too embarrassed.

Karen, after seeing that display, turned back to her computer to work, taking another sip of coffee. She just got the email Alex mentioned, and she clicked on the link inside. The website was meant to look innocuous to the untrained eye, just an internal workplace website for ordering new pencils and staples, but ask Karen poked around further she saw the truth. The website had all the supplies someone needed to adopt and care for a little. It was mostly the basics, but there were some fancy little clothes and it was clear that the company didn’t skimp on the diaper brand either. Karen glanced over at Sally on the floor, where to start?

Karen took it slow, answering a few more emails and changing between doing work and browsing the catalog. Sally was taking a while with the color sorting, mostly because there were a lot of forms and she was taking each form one at a time and sorting it. The catalog had no size options on anything, and Karen was confused about that, until she noticed that she was logged into her work account, and that Sally’s full name was connected to the account on the catalog. Karen raised her eyebrows. How did they get her measurements, I wonder?

“Almost done Sally?” Karen asked after a while, Sally shook her head.

“Well,” Karen continued, “I’m about to order some lunch, would you like some? My treat.”

Sally quickly agreed and got the same salad as Karen. The two went back to their tasks, Karen flipping between work and the catalog and Sally pressing onward with the color sorting. After a while the two salads in plastic containers showed up hanging on the office door. Sally, without saying a word, dutifully went over and picked them up off of the door handle.

“Thank you,” Karen said, meeting Sally at the middle and grabbing her salad. Karen set her meal on her desk, cracked it open and began to ate. From the corner of her eye she watched Sally on the floor do the same. As Karen ate, she watched as Sally tried and failed to use amazon utensils, dropping lots of her salad all over herself and the floor. It wasn’t long before she made a mess.

“Are you alright down there Sally?” Karen asked.

“I usually bring my own lunch, and I’m not used to utensils not made in my size, I’m sorry!” Sally replied plaintively.

“That’s quite alright,” Karen said, stalling, “I’m sure that I have some spare clothes lurking around here somewhere.” She started opening drawers in her office, hoping that Alex or someone might have slipped her some clothes. Karen could hear Sally sniffle quietly behind her. Karen opened a drawer, and in it were rows and rows of diapers and pull-ups, sized for a little. Even though she knew Sally couldn’t see what was inside, she slammed it shut in alarm. The next drawer had clothes for littles, but they were much too childish for Sally. After a couple more drawers, Karen found a dress that looked suitable.

“Aha!” Karen exclaimed, “I knew my last assistant forgot a spare change here!”

As soon as she pulled it out and saw Sally’s reaction, Karen knew that the dress was a little less suitable than she initially thought. It had big poofy sleeves, a fake blouse and a thick, mid-length blue skirt. Sally didn’t protest, however. Instead, Karen went back to her work and Sally changed and did as well.

It wasn’t long before the two made a little bit of smalltalk. Karen found that Sally was a motivated girl, eager to please her, and she was excited to start a new life in a town she thought was safe. After a lot of chatting and a little bit of work, it was time to go.

“Sally, I’m about to head out, do you have a ride home?” Karen asked.

“No, I live in an apartment building about two blocks from here, thank you though!”

Karen instinctively asked what apartment building, and after Sally told her the landlord’s name, she was satisfied, the landlord was a good man, and protected his little tenants.

“Well, if you don’t feel safe and you need a ride to or from work, just give me a call, okay?”

“Okay!” Sally said cheerfully.

With that, Karen left the office and went back home. When she got home, she turned her phone off silence and texted her girlfriends back. They were absolutely egging her to get Sally home, but Karen mostly brushed them off. Everything would work out in good time.[/SIZE]


Nice Setting could become a good Story.

Here’s the next section, enjoy.

It was Wednesday afternoon, and Karen got an email.

Hi Karen, Alex here!

I just wanted to email you to say that the company is very interested in Sally becoming your live-in assistant! Because of this, the company has planned a little situation between you and Sally. Before the situation breaks, please familiarize yourself with our amazon company guidelines. Cleaning staff should be on their way about an hour after this email gets in your inbox.



P.S. Here’s my personal number. I have a lot of experience dealing with assistants and everything, so if you need help, call me and we can meet sometime!

There was a PDF attached to the email that Karen quickly read. The company had moved Sally from Karen’s front reception room into her office proper, so Karen and Sally were both in the same room. As Karen thought about how “slick” Alex was, she noticed that Sally was beginning to squirm. Before she knew it, Sally was practically jumping out of her chair.

“Sally, what’s wrong?” Karen said, attempting to feign excitement.

Tears began to well in Sally’s eyes. She stood up in her booster seat and Karen spotted the dripping dark spot right on the middle of her skirt.

“I’m sorry, this has never happened before!” Sally said before bursting into tears.

Karen quickly got up from her seat and moved to the drawers on the other side of her office, all the while trying to sooth her assistant.

“Sally, I’m sure you’ve read the protocol guidelines. I’m afraid you’ll need protection for at least a full business week,” Karen said gently before grabbing a pull-up from a drawer. Sally began to bawl more.

“Shh!” Karen whispered, trying to calm the girl as she approached, “don’t cause a scene!” Sally eventually quieted. Gently and nervously Karen pulled Sally’s clothes off until she was left in nothing but a bra. After that, Karen coaxed Sally’s legs into the pull up. Sally whined.

Karen went back to the drawers and picked out a white sundress for Sally, handing it to her and letting her dress herself. Luckily, after Sally was decent the cleaning crew came in. The mess was entirely contained within Sally’s office chair, so they brought a replacement and switched the two out.

“Are there any other models than that?” Sally asked, but the cleaning crew shook their heads.

The new office chair wasn’t just a regular office chair with a booster seat, instead it was an office chair for littles, complete with a five-point harness and steps on one side to get into the chair actually. Grumbling, as things returned to normal, Sally hopped up in the chair, strapped herself in and got back to work, the understrap of the harness pushing her dress up and showing Karen her pull-up.

After a little while, Karen sneaked a picture of Sally. Zoomed in, it looked like she was in a car seat, her pull up on display. Karen smiled, sent the photo to her friends, put her phone on silent, and watched it silently blow up as she did work for the rest of the day.


By Monday, the idea of Sally getting out of pull ups was out of the question. She ran through three or four in a day, helped along by her new lunch subscription. She forgot to bring her lunch three workdays in a row, which meant that Karen, as per the guidelines, had to sign her up for the lunch delivery plan. Now she was dutifully eating things like chicken nuggets and mac and cheese every day, as per the plan.

“Are you wet again, sweetheart?” Karen asked Sally innocently. The little assistant’s hands shot down to her pull up, but Karen already knew the answer.

“I’m sorry Sally, but you’ve gotten worse and worse about keeping your training pants dry, how about we try diapers for a while, okay?”

Sally knew this was coming, and in less than a minute, she had a fresh, thick, crinkly white diaper on under her skirt. Defeated, she strapped herself back into her office chair. Karen could hear over her email typing the sound of Sally crying quietly in her chair. Karen got up, went over, unstrapped the distraught Sally and held her in her arms. Sally began to cry louder.

“Oh, don’t cry Sally, honey, I know work is stressful and you’re having potty problems on top of it. Why don’t you take a break? I have some fun games and books. You can play on the carpet, does that sound fun?”

Sally nodded and Karen smiled, patting the back of Sally’s diaper gently. Bouncing her gently for a while, Karen deposited her little assistant on the floor. She went over to a drawer and grabbed some coloring books for Sally and placed them all in front of her.

Karen went back to work and Sally, still not entirely okay, began to color. Karen did some work and let Sally color for a while, but eventually she reached under her desk. The company had recently installed a noisemaker under her desk, and she flipped the switch to “nap time”. It wasn’t five minutes until Sally was out cold. Karen smiled and walked over to replace the thumb in Sally’s mouth with a pacifier.

Sally woke up soon before it was time to go. Karen gave her a quick diaper change and was about to leave, but Sally spoke up.

“Miss?” She said

“Yes, Sally dear?” Karen asked.

“Can you take me home? I know this town is understanding, but even this is a little much.”

Karen felt a brief twang of remorse. Sally had trusted this company, this town, and more importantly, herself, in their abilities to make her a functional adult, and they had failed her. More tragically, she thought she had failed herself. She thought that she deserved this somehow, that she had truly failed where others had succeeded. Karen almost wanted to spill the beans, to truly comfort her by saying that very few really made it out, and she just wasn’t one of the few lucky ones. Instead, she agreed to Sally’s request, took her hand, and walked her to her apartment.

Sally spent the next two workdays being compliant as Karen further eroded her adulthood. Tuesday, her desk was gone, instead, Karen said that she was still taking emotional breaks at work. So, Sally now “worked” from a playpen, and her food updated accordingly. On Tuesday, Sally took her lunch bottle without protest. On Wednesday, Sally took a nap, wet five diapers, and also didn’t say anything when Karen put her in a baby dress that left her diaper clearly exposed. At that point, Karen filled out the form to get the guest bedroom in her house remodeled and to reclassify Sally as a live-in assistant. Her little girl was about ready to come home.

Thursday was the big day. Sally was playing quietly with her stuffed elephant, dressed in a simple blue shirt and shortalls, sucking on her pacifier. She had recently been fed, a new development on Thursday, instead of eating on her own, Karen gently gave her a bottle and some solid foods. The front of Sally’s diaper darkened considerably soon after, but Sally barely noticed.

Karen smiled and flicked the noisemaker into naptime. Again, Sally was almost immediately out cold. She would let her sleep for a couple of hours, and then the two of them would leave early. The delivery people dropped off the stroller not soon after.

A few hours later, Karen was walking the sleeping Sally out of the office. Coworkers watched and silently cooed and awed, but Sally didn’t wake up. Karen took her out to the parking lot and buckled her into her new baby carseat and with that, they drove off.

Sally began to wake up in the car. Initially, she was confused, but then she realized.

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” Karen said from the driver’s seat, “you’re with me, you’re safe, okay? You don’t need to be afraid, I’ll be good to you.”

Sally wept in the back of the car. When Karen unstrapped her and carried her into the house, Sally began to bawl for real. Immediately, Karen took her upstairs to her new nursery and got her onto the changing table and quickly into a new diaper. After the diaper change, Karen held her new little and rocked her quiet. Exhausted from all of the crying, Sally quickly fell back to sleep.

Once Sally was in her new crib, Karen left the room and started texting her girlfriends.

Ladies, my “assistant” is currently breaking in her new crib.

After sending that, her phone blew up again. Everyone, Melinda, Sophie, and Lilly wanted to see the new little.

Sorry girls, but tonight I want it to be just me and Sally, come over Friday night for dinner.

Karen didn’t want to admit it, but her body was starting to recognize the new little, which meant Karen’s breasts were aching. Deliverance came with the sound of Sally waking up coming over the baby monitor. Karen tried not to hurry up the stairs. Sally was waiting there, her hands wrapped around the bars of the crib. She dropped the bars of the crib and scooped Sally up, carrying her on her hip over to the rocking chair in a corner of the nursery.

When she sat down, Karen could see Sally’s surprise as she pulled up her shirt. It was awkward, and after Karen had brought her breast out, she didn’t really know what happened next. Instead, she just gently leaned her chest forward and raised Sally’s head. It was awkward at first, and she could see milk spurt out onto Sally’s cheeks, but they both quickly got the hang of it and Karen absorbed the strange sensation of her breast draining while Sally nursed. Sally, to her credit, was desperately hungry and drinking with gusto.

After her feeding, Karen stripped Sally down to just a shirt and a diaper and let the girl play in the playpen in Karen’s new home office. Sally seemed enthralled and genuinely entertained by her toys. Karen was confused, even though she was a little, wasn’t she still an adult? Her train of thought was broken when Sally paused, stopped playing, and got up.

Sally bent her knees slightly and began audibly grunting. Feeling dense, Karen realized what she was about to do, and swung her office chair from her computer to focus completely on her little. Sally’s hands balled up into fists, her knees bent deeper into a low squat, her torso leaned forward and her back began to arch. Muffled farts began to escape her diaper as it began to fill. Sally’s diapers were thicker than traditional amazon baby diapers, both to capture little’s heavier bowel movements and inhibit their ability to get around (read: escape), but Sally’s diaper still expanded considerably as her mess collected in between her upper thighs. Karen could hear the quiet crinkling as the padding stretched to hold it all, and the leak guards began to darken as Sally filled her diaper to the brim.

Sally started to whine, and that whine developed into a full-on cry. The awful smell creeped around the room, hitting Karen like a truck.

“Uh, don’t cry! Mommy will get you into a clean diaper!” Karen said, panicking, shoving the pacifier that had just fallen out back into Sally’s open mouth. She rushed up the stairs as she heard the pacifier fall out again and Sally’s cries getting louder. Adrenaline pumping, Karen grabbed a change of clothes and Sally’s diaper bag before running down the stairs again.

Back in the office, Sally had clearly lost her balance and fallen back. Her shirt was stained with pee now as her diaper had leaked up her back. She reeked. Karen was quick to get her on to the changing mat before opening the diaper up and inspecting the damages. The poor girl’s diaper was stained brown, and it took Karen a lot of gagging and an entire pack of cold baby wipes to clean, but eventually bawling turned to sniffles and Sally was being taped up into a fresh diaper.

After her change, Karen slowly coaxed Sally into a pair of footed pj’s. Sally was putty in her hands, and after Karen put her back in the playpen she noticed Sally’s diapers straining against the crotch of the sleeper. She looked adorable, and it wasn’t long before the little was asleep.It was getting really late, so Karen took Sally upstairs and put them both to bed.

The next morning, Karen woke up to the sound of Sally fussing over the baby monitor. She was just wet, which meant the change was bearable. Karen dressed her and herself for the day and then went downstairs to make breakfast. After Sally was fed and put in her playpen, Karen made food for herself and read her work email on her phone. The only email she had was as follows:

Hey Karen, Alex here! I couldn’t help but notice that you haven’t put in our systems that you’re on maternity leave. As you know, our company gets tax breaks whenever one of our employees takes parental leave. As a courtesy, I’ve already registered you as on maternity leave, have fun taking a couple months off!


Karen wanted to work, she didn’t want to get paid to be a stay-at-home mom! Her phone buzzed. It was Lilly.

Are you free?

Karen replied.


What’s that supposed to mean?

Let’s just say that now that I have a stay-at-home assistant, I have to do nothing but change her diapers until my forced maternity leave runs out.

Well how about this? I’ll pick up some lunch, bring my assistant over, and I can give you some tips about how to change the little one’s pampers?

Karen laughed and sent back that it sounded fun. Lilly replied that she would be there in an hour. Sally was still in her little playpen, sporting another t-shirt.

“Let’s get you dolled up, Sally baby, we want to make a good impression on our guests!” Karen said, picking up her surprised little and carrying her upstairs.


For me it feels a little bit rushed but aside from that it is nice written.

Formatting fixed. This story was excessively persistent about not wanting to be fixed.

Good story. I feel I have to point out that the “Final solution after college” was a realllly dark reference, if that is what you meant. lol
(Also, every time I read “Karen” I think of the meme, though that is my issue)