Christmas Specials

Vickie posted a Christmas collection. It got me thinking. Could I do a Christmas Special for one of the characters I have created over the years. Unlike Vickie, I have never used the same character in more than one story.

If I did a Christmas Special Chapter using one of my already established character, would that take away from the story?

None of my finished stories are placed around Christmas, so it would need to be several months after the story ended. Could I make reference to the last several months without destroying the image the readers had of what would happen next?

So I aske those that have done something like this, Was it a positive experience or one you regretted later?


Re: Christmas Specials

While I’ve never attempted what you’re suggesting, I will, just not with Christmas. The Time to Pay The Piper Story will continue after some time elapses.

I don’t see why this can’t be a positive thing as long as your character in the new story is consistent with the old one (unless something in between them justifies a change). Also, if the environment is the same, then that must remain true to what came before as well.


Re: Christmas Specials

We should just have a Christmas-themed short story contest. (which i realize we’re not talking about in this thread, but it seems like a good idea to me)

Re: Christmas Specials

You should do a short sequel to Molly’s DDS…with a christmas theme. Kind of like Sakura’s Christmas.

Re: Christmas Specials

When I posted this thread, I was thinking about a Molly Christmas Special. Most of my other finished stories are situational and do not lend themselves to good Christmas specials. Although doing a futuristic christmas in a R.O.O.M. Christmas special might be fun. It would definately be a challenge. hmmmmmmmmmmm ::slight_smile: